Time to make history!
Check out our version here: http://teamfourstar.com/video/tfs-special-the-history-of-trunks/

  • metzli

    Can’t even load the videos….waited like 5 minutes for it to buffer (which I am on a 5 MB/s line so…..wtf?). Did they forget to pay their bills or something?

    • metzli

      For whatever reason the problem was using chrome. Tried it in firefox and had no problems.

      • QKumber

        i use chrome i noticed that happens alot if you dont clear you cache very often

  • I was really hoping that this movie would reach the top 3. It’s my favourite DB movie of all time

  • PiccoloSensei

    HoT really is a classic. It’s SeriousBall done right in all the right ways, and remains a relatable and true-to-form tale even now. I can’t say that for the next special on the list but I’ll get to that…

  • SuccubusYuri

    Well they basically gave away that Bardock is next, so that leaves World’s Strongest and Battle of Gods vying for 1 and 2…. And you just know they’ll put BoG at 1. Though World’s Strongest does contend better depending how much weight they put on that “true to manga counterparts” category…

    Still, Gods over Trunks? Lani, you got some ‘splainin to do!

  • StarWarsGuru

    Hold on, there are only three spots lefts but four movies/specials left, Worlds Strongest, Bardock Father of Goku. Battle of Gods and Resurrection F, how is that gonna work?

    • bneil24

      resurection f was #7 on the list

      • bneil24

        so the top 3 are world strongest bardock and battle of gods (not sure of the order)

      • MissingUTAH

        It’s heavily implied here that Bardock is #3, leaving World’s Strongest and BOG for the top two. Makes me wonder why they haven’t redone World’s Strongest Abridged in that case…

  • mrm64

    COME ON WORLD’S STRONGEST!!!!!!!!! 😀 Favorite movie right there! Best fight scenes EVER!!!

  • Anthony Mageno

    So TFS Broly the legendary Super Saiyan confirmed?

  • hussalsalami92

    I personally would place this ahead of the Bardock special and wouldn’t put the worlds strongest that high up, yeah alot of people like it but I wasn’t really into it

  • Well… it looks like Battle of the Gods & World strongest is on top competing of what gets to be #1

    • Kaliaila

      Yep. I am tempted to just scroll through here and count how many people are going to be complaining about that.

  • Ion

    I swear to god lol if i see that cheating even add one more time, addblocks going back on (can i set it up to only block That add?)

  • Royal Conquest

    I totally agree that’s one of the best transformations in the series. Makes me think of Legacy of Goku 2 hahaha

  • MC1980

    Who would’ve thought that killing Ginyu in Z abridged would make a plothole in Super? I sure wouldn’t have.

    • Joeclone

      what? Ginyu’s still alive in Super?

      • It’sKrillerTime

        Ginyu never died he just got turned into frog and hopped away

      • czartaylor

        ginyu got taken to earh when they wished everyone off namek, ended up a running gag through most of z in the anime (shows up again in world tournament iirc), and comes back in full in super. Although how he survived kid buu blowing up the earth when the wish to revive the earth specifically mentioned not bringing back bad people and ginyu’s still bad is a bit of a problem.

      • Kaliaila

        I am pretty sure that the wish was in regards to the current set of evil people; such as Babidi and his henchmen.

    • hussalsalami92

      Lol yeah, but it already is a plot hole in Super, how was he revived when Kid Buu destroyed the entire planet

  • Mexgar

    I’m gonna be honest: I thought Bardock would be #1, for the irony of being the worst AND best special

  • Sylar

    Hey guys, in case you have forgotten, allow me to remind you of what the team has stated. Taka said that these lists are ENTIRELY subjective. It is certainly ok to disagree with their placement of certain films and specials. But many of you have go to chill out about World’s Strongest. Tell you what, I have a suggestion for you guys. If you are unhappy with the placement of the list, I suggest you go make your own YouTube page abridging Dragon Ball, get nearly 2 million subscribers to your channel, spend tireless hours editing the animation to near perfection (don’t forget to make the comedy work with it), coming up with new material to keep the fans happy, create your own website while constantly monitoring comments to make sure none of them are egregiously offensive (like that one douchebag from last year), AND THEN you can put Broly up as high as you like and World’s Strongest as low as you like. Not something you’re willing to do? Well then I suggest you take Porunga’s advice from DBZA Episode 30 and “Bite me!”

    Kaiser, Lani, Taka….. keep doing your thing. You guys are awesome!

    • xnovus374

      SSJ9000’s Piccolo: DAMN!

  • Lambsworth

    All Dragon Ball films are (I’d say majorly) flawed in some way. It seems to depend largely on character which flaws one considers to be bearable and which strengths sufficiently counterbalance them. This list has been very well thought-out in terms of criteria set and reasonings given – which is to be expected, of course. But I will say that I strongly assumed History of Trunks to be at #1 or #2 based on my interpretation of those criteria. You can hardly come closer to the manga than this, yet because not many people know of the corresponding chapter it still, in a sense, expands on the universe. The story is not particularly unique I’ll grant that, but I don’t consider the missing entries to fare much better. The relation between Trunks and Gohan is handled really well, and I’m having difficulty coming up with character moments in the missing entries that have a similar intensity to it – maybe I just prefer the serious tone. Finally, the production value is great here, and I honestly prefer the oldschool art style to the ‘polished’ new one.

    tl;dr: I didn’t expect this placement, but consider me hyped for your arguments!

    (Also, I’m one more person who made an account specifically for this year’s DBcember – you’re doing something right, TFS.)

    • orphenoc

      I think while this is somewhat in the manga it’s not exact. For one trunks was ssj before Gohan died. While this is more dramatic that makes more sense considering he could go ssj as a kid in the alt timeline though he’s obviously much weaker here it was achieved naturally. Unless you figure Vegeta was only ssj when he was conceived in the present timeline after raging after seeing not 1 but 2 super saiyans.

      Second while this may be close to the spirit of the manga it doesn’t encompass the fun of much of the manga which causes me to be less surprised it’s only #4. While some of the best drama in the series, drama isn’t why we love dragon ball. There are other series that do drama just as well. What does dragon ball do better than any other series can do? I think that’s what you get from the top 2. That variety and seeing the main characters shine.

      • Lambsworth

        That’s a good point. I like the serious tone in juxtaposition, but overall it probably makes sense to consider the more light-hearted films as capturing more of the essence of Dragon Ball – including Z. For the purpose of a list like this, I can totally get that. Besides, #4 is a good placement.

        And yeah, they took some liberties (which is why, in a sense, they expanded on the universe). Still curious to see how TFS apply their criteria to the remaining three entries. No doubt it will demonstrate something I have neglected to notice.

      • SolidStateScouter

        Drama isn’t why we love Dragon Ball? That’s a copout and you know it. It was Z that put the series in the map, achieving worldwide appeal before either of Ocean’s or Funi’s dubs. It was the Piccolo arc that opened the possibility to dramatic stories over goofy ones with a side of fighting. Dragon Ball played with character death and still managed a gripping story for Piccolo. Z expanded on this and gave at least 3 arcs all of which are cited to be the best of the series. When Z tried to be goofier with Boo, there was a huge backlash.

        Fun in Z is dismemberment, death, sorrow, dismemberment, sacrifice, massacre, suffering, resentment, tragedy, doom and even unusual cruelty. That was the majority of the manga’s run and that’s what most like to remember. As for characters shining, how much can they really in a forgettable filler adventure vs mass retcons and curb stomps passed around like candy to build up super new awesome invincible villains?

  • I’ve mostly agreed with them up till now, but BOG, while good, still has plenty of flaws and is by no means worthy of the top 2

    • In my opinion*

      please don’t eat me Kaiser ;-;

  • orphenoc

    Really enjoy the background music you guys use for these, this one being an instrumental to the jp credits for Aoi Kaze no Hope. While the red scarf and end dialogue were a dead give away to what’s coming next, was that an actual clip from this movie? You have to forgive me it’s been years since I saw it and while I remember there being many differences from the manga can’t remember if anything like bar docks bandana in this film, though maybe it was tying gohans stump. Another thing that makes this film cool is howbadass gohan turned out, although his present timeline counterpart is way stronger.
    Hope worlds strongest is #1. Don’t dislike BoG (in fact I own it while I only ever saw WSabout 20 times on toonani in the 90s) I just think it played out like a response to Goku losing to superman, which I doubt toriyama was aware of but its a bit less dramatic seeming and the conflict more contrived than WS. One guy wants the main characters body…The other wants a bit of custard…

  • LastationLover5000

    Holy bloody crap this is actually only #4? I am genuinely surprised! Good move!

  • DormantDragon28

    Completely caught off guard by this. THoT is definitely my favorite special, just for how dark and serious it is. However, I can definitely see how Bardock and World’s strongest can be considered better all around movies. Still on the fence on where BoG lies, but I’m sure the analysis they provide will do it justice. Excited for these next couple days.

    (made an account just to comment this)

  • spencerrand22

    Omg, I can’t believe they put bardock below worlds strongest.

  • Soveliss_sunstar

    Gotta say, I’m quite annoyed as a manga reader that they did’nt mention that this was based off of an extra chapter that Toriyama drew and is thus canon..

    • KaiserNeko

      I guess we could have, but the original TV specials (Bardock and Trunks) are looked at as canon regardless. I do suppose I could have taken the time to compare them, as there are differences.

      • SonicShenron

        “…the specials are looked at as canon regardless.”
        Even Episode of Bardock? …Do we have to consider that as canon?

      • KaiserNeko

        Correction: The TV specials.

      • LastationLover5000

        The Bardock special (the first one) isn’t canon, however. Bardock’s EXISTENCE is canon and Toriyama made Dragon Ball Minus to specifically incorporate Bardock and Gine and it did a bang-up job contradicting the special.

      • KaiserNeko

        People are totally allowed to call that canon. I, however, consider it a pile of garbage that undoes a lot of the greatest things about the character, his history, and Goku’s history. The TV Special was around years and years before it, was widely accepted as part of the lore, and will continue to be the only version of Bardock I, personally, accept.

    • Hannedon

      Well sort of. It was based off of it but it was only like 50% accurate.

      • VenomusPL

        DB minus made Goku’s backstory look like Superman (well, even more then before). Which is cringeworthy

  • vlaarith

    I like the fact they don’t even care, they just flat-out spoiled the next one with the stealth of a emperor class battlecruiser.

    Its funny.

  • vlaarith

    I like the fact they don’t even care, they just flat-out spoiled the next one with the stealth of a emperor class battlecruiser.

    Its funny.

  • The Burned Man

    This one caught me off guard. I was almost certain this and Bardock would be the top two.

    • LastationLover5000

      I actually didn’t expect Bardock to make it as high as he IS making it, what with Dragon Ball Minus clubbing it over the head.

      • Kaliaila

        I think most people consider Bardock, Father of Goku to be canon, in this DB universe, with DB Minus to be the history in a different one, a la THoT.


    I am quite interested to see their reasoning for World’s Strongest. I do think it belongs in the top 5, but I would have put it at the lower end, after Dead Zone even. As for Battle of Gods, it deserves its spot so high. IMO Beerus is the best thing to come out of the movies.

    • Kaliaila

      I wouldn’t have put Dead Zone in the top 5 at all, but I have no problem with World’s Strongest being there. Though I am surprised that it is in the top 2.

  • Sleepy

    The anger and hate over The World’s Strongest potentially being #1 brings me great joy for whatever reason. Probably because whenever I mentioned it as being my favorite, I always got the response “WHICH ONE WAS THAT? WAS THAT THE ONE WITH BROLY? BROLY IS SO COOL.” I love The World’s Strongest for feeling like the last proper hurrah for old-school Dragon Ball. Unique villains with fights, and characters beyond Goku doing anything.

    It having great animation and atmosphere is icing on the cake. I remember it being shown on Cartoon Network on a cold as balls day in Minnesota, so it being a movie set in the arctic just sold the atmosphere for me.

  • ShMike

    I have a feeling that the number 1 is gonna be World Strongest. And that’s going to be what’s released on Christmas (with or without episode 51).

  • ticklemypiccolo

    Honestly am shocked this wasn’t in the top 3. Always stood out to me as the most complete movie DBZ made. Plus the fact that it can be considered mostly cannon gives it an extra bit of significance.

  • KazePhantom

    Was gunna talk about how I don’t think World’s Strongest should be in the Top 3, but then I saw the comments and decided Kaiser’s buttons have been pushed enough.

    • KazePhantom

      It’s not that I think World’s Strongest is bad, it’s just not particularly memorable.

  • NCHaskew

    I know you guys generally just respond to more negative comments, but I’d love to hear (or read) Lani’s thoughts on Force Awakens

  • tidus_mi2

    How can you guys be speculating about what movie is going to be #3? Bardock’s red bandana floating through space is the last clip of this video.

    • Vex

      It’s clearly “Come Join Us: The World of Goku” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c4__N2ctaZc

    • Kaliaila

      Who needed any bandana to realize Bardock is number 3? I mean it is the only entry of the 3 remaining that even comes close to being as dark as THoT; and they explicitly stated that the next one is almost as dark.

  • ZelosXT

    What’s the name of the background music?

  • ardo

    …and they edited it. Anyway, more imporant question is year of release next episode. Don’t be fooled by 99% 😉

    • KaiserNeko

      What do you think the Premiere on Christmas is?

      • ardo

        Position 1 of DBCember? 😉

      • KaiserNeko

        Nope, because that’s on the 24th.

      • MuffinButton4Life

        If life was perfect we’d get dbz and hellsing for Christmas

      • inuyasha-sama

        didnt they say hellsing was coming in December anyways maybe there trying to trick us and the premiere is hellsing xD ether way im going to be happy in front of my computer on chirstmas 😀

  • Dr. Wheelo

    World’s Strongest in top 3.

    I see a lot of negativity about this, asking how it’s so high, but it’s really only fair you wait for the reasoning. They’re not going to put a movie in the top 3 and not explain why they feel it deserves the position, and there’s a lot of good things to say about the movie. The henchmen had unique powers and provided some struggle before going out, Master Roshi got good spotlight again, beautiful choreography and animation, great atmosphere, villain is original with very unique design, etc… this movie does have points in its favor to justify a placement.

  • ChemicalKnight

    You know what I’m gonna watch all the movies in chronoloagical order not re-watching the ones I saw not too long ago, so today I’m gonna watch Broly – The Legendary Super Saiyan.

  • GreatWyrmGold

    Wait…did they not end this one with a joke? Wow, things must be getting serious…

  • kira_aotsuki

    I doubt they’ll see this but damn. Kaiser you nailed it as Trunks during this special! Keep up the awesome work.

  • Gojira007

    Wow, wow, wow, I would have thought for sure this would at LEAST make Top 3. Given that it’s here, though, and the prettyb naked implication that “Father of Goku” is #3, that would pit “World’s Strongest” against “Battle of Gods” for the top two slots; I would personally pick BoG, but I’m willing to bet at this point that “World’s Strongest” takes #1 now, so either way I’ll be happy. XD
    But enough playin’ the ponies, let’s talk about this special! It is indeed pretty great, heavily emotional stuff, and it’s one of the few times I know of where the Anime actively improved on the manga in a REALLY significant fashion; if I recall right, in the Manga version Trunks is ALREADY a Super Saiyan by the time Gohan dies, whereas here it’s Gohan’s death that triggers the transformation, and that just works SO much better.

  • mariano

    Overall i think their order actually really good but in my opinión i wouldn’t have put
    HoT > battle of Gods
    Bojack > fusión reborn
    Broly > turles
    But for the las one i wouldn’t only say this because broly felt different than other movies not having the typical 3 minions and such and I found him truely menacing. I didn’t like the ending though, but because I watched it a long time ago it may have draged on so I can’t say much about it. Turles just felt like a very average movie
    Btw: my fave is still bojack, but my bias is gohan and piccolo are my favorite characters (and Dragonball yamcha)

  • iShapeshift

    And everyone in here is fucking surprised.

  • firefang15

    I actually find Future Trunks to be overrated but this was a great special

  • blong217

    I can’t understand why so many think Worlds Strongest is bad. It’s actually a great film. I could watch that one anytime. Yeah the rip off Saibamen are kind of meh however you get all the cool parts of Dragonball with the awesome power of Dragonball Z. Gorgeous fight scenes with unique powers. Roshi being a badass. Piccolo vs Goku in an awesome hand to hand fight. Gohans secret power emerging. A villian thats big and relatively theatening. And my favorite Krillian owned moment of the entire show.

  • incrediblenoiseman

    Well, my prediction is that the next one is going to be their third favorite movie out of all of them…

    This special was fun, if you replace the word fun with dark that is, of course in a good way. I wouldn’t have it this high, but yes, it isn’t too ridiculous and plot holey. It is an expansion and adds to Dragon Ball instead of being a side show.

    Great job team, keep up the good work.

    Go World’s Strongest!!! Woohoo

  • JustSomeGuywithaMustache

    It’s disturbing how the higher-ranked entries involves death of a member of Goku’s family. Huh.

  • KaiserNeko

    Wow, all anyone can talk about is the placement of World’s Strongest. As if we’re not entitled to our own opinions in what our favorite Dragonball movies and specials are.

    Also, stop suggesting I strong-armed the placement of Worlds Strongest. It’s untrue and really insulting.

    • Mexgar

      I used to disagree with you about placement of DB movies… And then I started watching the original series. And holy crap, it’s amazing! I completely understand where you’re coming from now. I’m sorry I ever doubted you 🙂

    • JustSomeGuywithaMustache


      I think that about sums every other comment up, no? Think about it this way: At least the fans are really passionate about shared interests, which initiates a dialogue, even if said dialogue is emotionally heated.

    • Kowalski

      I don’t understand why do You even care. Your list, your rules. We can agree or disagree, cause we all have our own favourites, but it doesn’t matter. We’re still watching this cause we respect TFS’s opinion.

    • BlazeEBlake

      Don’t let it frustrate you too much. I think you guys have put out a great list so far and it’s lead me to rediscover (or discover; just watched Resurrection of F yesterday) a lot of great movies that I haven’t even thought of in years. At this point, it’s more about that than my agreeing or disagreeing with placement.

    • Holy Black On A Popo

      Here’s what you could do, put DB Evolution at #1 and watch the nerd rage. It would be hilarious

      • Tarrow

        Man, you are more evil than Freeza!

      • Tearhart11

        Dbevolution never happened. I repeat. Never. Happened.

    • SolidStateScouter

      Appreciate you listening to us. Still:
      “Also, stop suggesting I strong-armed the placement of Worlds Strongest. It’s untrue and really insulting.”
      Try not to let this get to you too much. Feeling guilt or having to address it only fuels such speculations.

      You people have your list, each one of you might even have slightly differing opinions, and none of it matters. Nobody will convince me to like any new movies/specials (‘cept the new Bardock one is fanfiction anyway… that’s better than Minus…*sigh*) and nobody will change your minds.

  • andymoo

    3. Bardock: Father of Goku
    2. World’s Strongest
    1. Battle of Gods

    • SeagullKing

      Bardock is obviously next, but i ain’t sure if its gonna be World’s Strongest or battle of Gods that is next. World’s Strongest is pretty damn godlike, combat was great, giving room for some characters was stellar, good ol’ badass Master Roshi.. I am really looking forward to the entries of those two. 😀

  • Lizardguy

    Yeah, I like this one too. And it totally is canon. And, from the way you 2 spoke, I’m willing to bet that Bardock is next. Unless you pull something weird and do a different one next.

  • orphenoc

    TFS is obviously entitled to their opinion but if the list were called “most representative film and special of the entire franchise” thered probably be less push back. This was imo the best done special but besides being hopeful at the end it’s kind of depressing and not as much fun as worlds strongest or BotG. I’m guessing those are #1 or #2

  • Greatuberlord

    ….worlds strongest, botg, bardock… I feel like there was another trunks one where he gets the sword, am I totally wrong?

    I think botgs gets 1 for, as others have said, unwritting gt, and that is more than fair

    • bneil24

      they alredy did the movie where trunks gets sword (don’t rember the number though)

      • iShapeshift

        #7, Bojack.

      • The Burned Man

        It was Number 9: Wrath of the Dragon.

    • SonicShenron

      Kid Trunks got the sword in Wrath of the Dragon. How that then translates into Future Trunks getting it, I don’t know (Kid Trunks and Future Trunks being two completely different characters from two different timelines). It’s a continuity nightmare.

  • mathex14

    W…what? History of trunks only #4? World’s strongest above history of trunks? Wtf tfs? I don’t think even the bardock special should be above this one, but world’s strongest? Come on! By the movies and specials that weren’t still on the list, I think history of trunks should have been at least top 2 or something.

  • AHappyNobody

    The TV specials don’t have happy endings now, do they?

  • Yusagi

    People are gonna get super mad when World’s Strongest is #1. I’m just a little surprised that History of Trunks isn’t 1 or 2, considering the impact it’s had on the fandom. Bardock at #3 makes sense, though.

    So, objective guess: WS is probably going to be #2 due to TFS’ …great love…of that one, and BoG will be #1 for restarting the dragonball series and essentially unwriting the end of Z and GT. Surely BoG will get #1 for making GT un-canon.

    But I could see it swapped, too. I have no idea. Is TFS really, really big fans of the movie? Like, that big? I know they mention it sometimes and hold it in high regard, but I had no idea they liked it so much.

    • Thecardq

      The end of Z is still probable, though GT is out (thank god)

      • Yusagi

        The end of Z isn’t explicitly made noncanon like GT was, but it’s extremely unlikely because it no longer makes sense in context. Vegeta and Goku have too big of a power gap, and Goku is willing to leave everyone to train up Uub just for the chance of having a challenge. This is no longer necessary now that the Beerus and Whis tiers are unlocked. So, while it’s POSSIBLE to happen, it’s now much more unlikely. And with 80 episodes of Super (at least) left to unfold, it may well end up changed sufficiently enough to stop it.

    • Tearhart11

      Didn’t one of the writers of Gt say Gt is an alternate reality or a what if series?

      If so, it might just be a different story in another universe. I can see Akira Toriyama doing that to try to appease everyone.

      • Dobby87

        That’s more or less what Toriyama actually said in an interview, that GT was more of a side story to Dragon Ball.

  • NailGun88

    Ok, calling it right now:

    #1 is World’s Strongest, and they’re not releasing a new episode on Christmas: it’s the remake of World’s Strongest Abridged.

    It’s the only explanation I can think of for that movie to be THIS high on the list. I mean higher than History of Trunks? Come on…

    • SSJameus

      Apparently World’s Strongest is going to be abridged when the TFS Youtube channel hits 2 million subscribers. Which isn’t too far away; they’re like 80,000 away

  • yamimaru

    I never knew this was a movie or special. I always assumed it was just a filler thing like the Garlic Jr.’s return. My mistake

  • MisterPup

    I wouldn’t put World’s strongest or EP of Bardock above this due to the issues of both of them being canon…
    I mean, BoG had canon issues as well, but none that could’ve been overlooked due to Toriyama’s memory issues.
    But World’s Strongest doesn’t have much of a stable placement, and Episode of Bardock is so back and forth because of recent releases.
    It’s a good special, yes, and easily one of my favorite introductions to an anime character’s parent, but not as emotionally pulling seeing Trunks in the pain he was in during this special.
    I would’ve put History of Trunks at Number One; or two at the very least, for its placement in the series as well as how much character it gave both Trunks and Future Gohan, as well as the Future Androids. It also gave the episodes where *SPOILER ALERT IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN THE ACTUAL SERIES*

    ….Trunks goes back to his timeline and rid the androids entirely so much money meaning. It literally put a night (as shown in this special) the end it deserved. By the hands of a sole surviving, friend, and child of a Saiyan.

  • Itauske

    Not your list
    THEIR list
    You can go make your own list if you don’t like it
    This is the list of what THEY decided is their top specials and movies.

    • bonerator

      You’re kind of a yes-man, aren’t you? The infinite concept of perspective deems two differing points of view can exist within the same space. Now chill.

  • VenomusPL

    World strongest is higher than this masterpiece?
    Trunks, we need to get back…

    • mathex14


    • …Back to the future!

      • VenomusPL

        That’s some heavy stuff Doc Briefs…

  • ShadowLDrago

    I have to agree, this is one of the greatest things in ALL of Dragonball. However, what I don’t see if how the heck World’s Strongest is going to end up being so high up on the list, I mean, yes Kaiser loves it and yes it’s a good movie, but, to this extent? I’m a little skeptical.

    • Dundore77

      It seems Kaiser’s say is stronger than the others. They even said for the one movie if kaiser didn’t love it it would be alot lower.

      • SonicShenron

        To be fair, Kaiser dose edit the show and movies. Without him, DBZA wouldn’t be as great as it is. So it’s probably in Lani and Taka’s best interest to NOT piss him off.

      • KaiserNeko

        Why does everyone think I’m the only one who wanted this movie at #2?

      • Rectal Fungi

        Yeah, I want this movie at #2, too…. I’d actually put it over BoG just because it doesn’t have Vegeta activating bitchmode.

  • Trimack

    Calling it now.
    1. World’s Strongest
    2. Battle of Gods (surprised honestly that it’s this high)
    3. Bardock, The Father of Goku. (obvious giveaway)

  • Dundore77

    Hey i actually agree with everything they said… Now that its lower than worlds strongest idk. Maybe its because i havent watched that one in years but i dont remember it being better than this or bardock.

  • Maximum Over-Saiyan

    This one’s out early. Also, thank you for spoiling the next entry on the list guys. Unless it’s a fake out, in which case…

  • marc_sketch

    that’s… kind of surprising, actually. I had thought this would’ve made second place minimum.

  • Jimbobob5536

    Gonna guess that number three is Bardock…. the first one, not the one with Chilled.

  • PZ

    The one thing I could never understand about this movie, is why the dead people stayed dead. You can’t even keep Goku dead when there isn’t a huge emergency, and yet somehow they never went through the trouble to have king kai phone new Namek, bring someone back for a day, or some other Deus Ex Machina Plot device. It’s just odd to see a series where death means nothing make an alternate timeline where death all of a sudden matters?

    • Maximum Over-Saiyan

      I think it’s partially because the Androids aren’t galactic threats. They never go off to terrorize the rest of the universe and pretty much stay confined on Earth for 2 decades. Freeza, despite being physically weaker that the androids, is a much greater threat, since he had the ambition and resources to enslave and wipe out large portions of the universe. It’s kind of a dick move on the part of the heavanly higher ups, but there is a reason behind it.

      • Dundore77

        Also there may be the problem that the namek dragon already revived piccolo so assuming it works the same as earths it cant revive him again. and really no one could stop them except maybe goku but idk if the dragons can revive someone who died of a virus’s.

      • Ded1

        @Dundore77 The namekian dragon balls can revive someone as many times as they die as long as the death is not of natural causes, hence why they never revived goku with them after he dies of the heart disease. The downside of the namekian ones is they can only revive a single person at a time, No matter what. Where as the earth dragon balls can revive infinite amounts, as long as they died within one year and all of the same/similar cause and its not natural.

      • MisterPup

        To be fair,
        Frieza isn’t immortal.
        The Androids don’t age, having semi-immortality.

    • SolidStateScouter

      In Goku’s case, he died from natural causes so can’t be brought back.

      The apocalyptic nature of this dark future is entirely questionable. All fighters die? They just do the same as Future Gohan does by constantly engaging the Androids to continue dying? The Androids take THIS much time to decide to destroy everything? Patient f***ers aren’t they? And going by canon, both Gohan and Trunks were SSj before they lost to Androids and Gohan died? How much weaker are these Androids if a SSj double team isn’t enough to take at least one down? Going by a weird rumour I’ve heard, GERO AND 19 WERE MEANT TO BE THE ANDROIDS THAT BROUGHT THE APOCALYPSE!?

      As I said: questionable. I’m sure someone dedicated will try to answer them, but you understand the idea, right? When you say events that happened 17 or so years later, you can’t expect people to honestly take it in without wondering. At least Piccolo especially should’ve learned his lesson after Vegeta died. If he dedicated his life to training Trunks along with overlooking Gohan, never mind fusing with Kami, this dark future would’ve been avoided. Calling Namek for help seems like a minor oversight.

      As for death meaning nothing in the series, you’re not quite right there. Death in DBZ means temporary decomission, equivalent to your Pokemon fainting in battle. When your strongest goes, those left have to somehow win or all is lost. Death in the Saiyan arc for instance opened the door to after life training. In Namek arc it was the entire motivation to go there. Guru dying meant no Vegeta immortality. Dying merely doesn’t have the same consequences as it does in real life (neither does general destruction of cities and such but nobody seems to care about that…)

      • SolidStateScouter

        Uhh… Do yourself a favour and don’t read the above. Sheesh, why not write novels at this rate?

      • Karumac

        Well… Technically Goku was ‘murdered’ by a virus so you could claim that his death was not ‘natural’ and totally convince the Dragon to bring him back.