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  • Fuzaki

    Path to Power is one of my favorite DB movies/specials; exactly for the reasons listed. I think most people simply hate on it because it has the “stigma” of being related to GT which seems way too narrow-minded. It’s one of the few specials that stood out because it tried to be different in animation, style, etc. while still being able to retain the essence of DB.

  • What if I like “Dan Dan Kokoro Hikareteku”?

    • BigHeadClan

      That would be the DBZ GT opening theme song, surprised Kaiser had such issues with it actually.

  • JustSomeGuywithaMustache

    Oh my kami! Kaiser is unleashing barrage after barrage of moonspeak! He is thoroughly unenthused.

  • LastationLover5000

    As much as I love this movie (it does make it into my own personal top five), the problem is I’m sure it’s more appreciated in Japan, where people actually know what Dragon Ball is. In America, I’m sure a lot of the ‘fans’ of the series are like “…Dragon Ball? Isn’t it just Dragon Ball Z?” and then I go scream in frustration. Who knows, I could be wrong, but the joke in TFS (“Nobody watched Dragon Ball!”) is pretty true over here.

  • incrediblenoiseman

    As a funny note, the Super Saiyan Vegeta head on Bulma should have had text all around that said “Mine Mine MIne Mine…”

  • GreatWyrmGold

    I don’t understand half of Kaiser’s complaints, which makes them much funnier.

    • LastationLover5000

      I DO understand them, though in this case it made me bang my head just a little bit. He wanted this movie to be more nostalgic than it already was, which I don’t blame him, and thinks the budget for this film, which has animation that makes Dragon Ball Super look like a child’s first attempt at drawing, could have gone to a more ambitious project than a simple retelling.

  • PiccoloSensei

    I’m with Kaiser on this one. This is movie is garbage. The only saving grace is its animation. Everything else is just a hollow mess of a poor attempt on cashing in on early DragonBall nostalgia.

    • LastationLover5000

      I think it was more an attempt to be a call back to the original series than a “poor attempt on cashing in on early DragonBall nostalgia”. Remember, this was the LAST Dragon Ball movie to be released before Dragon Ball Z: God and God. Dragon Ball: Yo! Son Gokū and His Friends Return!! was an OVA, and thus, not a movie. It was most likely intended to be the final Dragon Ball movie, given the timeframe between it and God and God, and if it was, it was a very nice send off. Gokū and Bulma’s adventures retold in HD animation was a glorious thing to see, and for anyone who actually enjoyed the original Dragon Ball manga series, not just the second half of the series, ‘Z’, then the movie is a treat to see, even if it is a retelling.

  • tmiller12051

    Shut Kaiser! Damn moon-speak!

  • incrediblenoiseman

    As I mentioned on 21, Bio Broly and Path to Power are the only ones I haven’t seen. Hope to someday mark them off my list.

    Great job team, keep up the good work.

  • Manami

    Blue Hair Bulma >>>>>>>>>>>>> Purple, Stop crying your Fap Material is ruined.

  • TsukiNoTragedy

    <3 It really was beautiful, but I saw a really terrible quality bootleg version of it fifteen years ago. lol

  • Goku XV Legend

    OMG I love Path to Power one of my favorites from DB/DBZ

  • Wrath of the Dragon is in Top 10? i’m impressed,but i think Fusion Reborn might be either next or before the Top 5

  • MajinCell

    What was the songs Kaiser was Salty with? He said them faster than I could catch

    • Gian2408

      He was talking about the Dragon Ball GT opening “Dan Dan Kokoro Hikareteku” or “Bit by Bit You’re Charming my Heart” in English. I don’t see anything wrong with it being there it’s a great song.

      • KaiserNeko

        It’s the GT Opening song for a DRAGONBALL movie.

      • Calick

        Yeah, I don’t get Kaiser here either. GT is awful, true, but the songs were one of the few things that were remarkably good and memorable from the series.

  • Yusagi

    I was going to say something relevant, and then I read the comments. Kaiser…seems…agitated. To be fair, I can’t tell if a lot of people complaining are unaware this is an opinion based list, or if they are unaware opinions can differ from person to person.

    But to be fair, I don’t have a lot of opinions on the specials (I mean, I have them, but they’re not a big deal), and last year’s top 24 had a bunch of Buu saga moments. Which is to say, I haven’t experienced the disappointment of having my favorite things left behind by my less favorite things.

  • marzera

    I always looked back on the Dragonball movies as a retelling of the show. But.. I clearly must be wrong right?

    God, I was right. Maybe I’ll watch them at some point but I think I would be better off rewatching the show instead. Am I wrong? Guys?


    • Spiritnova

      Depends. How much free time do you have? The 4 movies’ total run time is a bit short of 4 hours. Dragonball has 153 episodes at 22 minutes or so each. That’s right around 56 hours, or 2.333 days of straight video.

      If you’ve got the time to burn you could rewatch the show, otherwise just check out the movies.

      • marzera

        That’s a valid point actually.

    • Rectal Fungi

      It’s very much worth it to watch the series, imo. Far superior to DBZ and holds up much better.

    • TsukiNoTragedy

      Watch Dragon Ball. Do it now.

      • marzera

        Y’know it’s actually been a few years since I last watched the series. Time might be due to watch it again.

  • Podo

    What’s Kaiser’s problem with Dan Dan? It’s my favorite dragonball song ever, especially Vic’s version. It’s beautiful.

    • Maximum Over-Saiyan

      His problem is that the GT theme song is played in a Dragon Ball movie, which is understandably annoying. I personally enjoy the song, but it was definitely misplaced here. They’d be better off with Makafushigi Adventure or Romantic Ageru Yo.

  • The Mad Laugher

    Why is everybody so salty this DBcember? So many scrooges over a difference of opinion.

    Well, ain’t gonna be no scrooges in my house boy!

    Aside from some of the obvious stronger features/movies that are left on this list. There are 2… maybe 3… that I’m surprised to have made it this far. I look forward to your guys’ commentary as to why.

    • MajinCell

      I’m actually having a great time this DBcember. I never even knew about half of these. And Table I’ve heard but never knew when he came in. Vegeta Table

  • ramsesthegreat1890

    I know it’s your list guys, I still can’t see how Wrath of the Dragon is in the Top 10. Tapion is great but Hirudegarn (in my opinion) is the worst of the villians. Yay a giant unkillable monster… that Goku kills the same way as most the other movie villains the only difference is this time is has a golden shenron following him. Also the story of how future trunks gets his sword, yet tapion wouldn’t have been released because there was no Shenron to open the box. Oh well, besides that keep up the great work guys!

    • Yusagi

      It’s not how Future Trunks got his sword. Kid Trunks gets the sword as a send up to Future Trunks’ sword. That’s all.

  • LastationLover5000

    I love that Path to Power made it to the top ten of the Dragon Ball specials. Call me a bit stupid but it’s one of my favorites

  • DevilMike

    This is prettiest dragon ball (any incarnation) has ever looked. It’s worth watching just to see what DB would look like with a AAA budget ;p Honestly even battle of gods and RF don’t look as good as this one. It’s not the most original thing ever, since it’s doing yet another retelling of DB but with two arcs smashed together, but it’s still a good watch.

  • TacoChamp

    No opinions allowed. Even if I agree its above tree of might. …which makes me tired. Sleepy.

  • Fuck you Kaiser, Dan Dan Kokoro Hikareteku is the shit!

    • Maximum Over-Saiyan

      It’s not a bad song, just misplaced.

  • Maximum Over-Saiyan

    Not gonna lie, I found this one much more enjoyable than the majority of the Dragon Ball Z movies. It’s probably one of my favorites.

  • Gojira007

    Flat-out, I think this is the single best looking animated thing the franchise has ever done. Period. That along earns it this spot, for sure, and I admit I’m even less bothered by the fact that it is yet ANOTHER re-interpretation of the Pilaf and Red Ribbon arcs than the Team. To be clear, I think they’re spot on about the pacing problems, and I wish they had been a bit more clever in how they combined the two arcs together, but this WAS meant to celebrate the manga’s tenth anniversary, so it only makes sense that they’d go back to that well; at the very least, it feels more deliberate than, say, “Curse of the Blood Rubies”, wherein a LOT of that material feels there more for padding than anything else. Still and all, the animation is the real selling point, no question.

    • DevilMike

      Yup, this one is beautiful. Even better then BoG and RF.

  • KaiserNeko

    For those who think I sound “whiney”, please remember? These are supposed to be comedic as well, and part of my persona on the team is the one who grew up with the original. We like to make jokes with that.

    • tenBrinken

      This is not better than Cooler’s Revenge…

      • KaiserNeko

        That’s an opinion you’re having.

      • zguida09

        Maybe in your pinon. Personally, Path to Power is my second fav movie out of the bunch, and im just lucky to have seen TFS put it this high on their list.

      • zguida09

        Cooler may be a cool villain, but the movie was just a re-do of Goku Vs Frieza.

      • Bokuha

        You know, while I would generally say that’s a valid criticism, “Cooler’s Revenge is unoriginal” seems rather like the pot calling the kettle black in this case. It at least brings some fresh faces to the table. Path to Power is just a straight retelling of the arcs it covers with some changes for the sake of faithfulness to the source material. Not to say that it’s a bad movie, of course. There are many good claims you could make for it! Originality just isn’t one of them.

      • cdrood

        I think one of the recurring themes on this list is that originality is not the hallmark for the Dragon Ball movies

    • zguida09

      Whiney? In my eyes, you didn’t come off as whiney at all sir.

    • Podo

      What’s your problem with Dan Dan? It’s my favorite dragonball song ever, especially Vic’s version. It’s beautiful.

    • Yusagi

      Oho, sure. Persona. We know the truth, sir Kaiser. Just as we know that Taka is secretly Actual Nappa using his personal experience to create a moderately successful web series, and that you are in fact one quarter cat.

      We know. We won’t be fooled by this tv jumping tomfoolery.

  • Cooldude48

    You know tfs I get that u hate gt and all but I as a fan would really like to hear your full explained reason on the matter and to what your opinion is on Dragonball Super as it is right now since I don’t really hear or see you guys commenting on it I honestly expected for when super came out kaiser or one of u guys would be doing a weekly review on the show just a food for thought. Keep up the great work.

    • TsukiNoTragedy

      Since it hasn’t been released in the US yet, they miiiight be saving their reviews for later. But I dunno. If you like it, like. If you don’t, don’t. Do we really need validation? XD

      To me, Dragon Ball Super is great. I love it. Ha! *____________* Then again, part of it feels like I am reading fan fiction, but that is OK with me. <3

  • spencerrand22

    I just can’t believe world’s strongest hasn’t shown up yet. That movie was horse-shit. How did it make it in the top 10?

    • Rider

      The use of the older characters probably got it in.

      Honestly, it’s one of the only redeeming qualities of Resurrection F from a narrative perspective, so I imagine that’s what’s got it up this far too.

    • potatoclips

      all of its problems were listed in this video. “movie was horse-shit” is not an argument without something to back it up. Compared to the majority of specials and movies, this had decent pacing. Like they said, absolutely stunning animation for the time and even for recent movies. The characters were all well utilized and the red ribbon arc was wrapped up nicely to the point where someone could practically skip half of DB and replace it with this. And for once, a side character was developed. Ader’s existence proved the possibility of the androids becoming good characters and his sacrifice was done as well in this as 16’s in the cell saga, and arguable better than either 17 or 18’s transformation later on. Considering how bad most specials and movies are, I was expecting and even welcoming this to top 10 all along. Though I wouldn’t expect it to make it much higher than 10

      • potatoclips

        woops thought you were talking about path to power

    • Soldierkei

      Pretty sure I remember Lani mentioning in a panel that it’s his and Kaiser’s favorite movie, probably tied with BoG.

    • KaiserNeko

      World’s Strongest is my favorite original DBZ movie. It’s got some of the best action scenes out of the entire original 13, it’s got an original villain, the music and atmosphere are fantastic, and… well, we disagree.

      • AHappyNobody

        So you are basically saying it will be top or are you not counting the 2 new ones and specials? Also Lani and Taka’s opinions come into this I know.

      • Rider

        You know, I’d forgotten a lot of these points. I mostly remember it as “that old one with more characters than Vegeta,” but you’re right. The setting was pretty nifty, and… I think the only way I can describe it is that it doesn’t feel as commercialized as some of the later DBZ movies do. Sort of like how the original Pokemon anime was compared to how it is now.

        Thinking on it, Dead Zone was sort of like that too, I suppose. I’d really like to watch these again, really, I don’t think I’ve been giving them their due credit.

        Aw hell, time to go dig up my VHS player.

  • VenomusPL

    Actually i always felt Dan Dan was the only saving grace of GT. Best dragonball music maybe standing slightly lower than Gohan Angers and Japanese genki dama theme. I thought that it’s universally beloved…

    As for the lirycs. Well…it’s all chine…erm, japanese to me 😉

    • Soldierkei

      I don’t think Kaiser hates the song itself. Rather he probably hates it’s a GT song used for a Dragon Ball movie, as opposed to just doing Mystical Adventure or whatever the English title of dragon Ball’s theme is. Or yeah, maybe he does hate it. I’ve come to learn he dislikes GT way more than I thought. And I don’t blame him/agree with him. But I love Dan Dan, and I love the English version Vic Mignogna did (IF you use his vocals, but use the ordinal instrumentals).

      • Maximum Over-Saiyan

        He’s apparently not a fan of GTs musical score at all. And I can undertand the annoyance of having GT music in a Dragon Ball movie. I still place this movie pretty high on my list of Dragon Ball/DBZ movies.

  • Scrub

    You know I feel like you guys need to clear the air about your feeling towards GT. Get it out of the way and out in the open so we can understand where you all are coming from. It would make you guys feel better.

    • spencerrand22

      I don’t get why everyone hates gt so much. There are so many good things in it. Baby was better than any villain in the franchise with an actual motive for once instead of just being evil because reasons cough like every other dbz villain cough. Super saiyan 4 looks amazing. The shadow dragon arc was also amazing, with a great character in nova shenron, and an amazing fight with super saiyan 4 goku and omega shenron, and it gets even better when vegeta is actually useful and helps out! The final fight between Goku and baby is amazing and something that really captured the spirit of dbz. I mean everyone focuses on the stupid first few episodes that nerfed goku and honestly sometimes seemed like a ripoff of dragonball but they were such a small part and not every one of those episodes were bad. I mean the lord Luud fight was pretty cool and defeated with a bit of an interesting and funny idea. And having adventures across the galaxy, that’s a cool and interesting idea. It shakes up the original formula and allows for new and interesting environments. and then people criticize the super 17 arc which is like only 4 episodes, so really who cares when the bad content everyone keeps referring to is such a small part of a great series?!

      • MalkavianRP

        My problem was who the fuck made the black star dragonballs in universe? Assuming Kami made them as a botched attempt before the actual dragon balls they should have become null when he merged with Piccolo. Then when Dende came back he immediatly restored the regular shenron that popo brought him, not the red one. So when were those stupid plot device balls made.

      • Rider

        Part of my issue with it personally is every single arc of it was literally just a new studio going over old ground up until the end.

        Black Star Dragonballs? It was just Dragonball’s Dragonball search, but IN SPACE!
        The machine mutants? Red Ribbon Army.
        Baby? A combination of Majin Buu with an already existing plot point from an old DBZ special.
        Super 17? Basically just Cell (along with a lot of the anime’s afterlife filler) again.

        All of these ideas in theory could have been better, but they were rushed or poorly executed. The Shadow Dragons were a nifty idea, but by this point, it was a little too late for the show to start trying its hand at being unique, and like everything else, the execution was poor.

        I don’t think the ideas are inherently terrible. I would even go as far as to say maybe, just maybe, they could be heavily reworked into halfway decent arcs or movies under new management.

        But some of the things they did… not so much.

        (Like Super Saiyan 4.)

      • Yusagi

        Everyone likes or dislikes GT for their own reasons. My issue with GT is that it had good concepts, and they were utterly wasted, or completely underutilized. It rehashes old plots without any intention of doing them differently, and it so completely leaves everyone who isn’t the Goku in the dust that it makes Z look like Naruto in terms of giving everyone things to do.

        Also most of the character designs were terrible. Everyone and their mom in a literal sense had cropped hair for some reason, Goten’s hair was outright lazy, and most of the art had the bulky feeling of super saiyan three. SS4 looks nice but it doesn’t really fit with the previous super saiyan transformations. It’s also kind of silly. Also, worst of all: they refused to utilize Bra at all, and didn’t do anything with Trunks finally catching up to Future Trunks’ appearance.

        And they killed Piccolo for good. Not cool.

      • TsukiNoTragedy

        @[email protected]

        Vegeta’s mustache and haircut are criminal enough.

        Furthermore, previous character development kind of flew out the window, but whatever.

        Good parts about DBGT: Vegeta wearing tight, black, leather-like pants.

    • Soldierkei

      They’ve said it quite a few times. Maybe no in a video specifically dedicated to it, but in stuff where they just talk, it’s been said.

      • Somethingorother

        I’m pretty sure Scrub was being sarcastic. Like 99% sure.

  • Karthull

    I think the yo son goku returns should have been higher then this one

  • zguida09

    Path to power is one of my fav. movies from the franchise. Glad to see it made it into the top 10. Sometimes tho….I wish DBEvolution would have used Path to Power’s plot. It could have been hell of a lot better.

    • JustAHologram

      There was no Dragonball with “evolution” in the title

      • zguida09

        Maybe i needed to rephrase my sentence. I wish DB Evolution would have used Path to Powers plot, rather than the High school Goku. Again, its my opinion.

    • Yusagi

      The production values would have been astronomically high, and they only had a budget of about $150 million. An abridged format of King Piccolo was their best shot at making a good looking movie that could potentially pull in the viewers. Fox just stepped in and ruined most of their efforts, and viewers decided the best way to get better Dragonball on their screens was to refuse to support the Dragonball that got on their screens.

  • Lizardguy

    Ehh, I was never a fan of retellings. I mean, I know those stories, no real need to tell them again. The animation does look good though.

  • Domehammer

    It has always made me wonder why they kept Trunks hair but didn’t correct bulmas. I wonder if they will Tights her correct hair color in Dragon Ball Super the anime of 1000 plot holes.

    • JustAHologram

      Super is by no means perfect but I have been enjoying the shit out of it.

    • Somethingorother

      Dragon Ball in general has a ton of plot holes buddy.

  • Kaiser does realize that by criticizing Dan Dan Kokoro Hikareteku he is attacking the martyred godmother of modern Japanese anime music, right? While the more famous version is the Field of View version, it was originally the work of the late Sakai Izumi, who was … a terrific artist … until cancer took her from us far before her time …

    • And yes, I do realize that Romantic Ageru Yo is also a great song. But we already had an adaptation of the first few volumes of the manga that had that as its ending theme, so some variety is nice. And Dan Dan is a good song, so it deserved to be attached to a good anime.

    • remnant55


    • KaiserNeko

      Um, okay? I’m attacking the use of that song in a DRAGONBALL movie; I don’t really have anything to say about either the song or it’s creator here.

  • SolidStateScouter

    GT, Dan Dan and SSj4 are still all better than anything the new series and movies shit out.

    • jdgjordan

      That is an opinion you are having.

    • FinalDragonball7

      youre on crack! Supers actually getting really awesome! Krillins scatter kamehameha FTFW!!! and gohan powering up nearly killing himself to call goku to earth. Supers gonna be better than z overall. No I havent read the manga too busy with besrerk and one punch man! and I do know they deviate from the comic in the cartoon (get over the terminology) I however like that cause it give me a reason to read the comic later (lol you nerds are gonna hate that i called it a cartoon)

      • TsukiNoTragedy

        Um, and might I add, Goku and Vegeta’s training with Whis is great. I love Whis! He’s always amusing.

        I love all the comedy in Super. It warms my heart. <3

    • BullseyeRey

      Well your wrong. Super opening is much better than Dan Dan.

  • TheFabledFamilyGuy

    I like GT and really wish you would include the GT movie. Ugh

    • Trevor

      The GT series has its strong points, and some good moments that I would have put on last year’s list.

      The GT movie is bad. Easily worse than anything on this list.

    • Yusagi

      It’s a top 24 list, not ‘worst to best’. (it just…happens to be pretty much that, since that’s about how many there are) They mention one of the most recent movies just bumped it off the list. They might not have been sad about it, but they didn’t just omit it because GT.

  • SonicShenron

    I actually thought Dan Dan wasn’t that bad a song. Sure, the lyrics have pretty much nothing to do with Dragon Ball, and it does seem a little odd that a film based on OG Dragon Ball has a song that’s more closely associated with GT, but it’s not that bad a song.

    Oh, wait, it’s related to GT, therefore it’s automatically terrible. Am I right?

    • BullseyeRey

      It’s horrible.

      The only GT song i liked was Blue Velvet.

  • QuakeGamer632

    Man, Kaiser is so salty about GT, oh no it wasn’t as good as Z therefore it shouldn’t exist and anything related to it is terrible and if you like it you are stupid.

    • jdgjordan

      it also doesn’t help that its not that great of an anime by it self in the first place.

    • Somethingorother

      Yeah…..GT was PRETTY bad. At least in my opinion…..and Kaiser’s……and many many other peoples’.

      But don’t get me wrong, Path to Power is one of my top Dragon Ball movies. Maybe because I saw it before GT…..

  • Sokolniki


    See Vegeta goes Super Saiyan.

    • Ded1

      Best part is, both Goku, Roshi, Turtle, and i think even O0long, have seen his wife’s naughty bits before him. Heres hoping that he learns of it eventually. Would be some funny shit. Obviously i know he doesnt cannon wise, or at least didn’t care.

  • Nojical

    Kaiser, you such a weeb

    • Dundore77

      God does Kaiser sound like a whiny dweeb during these videos sometimes. especially when it comes to changes from the sub, Icarus, or the GT stuff it just sounds like a 6 year olds hissy fit.

      • Tolvan

        That would be the joke. They seem to emphasize it for comic effect a lot.

      • KaiserNeko

        Yeah. That’s… the joke.

        I play up my loyalty to the original as a form of comedy. Which is why the others tease me about it.

      • LastationLover5000

        I’m actually curious then, Kaiser, are you as loyal to the original as you sound in these videos, or do you prefer the dub terms and whatnot like….-shudders- the Dragon Ball Wiki does? (they’re a horrible bunch of people, that wiki)

    • KaiserNeko

      It’s true!

      • TsukiNoTragedy