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Scott “KaiserNeko” Frerichs

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DragonBall is Owned by TOEI ANIMATION, Ltd. and Licensed by FUNimation Productions, Ltd.. All Rights Reserved. DragonBall, DragonBall Z, DragonBall GT and all logos, character names and distinctive likenesses thereof are trademarks of TOEI ANIMATION, Ltd. This is nothing more than a parody made for entertainment purposes only.


DragonBall is Owned by TOEI ANIMATION, Ltd. and Licensed by FUNimation Productions, Ltd.. All Rights Reserved. DragonBall, DragonBall Z, DragonBall GT and all logos, character names and distinctive likenesses thereof are trademarks of TOEI ANIMATION, Ltd. This is nothing more than a parody made for entertainment purposes only.

  • Ethersalad

    It was actually Cell that made me realize just how much of a power shaft Piccolo got in terms of healing. Cell can heal from any wound, provided at least one cell is left unharmed, and heal back to a point of removing all damage, though you could assume it does come at the cost of the ki provided for the process (Which in itself is stupid. He absorbed two never ending supply of ki battery power, and yet gets exhausted and drained at times).

    Piccolo, who was turned to solid stone by Dabura, was knocked over and shattered by Krillin by accident. Krillin thought he killed Piccolo, but later after Dabura was killed, Piccolo comes back, heals from essentially being broken into bits (Think Frieza being cut into cubes by Trunks) then walks back like its no big deal, and says as long as his head is intact, he can heal.

    With Cell, his cells are his core. With Piccolo, his head is his core.

    So why is it that lasers through the chest can kill Piccolo, yet Cell can shrug off beams that can remove his entire upperhalf? Because if this is about pain index… THE HEALING FACTOR HEALS THAT, as explained with both Cell and Piccolo after Dabura. Alright, how about Stamina, maybe it takes more effort to do this, and that just deals too much damage to quickly for Piccolo to heal through. Well to that I point, again, to Cell getting blown in half. That is a significant and substantial hit that, were Cell to not have his core be ‘any’ of his cells, would have killed him outright. This means that, were his core less BS, would still count as a deathblow. That sounds pretty damned significant to me, meaning by the same factor, Cell should have taken too much damage to quickly to be able to heal from that wound, despite having the ability to do so.

    And finally, Cell gets his healing factor directly from Piccolo. Cell cant heal more efficiently, he just has a more OP core unlike Piccolo who needs his dead to not take damage. Provided that Piccolo doesnt take any head damage, he should be able to heal from anything Cell can, and with the same degree of efficiency, IE, not tired and in pain like, say, Nail was.

  • NiGHTS Noob

    My big problem with Cell is the same problem you guys have with Buu. He starts out incredibly with a role as an underdog we hadn’t seen before from a villain. When Cell first shows up he’s outclassed both by the Androids and the heroes and he plays them all for fools and sweeps the rug right out from under them to take the top spot.

    From that point though I’m of the exact opposite opinion of Toriyama’s editor and find Perfect Cell to be extremely boring, both in terms of personality and design, and honestly think the Cell Games and Gohan’s fight is perhaps the least fun arc villain fight in the entire manga. Even though Buu loses a lot of the charm of his personality when he starts absorbing the fight between Buuhan and Vegetto is a ton of fun to watch with Buu doing a lot of crazy techniques and Vegetto just completely no selling it and playing Buu for a fool with an outright infectious level of bravado and smarm. The same can’t be said for Cell vs. Gohan, it’s a boring pubstomp one way that immediately 180’s to a boring pubstomp the other. The Cell Jr.’s amount to basically nothing, and the only interesting things that occur are Cell making the same mistake Trunks did against him, and the series resorting to killing off the main character to try and make people invested, but then it even asspulls a comeback from Cell out of that for the sake of a climactic beam struggle that’s far less interesting than it thinks it is.

  • Egg_Runner

    vegeta is probably going to be number one, seriously almost every single episode after namek has vegeta somehow involved

    • Dreadkos_Otherworld★

      That has very little to do with this list, since he stops being a legit villain pretty soon.

      • Egg_Runner

        maybe but he is basically responsible for all of dragon ball, he is the entire reason the saiyan saga started, and the reason anyone went to namek, and the reason trunks is alive and came back from the future to help them in the android saga, he allowed cell to become perfect he deliberately helped buu’s resurrection ect. He basically caused dragon ball.

  • Psycho Doodle

    Pretty upsetting. Frieza got brought back and buu is now good; so how many evil dbz villians are left?

    Android 20, 19, babidi and Cell. Cell being the strongest with the most potential and yet super never revives him; granted his story is done but can be expanded. After all, his perfection got beaten by a child! As for his spot problem, cell can be given a new form since he has far more power potential over frieza. Maybe a new form with bigger spots? No spots?

    It just feels like they’re avoiding cell, even when trunks came back he was only a mention; not even seen that much. Why? Cell is part changling, part namekian part saiyan. He has the potential (not the power) to go super saiyan god, golden form and even fuse with other nameks; and yet, he’s absent because…

    • Dreadkos_Otherworld★

      I think you’re mixing potential and actual power a lot, actually.

      There’s no clear indication that Cell has more potential than Freezer, or that he could attain other’s transformations. He never did, and it was never stated he could.
      Cell doesn’t have Freezer’s “classic” transformations, why would he have golden?

      • Deecks

        Imperfect Cell’s stated to be about as strong as the sum of his parts at the time they were gathered – and at the time that, say, Goku’s genes and techniques were gathered, Kaioken was the newest thing on the block. This is why Imperfect Cell starts out being so weak, because he’s basically just Freeza, plus a bunch of Saiyan Saga characters. So if nothing else, he has a lot to improve on from there. And keep in mind, as TFS themselves point out, Cell’s actual combat experience borders on nonexistent. Gero’s computer beamed techniques into his brain, and that was about the extent of his skill when he first showed up.

        Cell being able to access… well, not the transformations, but the levels of power of his components, isn’t quite there, but it’s implied somewhat – mostly in the fact that his aura is gold, like a Super Saiyan, and it gets electric when he comes back, like a Super Saiyan 2.

        It’s not 100% canon, but I’d totally buy Cell being able to hit Golden Freeza-level power (though probably not Golden Form itself).

  • Turkey Vulture

    My prediction for the top 3, based on TFS’s preferences and biases and pre-existing educated analyses of each character’s impact:
    3. Vegeta
    2. Demon King Piccolo
    1. Freeza

  • Francisco

    Oh god Pilaf is in the top 3…

    • sonic10chaosverse

      they already did pilaf

  • Matt Miller

    Cell may be my favorite DBZ villain, even to the point that I wish a resurrection cell would happen in the cannon super material (a man can hope, can’t he!) While Frieza may act more like a villain and I LOVE Chris Ayers voicing him, Cell looks and sounds the part, PERFECTLY (ba dum tss!) His final form voice is a good to listen to (original OR Kai, not just Kai), he has an intimidating physique, and he towers over almost all of the rest of the cast. Also, I wasn’t distracted by the dragon ball recovery part of the Frieza saga (which made me less interested in Frieza than I should have been and more interested in how are they going to make the dragon balls bring the z fighters back). With Cell, it was one focus and his threat was the only thing to care about. Only problem with the Cell saga (my all time favorite saga) is Mr. Satan (I do no like him, deal with it!) Just about everything else is Dragonball gold.

  • Harenghead

    Heeeeere we go, I’m in disagreement for once. Not really with the placement mind you, but with parts of its justification.

    My main problem being, I strongly disagree that Cell lacks a distinct, memorable personality. First off, he does interracts in different ways with most characters; Gohan, Goku, 18, 16, Vegeta, Piccolo, even Satan…
    Secondo, the whole “saiyan part of him” reasoning also made little sense, honestly. The parallel between his behavior and genetics is made all of one time, by himself no less, and not even conclusively; and if you weren’t referring to that, this is quite the reductive and simplistic stance, since lust for challenge is something that many, many non-saiyans display at some point, and also not that relevant when comparing him to other vilains, since very few of them are saiyans. This matters because as a result, you essentially ignored a huge part of his personality… while in the process of analyzing said personality. Plus you can’t just dismiss the creation of the Cell games like that, seriously, it was huge on so many levels, and never did a vilain willfully give Goku and co the advantage to nearly that extent.

    Finaly, there’s the television broadcast part. I can see how you could say King Piccolo did it first, but there is a difference: he had a clear plan that the reader knows about which he simply finally got to realize, while it comes completely out of nowhere for Cell; his broadcast makes sense in relation to his plans, Cell deciding to terrorize the entire planet was completely gratuitous. And I should precise that while there are other parallels between the two of them in a vacuum, I think it’s fair to say that so much time has passed, and the contexts are so distinct, that I don’t think Cell’s character suffers all that much from their existence.
    Anyway, very strong Cell moment imo, which deserved to be mentioned. One last thing, he’s significantly smarter than most of his rivals here. He manipulates Vegeta, eludes Piccolo’s platoon endlessly without breaking a sweat, outplays 16 and 17, reads through Gohan like he would an open book after sending the Cell jr… and even when faced with absolute defeat, he brings things to a draw instead… almost.

    I’ve also seen a few people say he doesn’t get much in terms of motivations. Well that’s clearly wrong before he becomes perfect, but even afterwards his goal is pretty clear: to toy with people and to marvel at their despair, because he’s a complete sociopath. I especially don’t think he’s that similar to Frieza, who isn’t an entirely destructive force at the end of the day, as what he truly enjoys is power. Perfect Cell on the other hand craves chaos, and this makes him an absolute threat for more than just the main cast, which isn’t unseen, but again, takes one by surprise because until right after he defeats Trunks – so quite a long time after he gets introduced – he never really comes off that way.

    While he does borrow powers from others, we never really had a vilain that made the Namek regeneration into a threatening tool in the first place, not to mention the Cell juniors, huge energy shield and self-destruction are all completely unique to him. So I really don’t think that criticism was warranted either.

    Also did I mention his backstory is awesome enough to make six entire pages of heavy exposition an enjoyable read?

  • TheCrazyFish

    So basically what I’m getting here is… Cell breaks the top 5 less by his own merits than by virtue of the changes he forces the other characters to go through to beat him. Fair enough.

  • Trent

    It is because of TFS that I have new appreciation for Cell.
    So I thank them for that.

  • JuanTizmo

    Perfect Cell sucks and SS2 Gohan is overrated. First form Cell is the only good Cell.

  • Sky Bento

    called it down to the flaws. next up, King Piccolo

  • DarrkRyu1

    I know who number 1 top villain is it’s…..wait for it…..Dumplin!!!! seriously if they went this root it be funny though i wouldn’t mind if Dumplin was an honorable mention

  • Scarth Maheart

    Hey, they referenced the Voice Actors.
    I mentioned earlier in this countdown, part of the reason people love Cell is due to the voice actors who portrayed him.
    Interesting to be on the same page as these gents.

  • Elizabeth

    My birthday /and/ Cell?! This is truly a perfect day!

  • saturn0205 .

    Cell will always rank in my own personal Top 3 for nostalgia purposes, mostly, as again, this is where I first started watching the series. But this placement on the list isn’t bad (considering I’m sure they’re including a character in their Top 3 who I haven’t been exposed to yet), and the reasoning is sound.

  • Merzeta

    3: Vegeta
    2: King Piccolo
    1: Freeza

  • zerosd


    3. Vegeta
    2. Frieza
    1. ….. Super 17


  • Chaltab

    3. Frieza
    2. Vegeta
    1. King Piccolo

  • Keeks

    Totally agree with you guys on this one. Perfectly analyzed Cell imHo.

  • GreatWyrmGold

    It seems like most of the villains are being judged by their effect on the plot and the heroes as much or more than their personal merits. Maybe I’ve been spoiled by George RR Martin, Wildbow, and other writers with fantastic characters, or by Super’s (comparatively) characterization-heavy narrative, but I don’t see Cell as being that much blander than the likes of Babidi, Raditz, and Frieza.

  • Alex Palo

    So, Torishima was always the last person to know who the villains would be, right? even beeing the editor

    • Kaliaila

      The storyboards are not all that fleshed out, and it is not uncommon for a chapter to be pushed out a few days or less before it is intended to go to press. At which point, it is far too late to completely redesign a character so he must change within the saga.

      • Alex Palo

        Well, that explain it. but IMO it still impractical.

  • Kyle Lundquist

    Eh, it was alright, still like the Buu saga and Super Buu better.

  • Amy King

    Okay, so I’m guessing #3 will be Vegeta, #2 will be King Piccolo, and #1 will be Freeza… That’s how I would rank it.

  • Jackson Schrickel

    Cell was, personally, always my favorite villain for a few reasons. For one thing, I think he filled a more chaotic-evil role than Frieza ever did, and I think that that makes a more terrifying villain. Also, I think it was less that he lacked motivation, and more that his goal was just wanton destruction, coupled, of course, with killing Goku and, by doing so, proving that he was the perfect organism. Finally, I like that he did his own dirty work. Most of the damage Frieza did on Namek, aside from destroying it which I’m not trying to downplay, was done by his henchmen. Really, the only people he killed on Namek were Dende (a child with zero combat training), Krillin (who, let’s face it, is largely incompetent), and Vegeta (the only one of the three who was impressive). I don’t count Nale because Piccolo absorbed him before he died. Now, I’m not saying I don’t like Frieza, far from it, but I, personally, prefer a villain who gets things done himself. Frieza could have, but didn’t, instead relying on his largely nameless henchmen. Cell wiped out entire cities on a whim by himself. Before he was even full strength. Of course, he needed Vegeta’s help to kill 18 and realize his perfect form, but that is, more or less, the one time he actually relied on someone else. Now, I realize that Frieza definitely had a larger influence on the show, seeing as how he’s basically the poster child for villains in the DB universe, so I’m not saying that Cell should outrank him on this list, but, in my opinion, as a villain in his own right, I think Cell is a more interesting villain.

    • Deecks

      Cell is a pretty straight Neutral Evil, really. He’s impulsive, but he’s also a fairly logical thinker. He doesn’t stick to any code, but he does believe he’s part of something bigger. Order and chaos don’t really matter to him; everything else is secondary to the all-consuming Perfection.

      It makes him an odd trinity with Freeza, who is clearly Lawful Evil, and Buu, who is Chaotic Evil.

      • Jackson Schrickel

        Fair point. What I meant by chaotic was more in comparison to Frieza, who most to be more lawful, as you said. Cell was, in his earlier stage, destroying for the sake of destroying. Yes, it made him stronger, but he still probably could have taken out 17 and 18 to achieve perfection fi that was all he wanted. Instead, he devastated entire cities. Not to mention that, even after achieving perfection, he still caused widespread destruction to no real end, as you can see in the news during the second to last episode of the abridged (55, I think). Now, in retrospect, I do agree that he probably fits neutral evil more than chaotic, especially compared to Buu, but he’s definitely closer to chaotic than lawful.

      • Deecks

        Cell did have a reason for eating those people. Imperfect Cell is pretty weak – stronger than Super Saiyans, but Piccolo manhandled him without much trouble, and he was as strong as 17 and 18 at the time. Had he tried to absorb 17 and 18 without his little buffet, they’d probably kill him.

        Cell didn’t actually cause his widespread destruction for no reason. His kills against civilians consist of the following:
        – Eating cities to strengthen himself.
        – Blowing up islands to flush out 17 and 18.
        – Blasting a chunk of the city during his pre-Cell Games broadcast for intimidation purposes.
        – During the waiting period, the government sent a strike force of soldiers to try to kill him. Suffice to say, it didn’t work.

        Most of the actual devastation shown wasn’t Cell; it was everyone panicking because an all-powerful supersoldier had appeared and promised to blow up the planet. He spent the waiting period to the Cell Games mostly just training, meditating, and building his arena. He made no efforts to avoid those confrontations and usually saw widespread destruction as the first resort, but he didn’t just fly around blowing up cities for shits and giggles.

      • Jackson Schrickel

        After eating just one city, though, he was on par with Piccolo after absorbing Kami. Piccolo may have had taken the lead early on, but Cell definitely got his fair share of hits in, not to mention a surprise Kamehameha and draining Piccolo’s arm. The only reason he fled was because Krillin an Tien arrived and he knew he couldn’t take on all three of them. Piccolo was also on par with 17 at the time, which can be seen during their ridiculous fight, meaning that Cell could probably best 17 if he outsmarted him (not difficult, honestly) or absorbed maybe one more city, if even that much. Instead, he absorbed at least four more, not to mention a whole battle ball team (At the same time!). This was definitely unnecessary. Even if he was a tad bit weaker than Piccolo, which I believe could be easily argued, he didn’t need to absorb four more cities. That was, as you put it, for shits and giggles. I will concede that most of what he did after he achieved his perfect form was for intimidation purposes or self defense, but you have to admit that he probably enjoyed it. Also, he announced that he would be blowing up the planet. If he just wanted to announce the #CellGames, he could have done that. Instead he told everyone that he would blow up the planet if they failed. You can’t say that he didn’t intend to cause some chaos through that. I will say, I’m not disagreeing with most of your points, and I think that most of what I’m disagreeing with is because of my own opinion. I don’t want this to come across as a dispute. I actually think that the points you are making are valid, even if I don’t necessarily see the events in the same way.

      • Deecks

        I’d rather not get into powerlevel debates, but Cell gets his ass handed to him pretty hard. The Kamehameha doesn’t even scratch Piccolo, and Piccolo notes that it’s nowhere near as strong as Goku’s. That drain attack is more or less the only time he gets a serious hit in the fight. And keep in mind, Piccolo didn’t even take off his weighted gear. (He did against 17, and jokes about one hundred kilos aside, Piccolo’s gear does seem to be heavy enough to suppress his power. Maybe he uses the Clothes Beam to make it weigh ten tons.)

  • Ash Velvet

    Personally I like Imperfect Cell the most, he was creepy and menacing, Perfect Cell while somewhat cool is just that IMO.

  • Grave

    So i guess we have Vegeta at number 3 King Piccolo at 2 maybe…..maybe 1 and most likely cliche of frieze with 99.9999% chance of being number 1 villain was hoping cell to be number one but i guess to each their own

  • Chris Lussier

    I never did understand Cell’s motivations. I just kept thinking “what is he going to do after he becomes perfect and blows up the planet? What is he going to do to pass the time?” I could never figure it out. He just wanted to become perfect for the sake of being perfect and then…I don’t know, stand around?

    • TheParappa

      Exactly my thoughts.

    • YuriFan

      Guess Dr Gero didn’t think that far ahead.

      • Kaliaila

        Gero just wanted Goku Dead.

    • GreatWyrmGold

      It’s more severe for Cell, but this sort of half-baked motivation plagues most Dragon Ball villains. Like, what will King Piccolo do after killing everyone on Earth save his sons? What was Frieza planning to do with immortality, especially since he thought he was the strongest in the universe save two beings which were easy to avoid?

      • alexandre

        King piccolo wanted to make a demon kingdom with his offsprings on Earth and Freeza didn’t want to give up his power.
        An uncontested rule is like the most to the point motivation ever for a villain

      • GreatWyrmGold

        Wanting to make a kingdom isn’t a fully-formed motivation on its own. If you’re going to all that effort, you surely have some kind of goal in mind. What is it? Promoting demon rights, getting back at the humans who sealed you, spiting Kami, taking the position pre-Piccolo Kami desired? What about Frieza? Does he want a life of eternal luxury and hedonism, does he want to play god, does he want to ensure an eternal legacy?

      • alexandre

        Yes being the boss, this is why there is no more villain worth anything nowadays, they are too busy trying to make them “deep or complex” even though it shows how flawed their thinking and motivations are while forgetting the most basic shit a villain want: control over eveerything they can have, they want control over death, they want to be the undisputed leader since he is the one in charge but now it’s all “daddy/love interest didn’t love me and I want revenge over petty bullshit because that’s character trait right, not just unecessary layers that will decay over time”.

      • GreatWyrmGold

        It’s possible to do anything poorly, but I appreciate any effort to give the villain a little depth. Especially since that usually leads to fewer stereotypical “take over/destroy the world for the sake of doing so” villains and more villains with a concrete, original, sensible goal.
        And a well-written villain with a decent explanation for their actions and goals is almost always better than even the best villains without such. It’s hard to even begin to empathize or understand a character whose driving goal makes no sense.

      • Deecks

        Well, King Piccolo’s motivation for wanting to take over the world and kill everybody is pretty obvious; he just thinks it’d be a lot of fun. King Piccolo is a guy who deeply enjoys being a terrible asshole and lording his power over people. He doesn’t really care about what happens afterward.

        Cell… he sort of developed a motivation when he became Super Perfect, when he believed his destiny was to destroy the universe (between his agelessness, his newfound teleportation, and his overwhelming power). But before that, his goal was basically to show off.

      • GreatWyrmGold

        I’m not convinced that “I want to do X because I think X would be enjoyable” is a fully-baked motivation.

      • Deecks

        I’d agree, but King Piccolo just approaches the possibility of killing every human on the planet so gleefully. It’s not the best reason, but he’s passionate about it and he seems like the sort of guy to be passionate about it. For fuck’s sake, he was planning on putting the lives of the populace up to names pulled out of a hat. And considering that his sadism and his god complex were both given a lot of establishment, I find it hard to consider it unprecedented.

    • Same thing can be said about Freezer’s desire of being inmortal.

      • Chaltab

        Not really. I mean Frieza is a tyrant. He lives large with hundreds of minions doing his bidding; he revels in power and cruelty. He’s a one-percenter given planet-busting power. It’s an old trope, that the one with the most power fears nothing more than losing that power, and the only way Frieza thinks he can lose his power is if he dies.

        Hence the desire for immortality: he wants to keep doing what he does forever.

        And of course it’s ironically the pursuit of immortality that ultimate leads to his downfall.

      • Don’t get me wrong, I understand and love Freezer’s motivations. I was trying to say that if you’re going against Cell for not having clear motivations after conquered is main objective (and I disagree with that), same thing can be said about Freezer (and I would disagree again) or even Vegeta if he surpass Goku one day.

        I’m spanish, sorry for my bad english 🙁

      • Chris Lussier

        No that was clear. He was gonna rule the rest of the universe that he didn’t conquer.

      • And Cell wanted to show his perfect power (in a destructive way) and humilliate everyone across the universe. I don’t think that’s the point against Cell.

        To me, the main problem with him is that he’s the first main villain to be extremely humilliated (during is semiperfect form, against Vegeta)… but I also think is very interesting and dramatic how the Z fighters failed in their objective (killing Cell) and alowed him to become perfect and put the entire world in danger, instead of being the villain the one who do the bad stuff and the heroes act depending of it. With Cell, the Z fighters failed in their heroic mission for the first time.

        Sorry for my poor writing, I’m spanish and my english level is not perfect (haha). Love TFS, DBZA and reading all of your commentaries here, btw! 🙂

      • sonic10chaosverse

        i also talk spanish and my english suffers because of it(i did get high grades in the english class)(sorry if the grade thing makes me look pretentious)

    • zerosd

      Travel around to other planets and find new challenges? He’s still young, I figure he’d develop with time, but his saiyan nature plays a large role.

      • 679gog

        What new Challenges? Freeza was known as the strongest in the universe until goku defeated him. And with him blowing up the Earth, the dormant buu wouldn’t see the light of day.

      • Kaliaila

        Well dormant Buu would, just not for a while longer. And after a long enough time, I’m sure he would have found his way into Universe 6 for some good fights or caught the eye of Beerus or Champa.

    • Scarth Maheart

      He is mentally programmed and conditioned to seek his Perfect Form first and foremost by Dr. Gero.

      Cell probably never stopped to question what to do after that.
      Otherwise he might have come to a similar epiphany like almost all the other Androids (8, 16, 17, and 18).

      And Goku loves forgiving his enemies despite their kill count. If Vegeta the planet-killer is ok, Cell and his few missing towns would be accepted.

  • Daniel Banks

    So, I’m guessing…

    3. King Piccolo
    2. Vegeta
    1. Frieza

    • Amy King

      I personally think King Piccolo will be ranked over Vegeta… but I agree that Freeza will take the #1 spot.

      • Daniel Banks

        King Piccolo confirmed #3.

  • Daniel Banks

    To be fair, Cell’s second form does look pretty dumb compared to the other two. Granted, that might be because he spends a good portion of the time making silly faces while Vegeta is beating the crap out of him.

  • HikaruYami

    Wow, I called it exactly right. I said I couldn’t imagine a single movie villain being above Cell (who I used as an example of a non-flawless villain, specifically citing his weak motivations), and here’s Cell, only 1 spot above the top-ranking movie villain, with one of the notable flaws being his weak motivations.

    • Daniel Banks

      Unless someone REALLY has a thing for Bojack. 😛

  • NeptuniasBeard

    Cell may not stand out much compared to Frieza villain wise, but he had a much more interesting personality imo and he was given some pretty great lines in both the dub and the abridged series.

    And that theme, my god. It’s probably the main reason I dislike the Japanese score so much

  • Mr. Random

    I’m guessing,
    3) King Piccolo
    2) Vegeta
    1) Frieza

  • EndOfTheWorld

    One thing I liked about Cell in retrospect is how he functions as an antithesis of Gohan. Both Gohan and Cell are, essentially, amalgamations of earlier characters. But while Cell is a creation of brutal science mashing together human, Namekian, Saiyan and,….er Frost Demon genes, Gohan is something very similar, albeit in a more organic way. He’s a half-human half-Saiyan hybrid who was trained by his father’s worst (at the time) rival and tested in battle against the Galactic Emperor himself. Gohan’s power comes from the synthesis of his background and experiences and Cell, a literal patchwork quilt of monster DNA, works as a dark mirror for Gohan for the sake of the story.

    • sonic10chaosverse

      nice observation,he also his the antithesis to other characters trough his different forms
      imperfect cell its an evil counterpart to piccolo(this being his cunniest form)if piccolo would never become good
      semi-perfect cell is an evil counterpart to vegeta(they’re both inmensely arrogant until somebody stronger comes and severely humiliates them,they’re somewhat cunning but not as much as the previous guy)if vegeta never settled on earth and was humbled somewhat
      perfect cell is an evil counterpart to goku and also resembling freeza(they’re both obsessed with fighting,are somewhat polite,want to fight their enemy at their fullest,and aren’t that smart)if goku only cared about fighting and used is power to terrorize people
      and finally super perfect cell is an evil counterpart to gohan,more especifically ssj2 gohan(both had gone insane with the power,possesed by anger and want to see someone suffer)if gohan had let the power fully corrupt him
      he’s also overall a evil counterpart to trunks if he went to the past to destroy it instead of saving it
      sorry for the grammar
      ps:got those from tv tropes

  • TheParappa

    I like Cells first form alright, because he was creepy and unique, but his boring ass perfect form kicked him out of the top 10 for me. He has no goal, no motivation once he becomes perfect, so he just creates a pointless tournament because why not. I think Cell would be a lot more interesting if he gets to perfect and then realises he has no purpose anymore and gets insane for example. But as it is… he is just another power fantasy for little boys and DBZ was already crowded with those characters.
    I had hoped the crane school would show up on your countdown, since they are basically the evil mirror version of the turtle school and had the best fights in all of the franchise (Tien vs Yamcha for example).

  • Jeff Maes

    imma let ya finnish but cell is the best db villain of all time

  • Ryan Nicholson

    I really hope you u guys put unmei no hi tamashi vs tamashi for gohan’s transformation in dbza.

  • Erick Recio

    Sigh… only 3 left but 4 villains for me (TenShinHan, Piccolo, Vegeta and Freezer), probably they are not going to give Ten-Shin-Han a top place (he deserves way more than honorable mention), I watched the original Dragon Ball and he was a really bad ass, I wanted to see his fight against Goku in the finals, his 3 fights in the Tenkaichi Budokai are really good (especially against Jackie Chun)

    • Kevin Swinson

      Tien Shinhan’s a fascinating character but his time as villain is too short lived and essentially spent breaking thumbs for Shen. By the time he’s fighting Goku he already has doubts.

      • Erick Recio

        The saga was like 20 chapters in anime and that is a lot in the original Dragon Ball (didn’t grow with manga, but at least we had like 1 year difference with japan airings), and what he did to Yamcha was so cruel (at the moment of the story), his attitude and power was really good, he had a lot of techniques (hes was one of the first fighters shown with the ability to flight) and he was a relevant character at the end of the original Dragon Ball. Maybe is too much to ask for a Top 3, but I think is an insult to be outside the Top 24.

      • TheParappa

        I doubt Tenshinhan is on here as well, but I thought the crane school as a package could make it on. Like Chao-Zu just burns one of his opponents to near death and has no problem with getting ordered to murder Krillin.

      • Erick Recio

        I know that for me he is a top 10, but he is way more memorable than most of the movie villians that were included on the top 25, or even more than Zarbon/Dodoria… He even have epic moments like stopping Cell from absorbing A18 (ruined by vegeta).

      • Dreadkos_Otherworld★

        Kaiser really said it best in today’s DBCember. Tien’s life as a villain was way too shortlived and even inside it: while the leg crushing was cruel, it was literally the only evil thing he ever did.
        I don’t feel like he should even be in a villain list.

      • Erick Recio

        Well. I feel satisfied. I asked him on twitter if Tien was a villian what rank he would give him, he told me that he would be in the Top 10 (and that it was one of his favorite characters)

  • Onochie Nebedum

    Everything you guys said about Cell and the many classic scenes from Android/Cell saga is the reason Cell’s my favorite villain in the series.

    • Lupu

      I really agree with Frieza and Piccolo being better than Cell, but Vegeta? Of course Vegeta is way more popular and better than Cell, but as a villain, vegeta didn’t really did too much especially in his saga. He was humiliated by the entire z fighters in the saiyan saga and in the frieza saga he started to depart from being a villain because Frieza is the main threat.

      • NeptuniasBeard

        How was he “humiliated” by the z fighters? He tanked their best attacks, crippled the entire team and even after being crushed by an Ozaru was one of the only ones still able to move. And this is after his already iconic battle with Goku.

      • Chaltab

        But he was the prince, the Elite warrior, and he was lost by someone less than half his power, a five year old boy, and two humans. Hell, after Frieza died he dedicated the next five years to surpassing Goku, and only took a break while Goku was dead.

      • NeptuniasBeard

        Him being a prince doesn’t really mean anything to us though. His defeat is humiliating to him, most villains defeat are humiliating to them, but not so much to the audience. Whether it is embarrassing to the audience depends more on how one sided their defeat was (i.e. Vegeta vs Frieza’s final form). And you’re simplifying the hell out of that fight. He didn’t just touch down and get his ass beat, it was a long drawn out battle that ended with the heroes getting extremely lucky that Gohan’s tail grew back when it did.

      • sonic10chaosverse

        he actually went trough an humiliation conga:he was struggling against a guy who he considered a weakling by his race standards(he was actually half his power),then said “weakling” temporarily with a technique he wasn’t aware of,even after transforming into a great ape he just can’t murder a living being(not for the lack of trying)yeah he crippled goku but consider it took his great ape form to do it,he got his tail chopped of by yajirobe ¡¡¡YAJIROBE!!! of all people,then he still fails to kill a thing and that thing of taking a team to defeat him does’t really count much because that team includes:two of the biggest butt monkey in the series,an human-saiyan hybrid kid(emphasis on kid) who does’t like fighting and a crippled goku,he gets defeated by the saiyan kid by accident(he lands on him as a great ape mid returning to normal after he cuts his tail) and proceeds to be almost killed by krillin ¡¡¡KRILLIN!!! of all people(said guy also almost killed him before) to put the cherry at the top of the cake he gets spared because of the crippled “weakling” showed him mercy(and say “weakling proceeded to surprass him).
        i’m probably missing some stuff that proves me wrong anyway

      • NeptuniasBeard

        Smug villains losing against people they consider weaklings is DB’s bread and butter though. By your logic, the likes of Frieza would be even worst, considering the gap is even wider.

        The only reason Vegeta was even struggling is because Goku could multiply his power level by up to 4 with his Kaio-ken. Vegeta’s twice as strong as Goku at base level, but at x4 it’s Vegeta who’s at the disadvantage.

        He didn’t even need the great ape form, he just wanted to go overkill because of the last attack nearly killed him. Goku himself was pretty spent at that point. And he could have killed Goku anytime but had to do the villanous “drag the killing out via torture”.

        And the rest of that stuff really only loops back to it being humiliating for Vegeta, not so much the audience. Krillin isn’t even a butt-monkey in the main series, and while Yajirob is, the only instances he could get some shots on Vegeta is when he snuck up on him when he was distracted. In a sense, yes, THAT’s pretty humiliating, but the rest of the things would only be humiliating out of context and you would still have to ignore all the damage Vegeta both did to them and shook off, Including a x4 Kamehameha and a Spirit Bomb (followed by a fall of at least a mile high)

      • sonic10chaosverse

        okay sorry about that

      • Woodhouse

        It took a team of four fighters, each of them had their important moments (krillin fireing the spirit bom, yajirobe cutting of his tale, gohan becoming the giant ape), a lot of luck and some backstabbing attacks to even have a chance.
        Also, goku didn’t show mercy, he spared him because he realized that he was weaker than vegeta at this point and wanted to power up to fight him again in the future.

      • sonic10chaosverse

        okay sorry about that
        about the mercy part i think its something vegeta would offended and about sparing him i think it was mercy from vegeta point of view

      • Kaliaila

        I would have pointed to Vegeta vs 18.

      • alexandre

        In his saga it took Yajirobe sneak attack, Goku using a power up that could kill him,a spirit bomb and luck, he lost because Gohan’s tail grew back. Even Piccolo and freeza were defeated by goku gettign stronger than before and beating him alone. this is the difference between a villain that needs a whole hero team and one that just get beat up by superman

  • Kevin Swinson

    They summarized everything i felt about Cell. His being a great Villain has less to do with himself and more to do with his impact on the heroes, and though I was banking on him being 3rd, I can see why KP might be considered by some to be the better Villain.

    If KP tops Vegeta though Imma be sorta kurfuffeled.

  • Nicholas Howell

    I don’t really recall. Were everyone wiped out by Cell brought back to life, or did that part just get skipped?

    • Kevin Swinson

      Yeah, when they summoned the dragon at the Lookout. The wish brought back everyone but Goku.

  • TactilePope

    It’s been ages since I watched Dragonball. What makes King Piccolo such a standout villain? I don’t remember.

    • VandalCabbage

      He was the first truly evil character in the series (except maybe Tao).

      He’s actions murder a hero before he’s even introduced, and he even takes over the world!

    • Mathew Gibbons

      It’s such a huge change of pace for the series and the start of the formula that would become Dragon Ball Z.

    • jjjjjj

      he killed two major characters(3 technically), defeated goku with ease the 1st time they fought and sent the whole world into chaos.

    • Demon King Piccolo killed almost the entire main cast of Dragon Ball.
      … or at least would’ve, if Yajirobi wouldn’t have brought the near dead body of Goku to Korrin’s tower to get the now classic Senzu treatment.

    • Jana Wolf

      He was an absolute game changer, killing main characters en masse, getting rid of the previous status quo, actually taking over the world, AND adding to the lore in ways previous villains simply hadn’t. Suddenly, there was a god, and he had a discarded evil side. Suddenly, every main character was somehow involved in open warfare. And he truly introduced the high stakes everyone can die atmosphere that went on to define basically everything about DBZ.

    • mk

      King Piccolo represented a major shift in tone for the series. Most outstanding: he was the first villain to kill a member of the main cast (and multiple members, at that). He was an overwhelmingly powerful villain who was portrayed as unbeatable by some of the most powerful characters seen thus far (specifically, Roshi and Tenshinhan, as well as Goku during their first fight) and the first villain to present a truly credible threat to the world as a whole. Not only that, but he was also the first villain (I believe) to succeed in getting his wish granted by the Dragon Balls, which he promptly follows up by KILLING THE ETERNAL DRAGON, which is a very concrete display of power that, again, goes well beyond anything we’d seen in the series up to that point. It was King Piccolo who changed the series from a mostly-comedic martial arts romp into a series of quests to prevent the destruction of the world (and eventually, universe) by overwhelmingly powerful evil forces.

      His existence also sows the seeds for the eventual reveal of Kami, who of course becomes one of the most important characters in the series. And there’s also the creation of Piccolo Jr., and, just…everything about his arc was amazing. He was Freeza before Freeza. He was Goku’s first true mortal enemy (aside from Tao, maybe, although Goku never tried to kill Tao, whereas he actively wanted Piccolo dead).

      King Piccolo is my absolute favorite DB villain and I hope he ends up at #1, but fully expect him to be placed below Freeza.

      • Toa

        Couldn’t have said it better myself. I re-watched Dragon Ball recently and the tone right before that arc, man you can really tell something’s coming. Krillin runs off on his own and Goku knows right away that something’s up. God, the fact that he fucking KILLED Shenron. That wasn’t even thought possible! Him and Freeza are definitely in a tight race for top spot.

      • mk

        I think Freeza gets it, mostly for the same reason Broly was so high on the list: fan impact. I’d argue that in terms of impact on the story and structure of the series as a whole, King Piccolo edges out Freeza, but considering Z’s popularity over the original (as Piccolo Jr. said, “nobody watched Dragon Ball”), my money’s on Freeza at 1.

        What would truly bother me, though, is if Vegeta beats out King Piccolo. I love Jeets, but he honestly didn’t bring anything new to the series. He was just another villain-turned-rival for Goku in a long string of similar characters, he didn’t do much as a villain (most of the damage being done by his lackey, Nappa, while Vegeta stood around talking about his elite status), and aside from the iconic face-off, just generally didn’t contribute much until he became an ally of Goku & Co.

    • Matt Stemkowski

      Starting with the death of Krillin, sending Goku into a blinding rage, King Piccolo’s actions changed the entire tone of the series from what it was before.

  • Stache Hand

    All that Executive Meddling, and they eventually settled on the form called “Perfect Cell”, most appropriately.

    I guess his thin motivation and personality are all just the result of being a bio-weapon created by a madman for the sole purpose of destruction. Also, Dragon Ball just LOVES the Smug Super trope. All that power really gets to their heads every time. Just ask Pre-Teen Super Saiyan 2 Gohan. It wouldn’t be the last time he’d be a cocky sadist.

  • NewK00paUSA


  • Gintoki

    A big problem I had with Cell is the fact that he literally needed the stupidity of the heroes to actually keep being a threat. He almost died to Piccolo, but escaped at the last second. He would have lost to 16, but 17 refused to run away and he became semi perfect. He would have lost to Vegeta, but Vegeta literally allowed him to become perfect. He still wouldn’t have been able to become perfect, if it weren’t for Krillin refusing to blow up 18 and 18 refusing to run away or blow herself up (not to mention, even Tien or Trunks could have blown up 18 and that would have solved the issue). Then, at the Cell games, Gohan would have killed him easily after he lost energy fighting Goku, but Goku decides to give him a Senzu bean because… well, he is Goku, and that is what he does. Then Gohan decides not to finish him off while he can, which leads to the death of Goku.

    I love Cell as a character, but because his success was almost always dependant to other character’s mistakes or coincidences, he never felt as dangerous as Freezer, or future androids. So I think number 4 spot is accurate for him.

    • Hanamichi

      “but Vegeta literally allowed him to become perfect”

      actually helped him, Vegeta actively stopped Trunks when he was trying to stop Cell

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    • VandalCabbage

      Not to mention if characters started ganging up on him the way that they had to do with Vegeta’s first attack and Freeza he would be dead meat.

      • Scarth Maheart

        That is an interesting thought. What if any of the 3 Androids decided to fight together, or with Piccolo, against his Imperfect form?
        We already saw how 17 alone was able to match if not beat a stronger Piccolo, just by the nature of Android endurance.

        Or if the group just scrapped the whole “fair fight” setting and jumped Cell like they did previously to Guildo and Recoome. I guess though that just would have resulted in Cell Jr’s popping up earlier in the fight.

    • Squire

      It’s not all stupidity though: Trunks and Vegeta had no idea that 18 was on that island (and even Cell, who chased here and 16 there, was not sure), and by the time they knew, Vegeta already had decided to help Cell to become perfect and Trunks had a much harder time stopping him. And how would Tien be able to kill 18? He’s definitely not strong enough.

      What I found threatening about Cell wasn’t his strength: as you mentioned he wasn’t that strong. But he was able to exploit the heroes weaknesses and opportunities (eg: like how he hid his energy to stay undercover to keep on absorbing people. Half the reason why Cell was not ganged up on was how the human heroes are all that aware of the power difference. Etc). He’s a villain that you can’t afford to make any mistake or to underestimate at any circumstances.

      But I think the point about ganging up on Cell stands. Even though that able to make Cell Jr means that wouldn’t have worked it would at least show that “even when Cell seems to be making a big mistake (by holding a big tournament with him as the lone opponent to satisfy nothing more than his ego) he actually isn’t” which should be Cell’s shtick.

  • Sben

    Aww, damn. I thought for sure he was going to be in the top three, if only beneath Vegeta and Freeza. He’s my personal favorite, and the Androids/Cell Saga is my favorite part of the series. Plus, you guys have made him into one of the best, creepiest, and most glorious parts of DBZ Abridged.

    #3 is going to be King Piccolo for sure. Vegeta and Freeza are a toss-up for #1, but judging by the number of times I’ve heard you refer to Freeza as the best DBZ villain and the benchmark for all others to be judged on, I’m pretty sure he’s going to make the top spot.

    • GreatWyrmGold

      What TFS did with the character shouldn’t be a consideration. That would put the most recently-abridged villains at the top, no contest, and boost many to well above what their canon depictions deserve.

      • Sben

        I wasn’t saying it should have been considered. I was just mentioning that it boosted my personal love for the character even more.

    • Kaliaila

      I honeslty see King Piccolo as #2. I was honestly expecting Vegeta here.

  • Hanamichi

    I figured.. if Gohan would have really ended up being the main hero post-Cell then Cell would have a place in the top 3 guaranteed but with how everything turned out… much as it pains me this choice is about right.

    I’m feeling Vegeta next

    • Fiere

      but it wouldn’t have made sense for gohan to become the main character. he is not goku so toriyama would have had to make a completely new story, a story that definitely would not work with his writing style and fatigue at the time.

      • Hanamichi

        Wouldn’t have made sense? dude it was all completely set up from the beginning of Z that Gohan would succeed his dad, at the very beginning of the Buu arc in the manga it was explicitly stated that Gohan was the new hero, the anime opening theme for this arc is all shonen-protag!Gohan

        What happened in the Buu arc was one of the biggest backtrackings ever, for whatever reason Toriyama completely changed the direction of the story he himself had set up since Gohan’s introduction and brought back Goku to be the main hero once more for the end of the series

      • GreatWyrmGold

        Toriyama said it was something about him not being as suitable of a hero. Perhaps his desire to have a life outside of fighting?

      • Hanamichi

        Yeah I’ve read that interview with Toriyama but I don’t feel it was just about Gohan, we already had Goten and Trunks in the picture if Gohan didn’t work out, why couldn’t they be the new heroes instead? Unlike Gohan, when they were introduced they seemed to enjoy fighting as much as their dads.

        Much as I personally despise Gotenks, even Goten and Trunks being the new heroes would have made more sense than bringing Goku back from the dead after he himself had stated it was a better idea to stay dead and that he wanted the living people to defend the earth. So yeah, I feel it’s more an issue about not being able to let go of Goku. I guess next step will be to make Goku immortal, since he cannot pass the torch to anyone.

      • Institubeur

        Actually at the end he kind of pass the torch to Uub (GT doesn’t count coz fuck GT :p)

      • Hanamichi

        oh boy, how i try to repress the memory of that ending

      • Institubeur

        I found it a bit rush but not bad. And actually I am sad that Uub never got the chance to shine a bit, could have made GT a lot better if they took the risk of centering it around him.

      • GreatWyrmGold

        I can’t claim to know what Toriyama looks for in a Dargon Ball hero, save by looking at Goku. But it’s possible that something was established about Goten or Trunks which made them unpalatable.

      • Kaliaila

        I am pretty sure he said that in regard to during the time of Super, or at least well after Z had ended. By that time in the existing timeline he is not suitable to be the hero because of the path he was shown to have taken at the end of Z.

      • Fiere

        think about it, what was the reason gohan did anything? The first time was because of piccolo, second was piccolo, third was goku and fourth was also goku.

        toriyama said he wanted to but that Gohan wouldn’t fit and it makes sense because gohan needs external motivation to do anything even training just to maintain strength is something he can’t do unless there is a reason to fight.

        unlike goku, who fights for himself and doesn’t need motivation.

        the funny thing is goku should have killed cell but that was a plothole.

      • Hanamichi

        Gohan was only forced to train and fight the first time by Piccolo when he was 4, all the other times he chose to do it because he wanted to help against the bad guys. Neither Goku nor Piccolo forced him to do anything after the beginning of the Saiyan arc. He even stood up to Chi-chi to go to Namek, that’s how badly he wanted to help. Future Gohan is not all that different from the Gohan of the current timeline, he kept training and fighting ’til death because the threat never went away.

        Of course he doesn’t enjoy fighting and only fights because he needs to, but I really don’t see why that means he doesn’t work out as a main hero, it worked just fine in the Cell arc. No one ever wanted Gohan to be Goku 0.2, he was supposed to be a different kind of hero. Right from the start Toriyama made Gohan notably different from Goku and yet this apparently ends up being the reason why he can’t succeed Goku.

        But like I wrote below, at the end of the day I don’t think this is about Gohan failing as a hero, it’s about no one being allowed to replace Goku. If it was just Gohan failing to fill the shoes then why not have Goten or Trunks take his place? But nope, Goku better stay alive forever because earth is not allowed to have any other hero.

      • Fiere

        so it was gohan’s idea to fight cell and not goku.

        goten and trunks did have a chance, it was the reason goku didn’t kill fat buu. but they blew it.

        hell gohan even had a chance there and he still blew it.

      • Hanamichi

        What are we even arguing here? In case it wasnt clear, what i am criticizing is Toriyama’s writing for the last arc and his decision to bring Goku back after he had already made him pass the torch to Gohan

        Toriyama had Gohan, Goten and Trunks blow their chances so there would be a reason to bring Goku back, if he didnt manage to make one character worthy of continuing Goku’s legacy then what really failed is Toriyama’s writing

      • Fiere

        but he didn’t, what I’m arguing here is gohan was never fit to be a hero. he never took the initiative, in fact had goku not pushed him, he never would have fought cell. goku didn’t stay dead because gohan could protect it, goku stayed dead because he felt it was his fault.

        goku already fought majin buu and he didn’t kill him because he wanted his sons to do it and they played around just like gohan did which resulted in his dad’s death. you call that a hero? gohan had 2 chances to be the hero in the cell saga and buu and failed both of them.

        he only went to namek, not to fight but to save piccolo. they didn’t know frieza was even on the planet and by the time they did there was no going back. he only trained to fight the androids because goku made him.

        The buu saga sucks because toriyama couldn’t pick someone to beat buu. So he used contrivances over contrivances to give ever character a chance before going with the spirit bomb.

        This isn’t the first time though as goku should have killed cell but toriyama made a plothole to keep him alive.

        The first thing we learn about gohan is that he wants to be a scholar, that’s his goal even in the future which he would have been had the androids not shown up. Super has fulfilled that.

      • Kaliaila

        Dude… Gohan is like 11 and was raised in an entirely different environment to what Goku was raised in. He was not going to even consider that he was better than his father; because Gohan looked up to his father as the best fighter of all.
        Goku stayed dead completely because he knew that Goku could easily protect earth; he didn’t feel anything was his fault. Goku stayed dead because that meant that he could train all of the time and also go fight other really strong people.

        Goku didn’t hold back against Buu. Also, Gohan did the same things that his father would have done in the fights with Cell and Buu; if anything Gohan was far more serious and less forgiving to both villains than his father would have been.

        Krillin and Gohan went with Bulma because they knew that Vegeta would be headed to Namek, and the sole reason that Goku followed them to Namek was because Vegeta would be headed there. None of them realized that Frieza would be there though. And unless things got changed something incredible then Gohan most definitely did choose to train to fight the androids. He was the one who convinced Chichi to allow him to train those 3 years. Then you’re also completely ignoring Gohan’s uninfluenced decision to become a hero as seen in the Great Saiyaman Saga; he was even doing that in what one could said direct opposition to what Chichi asked him to do.

        Toriyama did choose someone, but whiney-ass fans didn’t like who it was going to be so his effective bosses told him we have to have Goku do it.

        Umm… no plot hole, it was set up pretty much at his first introduction that he could regenerate from even just a single cell; thus his name.

        Actually, the first thing (well second thing if you consider the fact that he throws major tantrums as a 3-4 year old as being something specific to him) we learn about Gohan is that he wants to go on Adventures with Mr. Piccolo.

        I’m sorry, but Gohan choosing to focus exclusively on becoming a scholar post death of Kid Buu has far more to do with the fact that his Father and Vegeta were alive and Toriyama’s editors as well as the marketing department insisted that Goku be the hero again to bow to the fans who insisted on it. Had Gohan been allowed to develop, without Goku being pulled back into the limelight, I most definitely see him quickly out pacing both Goku and Vegeta at that time and still being able to become a respected scholar, if not to the scholarly level he has obtained by Super. But as a fighter, Gohan has the potential to meet and surpass both of his Saiyan elders because he has the best of the both of them and generally lacks what would be their flaws. The only thing that I see as holding him back would be his lack of a rival, but if you keep Vegeta being given the life of Elder Supreme Kai then Gohan would have a mentor who could help train him to higher and still increase his power.

      • Fiere

        wow there is so much false information in your post I’m not even going to rebuke it.

        just reminds me why I don’t debate with the dragon Ball fanbase

      • Kaliaila

        Point to one piece of false information.

      • Kaliaila

        As I understand it, it wasn’t Toriyama’s decision. He wanted Gohan to become the next hero, but the push back from fans during Great Saiyaman saga and early in the Buu saga lead to marketing and his editors telling him that Goku needed to come back; and so Gohan was pushed back from the spotlight to bring back Goku and Vegeta. Toriyama kept trying to set up Gohan to take over but the powers that be and the fans wouldn’t accept it; so in the end gave up and had Goku come back on top.

    • TLydon

      I think Vegeta will be 2 or maybe even 1. Freeza will be 3 and Piccolo is 1 or 2.

      • NeptuniasBeard

        No way Frieza isn’t going to be number one. He’s the driving force behind a solid chunk of DBZ, he has ties to Beerus, and his impact at least lingers in subsequent arcs. Most importantly, he’s tied to the awakening of the first super saiyan (which was their top DB moment)

        A good argument could be made for Vegeta/Piccolo for number 2, but neither of them are as iconic as Frieza when it comes to DB villains

      • MusubiKazesaru

        I honestly think that the Beerus part detracts from him as a character who we had previously thought (before it was retconned) that he himself decided to destroy the planet Vegeta.

      • JuanTizmo

        Freeza decided to do it, Beerus let him.

      • Pakari

        Considering we’ve already HAD Piccolo, I doubt it. Unless you meant King Piccolo, in which case you should’ve said so, instead of just “Piccolo”, which refers to the one we have now.

      • TLydon

        Since they’re both named Piccolo it’s not really a problem.

      • Pakari

        Them both being named Piccolo is EXACTLY the problem, because they both have the same name, they’re seperated as Piccolo and King Piccolo to avoid confusion.
        Two characters having the same name is ALWAYS a problem. It’s the same when talking about Maron (Krillin’s ex-girlfriend) and Marron (Krillin’s daughter), even though one of them has an extra R, their names are so similar people still need to be specific when talking about either.

      • Zipperman

        Actually the one we have now is Piccolo Jr. so they were completely correct to refer to his father as just Piccolo.

      • Pakari

        It’s official that we have Piccolo and King Piccolo. Whenever he’s mentioned anywhere, they either call him King Piccolo OR Demon King Piccolo, because “Piccolo Jr.” is a main character and is thus refered to as just Piccolo.

      • Institubeur

        Then again if we are on name and shit you could make the argument that after the fusion with Kami we have Kamicollo as Goku refers to him the first time he see him.

        My point being don’t need to nitpick we can understand easily he was referring to Piccolo Daimao (yeah I’m not a native English speaker so the version I can use is this one, don’t forget that also :p).

      • Pakari

        “Kamiccolo” was merely a nickname that Goku came up with, and thus doesn’t count. If he took a different name every time he fused, Nail would’ve been in there too.

        Also, “Piccolo Daimao” LITERALLY translates to “Piccolo the Great Demon King”, so, you’re already calling him King Piccolo.

      • Zipperman

        Except for during both of their introductions where the demon king is referred to as simply Piccolo and his son is referred to as Piccolo Jr. Your nomenclature is correct, but so is referring to the demon king as Piccolo because that’s his name. And there was no need for the original commenter to clarify because it was obvious based on context that he was referring to the Piccolo who hasn’t already been listed.

      • Pakari

        However, since the majority refers to “Junior” as just Piccolo, due to him being the main character of the series, we pretty much NEED a way to distinquish the two, thus leading to Piccolo and King Piccolo.

      • TLydon

        They’ve already done Jr so it’s pretty obvious which one I’m referring to.

      • Pakari

        I still believe there should always be a clear distinction between two characters. When using the same name to refer to two seperate characters, confusion is bound to happen, even if one of them was named earlier. There’ll always be people who’ll actually react with hostility to people who don’t make it clear they mean someone else. It’s always best to just make a clear distinction between two similarly named characters.

      • TLydon

        Except they did Jr and there’s not a third so it’s obvious which one is being referred to. I don’t care if it’s *other* people’s problems they can’t tell I’m not referring to the one that was already covered.

      • Pakari

        I still think that, when mentioned, there should be a clear distinction. There’s always those people who only want to see the top 10 or top 5 because they’re only interested in the best.
        Piccolo and King Piccolo are seperate characters, calling them both by the exact same name implies them being one, single character.

        I can’t name a single time after Piccolo’s introduction, that his father was refered to as anything other than “King Piccolo”.

      • TLydon

        You’re making this into a way bigger problem than it actually is.

      • Pakari

        I can’t help that, to be honest. It’s an uncontrollable issue for me.

      • Blue

        How bout this, King Piccolo is Piccolo, Piccolo Jr can be Ma Junior, Marron stays Marron and Maron is Bizzaro Bulma, Bizzulma, Bulmaro, sound good everyone? although now I gotta wonder why Krillin would name his kid after an Ex?

      • Pakari

        I’d just say King Piccolo, Piccolo Jr., Marron and Maron (not sure why she’s like Bulma beyond the hair color).
        Also, them having the same name is purely coincidental, according to Toriyama. Do your research. “Marron” is the French word for “Chestnut”, which is called “Kuri” in Japanese, thus being the inspiration for “Kuririn”, AKA “Krillin”.

      • Institubeur

        Actually the french name we got for Piccolo Daimao and Piccolo was Satan Petit Coeur, Piccolo Daimao was just the name I’ve found when I search for it’s original name. Calling him Piccolo Daimao is different than calling him King Piccolo, it would be clearer to call him Demon Piccolo (which was also a way to refer to him here).

        In the end you can call him many name but my point was your first reply was condescending for nothing: it was clear he was referring to Piccolo Daimao/Piccolo the father/Big Piccolo/ Slug inspiration/Satan Petit Coeur (pick your favorite).

      • Pakari

        That still doesn’t take away from the fact that “King Piccolo” is how the majority calls him, due to the “Piccolo” that we know being a main character. There should always be distinction between two characters with the same name. I mean, we don’t call both Zamasus “Zamasu”, now do we? We’ve got Zamasu and Goku Black.
        We also have Trunks and Future Trunks, Vegeta and King Vegeta, Gohan and Grampa Gohan.
        By the examples above, we SHOULD call them “Piccolo” and “King Piccolo” respectively.

      • Institubeur

        Yeah but when the context is clear you don’t always say Future Trunks. For example when in the video they say Cell kills Trunks if you respond “heu I’m sorry but he didn’t kill a baby, unless you’re referring to FUTURE Trunks” you’ll be doing quite the same than in your fist reply and it does sound stupid, doesn’t it ?
        Same thing if we say I like the fight between Goku and Gohan in Dragon Ball, you’ll not say but Gohan was not born in Dragon Ball, unless your talking about GRANMPA Gohan.

        I’m not saying you’re wrong on the name or anything just that when the context is as clear as it was in the first message of this thread you don’t need all that nitpicking.

      • Pakari

        At that point, the Future Trunks was the only significant version of Trunks, the baby was mostly ignored at that time. When the baby grew up, we’ve got the main timeline’s Trunks, which we’d just start calling Trunks, whereas Future Trunks disappeared from the story. Because they’re completely seperate characters, “Future Trunks” has become the name when referring to that character. The same happened with King Piccolo, since his son is a MAIN CHARACTER, the son gets called “Piccolo”, with his father being “King Piccolo”. The same goes for Vegeta and his father, King Vegeta.

        When we’ve got a main character with the same name as a lesser-known, non-main character, the lesser-known one gets a changed name. The same goes for Grampa (G R A M P A, there’s no N in there) Gohan. Because he’s lesser known and is not a main character, he was dubbed as Grampa Gohan in order to make a clear distinction between him and Goku’s son.

        After Piccolo’s birth, his father has ALWAYS been referred to as “King Piccolo”, when Trunks became a main character, his future self was ALWAYS referred to as “Future Trunks” and, heck, even BEFORE Goku had a son, we’ve ALWAYS known his caretaker as “Grampa Gohan”.

      • Institubeur

        So you’re actually saying that when you’ve seen the first post you though who the hell is he talking about, Piccolo had his spot already ?

        If that the case I’m sorry, as I say everybody got his own pace, I’m no one to judge :p.

        (also maybe it’s the case in your country but no in mine we knew Goku’s grandfather as Son Gohan – well to be fair he was called Sangohan but that’s something else – because he was the only character with that name)

      • Pakari

        Goku himself always refered to him as his grampa, thus, everyone started calling him “Grampa Gohan”.
        And since every source I’ve seen happens to say “King Piccolo”, “Future Trunks” and “Grampa Gohan”, I’m going by what the wiki says until I’m proven wrong by a reliable source.

      • Institubeur

        Nobody said you are wrong calling Piccolo Daimao: King Piccolo. For what I care you can call him Evil Big Green.
        You’re wrong on the everyone called Gohan Grampa Gohan but I put that on your definition of everyone.
        You’re just purposely being pedantic about it since the beginning the only thing in matter here was: if you understood who he meant by Piccolo (which seems to be the case) you don’t need to pretend not to have.

      • Pakari “He is often referred to as “Grandpa” Gohan to separate him from Goku’s son Gohan, named in honor of him.”
        The problem with the main comment was that the Piccolo he’s referring to is widely accepted as “King Piccolo” (Source: ), with “Piccolo” being the one we have right now. If people don’t differentiate the two, I assume they mean the main/most known character with the name.

      • Blue

        Ok Number 1: Rude, it was just a suggestion no need to get in my face about it. Number 2: I am well aware of Toriyama’s naming gags as they are a central part of the series, I personally would have named Marron Alison for its similarity to alezan another French word for chestnut but I digress, thank you for your explanation regardless I’m sure some will find it helpful. and finally Number 3: You must be trolling with that one, Maron looks exactly like Bulma, that’s the point of the name I came up with, Bizzaro is a DC comics villain who has a similar appearance and physical abilities to those of Superman but he has a diametrically opposing personality and mental capacity. As such his name is commonly used in western media and real life by people to denote the appearance of a person or character similar in physical appearance to one they know but with opposing personality traits and habits.

      • Pakari

        First, I never meant to be rude. If you got offended, it says more about you than it does about me. I’m just telling you to do some research.
        Second: It’s Toriyama’s fault for forgetting a one-off character that was never meant to go anywhere and only existed for a filler sub-arc.
        Third: The only similarities I see between Maron and Bulma is the hair. Even their body types aren’t similar. Bizarro looked like a messed-up Superman and not just some guy with Superman’s hair style and color.

  • Michael Johnson

    Remember, he drinks people

    I think his voice in the dub is how I always remember him. Plus that tail of his is deadly

    • Gamey Geemer

      It doesn’t hurt that Taka’s Cell is so similar sounding to it.

    • NeptuniasBeard

      I personal find his dub portayal to be much better than the japanese. Norio Wakamoto is also good, but he only uses one voice for each form while Dameon Clark has a distinct voice and tone for each one

  • Will Bladek

    So I’m guessing from here it’s #3 King Piccolo #2 Frieza #1 Vegeta

    • Raiden

      Isn’t Vegeta more of an Anti-hero than a villain?

      • W.C. Wit

        They already put Piccolo Jr on the list. If he counts as a villain, then so does Vegeta for his initial role in the Saiyan Saga.

      • Mathew Gibbons

        That was part of his character arc but he started as a villain and his time as one was iconic.

      • Will Bladek

        Yes, but who else could be in top three after all of the villains that have already been eliminated?

    • Montea Butts

      That’s what I’m thinking too. But swap Vegeta and Frieza

  • Xavier Ortiz

    I wouldn’t have put Cell anywhere near this high… but I’m just glad he’s not Number 1.

  • Sailor Mewni

    Not a fan of Faulconer either, but I don’t hate him. Alot of the tracks sounded great, but alot of the more emotional scenes, the music just did not go well with the story, tone, dialogue and visuals. He was great at character themes, but for the music of emotional moments….not so much. Not to mention the reports of how Falconer was a douche when it came to working with him

  • Kurt Reinkemeyer

    Hmm… in my opinion the Cell saga is the best part of the series, so I’d have put him at #1, but I actually thought he’d end up at #3, so I guess I wasn’t far off.

  • Sailor Mewni

    You could say that Cell is a villain who managed to sell the series

    • NewK00paUSA

      That joke could use some “perfecting”

  • Sailor Mewni

    WOW! I expected to see Cell in the top 3! Though him NOT being in it…makes me very happy! Personally I don’t even put Cell in the top 10. While I felt the changes in Buu felt natural due to it being the ‘evolution’ of one specific villain, we knew from the start, constantly replacing the androids got a bit annoying, and while I liked Imperfect Cell, who was so creepy and had an amazing design, I found Semi-Perfect and Perfect to be so boring. Also getting their powers through their cells in interestng, but I found Buu absorbing them to get their powers much more interesting. While I am glad someone other than Goku got to kill the main villain, I might get hate for this…I am not a fan of Gohan. I just don’t know what it is. I don’t hate him like I do ChiChi, but I don’t like him the way I love Goku, Vegeta, Beerus, and Videl.

    • Jack

      What is the difference between Cell’s absorption and Buu’s? Many people argue that Buu starts becoming a carbon copy of Cell when he starts transforming through absorption of other character and getting their powers. Even when they talk about Buu, TFS feel that his constant changing does more to hurt Buu, rather than focus on what made him interesting at the start. It’s okay if you don’t like Gohan, but the fight with Cell was pretty much a full circle of his character which Gohan had been building toward since his own introduction. These days he gets a lot more hate on Super, because him having a job and looking after his wife and child just rubs people the wrong way for some reason

      • Sailor Mewni

        I love what Super has done with Gohan. It has been made clear his arc for SUper is trying to get back into fighting after years of domestication, and try and find a good balance between being a scholar, parent, and fighter.

        As I said back then, Each of Buu’s forms felt differant from one another, which helped him. Semi-Perfect Cell and Perfect Cell are pretty much the same, but with a bit less whining as Perfect Cell. Each of Buu’s were distinct from one another. Piccolo gave him an intellectual attitude, which helped change him up a bit, and gained a cocky attitude with Gohan, which while reminiscent of Cell, is still differant from the previous forms of Buu.

      • Jack

        In Super, it’s more to do Gohan being a foil to Goku’s character. Gohan doesn’t train because he works for a livng and looks after his daughter. But Goku goes off with Whis for months on end to train, neglecting his family. And he doesn’t train for the sake of the world. He just does it for the sake of getting stronger like he always has

        Buu’s Super forms felt like they just blended in with one another. After he gets Piccolo and Gotenks, he gets smarter(although he was somewhat smart already as he tricked them into fusing). At some point he just feels like the same guy with a different shirt on. Even when he went back to his base Super form, it didn’t feel like a big difference in character so much as appearance. It’s only when he gets to Kid Buu does he feel distinct again