It’s that time of year again!  Join us as we count down our Top 24 Dragonball Villains!

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Scott “KaiserNeko” Frerichs

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Scott “KaiserNeko” Frerichs

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Lawrence “MasakoX” Simpson


DragonBall is Owned by TOEI ANIMATION, Ltd. and Licensed by FUNimation Productions, Ltd.. All Rights Reserved. DragonBall, DragonBall Z, DragonBall GT and all logos, character names and distinctive likenesses thereof are trademarks of TOEI ANIMATION, Ltd. This is nothing more than a parody made for entertainment purposes only.


DragonBall is Owned by TOEI ANIMATION, Ltd. and Licensed by FUNimation Productions, Ltd.. All Rights Reserved. DragonBall, DragonBall Z, DragonBall GT and all logos, character names and distinctive likenesses thereof are trademarks of TOEI ANIMATION, Ltd. This is nothing more than a parody made for entertainment purposes only.

  • Morton Sykes


  • Order 66

    I don’t see how you guys can rate Vegeta as No. 2. He was only ever an anti-hero not a villain.

  • Alex Palo

    Meh.. he’s just an antihero character that once was a villain. That’s it

  • Cole Cote

    Ehhhh. Vegeta is more like two different characters. Sayian/Namekian Saga Vegeta just seems like a separate character from the Vegeta we see after Freiza’s death.

    Even the way he is animated is less specific to his older self, getting taller, burlier and more generic. Look at the fight between he and Goku during the Buu arc, the imagery is entirely different. They’re both tall, glowing and muscular. Not that I mind the physique change, but the imagery just isn’t as contrasting. Vegeta feels less insidious than he did in his Sayian arc incarnation. To be honest, I wouldn’t even call him a villain.

    While his actions may be at times detrimental to the protagonists of DBZ, he is never really a threat to any character at most points in the series. While he does dominate androids 19 and 20, and is a scary fight for Semi-Perfect Cell: it’s hard for me to remember any other specific time at which he was honestly a figure who felt like he could win a fight or make a difference.

    And while Vegeta’s actions do cause a lot of havoc and mayhem for our heroes, oftentimes the blame is shared by other characters as well. Like the joke in the abridged series stated: Trunks could’ve stopped Semi-Perfect Cell in a variety of ways. And Goku could just kill Vegeta during the Majin phase at literally any time. Even then these decisions don’t make him villainous, they just make him foolhardy.

    My point is that I feel like Vegeta isn’t a great villain after the Namekian saga. He never feels threatening the way the real villains do. Cooler feels more threatening based off of his relation to Freiza alone than Vegeta does. Even Brolly is a more iconic villain based off of his status as just that: a Villain. Vegeta’s role as a run and gun antihero struggling against overwhelming odds on planet Namek just becomes an amalgamated version of Piccolo Jr as the second strongest and fades into the same niche as the other jobbers waiting for Goku to show up just about as soon as he is killed by Freiza. I won’t deny that super does give him some great scenes, and he has some in DBZ as well post-Freiza but in DBZ they’re kind of all ineffectual. I’m not saying Vegeta isn’t a great character, or a anything less than an iconic one, but to me as a villain the Prince just comes up short.

  • William “LEGOMania27” Breen-Ha

    But here’s the question: Will it be Frieza or Freeza?

  • Emp Gonzo

    Well, I don’t know who this “Freeza” is but he sounds like a classy lady.

  • Sergio Vale Da Serra

    OoOhhh Man, can’t wait to see who at number one! I bet it’s gonna be Team Rocket …. Aizen … Furher Bradley maybe

  • Michael Johnson

    Vegeta would love six minutes talking about him, but can I mock his pride?

  • Wade Seewald

    we all know devilman is #1

  • Trundle

    LittleKuriboh to commentate the Frieza entry.. Please? His go at Frieza was better than any of the official English VA’s for Frieza. The dude who plays him in RoF even sounds like he’s trying to mimic Kuriboh’s Frieza. Its that good.

  • I recently caught up on Super and love what they’ve done with Vegeta.
    (Also: What in the blazes happened here? Site updated totally with a competent player + disqus for comments!?)

    • Trundle

      I feel like they have shafted him a couple times due to Goku favoritism, but I would definitely say his fights with Magetta, Black(especially that epic rematch) and Cabba have been some of the best in the entire series. If his character falls short in Super in any way it’s that there really doesn’t seem an effort on the part of the writers to really make it seem like Vegeta can or could actually surpass Goku. They don’t give him any new techniques or show him thinking outside the box. My point is I would enjoy super much more if they spiced up that rivalry again. Cast it into doubt whether Goku is actually superior.

      My solution? Vegeta asks Whis to take him to Yardrat, learn instant transmission, then learn the kaioken from King Kai. If that happens, we can truly say that Vegeta is Goku’s equal and not his second.

      • I actually like him better as he is now, because so far he has caught up on Goku on his own.
        If he learned instant transmission and kaioken he’d be just a clone.

        It continues the trend of him being an opposite and how he can overcome legends and several qualifications by sheer force of will + brute force.

  • Will Bladek

    I firmly believe that Vegeta never chose to become a Majin. As Goku points out, gaining power from an external source goes against everything Vegeta stands for. Vegeta thought that it was his own idea because that’s how brainwashing works, even if he was able to resist some of Babidi’s commands.

  • WateredWillow

    Oh come on, we all know number one is Spopovich

  • James Sunderland

    The guy who killed Mr Satan’s dog is #1, for those who are wondering.

  • Mr Iczer

    Calling it now: The top villain will be none other than the most dastardly, nefarious, evil creation in the series ever.

    I of course am talking about…


  • Solaman Huq

    I actually enjoyed their argument. While reading the comments I totally saw Vegeta showing the most development as a protagonist, but team four star quite eloquently argues Vegeta as a independent, and villainous, of nature, especially during the Freeza ark. What really sells it, though, is that he has consistently been violent throughout the series.

  • saturn0205 .

    Vegeta is, now and forever, second best.

    Loved Kaiser in this one!

    Taka: “Don’t spoil it, Kaiser!” Kaiser: (full of sarcasm) “Of course, ’cause who else could it be?”

    • sonic10chaosverse

      my exact thoughts,vegeta is destined to second place
      he already know that everyone figured out

  • GreatWyrmGold

    Even Super does things with Vegeta? Geez, you can’t let those anti-Super sentiments go for so much as the span of one compliment?

    • Asshole Spiderman

      well with how much Super does with everyone else, you can see why

    • sonic10chaosverse

      i don’t get it

      • GreatWyrmGold

        Even Super. Not just “Super does things with Vegeta,” “Even Super does things”. It’s like they’re surprised Super does anything good.

      • sonic10chaosverse

        oh…well i think its similar to lani’s opinion of the xenoverse games:he thinks they are okay or good at its best but there’s some elements that bring the experience down

  • Christopher Max Wall

    “Vegeta started out as a bad man” I see what you did there.

  • Reptillor

    Next we do Marvel best villains. Deadpool is taking number 2 spot. Just make up the same reasons here.

  • BadMunky64

    Freeza? FREEZA!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lexxxisbest

    How many people did not think Frieza was number 1? Exactly lol
    Buttttt I definitely didn’t think Vegeta would rank in the top 3. So excited for him!!!

  • Cane Jackson

    Vegeta will always be number 1

  • John Krauss

    Dang, with that long rant, it makes me wonder why Vegeta isn’t at the top of the list. He’s certainly had more of an impact on the series than Freeza.

  • Royal Conquest

    “May come as a surprise” Lani there’s nothing surprising about Freeza being the best DBZ Villain. It’s something I wholeheartedly agree with. Freeza has always been and will always be my favourite DBZ Villain.

  • Fisty Fiham

    Vegeta: “I’m not at number one? How? How am I not at number one?”
    Freeza: “…Like a bitch.”

    • Starfighter101

      Freeza Soldiers: OOHHHHHHHHHH!!

      • Karthull

        There should have been more scenes of vegeta brutally slaughtering the freeza soldiers

  • Eragon Trible

    Vegeta, the most interesting Saiyan in the universe 🙂

  • Paulo Truzzi

    I can’t see Vegeta’s sacrifice as an act of redemption. Sure, it was probably his first “selfless” act in the entirety of Dragon Ball, but he killed himself not to protect others, but to Kill Boo. What apparently confuses people is that he says goodbye to Trunks, but still, the only reason he had to kill himself and say goodbye was BECAUSE HE CREATED THE THING THEY NEEDED TO KILL. If Vegeta didn’t fight Goku just as a personal grudge, Buu wouldn’t return to life. They could’ve just killed Babidi and Dabura then done. No threats. The thing I saw as a redemption was at Battle of Gods (posterly Super) when he throws his pride away to protect his home and his friends/family from Beerus. That was a pure act of selflessness, and a real example of redemption.

    • Asshole Spiderman

      that, and he was still in Hell afterwords (or at least he was in Fusion reborn, was where he ended up ever specified in the manga?)

  • brarrbrarr

    desert bandit yamcha is clearly number 1 guys. First villain to beat goku. Only reason he was spared was due to Bulma.

  • sonic10chaosverse

    cold killer:*picks up the phone*¿what?
    i knew that vegeta was going to be number two when you guy’s put piccolo jr in the list(okay more when you revealed that he was going to be in the list) that’s the place he’s always gonna end up in life

  • Mar4zera

    Rildo for #1! IKNEW IT

  • Zachary Watson

    #1 has so be Oolong

  • shahien jacobsen

    we all knew, from the beginning, that the No. 1 spot can only be taken by the universes most evil dictator…


  • Ramsay Bolton

    Stop saying “Gokkuuuuu”. It’s “Goku”. Emphasis on the “O”. Or just say Kakkarot and save us all the trouble.

    • Deecks

      No, you stop saying it wrong.

    • Scott “KaiserNeko” Frerichs

      Excuse me, real quick: 孫 悟空

      Can you tell me what that says? No, you can’t. Not without Google. It says そんごくう. A.K.A. Son Gokuu. That’s an elongated U at the end.

      I grew up on the Japanese version of the series. Masako Nodaway, Shunsuke Kikuchi, and Son GoKUU.

      Now stop saying it wrong.

  • AsurasPath22

    It is a shame, that he goes to shit in DBS.

  • Trent

    WTF I coulda sworn Appule was going to be #1

  • A Generic Tweeter

    Plot Twist, #1 villain is… GHOST NAPPA

  • Rafael Jimenez

    I have to say thank you for making this list. It’s been fun hearing what you guys think, especially Kaiser on #17 I don’t remember when I laughed that hard, but I have to disagree. Especially now that we know Frieza’s going to end up #1 but, and this is my personal opinion, he’s not #1. Hell he’s barely Top 5. Outside of the depth you all have given him. He is a cookie cutter villain who not only have we seen done before, but we’ve seen done better, Not only in this series but also in other mediums. He’s the DB universe equivalent of Green Goblin. Where, when not viewed through the glasses of nostalgia of which I was guilty of before I started watching this and Kai, essentially every return has diminished from his character.

    That and he’s been outdone by almost every villain that has come before him and after him not only in character but in deeds. He’s overshadowed by Majn Buu (who is essentially the Galactus of this universe) in the destruction scale. His being a planet buster is quickly overshadowed when Buu starts wiping out universes and that’s before we’re introduced to the literal Galactus of the universe, in Beerus, who could wipe out planets by sneezing. It could even be argued that Cell (who should of been #1 & who might be scarily enough the closest analogue to Doctor Doom this series has ever seen) rivaled him intelligence. Not only that he did something no other villain short of King Piccolo did. He approached the Z-Fighters with wit, strategy, guile and manipulation. He played them to a T. And while I wanted Vegeta to be #1 Villain I can’t argue with his placement as far as villains go. Though his character growth from: Outright Villain, to Anarchist, to Anti-villain, to his subsequent reversion back to anarchist should of been enough to place him higher.

    But taking those into account the only thing Frieza has going for him is his malice. Cause beyond that everything he’d done, had been done before. With the exception of destroying a planet which was done later on a much grander scale. But again this is just personal opinion.

  • I think the 1# villain is … hmmm OH I KNOW BOJACK

  • Derek Clapton

    Ridiculous that Dr. Wheelo’s Bio Warrior got the number one spot.

  • Kr1spness

    Glad you mentioned his change in BoG and RoF. After Majin Vegeta’s redemption and final acts in Z, his villainous arc came to a perfect close. I like seeing the more disciplined Vegeta in Super, even if he’s a lot less bad ass.

    As for Frieza being #1, I can dig it. There’s a reason he keeps coming back for fan service. Out of all the villains he is the elast likely to become yet another reformed villain to befriend Goku. RoF may not have been a well made movie, but it was great to see with a second chance at life, he’d poor every ounce of his energy into a satisfying revenge, even going as far as cheap tricks to win when Goku offered him a chance to go and train instead. His terrible figure unraveling into a madman was great on Namek and as far as villains who didn’t become heroes afterwards, he had a huge impact on the series, the characters and pop culture.

  • MegaKat

    Even now, Vegeta still comes in second place.

    • sonic10chaosverse

      that’s is place he’s destined to be:not the best but certainly the second best

  • Invghost

    Wow, frieza as number 1. What a surprise :/

    • Kaiser

      Who else could it have been though? Nothing is referenced through the series like Freeza is. Even when Krillin’s kienzhan failed to decapitate Cell, everyone was shocked. Not because “It’s the Kienzhan, it can kill anyone!” but specifically, “But that’s the attack that cut straight through Freeza, and it did NOTHING!” Even after his death, Freeza was still the gold standard for the border between “Meh, another enemy” and “Oh shit that’s scary”

  • Ignacio Chimbo Kinbaum

    Now Yamcha being nº its going to be a surprise, wait for it

  • Kevon Gause

    Cooler:somebody better pick up the phone

    henchmen: why

    Cooler: because i f**** called it

  • RandomShinigami7

    For some reason this video reminded me of what Goku said just before he first fought Vegeta. Something along the lines of “even a low class reject can surpass an elite, if he trains hard enough”. I always thought that was a great quote.
    Also, the number one villain should be Fuller from Dragon Ball Evolution. The casual way he calls Goku “Geeko” is just… *shudders* truly terrifying.

  • Ash Velvet

    Damn, Turles isn’t even on the list, ouch guys.

  • Connor Caines-Mandeville

    Of course vegeta is number 2, he can never be the best in anything really.

    • sonic10chaosverse

      its not a bad place,its just not a good place in vegeta’s eyes

  • NoTimeForThatCrap

    My pic for the #1 villain in Dragonball Z?

    Son Goku.

    Yes. That’s right. GOKU. Literally just about everything bad that has ever happened is directly Goku’s fault and gets traced back to nothing but Goku. Goku’s presence on Earth and the subsequent failure of his ONE JOB as a baby resulted in attracting the Saiyans to Earth much later.

    But before that, as a young boy, he antagonizes multiple villains who never would have hurt the people that they hurt, had Goku not gotten involved, and led them to target those allies or become his friends which directly put them in harm’s way. This is a trend that continues for an insane length of time in the series (read: nearly all of both Dragonball and Z).

    If Goku had not defied the Red Ribbon Army, they wouldn’t have been pushed to take hostages, murdered so many people due to Goku’s opposition, and Commander Red would merely had made his selfish but dumb wish in peace after obtaining the Dragonballs. Instead, Goku ALSO blows up the entire Red Ribbon Base, which set the stage for Gero to seek revenge years later and use his artificial humans to murder so many more people, and never would have created Cell.

    Without Goku there would be no Saiyans on Earth, nothing would have drawn any other evil forces to Earth, either, and the Supreme Kai could have enlisted more powerful help in the universe to deal with Majin Buu, had he more time to deal with the situation, had there been no other super powerful beings on Earth to get in the way of the whole situation. And even if they HAD, Mr Satan would have befriended Buu anyway.

    But with no Cell due to all this butterfly effect going on, they might have called on what the citizens think was the strongest in the world, since he would have won the tournament without the other combatants inspired by Goku, yet Satan wouldn’t be AS popular as he was (Since there was no threat AS big as Cell for Satan to “defeat”), leading to him not being AS popular enough to warrant the man that shot Buu and Satan’s dog, thus probably leading to Satan and Buu being happy without incident.

    And going back a good deal, without the losses incurred by the Saiyans arriving on Earth who would never have come if Goku wasn’t there, they never would have gone to Namek, and while Frieza would have become immortal, chances are very low to possibly nil that Frieza would ever have bothered with, or heard of Earth. and neither would Beerus ever had come to Earth, NOR started ever looking for a Super Saiyan God.

    Meaning that, Goku’s primary goal has always been to protect the Earth, but in fact, he has done nothing but create nearly every one of it’s major problems and confrontations that would ever have been above the capability of it’s own citizens to handle. Aside from Buu, which would have worked itself out anyway had Supreme Kai not actually just enlisted other help on a higher scale we know exists. Meaning that Earth would have been so much better off if Goku NEVER arrived on it.

    The best way to protect it would have been never to land, but since he did, he and his selfish actions, have only caused the Earth, and most of the people in his closest circle of friends the pain and torture they constantly go through. But since Goku literally cases all pain, torment, suffering and strife on Earth bigger than what it’s own people can handle, just by virtue of being there leading to these terrible things from the beginning of the series to the end of it, makes Son Goku the primary villain of Dragonball and Z, just by merely existing. The only other creatures that cause this much evil by merely existing are Lovecraftian ancient beings.

    …..but yeah no, i’m sure #1 on this list tomorrow is gonna be Frieza.

    • alexandre

      yes I’m sure the red Ribbon army would have been the benevolent ruler of the world, what with the whole once I the slaves found the dragon ball I’m killing all of them White, I’m basically a Nazi Blue and let’s make an army of terminator gero

  • ShonenJUMP Lover

    i still think time breakers should’ve been on this list, especially over some of the bottom ones on the list

  • Michael Bootes

    I’d kind of forgotten they hadn’t done Freeza was half expecting it to be goku. from Raditz on pretty much every threat with the exception of buu(although if you count that he didn’t kill fat buu so the kids could have a shot at him…) has been either after or because of Goku

  • YuriFan

    The biggest dick in the galaxy. And we still love him.

  • Piscina de la Muerta

    I have to admit, I think Vegeta is number 1 on my list.

    Freeza has a nice design and is cunning to a fault, but never really showed different shades of character. He was always destroy, insult, I’m better than you, torture and being evil for evil’s sake. Which, now viewed in hindsight, is pretty poor for a villain and almost certainly wouldn’t work in today’s story driven entertainment.

    • alexandre

      well that and for the sake of his trade, his empire and to beat his crippling fear of being powerless. All those reasons being way more villainous than just I’m a prideful prince who always screw the good guy’s plan , want to fight goku, and being inexplicably spared. Vegeta only becomes a great character when he stops being a villain

  • RisingTide Recruiter

    Just take the compliment

  • Joshua Graves

    Number one villain in Dragonball? Goku.

    No one has killed more people than him, even from when he was a child. Frieza, Cell, Vegeta, et al. have killed plenty, sure, but they get wished back with the Dragonballs.

    But, if Goku kills someone? They get dick.

    Selfish prick.

    • Chaltab

      Yeah, all those people Goku killed. Like the terrorist army that murdered people because their leader didn’t like being short, the demon king who sent a minion to kill his best friend, one of Babadi’s lackies, and an incarnation of evil that had blown up his home planet.

      What a douche bag.

      • Deecks

        S’called a joke, mate.

      • sonic10chaosverse

        *claps proudly*

  • Trundle

    Seriously no spot at all for Dabura, Babidi, or Tambourine, yet you put Broly and Radius in respectable places on the list? Especially Dabura. He was an intimidating and badass villain who honestly had all the best ideas in the early buu saga rather than Babidi(i.e. Suggesting Babidi possess Vegeta, allowing Goku and Majin Vegeta to fight it out in order to assure Buu’s release, not to mention killing Kibito in his initial appearance and his terrifying stone spit that horrifically petrified piccolo and krillin, effectively killing both of them until his death) And even afterward, we find out that before the majin seal was on him he was a benevolent lover rather than a fighter who helps videl and bulma. Hell, the guy is PICKING FLOWERS in heaven at the end of Z. How is he not top ten material?! He’s bursting with character both alive and in heaven and I wish he were in the multiverse tournament lineup. He even said he wants to be wished back!

    • BlueMageBrilly

      That’s a pretty minor role compared to the rest, though. I mean, he deserved a mention at Buu, but other than that I don’t see Dabura getting much stuff done other than being a cookie for Buu. I think he’ll get a small “Honorable Mention” in the next video, but he’s not really “Top Villain” material…

      Also wasn’t the benevolence thing GT? Or no? I honestly don’t remember. Either way, he doesn’t really have anything to do after he gets eaten. But I do agree having him in the Multiverse Tournament would be pretty neat, though he would be fairly weak without his spit at this point.

      • Trundle

        Oh I never said he was Frieza or Cell material. I do think though that for a side villain he is bursting with character. Certainly more than say, 19 or even Canon Nappa who serve similar functions in the narrative in their respective sagas as secondary villains. Both those characters cause havoc but they really are just one dimensional.
        Dabura kills Kibito, nearly kills Piccolo and Krillin, has a pretty damn good fight with Gohan(in which he is toying with him. The dude is definitely around SP Cell level. He ain’t that weak. My point is he was easily one of the best side villains in the series and is shown to be a very flamboyant and kind character in heaven. Definitely worth a high teens spot on this list and I hope he returns in Super as a good guy.

      • Royal Conquest

        I think Nappa earns a place for sheer amount of characters killed man. He fucking decimates Earth’s Warriors before Goku shows up and that was early in DBZ. He had quite the impact.

      • Deecks

        Not really by the standards of the contestants. Buu, Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, and probably Piccolo are all way stronger than him, sure, but he’s well above 17 and 18, and leagues above Krillin, Tien, and Roshi.

      • Trundle

        He could train, and his stone spit would definitely be valuable.

      • Deecks

        That’s what I meant. And yeah, considering he’s been in Heaven, that means he kept his body, meaning he could have been training for all those years.

        I’d agree that Dabura’s a fun villain. What probably gave him the slip is the fact that, ultimately, he’s just a lackey – his significant actions in the arc are disabling two people who couldn’t have done much either way, killing a guy (who stayed dead for about five minutes) who’d had about five lines, and pointing out the blatantly obvious to Babidi (namely, that Vegeta was nursing a grudge). Not to mention it’s a little hard to be intimidated by him when the show’s pretty explicit that a Cell-tier baddie is kind of old news at that point. That said, the anime guys definitely loved him (extending his fight with Gohan and adding that little redemption arc).

      • Trundle

        He also had a REALLY cool looking design imho. Love his sword too. Would really love to see more of him

      • Trundle

        Yeah. I miss him a lot and enjoyed the glimpses of his fight with Future Trunks in the other timeline in Super. Seems though to have ultimately gone the way of Launch in the story.
        Makes me sad.

      • Trundle

        Also. He was INSANELY good in DBZ BT3. I played him all the time and kicked some serious ass online back in the day.
        Last thing. I just re watched his fight with Gohan. I forgot how good a fight it was and all the awesome abilities he’s got. Also the way he carries himself and speaks is really cool. Even though, you know, he’s the first victim of the prodigal pink blob (Cookies anyone?)

      • Trundle

        Oh yeah..and he told Babidi that there was no way in hell that Buu was gonna keep listening to him .and we know how that turned out.

    • ShonenJUMP Lover

      wasn’t he just turned good by king yemma or something

      • Deecks

        What happened was Yenma sent him to Heaven because… well, he’s a demon, Hell’s not much of a punishment to him. That was the end of him in the manga, but the anime decided to play around with the concept for a few filler arcs, revealing that Dabura actually enjoys Heaven for the most part.

    • Chaltab


      • Trundle

        Dann auto correct. Meant Raditz.

    • Federico Sandoval

      I disagree that he is top 10 material maybe low 20 maybe replacing that Kaiju at number 24. His only memorable features are his desing and saliva and thats it. He has little to none impact on the series, has one good fight with a rusty Gohan then its eaten by the true threat of the arc and is mostly forgotten.
      At best he has a lot of potential….

  • BlueMageBrilly

    “Never heard the name Frieza in your lives..” It’s Raspberry.

    “The secret villain that hides under the much bigger name of Frieza… Raspberry. This bad berry was one of the strongest fighters Frieza had under his rule and had almost led to the destruction of every universe with his conflict with the Demon God Dumplin during his job as a time patroller. Although he is eventually defeated, his effects are constantly shown throughout the series. Although most of the back story given leads some to believe that some things came from nothing, every piece like that came from Raspberry himself. Majin Buu was created then the summoning technique was given to Bibidi,. Gero was given the two that would become 17 and 18, along with the blueprint for Cell…. and finally Raspberry himself was the initial spark eons ago that led King Cold and his family to become the universal tyrants they are now. He’s even the one that reminded Raditz of his own brother, creating a reason for Vegeta to go down to Earth in the first place and leading Frieza to Namek.

    Most of this is very subtle in the show and really only comes into play when looking back at Dumplin’s adventure. But even that adventure has the King’s role being pushed into the shadows for someone else. The major conflict is again overshadowed by the threat of Towa, Dumplin’s future OTP with another timeline’s Towa, but looking between the lines shows Rasprberry’s touch once again. Towa’s main focus is to unlock the demon realm and conquer the universe… But who sealed the demon realm in the first place? That’s right.


    All to create the conflict, and avoid a paradox, with the Demon God many years in the future, while also introducing Dumplin to a fresh hell. The conflicts Goku and the rest of the cast have to deal with end up becoming nothing more than another man’s way of antagonizing someone else through Towa’s constant abuse of the time stream. He is an shadow over the entirety of the series and it isn’t until far later for them, though before the series even starts for us, that Dumplin finally gives in to becoming part of the time line entirely and takes on the mantle of Mr. Popo, assistant Guardian of Earth. Meanwhile, Raspberry himself decides to shed his guise of being one of Frieza’s many soldiers and take on his true form once again… But that’s a story for another time. It’s a pretty Super story, though.

    But make no mistake: this Bad Berry ends up being the real villain of the entirety of Z… Just one that acts more like Vegeta’s pride than an actual fighter, but still takes his spot firmly as #1 on this list with his mastery of puppetry leading to the creation of every other villain in the show. Now that we’ve reached #1, let’s have a bit of a break.

    I’m berry bushed.”

    That’s going to be #1, for sure. No doubt. There’s no one else it could be.

    Good listing on Vegeta, though. You went above and beyond to explain your reasoning and I respect that. The only one I think I disagree with, though don’t dislike you for, was the Androids. At least being so high on the list since they don’t… do much. That’s just my opinion on the matter, though.

  • Sean Noe

    The way they describe vegeta in buu saga is the main reason why the buu saga holds true as my favorite dbz saga.

  • Emperor Niko

    #1 will be the true dark lords of Dragon Ball! Earthlings.
    Over the course of a few decades there have been many world ending threats that earthlings largely ignore even when they lose and rebuild cities faster than Metropolis in the Animated Series.
    In all that time there was only one earthling to create something that was a counter to extraterrestrial entities and that was Giro.
    Earthlings are the bad guys because they rely on the Z-Fighters, Lie to the public or ignore that anything is wrong at all. Hell between Cell and Buu arcs Capsule Corp could’ve built a robot army from Giro’s data (Not that it would’ve help in that fight) Any effort from Earthlings who were not the Z-Fighters would’ve been nice

  • Lupu

    I can;t wait to see this Frieza next. Sounds like an interesting villain.

    • Ben Wenger

      Prepare to be disappointed. He’s actually pretty shallow and lame. But fanboys really love him for whatever reason.

  • Mateusz Czapla

    I’m sorry but I honestly can’t agree with this one. First: Vegeta barely qualifies as ”villain” past Saiyan Saga. Second: his character development is thrown out of window in Buu Arc (like A LOT of other characters), to this day I have absolutely no idea what caused Vegeta to turn majin. It made no sense then and it doesn’t make it now. Third: I really wonder why they left this one out, he’s one of the most ineffective villains in DBZ. What Raditz did? He killed Goku. What Nappa did? He killed half of Z-Warriors. What Frieza did? He killed Dende, Krillin and Vegeta. What Cell did? He killed Goku and Trunks. What Buu did? He wiped out most of the cast. What Vegeta did? Emmmm… he killed a single village of random Nameks?Yep, that’s it. That’s ALL he managed as a villain. After Namek Saga he doesn’t qualify as a villain. He isn’t one, he just wants to beat Goku and his return to villainous ways in Buu Arc is just plain stupid. So, im my opinion all character development post Namek Saga is irrelevant as he is no longer a villain.

  • Stache Hand

    No day like tomorrow for the final villain on this list to make his appearance. One thing’s for sure, it ain’t Bojack.

    You really have to wonder what magical hands Toriyama-san had to make somebody who punches things, blows up so much stuff and screams a bunch into such a compelling anti-hero. One of fictional history’s finest examples.

  • Apatheist

    That leaves Monster Carrot at #1

  • Mr. Q

    I kinda figured Lani would bust out his Vegeta voice more to express his character’s outrage for being on the #2 spot of this list.

    • sonic10chaosverse

      that would been hilarious

  • Turkey Vulture

    So what you guys are saying is that Vegeta is pretty much an evil Goku.
    That’s gonna make me look at the post-Piccolo chapters quite differently.

  • Hey Vegeta, Looks like you got.. (Looks at trunks) A Hole in your Trunks…. Yeaahhhh

  • Ano

    he’s got to be number two because vegeta can’t win XD

  • Andrew


    But seriously, I was a bit annoyed to see Vegeta this high, especially after Cell, Buu, and King Piccolo, but when you break it down, Vegeta really has gotten in the way of the Z Fighters’ attempts to save the world because of his pride. He’s infuriating, petulant, and a great villain because of it. I finally see the light.

  • the number 1 villain is…


  • Darius Hickman

    can’t wait to see soba as the number one villian

    • Deecks

      Toriyama wanted to end it at Soba.

  • TheLegendofQ

    They could have trolled us and said King Cold

  • Zak Fellows

    Can’t wait to see the discussion on Frieza AND the honourable mentions

  • athroughzdude

    Spoilers, Lani, you’ve spoiled it!

  • J Simone

    Guys. I THINK the number one villain…is Mr. Popo.

    • Holy Shit!!!

    • Ignacio Chimbo Kinbaum

      First rule of Popo

    • Adam Robert Sherman

      Ahmp. Wrong.
      Everyone knows Popo is just an older version of Demon God Dumplin’ – who is far beyond the concept of morality.

    • Karthull

      Demigra! Towa and Mira! Jackie Chun! Nam and that dragon thing goku fought! The collective sum of every robot in the series, robotics themselves is a villain! No, the ultimate villain… Is saiyan blood itself, as it leads to seeking more combat and letting villains become bigger villains, it is the saiyan blood which is evil!

  • TactilePope

    Freeza made super saiyans a thing. That’s a big fucking deal. Also pretty ironic

  • BigT100

    Wow even here Vegeta can not stand up to Frieza. Poor Getes. Alsways just Number two.

  • Raymond “RGF91” Frand


    • NewK00paUSA


      • BigT100

        Just give him the thing

      • NewK00paUSA


      • BigT100

        Give him the thing!

      • NewK00paUSA

        BUT THE THING-*snap*

      • BigT100

        Now a kid!

      • NewK00paUSA


      • Lupu

        What the space fu-

    • Deecks

      It’s Bacterian, right? I mean, we all know it’s Bacterian.

    • sonic10chaosverse

      gee,¿how could we had know? the guy who ironically created super saiyans,the guy who indirectly kickstarted the whole series,the guy who created some trends that next villains will follow,the guy who people predicted since the early entries,etc ¿who could he be?

  • Jack

    So, do you think you guys will actually do a full abridged version Broly the Second Coming and Bio Broly? Or would you just do a quick skip over like the Garlic jr saga, because let’s face it, are those two movies even worth doing at all?

    • Deecks

      It’s… kind of a hard call, with Second Coming. Most of the problems with Second Coming are down to its pacing and Broly’s character somehow degrading further, which are both things that’d be easy to fix. Whether the result would be funny, that’s harder to say… but hey, Super Android 13 was a pretty solid Abridged movie, and that movie is basically just an extended fight scene. It’d mostly come down to what the Abridged crew do with Goten and Trunks, given how central they are to the plot.

      Now, Bio-Broly, that’s an incredibly easy movie to abridge. You’ve got a ton of joke potential, between the presence of Mr. Satan, the B-movie atmosphere, and the simple absurdity that it’s about the destined legendary warrior of the Saiyan race being turned into Man-Thing.

      If nothing else, the fact that they did Episode of Bardock (a story that they consider to be significantly worse than both Second Coming and Bio-Broly) and that turned out well, suggests that they could do Second Coming.

      • Jack

        Well that special was pretty short anyway and the main reason they hate it is because they love Bardock and Father of Goku so much. With Broly on the other hand, they don’t have much love for him to begin with which is a big reason why the other movies suck. As they said, in Second Coming, Broly is just so unnecessary because all he does is scream Kakarot the whole time. Matter of fact those two movies are really just proof as to why Broly isn’t that great. One dose of him was enough and that’s how it should have been

      • Deecks

        Their words were “wasted”, not “unnecessary.” The entire movie’s still about Broly, and the story doesn’t work without his presence… it’s just kind of a bad story, and his application in it really hurt Broly as a character. Broly in his first movie was mostly just a violent brute, but he had sparks and snatches of something deeper – a wounded, deranged soul, lost in the throes of power he can barely control and consumed by bloodlust – that a sequel could have easily expanded upon. But then Second Coming came out… and it turns out he really is just a violent brute.

      • Jack

        Actually no. They’re words were pointless and irrelevant. I doubt they’ve ever used the word wasted when concerning Broly. And yes, he was. They could quite literally have made up some evil monster that was frozen in the mountains, get unleashed and Gohan fights him instead. Why Broly though? Why is he necessary? The answer was just fan service

        And yeah, that was the problem. That’s all Broly’s character was and is supposed to be. Power and violence for the sake it. Most of this tortured soul stuff, is just something fans want to insert into Broly so they can like beyond the shallow and superficial reasons. I mean, the guy wants to kill Goku because he cried when they were babies. Like….what the fuck? How can he even remember something that in the first place? Second, even if he could, how is that Goku’s fault? Babies cry. Should he also hate Goku for crapping his diaper? And finally, it would actually make a lot more sense if he wanted to kill Vegeta instead, since he’s dad stabbed Broly when he was a baby, but somehow Goku crying is the most horrible thing in Broly’s life

      • Deecks

        Ah, right. Rewatched the video, and Lani does describe him as “just pointless here.” Probably got confused, since Taka follows up with “it just feels like a total waste” (referring to the film as a whole).
        Really, not a fan of the character by any means either. I just don’t feel he’s the single worst villain in the series – hell, I’d have a hard time even saying he’s in the bottom five of movie villains. Because that’s what movie villains, for the most part, are – power and violence for the sake of it, filling up forty minutes with a halfway-decent fight scene before being defeated with as little ambiguity as possible. It was really just an accident of fate that he wound up totally exploding in popularity – there’s probably some other universe out there where, I dunno, Hatchiyak or Lord Slug is appearing in every single fighting game and there are people insisting that Bojack’s final form is strong enough to handle Vegito.

  • Jack

    So, do you think you guys will actually do a full abridged version Broly the Second Coming and Bio Broly? Or would you just do a quick skip over like the Garlic jr saga, because let’s face it, are those two movies even worth doing at all?

  • Daniel Banks

    “Something that may come as a surprise to all of you…”

    Wait, it’s not Frieza?

    “for those of you who have never heard the name Frieza in your lives.”

    There you go.

    • Kr1spness

      #1 King Cold!

      • HikaruYami

        The most impactful villain ever–he somehow or other caused Frieza’s birth!

      • Asshole Spiderman

        1, was Frieza’s ancestor
        2, Started the Legendary SUper Saiyan thing
        3, was in Episode of Bardock

      • Nicholas S Schneider

        I think being in Ep of Bardock is an argument against him…her?

      • Asshole Spiderman

        Episode of Bardock is just his greatest offense, list of villainy and all

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  • i hope the saiyan heirarchy is that you have to kill the king cause that means that Frieza blowing up planet vegeta makes him the king and then future trunks becomes the king then Perfect cell and then Gohan.

    • Gintoki

      And then Kid Buu. And then Goku.

      And if you continue this until dragonball super, the purple Hit man is currently the King of all Saiyans.

    • Gintoki

      And then Kid Buu. And then Goku.

      And if you continue this until dragonball super, the purple Hit man is currently the King of all Saiyans.

  • Gintoki

    The thing about Majin Vegeta is, Vegeta was fully aware what he was doing. He just didn’t want to become a good person, he wanted to prevent it because he could feel that his heart was getting soft. Also, he knew that Goku, who had only one day on earth, would not fight him if there was an other legitimate threat (like Babidi). So Vegeta decided to become a legitimate threat himself, so he can finally have the fight he wanted. But even with Babidi’s influence, Vegeta couldn’t do it. He couldn’t forget everything he started to care for. Even if he accepted a dark power, I think this is the first moment we see the change in him. Even if he murders hundreds of people, he does it to convince Goku and himself that he is still evil. But he still resists Babidi, and if Babidi had ordered him to kill Bulma and Trunks, he still wouldn’t have been able to do it, as shown at the end of the fight with Goku, where he willingly stops the fight, whhich obviously leads to his amazing sacrifice.

    • Kaliaila

      He also knows that the all the people he kills can be resurrected by the Dragon balls, so really what’s the problem in his mind and hardly a villainous act. His motives are selfish, but he always intended to kill Babidi, Dabura, and Majin Buu; but only after he defeated Goku. If he had defeated Goku before Buu awoke; he would obliterated the them and the machine to awaken Buu.

      Vegeta is easily my favorite Dragonball Character, but it is really a stretch to consider him a villain beyond his resurrection on Namek. After that, he was really just Goku’s rival and didn’t do anything without careful thought and full knowledge that those killed as a result of his actions could be resurrected by the Dragonballs. Not all that villainous of a character.

      • BlueMageBrilly

        er… Killing people is bad. It doesn’t really matter if “they can just come back with the dragon balls!” That’s /bad/. That’s why Vegeto doesn’t blast Super Buu into oblivion right away, including a mixture of pride and having fun of course. People were still alive in his stomach, including Buu himself. But killing them would be a villainous act, even if it’s for “The Greater Good.”

        Mixed with that, people can’t be brought back if they’ve died already, at least in a mass rez. Vegeta had no way of knowing if those people had already died, and it’s a sub plot ignored in the show quite a bit, nor did he care. He killed to antagonize Goku, nothing more or less.

        I’m sure deep down he reasoned they could be brought back, since he didn’t rush off to kill Dende instantly to prevent that, but that doesn’t make killing them any less evil. Killing people is bad, especially if they’re a bunch of innocents. Saying that isn’t a villainous act is pretty weird.

      • Chaltab

        Vegito doesn’t blast Super Buu into oblivion right away because he wanted to get absorbed and free Piccolo and his sons. His strength was so great and obviously he had no idea he’d defuse, so he had no reason to eliminate Super Buu.

      • BlueMageBrilly

        Yeah, that’s what I was saying. He wanted to free people, but it was also a mixture of pride because he was clearly enjoying himself. The “no idea he’d defuse” thing was right, but he was sure he wouldn’t get absorbed, at least, and planned on saving everyone inside Buu.

        It would’ve been bad to just blast Super Buu into oblivion then revive everyone with Dragon Balls. That would’ve been bland and boring, for one, but also just… kind of an evil method considering there were better ways.

      • Royal Conquest

        BlueMage laying down wisdom!

      • Chris Gaudet

        Killing is wrong, and bad… There should be a new stronger word for killing, like badrong, or badong…YES! Killing is badong! From this moment, BlueMage stands for the opposite of killing: goonodab!

      • BlueMageBrilly

        G… Goonodab? B.. But I don’t know how to dab. That meme is beyond me.

        Plus it sounds like… Something to do with Goo? I dunno about this..!

      • Neil Johnson

        Its not killing that makes him a villain, its his selfishness as they pointed out. How all his actions before his redemption were for his own desires and goals.

      • Kaiser

        This is very true – remember, Piccolo suggested that Super Buu go down and exterminate humanity. Not as an act of villainy, but because it would have bought enough time to possibly secure victory, and the people could be brought back later.

        Vegeta did it solely to piss off Goku and make him fight.

      • sonic10chaosverse

        yeah i agree that i can’t see majin vegeta as an evil vegeta given he was in control the whole time

      • alexandre

        Oh my god putting it like that majin vegeta is sasuke, he gets an evil powerboost but doesn’t join the bad guys as much as just wants power to beat someone he can’t catch up and characters barely acknowledge how much of a dick move it is.
        And I think there is like a bunch of other manga or games where the rivalry gets that ridiculous

      • Karthull

        I agree that it was very bad of vegeta to do that, but what sasuke did was way more malicious and worse, and became fully prepared to join the bad guys eventually and become one himself planning to “slaughter everyone, every man woman and child they must all suffer” even if he never did he became so f’d up he should of been in a mental institution forever

      • alexandre

        Pretty sure there were women and children in that stand majin Vegeta blew up, and he did it for a sparring match which is less malicious but still way pettier

    • Ramsay Bolton

      And well, Babidi ordered him to kill the Kai and he refused, even though he hated him. (Vegeta hates everyone by default.)

  • Saumil Padwal

    Long live the prince of all Love you Geets

  • Sailor Mewni

    Akira Toriyama will be #1. Think about it. He made the series, killed all the characters we love multiple times, made the characters have to go through all this stuff. I sy he should be #1 when it comes to the villains if you really think about it.

  • Saumil Padwal

    Heh I fricking called it

    • NewK00paUSA

      “Well, I sure hope somebody picks up that phone.”

  • Gintoki

    Vegeta is not only one of the best villains, but he is also one of the best characters in general. Unlike many others, his character keeps getting better and better, he is not sidelined with time like most other characters (like Gohan or Piccolo), and he also doesn’t get appearances that ruin his character (Like Freeza in Resurrection of F). Hell, even Goku’s character lost some of his energy with time, especially in DBS, but Vegeta’s character development never stops, which makes him always interesting.

    • alexandre

      I don’t know the buu saga ruins a lot of his character development he had during the Cell saga.
      It wasn’t just goku being gone that killed his will to fight, it was seeing his son died because of his action and gohan risking his chance to defeat Cell simply to save his life yet the idea that goku can come back is enough to throw all that out the window to do a repeat of “that asshole we should stop hanging with screwed us all over a fight”. Even after the namek saga where he pleads to goku to avenge their race is nullified by him getting jealous over something he asked being done by goku.

      It’s not character development if every new arc he revert back to his old self

      • Fiere

        trunks dying only angered vegeta, it didn’t break his spirt. neither did Gohan saving him, it was goku, it was always about goku after cell it’s why when goku came back, he had to settle the score.

      • alexandre

        He apologized to Gohan for being a liability, that was one of the rare time Vegeta admits he fucked up, and did he learned from it? no he revert back because apparently witnessing his dead son and all the humiliating beating means nothing because I’m mad at goku is his only character trait

      • Fiere

        the only time vegeta apologized was in the buu saga.

        I don’t remember that ever happening with cell, in fact vegeta was the one who helped Gohan win

      • alexandre
        Vegeta didn’t help gohan he made up for breaking his arm which made Gohan too weak to win by himself

      • Fiere

        this link takes me to Facebook

      • Fiere

        oh yeah he did it twice

    • alexandre

      I don’t know the buu saga ruins a lot of his character development he had during the Cell saga.
      It wasn’t just goku being gone that killed his will to fight, it was seeing his son died because of his action and gohan risking his chance to defeat Cell simply to save his life yet the idea that goku can come back is enough to throw all that out the window to do a repeat of “that asshole we should stop hanging with screwed us all over a fight”. Even after the namek saga where he pleads to goku to avenge their race is nullified by him getting jealous over something he asked being done by goku.

      It’s not character development if every new arc he revert back to his old self

    • Aaron Paul Teasdale

      How did Res F ruin Frieza? He is literally the same as he was on Namek, with the exception of his shiny new transformation. His characterisation is no different.

      • BlueMageBrilly

        It’s a bit different.

        For one all that crap about his power getting increased is shown to mean absolutely nothing. There’s no tension at all in his fight with Goku, because his Final Form was completely being manhandled by Blue Goku. There was no stress and it was a complete flip from his original fight with Goku, which had Goku on the ropes from start to finish up until tossing down a planet sized Spirit Bomb and then fulfilling an ancient transformation that led to the best, and quickly overrated, power up in the series. What does he do in F?

        Goes gold, gloats a bit, and then continues to be manhandled up until the very end where he one-ups Goku, only to find that, once again, his power up meant nothing and he gets zapped. Even his moment of actual victory where he blows up the planet ends up being undone thanks to Beerus and Whis, who both tear Frieza’s character to shreds with their presence. Seriously, who has the main villain act shocked and surprised about a /stronger/ person in the middle of battle? Especially one as prideful as Frieza?

        It was a bad move to put Beerus in that film, or at least have Frieza really react to his presence. He should’ve just noted him there and said ‘Hmph, no matter. Even in this form the God of Destruction is no match for me’ and it should have been at least partially true, too. That form was way too weak, or at least cost him too much, to be considered an actual threat.

        Frieza was written poorly in F and…. honestly? After spending so much time in hell, his first instinct to get revenge isn’t a bad one. But lingering on it even when he was defeated once again, not realizing he was making the same mistake /again/, was bad writing. He should have either gone off to conquer planets and come back stronger, or stay as a major character that was now without his entire army since he wasted them for no real reason.

        He was similar to his role in Namek personality wise… But he didn’t have any of that tension he had before. There was just no threat and no promise of anything in that movie… and that’s sad.

      • Kyle Cotton

        The minute they decided to. bring Frieza back it was obvious there would be no tension since the end of his saga no one has jobbed more for the heroes more than him from Fusion Reborn, Future Trunks and Picon in a filler arc.

        There was literally nothing they could do to justify salvaging Frieza after the strides Goku has made throughout the series.

        Even in the film they admit that Frieza has no business controlling events because before training we know Majin Buu and Beerus far outpace him before training. Frieza was brought back because he is a fan favorite Villain who wasn’t tied down by previous arcs writing since he had an army that could bring him back. Unlike Cell and the other three major villains are now part of the supporting cast.

      • BlueMageBrilly

        Bringing him back could have led to him being a good character to have around, though. He already worked for Beerus according to the guy himself… So why not again? Why not have him as someone who shows up every so often as a fighter Beerus can point at someone and say ‘Deal with this.’ Sure, it’d be a strike to his pride since he’s the ruler of the unvierse, but it would’ve been much better than being in Hell I imagine.

        I really do like Frieza, so I’m a bit biased, but I think he should have stayed. He was a villain that deserved to.

      • VandalCabbage

        It would be interesting to have a foil for the heroes on Beerus’s side; despite Goku forgiving him none of the other heroes trust him an inch and it would make for some nice tension. They could eventually have him slowly gaining power secretly and then build up to a climatic showdown later on after he, I don’t know, kills Beerus or something.

    • Neil Johnson

      What is funny is how Vegeta is so popular, and is such an amazing character, IN SPITE of Akira Toriama trying to make it other wise. On numerous occasions Akira Toriama has said he doesn’t like Vegeta and his favorite is Piccolo… In super he has said he has come around but I doubt that because how else do you explain the utter cock blocking that he allows to happen to vegeta for no good reason… I know how to fix Resurection F… have a shocking ending by ACTUALLY LETTING VEGETA GET THE KILL.

      • NeptuniasBeard

        I wouldn’t use Res F, or any movie as a measuring stick. Goku will ALWAYS get the kill, even when he’s dead, he’ll get the assist

    • Kyle Cotton

      Well DBS is playing up Goku’s stupidity more than it should thanks to current trends around him. Yes he’s always been dumb, but super retrogrades him back to the last arc of Dragonball. So it’s more his writing than his actual character.

    • Chaltab

      How did Freeza in Resurrection F ruin his character? He’s the same sadistic bastard and sore loser he always was.

  • Cephalo the Pod

    I appreciate the Team’s awareness of the tendency of the final entries in DBcember to inevitably turn predictable.

    That last line was pretty great, and for a small, irrational moment I was genuinely convinced that they went with a Dark Horse for #1.

  • Sailor Mewni

    Vegeta, I could see a legit argument, to put him along with Goku, Beerus, and Piccolo, as not only the best characters in the series, but also as some of the best of all time. Heck, my own best fictional characters list even does contain Goku and Vegeta in the top 10!

  • Balmung6

    Good thing for Vegeta that Goku cares for others. If not, Vegeta would have been killed by KRILLIN. Think about that.

    • daredevil_mgg

      Goku doesn’t really cares for others, he just want to fight strong people. Is that stupid “sayan blood” that makes them want such thing. This doesn’t mean that he’s bad, only that he does what he does due to selfish reasons.

    • daredevil_mgg

      Goku doesn’t really cares for others, he just want to fight strong people. Is that stupid “sayan blood” that makes them want such thing. This doesn’t mean that he’s bad, only that he does what he does due to selfish reasons.

      • alexandre

        not since his heart attack, he trained Gohan and the other saiyans in the time chamber because he knew he couldn’t fight forever and the series end with him training uub to be the new protector. He could have done way more in the buu saga but he wanted gotenks to be the new protector (because if he wanted a fight he would have knowck majin vegeta with super saiyan 3 and but he was worried about the others and was listening to supreme kai’s warnings, even if it looked like he was underestimating the super saiyan’s power goku though ” he is a god maybe be more cautious about what is gonna happen)

      • daredevil_mgg

        Well about gohan he knew that gohan had potential. About the buu saga, that’s not completely true, he was dead, he came back only for one day. He couldn’t do much more than what he did, maybe he could kill Buu with SS3, but SS3 takes too much energy and he still wasn’t fully adapted to that power. And since, once again, Trunks and Goten had potential he spent his last hours teaching them, how to reach a power that maybe could defeat buu. About his fight with vegeta, once again he wanted a good fight. Maybe he could one-shot vegeta, but that wouldn’t be funny (for him and for the viewers XD).

      • alexandre

        Except he could have come back any time and did later in the story to fuse with gohan, the time limit meant nothing he just didn’t want people to rely on him anymore.

      • daredevil_mgg

        Nope. He only came back because Old kai gave him his life years. That rule about one day on earth while dead wasn’t broken during buu saga.

      • alexandre

        Yes he gave back his life years, he could have also asked the namekian dragon to resurrect him since it’s a first time. there was plenty of way for him to stay alive if he wanted more fight but he didn’t

      • daredevil_mgg

        Because there were all sort of strong people in the otherworld. He only came back when there wasn’t any other way to destroy Super Buu.

      • Balmung6

        That’s kinda what I’m saying – it’s not that he didn’t have his own reasons for letting Vegeta live – he openly admitted that he’d deal with Vegeta again if he tried to fight Earth’s Warriors again – but ended up sparing him nevertheless, even if it the reason for doing so was somewhat selfish.

    • Chaltab

      Goku didn’t spare Vegeta because he cared about Vegeta, he spared Vegeta because he wanted to fight the prince again and win without help.

  • Balmung6

    Good summary of Vegeta’s impact on the series. Though slightly disappointed that Majin Vegeta’s speech to Goku about “Becoming one of you” wasn’t mentioned, as I feel that was an important point for him – openly admitting that he’d given up his past goals and drive….and was actually happy with it.

  • Michel van der Linden

    Please, we ALL know the #1 villain is whoever approved of the idea of Dragonball GT.

    • Alex Woodard

      No, it’s the guy who approved of Dragonball Evolution

      • Asshole Spiderman

        Now THIS one on the other hand…..

      • Thomas Flanigan

        They fused to become one ultimate villain.

      • dudebladeX

        Not necessarily. I have a conspiracy theory that the person who created that… thing… made it to get Toriyama to come back to Dragonball and gave us Battle of Gods.

        True story. The only reason we got Battle of Gods was because of how bad DBE was.

      • saturn0205 .

        To play Devil’s Advocate, DBE wasn’t ALL bad. The cast was, at least, full of strong actors (not that they were given much to work), and they did get some things right with the plot. And it’s still the best looking of the live action Dragon Ball movies (though that’s more a sign of the times than anything else).

        That being said, it’s what they got wrong that was cringeworthy. And that script…

      • Pakari

        Being the best live-action DB movie doesn’t say much when it’s the ONLY live-action DB movie.

        There’s so much wrong with the plot that I can’t watch it without it physically hurting me. Krillin (Goku’s best friend and sidekick) is nowhere to be found, the characters act nothing like they did in the series, they completely skipped the Red Ribbon Army stuff, the only hint to Pilaf is Mai appearing, as King Piccolo’s minion. And we don’t see Kami around.

        The biggest problems were, however, making Goku 18 years old as opposed to being a little kid (which is where most of DB’s humor came from, Goku’s childlike innocence and uneducated behavior) and making the Great Ape (Oozaru) another minion of King Piccolo. Does this mean that Evolution’s Saiyans are servants to the Namekians?

      • saturn0205 .

        There were actually 3 live action DB films.

        Dragon Ball: The Magic Begins
        Dragon Ball: Ssawora Son Goku, Igyeora Son Goku
        Dragonball Evolution

      • Pakari

        The Magic Begins is really a Chinese, life-action knock-off of the animated movie Curse of the Blood Rubies. And Ssawora Son Goku, Igyeora Son Goku is an unofficial Korean movie.

        Evolution, however, is the only official life-action DB movie.

      • saturn0205 .

        They still got “Honorable Mentions” by TFS during last year’s DBcember countdown, therefore, they count as solid examples of LA Dragon Ball films in my book.

      • Pakari

        If they’re not officially licensed, I don’t consider them official movies.

    • Hildeliza Martinez


    • Asshole Spiderman

      eh, the IDEA of GT wasn’t all that bad

      it’s the Execution of it warrants a death sentence

      • Lone

        On the other hand, DB Evolution was a sin in its very concept

      • Asshole Spiderman

        scroll a bit upwards, I covered that one

      • Royal Conquest

        Yeah honestly my biggest issue with GT is the whole thing feels like a fan fiction.

      • Asshole Spiderman

        well it basically was

        It had so many amazing ideas, but so little of that potential was used.

        Baby and The Shadow Dragons in particular I could talk about forever on what they could have done with them

        Super 17…..not much I could think of would save that mess, save merging 18 into it for another Super Android (which Heroes sorta did)

      • GreatWyrmGold

        What does that even mean?

      • Asshole Spiderman

        it means its quality was about what you’d expect from some teenager with a blog.

      • GreatWyrmGold

        That’s not normally the context I hear it in. Not to mention that plenty of fanfiction is well above that mark, or that we already have a word for that (“low-quality”).

      • Asshole Spiderman

        for every good fanfic you’ve read, there are a thousand horrible ones that make you want to burn the “Author” on a stake.

      • Nicholas S Schneider

        There were a few moments of GT that were well executed. But every single one of them were in the Bebi arch. (Goku going Super 4, Bebi going Golden Ape..etc) I’m even a fan of the *Absorb power from surrounding Sayians* power up he gets at the end of the arch in order to finish off Bebi once and for all.

      • Asshole Spiderman

        My biggest gripe is the Shadow Dragons

        you have the ultimate hope bringer, the symbol of the series, become the final antagonist. the dragons were basically the sum total of their adventures, EVERY bit of good they ever did with the dragonballs (and King Piccolo) was coming back to kick their ass

        and they did so little with it. only 3 of the 7 were even a real threat.

      • Nicholas S Schneider

        That whole arch was a shit load of promise with dogshit delivery. It had everything going for it and no one at Toei put an inch of creative energy in to it, which is really disappointing.

  • Cephalo the Pod

    The Team gives a very convincing argument for Vegeta’s placement here.

    I’m still not sure about how much of an /antagonist/ he really is during the Namek and Android arcs. Mainly because I don’t actually remember the details of those (canon) arcs that well. Like, I didn’t know that he actually GOADED Frieza into transforming.

    • Daniel Banks

      He kills a village of Namekians, but otherwise doesn’t do a whole lot to inconvenience the good guys barring taking Krillin’s Dragon Ball and leaving Goku to fight Ginyu and Jeice alone. He’s more of an anti-hero on Namek, arguably.

      • Scott “KaiserNeko” Frerichs

        How is he an anti-hero? He’s doing everything he did for himself. AKA Immortality. At best he was an anti-villain, doing good things for bad reasons.

      • Deecks

        He was more just a villain whose goals happened to coincide with the heroes, and who was generally more admirable than his competition (which is… not saying much).

      • Kaliaila

        His only goal you can claim he actively had was beating Goku after Namek.

      • Kaliaila

        He was Villain through the Saiyan and the first bit of the Namek arc, then he was an Anti-villain after he teamed up with Krillin and Gohan on Namek until his death at the hands of Frieza. But after that and for the rest of the series until pretty much the very end he is an anti-hero and rival to Goku; doing bad things for good reasons, but his pride and desire to prove that he is better than goku gets the best of him at times causing him to allow bad things to happen for selfish reasons. The latter bad things however, he knows can be fixed by using the Dragonballs after they win.

      • BlueMageBrilly

        I don’t know if he can be considered an ‘Anti-Hero’ as a Majin that blew up a whole stand. That’s not a ‘bad thing for a good reason’. That’s a bad thing for a /bad/ reason. Sure, things can be fixed with the dragon balls.. What can’t? But just saying that something can be fixed with the Dragon Balls shouldn’t be a ‘get out of jail free card.’ Or should we consider Perfect Cell with that too? I’m sure he knew about the Dragon Balls and that all of his work could be undone if he left them there, though he might not have known they were brought back with Dende. Either way, he knew his massive killing spree could be undone…

        … so does that make him an anti-hero? Someone that was just looking for a good fight and a way to validate his existence with the destruction of others? Just because he knew it could be undone? That’s not how that works.

        Majin Vegeta was a selfish jerkwad and definitely a villain. While he has a few moments that wouldn’t be considered villainous and he eventually ‘redeems’ himself, though I wish that got more fluff to it with Buu staying dead for a bit, he’s still doing things for himself. Still killing and hurting everyone just so he can get that good fight in and validate his existence through trading fists with Goku.

        Dragon Balls are /not/ a get out of jail free card. They’re just the janitor.

      • alexandre

        Well Cell thought the dragon balls were gone after kami fused and he was right. The real villains usually took out the dragon ball safety during their arc (the saiyans killed Piccolo, Freeza killed someone twice and nothing and left piccolo near dead on a doomed planet, Buu would have killed dende if not from mr.popo). That’s probably why they kept Vegeta around, he fucks up but nothing that can’t be undone, same for piccolo jr. killing goku, he was a villain but they knew he wouldn’t destroy the dragon ball

      • BlueMageBrilly

        Nappa killing Piccolo was kind of an accident. They didn’t know they’d disappear at the time with his death. They fully intended on using them.

        Frieza didn’t know Piccolo had a hand in the Dragon Balls and he left Guru alive. Guru kind of just died on his own. Heartbreak or something was the explanation , I think. I don’t think he left Piccolo alive intentionally, either, but he was more invested in killing Krillin either way. “Remember my TAIL!?”

        Piccolo Jr. and Vegeta, post Saiyans, were the only ones they could have been sure weren’t going to do anything about the Dragon Balls, but that doesn’t really mean what they did was still… okay, y’know? Think of it as something similar to torture. You kill a bunch of people, you get what you want, then you revive them all. Does that make what you did… okay? Is that not evil? Just blast someone to bits, make them ‘live’ in fear and panic in the other world that they just died, then drag them back now that they served their purpose?

        I don’t think that’s okay.

      • alexandre

        Not okay but not irredeemable villain.
        Which you know is why they got redeemed
        I mean Piccolo let a lot of civilian dies to buy time, he let Nappa going on a rampage so he can wait for goku, he let Cell absorbing people since he didn’t feel like he could stop him and the androids at the same time and buu commited human extinction beause he gotenks wasn’t ready yet. Did that makes him the biggest villain of the series? No because he reversed it, the other villains, their action could have been permanent and in their minds were.

        Like it’s the difference between someone that punches you and someone that beheads you, both aren’t ok but do they get the same sentence?

      • BlueMageBrilly

        Them getting redeemed is totally okay, don’t get me wrong. But in order to get redeemed, you have to be evil in the first place, y’know? Like you said: That whole ‘Piccolo letting Nappa kill a bunch of people’ thing was not okay. Even worse, he dies right after, so those people are dead for quite a bit up until the Namekian Dragon Balls bring Piccolo back. He didn’t even have the mind set of them being revived until way later, after spending a lot of time on King Kai’s planet.

        But I don’t think just undoing something redeems you of it. There’s still that guilt, for one, but also just the lack of … I dunno, an apology? Like if you break a table and duck tape it back together, that doesn’t really change that you broke the table. Just ’cause it can be fixed doesn’t mean it’s an okay thing to do.

        To further your headbutting thing… If someone headbutts someone else and then gives the one hit some medicine to reduce the swelling.. does that make it okay? Is it okay as long as you do something to fix it?

        I don’t think so, personally. Good guys shouldn’t make choices like that to begin with.

      • alexandre

        No but does that mean that you will be remembered as a mass murderer because you headbutted someone once and pay for his bills? Vegeta killed people but that’s not the only thing he did, he also brought them back and gave them a chance to save themselves, he also saved people’s life at times, Piccolo taught his father’s murderer’s children how to protect the world and was willing to seal himself with buu forever if it means stopping him from destroying the universe.
        The real villains, killing people is almost the only thing they do because that’s their ends and not their means, they won’t fix because they want things to break, vegeta and piccolo didn’t want it and will reverse or avoid if possible those type of things

      • Kaliaila

        As Vegeta sees the world, the Dragonballs are a get out of jail free card. The difference between Majin Vegeta and any of the Buus, Perfect Cell, Frieza, Saiyan arc Vegeta, Nappa, Raditz, and King Piccolo is that none of those people carried out their actions with the intention of using the Dragonballs to bring back any innocents who died as a result of what they had done. Vegeta always planned to double cross Babidi, and as a result he also knew that the other Z-Fighters would wish all those people killed back. The actual Villains would not have left anyone alive to make such a wish; and most would have used the wishes for themselves and/or killed the people who created the Dragonballs to be rid of them. So no, none of the other characters at the time were anti-heroes.

        Anti-heroes don’t care about doing good, it is just a side effect of what they are choosing to do for themselves. That is pretty much covers everything vegeta does after Namek. A couple of times his ego gets the better of him, but the same can be said many times of Goku; where he doesn’t take an opponent seriously enough and loses resulting in the deaths of others. The difference between Vegeta and Goku is that Goku makes a choice to do the right thing and help others, while Vegeta does what he wants to do for himself pretty much. He only starts to change into a hero at the very end of the Buu saga and in Super.

        Vegeta is selfish and a jerkwad in general, but honestly Goku is just as selfish; Goku is just is not as much of an ass when he does it. Majin Vegeta is just Vegeta pumped up. He does a few things that might be considerd villainous but does so with full knowledge that it will be undone in the end. Why do you think he goes to such lengths as he does to see that Buu loses?

        You must consider how Vegeta thinks, and when you do that you realize to him the Dragonballs are 100% a get out of jail free card. He uses everything strategically, and that includes the Dragonballs.

      • Volardelis

        Kaiser, doing good things for bad reasons is the definition of an anti-hero. Anti-villains are characters who do bad things but for good reasons. E.g. Kessler in Infamous, does bad things but did so to prepare his younger self to fight the Beast.

      • Hanamichi

        Vegeta was a very present threat for Krillin, Gohan and Bulma during Namek, even if in the end he ended up joining them for a common cause

        he definitely qualifies as a villain for this arc, just not the main one

  • Gintoki

    Outside being the most complex character of the DBZ, Vegeta was an amazing villain, because he was the only villain in Z who was opposed with everything the heroes had. Almost everything worked against Vegeta. He was outnumbered, Goku was using Kaioken to increase his strenght to the limit but couldn’t put him down. So he tried Spirit Bomb, but Vegeta stopped him. Then he tried giving that spirit bomb to Krillin but Vegeta still avoided it. Then Gohan pushed it back at Vegeta, hit him with the Spirit Bomb but Vegeta still stood back up. As a great ape, he beat everyones ass, and unlike other great apes so far, he created his own moon to transform and was able to maintain his sanity during the transformation. Krillin tried to cut his tail with a surprise attack but he still avoided it. Then Yajirobe of all people cut his tail off. He still kept beating them up but Gohan transformed to a great ape with the moon Vegeta created. Vegeta cut his tail of but the monkey fell on top of him.

    In short, literally everything worked against Vegeta, and the heroes were pushed to their absolute limit, and he still managed to end it at something that was more or less a draw. Every other Z villain besides Vegeta lost completely at the end of their arcs. This is without counting all the development Vegeta had post Saiyan Saga of course.

    • Mateusz Czapla

      I’m sorry, but no. Vegeta lived through his arc only beacuse Goku decided to spare him. End of story. If he decided to do something stupid like Frieza on Namek: he would’ve died. Buu trashed literally every opponent he had untill Vegito. Frieza efortlessly crushed everyone and it took re-awakening ancient legend to actually beat the guy.

      • VandalCabbage

        Yeah but until they had him beaten he was on top. He in turn tanks:
        1. A slightly worn out Goku (he had already used the Kaio-ken against Nappa)
        2. Krillin
        3. Yajirobe cutting off his tail
        4. A spirit bomb
        5. Gohan in great ape form
        And it’s only after Gohan falls on him by luck that he’s beaten. No “the heroes were showboating and then defused” no “Goku gives him a senzu bean”. Vegeta only lost because Goku and his friends were so persistent and lucky. It’s probably the closest victory in the series, as well as one of the only ones where the winner was not the guy with the higher power level. With Freeza, the second closest, Goku even lets him power up to 100%.

        The only stupid things the heroes do in the whole fight is leave him alive, really.

      • Ridghost

        Amen. The only other fight won by someone whose power level was weaker was Kid Buu vs Super Saiyan 2 Goku, in which I’d still argue wasn’t as close as Vegeta’s original fight. On top of this, we didn’t see Majin Vegeta vs Goku’s fight finish. If Goku continually refused to go SS3, Goku probably would’ve lost to Majin. That or a draw.

      • VandalCabbage

        Sadly, I think that if it had been made later on in the series it just would have ended at the beam struggle. For as iconic as the showdown on the cliffs is, we sometimes forget that while Goku takes home the moral victory had it been him alone against Vegeta he would have bit it and that the battle lasts for a good long while.

      • Mateusz Czapla

        Again. Frieza lost ONLY beacuse Goku somehow unlocked legendary transformation. It wasn’t luck. It was miracle. Maybe put it different way: with fight against Vegeta they used literally everything they had and won, with a bit of luck I admit. With Frieza? They used literally everything they had and LOST. Only when they got something new (SSJ transformation) they won.

      • Chad Payton

        You’re missing the point. They’re pointing out that Vegeta’s fight was unique in that it never became a one sided fight. Usually in DB the hero unlocks some new super special awesome power or form and is completely untouchable, ala Gohan manhandling Cell, Buu getting humiliated by a piece of candy, or Goku literally telling Freiza he’s going home because fighting him isn’t even a challenge anymore.

        That never happened in Vegeta’s fight.

        The only comparable scenario we see is with Kid Buu, and that’s only because they willingly destroyed the fusion ear rings.

    • Deecks

      Yeah, there’s really no point in the entire fight where Vegeta gets outright dominated – Goku manages to briefly overpower him with Kaioken a few times, and Gohan’s Great Ape got him worried, but there was never that moment that comes in most Dragonball arcs where a protagonist gets stronger and proceeds to totally wreck the baddie’s shit. There was also almost no plot-induced stupidity needed to keep him alive; there was never that point in that same above moment where the vastly stronger protagonist proceeds to toy with the baddie for no reason and give him enough time to reach his super ultra final form, like there was with Freeza, Cell, or Buu.

      • alexandre

        yes except when Goku let Vegeta monologue about how he is gonna throw a moon and be a giant ape and let him do it

      • Deecks

        He’d gone through a Kaioken x4. What was he going to do?

      • alexandre

        sucker punch him? I mean he had enough energy left to dodge the giant ape attacks Vegeta was vulnerable to yajirobe’s katana it’s not like a good punch while he brags wouldn’t have sealed the battle here and there

      • VandalCabbage

        Vegeta was able to take a spirit bomb afterwards and keep fighting for a good long while; it’s unlikely that Goku would have been able to do much damage at this point. Out of all the “imma let you transform” moments in the series this is probably the most justifiable one.

      • Royal Conquest

        Were you even watching that fight? Goku was fighting defensively as shit. After exhausting himself with 4x Kaioken you think he really had the energy to charge in? He can barely avoid Great Ape Vegeta and only escapes with a Solar Flare.

      • alexandre

        Yes compared to fight defensively, throw a key blast in an ape’s eyeball, tanking a giant ape blast and surviving and using solar flare, I think closing in on the guy who is a few feet away take less energy than all that he just did.
        He even a did a kaioken while being ragdolled had he kaio ken charge Vegeta mid talk instead of letting him explain his moon shit he would have knock the wind out of him

  • Sailor Mewni

    If they do a best characters list next year, Vegeta is a shoe-in for the top 3 again

    • Cephalo the Pod

      Piccolo and Gohan for the other two spots?

  • NewK00paUSA

    And the #1 best Dragon Ball villian is………SPACE NAPOLIHITLER!!!

  • Sailor Mewni

    “who else could #1 be”

    Well, we have Bacterian, Saibamen, Cui, Gyrin, Turles, Akira Toriyama, and Cell Jr. I still say it’s rather hard to tell. They are all such complex villains

    • Aaronrules380

      Obviously Super 17 😛

    • Cephalo the Pod

      Excuse me? How dare you forget Pui Pui? Yakon? SPAPOVICH?!!

      • Sailor Mewni

        Spopovitch that bastard! He sent my waifu into intensive care!

      • Kr1spness

        He did have one of the most brutal battles in the series.

      • Royal Conquest

        “battles” you mean beat downs lmao sure she fucked him up but if it doesn’t affect him at all then yeah it’s a beat down.

      • Paul Masters



      • Chris Gaudet

        Appule!?!? Appule couldn’t handle a shot of Raspberry Schnapps, much less Vegeta!

    • Deecks


    • Lupu

      King Cold

    • Ignacio Chimbo Kinbaum

      Yamcha, Chaoz, Devilman, Toei, Oloong, Puar, Para Para Brothers,

    • Scarth Maheart

      I do not know. Bear Thief makes a strong case. He is the villain that started it all.

      But Lord Yao was the last villain of the entire chronology.

      I do not know, it could be either of them.

    • Asshole Spiderman


    • HikaruYami

      I was definitely thinking that if I were to vote, I’d vote for Akira Toriyama.

    • chasesan

      I has to be Monster Carrot, no other villian can hope to compare.

  • NewK00paUSA

    I AM THE HYPE!!!

    • RmaFan

      Bitch i’m adorable

      • NewK00paUSA

        Bitch you jus jealous of ma Supah Saiyan Swaggah!

      • Paul Masters

        funny thing is, I know you’re playin me, but you’re right

      • NewK00paUSA


        I’M ME!!!

      • Shadow Brony

        DO I HEAR FIVE?

      • Angus Gielis


      • kyle cyrus

        Power levels are bullshit.

      • Tsapki


      • TricksterStyle

        All of you’d better duck… cause I’m about to turn left. And I don’t wanna smack you with my dick!

      • BigT100

        I will kill as many people as I have to, as long as you are one of them!

      • William “LEGOMania27” Breen-Ha

        “It that the namekian? Is that me?! Is that me stronger than me!?! I’LL F##KING KILL ME!”

    • BigT100

      Goddammit Nappa!

  • NewK00paUSA

    Poor Vegeta. Even as far as “Best Dragon Ball Villains” go he’ll never be #1

    • Chris Litwin

      I think in this case, he might be fine with it.

  • Sailor Mewni

    Is that the Nemekian? Is that me? IS THAT ME STRONGER THAN ME?!?! I’LL F*CKING KILL ME!!!

    The fuck’s a Kami?
    Basicly God
    But I’m still here!
    Do You Believe your own hype that much?

  • Valter Eru Östberg

    I read the dragonball manga as a kid and it’s only recently that I’ve seen parts of the anime and films, mainly due to tfs. There’s a lot I was really disappointed by, one thing I remember in particular is Vegeta attacking Cell after Trunks dies. The way he has an internal monologue right before screaming and charging takes away from the moment, gets too specific about what aspect of the event causes such rage and grief in him. I love that scene.