It’s that time of year again!  Join us as we count down our Top 24 Dragonball Villains!

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Scott “KaiserNeko” Frerichs

Nick “Lanipator” Landis

Curtis “takahata101” Arnott



Scott “KaiserNeko” Frerichs

Kirran “LordMoonstone” Somerlade



Lawrence “MasakoX” Simpson


DragonBall is Owned by TOEI ANIMATION, Ltd. and Licensed by FUNimation Productions, Ltd.. All Rights Reserved. DragonBall, DragonBall Z, DragonBall GT and all logos, character names and distinctive likenesses thereof are trademarks of TOEI ANIMATION, Ltd. This is nothing more than a parody made for entertainment purposes only.


DragonBall is Owned by TOEI ANIMATION, Ltd. and Licensed by FUNimation Productions, Ltd.. All Rights Reserved. DragonBall, DragonBall Z, DragonBall GT and all logos, character names and distinctive likenesses thereof are trademarks of TOEI ANIMATION, Ltd. This is nothing more than a parody made for entertainment purposes only.

  • Anonymous

    Colonel Silver is very cool but he was anticlimactically beaten by Goku very easily.

    Sargent Metallitron was ok, He’s not bad but nothing is really to interesting about him either.

    Ninja Murasaki and his brothers are hilarious.

    General white is pretty boring and bland.

    General Blue is actually pretty competent while also being pretty funny at the same time.

    Captain Dark is just ok, honestly he’s to miner to relay make an analysis on.

    Captain Yellow is also just ok

    Colonel Violet really is’t a villain if you go by the anime.

    Commander Red can be pretty funny at times while also being menacing and cruel.It’s Commander Red’s stupid motivation that makes me not like him even pilaf had a better motivation than Commander Red.

    I love that Staff officer Black killed Commander Red because of Red’s stupid wish. Staff officer Black even fight Goku in a pretty powerful mecha.

  • Karthull

    Since a criteria is influence on the series, regardless of how memorable or short lived there time as a villain actually was no one had more influcence on the series then all the bad guys turned good guys, from piccolo jr and vegeta to tien chiatzu and even yamcha, so vegeta and both piccolos deserve 3 spots, and the others should AT LEAST get a group spot of the 3 human bad guys turned z warriors, especially tien

  • Quavon Blume

    Only villains i can think of that haven’t been mentioned are babidi ,Buu (all forms collectively)
    Ginyu force ,Frieza, Cell ,King piccolo, Android 17 (and 18)

  • Michel van der Linden

    prediction times for spots 1-9 then huh :D.

    1 – Freeza
    2 – King Piccolo
    3 – Cell
    4 – Vegeta
    5 – Majin Buu // Mystic buu (do we count all Buu’s as one?)
    6 – Future Androids 17/18
    7 – dr… what the hell is his name? Dr Myuu? The near-palette swap of Dr Gero in GT.
    8 – Bojack
    9 – Babidi/Dabura

    • Kim Chaussin

      They’ve already mentionned that Bojack wasn’t in the top 25 at all.

      • Michel van der Linden

        Balls, I missed them saying that then. (edit) guess Beerus will be on the #8 spot then.

    • Hanamichi

      replace Dr Myuu with Piccolo Jr and Babidi/Dabura with the Ginyu Force

      • Michel van der Linden

        Piccolo? Nah, what did he ever accomplish that made him a villain? He was ruthless… thats it. Didnt kill anybody, smacked krillin around, was “cruel” to Goku, thats about it.

        The Ginyu Force.. hmm… well they were evil, memorable, and had decent personalities (for minions), but they really didn’t do much. They didn’t last long enough, and it doesn’t help that goku completely curbstomped them. They literally achieved absolutely nothing worth mentioning other than beating up vegeta, gohan, and krillin. I guess they were more memorable than Myuu, so I could replace him with them. But they were definitely not as intimidating as Babidi/Dabura. I mean.. they were responsible for unleashing Buu. That alone had more of an impact than anything the Ginyu’s ever achieved.

      • Hanamichi

        A better argument against Piccolo would be that maybe they would count him in with King Piccolo (though I personally think it would be doing both villains a disservice), even if you don’t think Piccolo Jr deserves to be in the top 10 there’s no way he would be left out of the list when movie villains like Hirudegarn and Dr Wheelo made it in.

        And if Freeza’s men (Zarbon, Dodoria, etc) were placed, you can bet Ginyu Force is coming soon.

        Honestly though, even though it’s looking like it will turn out this way I’ll be disappointed if Babidi/Dabura are only left with an honorable mention..

      • Michel van der Linden

        Honestly I simply dont think Piccolo Jr DESERVES to be on the list. He’s a completely different character from King Piccolo, no matter how much they keep saying “him and kami were the same entity”. Piccolo as we knew him literally did nothing of importance other than fight krillin, kami, and goku in the tournament. He didnt get any significant kills in (if any). He didnt cause a massive milestone of sorts, and he became a hero in his own right pretty fast the moment Z started. Hell, other than his stint as a villain during the world tournament, pretty much all of his appearance after that had him in a team-up with Goku of sorts, or him saving gohan to the point that it became a running gag.

        Which obviously isnt the same as saying he’s a bad villain or character. He just… well lets face it, “villain” Piccolo had LESS action and impact (that sounds dirty) than Zarbon in a way.

        King Piccolo on the other hand had a HUGE impact on the series as a whole; he created Piccolo, he was responsible for the death of Krillin (well he ordered his death), he DESTROYED Shenlon, he essentially mass-murdered half the planet in the past and would do so again, and he was directly responsible for Goku ending up as Kami’s student, boosting his training and prowess.

        And I admit, the Ginyu Force… well they probably will be on the list. Mostly because of how memorable they were, but I openly admit I am biased there, since I watched Z a lot more than GT.

  • Cane Jackson

    lol nice


  • Michael Kohl

    oh no mention of of the female assassin that they got for a few episodes? that had made for one of the better episodes of the red ribbon arc, one of many.

    • VenomMelendez

      That was filler though.

  • JuanTizmo

    One of the reason DB kicks the shit out of Z.

  • John Lienhart

    Oh please, everyone’s always on about the children

    • Hanamichi

      Freeza pls contain yourself it’s not your moment yet

  • Anna

    You guys didn’t refer to the collection of villains as a stable. -50 points Gryffindor.

  • Steve

    No love in the comments for Tien and the Crane School?

    They provided good rivalries for Goku, Krillin, Roshi, and even Yamcha. Tien had great character development, had exciting fights against everyone he was against, debuted a TON of new techniques, and oh yeah, he beat Goku.

    At the very least, they should have made it earlier in the list instead of some of the movie villains.

    • alexandre

      yes but they are rivals not villain, it’s like saying gary is the best villain in pokemon.
      Even pilaf is a better villain than Tien solely because he tried killing people and tried to take over the world, Tien is just cobra kai in comparison

      • Chris Litwin

        Except that Tien had an arc where he actively had to atone for some of the crimes he committed when under Master Chen. There was one episode or set of episodes where Tien came face-to-face with a man whose arm Tien himself had rendered useless. He wasn’t just a rival; he was truly a villain for a time.

      • alexandre

        yes rendered an arm useless not kill the guy with his tongue or blow a planet up, like yes he was an arrogant kung fu fighter

  • tbl

    You gotta figure, despite turning face years ago, for all that he’s done to the Z-Fighter and innocents on Earth and Namek that Vegeta still has to be up there.

    • alexandre

      Well Nappa did most of the rampage and murder when he was on Earth and what he did on Namek is still nothing compared to what Freeza and his crew did.

  • Apatheist

    Blue was a fabulous villain. Absolutely fabulous

  • Duke

    Kinda wish they at least gave a little nod to the Path of Power version, but that’s mostly because I freaking love Path of Power and wish it got more love.

  • The Red Ribbon Army, one of the ruthless forces in the DB world…Only if the ACTUAL goal of their Commander wasn’t, well, so SHORT-sighted~

    • Oh, come on. He had such a LARGE goal in sight!

      • Chris Litwin

        Too bad what he was asking for was such a TALL order…

      • Christopher Max Wall

        You could say people who could take Red seriously if they knew his motivation were in SHORT supply?

      • Chris Litwin

        Well, at least the Commander knew to keep his intentions UNDER the radar.

      • Jason Campbell

        I can see the puns here are in no SHORT supply.

      • Devauntae Davidson

        I hate yall lmfaooooo

      • Institubeur

        But in the end the army is just a bunch of SMALL fry that couldn’t MEASURE UP to Goku.

      • GameSam

        Dispite that, I hope that you won’t think LITTLE of him.

      • Peter W Dawson

        I for one will stand up proud for him.

      • Michel van der Linden

        I’m just seriously looking down on all of this.

      • Peter W Dawson

        How big of you.

      • victor padilla

        It probably didn’t help how SHORT of a temper he had

      • Peter W Dawson

        I expected more of someone of his STATURE.

      • sonic10chaosverse

        looks like he(and his entire army) got the SHORT end of the stick

      • Kenneth Wise

        GOD DAMNIT BARB!!!!! DAMN YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Fisty Fiham

        Well, I certainly won’t sell him SHORT.

      • Egg_Runner

        you’d think someone like that would be a little HIGHER on the list

  • Invader_Jim

    So tempting to go and rewatch that arc again.

  • Stache Hand

    Naturally, they are one of the few antagonistic forces from the Dragon Ball manga and anime (outside filler) to be also used as movie villains. That’s how much of an impact this rainbow of maniacs left on the franchise.

  • Cooper

    I’m really hoping Tambourine gets his own spot on the list. First dude to kill off a major character (Krillin), first dude to truly send Goku into a blind rage, and he goes on one of the biggest onscreen killing sprees in all of Dragon Ball.

    If anyone’s gonna get axed from the list I’m guessing it’ll be Vegeta and Piccolo Jr., though I can definitely see TFS doing an honorable mention video covering all of the villains-turned-allies (Vegeta, Piccolo, 16, 18, Tien, Majin Buu, shit there’s a lot).

    Here’s hoping:
    9) Tambourine
    8) 16-18
    7) Babadi and Dabura
    6) The Ginyu Force
    5) King Piccolo
    4) Majin Buu
    3) Beerus
    2) Cell
    1) Freeza

  • The Illustrious Q

    My thoughts on the remaining top ten placements.

    9) King Piccolo
    8) Buu
    7) Androids 16 – 18
    6) Cell
    5) The Ginyu Force
    4) Beerus
    3) Frieza
    2) Piccolo Jr.
    1) Vegeta

    though watch TFS troll everyone by giving Yamcha the number one villain spot. 😛

    • Hanamichi

      I’m sure Vegeta and Piccolo Jr will be judged solely in their villaous capacities, not the relevance they had later once they joined the Z gang, so I don’t expect them to take the top spots (Vegeta might end up 2nd or 3rd though). It really can’t be anyone but Freeza taking the 1st place, he’s not my favorite but his influence and popularity cant be denied.

  • TactilePope

    Very curious where the Ginyus will end up.

  • Michael Johnson

    Can it be a red ribbon?


    I know weak, sorry

  • Turkey Vulture

    Truth be told, the Red Ribbon Army arc has to be my absolute favorite in the manga; while King Piccolo still stands as my personal favorite VILLAIN in all of Dragon Ball, I feel like the Red Ribbon Army’s story arc was truly representative of the early days of Dragon Ball as a whole. That is, a race to collect seven magic balls and receive a wish before the villains can, with a good mix of both comedy and drama along the way. Knowing that, I kinda with there were more Dragon Ball hunts of that kind later in the series; while we did get a Dragon Ball hunt in the Namek arc, there seemed to be more focus on fighting than on the actual adventure. I guess in that regard, Namek can be regarded as a transitional period for Z in much the same way that the RRA arc was for the original Dragon Ball.

    Ah, OG Dragon Ball. Gone but not forgotten.

    • I agree completely. The Red Ribbon Arc is my favorite arc too, and it truly is what Dragon Ball should be about: fights, adventure, tension & comedy, and… the Dragon Balls! It’s so sad that the very objects that give the series its name become an afterthought in most of the arcs afterwards. I mean, they’re still used well in the Piccolo Arc and VERY well in the Freeza Arc, but that’s about it.

      And the Red Ribbon Army is the last time GOKU looks for the Dragon Balls. He’s never involved in the hunt for them ever again. That’s really sad.

      • Tolvan

        Goku found the Dragon Balls rather quickly in one of the latest Super episodes, though it was offscreen in a filler episode.

      • Haven’t been watching Super anymore. Gave up hope after Future Trunks Arc.

      • czartaylor

        he finds them in filler before the cell games. He also finds them in super iirc.

      • Bruno Clausi

        Is it just me or everyone seems to have forgotten about the, although brief, hunt nonetheless of Gohan and Goku for the dragon balls during the relax week they had before the Cell Games?

      • Oh yeah! But I don’t remember if that’s filler or not. Does it actually show Goku getting them in the manga, or is it just mentioned that “the group” got the Dragon Balls?

    • Royal Conquest

      Can’t beat Tournament arcs for me. Love everything about them. The diverse cast of characters that comes about, the plethora of laughs, the kickass fight scenes, THAT TOURNAMENT ANNOUNCER GUY!

  • Nash Knight

    I purposely missed school just to watch this arc on TV. Also, don’t forget that General Blue was a pedophile that would’ve probably raped Goku given the chance.

    • Turkey Vulture

      Blue’s pedophilia was only in the anime, though, so I wouldn’t consider it canon.

      • Evan Bakley

        Actually he was a homosexual. Him being turned on by the kid was because of that. It was changed to him imagining the kid as his brother in the dub to remove the homosexuality and pedophilia of his character

  • Jdgjordan

    “And you can tie a ribbon on that.”
    Shame on you kaiser SHAME on you.

    • that was terrible

      • that was terribbon

      • eyyyyyyyyyy
        *vomits blood*

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    • HikaruYami

      This is why Kaiser is the best.

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  • Hanamichi

    Yesss I was waiting for the RRA, I thought they were going to make it above the Ginyu force tbh

    I’m sure I’m the only one but I actually really liked General Blue lmao

  • Cephalo the Pod

    So, who’s left?

    King Piccolo
    Piccolo Jr.
    Ginyu Force
    Androids 16-18

    That’s 10 villains, and I could be forgetting someone from Dragon Ball. Who’s not gonna get their own entry?

    Could the two Piccolos be wrapped up together in one entry? Were the Ginyus counted in the Frieza forces entry? Is Babidi not gonna make it at all?

    • Sailor Mewni

      They did not even show the Ginyus during the Frieza Army segment, so they are still around, and if they count Game Original ones, Towa might make it. I think either Vegeta, Babidi, or Piccolo Jr.

      Vegeta and Piccolo Jr are my guess of who will not show up due to being more known as allies than as as villains.

    • Hanamichi

      out of that list Babidi is the one most likely to be excluded from the list

      but honestly I’ll be surprised if him and Dabura only get an honorable mention, they deserve to be on the list mors than the non-canon movie villains..

    • Chris Litwin

      I can see Piccolo Jr., the Ginyu Force, and the remaining Androids being low tier in the top ten. They were threats, to be sure, and they were impactful in their own right, but they didn’t really define the series as much as anyone else on that list. Babidi doesn’t even register for me, though. He screwed up in rating the level of strength on Earth, pulled together a paltry force of fighters to work for him, and only managed to get Vegeta on his side because Vegeta himself wanted it that way, if only briefly. He did control Buu for a time, but Buu himself killed Babidi in the end.

      As for anyone you could be missing, those of the Crane School of Martial Arts from the OG Dragon Ball seem to be nowhere on your radar. Master Chen and Tien, specifically. After all, Tien, like Vegeta, did start things off as a villain as well, until fights with Goku and Jackie Chun helped to change his mind about the way he fights and confronts the world. That and unlike his pupil, Chen was not above cheating in official matches.

    • alexandre

      Honest I don’t care much about the androids even if they are bad future 17-18, even them get eclipsed by Cell in their arc since Goku would probably have won once the heart virus is removed and he decides to use the Time Chamber (which retroactively shows how little he thought of them as threat if he didn’t think of the Time Chamber until Cell showed up)

  • Sailor Mewni

    I knew Blue and Murasaki would be on here, but I did not expect to see the Red Ribbon Army as a whole.

    Guess for the remaining:

    9. Vegeta (I think he is very good as an anti-hero and rival to Goku, but as a villain….not so much. If this was best characters, he would be top 3 along with Goku and Beerus)
    8. Androids 16, 17, and 18
    7. Piccolo Jr
    6. Towa
    5. Ginyu Force
    4. King Piccolo
    3. Buu
    2. Cell
    1. Freeza

    Also, again this is not counting Beerus as I consider him an antagonist, and from the Super Villains video it seems they count Beerus as an antagonist as well, so I don’t think he’ll be making the list, due to, as I said, only being a ‘villain’ in super, and being an antagonist in BoG.

    • Cephalo the Pod

      They said Beerus would be on this list in that video though, didn’t they?

      • Sailor Mewni

        I’m not sure.

    • Chris Litwin

      I doubt Towa will actually be on the list. While she is connected to the series, she’s not a part of the anime itself; she’s wholly a video game character. Not to mention, she meddles with time. She and her machinations are often in the dark, and as a result, her presence is often not felt by the world at large.

      While I CAN see Androids 17 and 18 being on the list, 16 not so much. He does very little to impede the heroes, and his mission to kill Goku ultimately does not result in anything.

      And from the sounds of things during the Bonus Episode on Super, Beerus IS on the list, or at least Battle of Gods Beerus is. Not so much Beerus from Super (because apparently, their characterizations are just different enough to separate them. Plus, the movie was called “Dragon Ball *Z*: Battle of Gods”). That said, I can sadly see Beerus being pretty damn close to the top of the list if he really IS on there, despite being an antagonist, if only because of how awesome his characterization was, as well as the impact he has had on everyone, despite the limited exposure he’s had. To say nothing of the fact he’s one of the few opponents Goku has actually lost to, despite having received a substantial power-up prior to the fight. The guy made too good a showing. The only reason I can see for him not being number one is simply because he is too new.

      • Sailor Mewni

        I could see him in the top 2 then.

      • Anna

        He’s definitely top 3 considering the hard-on TFS has for Battle of Gods. But I cannot perceive ANYONE taking #1 from Freeza, based on the criteria of the countdown.

        -Characterization: strong, charismatic (in the evil-we-love-to-hate way), and consistent
        -Influence on franchise: immense, not to mention his arc introduces the Super Saiyan. With several follow up movies on his forces (and we could include Cooler’s movies in that list, to boot), and cameos in no less than 3 TV arcs following his own, and he even made a side antagonist in Super 17.
        Influence on fans: No other villain in DBZ has a song about them. 5 minutes is a well known meme even outside the fanbase, and love it or hate it, Linda Young’s portrayal of him is iconic.

      • Mathew Gibbons

        Plus if Towa was on this list she wouldn’t be top 10.

    • Gamey Geemer

      They said in the discussion of super villains that Beerus was going to be on the list. I doubt that they are going to include Towa or Mira for much the same reason as they are excluding Super in that it is way too new to really see how things are going to pan out for lasting appeal since it has been made entirely clear that Xenoverse is a series rather then a standalone thing since there are already 2.

      But if you think about it Piccolo Jr. is also basically just an antagonist, since he had goals of killing everyone and ruling like his father had, but he never really does anything with that, he does seal up Kami, but that was resolved pretty fast. To be fair though he does have the biggest impact on the series of all the reformed antagonists other then Vegeta.

      • Duke

        To be fair, Towa has also been in Dragonball Online and is the main bad guy right now, I believe, in Dragonball Heroes (complete with a new look). Still don’t think she belongs on the list, but she’s popular in Japan.

    • You forgot Beerus. They did mention yesterday that he had a position in the list to come, due to his appearance in the movie (and his ranking is based on the movie alone).
      Also, Towa is not part of the anime, only the games. So she won’t be on the list.
      Also, Piccolo Jr wasn’t really that great of a villain. He was the “final boss” of the Dragonball anime, but that’s about it. He never really accomplished anything when being a villain (technically even less than Vegeta did). He’s more of a rival, rather than a real villain.
      On that end (and I know many people disagree with me on this one), I think Dabura and Babidi will be on the list instead.

    • Institubeur

      Who da fuck is Towa ?

      • Deecks

        Main villain of Xenoverse, Online, and Heroes. Probably not gonna make it, at best she’ll be an honorable mention because… let’s be frank, the majority of the fandom doesn’t even know she exists.

      • Institubeur

        If Super doesn’t count you cannot make games count, it would be weird as hell.