A big fan favorite narrowly misses our top 5!

  • incrediblenoiseman

    I remember seeing very short, very low res, japanese dub clips of this movie before actually seeing it in fullness. Just over and over of Goku getting hit by dimensional punches, and then the next clip being Pikon yelling swears while Vegeta and Goku could fuse and then knee, knee, backflip kick into rainbow ball the enemy to death.

    Great job team, keep up the good work.

  • SkillSaga


    • Masterwar20

      Actually, the name is still SSJGSSJ, that’s still the most correct way of calling it, like a scientific name.

      • Joeclone

        but America calls it Super Saiyan Blue

      • FinalDragonball7

        I like that “Suuuper saiyan blue!”

  • Karthull

    But this is so much better then all the other 5 that are left, by alot!!

  • Phantomaize

    This movie is the reason why every time me and my brother get into a argument we yell, “You’re ugly, and I hate you”, at each other.

  • It’sKrillerTime

    Sadly no Vegeta and goku will never fuse again both goku and vegeta swore they would kill themselves before fusing together again so sadly no more fusion of vegeta and goku

  • KazePhantom

    So that leaves Bardock: Father of Goku, History of Trunks, Battle of Gods, World’s Strongest, and Dead Zone? I bet either HoT or BoG will be no.1 .

  • TheFabledFamilyGuy

    Kaiser! Why do you hate on GT so much? Go into as much detail as you want. I’m really curious.

    Also, Lani is really confused about that SSG SSGSS shit isn’t he lol

    • Deceiver9811

      It seems like GT is meant to be a call back to the original Dragonball Series. Goku is made a small child again and he has to go on an epic quest to gather the 7 mystic balls before a year passes. However there are just so many things wrong with this. The character design for example, some of it seems so out of place, especially Super Saiyan 4, and all things Baby.

      Speaking of SS4, the transformation is stupid. He has to re-grow his tail and then become a mindless ape, and be reminded of himself while still a mindless ape, which somehow causes him to harness the power of the ape, instead of just become an no-longer-mindless ape. Which is made even stranger when Vegeta is forcefully transformed into an ape and then just casually does what Goku almost failed to do. So not only is the design out of place, but the actual transformation is kind of lame. It doesn’t feel special, or deserved, especially if you can just cheat your way to it. Conveniently it also made Goku adult because he became more powerful than one who created the black star balls. Which basically means they were tired of Goku being a child and shoehorned in an excuse for him to suddenly become and adult again.

      For fans of Dragonball/Dragonball Z, there’s really not much to love about GT. It doesn’t really feel like it belongs, it feels more like it should be its own separate thing. It’s also probably the reason interest in DBZ died down until relatively recently as well.

  • reddragonsmaw

    supersaiyan god supersaiyan gogeta super… blue, god saiyan supersaiyan god… yeah! lmfao! im dying over here lol

  • vlaarith

    Pretty sure we still have the Barddock movie to go

  • LargeMan

    Personally, Fusion Reborn will always be my fav. The parts with Hitler are great, even with the goofy animation.
    Plus, SSJ3 and Fusion actually manage to do something for once in Dragon Ball, rather than just stall. This Gogeta was the only fused character who actually got serious and won.

    • xnovus374

      Did you just say you ENJOYED a Hitler cameo?

  • Fran3ro

    Good movie, not great but good still. Gogeta was a must, after all, is a legit concept having the fusion dance in dbz. If i’m going to guess Dead Zone would be Nº5

    Wich bring another plot hole in Toriyama’s huge bag of plot holes. Why on earth don’t use it vs Cell? I know mr. T didn’t came with the idea till Buu saga, that’s why i call it a plot hole

    • Gojira007

      Actually, I seem to recall that Goku only learned about the Fusion technique while training in the afterlife, after he died to stop Cell blowing up the planet.

      • Kaliaila

        Yep, he learned in off screen in the afterlife.

  • Ion

    I’m so sick of that cheating evan movie add lol

  • Dr. Wheelo

    I’m glad World’s Strongest made top 5, very underrated movie in my opinion.

    Dead Zone, World’s Strongest, Battle of Gods, History of Trunks, and DB Evolution are next.

    • TheMuffiinButton

      I said the same thing out of all the DBZ movies I always put World’s Strongest as one of the most badass movies

  • Rectal Fungi

    Final battle is bitchin. Gogeta merks his ass with a fuckin rainbow. A rainbow.

  • IncinerateAnthem

    In Resurrection F Whis did make a point of them being unstoppable if they fought together. Is Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta coming our way?

  • Tearhart11

    I must say, I’m mildly disappointed that Fusion Reborn wasn’t in the top 5. But it is your list and I respect that. Of the five left, I like many people disagree with Dead Zone and World’s Strongest being there. But that’s only my opinion. Just like you’d disagree with My top 6 being Fusion Reborn, History of Trunks, Cooler’s Revenge, Wrath of The Dragon, Bardock father of Goku, and then battle of Gods.

    I respect your opinions. I just wish others wouldz

    • Kaliaila

      I just have a complete and utter hatred of Dead Zone, or I could accept this being here. Dead Zone only ever annoyed me; and I cannot accept any explanation that would put it higher than this one. All the others I actually enjoyed. I mean using their criteria Dead Zone would probably not be number 24; but it probably would not have made the top 10 on my list, and Fusion Reborn would definitely have been in the top 5; probably even the top 3.

  • Lizardguy

    Honestly, I wasn’t really a fan of this movie. I mean, what you said is true, but…. I dunno. I felt underwhelmed by it. Ah well, that’s opinions for ya, we don’t all share them, am I right?

  • PiccoloSensei

    Besides the fact that Piccolo and Kuririn are nowhere to be seen, this is legitimately my favorite DBZ movie out of the original non-canon 13. There’s so much to love in terms of its animation, set pieces, and overall scope. It’s also a perfect mix of the early Dragonball comedy and quirkiness combined with later DragonBall’s more serious undertones, something only BoG and RF have accomplished. Also, Gogeta would have been a much better choice than Vegetto in the original series.

  • LanipatorOverBrianDrummond

    NOOO! This is my favorite of the movies! But, then again, Path To Power is my second favorite film and it barely made the top 10; so I shouldn’t be so surprised.

  • NirvanaFan2014

    I am actually stumped on what movies are left to do. Battle of Gods, History of Trunks, Bardock the Father of Goku and I can’t think of the other two.

    • DarcPillar

      World’s Strongest and Dead Zone if I’m not mistaken. They’re going to have to justify themselves to alot of people for the two you couldn’t name.

      • jvining034

        You beat me to it Darc. I like both of those films better than most.

      • eskreskao

        Keiser likes World’s Strongest a lot, so it’s not surprising he strongarmed it into the top 5.

      • KaiserNeko

        Hey, I strong-armed nothing. It’s a favorite of all three of us.

      • TheMuffiinButton

        Kaiser Im glad you strong armed it into there Credit where credit is due my friend 😀

      • eskreskao

        So the way for senpai to notice me is suggest unseemly things about him. Got it.

      • Kaliaila

        World’s Strongest is great and fun. But Dead Zone though, I cannot comprehend how it surpasses Fusion Reborn on this list. I’ve only watched subtitled versions of Fusion Reborn though, so maybe the Dubbed version really drops the ball on the jokes and the story.

  • Velimir

    Im kinda curious where Janemba would fall on the Dragon Ball canon power lineup, he seems stronger then ssj3 but may be not quite at ssgssj level….also Vegeta+Goju fusing at ssgssj would break the universe…

    • DarcPillar

      I’d say his final form is stronger than any incarnation of buu, except maybe kid buu. Possibly also stronger than Golden Frieza to be honest, since Whis said Goku and Vegeta fusions are potentially even with or even superior to Beerus. Either way I’d say top 10.

  • EXShade

    Kaiser i know you hate G.T but if you had name 3 good things about it what would it be?

    • EXShade

      I liked the concept behind the whole evil dragon thing, Super saiyan 4 looked cool, and the only other thing i can think of off the top of my head is that Super 17 also looked cool.

  • MajoraMayhem

    Sassy Kaiser in comments is amazing.

    • SSJ BentoSalesboy

      I concur. Love it when the guys talk back. Makes the comments a lot more fun.


    Wait… So are you guys saying that Broly is better than Dragon, Bojack, Resurrection F, AND Fusion Reborn? WTF guys?

    • KaiserNeko

      Broly… already had it’s spot.

    • Fran3ro

      Broly was already listed, not even top 15. At least for them

  • Kennerly

    How the heck did World’s Strongest top this movie? World’s Strongest isn’t even in my top 10!

    • KaiserNeko

      Huh, that’s odd. I could’ve sworn this was your Top 10 List!

      Oh, wait, nope. I see the problem. It’s actually OUR Top 24 list. Glad we got that cleared up. [/smartass]

      • monstermatt91

        Oddly enough, World’s Strongest is one of the few pieces of DB media I haven’t seen. That being said, I have read about it in both Kaizenshuu and the DB Wikia. Based on what I read, the reasoning should be obvious.
        Although it’s not as well animated (time people) it’s actually one of the few in the movies that has an original story. It’s more than just power-ups and fan-service.

        Side note : Kaiser, you should get a peacoat to go with the kilt.

      • monstermatt91


      • SSJ BentoSalesboy

        In my case, this is actually pretty close to MY Top 10 List. Might have moved a few one spot or two, but otherwise most are in the right range for me.

        I actually miss the days of “World’s Strongest” and “Dead Zone”. Simple, but interesting, plots with a good amount of real fights and no over the top or crazy “Fanservice” power ups to trump an overly strong baddie.
        Keep going Kaiser and TFS. I am looking forward to seeing how you actually do Fusions. “Lirran” is a good start.

      • Kowalski

        Kaiser, why the hell everyone’s avatar looks like a dick, except for yours?

    • LastationLover5000

      This movie should never be in ANYONE’S top ten.

  • seklorean

    Great choice for #6. Of course BoG will be top 5 – it has the classic dragon ball feel while introducing several new concepts and characters.

    Great work TFS, looking forward to the Top 5.

  • FDJustin

    Rip off of Boo? Maybe… Janemba just feels like a Toriama(sp) style character to me. They all tend to have some repeat themes. Janemba’s ‘baby’ form feels more like Yakra from Chrono Trigger than Boo, actually.

  • daleksider

    is it me or do anyone else like super sayian 4 forms.

    • SonicShenron

      I like them. I like them better than God/SSGSS that’s for sure. Because at least for SSJ4, some though was actually put into its design. God on the other hand is just the character but red and a little less bulky. And SSGSS is literally just Super Saiyan but with blue hair instead of yellow. Go on, I dare each and every one of you to argue that SSGSS’s design is NOT just blue Super Saiyan.

      • GreatWyrmGold

        I think it’s more cyan than blue.

    • GreatWyrmGold

      Eh, it’s kinda neat. Good to see they’re breaking out of the glorified super-hair-dye that most Super Saiyan forms are.

    • Mute

      Its just you, hated GT with a Passion.

    • LastationLover5000

      I personally find Super Saiyan 4 to be insanely ludicrous myself. It wasn’t even designed by Toriyama and it shows when you look at it. Toriyama loves simple and the Super Saiyan 4 designs are anything BUT. Super Saiyan God and Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan, however, are much more Toriyama’s speed, and not just because he designed them.


      • knightofbalance

        Explain how Goku was able to absorb godly power and only use Super Saiyan and not Super Saiyan 2 or 3.

        Yeah, that’s what I thought. And I agree, Super Saiyan 4 did have more thought to it while SG and SSG seemed like color changes.

  • Domehammer

    If Battle of the Gods is in top five then I have to question this entire list. It’s a okay movie but the CGI parts are so awful it makes the Star Wars Prequels look like works of grand masters of animation.

    • thepopeofatheism

      Hey, everyone! Come look at my hyperbolic statement I made, in lieu of an actual opionion!

  • marzera

    Honestly, if I took the time out to make a real top 10 list this would top my list. Just because Gogeta is so GOD DAMN COOL in this movie.

    If the fight was longer, the movie was a tad shorter and maybe form 1 Janemba was a little less like Buu, I would have to forget a top 10 favorites and move on to top 10 reasons for why this movie is just so amazing.

  • SonicShenron

    I love this movie. It was my favourite until Battle of Gods came out.

    Also, GT isn’t that bad. It’s not great, and easily the weaker series when compared to DB and DBZ (I’ll wait until Super is finished before I judge it against GT), but it’s still decent. Not bad enough to get bashed every time someone brings it up.

    • GreatWyrmGold

      So, what you’re saying is that it’s the worst series in the franchise thus far.

      And the fact that it isn’t in the manga hasn’t helped its reputation.

  • Kowalski

    Sooo…. Battle Of Gods is in top 5… really? …


      Out of the remaining 5 movies, I agree with three of them fully. (Maybe 4, but I can’t remember Dead zone too well). Given how you’ve ranked them so far I can understand why you like World’s strongest so much. It’s certainly one of the better movies, but for some reason there just wasn’t much of an enjoyment factor for me. My #1 would be BoG. IMO Beerus is the best thing to happen to Dragonball in a long time.


      While I disagree with World’s strongest making the top 5, I’m glad Battle of Gods is in there. IMO, Beerus is the best thing to happen to Dragonball in a long time.

    • Dobby87

      I agree with all of the top 5, excluding Dead Zone.

  • Dancesnapple

    I’ll admit overreacting yesterday, but I still wholeheartedly disagree with either Dead Zone OR World’s Strongest over this. Top fight are Bardock, Trunks, BoG, Dead Zone, and World Strongest. The last two just… don’t belong to me. I liked Dead Zone much more than WS, and while I can let that one slide, the World’s Strongest just bugs me to hell. I never thought it was great. Never cared for Wheelo. Never cared about much or any of the fights. Only two things that were cool? Krillin getting shot at and running along the wall, and Goku Kaikening out of ice. It just seems… middle ground to me. Not top tier.

    • Dancesnapple

      five…. top five, not fight. good job auto.

  • So that leaves Dead Zone, The World’s Strongest, Battle of Gods, Bardock – The Father of Goku, and History of Trunks… unless I missed something. In all honesty I can’t See Bardock or Trunks making it to #1… I can see Battle of Gods at #1… honesty I think World’s Strongest will most likely be #1. Considering all the characters who show up, it’s Originality, and the fact that it’s the last time Master Roashi gets to KICK SOME ASS until Resurrection’ F.

  • JustSomeGuywithaMustache

    To this day, I still have no idea what word “Janemba” is supposed to be a play on. Quick! Someone who can communicate in moonspeak and knows this kind of stuff, come to my aide! You’re my only hope!

    • marc_sketch

      …considering the similarities between Janemba and Buu, I figured the name started as an anagram of Majin Buu. …”Jiunumba”, maybe?

    • Dobby87

      Honestly it’s unknown, however it’s possible it’s a pun on Je n’aime pas, meaning “I don’t like” in French, though when spelled in Japanese it literally means “Evil thought wave” so you can take your pick.

  • iShapeshift

    This is the first DBZ movie I’ve ever watched (the second one being Android 13) and it’s absolute fantastic, totally deserving top 10.

  • drkain

    Blue GODjeta

  • NCHaskew

    Gotta say, this one is actually one of my least favorites, due to heavy use of some of my least favorite elements: Gotenks/fusion in general, and Bu–uuh, I mean Janemba…what parts aren’t bizarre and a poor rip-off of the ever-disappointing Buu saga are dull and poorly paced. I guess if I just mindlessly watched for the fights, Gogeta could seem cool….but I don’t. But of course, your opinion and taste.

  • PZ

    My favourite Movie Villain to date, even if it is just Majin Buu with a sword. The fight scenes just feel fun and interesting with all his unusual abilities and fighting style. Also possibly the most threatening bad guy in the entire series, since death doesn’t matter at all (except in Trunk’s Alternate timeline which makes no sense, did Goku just never meet King Kai in that timeline?), and he basically exists in the dead world, so what happens when you die when you’re already dead..?

    • BullseyeRey

      What would King Kai do? Goku was dead in that timeline.

      • Karumac

        King Kai would turn his head to the left, talk to the Namekians on new Namek, ask them to wish Goku back, and Goku could go fix Earth. That’s what King Kai would do because he wants Goku to go home.

      • Dobby87

        The problem is that Goku died from a heart virus, being that is a natural cause of death, he could not be revived by any dragon, maybe by the Super dragon, but that’s irrelevant.

  • TsukiNoTragedy

    One name: Pikkon <3

  • zguida09

    Hmmm if i had to predict their top 5 it would be:
    5.) Bardock, Father of Goku
    4.) Battle of Gods
    3.) Dead Zone
    2) The World’s Strongest
    1.) History of Trunks

    • Mach Twelve

      I believe that World’s Strongest will be 1, they REALLY REALLY like World’s Strongest. But I would put Bardock as 2, Trunks as 3, Dead Zone as 4, and Battle of Gods as 5.

      Not that it really matters, all of the five are good.

      • BullseyeRey

        I think BoG will be higher than 5. 4 or 3 to be sure.

  • BullseyeRey

    So Dead Zone is in the top five? It’s one of my favorites, so i’m glad, but i thought you guys hated it by how often you poke fun at Garlic Jr.

    • Gojira007

      (oops, put this in the wrong reply box somehow; sorry. XD; )
      Can’t say I notice the Team picking on him in particular any more than any other villain; if they do, it’s far likelier for the awful Garlic Jr. filler arc in the anime than the actual movie.

      • KaiserNeko

        Confirmed. The Garlic Jr. saga is awful. The movie on the other hand…

    • GreatWyrmGold

      Oh, like they don’t poke fun at every other character in the series?

      Except Popo. No one messes with Mr. Popo.

      • Mach Twelve

        Its like Russian Reversal man,

        In Soviet Russia, Popo still screws you.

  • orphenoc

    Awesome summary. Wasn’t sure if it’s be this or battle of the gods. I think BoG gets points for rebirth in the series though I thought ssgods design was lacking and even false ssj and ss4 looked better also why don’t trunks and gotten age 5years later but the movie itself is well done

    • BullseyeRey

      No, SSG is better because it looks like something Toriyama designed, unlike SS4, which just looks ridiculous and try too hard.

      • orphenoc

        Toriyama did the original sketches for ss4 I thought even though he didn’t do anything beyond character sketches for the series. I am not a dbgt fan. That being said ss4 an ss4 gogeta don’t look terrible, neither did bebi vegeta, golden oozaru and super 17. Even majin uub was great in theory. Where got sucked was execution, to me.

    • TsukiNoTragedy

      I am a bit confused on the timeline. Battle of Gods seems to takes place only a few months to a year after the defeat of Buu, but I have seen in some places that it was 4 years. That … makes no sense. That would make Trunks nearly 12 and Goten 11? Goten looks like he’s still 7. XD And, Bulma would be a bit older than merely 38, or however old she said she was. I do highly suspect that she was lying, however. Haha.
      If Bulma was born in 733 and Trunks was born in 766, she would have been 33 when Trunks was born. Which means she was 41ish during the Buu sagas. So if BoG really did take place four years later, Bulma would have been 45. XD

      DB Super makes it look like it all happened only months later, however, which makes a lot more sense. Unless everyone’s birth years have been moved around, Bulma would be turning 42 and the boys would be like 9 and 8. Ha!

  • Rider

    So if Super Saiyan God Goku and Blooper Saiyan Vegeta fused together…

    Would they make Super Saiyan Purple Gogeta?

    • BullseyeRey

      Well, they’re both Blue now.

  • Gojira007

    On the whole, I agree with this assessment wholeheartedly-final fight’s a bit weak, Janenba is transparently a Buu riff (though as far as movie-rip-offs-of-pre-existing-villains goes, he’s probably one of the better ones), but the movie’s insane energy, creative visuals, and unique ideas more than overcome those fairly-minor weaknesses. But I also want to give this movie credit for showing us a rare, more vulnerable look oat Vegeta, trapped as he is in a formless limbo until Janenba’s antics give him a chance. His tearful breakdown is surprisingly affecting and even more surprisaingly well-earned, and I think THAT is the thing that really puts this movie over for me.
    Also? Now that it’s down to the top 5, here’s my own guess as to what it’ll be (well, I say “guess”, but it’s really just what I’D pick for the top 5 with the options available, and I’m curious to see how well it’ll line up with what we actually get:
    5.) Bardock, Father of Goku
    4.) The World’s Strongest
    3.) Battle of Gods
    2.) History of Trunks
    1.) Dead Zone

    • alynnidalar

      Yeah, Vegeta is pretty fantastic in this one. The show doesn’t exactly dwell on it, but while all the other main characters who died got to hang out in heaven having a good time, Vegeta… didn’t. So it’s neat to see the effects of that.