Gotta heed the call!

  • TheFabulousRBK

    This movie was my first experience with the original Dragon Ball series. I loved it.

  • Mystic_Kova

    Oh wow. Never thought about Uppa and Bora being Native Americans. Does that mean Korin Tower is in America?

  • I Fucking Love You Guys. You Guys Got me into DB and helped me in a dark time in my life, And in return, I am eternally grateful, as much as i’d love to donate to patreon. sadly I have No money (Literally Flat-Out Broke) to give you Guys, but you will have all the love and support I can possibly muster to give you, and when the day comes, when I have Money to give, You Guys are first on my list, because you guys also helped me with depression after my step-dad died… And I am so, so Grateful, and one day, when things goes according to plan, I’d like to follow in your footsteps, being both Great Youtubers and just good people, I love you Guys.
    Signed The Original Cyborg/Ze Uber Cyborg, Or more Personally… Sonny, A Fan and a Friend.

    • TsukiNoTragedy

      Sonny, I am glad that things are looking up for you! Good luck with life! 🙂 I hope you have an amazing holiday season and a happy new year!

  • Chacksterus

    Let me guess what’ll be next: Battle of Gods, Dead Zone, World’s Strongest, Bardock, Resurrection F, Path to Power, Wrath of the Dragon, Goku & Friends Return, Fusion Reborn and History of Trunks. I hope I’ll guess at least one place correctly 😀

    • Rider

      Battle of Gods below Resurrection F? Can’t see that happening.

    • mariano

      I think they’ll probably also have bojack unbound in the top 11

      • Zack Osbourne

        Considering EVERY film that’s not yet been mentioned is going to be in the top 11, yes, I imagine that’s likely.

  • remolay

    Di… Did dragon ball pronounce her name a ra le? Because it’s pronounced more like Ariel…

    • Koomba

      Where did you get that idea from? Arale’s name is a pun on a Japanese cracker called “arare”. With the family name Norimaki (“seaweed roll”), her whole name (Arale Norimaki) is a reference to a type of arare wrapped with nori seaweed.

      • remolay

        I got it from the manga, which makes jokes about it being pronounced like Ariel despite being spelled like arare.

    • Joeclone

      no it’s Arale. I know because it’s like that in Budokai Tenkaichi 3

  • kingmajin163

    No no no no no no….It sucks. All the dragonball movies suck! In fact they should have been the 1st ones on the list. The only thing worse than the db movies is the gt special a heros legacy. Even biobroly was btr than this!

    • KaiserNeko

      Um, okay. This is our list. But whatever man.

      • Zethuu

        I’m just glad you guys put Broly where he belongs, the nostalgia level for this movie is incredible. Loved it. Keep it up!

      • dark9781

        Loving the list so far and every movie has fallen into the right place on the list.

      • hispowerlevelis1006

        Wen Broly mr. kitty cat neko man??

      • kingmajin163

        Yes!!! Yes!!! I finally got you guys to respond! I tried just about everything during the dumplin and arkham knight to get you to respond. Then i got gta 5 and learned you can get a response from someone only by doing damage. I never had a problem with any of your videos or the list. I apologize if it upset you. But i heard you were in the new ressurection of f movie and i just wanted to see what part you played and what it was like.

      • Sparky

        Kingmajin163, if GTA 5 have taught you that you can only get a response from someone by doing “damage”, GTA 5 is a horrible, horrible teacher.
        Also, I genuinly find it amusing that you think any of the TFS guys would get upset because you, or anyone else, disliked anything they made.

    • Alexanderclam

      While I can see why you enjoy DBZ over DB, I have to agree with Kaiser on this one. Although Kaiser is my senpai, so that’s also a contributing factor 😀

    • Karthull

      I gotta agree that while DB was good, all the DB movies were pretty bad, broly 1 was at least better then all the DB movies, so were super 13 and lord slug

    • Domehammer

      The 2nd Broly movie is so awful though. It’s got a character pissing on another character. You don’t get more awful than that.

      • Karthull

        So does dead zone which hasn’t been said yet so will be in top 11

  • Bitman


    • Zack Osbourne

      Hellsing will turn up just as soon as you pull your head out of your ass and stop pestering them about it.

  • Domehammer

    Isn’t the first wish of the dragonballs for a dog to become King? Hence the earth is united under it Dog King of earth.

  • Kennerly

    Wait…is this the movie where Oolong is there when Bulma flashes Roshi full frontal for a dragonball?

  • PiccoloSensei

    This is easily THE best original DragonBall film. Something you sort of missed was also how the movie was able to give Chaozu an actual character… well okay, maybe not that, but at least more character that he does in the original series. Plus, not only did the movie include Bora and Upa but motherfucking SERGEANT METTALIC 😀

  • MuffinButton4Life

    Wtf is wrong with gokus voice in this one?

  • tenBrinken

    Dear TFS, love you guys, support all the way.

    This movie over Broly though… Very subjective, as is my opinion about the brolly movie. Great soundtrack, apesh*t action and supersaiyan swagger. I’m disappointed in our different opinions. that said, i shouldn’t be cause we have opinions we are entitled to. I’d do wish you’d be clear on basing these videos on “not popular opinion” so that is clear. I was expecting a rollercoaster on public opinion of best movies. Please be clear on that next dbcember. Sensitive fans like me will take this personally, i’m not the only one. Love you guys.

    • tenBrinken


      This movie over Broly/Cooler’s Revenge..

    • zguida09

      Do remember, this is THEIR list of best movies. And back in their first video for this, they told us what they were basing everything off of. While you may disagree or agree with certain listings, it ultimately comes down to what they think. While the soundtrack to the Broly movie is great, and the fight scenes are wonderfully sequenced, it still was a boring plot line. I actually fell asleep watching it.

      With that said, They dont really need to be clear. They explained in video 1 that they would be looking at all aspects of the movies. Plot being one of them.

    • Yusagi

      That’s literally what all of their top lists are. It’s what their top 24 DB moments were, too. There’s no point in doing a ‘most popular’ list, because everyone already knows what the top fan rated stuff is. At best they could poll all of TFS to get their top favorites, rather than a select few members…but that would be a bunch of trouble to do, considering the size of their cast. (They’d end up with 24 equal entries, all of which are a specific cast member’s favorite.)

      • tenBrinken

        Yes you guys are right. I do feel i mentioned that, but not enough to make up for my disappointment. That said, i still feel i’ve watched Cooler’s Revenge and Brolly movies alot more that some other movies on the list, i wonder if that rates a movie higher, when it’s viewed more…

  • GreatWyrmGold

    The Penguin Village part of Dragon Ball felt pretty out-of-place in the anime, too, so what can you expect?

  • JustSomeGuywithaMustache

    Every country is America! (Except when every country is Japan).

    • GreatWyrmGold

      And no country is ever Canada.

    • Lazy Prinny

      Figures that the Ninja is American. Makes sense.

  • Zack Osbourne

    *Lifts a hammer*

    Heeding the call, one and for all,
    Never surrender, with glory we fall!
    Brothers unite, let’s stand up and fight,
    Fulfilling our faith, we are heeding the call!

    … I don’t care if it’s the wrong reference, it’s the one I’m going with!

    • XD 10/10, 100/100 best reference.

  • kdog3k

    If hirudegarn makes top 10 I will find you guys.

    • KaiserNeko

      Find me noob.

      • Jaxom20

        You sassy betch

      • IwannabeaSaiyan

        Hirudegarn top ten confirmed. *slow clap*

      • kdog3k


    • TsukiNoTragedy

      But Tapion! lol

  • Ladvi The Lad

    I’m calling it now. Their next abridged is their number one movie.

    • kdog3k

      Nah, I think they might do Res. F next.

      • Wrongpiece

        They try to go in order with movies unless they do an older one out of the blue(no pun intended). Broly comes next canonically and Kaiser likes The World’s Strongest, so it’ll probably be one of those two.

    • Rpastore

      the world strongest 😀

    • vallraffs

      So, worlds strongest?

  • bigcalsworld

    Nice to know someone else out there loves that movie as much as me :). I really like how it combines a few of the DB arcs together and manages to pull it off quite well. It’s kinda like a Dragon Ball Kai movie really; loads of action and plot points, and much less filler lol.

    • Lonehoof

      Yeah it is awesome.

  • eskreskao

    Nice way to start off the second half of the “month”.

    • Lonehoof

      your profile pic looks very phallic

  • Lizardguy

    Hmm, that would explain Tien and Chiaotzu’s relationship. Had I actually seen it, I may have been able to make a real comment. Hmmm, you guys should totally Abridge the original Dragonball.

    • Lonehoof

      that would be cool. they might do that after they finish doing z, as “prequel” sort of thing.

  • Maximum Over-Saiyan

    Find the Dragon Balls
    Look out for them all
    You can search around he world with me
    Gotta heed the call
    Of the Magic Dragon Balls
    What a great Adventure this will be

    • Lonehoof

      Congratulations. You win. You didn’t win anything in particular, no, you just win.