Time for some OG DBZ

  • Rashkavar

    Does everyone who knows about the dragonballs actually know killing piccolo would nerf them?

    To know that you need to know 3 important facts about their background that aren’t necessarily common knowledge. Kami created them; Dragonballs draw their power from their creator and thus die with him, and that Piccolo is psychicly linked to Kami such that they die together despite being 2 separate bodies. Granted, Garlic Jr and Kami have some history, but still.

  • xnovus374

    I ate an apple while watching this… Oh balls.

  • incrediblenoiseman

    Great movie, fun music, good fights. I remember running into many different dubs of this movie, back before there was a one and only official Funimation dub. One of them was the infamous, “DID THEY SAAAAAAAAAY!?! CHICHI”. At the time it wasn’t funny or bad but in hindsight…yes it was.

    Great job team, keep up the good work.

  • Greatuberlord

    Immortal being creates only force in univers capable of defeating him, then is defeared by it…. and it gets the 5 slot. Dont get me wrong, its a good movie, as they said, great transition movie, certianly top ten, but after making such a big deal over plot wholes in othe movies this one seems a tad hypocritical.

    • Greatuberlord

      Typed that on a phone, please forgive spelling

  • ticklemypiccolo

    Does anyone know when they are releasing the next episode? 99% usaully means the same day but lately that hasn’t meant much.

    • TheFabledFamilyGuy

      Christmas Day

      • ticklemypiccolo

        Did they say that?

    • ToaofDeath1

      It’s at the end of DBcember on christmas day. They said it in the first dbcember video.

  • mrm64

    Pleeeeeeeeeeease let World’s strongest be number one! IT’s the most underrated DBZ film of all time! At least top 3, uuuuugh! xD

    • LastationLover5000

      I’m really hoping it is, but given how much INFLUENCE Kaiser has on this list, I’d bet the Four-Star Dragon Ball that the Trunks special makes it to the top.

  • Dr. Wheelo

    Dead Zone was a classic.

    I’m noticing a lot of negativity towards World’s Strongest, but I’m glad to see it given good credit on the list. It’s my favorite. It’s BotG that I’m not much of a fan of, but that’s partly because I don’t like DB Super

    • mrm64

      I AGREE SO MUCH! I seriously have a strong dislike for BOG. It’s just too goofy for me, and I know DB was originally goofy but…I feel BOG tries to hard. World’s Strongest was THE BEST movie for me. The choreography was outstanding. Goku and the gang use ACTUAL martial arts, and not just powering up!!

  • Dr. Wheelo

    Dead Zone was a classic.

    I’m noticing a lot of negativity towards World’s Strongest, but I’m glad to see it given good credit on the list. It’s my favorite. It’s BotG that I’m not much of a fan of, but that’s partly because I don’t like DB Super

  • This is one of my favorite movies. I’m pleased to see it in the top 5.

  • Mexgar

    You know, I didn’t really agree with your favoritism for the original Dragon Ball… And then I decided to start watching it to see where it came from.

    And OH MY GOD, it’s amazing! I completely understand why you love it so much! I’m sorry I ever doubted you.

  • andymoo

    Here’s what I think the top four is.

    1. History of Trunks
    2. World’s Strongest
    3. Battle of Gods
    4. Bardock, Father of Goku

    Plus, can we expect the two safety PSAs aired during the original Dragon Ball series as honorable mentions?

  • Kavrel

    Dead Zone? I thought this was titled Skygina?

    • xnovus374

      Super Kami Guru: Hah! Nice…

  • Trio-the-Punch

    Oh man. I legitimately despise three of the movies in your top 5. ESPECIALLY World’s Strongest. That shit’s like… 22nd or 23rd for me. Tryin’ really hard to fight all my asshole internet tendencies. You folks are like the only people I know of that like that movie, but I guess there’s gotta be some reason for it. Tryin’ real hard to just let things be. I must be an asshole, ’cause this shouldn’t be hard. MAN I hate that movie though.

    • Wrongpiece

      People have different preferences. Just relax and try to accept it.

      • Trio-the-Punch

        I’m trying. I’m actually pretty interested to see why they like it.

    • SolidStateScouter

      I have to ask out of curiosity. How can you feel anything about that movie? I must’ve seen it twice and still I’m not sure what happens or how it ends. Dead zone would’ve been as forgettable if not for the filler.

      • Trio-the-Punch

        Well yeah, I had a similar experience. I just have a disdain for it because I feel like it wasted the time I spent watching it. The villains are all so bland and poorly designed. There aren’t any especially neat fights. It’s just like a big beige nothing.

  • NirvanaFan2014

    Personally I didn’t like Dead Zone, although it’s been quite a few years since I watched it last.

  • PiccoloSensei

    This movie felt like it was a final send-off to the original DragonBall while at the same tame giving us a reminder of what to expect from the new “Z” era. I especially like how Goku had his Nyoboi with him. Really good stuff.

  • MajinCell

    Pack your bags kid.
    Cause you’re about to go on a triiiii…..

  • Vegetunks


    • LastationLover5000

      Hopefully not #1

  • JustSomeGuywithaMustache

    What the hell is in their soil to produce apples like those?

    • Lonehoof

      A gallon of LSD

      • Kenyon

        A literal gallon?!

      • Kavrel

        Must have the same supplier as Mr. Popo.

    • NirvanaFan2014

      Poured from a milk jug

  • mestayoku

    So, what’s left is history of thrunks, world’s strongest battle of gods and… Bardock the father of goku?

  • TwistyxFlips

    when hellsing??

    • mestayoku

      Wen broly

      • Krakatoa

        Wen Episode 51!!!!!

      • TheFabledFamilyGuy

        Next Summer

    • TheFabledFamilyGuy

      Sometime in early January I’m expecting.

  • BullseyeRey

    I can forgive Garlic jr. for opening in this film. Makes sense he’d want to trap Kami in the same place his father was trapped in.

  • Karthull

    Deadzones pretty good, but shoulda been more around 12, and fusion reborn and wrath of dragon way better then dead zone and every one left on the list, and battle of gods should be lower

    • BullseyeRey

      Wrong there slick. Fusion Reborn and Wrath of the Dragon are nowhere near as good as Dead Zone and Battle of Gods. The latter of witch gets points for reviving the series.

    • ChristophTSS

      Remember, this is just their opinion. And the guys have repeatedly talked about how much they loved BoG for reviving the franchise and introducing Beerus, one of their favorite characters.

  • TheMuffiinButton

    Yup yup Dead Zone takes top 5 Yes!!!!!

  • ssjgssj4ssj

    Thank kami they so incompetent

  • ShMike

    4. Battle of Gods
    3. Worlds Strongest
    2. Bardock Special
    1. Trunks Special

    • Karthull

      We all know they LOOOOOOVE battle of gods, so it will be 1. Even though it should have been like 8

      • BullseyeRey

        No, Battle of Gods more than deserves to be in the top 5.

        It’s actually canon and adds to the canon. Unlike the films you previously mentioned.

    • BullseyeRey

      Nah, Battle of Gods will be higher than 4.

      • Tearhart11

        Bog used to be canon. Now super replaces it.

  • demolition541

    Deadzone was what got me interested in DBZ when I was a kid. I absolutely loved it.

    • gothpunkboy89

      I found it quite boring. Once he got the immortality wish all interest for me died. From that point onward I was just asking my self “ok what ass pull are they going to use to let him be defeated this time” and ass pull did they pull. Even more so then usual for DBZ movie villains.

      • Karthull

        Its perfectly reasonable, the simple fact is the majority of people would have the hubris to overlook that they are creating their own demise, it simply is rare for people to think realistically while consumed with rage and pride

  • The Urmician

    Great movie, infact probably better than to be 5th place on this list for me. Personally however still not better than B.o.G. or R.o.F. Seriously though why the hell is Revival of F not in the top 3?? bastards.

    • Topher_McGopher45

      For me, I dislike Revival of F because when everyone was getting ready to go fight Frieza’s army, Krillin and 18 talked about who would fight and who would stay with their kid. Krillin, NOT the “infinite energy” model cyborg, went to fight. Pure nostalgia money maker

  • Blazejecar

    Didn’t they say they only left out the GT special? but…there are 6 specials left… History of trunks, original bardock movie, yo!son goku and his friends return, Battle of gods, World’s strongest and GT special. Two of these movies aren’t even going to be on the list. We know GT was garbage but….which one will be left out? World’s strongest sucks major ass but I’d still put it above bio broly, Yo! son goku and his friends return was remarkably shit as well, but again, not on bio broly’s level or hatchiyack. And if either of these two make it to the top 5, that’s even more weird than not putting them on the list XD Neither of them deserves to be half this high at best, and neither is THAT bad to be removed from the list, yet one will be ignored and the other will be in the top 4. Either way you look at it, terrible placement XD

    • RealtreeByGod

      Goku and His Friends Return was #11.

      • Blazejecar

        OH! Somehow I completely missed it XD how the hell did that happen o.0
        guess that voids my comment…. although the point still stands that world’s strongest was pretty shit and doesn’t deserve to be this high

      • Karthull

        I agree worlds strongest should have been near the bottom, and battle of gods and wrath of dragon should switch places

      • BullseyeRey

        That just shows you have no Objective reasoning Karthull.

        You’re just saying Wrath of the Dragon should be higher because of your own bias, but have not stated any real reason why.

        Fact is, Battle of Gods has every right to rank higher than Wrath of the Dragon.

    • Mario Chief Sonic-117

      they already did Yo! Son Goku

  • GreyLurker

    Of all the movies though, Dead Zone is the only one that connects directly to the TV series as we get that short Garlic jr. returns Arc between the Freeza and Android sagas.

    • TheFabledFamilyGuy

      So does Bojack. Which really bothers me that Lani wanted to switch Bojack and Lord Slug around. Bojack is my favorite movie.

    • cdrood

      It does and it doesn’t. Dead Zone contradicts the series where his friends, including Krillin, hadn’t seen Goku in years and didn’t know about Gohan.

  • mathex14

    Still no world’s strongest? This list will end up being really shitty it seems, I kind liked dead zone and it does deserves a good spot, but world’s strongest? It’s disapointing that it’s even on top 5, I’m not even sure if it deserves to be on my top 10… That movie was so boring to me. Seriously… I just heavily disagree with this, lol and broly isn’t even on top 15.

    I will wait to hear the reason why that movie is so high on the list.

    • AsgUnlimited

      Broly shouldn’t even make it out of top 17

      • Karthull

        Broly definitly shoulda been a little higher on the list, like 13, and ressurection f definitly shoulda been higher then BoG, and worlds strongest should be way lower, wrath of the dragon and fusion reborn shoulda been 1 and 2, not necessarily in that order

      • BullseyeRey

        No he shouldn’t. The crew explained rather well why he was so low.

    • BullseyeRey

      Well it’s not your list, or did you forget? And Broly is wasn’t that good of a movie or a villain anyway.

  • Domehammer

    Thanks deadzone for turning Krillin into the joke of the movies.

  • Gojira007

    As I said yesterday, “Dead Zone” would absolutely be m pick for the best of the movies. It occupies that perfect place in the series’ history, when “Dragon Ball” had evolved beyond being just a gag manga into a full-fledged action/adventure story, but before “Z” made things like flying and energy blasts so common that the fight scenes began to completely lose their grounding. Its airtight pacing and (relatively; agreed the Big Plot Hole is pretty weird, but hey, maybe in whatever alternate continuity these take place in, killing Piccolo WOULDN’T kill the Dragon Balls somehow XD;) clever plot, memorable villains (Garlic Jr. may have elements of prior bad guys TO him, but, especially in the Japanese version, his personality is actually REALLY distinctive, a combination of regal and bratty with an edge of sadism to it that REALLY clicks for me), and FANTASTIC fight scenes, as well as some of the best gags in the series (“RETURN MY GOHAN!” “RETURN HIS GOHAN!”), combine to make it feel like the purest expression of what makes “Dragon Ball” so great. If ever you need a movie to introduce someone to “Dragon Ball” with, THIS is the one I’d pick.

  • GreatWyrmGold

    Garlic Junior makes Goku looks clever and Vegeta look humble. He deserved the Dead Zone.

  • VenomusPL

    Never liked Dead Zone, curiously i can’t exactly say what didn’t click in it for me. Only good side is that Garlick got his immortality. For once the bad guy got something. Yay?

    I guess i’m a fan of the carbon copy movies (First Cooler, First Broly, Janemba) and the specials (stioll hope #1 and 2 will be Episode of Bardock and History of Trunks).

    Or mayby im still pissed that we got in Poland the french dub with a shitty opening and Piccolo translated as “Satan Smallheart” and Songo instead of Goku.
    Don’t even get me started on Komòrczak as a lame “Cell” wordplay or BuBu Instead of Boo…

    • GreatWyrmGold

      Fun fact—the French dub was the first to call Mr. Satan “Hercule”. Blame Smallheart.

      • VenomusPL

        Yeah i know, that’s christian (well then) countries for you.

  • linkman0596

    The plot hole of killing Piccolo before using the dragon balls can be overlooked as them not knowing that they wont work if they do that, Kami himself claimed that wouldn’t be the case until the very end of dragonball. And as for why Kami thought Piccolo had been killed at the beginning, well it’s not like it had happened before, he didn’t know how long it’d take to hit him or anything.

  • Kradeiz

    There’s also the inconsistency of Bulma, Krillin and Roshi knowing about Gohan despite this taking place before Raditz when they first met him.

    • GreatWyrmGold

      Continuity between show and movies has never been the Dragon Ball franchise’s strong suit.

    • demolition541

      The movies take place in their own timeline, so this movie takes place after Goku and Gohan got back from master Roshi’s place, which means Raditz just showed up a little later than before.

      • Karthull

        But if raditz showed up later then they all would have had a delayed response to raditz, and the humans probably would have had a bit less time training

  • Lizardguy

    I love this movie too. And one small correction. Gohan DRUNKENLY peeing on Krillin. Gotta remember that he was drunk, or high, or something. Seriously, what was in those apples?

  • NorseJuggalo

    Taka, where did you get that apple?

  • SolidStateScouter

    Dull movie. Probably the perfect representative for DB movies in general: focus on animation, poor story, nothing gained and nothing lost; I’d even go as far as to say this applies to all movies based on shonen anime. Oh, and terrible conclusions. Only Fusion Reborn sorta pulls it… because Veku… nope, sticking to this one. The specials have a “special” place for me in that despite knowing the conclusion, there exists a concept of stakes. Sweet, juicy, meaty stakes. And re/inventing great characters (Future Gohan+Bulma, Bardock and his squad (Toma, really)).

    What movies do create is mostly stuff that works well for games. Special moves like Goku’s Spirit Bomb Dragon Punch in Budokai 3, Broly overall, Cooler + Sauzer Blade (forget lightsabers, I want this!), Gogeta, etc.

    • Lizardguy

      You know that the specials are non-canon, right?

      • SolidStateScouter

        Not really the point I’m making. When I made this generalisation of movies, I’m including the canon ones.

      • Soveliss_sunstar

        History of Trunks was originally a extra chapter that Toriyama drew in the middle of the cell games (at least that’s where it’s located in the vizbigs) that was then turned into an anime special, so it is totally canon.

      • Royal Conquest

        Wtf are you talking about History of Trunks and the first Bardock special are totally canon.

      • SolidStateScouter

        Short version: Bardock was invented from out of nowhere and Dragon Ball Minus is the true canon version of him (have to lol at TFS’s disclaimer for this list knowing that)
        Trunks was SSj while Gohan was still alive in a special Trunks chapter. Didn’t read it so I don’t know if Gohan had both arms too.

        So no. Both are as non canon as that time Vegeta beat Gohan to near death after learning Goku died in Namek. Hilarious, dark, no happy ending; it almost deserves to be its own special.

  • ChemicalKnight

    Dead Zone is a good movie. Garlic Junior is a poor character who can fuck off and die.

    • BullseyeRey

      He can’t, he’s immortal.

  • Zeel1

    Huh. You know, from the abridged version – and partially from how Garlic Jr. was done in the main series – I actually got the impression that this was one of your least favorites. A lot of the jokes in it seemed to be just making fun of how dumb the plot was. Guess I read that wrong.

  • Yusagi

    Well, I can see why the top four are the top four. Three of them are key moments of the franchise and one of them is a Team Four Star favorite. Considering that, #4 is probably World’s Strongest and #1 is probably History of Trunks. (A movie which I love but good lord has the fandom overdone and overhyped it by now. Maybe I’m just burned out by Light of Hope, Fall of Men, and History of Trunks Abridged all being takes of the movie and coming out at about the same time. )

    Mostly I’m just hoping WS will be #4 because I haven’t seen it and I’m not that interested in it, so I’d rather just get to TFS reviews of the three I do know.

    Dead Zone was fun though. It was one of the first things I ever really saw of Dragonball, and the way they deal with an immortal is pretty fun.

    • SkillSaga

      They said worlds strongest is their favorite. I think it’s going to go
      1: worlds strongest
      2: battle of gods
      3: history of trunks
      4: bardock father of Goku

  • Itauske


  • Flamemaster9

    Ok I am now genuinely curious about their reasoning for having world strongest so high up on the list. While I don’t really have a movie I HATE I do like some better than others and I don’t know worlds strongest has just never stood out to me that much.

    • Zeel1

      I mean if you saw his breakdown of the second Cooler movie, Kaiser makes it seem like World’s Strongest is his favorite movie or atleast one of them and I guess the others agree. It seemed to stem mostly from looks, the animation and editing and such. Which given what Kaiser does is a sensible enough bias. I haven’t actually seen it myself so I can’t say.


    A solid movie overall, but it has a few things that bug me. First,I don’t really like how the tide of the battle was turned. Goku and Piccolo went from losing to winning basically by using Piccolo’s strategy from your guys’ Cooler 2: “just hit him really, really hard.” Second, I didn’t see the point of Piccolo starting his rematch with Goku when the villain clearly hasn’t even been defeated yet and is in a pile of rubble like 50 feet away from them. Lastly, I would have liked a little more exposition about the dead zone, but this is just a minor complaint.

  • Kaliaila

    The end was something never seen before for the time? So we didn’t see Gohan do pretty much the exact same them a little under 2 months before Deadzone was even released in Japan? I mean sure Raditz wasn’t knocked back into a dimensional void, but he was knocked on his ass by a rage blinded Gohan, which ultimately is what lead to his death.

    • Yusagi

      It isn’t that Gohan attacked him, it’s that they seal him in a nothingness void because he CAN’T be killed, rather than simply finding a way to ignore the fact that he’s immortal and killing him anyway.

  • Trevor

    The name Garlic Jr. was both less abnormal and kinda funny for me as that is my last name. Spelled slightly different, but pronounced exactly the same.
    And my older brother is Garlic Jr.
    Though he was not a fan of the series, so I never got to have any fun with him about it.

    • Kaliaila

      The name really wasn’t that abnormal for DB or DBZ even at the time either. It was rather typical for the villain and his minions to all be named after the same type of thing; King Piccolo’s minions were all named after instruments for example.

      The Jr. thing was just there to say he wasn’t seeking revenge for himself but his father; similar to how Piccolo Jr. started just being called Piccolo after he stops trying to get revenge for his ‘father’ King Piccolo’s death.

  • MalkavianRP

    Taka, Do. Not. Eat. That. Apple.

  • joel64

    Next year can we get top 24 villains?

    • Kaliaila

      You would probably need to clarify what constitutes a villain, because otherwise you are going to have a lot of candidates. On the plus side though, this is definitely something that would allow them to easily avoid using anything from GT.

      Personally, I would like to see a Top 24 Non-Saiyan characters.

      • Tarrow

        Apart from Gohan and Master Roshi, I believe that ALL of Goku’s fighting friends, the Z Fighters, started off as the best villains in the Dragonball Universe. It’d be cool to see some of those goofy Dragonball villains again.

    • JohanUser

      Top 24 videogames.

  • Rectal Fungi

    Not too shabby.