Oh No! There goes Tokyo!

  • Ingaro

    In the Latin Spanish dub, Hirudegarn has a very, terribly putted high-pitched growl (Because it can’t count as a voice since he doesn’t speak) that kills all the terror and menace it was supposed to express as a character… Although Tapion’s voice is pretty neat.

  • LochNessHamster

    This should’ve been in the top five. It’s the only one of the original 13 DBZ films that actually has a story, and isn’t just a new bad guy for them to knock heads with.

  • ShMike

    I do love how from this movie forward they can all be considered in canon (if we aren’t counting Super that is) as taking place after Buu is defeated.

  • DomonKasshu

    Goku’s the main character. Is it really that surprising that he’s the one to finish off the villain 99% of the time?

    Sorry, but I can’t find “the main hero defeats the main villain” to be a legitimate complaint.

    • Shawntos

      The whole final battle builds up to someone else going in for the final blow only for Goku to just step in for no logical reason. If he had had cause to interfere like during Resurrection F it would have been fine but this one made no sense.

  • JustSomeGuywithaMustache

    Tapion is, for all intents and purposes, the main protagonist of this story. And yet, who ends up saving the day by effectively stealing the kill, again? You guessed it…

    • nvlahakis

      JOHN CENA!!!!!

      • GotenksXe

        Sounds about right. Goku even used the Five-Knuckle Shuffl for the win, didn’t he?

  • Quavo

    waiting for episode 51 huh

  • MrGeorgeFlorcus

    God damn, if they say “top to bottom” one more time…

    So now I’m trying to think of what’s left on the list for contenders for top 10… World’s Strongest… Dead Zone… hmm, I’ll have to look em up.

  • Red G

    I’m surprised this movie is so low; it’s my second favorite after Battle of Gods. It actually feels different than everything else Dragonball, which is why I like it so much. The ending is off in the dub, but the original Japanese makes it so much clearer how Goku defeats the monster. It’s a shame the dub messed up the ending like it did.

    • Awoken123

      9 out of 24 isn’t that low IMO…

  • CBKH915

    YES. Bojack made it into the top 10

  • Scion Thanatos

    Does anyone else hope that for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 they have a full story revolving around Tapion in Future Trunks’ timeline?

    • Nowi

      I can imagine that, what i can’t imagine is xenoverse 2.

      • Scion Thanatos

        In terms of sales Xenoverse is already in league with Five Nights at Freddy’s and GTA V, plus since one of the gaming companies who made Xenoverse is taking a survey on what Xenoverse could’ve improved on, I can’t help imagining that there will be a Xenoverse 2.

  • KplKabbage

    I smell a Blue Oyster Cult reference in the description.

    • Cosmic Hat 22

      TFS refencing BÖC, I don’t know if I can take this many of my favorite things at once. Or this many acronyms

  • cdrood

    It’s nice the made an effort. Too many of the movies are either retellings, have villains who are copycats of better villains, or regurgitate villains.

  • KaiserNeko

    People who keep wondering why we put other boring villains above Broly: They’re boring too, yes, but the plots, visuals, utilization of characters, etc. are just flat out better/more enjoyable, in our opinion.

    • Gojira007

      I mean…plus, they flat-out work better as antagonists, IMO. They provide good, juicy action scenes and creative challenges for the heroes to work through; Broly is just this big brick wall the characters keep throwing themselves at for minutes at a time to no effect, it’s super-duper dull t’me.

      • TsukiNoTragedy

        “Broly is just this big brick wall the characters keep throwing themselves at for minutes at a time to no effect …”
        That’s a great visual. XD

  • DevilMike

    This used to be one of my least liked but I recently re-watched a ton of these specials (thanks to DCcember inspiring me to) and I’m really not sure why I gave this one so much shit. It’s definitely one of the better ones but ya the ending is just lame. It is always fun to watch people try and explain how the trunks sword thing actually makes sense though ;p

  • NirvanaFan2014

    I hate this movie and think it’s one of the series’ worst entries

  • GreatDeath52

    And my favorite DragonBall Z movie is happily waiting for the spot it definitely deserves in the top 10. Maybe even top 5.

  • AHappyNobody

    This is what i had for top 8
    8. Bojack: Unbound, Someone other than Goku is the hero, but in let’s plays they say the hate Bojack
    7. Dead Zone, Good back story and plot and ending was pretty solid showing Gohan’s power, but lame attack.
    6. Revival of F, No real tension in this, best part is the Z-Fighters against henchmen
    5. World’s Strongest, Awesome movie, killer action, Roshi’s last chance to shine for a long time.
    4. Fusion Reborn, Watch some let’s plays they say how much they love Jenemba
    3. History of Trunks, I have a boner for Gohan and Future Trunks
    2. Bardock: Father of Goku, Keiser has a boner for Bardock like me and most other fans.
    1. Battle of Gods, Beerus is a great add to DBZ, fun character almost straight from original DB.

  • juggaintgotnopowersteering

    Hey kaiserneko, please listen real quick. Im suggesting if you do the Broly movie, could try to get the voice of the Juggernaut from the Juggernaut bitch to voice Broly. Or atleast do something like it. It would fit him perfectly 😂.

    • Matrim

      …noooooo…not really…

  • Suzakux

    My predictions for rest of list:

    8. Dead Zone – Good animation at the time, decent story, stupid ending (why would he use the one ability that has a chance to stop himself) and overall decent movie.
    7. Battle of Gods – Good movie, got vegeta a chance at the spotlight again instead of it being the Goku show the whole movie. Just Fight was good but overall plot wasn’t the best.
    6. History of Trunks – Good movie and explained a lot of back story for trunks, not the best movie by any means so I don’t see it being higher on this list.

    Top 5…. No idea where they would rank the remainder, my guess is worlds strongest is 4/5 though.

    • Somethingorother

      They mentioned that they liked Battle of Gods more than Resurrection of F though.

  • MissingUTAH

    I’m shocked that Resurrection of F hasn’t shown up yet. I love the action in that movie, but to be honest, there are plot holes like:
    Frieza gets to the level of a Super Saiyan Blue in four months
    Frieza says his first form power will be 1.3 million (and yes, that’s in the Japanese version as well)
    SSJ Gohan is many times stronger than Piccolo, even though he hasn’t trained for years
    Goku gets nearly killed by an ordinary ray gun

    So… yeah. I’m absolutely sure it won’t be in the top 5.

    • Spiritnova

      The ray gun annoyed me so much. I’m pretty sure it was stronger than a standard issue blaster, it had a fancy name I believe. Still, it shouldn’t have been enough to even faze blueper saiyan Goku, let alone fatally wound him.

      Something that stuck out to me was the wish to bring Frieza back. I’m 95% sure there was a one year limit mentioned about bringing people back to life. Of course that was Kami’s Shenron, not Dende’s, so it could have been lifted when Dende fixed him.

      Ignoring that, since I can’t actually point out where it’s said, there’s also the bit about not being able to restore Frieza’s body. Instead he gets brought back as mince meat and has to be regenerated. Two issues here:
      1. Frieza was sliced and diced, yes, but he was vaporized afterwards. There was nothing left of him. And it’s not like they forgot, they showed it in the flashback. If Shenron could only restore a body to the point right before death then that should have been mentioned.

      2. Shenron has restored people to life from nothing on two separate occasions. When he revived people killed by Cell, and when he revived the people Vegeta killed at the tournament. The latter is iffy as it’s possible their bodies weren’t fully vaporized, but the former definitely left no bodies.

      Other nitpick: Why was Roshi there? Unless they have extremely lax recruiting standards, or Roshi got a massive power up at some point, a single solider should have been able to take him out. Instead he holds his own against numerous. Seemed odd.

      • bsmusic97

        “Instead he gets brought back as mince meat and has to be regenerated. Two issues here:”
        My guess that Shenron has the power to bring people back to life in the state they were just before they sustained their fatal blow. The People that Vegeta and Cell killed were done in my one attack, while Frieza was still alive after he was cut up by Trunks, even if it was for a very small amount of time.

  • LastationLover5000

    Given how close we’re getting to the top, I’m nervous as to what’ll be in the top 5.

    I see the TOP 4 going

    1) History of Trunks
    2) God and God
    3) Revival of ‘F’
    4) World’s Strongest

    and maybe it’s my own personal bias but I sincerely hope History of Trunks ISN’T their top pick. I’m sure it will be, and it was a good special, but it just never resonated with me as much so maybe that’s why. But hey, their list, let’s see how this goes.

    • Revy Marcus

      wasn’t revival of F earlier on the list?

  • Streetguru

    Pretty sure Future Trunk’s sword came from himself/bulma/capsule corp though. at least if history of trunks is to be cannon as the sword is only seen later. I mean I guess it’s possible but it still makes no sense.

  • mathex14

    World’s strongest is pretty bad, kind sad that it still didn’t show up, but I heard it’s one of the favorite movies of one tfs member, so that might be it…..

    At this point I hope history of trunks, ressurection f and BOG are the top 3.

    • JohanUser

      Res F has its flaws, I can see it being around 4-6 but not the top 3.

  • DarcPillar

    I’m excited to see that we’ve entered the “must see” portion of the list. I found it amusing that my two favorite movies that didn’t make the top ten both got a watch recommendation; Android 13 and Cooler 2. I see that they were both penalized for not having anything substantial besides fight scenes. Touche.

  • ExeClypse

    Is it funny how the reasons you don’t like it is pretty much a carbon copy of Broly……

  • QSam

    I’m actually disappointed this is 9 on the list, this is one of my favourite movies.

  • Archaeo-mecha

    This acctually made me want to see it again and I am glad I did.

  • Gojira007

    I respect the hell out of this movie for being just SO atypical of “Dragon Ball”. Seriously, by the time this movie came out, the “Z” formula, both in the actual series and for their various movies, was just SO rigidly set into place, and then along comes this movie to just blow every last one of those conventions up completely. For crying out loud, Goku isn’t even close to being at the center of the story! THAT’S ballsy, and something we rarely if ever see out of the series. The problems listed here, the finale in particular, are totally legit, but I give this movie a ton of credit for trying something so far afield of what one would typically expect of this series.

    • DarcPillar

      I think they knew it was going to be the last DBZ movie, so they decided to take it in a different direction than normal.

      • Gojira007

        I wonder if they did, honestly; yes, the Manga and anime had both concluded by this point, but it’s clear, given that GT launched only one year after this, that Toei had every intention of keeping the franchise going with or without Toriyama’s material to work from, so perhaps, at one point in time, there WERE plans to keep doing the movies? Still, that IS a pretty plausible explanation for why this one is just SO unlike any other movie in the series.

  • arcadoge

    I loved this movie. So much.

  • GreatWyrmGold

    Pacing problems, pacing problems, pacing problems…those seem to crop up a lot with these movies, huh?

    • The Shibo Otaku

      Toei has never been very good with pacing 😓

  • PZ

    The very brief fight scene in this movie is about the only thing it has going for it, as it drags on and on until then (sounds a lot like the Broly). At least it tells the story of Trunk’s sword though right?.. You know in a universe where only Trunks and Gohan are alive and can’t be bothered to contact Kami or go to new Namek. Yeah they would totally succeed.. Hands down the most boring DB movie in my opinion.

    • PZ

      Err, King Kai, not Kami.. (man this need an edit)

    • TsukiNoTragedy

      Did you skip all the character interaction, or are you one of those types that only likes the “boom-boom pows”? If that’s the case, carry on. If not, then you must have watched a different film.

  • PiccoloSensei

    This movie IS pretty great despite its many flaws. I kinda wished the whole thing about Tapion’s world was explained better, like how the “wizard” on his world was actually named “Kami”, so it’s follows the whole “Kami” thing that was already established with the Kami on Earth and it could flesh out even more mythos about the other Gods in the universe, but oh well, that’s too big a task to handle for a simple non-canon romp.

  • Maximum Over-Saiyan

    At least this one fits into the main continuity without plotholes.

    • PiccoloSensei

      No, it really doesn’t. Especially the part where Tapion gives Trunks his sword.

      • GreatWyrmGold

        Was Future Trunks’s sword actually Tapion’s? I’ve heard people saying both ways.

      • DarcPillar

        It explains where GT trunks got his sword, but not future trunks.

  • incrediblenoiseman

    I will admit that I am surprised to see this so high on the list. I guess I don’t have so much of an opinion for disliking it but more so its forgotteness with me. I remember seeing it and thinking “Meh”, but of course a different time and place. Maybe I should give it a another watch.

    Great job team, keep up the good work.

  • Tearhart11

    It surprises me that ROF has gotten this far. It was a highly amusing movie, but I probably wouldn’t even put it in the top 15.

    • Maximum Over-Saiyan

      I think that a lot of people forget how nonsensical most of the Dragon Ball movies actually are. Resurrection F is by no means a great movie, but I definitely put it a lot higher than the majority of the other films in the series.

      • mathex14

        I think most dbz movies suck(some are fine, and some are actually pretty good), but resurrection f is my favorite, I mean it has freeza in it(the only movie villain I like is broly, so seeing freeza was awesome)! But it has some lots of nonsense but so does the other dbz movies. For me the new movie was easily the most entertaining.

    • BullseyeRey

      Unlike most,RoF is canon.

      • Rider

        Should that really change anything?

        Battle of Gods is my favorite not because it’s canon, but because it’s just so damn good.

  • Quentyn

    One of my favorite movies. Hirudegarn has a spectacular design.

  • Godzilla1282

    Go! Go! Godzilla! Yeeaaaa

    Love the vid description you guys!

  • Rider

    I dunno if it’s the most character-driven movie Dragonball’s ever – Battle of Gods is put character and charm at the forefront (much to the frustration of people who just wanted action action and action), and I think it came out all the better for it. Obviously not in the same way this did, of course, so perhaps this wins in that regard, but I’d say it at least did enough to be in the top three (not counting stuff like History of Trunks, obviously).

    Anyway, great comments on this one all around.

    … But man, I’m really curious to hear how Resurrection F made it so far now!

    • Rider

      Woops, “pure,” not “put.”

    • SolidStateScouter

      I don’t know why I feel compelled to saying this but I guess I do. BoG puts character and charm at the forefront? 1) Which characters? 2) What charm? BoG instead made it top priority to rewrite Dragon Ball history. Super Saiyan is not the true transformation, Freeza was ordered to kill Saiyans, Saiyans were too arrogant rather than pose a threat, Pilaf gang somehow wished themselves to be childeren (AFTER 2 WISHES!) and the key to ultimate power isn’t training, anger or pushing yourself to the limit in the face of certain doom. It’s be “good”, hold hands and through the power of friendship become kaioken pink.

      It’s not all about fights (I doubt Biobroly had even those), it’s about seeing our favourite characters stand up to new challenges. In BoGs though:

      Goku: let’s not even try Potora fusion cuz I’m psychic. Also, let’s watch Vegeta try to keep Beerus happy.
      Vegeta: I, the prince of all Saiyans, shall cower in fear of someone stronger than me, tell no one about potential threat, throw away my dignity and get mad because my wife got what she deserved for being stupid
      Trunks: Girlfriend?
      Mai: Girlfriend.
      (rest of the world: EEEEEWWWWWWW!!!)
      All others: We’re the cannon fodder. This time though, we’ll just be tossed around rather than try to score a few hits.
      Shenron: I fear Beerus when even King Piccolo killed me once.

      • KaiserNeko

        Goku can tell the difference in strength. How is it weird to think he knew how strong Beerus was after he, at Super Saiyan 3, was piratically demolished with a single hit?

        Of course Vegeta would be upset about someone he actually cares about being wounded. He’s come a long, long way since his days in the Cell saga. He actually cares now. That’s the best part of the movie, showing his development.

        Trunks and Mai were funny. Weird, but funny.

        Everyone being canon-fodder was certainly disappointing, but not like any of the other movies did that better.

        Beerus scares everyone who knows about him. Shenlong especially because he knows the kind of rampage he could go on if he gets upset.

      • SolidStateScouter

        Appreciate the reply, Kaiser. Still, you have better things to do. I don’t… except sleep.

        1) Telling the difference in strength is impossible unless it’s specifically a power like Ki. Goku doesn’t know the limit of Potara (SSj3) and as a kid you can be pushed around by a bully, adult, trained fighter and Goku himself and still won’t tell the difference.

        2) There’s difference between caring and being reduced to a joke. Gotenks gets spanked and he doesn’t care but Bulma bites more than she can chew and suddenly he does? As a fellow weeaboo, if you didn’t die inside when you heard “How dare you! My Bloomers” then you have no soul. Seriously much worse than the dance (also inexcusable).

        3) Paedofillia. Even certain anime know their limits and DB isn’t an exception. Other than that, Trunks is better than this and so is Mai. Or are you gonna pair Goten with 18 when she transfers her soul to Maron?

        4) Sorry, that’s BS and you know it. Shenron DIED once already, never mind having his existence tied to Kami/Dende or being destroyed once by Boo. Why would he care now?

        Looking forward to more opinions I’ll probably whine about. Also next episode.

      • TsukiNoTragedy

        SSS, I often wonder if fanboys like you even appreciate the character development that Vegeta goes through throughout Z? I feel like we did not even watch the same show.

        Vegeta probably will always be reticent, but it seems as though his tolerance for others has drastically grown. The fact that Vegeta was able to swallow his pride to placate Beerus is fucking HUGE. He humiliated himself to deescalate a situation. That’s more impressive than if he had tried to face-off against Beerus.

        XD Please, go watch DB Super. It is made abundantly clear that Vegeta’s personality has somewhat changed since the defeat of Buu. If that bothers you so much that you cannot accept that he would care for Bulma and/or whoever (which was even very obvious in Z), then you should probably just stop watching any new Dragon Ball material, as you are going to be disappointed over and over again. (The Super handling of the Bulma slapping Beerus scene is Ah-Maze-Ing.)

        Also, it is a little disturbing that you think that anyone would deserve to be killed for being foolish. :/

        PS, you haven’t experienced the might of Vegeta until you see him holding a fuzzy, yellow chick in his hand. *piyo piyo*

      • KaiserNeko

        1. I respectfully disagree. Goku is a hugely experienced fighter. If he can’t tell that Beerus is stronger than a fusion, I don’t know who would.

        2. He doesn’t care about that. They’re warriors. They’re going to take hits. Bulma isn’t. Not to mention, it was a totally comedic scene. Also, every character’s name sounds ridiculous. Gohan’s name means Rice. So if you’re pulling that card on me, it fails right out the gate. Also, the dance was hilarious. I like my characters wit ha mixture of comedy and drama.

        3. As I said: It’s weird, but it’s funny, and barely means anything. Just take it as her using this as a chance to relive her youth and forget about the overarching details. This is DragonBall, nobody actually is thinking *like that*. Those who are are thinking too hard. For crying out loud, it’s not like they’re banging.

        4. Why wouldn’t Shenron feel self-conscious around the God of Destruction? When he was killed by King Piccolo, it was out of nowhere and completely off guard. Here, he’s in the presence of someone he knows could lay waste not only to him, but to the world; just ending any chance of revival for him or anyone else. He’s never had a CHANCE to show panic or worry over the possible destruction of himself or others.

  • Fran3ro

    Oh come on! Where are RoF and BoG? I can’t even believe those are in the top 10. Those are awful money grabbing movies for fanboys who can’t see the crap of plot just because it’s canon. Those movies should be in the lasts spots of the list, just under “Bardock excellent adventure”, “Broly the neverending coming” and “the swamp Broly”.

    PS: i know all the movies are money grabbing but these are so out of line desperately trying to sell the new serie that are worst. And those plots! oh my kamigod! Super Saiyan God it’s just %’[email protected]#. I’d rather go with SSJ 4. I’ve seen fanmangas that are thousand times better than that. But well that’s just my honest opinion.

    • RealtreeByGod

      It still baffles me that people hold these stupid-ass opinions.

      • Fran3ro

        Based on your stupid-ass comment it would baffle me if you could even make an opinion

    • BullseyeRey

      That’s bull, SSG is far better than SS4 and actually fits the series.

      • Domehammer

        Actually SS4 is far more satisfying transformation than SSG. It is a evolution of what super saiyan can be. Plus it brings back tails which if tails still were a thing Vegeta could of probably had a chance against Fourth form Freiza back in Namek Saga.

      • Fran3ro

        Well i don’t think so. I would need arguments for that. The SSJ4 has better design that follow the transformation path (yeah the color suck but imagine it golden and that’s it) and the form of obtaining SSG it’s just too dumb for not calling it other things. To much hyped and overpowered, to much fan service. Nop, it’s not good. At least for me. If you and others want to feed on that it’s ok, i respect your opinions and don’t think of you less for that (as i don’t think of myself better for disliking it). Just hope you don’t do it just because Toriyama did it and it’s canon. To me DB is like Terminator, DBZ it’s like Terminator II, and i don’t think i have to say what is DBS.

    • KaiserNeko

      Sorry, we disagree about the quality of Battle of Gods and Resurrection F. We think they have better structure, villains, and stick closer to the original characters than at least the bottom fifteen entries on this list.

      • Fran3ro

        And i respect that, thank you very much for taking time in respond (not trolling i really apreciate it). Keep the good stuff comming, you are great

  • Toa_Freak

    Really 9th on the list? Sure, it’s beautiful to look at, but it’s soooo boring! I don’t know how many times I’ve tried to watch this, and I can’t remember anything about it other than Tapion

  • Domehammer

    I remember Goku yelling at Trunks cause he wanted the kill for himself and was a selfish ass in this movie.

  • Yusagi

    whoa. whoa. The new entry of the day and I haven’t gone to bed yet.

    Hirudegobble is the only villain I’ve ever thought looked scary in Dragonball. I haven’t seen the movie (I…I just haven’t seen most of them. I have a cool VHS collection of Lord Slug, Cooler’s Revenge and Return of Cooler that I watch often and…I think it’s a DVD of Broly. IDK. it came with a card. Other than that and the newest, I just never have gotten my hands on the others so.) BUT. But it looks cool, and I am looking forward to it being abridged, because it just looks like it’ll be great. If I were to make a top ten list, this would probably be there just from what I’ve seen of it in videos and promo things.

    Also music! And I think I’ve heard Kid Trunks getting that sword is more of a tribute to Future Trunks than…actually trying to indicate how FT got the sword. Because it is just kind of impossible for Hiruhiru to have happened in that timeline.

  • Lizardguy

    Perhaps Future Trunks got the sword after granting Tapion’s request for death. I don’t know, as far as I’m concerned, Future Trunks has a completely different sword and this movie, though awesome, is non-canon.
    Also, since you guys didn’t make the joke: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OX2VaVtFYfs

  • Karthull

    Nooooooo this should have been way higher! This and fusion reborn are the 2 best DBZ movies!!!

  • Rectal Fungi

    Easy to get through all the “canon-holes” just by thinking all of the movies are on an alternate timeline. Wooh rationalization!

    • Karthull

      Even on alternate timeline it shouldn’t make sense how trunks got sword… also tapion’s sword seems stronger then trunks’ as his broke on 18 but hirudegarn was way stronger

    • SonicShenron

      Honestly, that’s how I’ve always viewed most of the movies. They’re non-canon, alternate timeline stuff.
      The only ones that make sense (by which I mean, don’t mess up continuity with the mange) are Bardock: Father of Goku, Yo! Son Goku & Friends Return, Battle of Gods, and Resurrection F. I guess Super replaces those last two though. Everything else, non-canon.

      • Karthull

        Well this one could fit into timeline better then others, takes place after buu, tho idk how trunks would have gotten the sword… Again it doesnt seem like the sword, tapion’s sword seems stronger for some reason

    • Rider

      Or to just not worry about it, even!

  • Shotgunmerc

    Pleasantly surprised to see this made the top 10. I thought the fight scenes were phenomenal.

    And I mean I guess the sword thing makes sense in multiverse theory? Maybe? Possibly?

  • orphenoc

    Go go Godzilla!

    Umm.. Tia was the first film I saw when it was new, fansubbed of course with Vegeta showing up cursing up a storm according to the botched translation. So it will always hold a special place in my heart. That being said the critiques on dragon fist assault being an asspull and tapioca sword being the same one future trunks had make no sense as you’ve said. Well I imagine we’ll be seeing 12 next because cool villain and the fun of seeing kids wipe out reborn nazi zombie scum aside, these were the films in the 90a fans had the most arguments over which was better. Personally I’d hold either of them over ressurection F but that’s just me, which is a shame because it’s considered canon now. I guess the jumbled up power levels and piccolos having difficulty with a goon he could’ve killed with a flick of a pinky ages ago just bother me too much. Granted here gotenks and Gohan should be >> goku. Anyway it’s really hard to type this on a cellphone because I can’t see the words after a certain line so I’ll stop, cuz it’s tldr.

    • Karthull

      Actually goku is stronger then gotenks here, and gohan constantly loses power due to not training so at this time should be only a bit stronger then goku, with goku having much better technique making him better

  • RealtreeByGod

    I like the ending just because the Dragon Fist looks cool as hell.

  • marzera

    Easily one of my top favorites. If it was just a tiny bit shorter and a better ending and it would be no question about which movie would be my favorite.

    Kinda like a certain movie that came out recently.

    • Rectal Fungi

      You wish RoF was shorter? Why would you want such a horrible thing? Worst part about most animated movies is they only run 70ish minutes.

      • mathex14

        IKR? RoF size was fine, and it had plent of enjoyable fighting scenes, seeing the others fighting, specially Roshi(even if it didn’t made much sense), was awesome.

      • Rectal Fungi

        @mathex14 – Roshi is the best part of RoF, and of DBSuper. DBZ suffered heavily from the lack of Roshi kickin ass. I’m 100% ok with retconning his power to keep him somewhat relevant, no matter how stupid a reason they give.

  • Neizu

    You guys are gonna get hell for this

  • FoLokinix

    Well isn’t this a super-early surprise.

  • anonymousfish

    Made an account just to post the first comment… also good movie.

    • hussalsalami92

      Lmao I made an account just to tell you you were second, you probably were first but by the time you made the account someone already commented

  • vallraffs

    Is Tapion the one who werewolve-d into the big monster, or was that just a dream I had?

    • marzera

      Might’ve been a dream. he was containing the monster. Most of it anyway. Totally worth the rewatch.