The last movie was cool, but this one is Cooler!

Check out our version:

  • SsjFaggot

    This Movie Is The Shit Moslty With The American SoundTrack

  • Xystre

    My favorite scene in this movie is when Cooler basically goes swimming in the kamehameha wave and pops up out of the wave to punch Goku in the face.

  • Derek1st

    And now let us defer to our in house weeaboo, kaiser neko

  • incrediblenoiseman

    I remember starting to use logic when I watched this movie and then going forward into my Dragon Ball viewing. My thoughts were “Oh look a strong new character and some henchman. Are the henchman stronger than 2nd Form Freeza? No, then why are they even here???”

    Great Job Team, keep up the good work.

  • Fran3ro

    This was the first thing i saw from the DB franchise, and years later when i watched Frieza’s saga for the first time i thought this movie was part of that. Cooler is cool, good design, and of course he’s like Frieza, they are family. Still i agree it’s a copy of Frieza though the revenge part it’s a good plot. Now that i think of It, it could haved ben used in the actual serie instead of Mecha Frieza.

  • NirvanaFan2014

    I’m betting that the next one is going to be one of the three other DB movies, probably not Path to Power though or Dead Zone or Worlds Strongest.

    • Elven91

      Dead Zone and World’s Strongest are already DBZ movies. DB movies are: Curse of the Blood Rubies, Sleeping Princess in Devil’s Castle, Mystical Adventure and Path to Power.

  • MalkavianRP

    Did piccolo use the gum gum pistol?

  • Harosama

    YEAH!… Honestly don’t give that much of a crap about Cooler, But This movie Is proably piccolo’s Highest point, for while he can’t beat Cooler, he STOMPS the armored Squadron and the utilization of his Stretching arms is perfect. on a final note this movie is one of a few that “Border” On being Cannon. I say Border because… it’s still a bit off. The only other ones who are close but not quite cannon enough are the Future trunks ones, with one of those being PURE CANON GOLD, Bardock, and… dare I say it… Broly.

    • NirvanaFan2014

      Well the History of Trunks and Bardock: The Father of Goku are indeed canon. However the only other movies that fit in the timeline enough are Super Android 13 (prior to the Z Fighters entering the Hyperbolic Time Chamber which makes no sense considering Cell AND the other Androids where still around), Bojack Unbound (right after the a Cell Games) and Wrath of The Dragon (right after the series ended, although the Tapion giving Trunks his sword which is how Future Trunks got the sword is so stupid),

    • BullseyeRey

      Broly doesn’t border on canon, it doesn’t fit in canon at all.

      Neither does cooler. The only ones that don’t contradict canon are Bardock, History of Trunks and Bojack, because Bojack is set before the time skip.

    • TsukiNoTragedy

      How can Broly be even close to being canon? It chronologically makes no fucking sense. Why would the Z fighters take a sweet springtime picnic break (and then travel to a Nuevo Vegeta) in the middle of the Cell Saga?

      • Karthull

        Its closer to canon then most of the movies, it would have to be during the 10 day break cell gives them, and goku gohan, krillin and yamcha were heavily relaxing during that so they might have a picnic

  • Hakuna

    I laughed far too hard at Monkey D Piccolo

  • Draco Magnius

    So if Piccolo is Luffy then whose Zoro and the other Straw Hats?

  • Argent

    Bad Kaiser… bad, bad Kaiser! No One Piece references in DBCember! No! Bad TigerKitty!

    • Karthull

      ….why not? One piece is fantastic

  • Inu

    i’ve always loved Cooler over the other DBZ villains (aside from Cell, who is absolutely PERFECT, and Super Buu, who’s just a fucking riot to have around) but i can see where you guys were coming from. you have to admit, though, that if there’s anything you can say about Cooler is that, compared to Frieza, his design is much… cooler.

  • PiccoloSensei

    Thank you for your description of Cooler. For a second I thought you were going to go on a “Cooler > Freeza” tangent. Whew. But yeah, this is still an okay movie despite the obvious flaws. And yes, I still like Return of Cooler better than this one. Nyeah.

  • JustSomeGuywithaMustache

    If you ever need moonspeak pronounced, Kaiser is your guy.

  • Buried-In-Water

    Much like Lord Slug, this movie also had a pretty badass soundtrack!

  • Steve, Son of Steve

    I’m guessing #1 is either Battle of Gods or History of Trunks.

  • Rider

    Okay, at this point I’m just genuinely curious as to how Resurrection F made it this far when so many of the flaws of other movies apply to it, sometimes tenfold.

    It’s gotta be because of all the moments completely unrelated to Frieza, Goku, and Vegeta, right?

    • Lazy Prinny

      Probably. That’s what got Bio Broly as high as it did, after all. The point I think they made was world and character building is hugely important since, even as a fan of DBZ, one has to admit that most of these (and really anime movies in general) aren’t exactly cinematic masterpieces. As such, what they do for the series and the characters in it is at least as important as the quality of the film itself. Sure, being awful to watch will knock points off, but getting to see a character in a new light, or learning exactly what character A thinks of Character B that they rarely interact with is a big plus.

    • Rectal Fungi

      RoF deserves a high spot for one reason, and one reason alone – BUFF ROSHI IS BACK, BITCHES!

    • TsukiNoTragedy

      If someone could please shed some light, I am not getting the hate on Fukkatsu no F. Sure, it was not nearly as good as Kami to Kami, but it was still pretty good. The animation was great, the secondary characters got some good action, and while it was kind of silly that Frieza was brought back – again, it made for some fun fights and interaction. (I am greatly enjoying the version in BDS.) FnF was also obviously a follow-up to KtK, presenting the culmination of whatever had happened since Beerus and Whis left earth. Again, I like how they fill in the gaps with Super. It really is a fun show to watch. Anyway, what is it about the film that some people do not like? It really has me baffled.

      • Tearhart11

        The following:

        1. Trunks and Goten didn’t show up because Gohan thought they’d do something rash like fight Frieza head on. But hellooo, they can sense ki.

        2. Roshi being stronger than Yamcha and Chiaotzu. Both of them trained with korin, kami, and king kai. Even with offscreen training, Roshi shouldn’t have gotten that strong. Especially since he was too old and weak to fight in the cell saga.

        3. Frieza coming back and gaining power on par with a SSJGSSJ is a total shit on what dbz used to stand for. Hard work. Not only that, but how stupid is frieza anyway? He went to earth with his father because he wasn’t sure he could best ssj Goku alone. Why didn’t he take a week to train before than? He had two years to do so. He would crush all the z fighters.

        4. The powerlevels are retardedly stupid. They fight frieza level soldiers yet get tired from not trying to kill them? Really? At this point, their powerlevels are so much higher than frieza level, that it’ should be like Goku vs the rr army.

        5. There was no sense of danger. It was obvious from the start what was gonna happen.

        6. Frieza, while being awesome, just doesn’t have thr fear factor anymore due to canon and filler. He lost in the namek saga, trunks saga, otherworld tournament saga, fusion reborn movie, gt, and ROF. It just isn’t that surprising anymore.

      • TsukiNoTragedy

        Tearhart11, thanks for your reply! 😀

        As for your points, I have the following thoughts:

        1 – I am not surprised that Trunks and Goten were not told about Freiza. I mean, they are impetuous. Obviously, the situation is dangerous. I will also assume that the others figured that they would not need the boys, so why have them in the way or unnecessarily pissing off Frieza?

        2 – Roshi is badass. I really am never surprised with his capabilities. Yamucha gave up training, if you remember, and Chiaotzu is also not very strong, comparatively. Like Goten and Trunks, why have them hanging around in the face of danger?

        3 – I will agree that Frieza returning AGAIN is a bit ridiculous. It does seem to sort of suggest that the creators were cashing in on the villain’s popularity. The point with Frieza not taking more time to train is because he was, as always, overconfident. He states himself that he had never had to train for anything. Gaining his new power and form gave him enough of an ego boost that he thought he was unstoppable. It’s called hubris. Frieza is like a hubris factory. Anyway, of course, he blows his chance because he overestimates his limits. (I am curious to see how Super handles Frieza’s big fit against Vegeta.)

        4 – Please don’t use “retarded” as a slur. :/ That’s not cool. As for your observation, think about this: fighting one rat off is easy. Fighting off 1000 rats is pretty scary and dangerous. If someone has a (and these are hypothetical numbers here) power level of 1000 and they face off against twenty people with power levels of 300, that’s not going to be an easy time. I was a little disappointed in Gohan, but meh. It is what it is. He said himself that he did not train and that he was “rusty”. Oh well.

        5 – I might have to slightly agree with you here. I think Super is doing a better job of creating tension before the fight with Frieza. I guess we wait and see what happens in the show.

        6 – Again, I cannot argue that point. But, Frieza is still popular and the fighting was awesome, so … *shrug* But yeah, I really thought that the movie after Kami to Kami would be more about Beerus and his history, but I dunno. XD I guess we just have more movies to look forward to seeing.

        Anyway, again, I appreciate your response. It is interesting to see what others think. Happy holidays!

    • gothpunkboy89

      Resurrection F dosen’t have nearly the amount of flaws people like to make it seem like it has. BoG is definitely a better over all movie if you compare them side by side. The only real issue I find with it is the ending. Which was pretty obvious at the start what Whiz’s ability would come into play with the final fight.

      • TsukiNoTragedy

        lol What’s that literary device called? Chekhov’s Gun?

    • Kennerly

      Maybe because the guys who made the list were involved in making it, and bashing something they were paid to make (with each video it sells increases the chances of them getting invited to help voice future dubs) wouldn’t make much sense.

      • Kennerly

        “Before I indulge in the synopsis, I should establish my bias. As evidenced by our keystone project, Dragon Ball Z Abridged, we are all massive Dragon Ball fans. Further, Team Four Star has worked with FUNimation in the past for ad campaigns and voice-over work. In fact, our own Scott “KaiserNeko” Frerichs plays a minor role in the film (see if you can hear him begging for his life!). I will remain as objective as possible, but keep in mind our relations to the company and the franchise.”

    • Yusagi

      Given the fact that RoF basically secured Dragonball Super, in the ‘impact on the Dragonball universe’ scale of things that puts RoF way up there. Also the movie was lots of fun and there’s not terribly much to be said that’s bad about it other than nonsense excuse for Frieza to be relevant and Goku securing the kill.

      • TsukiNoTragedy

        T__T Poor Vegeat. So close … so very close.

      • TsukiNoTragedy


        Dang it, how do you edit your replies on this thing?

  • Lizardguy

    What’s really cool about this is that could totally be canon if Toriyama wanted it. I mean, hey, a lot can happen in 3 years. And yeah, it was a great movie.

  • Zolar

    Implying Piccolo isn’t already king? Shame on you!

    • Salas

      Well King of the Earth yeah, not the Nameks.

  • The Mad Laugher

    Cooler’s Revenge is #13 on the list?

    “How can ‘zis be?” This movie is the BEAN DADDY!

    But seriously my favorite line in all of Dragon Ball History is, “Very impressive. Killing off a bunch of monkeys. Any liquored up hillbilly with a shotgun could have done that at the zoo.”

  • SparkinClark

    Cooler’s Revenge will forever and always will be my favorite DBZ movie. Next to Bardock: Father of Goku, Wrath of the Dragon, History of Trunks and Fusion Reborn.

    • NCHaskew

      All of which pale in comparison to Battle of Gods–don’t worry: I got you covered.

  • LargeMan

    I’m amazed Bojack Unbound has made it past the top 15.
    The only thing’s worth remembering from that movie are Gohan’s 30 second fight with Bojack and 3rd Reich imagery.

    • zguida09

      Bjoack Unbound is one of the best movies. Dont see why it gets so much hate

    • GreatWyrmGold

      I’m looking forward to the abridged version so I can see what the heck is with Bojack.
      And to hear the pirate voice again.

  • Kawwmoi

    Wow. The next movie must be ice cold!

  • Pokemonomegpha3

    You guys are very punny with these video descriptions

  • Dundore77

    I do love the guy who voices the cold family in the japanese versions but good god does the voices for vegeta and goku just feel extremely wrong after growing up with the dub. Goku shouldn’t sound like a child who inhaled helium.

    • SonicShenron

      I’m going through the same problem with Super right now. Goku just sounds… wrong. Everyone else I’m fine with, it’s just Goku that never sits right with me. I don’t mean that as an insult to Masako Nozawa, there’s a reason why she’s still voicing him all these years later, but it’s just… I dunno, it’s kinda hard to explain without coming off as insulting.

      • Bob423

        I don’t think it’s insulting to say a grown man probably shouldn’t be voiced by a woman.

      • I’m waiting for the dub before watching Super, just because I actually can’t stand subbed anime. I like to be able understand what the characters are saying just by listening and hate having to rely on subtitles to understand anything.

    • chcoman123

      Honestly, Goku’s voice sucks in both the Sub and Dub for me. And Vegeta is SO much better in the sub. He has a properly deep voice that doesn’t sound like the actor is constantly growling. He sounds like a rival or a lancer whose had a rough time of it, rather than just constant anger and always sounding evil, even when he becomes a good guy.

      • GreatWyrmGold

        I think the Team Four Star dub does a good Goku.

    • GreatWyrmGold

      To me, every dub sounds wrong after hearing TFS’s version.

      But yeah, the Japanese Goku sounds terrible. Especially since he sounds the same as Gohan.

      • Lazy Prinny

        Yeah. Frieza, Piccolo, Krillin, Yamcha, Nappa (lol), and quite a few others are so well done by TFS that every so often, when I watch some actual DBZ, I pause and go “oh yeah. THAT’S what they sound like. “. It doesn’t help that I only sort of liked DBZ before DBZ abridged came along, so I’ve heard more than one character’s Abridged voice first. That’s always a fun discovery.

    • TsukiNoTragedy

      T_________T Every time someone disses Nozawa Masako, baby Gohan cries.

      The woman is a legend and a beast, voicing Goku since the 80s! She’s the OG, literally!

      if you don’t like her portrayal, whatevs, it’s your loss, but you cannot deny that her voice-acting is top fucking notch. Sean Schemmel,or whoever your Goku of choice is, does a good job, and I appreciate all of the different takes on the character, but Nozawa just nails Goku’s goofy/dopey side as well as his serious/determined side. She also can sound and act so well that Goku, Goha, and Goten feel and sound like completely different characters, albeit with similar voices. The genetics are strong, apparently.

      Also, Horikawa Ryō is a BAMF, and his portrayal of Vegeta and his many emotions/moods is great. XD
      I do like Sabat’s – his voice is brilliant – and I am not sure which I prefer, but Horikawa tends to have a little more of a range (in character) with Vegeta. *shrug*

      Uhg. I’m going to go pray to the anime gods that they show mercy on us all.

      • NCHaskew

        Hahaha! No. I appreciate Masako’s portrayal of kids and goofy Goku, but my god, her performance as serious Goku and screaming are atrocious. It sounds like she’s reading the line “raaar!” and then they add in an echo effect to make it sound like she’s louder. Sean Schemmel both NAILS the goofy, fun side AND the serious side. And when he screams in rage or powering up…..holy shit, I can feel reality tear from the effort he puts into it. So yeah yeah, “dubbed anime? Most unorthodox!” and other such disses against English-dub that the more pretentious anime fans like to throw around. Dragon Ball Z’s English dub is the penultimate viewing experience.

      • Yusagi

        I get she is really popular and has been doing it for so long that people who started with the sub as a child have gotten ridiculously attached to her. That’s fine. However, I’ll only consider her awesome when any of her voices sound even a little bit different, and her screams actually change. One episode of Super has Goku scream like seven times in a row, with three or four different meanings and she gave literally the same scream every. single. time.

    • Zerxees

      I didn’t care for Goku’s voice in the Japanese version at first, but I think it was just because I grew up with the dub. The only character I can’t stand in Japanese is King Kai. I don’t know if it was the same in DBZ, but in Super, his voice actor sounds so disinterested. It ruined almost every scene he was in for me.

      • Yusagi

        I agree completely about King Kai in the sub, however…he has a really good reason for sounding like that. The actor is like 80…86? He can’t really do the things with his voice that Sean can. It’s not really an excuse when it makes the character THAT flat, but it’s an explanation.