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  • Harosama

    I actually LOVE this movie. Why… BECAUSE GIANT NAMEKIAN! No seriously Piccolo Has the COOLEST abilities in the friggin Franchise and they are underutilized to a FAULT. He can expand his size (without losing speed mind you) stretch his arms (with no stated limit on distance) Regenerate, albeit how much he can regenerate seems to fluctuate each time he does it, and that’s on top of having Outrageously good hearing, near telepathic power, and also ALL OF KAMI’S POWERS. Seriously Why isn’t he stronger again? oh and on a Final note I’ve seen old sorces (magziens… don’t remember the title) that refer to Goku’s form in this as “Mystic” Sayain, the same as Ultimate Gohan (also called Mystic Gohan)
    so yeah. He may be a rehash of King Piccolo, But King Piccolo was great and So was lord Slug!

    • Delviño Edwardo Fuerte Griffit

      because power levels are bullshit

  • PiccoloSensei

    I agree wholeheartedly with Lani. Especially the bit about FUNImation’s soundtrack. I may not like FUNimation’s early dubbing anymore, but I still go back to listening to some of the tracks. It’s just too damn ridiculous.

  • SinTheImmortal

    Toriyamas original design for super saiyan goku had black hair but his artist had a hissifit about always inking his hair he explained this in one of his interviews so he later changed it to the color he has now

  • Nagato Yamiyo


  • bfmv5000

    was that litas theme fuck yeah

  • mieniem

    Lord Slug premiered on March 19, 1991, Super saiyan Goku first appeared in the shonen Jump manga April 1, 1991.
    Odds are likely that when they were drawing the plans for super saiyan Goku, Toriyama was drawing rough plans for what Super Saiyan Goku was going to look like probably months in advance. When they were drawing the art for Lord Slug movie it is likely that Toriyama gave them a picture of what he planned to make Super Saiyan Goku look like at the time, but like most manga chapters with editors final stages they probably wanted Super Saiyan Goku to look a little more impressive so they probably added the Gold hair and green Eyes in the end to make the appearance more significant. Atleast that is just speculation on my part, but it is probably what happened.

  • Karthull

    Ill be pretty annoyed if battle of gods and ressurection f are in top 3, top 10 im okay with, and in top 5 bette be fusion reborn and wrath of the dragon

  • engelrid

    egine!! tf mini video with Stupify nappa feat Vegeta, hillarius

  • Rider

    I do definitely agree this one is better than Tree of Might, though when you get down to it, they’re both still really samey in the structure. This has some originality points, but how both movies flow is too similar. Garlic Jr. isn’t that far from them either in that respect.

    I’m a little surprised that it looks like we’re starting to hit the “good” ones and Resurrection F still hasn’t been mentioned though.

    • NCHaskew

      Resurrection F is better than people give it credit for. Yeah, the climax is fucked up and Frieza doesn’t pose much of a threat to Goku or Vegeta, but it still captures the tone of Dragon Ball Z perfectly, gives all of the characters a time to shine and be badass, and the animation is great (when not using the awkward CGI.)

      Not to mention, it’s only shallow and fight-centric because all the fans bitched and moaned about how Battle of Gods didn’t have enough fights.

      • Edema

        Resurrection f had stunning the best ever but was destroyed by Cgi… I would have been more interested if they would have brought king cold back. Frieza was awesome and you had some moments where you could see just how damn evil he is. But not at many points in the movie did you really get the feeling that hope was all lost.. I think it was the presence of beerus and whis that ruined this movie it adds a certain amount of safety that steals tension..

      • Karthull

        I think battle of gods is overrated… Ya its pretty good but not as good as people give it credit for, also i say super 13 and broly definitly better then tree of might and worlds strongest, those should have been lower on the list

      • Rider

        I would disagree, and to add, I’d say a reason why is because Battle of Gods before it did just that, and the two movies are very different. They can’t both do it, right?

        It had a lot of light hearted stuff, it made sense for the most part, and you had a threatening and competent villain that could also be cocky and goof around, like the series.

        With Resurrection F, it’s basically a shallow Frieza rehash. Frieza’s character here is very… filler feeling, really. It’s quick and rushed, and Frieza is the same Frieza as ever. Even Mecha-Frieza was more interesting than Frieza in resurrection F. With that appearance, you had a cyborg hindered by his previous defeat, fueled by both revenge and fear, and coming to get said revenge with his daddy of all things.

        What this does in general once we’re past Krillin and everyone else fighting (which was excellent) is basically going over the most well remembered parts of Frieza’s sagas, from his fight with Super Saiyan Goku to his fall and then sniveling about it and being a sore loser and everything. The problem is that it doesn’t come with all of the buildup that made those things such great moments. You don’t have stuff like Zarbon, the Ginyu force, Frieza just being this weird looking alien floating in a chair, or the characters running around in fear for a whole saga.

        You have a character who trained for a few months and now his power breaks the scales. Combining that with how they have everyone look so laughably weak compared to Goku and Vegeta now? Even with the earlier fight showing off everyone’s skills, it loses its magic once you have everyone wetting themselves in the face of Frieza just because. Compare to how everyone at least TRIED with Beerus, and remember, he never actually did much – Frieza blew up a city and everyone just kind of cowered once it came time to fight him before Goku and Vegeta got there.

        The same is true of the new transformation in the movie. They got a freebie off screen, whereas its appearance was a plot point in BoG.

        So… Yeah, that’s my take on it. I’d put a lot of the bottom movies on this list over it any day. Plus, if I take into account the animation norms and expected quality of the time the older movies came out, then Resurrection F and even Battle of Gods getting by based on animation doesn’t even fly anymore either, y’know?

        Anyway, sorry for the tl;dr bit there.

        As for that last part, maybe, but does it being shallow and so fight-centric because of fan-request not still make it shallow and fight-centric?

  • Lazy Prinny

    And with next episode, the movies stop being the worst twelve, and starts being the most average! (Then the twelve best the day after that)

  • Wrongpiece

    I hope my body can take it.

    • Inu

      the balls are

    • Inu


  • kdog3k

    On Pseudo-saiyan: didn’t this movie come out before Goku beat Frieza in the manga?

    • kdog3k

      And if we’re guessing, my money is on Movie 13.

  • marzera

    Wait, this movie is looked down upon? It’s actually one of my favorites.

    No, really.

    • NCHaskew

      Same! I really enjoyed this one. Weird.

  • JustSomeGuywithaMustache

    How could anyone hate this Christmas classic!?

    • Tearhart11


      • Tearhart11

        Oh wait nvm

    • NCHaskew

      “What are you talking about? It’s July!”

  • Vlen

    Psuedo Super Saiyan and the Soundtrack make this one of my favorite movies, right behind the first Cooler movie and the first Broly movie (what they all lack in story they make up with action and energy in the soundtrack)

  • QSam

    Okay guess time again, it’s probably going to be worlds strongest.

    • NCHaskew

      Aaaah, I wouldn’t be too sure. That’s one of Kaiser’s favorites. And rightfully so, in my opinion.

  • KazePhantom

    Wow, the first list entry that i don’t horrendously disagree with. This is so much better than Tree of Might in my opinion because Turles was just an “evil Goku” that makes no sense how he exists, while Lord Slug was, admittedly a King Piccolo clone, at least he’s a powerful Namekian. Also, dude’s outfit is awesome.

  • causealiens

    can we call the Psudo Super sayian, Santa sayian?

  • Lizardguy

    Wait, this one got hated? When? I actually liked it. And yes, the abridged version was awesome, you guys really need to abridge more movies…. Or at least abridge World’s Strongest at some point.

    • Wrongpiece

      It seems like they abridge them in the order that they’d occur within the plot (if they were canon). I think there will be another movie at some point before the cell games.

      • Lizardguy

        I know, but they Abridged Dead Zone later than it occurred in timeline. And they haven’t abridged World’s Strongest yet. Sooooooooo, yeah. Either way, I’m more looking forward to Bojack Abridged that Broly Abridged.

    • bluefelly

      Well, I mean, World’s Strongest hasn’t been *technically* abridged by Team Four Star, but there is a World’s Strongest Abridged from many years ago involving Masako and Lani…

    • NCHaskew

      I’m thinking they’ll abridge World’s Strongest decently soon, since with Dead Zone they’re circling back to cover the movies they missed. At least, that’s my hope.

    • bsmusic97

      They did Dead Zone for celebrating 1,000,000 Subscribers, and I think i read somewhere that they were planning on abridging World’s Strongest for 2,000,000 Subscribers. With them being at ~1,913,643 we shouldn’t have to wait much longer

  • xedalpha

    I’m guessing Evolution will probably be only like 5th or something

    • Piinl

      You are kidding, right?

    • demolition541

      Get out. Seriously. Leave the internet and never return. Even as a joke, something that implies DB Evolution is even remotely not a pile of feces is nothing short of criminal activity.

    • Spiritnova

      Evolution won’t be on the list. Period. Go to the movie list on the Dragon Ball Wiki and count them. There are 24, not counting A Hero’s Legacy and Dragon Ball Evolution, which would be 25 and 26 respectively.

      Then again, calling Evolution a Dragonball movie at all is giving it significantly more credit than it is due.

  • NailGun88

    I remember hearing that when Slug got giant, his power level increased. I do miss old techniques like this being brought back for strategy. Like when Piccolo used the Giant’s technique against Garlic Jr. after he transformed.

    Also, I feel like this movie takes place in a scenario where Goku kills Frieza with the Spirit Bomb, so he doesn’t go Super Saiyan and doesn’t have quite enough rage to fully become one.

    • Spiritnova

      If I recall correctly, it increased his power level, but decreased his speed. Kind of like what happened with Future Trunks against Cell. The other issue being that it makes you a bigger target, which when combined with the lower speed could be problematic.

      What I’ve wondered is if Piccolo could use the Special Beam Cannon in his giant form. Would it scale with him? Would it be stronger? would it take 10 minutes to charge instead of 5?

      And typing this out made me wonder something else. Could Cell use the giant form? I’m imagining Giant Super Perfect Cell in a beam struggle with Gohan. I don’t think that would have turned out as favorably, to say the least.

  • Bronnt

    This one gets a lot of credit for Piccolo actually being pretty awesome in it. It utilizes its cast of characters much better than the series does at times. Heck, it’s better than Cooler in many ways.

  • Avenguard

    I would like to say, I always called that Super Kaio-ken, since it seemed like he was using the Kaio-ken technique, while almost going Super Saiyan, so it was like a more powerful version of Kaio-ken, but not quite on par with an SS.

    • Tearhart11

      Super kaioken is that filler transformation goku uses against pikkon

  • TheLelouch17

    Did Taka (A.K.A Nappa The Producer) just hint at a TFS song parody towards the end there?

    • Cliff_Mastah_14

      yes, he did.

    • marc_sketch

      …I’m thinking not. that was a clip of the end credits gag “cover” from Lord Slug Abridged, and that video’s been out for a couple years by this point, at least.

      as a fan of Disturbed’s music, I can honestly say that a full length cover or parody of one of their songs would be pretty sweet… but I think it’s safe to assume this one won’t be happening.

  • CBKH915

    I enjoy this movie.

  • Kinne

    It’s namekers, remember?

  • incrediblenoiseman

    I don’t know why but I always liked it when the villains got away with making a wish on Shenron.

    Also, I remembered liking False Super Saiyan for the very short time Goku used it, and then it was over and I’m just thinking “Why did you stop? Stay mad and beat him up some more.”

    Great job team, keep up the good work.

    • Avenguard

      Well, Goku realized that it was July, and therefor he was not actually saving christmas. That why he lost the FSS.

      Also, I would like to say, I always called that Super Kaio-ken, since it seemed like he was using the Kaio-ken technique, while almost going Super Saiyan, so it was like a more powerful version of Kaio-ken, but not quite on par with an SS.

  • GotenksXe

    I like Boy Hits Car. More of them, please.

  • JustAHologram

    The Funimation soundtrack is most of what I remember from this movie

  • Domehammer

    Speaking of attacks that just stopped being used in Z, whatever happened to Tien growing extra arms? Was such a amazing move and just never used again.

    • Dundore77

      Toriyama would forget entire characters exist im sure he probably forgot they could do those techniques.

    • warsword4

      Im pretty sure that it evolved into the multiform technique

  • IDK

    I liked the Pseudo Super Saiyan part. It was the most memorable part of the movie for me. I don’t know why Kaiser thinks it doesn’t make sense, he used it out of desperation. Just like when he went Super Saiyan against Frieza.

  • GreatWyrmGold

    What is the deal with Fake Super Saiyan? Couldn’t Toriyama/Toei/whoever just handwave it as normal Super Saiyan, incorrectly portrayed?

    • JustAHologram

      this was written/produced before the Frieza Saga ended so they wouldn’t have known about Super Saiyans.

      • Neobahamut86

        I thought that they wanted to include Super Saiyan, however they didn’t know that the appearance would change that much, so it technically is just that, the super Saiyan transformation incorrectly portrayed… And they just used it as to create a new transformation.

      • JustAHologram

        Lord Slug premired March 19, 1991 and Goku vs Frieza was released June 10, 1991

  • Maximum Over-Saiyan

    Meh. 6 out of 10.

    • GreatWyrmGold

      You sassy bitch.