Here’s one a lot of people may not have seen!

  • incrediblenoiseman

    I loved this special, one thing that I do remember about it, when it came out, was the exclusion of Tenshinhan. Because the original Japanese voice actor for him had died around that time, and they didn’t want to hire someone else to portray the character, out of respect of course.

    I loved all the character interactions and art style. It was a lot of fun.

    Great job team, keep up the good work

  • tenBrinken

    NOT better than Cooler’s Revenge

  • Rider

    I really did love this special. Shame it doesn’t get more recognition.

  • i CANNOT WAIT WHAT TEAM FOUR STAR HAS TO OFFER US NEXT!!! I AM SO EXCITED, I COULD JUST EXPLODE! As you could tell, I am such a TFS fanatic, I want to say a few things. First, I would like to thank Akira Toriyama for creating an anime we all love, regardless of age, sex, gender, etc. Second of all, I would love to thank every member of Team Four Star for entertaining not just me, but millions of viewers all over the world. Because of Team Four Star, Dragon Ball Z and the abridged series are my favorite out of the whole list of anime. I do love AOT, but DBZ is way better. I cannot wait to see this!

    Best Wishes and Merry Christmas!

  • NCHaskew

    Oh man, now that you guys brought this up, I would have loved it if Super had started with an adaptation of this. Those first two or three episodes were basically the same kind of fluffy, slice-of-life-esque vibe that this special embodied. And it would have meant the story could finally be dubbed xP oh well, wishful thinking!

    • TsukiNoTragedy

      I hope the reoccurring Vegeta+Octopus theme keeps going throughout the series.

  • Draco Magnius

    So I have never seen this and am now interested in seeing, where might I find this?

    • NCHaskew

      Gogoanime I believe should have it. All the things they said are true about: it’s fluff, but it’s really fun, Dragon Ball fluff.

  • Yusagi

    This special was the first spark of life in the franchise, I feel like it helped start what there is now. Also, it’s fun to have villains that aren’t a real threat and they acknowledge it. Every single time a new villain is introduced, it goes the way of Beerus and Frieza’s return, no matter how powerful the last villain was.

    This special had fun with a villain arriving out of order, and let everyone have a part of fighting them. Also Table is cute.

  • Dragonballs Best

    I saw the description and I was like, is there some dragon ball content i didn’t know existed? And then I was like, oh… this. Lol, theres no dragon ball content that i’m not aware of.

  • TsukiNoTragedy

    I love this special! <3

  • DudebladeX

    I love this one.
    I am however, bummed that it isn’t in the single digits.
    Oh well.

  • Lizardguy

    Never saw it. But now I want to. Also, are we sure Vegeta and Goku are the only Saiyans left? It seems that half a several specials go the “More Saiyans” or “Non-Saiyan race from the same planet” route. I mean, I guess being non-canon helps, unless this one is canon, since they directly reference it in Battle of gods.

    • Salas

      Honestly, the idea that only four Saiyan’s were not on Planet Vegeta when Frieza destroyed it is sort of difficult to believe. We are talking about the entire population of a planet which has to be hundreds of thousands if not millions of people at least, who have access to space flight technology.

      Even if they could only use it to go off and conquer other worlds, we are saying that Frieza picked a time at which less than 1% of 1% of the planet’s population was away. To put in in perspective, if some evil tyrant was able to instantly blow up any first world country on Earth because they wanted to wipe out that nation’s population, there would likely still be at least few hundred survivors who were off on other parts of the world for various reasons.

      This line of reasoning actually got me thinking on the fun idea of a story of the search for Saiyans who were lost throughout space, sort of in hopes of rekindling their dying race. Obviously any who Frieza and his men could find would be quickly killed, but once Frieza is dead and his empire fighting a civil war, they have more pressing matters to attend to.

      • Lizardguy

        That would actually be an awesome storyline.

    • Yusagi

      They reference Tarble in BoG, so at least his little brother is canon, even if the events aren’t.

  • kdog3k

    I’ve been inb4d. Must…resist..rage….

  • SonicShenron

    Anyway, my gripe with this special is that they just pull Tarble out of nowhere. Not once during Dragon Ball Z does Vegeta mention having a brother. In fact, I’m sure I remember Vegeta saying at one point that he and Goku were the only two remaining pure Saiyans left alive! So, did he just forget about Tarble? Then again, King vegeta did send him away due to his extremely low power level being an embarrassment to the Royal family (or something like that, it’s been a while since I watched this special), maybe Vegeta just didn’t want to acknowledge him but had to once he arrived. Hopefully Super brings him back and gives him more to do. They probably won’t though…
    Speaking of Vegeta’s family, what ever happened to his mum? I don’t think she’s ever mentioned either. Did she die before Frieza came and blew Planet Vegeta up? Was she off world at the time like Vegeta, Tarble, Nappa, Raditz, and Goku were? We know more about Goku’s mum now, what about Vegeta’s?

    • LSKG

      there are like 4 other movies with saiyans in them when only vegeta and goku should have been left, tree of might and all the broly ones.

      • SonicShenron

        True, but most of the films aren’t canon. The only reason this special (and thus Tarble) is considered canon is due to Tarble being mentioned in Battle of Gods.

    • KlausAidon

      I always felt it made sense that there would be a lot of saiyans left scattered out there. I mean, they were a race that had access to space travel, there must have been plenty off planet when the planet was destroyed, that would just scatter to the corners of the galaxy after their planet was destroyed. So I always figured the “Last two remaining pure saiyans left alive” thing was just Vegeta being over-dramatic.

    • Yusagi

      Well, he wrote off Tarble because he’s so weak. But to be fair, Tights is Bulma’s sister and she’s never referenced at all. And she is presumably *on the same planet*.

  • PiccoloSensei

    Wasn’t expecting this, but I agree, this was a fun little romp. I also enjoy the character of Tarble and especially his weird little wife Gure. It’s nice to see that the “All Saiyans are monsters” cliche got to settle down after a while.

  • Alexisisinneed

    Honestly I thought it was fanmade.

    • Dragonballs Best


  • KazePhantom

    And here it is, the special that made me hate Dragon Ball Z, it wasn’t until I found TFS that I rediscovered my love of the series and became nostalgic for it. People think Episode of Bardock is where Dragon Ball jumped the shark? HELL NO, It was here, with the revelation of *shudders* Tarble. The absolute worst Sayain character in Dragon Ball. As bland as Turles and Broly are, at least they’re non-canon, have cool designs going for them, and have something memorable about them. Turles for his ‘evil Goku’ shtick and the scene he forced Gohan to transform into a Great Ape, and Broly is memorable because… he’s Broly. Tarble has nothing, he’s only important since he’s canon. Which is the only reason I remember him, for how much he contradicts established canon. Up to that point, Sayains were a merciless warrior race, why would they spare someone as weak as Tarble by exiling him? Why would they waste the space pod and armor on his exile instead of just killing him! Not only that, but to this point it was (not exactly canon, but accepted) that Goku was born the day Planet Vegeta was destroyed, therefore it’s impossible for any Sayain to be younger than him. Except Tarble clearly is! The absolute oldest he could be without some bullshit explanation of ‘He’s older than he looks’ is mid 20, however Goku is at least in his mid to late 30’s at this point! The villain is bland as hell as well. DBZ villains always had one of two things going for them, a charismatic personality, or again, a memorable design. The villain here (not even gunna try his name) has neither and is just forgettable as Tarble. And I can’t tell you anything else about this special because it’s so bland.

    • lifeofcharlie

      I’d say the reason they didn’t kill tarble was because he was of royal blood, King Vegeta wouldnt kill his own son so he banished him instead, as for your other points, i think TFS described it well, it didn’t need to be deep and have an interesting villain and plot, it was simply the Z fighters getting together for the first time since GT ended, if you want to see an epic dramatic film with interesting villains, watch BOG or ROF

      • SolidStateScouter

        So dramatic nobody so much as a paper cut.

    • Yusagi

      Goku had a power level of 2 and didn’t die. I doubt Tarble started with 1. Weak saiyans get sent to other planets. Unlike Goku, though, he happened to be gentle and had no reason to get so strong until later in his life. Tarble isn’t necessarily weak, he’s just weaker than Frieza. Saiyans age slowly, so he could be any age.

    • NCHaskew

      Honestly, I don’t understand how fans can get angry over a stretch in Dragon Ball’s continuity. I mean, it’s never exactly been airtight. Goku went from being a weird monkey boy and, after over 150 episodes, BOOM! He’s an alien! Piccolo went from being a demon to being….surprise! An alien! Power levels are bullshit, and character development is all wibbly-wobbly. Canon is an ever-fluctuating thing in this universe, and I believe the current “word of God” canon says that Goku was 5 when he was sent away from planet Vegeta, plus however long after it took for Frieza to blow it up. So there’s wiggle-room for Tarble’s age. As for Vegeta referencing him…..why would he? WHEN would he? During his beam struggle with Goku, should he have just yelled out “BY THE WAY, KAKAROT! I HAVE A BROTHER BUT HE’S A TOTAL BIIIIIITC–” before getting blasted away? This episode is some ridiculous nonsense, but it’s fun. And if it doesn’t have that pure Dragon Ball feel, than nothing does.

      • SolidStateScouter

        Yeah… no. Goku transforms into a giant ape that killed his own grandpa, Piccolo talks with Kami in a foreign language only known to them. Maybe they weren’t meant as hints but the conclusion can be made. Tarble though:

        Raditz: We are the last four of our race.
        Goku: You absolutely sure?
        Raditz: Well, there’s this other prince but we don’t count him… because…

        Freeza: All Saiyans must be killed.
        Vegeta: Including my brother?
        Freeza: Uhh…

        You get the point. Tarble is a double whammy of plotholes for both number of living Saiyans and their nature. KazePhantom has a point, and it’s exactly why SSG is the biggest insult to the franchise’s continuity.

      • NCHaskew

        Why would Raditz know about him? And take a huuuge step back on SSG, ’cause that fits just fine. I see at as the original Super Saiyan God being the Legendary Super Saiyan. ‘Cause having 6 pure-hearted Saiyans (who don’t have to be super) combining to make the Super Saiyan God makes more sense than a random Saiyan suddenly getting way stronger, then all the rest are nowhere near that level until Goku and Vegeta and etc. etc. You guys can gripe about it all you want, but I have little to no problem with Tarble existing. If it spoils your fun for a harmless special, your loss.

      • Somethingorother

        Alright SolidStateScouter. Your comment makes so little sense that I just had to make my own account to reply to it.

        You can’t deny that Goku, Piccolo, and Kami being aliens was completely pulled out of the writers’ asses. Earth in Dragon Ball is already a pretty alien world to our own Earth. They’ve got demons, bear people, dog people, pterodactyl people, and so on. Goku, Piccolo, and Kami seemed to fit in as just being the strongest of them all. But whatever, minor gripe.

        So, is it too hard to believe that Raditz didn’t know about Tarble? Raditz was probably very young at the time. Hell, King Vegeta could’ve kept Tarble’s existence a secret from most of the Saiyans.

        Now regarding that hypothetical conversation between Frieza and Vegeta. FRIEZA WOULD NEVER SAY THAT TO HIM BECAUSE VEGETA IS A SAIYAN! He’d revolt immediately, which is why Frieza made sure to keep it a secret that Frieza killed all the Saiyans.

        Oh, and you think all Saiyans are naturally powerful, proud, and/or cruel? Well, there’s this one really important Saiyan that kind of proves you wrong. What was his name? Oh right, GOKU! He was never sensitive about his pride (he walked around naked), he’s pure of heart, and he was very weak compared to other Saiyans. He only ever got strong after training under stronger gravity and getting a ton of Zenkai boosts.

      • SolidStateScouter

        This is getting a little ridiculous, so let’s leave this discussion with this bombshell. I mean, let’s ignore for the moment that said good weak Saiyan, Goku, killed his own grandpa by turning Oozaru and that keeping track of royalty, especially concerning a dying race, is secret except for 1 person who wouldn’t care either way about his brethren.

        Ignoring all that, remember Vegeta seeing Future Trunks for the first time? He freaked out because there was no other living Saiyan in existence except him, Goku and Gohan… oh and Tarble but he doesn’t mention him… when Tarble could’ve easily mated with any given species producing as many kids as he wants (with mixed blood therefore superstrong). Or let’s even go as far as to say Tarble changed his appearance to look like Trunks and became super strong to get revenge for exile, THAT would’ve crossed Vegeta’s mind after learning how strong Goku became. Except it didn’t because Tarble didn’t exist in Toriyama’s mind at the time. Bad writing made Goku and Piccolo into aliens, plotholes created a brother for Vegeta.

      • Somethingorother

        Vegeta freaked out because Trunks wasn’t just a Saiyan, he was a Super Saiyan! And Vegeta could’ve thought, or even HOPED that Tarble had been killed off after his exile. Due to how weak he was, he probably wouldn’t have cared for any Saiyans to be born from him. DBZ movies, and DBZ in general are full of much more glaring plot holes than this.

      • TsukiNoTragedy

        Er, and not only that, but Vegeta did not know that Tarble had survived/lived on.
        Freiza was a manipulative, abusive asshole. What do manipulative, abusive assholes do? They try to isolate their victims. It makes perfect sense that Freiza would tell Vegeta that all the Saiyajin had been killed, even if he risked him finding out later. Tarble was sent away for being shameful to the royal family. Vegeta wouldn’t have known where he was sent, so in essence, he was dead to him. Vegeta would have been young, naive, and relatively alone.

  • GreatWyrmGold

    I’ve only heard of this special because of TV Tropes. Which only mentioned it because Tarble wasn’t in the DBS continuity. So, I guess I’ve only heard of it because of Tarble.

  • Edema

    It’s a radish not an onion. 🙂

  • JustSomeGuywithaMustache

    Alright! I’ll admit it! It wasn’t until this special came out that I realized Goku’s full name was “Son Goku”.

  • newstomper

    Inb4 the guy who said in the comments of the last video that he’d find TFS if Hirudegarn made Top 10

  • SSJB_Vegeta

    so in the final 10 in no order are
    fusion reborn.
    wrath of the dragon.
    dead zone.
    world strongest.
    history of trunks.
    bardock father of goku.
    Bojack Unbound
    The Path to Power
    Battle of Gods
    Resurrection ‘F’

    • zguida09

      I can clearly see either History of Trunks or Wrath of the Dragon as the Number 1 spot.

      • JSlick

        History of Trunks is definitely first.

      • GreatWyrmGold

        Or one of the new movies. I mean, Resurrection F probably gets a boost from being the only one with a TFS member in it.
        Even if it is as an extra. (Which isn’t all bad—DBZA’s release schedule would probably be a lot slower if Kaiser or whomever had to take a break to play Tagoma in DBS.)

      • Dragonballs Best

        No way wrath of the dragon is 1st. My personal first is battle of gods, but i can see history of trunks being #1

    • DevilMike

      Have you sen their review of RF? They have said on multiple occasions in videos and let’s plays that they liked battle of gods more then they liked RF. It’s number 2 at the highest and might possibly be lower on the list.

      • KaiserNeko

        He said “no order”. He’s just listing the remaining movies.

    • BroganBrainstorm

      Don’t forget Dragon Ball: The Magic Begins. They did not say “no live action,” it was just assumed.
      It’s uh…it’s a masterpiece if you’ve never seen it.

    • Edema

      Try fusion reborn being top. Wrath of the dragon is my fav movie next to HOT

    • Karthull

      Honestly worlds strongest dead zone and path to power should have been lower on the list, like already mentioned

      • KaiserNeko

        On OUR list?

      • KazePhantom

        You would think, but you’re forgetting Kaiser has a massive OG Dragon Ball boner. (Not that I blame him, it’s highly underrated) and World’s Strongest and Dead Zone are thematically closer to being Dragon Ball than they are Z, so there’s no way Kaiser would let Taka and Lani place them any lower if they wanted to.

      • kdog3k

        I’ll agree on path to power, but Deadzone and World’s strongest are both pretty original and well done compared to the 11 that came after them, where they just started pulling from other plotlines. I honestly expected this one to be alittle higher and path to power to be somewhere around here. Plus they really love world’s strongest. ( I don’t blame them, one of my favorites too.)

    • Domehammer

      I see number 10 be ROF.

    • GreatWyrmGold

      I don’t know much about any of those*, but I’m not surprised that World’s Strongest, History of Trunks, Battle of the Gods, and Resurrection F are in their top 10.

      *Well, except the most recent two, but only because TFS mentioned it and I’ve read their TV Tropes page (because of TFS).

  • Tekking101

    I’m so happy that Bojack Unbound got into the top 10, even if it’s probably going to be 9 or 10.

    • DevilMike

      I liked that one as well. I enjoyed the shit out of the tournament at the beginning and it lets gohan be the hero again.

  • SAimNE

    honestly thought this would make the top 10. just barely missed it ;-;

  • Yattaro

    Its all over youtube…..ironically

    • Dragonballs Best

      yeah thats how i saw it. it pops up all the time.

  • Gojira007

    I’m sorta sorry to see this one didn’t rank higher. Yes, it’s fluff as the gaiz say, but it’s also so charmingly upfront about that fact (the narrator even states at one point that the whole reason we never heard about this story before is because it was so unimportant) that I’m hard-pressed to hold that against it. Instead, I focus on just how strong the characters all are here; everyone gets their one little moment to shine, even Yamcha (seriously, how often does THAT happen?!?), and the dynamics are just constantly a delight. I also very much appreciate how this special succeeds, effortlessly, at what GT tried and failed to do so spectacularly, combining the earlier, more humor-focused tone of the Manga with its later “Z”-style All-Out Action; the ways in which these characters get to just…play around with their immeasurable power is hard not to be endeared by. So yes, it’s pure Fan Service, but it succeeds as that SO well that I honestly think it comes out a lot better than most of the other specials/movies, whose aims are often a lot higher but whose ability to meet those aims are also significantly less effective.

    • TsukiNoTragedy


      That Goku/Vegeta dynamic makes my heart happy.

      • Gojira007

        Agreed; it’s just so delightful, and constantly entertaining. ^_^

  • Zack Osbourne

    It’s funny how overlooked this movie is considering it’s one of the few Canon films, especially since it gets indirectly referenced in Battle of Gods.

  • KrilMaster

    I loved this special! The art was fantastic (aside from the faded looking pallet) and the character interations were brilliant.

    I do agree, however, that the fan service-y feel made the story somewhat forgettable, and the villains were just a non-threat from the get-go.

    Still a great special though. The radish scene still have me cracking up! XD

    • Dragonballs Best

      i loved how they colored the super saiyan hair

  • Mikeline

    so Bojack is on the top 10? Didn’t see that one coming…

  • eskreskao

    Aren’t those turnips?

    • KaiserNeko

      … oh right. Oh well. Nobody cares.

      • newstomper

        Stop ruining DBZ KaiserNeko!

  • marzera

    Oh Jesus this one.

    Kinda surprised it ranks so high, honestly. I mean it is original, but it was kinda boring if you ask me. But hey, not my list, not my choice.

  • MuffinButton4Life

    I’ve seen this one. I love it. Abridging it after Buu maybe?

    • Yusagi

      Ah that would be fun! Though it would probably end up the DBZA finale, since Super and the new movies are likely too new to abridge.

  • Maximum Over-Saiyan

    1:10 The forgotten one…