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  • xnovus374

    I thought the name for the new form was Super Cyan.

  • DomonKasshu

    Honestly, the best thing about this movie was that they made Bulma hot again.

  • Gigantor The Space Age Robot

    Resurrection “F”…yawn….Goku and Vegeta are now so powerful does it matter who they fight???? This could have been so much better!

  • DomonKasshu

    Also, “Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan” is a dumb name, so I just call it “Super Saiyan God 2”.

  • DomonKasshu

    The thing I didn’t like most about this movie.

    It was not conspicuously leaving out Yamcha, Chiaotzu, Android 18, Trunks, and Goten, yet bringing Master Roshi to the fight.
    It was not Shenron the plothole not being able to bring Frieza back whole, despite being able to regenerate all of the people Cell turned into liquid. (I was going to mention Chiaotzu, but that was Porunga who brought him back, and Porunga was established to be stronger than Shenron.)
    It was not new transformations being pulled out of nowhere.
    It was not a lack of a fight between all of Goku’s forms and all of Frieza’s forms in succession.
    It was not Whis’s deus ex machina power eliminating anything resembling tension from the entire franchise from this point foward.
    It wasn’t even Gohan’s ridiculous new look.

    No, the thing I hated most was Frieza, the self-proclaimed “strongest in the universe”, BOWING AND SCRAPING to “Lord” Beerus. Beerus himself is the thing I hate most about the new movies. The fact that EVERYONE who’s from space or Other World seems to know about this tempermental jackass, and are all deathly afraid of him, really ruins characters like Vegeta and Frieza, who used to not take shit from anyone. Plus, the fact that Goku could not beat him even with Super Saiyan God means that there is always the threat of Beerus getting pissed off over something incredibly minor and deciding to destroy Earth for realzies. At the very least, Goku should have defeated him (preferrably destroy him though) and thus keep Beerus from ever so much as threatening to destroy Earth for fear of this guy who’s stronger than him coming to kick his ass again. (Oh, and Frieza knew about Buu too. Go figure. Two beings he knows are exponentially more powerful than him, and he still has the audacity to call himself the strongest in the universe.)

    It really sucks that these movies are canon. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad Akira Toriyama decided to start up the Dragonball franchise again, but it is my firm opinion that these movies really started things off on the wrong foot. I would not put either of them in the top 10.

    • Richard Braunbeck

      You seem to be forgetting that Beerus is a god of destruction so it would make sense for everyone to know about him and fear him and for once to not have Goku win in the end. He’s also part of the process of life and death in the universe, he destroys planets and stars so that the Kais can create new ones

  • PiccoloSensei

    I love this film and I could care less about it’s execution. The pros far outweighs the cons, especially when it comes to how DragonBall Super has been handling it. Freeza DESERVES to be in the same range of power as Goku, Vegeta, and Beerus, simply because of how underrated his presence in the entire franchise is, and it’s simply a breath of fresh air in terms of representing the franchise, following the trend of Battle of Gods and of course DragonBall Super.

  • wowfood

    While I did enjoy this film, there were a few points I was less fond of.

    For starters how quickly freiza powered up. From a powerlevel that, I can only assume by this point in the story everyone has caught up to, to being on part with SSGSSGSSGSSGSSGSSGSSGSSGSSGSSGblue. In a few months… while goku and vegeta are training with whis who is meant to be one of the best masters in the universe? Something seems wrong there.

    I think, it would have been better if Frieza had been brought back whole, and accidently made a wish in anger. Y’know. “I wish I could beat the pulp out of that stupid monkey” followed by the dragon unlocking the new frieza form and making freizas base power level go ultra high.

    They could have also utilized the other characters better. Rather than freiza landing in a big group, havie him split his forces up, each one with a general going to different cities on earth so the Z fighters have to split up and hold them at bay. Let krillin fight to protect Marin etc. Meanwhile have Frieza waiting for Goku to show up, acting all smug that by the time he gets there, the world will be barren and ready for sale.

  • Jagermech

    Funniest parts of this movie for me:
    “He’s so cool”-Said by the person who’s still stronger.
    “This fight’s too dangerous for Yamcha or Chiaotzu” “Hey, I brought Master Roshi!” I mean, shit, Yamcha and Chiaotzu are only weak by Z-fighter standards, they’ve both been stronger than Roshi for years.
    Honorable mention. All the folks they leave behind to guard their loved ones when going to fight the bad guy who’s 1/1 on destroying the whole planet he’s fighting on.

  • Akira98

    I love this movie, I really did; Freiza is favorite DBZ villain.

    But I felt that the films biggest flaws were that it’s scenarios became predictable. This includes the Senzu Beans, which would heal Goku, and Whis’ ability to turn back time. When these things are revealed, you know that they’re going to help the plot; thus making both Goku’s injury and the Earth’s destruction predictable in how the heroes would resolve them. And, as you guys said, it takes away the tension of it all.

    Again, I loved this film; but its predictability did ruin it a bit for me.

  • JustSomeGuywithaMustache

    Alright, so Taka and Kaiser have gotten aboard the DBZ Funi-Train. Next up is Lani, who will probably step in as the new English singer for openings when they bring those back. Just you wait. You’re watching DBZ Kai Buu Saga in Dub, that new opening comes on, and BOOM guess who’s singing it in English?

  • Spiritnova

    Fun fact: Mr. Satan no longer holds the distinction of being one of the few characters who hasn’t died since Frieza blew up the Earth. Make of that what you will.

    • c-ez

      Movies don’t count towards the manga

      • Tearhart11

        Rof and BOG both used to be classified as canon.

        Now Dbs is remaking them, which is apparently canon as well.

        So yes, if Hercule dies again, it’ll count.

    • DomonKasshu

      Whis reversed time though, so TECHNICALLY, Frieza destroying the Earth never actually happened.

  • seklorean

    Enjoyed this movie, but wished his minions had the foresight to give Frieza the immortality
    he so desired on Namek with the second wish. And to let Pilaf and gang live after they stole
    the opportunity… oh well. Yes, yes, I remember they only expected one wish…

    The rest was fun though.

    Just a thought:
    I call the red hair form Saiya-jin God and the blue hair form Super Saiya-jin God.
    It just makes sense that way.

    And finally, please treat all members of the TFS team with the respect they deserve. This
    goes to the haters out their. If you really want see their work done differently, try learning
    to do it yourself. The video editing tools aren’t that easy, and in many cases take at least
    a year of classes. Let’s not forget the scripting, coordinating voive over work, and web admin.
    Altogether, a Broly-sized effort. So please be appreciative there’s anything at all.

    • Victor Splice

      Thank You… I have to say I’ve been following DBZA since episode… 6? Anyway, i think these guys have a great sense of humor and are just doing this to show their love for the Dragon Ball Universe and it gets really tiring to see people shovel s**t all over this beautiful project.

  • Silv3r_Wolf

    Ob boy TFS, the hate you are getting is real. Not from me but from everyone that thought Resurrection F was crap. I personally enjoyed the movie and loved the interactions between characters the most. But the tension just wasn’t there at all and made me just wait for Goku to take the victory. While I can somewhat understand the placement of this movie I would place it at number 9. But that’s just my opinion.

  • ChaosLordJiro

    Why was Beerus even in this movie? Seriously, he didn’t do crap. Whis did everything (including the bullshit deus ex machina at the end); all Beerus did was interrupt a couple fight scenes to be a jackass.

  • Nagato Yamiyo

    Frieza: I know gold’s a bit gauche, but I wanted to ensure you grasped my new position atop the pecking order.

    *Sky Turns Red*

    Mr.Popo: For Thousands of Years I Laid Dormant! What Maggot dare to…
    Krillin: Frieza did it!
    Frieza: And who’s he!
    Goku: Freezer don’t make him angry!
    Lord Popo: But that’s my secret Maggot! I’m always angry!

    *Black fog begins to surround Frieza*

    Frieza: WHAT IS THIS!
    Lord Popo: GET IN MY FUCKBOX MAGGOT!!! Time to teach you the Pecking Order!

  • Steve, Son of Steve

    If you ever abridge this, Vegeta has to say “Like a Bitch” at least once while beating down Freeza.

    • Nagato Yamiyo

      Definitely needs to happen! They also need Popo to do something when Frieza starts talking about the Pecking Order!

  • Delphince

    Bluper Saiyan? BLUPER SAIYAN? Oh my god PLEASE make that become a thing.

  • brandon1611

    Hey, don’t usually comment on these things because I don’t care enough and realize they are completely opinion based But I am so glad you guys put “Fusion Reborn” over R.O.F. Sure Janemba is a shallow villain and the ending pissed me off to no end, but I love the other world tournament. Also Goku’s Super Saiyan 3 transformation is incredible! And the Gogeta part ( no matter how short it was) was so god damn fun to watch! Keep it up you guys!

  • Yusagi

    My most unpopular opinion about RoF is that I don’t mind Frieza’s power up and battle being a let down, because I have zero interest in Frieza as a serious villain in modern Dragonball. He was fine in his time, but I preferred the Yo! Goku approach to Frieza, that in retrospect…he really wasn’t that strong.

    Still, under-utilizing the others after the initial moments of glory and the horrible cop-out that gave Goku the victory…basically just because he’s Goku and MUST have it, makes it understandable it would be dragged down. It’s been fun to watch what Super does with it, though, and it’s definitely entertaining.

    Also, hey. I thought that might have been the soldier Kaiser voiced!

    –One thing BoG/RoF have done well with the transformations though have been not slapping on a DC weakness to it. SS4 (why do people insist on SSJ when the word is Saiyajin in Japanese? It’s one word. Why are you including two letters from the same word?) was pretty outlandish and had the silly ‘mindless berserker’ thing with it. Explaining the drain of SS3 as essentially going the wrong direction with Saiyan abilities works better for me. It also doesn’t have the terrible brows.

    • Delphince

      Because it’s “Saiya-jin”. With a hyphon.

    • KaiserNeko

      Yeah, it’s Saiya-jin. Also, you break away from it sounding like a sea-fairing vessel for the military.

      • GrandLordAtos

        As someone who has studied the Japanese language for a few years, it has always confused me why people get so adamant about the use of saiya-jin against people who use saiyan. It’s a pretty minor thing and the transition actually made sense.

        -jin is a suffix that is added to a word to describe a people, much like we add suffixes such as ‘an’ to the end of words that describe a person’s country or group of origin. Saiyan is to English as Saiya-jin is to Japanese – they’re both correct and -jin is such a nuanced Japanese language suffix in this case that it really isn’t required when speaking in English.

  • ExarKun470

    Eh I honestly think this movie does deserve top 5. It feels like Dragonball, the first half is comedic and fantastic, and the fight scenes were fun to watch. I also really like Frieza (he practically was my childhood standard for what an anime villain should do, along with Pegasus and Sir Crocodile), so I’m probably biased with Frieza being Frieza. But I also really liked how Frieza did what Frieza would do, which is not train to test his new form much because he’s so overconfident and sure of himself.

  • Dancesnapple

    Okay, alot of your placements and everything to me are agreeable and a few are questionable. (To me, Yo Son Goku and his friends return should be under Broly in the upper teens if not 20s) However there is one thing you WILL NOT be capable of convincing me of. HOW THE FUCK IS WORLD’S STRONGEST THIS HIGH?!?!?!?! Dead Zone I can see, even if I disagree because it was the first Dragon Ball Z movie, it introduced and mattered for the series which for movies is rare. But how in the Super Saiyan Blue hell is World’s Strongest this high? You know what?, can’t deal. That movie to me is in the last 10, not the top 10. If it’s not the next one at number 6 and it makes the top five, you guys lost a great deal of faith. Yeah, opinion based, I know, but just as supporters of Hitler have opinions that are wrong, so will you if that happens.

    • Rectal Fungi

      World’s Strongest kicks ass. That’s not opinion, it’s fact. Disagreeing just means you’re wrong.

    • Kaliaila

      See I’m the opposite, I think Dead Zone is kinda garbage. I was honestly expecting it to be number 7. But considering the dislike of Revival of F that they have expressed since it was released I am not surprised it didn’t make the top 5.

    • Lanipator

      Did you just compare us to Hitler for thinking that “The Worlds Strongest” was a better movie than you think it is? I don’t really know how to reply to that…

    • Soldierkei

      The fight scenes in World’s strongest were amazing. Roshi gets time to shine. Piccolo be in evil again was sick. Goku, Roshi, and Krillin teaming up against Wheelo. It just combined arguably the best elects of Z and original DB. But I think they’ll pick BoG over WS, but I think WS will be number 2. If not that, then I’m guessing it’ll be number 1.

    • Dancesnapple

      I just NEVER liked it. Okay, I was upset at it being this high and was angry, so sorry. lol but I just can’t conceive why it’s this high. I never cared for the bad guy. The only cool part I remember from it was the shot of Krillin running along the wall while being shot at with that gatling gun thing. But seriously? Wheelo gets higher than Janemba? Unoriginal or not I remember Janemba alot. Every visual. I just do not see how it gets in the same calibre as History of Trunks or Battle of Gods. To me it’s just too big of a gap in quality to see them together

    • Dancesnapple

      Also, the hitler thing was mostly as a joke. . . Obviously billions of Jews dying isn’t like disliking a movie. Just can’t believe…

  • Rectal Fungi

    Buff Roshi is the one reason this movie is top 10. BUFF ROSHI’S BACK, BITCHES!

  • IDK

    This movie sucked the big one. The transformations are beyond stupid (both in concept and design) and it comes across as too much of a blatant nostalgia cash grab.

  • Sinistar21

    I still don’t get why freeza is seen as greatest. Just to be he seems like standard bland dictator guy but meh. I love him just think hes not all that interesting as a character.

    • gothpunkboy89

      Because how he is. He is the first enemy that is feared on the galactic scale. He loves torture and death with a certain flare. Brought to life by his voice actor. He smacks around the Z warriors even Goku like a rag doll.

  • Legofan412

    How the actual fuck is Dead Zone greater than this?

    • Dancesnapple

      That’s my question about World’s Strongest… At least Dead Zone can be justified.

      • Kaliaila

        No, Dead Zone can’t.

    • Kaliaila

      It is because the guys dislike Revival of F that much.

  • GreatDeath52

    Lani in the background saying “super saiyan god” over and over for like 30 seconds.

  • Streetguru

    I’d imagine it would have been higher had vegeta actually gotten to do something. They shoulda brought back cooler with frieza, woulda given both of them something to do.

  • Wrongpiece

    What in the world is with that watermark? TFS is well-known enough that nobody could steal your videos for profit or anything. I hope this is just an experiment and not a preview of things to come, because it’s pretty distracting.

    • KaiserNeko

      That’s not the problem.

      This is going on YouTube and videos with Res ‘F’ footage get pulled often, because of how new it is. Hell, the review FUNIMATION’S MARKETING TEAM ASKED US TO MAKE was pulled because of it’s use of footage. So yeah, this was necessary.

      • Oak63

        Speaking of copyright claims, how goes reversing the DBZA copyright claims?

      • SkillSaga

        Tell Lani to stop calling it super saiyan God super saiyan. It got renamed!

      • Wrongpiece

        I see; sorry for assuming the worst.

      • xnovus374

        Speaking of copyright, why haven’t you included Dragon Ball Super and Bandai Co. into the disclaimer yet? Are you not sure about abridging Dragon Ball Super?

  • SolidStateScouter

    I can’t list every single thing I hate about this movie, but maybe I can take comfort in knowing even Goten, Trunks and Yamcha are above this mess. Depowering Gohan and dorkifying him is fine too, natural progression for the character the way I see it. Still, a no-kill policy from out of nowhere, losing mystic/whatever, Goku taken down by a grunt… I did say I won’t list everything so I won’t.

    Then again, I only saw BoG because of this movie. Not only is Freeza my favourite DBZ villain, he also is the main antagonist for my favourite arc and a looming shadow in my 2nd favourite. So when I heard he was going to have his own movie, I decided to stomach Kaioken pink… and deeply regretted it. Among all the retcons introduced in BoG, having Freeza’s motivations changed to getting ordered by Beerus is a new kind of pain. I’ll never be able to see my favourite arcs the same way again….

    Less dramatic but still irritating is that nobody is above Beerus’s level yet. We haven’t seen either of Beerus or Whis suffer in a meaningful way. Can anyone tell me why these characters get to be included in new games as playable characters when even the concept of inflicting pain on them is non-canon?

    • AsgUnlimited

      1. Beerus didn’t order it, he authorized it.
      2. Ssg’s red is actually farther away from pink than kaioken if you use an editing color wheel 2 check
      3.Gohan doesn’t have no kill policy, he’s not killing because it’s easy enough to get away with, because of how weak the soldiers are.
      4.Goku’s been hurt by a rock and being thrown into a cliff face/ground.
      5. 5 you’re mad that they havn’t surpassed Beerus, even tho it’s the SECOND time we’ve seen him? were u also mad that they didn’t beat Freeza 2 episodes in?
      6. Goku did hurt Beerus a few times, go rewatch + Whis hurt Beerus at the end of the movie.

      Go leave your idiotic hate somewhere else :3

      • TsukiNoTragedy

        ASG, hear hear!

      • Kaliaila

        Yep, though Whis being able to hurt Beerus is kind of expected. Since Whis is hinted at to be better than him.

      • SolidStateScouter

        1) Told Freeza about SSjG. And Freeza needs someone’s authority now? Yeah, keep diggin’ yourself deeper.
        2) Well, you got me there. Then again, pink is pink and Kaioken has the excuse of almost breaking Goku. Power of good friendship is pinker than even My Little Pony.
        3) What difference does that make!? Those soldiers were out to KILL and DESTROY!
        4) When trying to relax. Don’t you dare try to explain Goku losing to a grunt backstab again because it’s pathetic and anticlimactic.
        5) 6 years in training to achieve a new form. Beerus is still the shit when all he did is sleep? BS.
        6) Not gonna rewatch a shitty movie for a conclusion even Toriyama stated: That Beerus still wasn’t fighting full strength.

        BS is BS no matter what moron tries to twist it or other morons try to enforce it.

  • KiaraStar66

    No GT!

    That pisses off Kaiser.

    • TheGuywiththeSharinganTattoo

      I thought it was taka who hates GT?

      • dracosfire7

        It’s all of them. They admit there are fun parts, but the general consensus is it shouldn’t have happened.

  • Karthull

    Pleasantly surprised to see they didn’t bs bias their opinion and put this at #2 because one of them is in it, but the negative critique mentioned seemed true for everything about dbz as a whole rather then just this movie, in fact this and battle of gods are the only dbz movies i ever really noticed flaws in (aside from time placement issues) and they left out the most important and noticeable flaws in the movie.

    Also despite having more flaws then battle of gods ressurection f is definitly better, and dead zone and worlds strongest do not belong this high up on the list

    • Edema

      I disagree for their time dead zone and worlds strongest have such an in depth creativity that is flattering to the dragonball series not to mention that the characters just feel like they come straight out of the manga. I love wrath of the Dragon but we all know fusion Reborn is going to take top slot if not history of trunks

    • Kaliaila

      If you watched the Adventures of Dumplin (AKA TFS Plays Dragonball Xenoverse) you would have heard that they really didn’t like Revival of F even though one of them is in it. I think that is why Dead Zone and World’s Strongest are higher than this. They liked those that much more than this one.

  • I’m curious to see their reasoning for dead zone and worlds strongest being higher than this

  • mathex14

    THIS IS MY FAVORITE MOVIE! NOOOOOO! Alright I guess I hope history of trunks comes first now…. Goku and his friends return better than this? Fusion reborn better than this? Well, whatever… still, this one is easily better than BoG imo(more entertaining…. I think it has more flaws, but I still enjoyed this one way more)

    • Elven91

      Goku and his friends is already out of the game. Fusion Reborn is fucking awesome and it has probably the best drawings of the whole series so there is that on his plate.

      • alynnidalar

        I just watched Fusion Reborn for the first time not long ago (I got inspired by the countdown :P), and it is a seriously good movie. I may be biased because Vegeta’s my favorite character and he doesn’t completely suck in it, but still–it’s very good. Excellent animation, great pacing, actual character stuff. I approve.

  • knightofbalance

    Personally, I like Super Saiyan 4 better than SG or SSG. SG seems like a red palate swap of Goku’s hair and eyes and SSG is the same with SUper Saiyan Goku just blue. However, Super Saiyan 4 is seems unique to me, combining the Golden GreaT APe and Super Saiyan into one dynamic form. The fur shows us Goku’s heritage as a Saiyan, The hair returns to normal just a bit more volume, and the eyes and voice are just bone chilling. It’s like no one knows when and if Goku’s gonna snap at some point and kill everything. And sserious, would you rather face down SSG or Super Saiyan 4.

    • Elven91

      Total quote. THIS so much THIS!

    • Tearhart11

      If a base saiyan at 10 years old tried to fight me, I’d sellout the human race. Let alone a ssj4 or a ssjgssj.

  • Pokemonomegpha3

    Why do you all hate Gt so much?

  • darkknightfan75

    I can get why it’s a little high on the 10 part of the list (Bojack should’ve been near the top 5) this is definitely one of the best and one of my favorites.

  • Sthenurus1

    I’d really like someone to explain to me why Dragonball super (and by extension battle of gods/return of frieza) are so loved when gt is bashed so much. Every time I watch an episode of super I see the same flawed gt had:
    Pilaf is back and is an important plot point.
    Gohan loses his “mystic” upgrade and is a complete wuss
    Goku gets a new transformation, indirectly brought upon him by a god.
    Old ennemies that shouldn’t be a problem at all suddenly get massive power ups and wipe the floor with the z warriors.
    Vegeta somehow gains the same transformation as goku without going through the same “triggers”
    Majin buu, that used to be an incredible power is now barely a factor.
    Gotenks that used to be in the top 3 either isn’t used or is a shadow of himself (and no ssj3)
    A new set of Dragonball is introduced out of nowhere that no one knew about and is messing up the whole mythology.

    I really want to like dbs so if someone can tell me what I get wrong about the show please tell me. I’m tired of thinking it sucks when everyone seems to love it 🙁

    • GreatWyrmGold

      I think it has more to do with execution than the details. The details are just easy targets.

      • merr

        Pan isn’t there driving you insane. Fat Buu is in the next arc as one of the main characters, but he isn’t anywhere near as strong as the other Buus, he also doesn’t have the same drive to protect many things, unless you touch his puddings, but yeah, he’s no beerus .

      • Karthull

        But despite not being nearly as strong as the other characters he should still be quite formiddable due to his powers, the entire buu arc fat buu was weaker then goku and vegeta, but his abilities made him able to win the fights

      • merr

        There’s a massive gulf in power though between the Buu arc and the Resurrection F arc, he wouldn’t land anything currently and could easily be destroyed. I’m interested to see how they get him to train for the next arc though, unless he just ends up a bit part. More interested in how Piccolo is going to catch up though, unless he just ends up being a pawn, but I can hope.

    • Kaliaila

      1. Pilaf is hardly an important plot point at all in Super. He is comic relief in the Battle of Gods saga; and in the Revival of F he is mostly just a cheap out to give the bad guys the Dragonballs to revive Frieza.

      2. Gohan hasn’t trained at all in 5-ish years at the time of Battle of Gods, and still hasn’t at by the time of Revival of F. If you stop training like Gohan did, you lose the strength, stamina, and abilities that you gained previously. If Gohan were to start training again seriously, then I am quite sure that he would regain the ability to go Mystic.

      3. New transformations are par for the course in DBZ and later. Plus, you could say that aside from SSJ3, all of the transformations gained by all the saiyans were indirectly brought upon them by their adversaries. It just so happens that this time Goku’s adversary happens to be a god.

      4. There are exactly 2 old enemies the Z Warriors run into in Super, and both of them are in the RoF arc. The first is Frieza, and his power up is actually explained rather well; he had never trained at all previously and spent a solid 4 months in what looked to be an extremely hostile environment training until he unlocked a new transformation. So the untrained ‘flabby’ Frieza was capable of decimating the Z Warriors at their first meeting, and now a well trained Frieza can do the same to the Z Warriors; and his new Transformation makes him a good fight for Goku and Vegeta. The second is Ginyu, and he just stole the body of the person who was Frieza’s training partner. So that person did all the training, Ginyu in his experience just was capable of bringing out far more power from that body. Just enough to make him a challenge for the Z Fighters.

      5. Vegeta has gained a number of the same transformations which Goku has without going through the same “triggers;” go back and look at how he obtained Super Saiyan. Also, I think that Vegeta spending 6+ months training with Whis to the point where he had surpassed or at least equalled Goku’s new base power, and the two of them training together in something similar to the Time and Space Room for another extended period of time rather explains how both of them were able to go Blueper at relatively the same time.

      6. You are confusing Mr. Buu with Majin Buu (easy to do when some characters still refer to him as Majin Buu); when Majin Buu steamed all of the evil out of himself he lost the majority of his power because the evil that he exorisized included Kid Buu which is where the true power existed. Mr. Buu is still stronger than all the Z Fighters, excluding Goku and Vegeta, but is not very intelligent. Goku and Vegeta significantly dwarf Mr. Buu in power by the end of the Buu arc and especially post-BoG.

      7. Gotenks is again easily explained. Goten and Trunks while they have likely gotten stronger (or at least Trunks probably has) due to training; they do not have any common sense when they do things; they fused before they even arrived at the battle, and the power ran out before they could do anything but be scolded for even coming. While Gotenks SSJ3 might be equal to or greater than Mr. Buu in power, he lacks any of the battle sense that even Yamcha has.

      8. New set of Dragonballs introduced out of no where you say; you mean like when they suddenly introduced the Namek Dragonballs? You don’t think it is possible that the Namekians learned how to make Dragonballs from some other group of people?

  • The Mad Laugher

    You know what I don’t understand? When Cooler trained a good portion of his life to be better than his brother, he only attains Super Evolution, which is only just stronger than Goku’s Super Saiyan form during his time on Namek. So how come when Frieza (who, at the start of his training is still only as strong as he was during his time on Namek) trains for just 10 days, he attains powers akin to the gods?

    • GreatWyrmGold

      Because Frieza is Just That Special [TM].

      Does it make that much less sense than Goku going from sub-Raditz power to almost as strong as Nappa (without Kaio-Ken) over the course of most of a year, while also learning two difficult new techniques and also being dead? Does it make sense that he went from Vegeta-smashing strong to Frieza-smashing strong in less than a month? Does it make sense that the latter power increase is far larger than the former (even disregarding SSJ and KK) despite occurring over a much shorter period of time? Of course not. But DBZ doesn’t make much sense to begin with—that’s why DBZA is so much fun.

      • merr

        Freeza for a start is just naturally crazy strong and has never trained. Then take into account that his base form is what he fights ssj goku in. When he trained he did so in a form which is a tiny fraction of his base, by increasing this his base form massively increased. Like Saiyans training in base form should improve their ssj forms power much faster, though could be harder to control and lose energy fast. As freeza is going into his base he doesn’t suffer that so much, but does massively when he goes golden as he wasn’t yet used to it.

        As for Goku in the first arc, wasn’t King Kai’s planet not 10x gravity or something? (Due to a certain pirate of course) Whether or not he should have adapted so quickly is another thing entirely, but as he did, his strength grew quickly, as did his speed as back to 1x. With Freeza Saga he was in 100x gravity so the same thing, add in his Zenkai Boost which massively increased his power also, and yeah, the whole ssj thing.

      • Karthull

        The real problem is how does goku, training on king kais planet for a total of like 3 months go from sub raditz to post nappa, and the humans training for 5 days go from just above raditz to stronger then ginyu force, even asking for tougher training aside thats bull

      • merr

        With the humans its ridiculous, saijans clearly are meant to adapt to the gravity quicker, but was that manga or filler though? I’d guess the latter. Goku is plausible with how db went along though.

      • Fran3ro

        Because since BoG DB lost all possible rational continuity. Frieza’s power have no sense, Goku as God have no sense, SSJG itself have no sense. But hey, you can allways get a “rational” response from a fanboy, you know, those who know every power level even if there isn’t nothing established.

    • KaiserNeko

      Because Cooler is another terrible filler villain.

      • The Mad Laugher

        So was Garlic Jr. HE WAS WEAKER THAN RADITZ, but they saw fit to give him “Frieza-eque” levels of power after being a shriveled up raisin for 3-ish years.

        Which also reminds me that everything DBZ after the Frieza Saga is not even canon to itself with the inclusion of Icarus and the 1st Marron’s brief return during the Android Saga…

        So anyway… opinions… yeah

    • Kaliaila

      Wow, so nowadays 4 months = 10 days. I didn’t realize the moon revolved around the earth that fast now.

  • Redskulblaka

    I think Super Cyan is the most epic thing I’ve seen on this board. I’d really like to know the name of Frieza’s race. I feel like this is an intentional thing. Whis’ time travel ability is absolutely plot breaking. But I think the biggest freakin’ reason I like this movie is (other than Garlic Jr.(which is freakin’ filler anyways)) Frieza’s henchmen are the only ones with the calls (in more ways than one) to summon Shenron to return a villain. Androids could have done it. Cell could have done it. Babidi could have done it. And ultimately, this battle was sad. Frieda’s new form landed all of a blow on Goku before he turned into yet ANOTHERnew form. And Oh wait, Vegeta can do it too! Next thing you know Krillon will be killing Cel-….. Damnit.

  • TsukiNoTragedy

    XD Ahahahahahaha.

    You’re such a precious snowflake. <3

  • Don’t even get me started on the ending to this movie. Total BS.

  • ticklemypiccolo

    I love this series you guys are doing, and am really curious to see where the GT movie fits in the top 6. I didn’t care for the series but something about seeing goku Jr and then Goku himself come back really hit me in the feels.

    • loring638

      Kaiser made a point at the beginning of the month saying that since Resurrection of F came out, there’s just enough movies and specials to exclude GT from the list.

    • Redskulblaka

      Not cannon, not interested.

      • Tearhart11

        None of these are canon

  • Alruneia

    Resurrection F is having some holes fixed in the Super version, it seems. I’ll just make a short list of stuff I thought was weird with the movie version.


    – Where was Goten and Trunks? Surely they would sense Freeza’s power, and, being the mischevious kids they still are for some reason, would head to the battlefield. Super fixes this by having them do exactly this.
    – Why can Whis fix time? It’s an extreme copout. They would have done it better with Vegeta straight up killing Freeza. The time fix ruins everything about the Earth being destroyed, and made it a plot point that could’ve just been left out.
    – Gohan’s a bitch. To elaborate, he’s a bitch. Super adresses this even worse than the movie, but at least they give Gohan the sole credit for raising his power enough for Goku to sense him and use Instant Transmission.
    – When Bulla? Seriously. You’d think Bulma would be pregnant by now timeline-wise. Vegeta isn’t there after Battle of Gods, as he travels with Whis to Beerus’ place and trains there for a year or so before Resurrection F happens, so there’s no chance of them doing it, but… Still. Bulla needs to happen at some point here soon.

    Just a couple of things I have on my mind with this movie.

    • TsukiNoTragedy

      Well, Pan is at least one year older than Bra, so … who knows what is going to happen in the downtime between Fukkatsu no F and whatever new film is inevitably coming out next. We will just have to watch Super to get the gaps filled in. Considering they are already facing off with Freeza in Super, we shouldn’t have to wait too long, maybe. However, they’ve already messed around with Pan’s birth year, so who knows when Bra will be born. XD

      I feel like they are playing fast and loose with the time-line.

      I love Gohan in Super. It was so sad when he “called” for his father.

  • marzera

    Honestly Fusion Reborn might very well be my top favorite film. Providing they focused less on Totallynothitler and more on.. y’know.


  • marzera

    Oh comon Lani. Of course Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan God Super Sai-……

    …d Super Saiyan God is more powerful than SSJ4. It actually exists.

    • Redskulblaka

      This appears to be confirmed in Xenoverse.

  • Mikehawk

    I wasn’t aware Toei produced metal in the 90’s, I guess you learn something new every day.

  • Lizardguy

    Still haven’t seen this one. Really want to now. Hope it’s on Netflix.

    • Argent

      Or you can go to almost any major retailer like Wal-Mart and purchase the DVD/BluRay. Then you can watch it whenever you want without a monthly subscription!

      • TheFabledFamilyGuy

        Not everybody lives near a walmart

  • dennise1

    That’s merely your opinion. Personally, I’d put this at 10.

  • BullseyeRey

    While i agree, i do think the way Frieza lost fits his character. He is that arrogant that he would leave to Earth the second he got the transformation instead of learning to master it first.

    I also liked the fact that a previous villain was able to catch up to the heroes in power.

  • ShMike

    I’ve had several thoughts on this movie.
    What I loved about it was the scene where everyone fought Frieza’s soldiers…it finally paid off the longing I had when I watched for the first time Mecha Frieza and Cold show up on Earth, only to be dispatched by a single character we have yet to meet at that point.
    What I hate about it is that “everyone” in this instance leaves out many old school characters, such as Yamcha and Chaotzu. Yes they are both weak but for some reason it’s ok to have Master Roshi there? I could totally see Yamcha and Chaotzu getting just a little bit of action after all of these years. And it would be fine to leave Trunks, Goten, Buu, and 18 behind if THE WHOLE PLANET wasn’t at stake. This is Frie-“Ima-destroy a planet with the flick of my wrist”-za here.
    Gohan in a tracksuit is bullshit. Why couldn’t Piccolo just clothes beam him an outfit? Gohan has a wife and kid now, give him something to fight for.
    And yes give Vegeta the right for revenge. I hope when TFS does get around to this, they make a version where Vegeta wins.

    • BullseyeRey

      No, Vegeta didn’t “deserve” Revenge, Frieza wasn’t even there for Vegeta.

      You are also forgetting that Goku is the protagonist.

      • Yusagi

        Who gives a crap that Frieza was there for Goku? Frieza tortured and humiliated Vegeta and killed his entire family and people – who unlike Goku, Vegeta actually remembers. In comparison, Frieza killed Krillin and terrorized Goku’s son and a couple of his other friends.

        Also, Goku already beat Frieza once. It’s Vegeta’s turn.

    • BullseyeRey

      You are also forgetting that Frieza’s “invasion force”, was rather small. Ultimately, they didn’t need the others.

      And frankly, Roshi is a better choice than Yamcha, who has stopped training at this point.

      • SolidStateScouter

        FYI, Roster trains alright. He trains one hand and shoots a whole lot of Kamehamehas.
        BS is BS and it’s not like Roshi stopped because of laziness, he acknowledged Krillin, Tenshinhan, Chiaotzu and even Yamcha as superior fighters who have room for growth while he’s past his prime… except not because the old perv is still marketable as it seems.

        Bad-ass old farts are a dime a dozen in anime. Roshi is among the top in coolness, but near the bottom in pure power. Dende would be a better fighter since he had his potential unlocked by Guru.

      • Kaliaila

        Roshi acknowledged Yamcha in the past as having been at that point in time a superior fighter. However that was before Yamcha went and got famous and stopped training. Yamcha likely hasing seriously trained at this point for most likely 7+ years. Asking why they didn’t bring Yamcha is like asking why they didn’t Bring Mr. Satan.

        Also, Roshi is immortal. His abilities don’t degrade, but they don’t greatly increase either.

        Chiaotzu isn’t there because Tenshinhan didn’t want him there, because if he had been there he would have been a liability because Tenshinhan would have been constantly worrying about him.

        Dende doesn’t really know how to fight beyond the basics; his potential being unlocked just allowed him to exceed any limits that might have previously existed in the abilities that he was good at… Like healing people.

      • SolidStateScouter

        “Asking why they didn’t bring Yamcha is like asking why they didn’t Bring Mr. Satan.”

        That’s true. They didn’t bring Mr. Satan, they brought his filler students going by power level. Roshi doesn’t train, we’ve seen this countless of times, while Yamcha still somehow maintains his strength from before and even went up against Cell Jr. Roshi wasn’t there because, as he himself admitted, was weaker. Roshi stopped training all the way back in Dragon Ball before the final tournament. Or you trying to tell me Roshi somehow, someway, found a training program that makes him stronger than Kaio? His involvement is fanservice (oh, the irony) and Dende would’ve been better than wasting Senzu beans.

  • NoobixCube

    I call them “Super Cyans”.

  • Tearhart11

    Unpopular opinion:
    I wouldn’t put this movie in the top 10. it probably would made top 15 though…

    Oh well. I’m just glad Fusion Reborn is this high. That’s my favorite of these movies.

  • GreatWyrmGold

    My instinct is that SSJGSSJ or however you abbreviate it is stronger than SSJ4, but I guess we’ll have to wait for someone to come up with official power levels for this stuff.

    • SonicShenron

      Super Saiyan Blue. Or SSJB.
      … Super Saiyan Job Blow.

    • dennise1

      I’d guess ssj4 is stronger just because base form goku is much stronger in gt. As for the actual multiplier for each I have no opinion on which would be stronger.

    • Domehammer

      It’s just super saiyan with blue hair. That is all it is… turning super saiyan after achieving God Ki. Super Saiyan Four is a stronger transformation but Goku with God Ki has a higher base than GT Goku. Instead of a linear development with Super Saiyan transformations the Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan is a fork in the road.

  • mralexs

    Hey don’t dis SSJ4! Toriyama said it was canon!

    • SonicShenron

      He did? I don’t remember him saying that. I knew he drew Super Saiyan 4 Goku, but I don’t remember him saying it’s canon. Could you share a link or something?

    • BullseyeRey

      No he didn’t and SSG and SSB have made it none canon

    • Gaiash

      He didn’t say it was canon, he just liked the design and drew it himself to show his approval.

  • Joeclone

    I just don’t like Frieza’s gold design. Why not make him look more like 2nd form Cooler and paint that gold? That’s the design I would’ve gone with.

    • GreatWyrmGold

      Eh…maybe not Cooler’s form, but something different than his old final form with a new paint job would have been nice.

      • BullseyeRey

        Except his final form is his true form, makes sense a new transformation wouldn’t change much.

        Just like the SS transformations don’t change much.

    • BullseyeRey

      Because Cooler isn’t canon and neither is Cooler’s transformation.

      Golden Frieza is an official and canon power up.

    • Argent

      Truthfully, according to the movie, the form itself was Frieza’s choice, gold skin and all.

      • Kaliaila

        Likely Frieza intending to mock the Saiyans by going gold and killing them.

  • RangerChives

    My real concern is why does this movie lose to battle of gods? While I agree with this movie’s placement, i do not agree with them saying that Battle of Gods is better than this.

    • Lanipator

      Mostly because the battle between Goku and Freeza had no tension (With Vegeta basically just waiting for “his turn” for the entirety of it) , along side the SUPER cop-out of an ending.
      This movie has a lot of wasted potential.

    • incrediblenoiseman

      I would say it’s not so much because it has more bad things going for it, but because Battle of Gods has a very big positive….more Beerus.

      Beerus is probably the greatest thing to come out of all this revamping of Dragon Ball Z in recent years. Not that we got more story to tell, not that we got more transformations to see, but that we got Beerus and that’s all we should ever need/want.

      Great job team keep up the good work.

    • KaiserNeko

      But it is. Top to bottom. Less obnoxious CG, a much more satisfying ending, a substantially better villain (Freeza is wasted here), better fight scenes between. Goku and said villain, and less questionable plot points overall.

  • c-ez

    Worlds Strongest at number 1! Calling it

  • Lanipator

    For those who defend this movie, that’s cool, you’re entitled to your opinion. Honestly if it were purely up to me it would be on the north side of 10 on this list. I felt the second half of this movie was both bereft of tension and had an awful ending to boot. What it comes down to is simply the wasted potential of the concept to me.

    I don’t really care about Freeza’s power boost making little to no sense because (lets be honest) no power boost in this series ever makes that much sense. But for Goku to basically just brush it off instead of having to really struggle to beat him… it was a let down and a damn shame.

  • brianm110

    Hey just wanted to ask, will there be a movie breakdown for ‘Super Android 13?’

  • Nindzya

    This post will contain spoilers because I’m about to bitch.

    The humor was top-notch. Great performance from Chris Sabat. Jaco is a wonderful addition to the cast and having him return is a great decision.
    Tien and Master Roshi getting screen time! Master Roshi, great as always.
    Keeping Beerus neutral was the right call. Even so, I wish he’d say something along the lines of “Bitch, did I say you could destroy this planet?”
    Here’s what wasn’t:
    Vegeta should have killed Frieza, that’s obvious. Frieza is Vegeta’s enemy, not Goku. It would bring closure to the entire Saiyan plotline.
    Vegeta got his form off screen, thus making it way less significant. He should have gotten it DURING the fight.
    Gohan getting near-killed by FIRST FORM FRIEZA?! We get it Toriyama, Gohan isn’t a fighter. But don’t utterly shaft him.
    PICCOLO? He’s stronger than the Androids by now, for sure. What a disappointment. He’s there for no reason.
    Trunks, Goten, and Buu not being in the movie. Trunks and Goten could easily had a few minutes of competition between themselves against the army, possibly even attacking Frieza themselves. Keeping them out is pretty stupid of such an important battle. Even if it wasn’t the same version, I’d love to hear Trunks just say “Hah, I killed you, loser” to Frieza. Frieza gets pissed, and Vegeta goes Super Cyan.
    18, the “bad bitch” of the series, doesn’t get to fight. To be completely honest, 18 is much more interesting than Krillin. This one is pretty minor though, and more of a personal opinion.
    Frieza is stupid. Not in the dumb way, the ignorant way. Lame approach to his character. He should have become a more proficient fighter, at least. Speaking of which…

    Based on the way Frieza’s minions fought, there was NO REASON TO REVIVE HIM. HE WAS WEAKER IN COMPARISON TO EVERYONE.

    Anyways, Frieza is back and he wants to kill Goku, just like every other bad guy wants in this show. But he also needs to get stronger in order to do that, since he became a small fry even back when Goku had yellow hair. Now that he got red hair, Frieza will need to get a new power up that can top even that. And he acquires said power up by… training for a few months. Yeah, that is all it took to get a million times more powerful; he was simply out of shape and needed to get into a fitness program. And he did it out of screen too, because who cares about training sessions anymore? We are all here to see dumb people punching each other.

    About the ending, there was definite foreshadowing for a better ending that was never going to happen, where Frieza steals the last senzu and fights Vegeta at full strength.
    Between Frieza commenting on the senzu bean “wonder drug”, Krillin only having one left, Gohan being unable to swallow a bean due to plot excuses, Frieza burning through power too fast, Goku being down, Frieza mocking Vegeta and yelling at Bulma, and Vegeta having had no real screen time yet, these all seemed like pieces of foreshadowing for an awesome ending.
    I hoped that Krillin would toss the last senzu bean at Goku, and Frieza would straight-up intercept it, creating actual tension as Vegeta has to take on a full strength Frieza, a Frieza AWARE of his limits, alone.

    Bullshit ending, made the entire movie a waste of time knowing what Whis is capable of. It’s the most generic ending to a DB film that happens constantly. Pure cashgrab and one of the worst DB movies. Pretty colors doesn’t ovverride how bullshit the plot was. Thus ends this completely pointless movie, so we can rewatch it all over again ten times longer and with crappy animation, thanks to Dragon Ball Super.

    • Maximum Over-Saiyan

      Here’s my version of RoF. After surviving his fight with Goku and Namek’s explosion, Freeza takes Goku’s words to heart. “If you really want to settle this, you should go off and get your strength back. Learn a few new attacks.” Instead of hightalling it to Earth like a dumbass and getting cut to pieces by Trunks, Freeza goes to the other side of the Universe to train himself, all while keeping surveilance on Earth and on Goku.
      Then Freeza comes back like he does in this movie, with a super powerful army to fight the Z fighters.

      When Goku and Vegeta show up, it’s a different situation entirely. Goku, already in his Super Saiyan form, and Freeza have a pretty entertaining fight, with Goku winning. That is, until Freeza decides to transform into his Golden state. Then it ends up being a curbstomp battle, ending with Goku on the ground, horribly injured. That’s when Vegeta takes over. While Golden Freeza is stronger than either Goku or Vegeta at full power, Goku has weakened him enough for Vegeta take him on, and the Saiyan prince finally has his revenge.

      So, instead of being revived and training for 4 months, Freeza never died in the first place and trained for nearly two decades, uninterrupted. Instead of having an army of cannon fodder, with only Shisame being particularly strong, Freeza has an army of badasses that gives everyone a run for their money. Goten and Trunks stayiing behind is probably a good idea. As Gohan says, they’d prorbably try to challenge Freeza and end up getting killed. And, instead of having Blue hared Legendary Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan over 9000 Blue, Goku and Vegeta have the regular SUper Saiyan, just with the power of Super Saiyan God. And instead of having no tension, that horrible “shot through the back by Sorbet” scene, and that endiing with kill-stealing Goku, we have fight that is very tension-filled, and a cathartic ending with Vegeta slaying his original oppressor.

    • BullseyeRey

      That’s Bullshit, Frieza is Goku’s enemy and Frieza wanted revenge on Goku, not Vegeta.

    • GreyLurker

      Honestly I’m enjoy DB Super’s retelling of it.

      **Spoiler **
      Buu is actually sleeping through the whole thing, but looks like he will be a big part of the upcoming Champa arc.
      We’ve had Gotenks show up because Goten and Trunks felt the Ki of all this crap going down and had to get in on it. Course being dumbasses they fused before going to the fight and only got about 1 minute of Gotenks before unfusing and hiding behind Bulma.
      Ginyu the frog showed up and swipped himself a new body
      nice little Ginyu Gohan fight
      Freeza spends a good deal of time ripping Gohan to bits before Piccolo takes it for the team, because Gohan still hasn’t learned to Dodge

      So far so good really. There has been kind of a mention of Whis’s time rewind but they didn’t make a big deal of it so I’m hoping we get a better ending.

    • TsukiNoTragedy

      The interpretation of FnF is much better in Super, so far.

      • Kaliaila

        I think that a lot of the complaints most people have with the movie version are just being nit picky because it doesn’t fit with what they had as their personal head canon.
        the Super BoG arc was great like the movie, but I was sad that Super scrapped the whole Trunks getting a girlfriend angle. I thought it was funny. The Super FnF does flow better than the movie so far, but the Z Fighters vs the army fight was not nearly as epic. I am curious, if and/or how the Frieza fights will go though.

    • Rider

      Personally, I feel like the biggest flaw of the film (besides the deus ex machina end) was that the new forms got spoiled for everyone beforehand. It felt to me like it was written so that Frieza was being built up as this powerful foe that Goku and Vegeta would need to fight together (hence all the early foreshadowing about teamwork that they didn’t use), and Super Saiyan God wouldn’t work in that situation since only one person could use it at a time.

      So them pulling out a new form they could both use at once makes sense… but at the same time, they messed up by not really having any teamwork to speak of and by having Frieza not really need to be killed by more than one of them anyway.

  • Wow Fusion Reborn & World Strongest is better than Resurrection F

    • Lanipator

      In our opinion? Yes.

  • NCHaskew

    Very well thought out and fair assessment of the film, which I enjoyed in the same way as you guys. Which means of course that all the haters are gonna call you “a bunch of f**king dumbs**ts who don’t f**king understand the goddamn franchise and this film is by far the worse ’cause herderderherher, change is bad, and for God’s sake, WEN BROLY? ANOTHER VIDEO LIKE THIS AND I’m unsubscribing!”

  • HensHammer

    Are you serious? Your saying this is worst then worlds strongest and dead
    Zone??!!! Omg this list went to hell

    • NCHaskew

      Or maybe your opinion means jack shit
      *cough cough*
      I mean, yes. Very bad assessment indeed

      • HensHammer

        Worlds strongest is a terrible movie it is a recap of the Goku vs the begets fight the plot is dumb and the villain wants to steal
        A body even though he’s
        Stronger then Goku? It’s a bad movie and should be way lower

    • Lanipator

      This is our opinion, and the fact that the second half of this movie has no tension what so ever, as well as ONE HELL of a cop out ending really brought it down.

    • sonofthunder

      “the plot is dumb and the villain wants to steal
      A body even though he’s
      Stronger then Goku?”

    • KaiserNeko

      Why would he want to live as a brain in a giant metal body? That sounds like a horrible existence.

      • NCHaskew

        ^ this guy gets it. Not to mention World’s Strongest is a better Dragon Ball movie than actual Dragon Ball movies. It kinda relies on you loving all the characters because of nostalgia, but that’s not a bad thing at all.

    • Rider

      I’m surprised it got as high as it did, quite frankly.

  • Gojira007

    Well well…I must admit I did NOT expect this one to lose out to “Fusion Reborn”. Mind you, I agree, for the most part, with the complaints here: a lot of the CG shots are pretty rough, and the ending is just AWFUL, so I don’t disagree with it being #7, I just thought it’d beat out “Fusion Reborn”. I also admit to liking the new forms more than the Team, for the record: it’s true that when you really stop and think about it, they don’t mean THAT much, but at this point in the series I don’t know how you could fix that, so I can live with it; moreover, I appreciate that they continue “Battle of Gods”‘ aesthetic of Less Is More, with simple but striking changes to pre-existing looks rather than full overhauls, and the conceit by which Frieza is able to re-assert himself as a Prime Threat after all the power creep that settled in after his defeat is honestly sorta brilliant. Indeed, I really like what this movie does for Frieza’s character in general, and I’m even willing to let some of the latter half’s mis-steps slide (up until, admittedly, that atrocious ending) by virtue of the great moments it still manages to provide.

  • Rider

    Well, it’s finally here!

    Honestly, I thought I would want to say more, but even though I don’t agree with its placement, all I can think to do after hearing you guys out is say “Yeah, that’s fair” and offer a nod of my head.

    Keep up the good work, and happy DBcember!

  • bitchieatdrinkpeople

    is ssgss stronger than ss4? XD

    • Gojira007

      Given that SS4 is closer and closer to being non-canonical, I’mma say yes. X3

      • Kaliaila

        It’s always been Non-Canonical. Toriyama just liked the design of it.

  • SeagullKing

    Yeah, gonna have to say that this has earned its spot, not the best, but good.. I probably -should- watch this again.