It’s that time of year again!  Join us as we count down our Top 24 Dragonball Villains!

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Scott “KaiserNeko” Frerichs

Nick “Lanipator” Landis

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Scott “KaiserNeko” Frerichs

Kirran “LordMoonstone” Somerlade



Lawrence “MasakoX” Simpson


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DragonBall is Owned by TOEI ANIMATION, Ltd. and Licensed by FUNimation Productions, Ltd.. All Rights Reserved. DragonBall, DragonBall Z, DragonBall GT and all logos, character names and distinctive likenesses thereof are trademarks of TOEI ANIMATION, Ltd. This is nothing more than a parody made for entertainment purposes only.

  • Captain Pipsqueak

    Beerus technically isn’t a villain.

  • Keeks

    I fail to see the depth in the character of Beerus – at least in the film. In Super, he indeed gets more depth. In the film he’s more like an overly portrayed child who loves food and wants to destruct everything if he doesn’t get what he wants. Just my 2 cents.
    BUT I love both characters in Super and I hope, as you guys mentioned, too, that they get more screen time and character development. Also I like the scenes where we get a glimpse of Whis’ power.

  • Christopher Andrew Nixon

    I’m still confused as to why you guys even bother with super. I know it has its mistakes but they are the same mistakes that plague the original show in many ways. “Now if super would just do more with that” what more do you want from beerus? He breaks the show if he stands for anything other than neutral. I think beerus is perfect as is. And I can’t help that this list is directly contradicting your list from last year. Probably because super is leaving a bad taste in your mouth for no apparent reason other than you aren’t looking at it with nostalgia eyes like you did the original show. The reason you guys dislike buu and super most over everything else is because you guys were grown by then. That being said, I’m not trying to spread hate, you guys are awesome. But I feel out of all of you masakoX has the best view of super. What you guys want from dbz, a deep complex character roster and story, is just not something you’re going to get from dbz. It never has been that way. It is and out charm, humor, and muscle heads that throw laser beams. And I love it for that.

  • Anakin The Weird

    WTF? I thought for sure Beerus would be in the top 2! How did he get beat out by first-arc Vegeta and Semi-Perfect Cell?

  • Craxnor

    I’d be more on board with the whole balance of creation and destruction if it wasn’t for the fact that the Kai’s, whose job is the opposite of Beerus, actually created something. Without that there’s no reason for his existence and that’s a flaw I can’t overlook.

  • Gregory Bey

    I’m guessing Piccolo, Cell, Vegeta, Freeza. Maybe switch Piccolo and Cell since Cell while great didn’t really get the job done like Piccolo did. He actually got his wish, killed main characters, and took over.

  • Draco Magnius

    I love Beerus he’s literally what I’d imagine a cat with God powers would act and Whis is basically his “owner” or as cats refer to their “owner” their “servant”.

  • MrFluffy

    Ok.I know you guys said his actions are justified up to a point.but if you recall back to episode 3 of super Kibito Kai said to the elder Kai almost the same thing that if he destroys a planet its for a justified reason and elder Kai says that no he just destroys planets for any reason he wants it is for mainly his satisfaction to a scene..

  • Hiei Uchiha

    So all we have left is vegeta king piccolo cell and Frieza then sweet. No arguments here

  • Francisco

    Now there’s a god I would worship.

  • Invader_Jim

    Although I still don’t think he should be on this list, I am just glad they admitted that he isn’t a villain, then providing an excellent breakdown on why both Beerus and Whis are awesome.

    They definitely help out a fuckton with making Super tolerable.

  • Samuel Schoenberg

    My fear is that #4 is going to be King Piccolo, but I want it to be Cell

  • saturn0205 .

    Beerus deserves his place in the Top 5! His character quirks and design alone do this, without adding in his impact on the series or his actions in either film.

  • M-D-W

    Plus he’s a cat. Somehow the God of Destruction being a cat seems fitting.

  • ThatGuy

    You keep calling Beerus “complex” throughout the video but fail to explain why you describe him as such. While I agree that he is vibrant and entertaining, “complex” is hardly the word I’d use to describe someone whose first defining trait is a love of food and second is a love of violence. Yes, he is miles above most any other Dragon Ball villain seen so far, but he rarely is seen doing anything that really brings about any deep thought. Yes, the idea of a God of Destruction to oppose Creation is interesting and is just begging for a deeper explanation, Beerus himself doesn’t do much to explore said mystery, leaving that to his assistant Whis. What are Beerus’s interests? Food and violence. What does he live for? Food and violence. We don’t see much more than that, and when you peel away his over-the-top characterization, his motivations match up with those of Buu’s. I’m not saying that he doesn’t deserve his spot on the list, but your use of the word “complex” just confuses me.

    • Betaruga

      Yeah, I have to agree with you on that one. Beerus feels like he has the *potential* to be complex, but he hasn’t been presented in a way that merits the description

  • Scarth Maheart

    Existed since Time Immemorial?
    Periods of planetary destruction followed by periods of hibernation?
    Intrigued by the concept of meeting/fighting someone who could give him a challenge?
    Travels with a handler who is capable of stopping him when his rampages get out of control?
    Obsessed with food above all else?

    Who’s that DBZ Character?
    It’s Buu! Buuuuuuuuu!

    I feel if Beerus came earlier than he did, he would have been a much stronger character.
    But his coming post-Buu just makes him another Turles/Cooler/Android13. A villain mirroring the last arc’s primary villain. We criticize Janemba for being a Buu Clone. But Beerus is equally as guilty, just taking different traits of Buu than Janemba (Super Spoiler/Speculation: though with Whis’s current “teaming up” hint at Goku and Vegeta in Super and the events of the Future Trunks arc, we may one day see Beerus fall to a Goku/Vegeta fusion, much like a certain movie villain before him).

    I know I am in the minority, but Beerus just never clicked for me.
    If Beerus had been a Dragonball or Slump character, I am sure I would have liked him better.

    I do not begrudge anyone who likes Beerus or hates me for being lukewarm to him. More power to you. Just sharing why I disagree with his placement here (not that one longwinded dissenting fan’s opinion matters)

    • decus

      That’s the thing though: they and most fans who enjoy him are viewing him as a Dragonball character.

      You’re absolutely right though. His character becomes very unsatisfying during all of the more Z moments, like Resurrection F or the Future Trunks arc. His one weakness is that the series didn’t fully stick with the more Dragonball moments.

  • JuanTizmo

    Wahsubby? Learn to talk, Kaiser.

  • Magno

    Now that Super was mentioned, can we talk about how GT did more in 64 episodes than Super did in the same number of episodes?

    • Jacob Kristos

      okay, but they sacrificed a lot make all that happen to the point where it actually hurt GT

      • Magno

        It still had less filler and unnecessary stuff than Super.

      • alexandre

        Ok I only saw two or three episodes but when one is about a weird cult turning people into dolls, another about robot dabura working for space gero and the last one I saw suddenly has 17 becoming somewhat relevant again I don’t think doing more of that is actually a good thing

      • Magno

        Or like when one episode is about Gotenks fighting a blob that isn’t Buu or something like that, another is the same scene that happened in BotG and was done better and the last one has flashbacks to the Future Trunks turning Super Saiyan for the first time but with way worse animation than something done over 10 years ago.
        I completely agree.
        EDIT: Watch 3 random episodes of the original Dragon Ball (aka the best the franchise has to offer) and tell someone it’s bad because they may not blend well with one another.

      • alexandre

        That’s actually how I started watching dragon ball, I know it might be crazy but when an episode was on tv it didn’t pick up where you left it, I don’t even know how king piccolo showed up but I still watched it because even without context what was happening in the episode was interesting instead of let’s have those three green aliens sing a countdown so the girl can be free from a giant robot that turn people into dolls

      • Magno

        Of course, the first part of GT tried to somewhat emulate the adventure genre (and overall feel) of DB, but it wasn’t as good.

    • Johan Eriksson

      Not really, it would have to be true first.

  • sonic10chaosverse

    yay beerus is here…and in the top 5 no less
    i’m also starting to see why taka wasn’t in the super villans especial…

  • Luke La Mendt

    Saving Monster Carrot and his Rabbit Mob for one of the top 4 huh?

  • Ryan Nicholson

    Nah Kaiser I’d rather have some vodka instead.

  • Guyver01

    Is it bad that I just realized that the Gods of Destruction and their attendants are named after alcohol?

    • saturn0205 .

      God damn it, Toriyama.

    • Draco Magnius

      Wait really?

  • Marcelo Zuniga

    So, all that’s left is:
    -King Piccolo
    In that order.

  • Amy King

    So I’m guessing Vegeta will be number 4, then King Piccolo, then Cell, then Freeza will be number 1… That’s my prediction.

  • Shen

    Seeing Beerus’s character design got me back into Dragonball. It’s seriously top tier stuff, one of the greatest visual treats anime has every produced and the fact that he’s SO EXPRESSIVE makes it just phenomenal. Would’ve struggled to keep him out of the top 5 myself.

  • Cody Holt

    So yeah in terms of other villains there’s still King Piccolo, Freiza, Cell and probably the Evil Goku dude from Tree of Might.

    We know Freiza and Cell will be in the top 2 obviously, that just leaves them.

    • Hanamichi

      King Piccolo, Freeza, Cell and Vegeta

    • Xman321

      Turles likely didn’t make the list. He wasn’t cool enough. Vegeta takes his place.

  • Saif Sami Qassim

    You guys can have ur opinions and i respect that, but i gotta say, i HATE everything about beerus, like lani said, being present for the fight against freeza hurt the movie, and how he and whis are just there to patronise everyone and hurt the credibility of the z-fighters,but the part i hate most is how he and whis always discuss how they were the catalyst and ordered the destruction of iconic moments before he was created; ie. planet vegeta, earth (through multiple villains), dinosaurs (they mentioned it and flipped me out). but ya beerus to me is one of the worst things to happen to dragonball. But anyway, different strokes for different folks.

  • svsguru2000 .

    He is also super hot.

  • YuriFan

    Why is Beerus on the list though? He is technically a Super villain.

    • Mathew Gibbons

      As they said they’re going by Battle of Gods alone. Super is actually part of the impact of Beerus himself, his movie revived the franchise.

  • Hanamichi

    the last 4 places or so were predictable enough, but other than Freeza I really don’t know who’s gonna be left out of the top 3

    Vegeta? Unlike the other two, he was a villain for more than one arc, even if not the main antagonist. In Namek even though he ended up joining the gang against Freeza in the end, he was a threat to them on multiple occasions, his character arc here was fantastic. And Majin Vegeta is worth mentioning, he killed a good bunch of people.

    King Piccolo? His presence changed the course of the series, from a light-hearted comedic adventure to more dramatic and brutal fights with much higher stakes.

    Cell? He’s the one who finally got Gohan unleashed, the one who culminated Gohan’s character arc which was the biggest build-up in DBZ (now we may laugh/cry at what that ended up amounting to, but at the time this was epic) and the only main villain to get defeated by anyone other than Goku.

    My guess is Cell but I feel it could be any of these 3

  • TheCrazyFish

    From what I’ve heard, Beerus was originally going to be the big bad evil guy of the entire series. He was the one who put Freeza on the path of conquest, the one who made the saiyans the genocidal maniacs they were, and basically the one responsible for all evil in the world, and Goku’s battle against him was going to be the climactic showdown to finally redeem the saiyans by destroying the one who corrupted them.

    Toriyama himself vetoed the idea, saying it was generic and cliche and that he wanted Beerus to be more of a “fun” villain.

    I wouldn’t necessarily say the other idea would have been bad because we can’t really know… but I love Beerus the way he’s presented here and I’m glad Toriyama nixed the other idea.

    • Xman321

      I’d like to see the virus idea used later in Super though. With a different villain.

    • Deecks

      Honestly, “he’s pure evil” has been done as a character concept… what, nine times? Both in the form of “made of condensed evil” (King Piccolo, Janemba, the Shadow Dragons), “identified with pure evil” (Buu, Babidi, Broly in some regards) or just plain “no redeeming qualities whatsoever” (pretty much every villain who didn’t get redeemed, and several others besides). I can understand why he’d be sick of it.

  • Sky Bento

    my predictions:

    4. Cell – a VERY interesting concept that is ultimately an amalgamation of tropes (and this is coming from someone who thinks Cell is one of the greatest villains in ANYTHING, EVER) but then again he just shows why they’re tropes in the first place. Perfect Cell is a great parallel to Goku, in the same way that Super Buu was, but with a lot more brain power. & the fact that Goku himself “couldn’t” beat him and he was actually beaten by Gohan (which correct me if i’m wrong, but he didn’t have cells of) is actually amazing and was a catalyst for the way the world is portrayed in the Buu saga, with Mr Satan’s fame and all. from a meta perspective its also interesting to note that it’s basically android hybrid, vs human hybrid & both were made from Goku. he had the best traits of the best characters. but he didn’t have a long reign and was ultimately unsuccessful in everything except “beating” Goku and absorbing the androids.

    3. King Piccolo – does a great job selling fear to viewers. he actually succeeded in most of his goals. Goku didn’t STOP a reign of tyranny from occurring, he failed at that and then had to end it. they’d probably put him ahead of Vegeta if not for the whole heel-turn that is the rest of the series after his villainous debut.

    2. Vegeta – a similar concept to Raditz, only taken up to 11. rather than Goku’s alien brother, he is the prince of his alien race. had Goku not done so much good and gotten to keep his body and train with King Kai, Vegeta would’ve mopped the floor with Goku. everyone knows how intense the Goku vs Vegeta fight(s) is/are. & then the gradual heel turn truly makes him likely the greatest character the show has to offer.

    1. Frieza – space hitler. the catalyst for everything behind the scenes. made Vegeta fight alongside Goku, which really sold how terrifying he truly was, not to mention the fact that even his minions were stronger than Vegeta. almost felt like an RPG in that regard. everybody was just so much stronger. if Goku hadn’t been the forgotten deus ex machina and trained/healed for 90% of Namek, Frieza would’ve actually won. Goku was BARELY strong enough to defeat him as a Super Saiyan the first time (though its revealed when Trunks shows up that had he learned to control the transformation, it would’ve been much easier). i’m not a huge fan of Frieza myself (he is awesome for how iconic he is) he really is the perfect villain for Goku and the franchise as a whole.

  • Ridghost

    Beerus is a good character, but I guess I didn’t like him as much as you guys. Sometimes his presence just feels unnecessary. They introduced the strongest guy there could possibly be, and his introduction was the signal for the end of possibilities for Dragonball in terms of strength level. Gods of Destruction < Zeno, that's it. I liked the idea of a god of destruction, but I guess I would've preferred a more straight man act than goof ball because seeing how the pretty awesome idea of terminators (Androids), space aliens (Freeza) and a magical beast (Buu) created all sorts of creative obstacles for the earth. Beerus although a cool idea, seems more like a symbol that, there really isn't anywhere else to go. Once Goku is stronger than Beerus, it's pretty hard to fathom any reason that anyone bar another God of destruction or Zeno could possibly be stronger than Goku. Atleast before the Gods introduction, there was always a possibility of introducing some strange new horror concoction for the squad to face. Still, as a character he is fun and enjoyable, I found it hard to take him seriously at crunch time, because as serious as he may have been, unlike with the previous villains. I never felt tension that the earth and the Z squad would actually die. I think this is mostly due to how quickly the fight was over. Maybe if it was a whole saga, with Goku training to beat Beerus and Beerus maybe killing 1 member of the crew, the stakes would seem more real. But the fact that the fight is over so quickly, I dunno, didn't feel as heart pounding as Android 17 vs Piccolo, when I knew if Piccolo lost, everyone else is screwed. Still, to re-iterate, i think Whis is the best character Super has put out, along side Beerus and I by no means think they are weak characters. (By the way I love Dragonball and Z, saw Ball 3 times over, and Z 8 times over. ;))

  • TactilePope

    Beerus = best character. But you’re right, the foodie routine was endearing in BoG but has run its course.

  • GreatWyrmGold

    Beerus’s personality and motivations aren’t the best out of all Dragon Ball villains, in my opinion, but they’re well above-average. Moreover, he has great presence; he manages to be hilarious and then terrifying, switching between the two at the drop of a hat. I’d personally put him even higher on the list, right between Zamasu and Buu.
    Of course, I understand that many others would disagree; I ain’t your typical Dragon Ball fan. I dislike most of Z, for instance.

  • Mariusz “Jump3R” Płoszka

    Someone effed up here, guys. Buu absorbed TWO Kaioshins (Supreme Kais) not just one. TWO. DOS. DUO. DEUX. 2. The transformation caused by the second (South) Kaioshin was only shown for a few seconds, true, but it was still there and Buu did assimilate him… I would understand Lani and Taka, but you Kaiser? You disappointed me here… and didn’t anyone else notice this error? Seriously? *sigh* Never mind… Proceed…

  • Anonymous

    So let me predict the top 4, King Piccolo was mentioned and is not included with Piccolo Jr. so it’s likely he is some where in the top 4. Vegeta although now a hero was a Villain and I’m pretty sure he will make the top 4. team four star has already conformed Frieza will make the list and It’s more than likely that Cell will be on the list so here’s my predicted list

    4 King Piccolo
    3 Vegeta
    2 Cell
    1 Frieza

    • SimoneNonvelodico

      I’d swap Piccolo and Cell there. King Piccolo is an amazing villain. Hell, he might snatch #1 just by virtue of being the first really SCARY villain, the mood setter for the series from there on, the ‘OH CRAP’ moment that separates ‘fun, adventurous Dragonball’ from ‘epic battles of life and death Dragonball’.

      • TheCrazyFish

        Also King Piccolo was the first hero-killer of the franchise, back when that still meant something. Yeah, at this point main characters dying is basically a joke among fans, but back then Krillin’s death actually hit like a ton of bricks to the face, and then Chiaotzu and Roshi… and then the fucker kills the DRAGON so they can’t be brought back.

  • Gojira007

    I think the thing I love most about Beerus, and by extension “Battle of Gods”, is the way in which, on the surface, he sounds like a bog-standard “Dragon Ball Z” villain: a new super-being so strong as to render all other evils before him absolutely puny by comparison, who we in the audience have never heard of, but who in fact has a place of exceptional importance in the world of the story, and who is justifiably feared to the bone by anyone and everyone who has heard of him…except Goku, who is super-eager to pick a fight with him, only to find himself completely outmatched and thus forcing our heroes to discover some NEW power-up to defeat him.
    Except that at every turn, the expectations that formula suggests are confounded, if not outright subverted.
    As the Team says, his personality and motives are very much apart from the other villains on the list; the unique dynamic that stems from how, as long as he is kept content, Beerus is a perfectly enjoyable person to be around (and a GREAT dancer!), yet can and often will flip out at the slightest provocation with potentially-planet-ending results, is really great, and lends itself to very unique kinds of tension and narrative structure. As well, it plays cleverly with the concept of his Godhood, in as much as it stems from the tradition of “Gods” who, in spite of their immense power and divine status, often act with heightened versions of the foibles and flaws of regular human beings. Perhaps even more importantly, Beerus’ power does NOT end up being just another yardstick for our heroes to clear; he really is just so powerful that no one in the entire rest of the universe (except…well, you know) could defeat him, and that in turn means his status as “the most powerful EVAR!” feels a lot more earned and compelling than when it gets slapped on to whatever new threat the writers want to come up with.
    It ALSO means that, in the end, even with the Super Saiyan God power-up, Goku cannot defeat him. That, to me, is the most significant way in which Beerus is different from other “Dragon Ball” villains; in the end, he is stopped not because he is overpowered, but because Goku is able to earn his respect, and thus his mercy. That is a radical departure, not just from “Dragon Ball”, but indeed the majority of Action Narratives, and to me it’s what most solidifies Beerus’ position as a great new addition to “Dragon Ball”’s world.

    Oh, and since we’re down to the last four, let me offer up my predictions for what they will be (I would’ve done this yesterday, except the Team all but explicitly said Beerus was #5 then, and it felt weird to do a Top 5 prediction when we already knew what #5 was):

    4.) King Piccolo
    3.) Cell
    2.) Vegeta
    1.) Freeza

    • Anna

      I’m still of the opinion King Piccolo snags 2.

      I do agree with your idea that Beerus deviates from the pattern established with King Piccolo, just for the scope of how long we’ve done it. It would have been easy for Goku to just beat the next tier. It definitely contributes tot he sense that Beerus isn’t so much a villain as just a force of nature itself. You can’t ki blast nature away…usually…unless its a comet. Or a volcano.

      • Karthull

        Or a tornado. Or a tsunami. Or a hurricane. Hell, just blast the whole planet away! Nature solved!

    • Karthull

      Except they could have defeated him, doing the same transfer to vegeta they did for goku, (even once the transformation wears off because somehow they wind up just as strong through latent energy or something) they vegeta and goku fuse, and ssg fusion is stronger then not just beerus but whis too

      • Shanmao Dia

        well in super SSGSS/SS blue still can’t compare to Beerus, even when they fuse into Vegito in super, Beerus is still on a whole other level.

      • Karthull

        But hes not, I mean I assume super blue is stronger then they were with the super form from BoG, and toriyama said around when BoG was new: That if Beerus is a 10 goku is a 7 and Whis a 15. So unless he later retconned that, That difference in power is easily surpassed with fusion, if vegeta got the same power up goku got hed be at worst slightly weaker then goku, and upon fusing they become at minimum 10 time as strong, at maximum 100 times as strong, fusion is that op and broken. Upon fusing theyd be not just stronger then either of the “gods” but arguably stronger then both of them together. Of course theres the argument to be made that fusion that powerful would not last long enough for the fight, but it would definitly be stronger then beerus while it lasts.

      • Shanmao Dia

        yeah it was retconned, don’t know how strong goku is to beerus but it’s a definate that SS blue Vegito in kaioken X10 (man so many power-ups) is weaker than beerus, the only thing beerus struggles at in battle is that he’s too childish and can get carried away, that would be his only down fall, but his power compared to Vegito blue is still better. So I’d say that Vegito blue is…. 70-90% of beerus’ power? but hey Toriyama could retcon some more $#!% am I right?

      • Shanmao Dia

        also considering the fight with Beerus in BoG he never lost stamina compared to Goku, a fusion with Vageta with the same power-up (which in itself is impossible due to the number of Saiyans there) wouldn’t help, it could probably tire Beerus down a bit but he’d still have the upper hand without considering the time limit.

      • Karthull

        Wait they do fuse into vegito in super? Damnit toriyama

  • JokerJay779

    So Beerus was the one who sealed up Old Kai and apparently back then he was “as big as a threat as Majin Buu is” so he must have been strong as Kid Buu back then. Whis probably trained him over the years until he got unbelievably strong. However this makes me wonder. Beerus is incredibly lazy as cats are.. So what if he got only say about as strong as Vegito or so or even slightly stronger then that and said “You know I think I gotten strong enough that no one could challenge me I think I done enough training.” So then he could be beatable without the whole Super Saiyan God nonsense.

  • Daniel Banks

    I’m surprised they didn’t mention how Beerus was originally meant to be some kind of Saiyan virus or something.

    • SpaceTheGamer

      Yeah that concept sounded interesting but we got something muchmuch better than that xD

    • Xman321

      I’d personally would like the idea to be revisited as it’s own arc in super later on. Just don’t use Beerus for it. Make a new villain.

  • Lupu

    Who wants some Champagne?
    Nah, I prefer Beer, get it? no? Ok…. “cries in the corner”

    • Fisty Fiham

      I’m more of a rum and coke guy myself. (Maybe they’ll be the next pair.)

      • CianM1301

        What name do you think that’d be? Ramma? Rammu? Rommu?

    • MegaKat

      Idk, I much prefer vodka or whisky, honestly. After all, candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker.

      • Pakari

        Not sure where you got vodka from, as whiskey is definately a pun for Whis.
        Vados’ name comes from calvados.

      • MegaKat

        Well, I stand corrected, thank you! I’d assumed it was a pun on vodka due to the pronunciation, just as I correctly guessed that Whis was a play on whisky due to the spelling. Thanks again for clearing that up for me!

      • Pakari

        No problem. As a DB fan, it’s my duty to help the less-informed. For more info about the names, I suggest the Dragon Ball Wiki. Always up-to-date.

    • I prefer the blood of virgin orphans. Well, their not virgins anymore…

  • William “LEGOMania27” Breen-Ha

    Theory: Kami was considered a “god” once (before the Kais and all that), right? So, maybe he was an old god, but got too old to do his work, so someone replaced him (like, I dunno, Beerus). So he went over to Earth to relax in retirement with his angel, Mr. Popo.

    • Zack Osbourne

      Perhaps he and King Piccolo were once the namekian equivalent of Super Saiyan God, but their advanced age, the power split and Piccolo’s rebirth as a new person caused a significant loss of power? It would explain why Piccolo Jr became so much stronger than the average Namekian after he refused with Kami.

      • alexandre

        Well guru actually mentioned that had kami not split in two he would have needed a super saiyan to kill him.
        Then again might be just the translation

  • Freezerguy

    Beerus and Whis are my favorite characters in the franchise. They are delightful.

  • JokerJay779

    Dragon Ball Super did one thing interesting with Beerus. The fact that if the Supreme Kai dies he dies. Not only does this further emphasize before creation comes destruction. But it also gives Beerus a weakness. Like say if some big bad foe from another universe game or even another multiverse came to the Dragon Ball universe and killed the Supreme Kais then they would be out one God of Destruction AND Whis since Whis would be in sleep mode like a robot until a new God of Destruction is appointed.

    • Daniel Banks

      Kind of funny that that almost happened in the Buu Arc.

      • JokerJay779

        Well Beerus was still asleep then. And also in the Future Trunks timeline since there was no way for a Super Saiyan God to happen so he probably never had that vision.

  • Stache Hand

    I wonder what they mean exactly by “if only Super would do MORE with that.”?

    I love Beerus in Battle of Gods, but his presence really lowers the terror that Freeza’s grand return was supposed to inflict. It was bad enough that Freeza didn’t bring his overwhelming power, fear factor and army to the city where he could announce his plans to the people of the world, but he’s placed in front of the guy that Papa Cold told him to never trifle with, making him cower in fear. Go back to sleep, Beerus.

    • Lupu

      He means that Beerus from Super is not that well developed as BOG Beerus. Sometimes Super’s Beerus and Whis are waaaay too over the top and sometimes they’re not that funny. Sure he has some great scenes like “hakai”, but Super’s Beerus is kinda bland and not as funny as his movie counterpart. And don;t even get me start on Champa, he is funny… I guess, but he is just a fat version of Beerus and way more annoying, and Vados is pretty much 0 developed, she’s just there to look pretty and prove that she is the sister of whis, she is like raditz if you;re thinking about it.

    • Mathew Gibbons

      Most of the time Beerus is just sitting around eating or reacting in shock depending on how invested he is in the arc. It’s entertaining but not nearly as great as he is in Battle of Gods.

  • BlueMageBrilly

    To be honest, I kind of disliked Beerus from the off-handed information I was given on his character. A villain that’s just a giant purple cat that gets angry over pudding and yet is still strong enough to defeat Goku? That concept felt more like a gag villain to me and I put off watching the movie because of that. GT had already disappointed me and I wasn’t really keen on the idea of watching something like it. But after a lot of people kept giving the movie praises, I decided to see it to finally see it myself…

    … and it’s pretty good. I still don’t really like that he’s a cat, but his attitude, and especially his voice actor, make it work. They animate him in a way that really pushes forward that he’s a super powerful cat, but still keeps his ‘I’m a god’ attitude in every one of his movements. So even though I don’t like that he’s a cat, I have to say it’s very fitting for his attitude, given what cats normally act like.

    Either way, I’m not sure he counts as a villain, but I’m fine with him simply being in the top 5 instead of #1 like I partly expected. I think I was underestimating you guys about that, since I hadn’t been feeling like you were really focusing on what villains meant and it might have been better to call this ‘Top Antagonists’…. But this is fine, I think. I’m glad you guys focused on both versions in the movies and brought them together, since his character really goes down hill in Resurrection F… Though he’s not really alone in that regard. Hopefully the Manga being made will fix that and we’ll see it be remade into the anime, since no one seems to appreciate what Super has done so far, excluding the ‘fun’ episodes recently.

    But I’m not gonna hold my breath. We’ll just have to accept Beerus as he is for right now.

    • Cenishial

      If you mean the Manga for DBSuper, then the anime comes first. Regardless, I for one enjoyed the Universe 6 tournament and Future Trunks arcs, including the ending for the latter, though I do kinda wish Future Trunks could’ve had a happier ending somehow.

      • BlueMageBrilly

        I know the anime comes first, but I’ve heard a lot of people say that the manga is simply better than the anime right now… and it’s not even as far. At least not the one I’ve seen is as far, it’s just reaching the start of Super, but it already improved upon the tournament arc by quite a bit. The whole ‘Use KaioKen’ thing felt more like fanfiction stuff than actual canon and the manga “fixes” that.

        Unless there’s a different version I haven’t seen, but regardless the manga remains to be much better than the anime. Although I’ve also heard this is due to the anime having just “guidelines” to go by instead of actual notes, but that doesn’t really excuse the mess the movie recaps became or why they decided to make them in the first place.


      • Cenishial

        Really? I read that the Kaio-ken + SSB was one of the times a lot of people said was when Super really took off. I also read that the manga made the fights against Magetta and Hit a hell of a lot less interesting(even if the Magetta fight in the anime was helped by Champa basically cheating to give him the advantage). Hit(a fan-favourite, at least in the anime) in particular was apparently weakened considerably, being changed from improving his time-skip to longer durations due to actually having a challenge and barely having a cooldown to it to only being able to use his full-power time skip a couple times and never improving over the course of the battle.

        Though I do agree that the movie recaps weren’t really necessary, even if they did add in more details and things. Resurrection F in particular only came out a few months or so before Super was first announced, didn’t it? Making that movie especially pointless.

      • BlueMageBrilly

        I’ve actually heard the opposite in regards to the manga. The “Kaioken” being used is said to be a butt-pull and Goku going Red then Blue as a strength increase instead made more sense. That’s what I’ve heard, at least, but personally I thought red was supposed to be stronger than Blue since Blue was just a ‘tap’ into the power of a God… But I dunno.

        The Magetta fight is also considered more interesting from what I hear because there was no cheating involved, just Vegeta being completely dominated by a guy he couldn’t even hurt. Then he ends up using his fowl mouth to win along with actual strategy, instead of just brute forcing it. I think that’s way more interesting than cheating!

        Hit as well seems much more interesting than just another person that gets “Stronger” as the fight goes on. Because he’s already extremely powerful to begin with and he shouldn’t just spontaneously grow in strength out of nowhere. Plus, as Goku says in both versions, he couldn’t go all out since he wasn’t allowed to kill. Having him suddenly grow in a way he wasn’t meant to would feel a bit hollow, in my opinion.

        It’s really a matter of mixed opinions, but I’ve heard that the pacing and strength of people in the manga is way better than the anime, at least, and I haven’t seen any real disagreements about the pacing of the manga being better than the anime.

  • Ryu

    Beerus is very much a Dragon Ball Super villain/antagonists. There is a very clear shift in tone, characters (both new and old), story, etc in Dragon Ball Super and that literally in Battle of the Gods, so he is very much a Dragon Ball Super character.

  • Blazejecar

    honestly, I’d exclude vegeta and beerus from the list. They aren’t villains, they are their own characters which have shown their good and bad sides. Vegeta and beerus are unique to dragonball with their jumps from anti-hero to good guy, but when you look at a lot of other animes, a lot of characters are like this and villains are very distinct from this formula. Vegeta may fit the list more, as he actually was a villain in the saiyan saga, so in that sense, MAYBE he could be here, but beerus is definitely not for here. His thrive was never to actually destroy and…do villainous things, I guess, he is just a cat having fun with his job. Because they’re gods of destruction, that doesn’t make them evil, they are simply a divine force that’s meant to look after the universe, but in a different way than kaioshins. Not to mention beerus has always been neutral and his fight with goku was just…fun and playing

    • Mathew Gibbons

      A villain doesn’t have to be evil, in fact some of the best villains aren’t. Vegeta started as a villain (and spent a small part of the Buu saga as a villain again) and some of the most memorable and iconic moments are from his time as a villain.

  • Woodhouse

    You guys know that you completely forgot Tenshinhan in your top 24.

    • Daniel Banks

      Hey, you never know. Maybe King Piccolo isn’t in the Top 4 and it’s Tien instead. 😛

      • Jonathan Searle

        Yeah I highly doubt that.

      • Charmas

        The surprise top 4 villain is…THE MOON! It turns Goku into a giant ape and makes him kill his adopted father! Then it does the same to Gohan and he almost kills Piccillo!

    • DrSimetra

      Because Tienshinhan isn’t as good of a bad guy as he is a good guy.

      • Woodhouse

        Don’t know, Tien (and the whole Crane school) were pretty scary villian first and as a antagonist he was very similar to piccolo junior.
        Also in the first tournament he entered, he showed a merciless and brutal character in the beginning. Plus he crippled Yamcha, beat Roshi and even Goku.

      • alexandre

        It was still part of a tournament villain not kill or be killed villain. Plus his brutality is downplayed knowing he learned it from Tao who upstaged him when he beats chiaotzu unconscious offscreen because he can’t kill him

      • Karthull

        I still say he was a way better villain then beerus and many other villains that have been on this list, like wheelo, nappa and raditz certainly, and thats without factoring in his future as a good guy and with impact on the series, he did sort of savethe day 2-3 times later in the main series (in relatively small ways)

      • alexandre

        I don’t know nappa and raditz have a kill count and unlike Tien, they died before their threats waned off (King Piccolo didn’t even need to fight him and Goku pantsed him on their rematch). Like Tien impact on the franchise is mostly being one of the jobber and his villain run was misguided retribution, Yajirobe beating up Goku for stealing his food is the same level of villainous motive

      • Anna

        The reasons you note are good for why he wouldn’t be this high…but he certainly made a better psychological threat than the bottom rung who “just looked cool”.

      • alexandre

        even then I saw more his villainous run as pai pai legacy, like Yamcha and krillin might as well be in the countdown when they were rival to goku

  • Daniel Quinlan

    Can’t agree more about Beerus in Resurrection F. It honestly would’ve been better if they just stayed on their planet and watched the fight via hologram. Sure, without Whis present, you wouldn’t have had the reset-time ending, but that was a dumb way to finish the movie anyways.

    P.S. Love Beerus. He’s one of, if not, my favorite Dragon Ball characters.

  • jack Wood

    I think Beerus is one of the best character to be introduce into dragon ball in recent years (Next to U6 of course)

  • Michael Johnson

    Beerus: would destroy the world if not good food.

  • so hes not a villain but a giant dick

  • Jack

    You know, I will actually be very disappointed if Vegeta is Number 1. I mean, I love the guy, but at some point he stops being a villain and continues as an anti-hero, which isn’t really the same thing. I’d see it as a bit of a cheat that the top villain of the series is a guy who goes on to be a top hero. If you were doing top 24 characters in general then I’m all for Vegeta, but for a villains list, I think it’s a bit of disservice if the top spot isn’t meant for the best, true villain in all of Dragon Ball, which would have to be Cell

    • Sailor Mewni

      Last year they called Freeza “The franchise’s greatest villain”

      • Jack

        Yeah but they seem to be enjoying the build up they’ve been doing with Cell a lot more than Frieza. TFS version of Cell is a lot more darker than what they did with Frieza and many would argue Cell is superior to Frieza in a lot of ways

      • Dreadkos_Otherworld★

        Well, not me. As Goku and Vegeta set a golden standard of hero and rival, Freezer is right up there with them as a villain.
        *I*’d be way disappointed if Freezer isn’t number one.

        Cell takes a huge minus with that lousy and ugly second form, whereas Freezer is pretty much constant, and Perfect Cell re-enacts a lot of moments straight up from the Freezer book.
        Which makes sense, he is part Freezer, but that means someone’s a but more OG than him.

      • Superior Spider-Man

        I’ll wholeheartedly accept King Piccolo.

      • saturn0205 .

        I think you’re forgetting about the Aliens rip-off that was Frieza’s third form. That, right there, ranks with Cell’s second form.

      • Neil Johnson

        Cell’s biggest drawback is really on how non threatening he was. He really had no tension, they were trying to play it up as he saw his as a game (hence Cell Games) but the fact that the Z warriors didn’t really take it seriously either made it bad. And Gohan has always been too whiney to be loveable which also leads to an unsatisfying climax.

      • BlueMageBrilly

        Are you talking about with their abridged series with the build up? ‘Cause I don’t see that.

        It was years ago when they started Namek and it took a long time to get to the end. But Frieza wasn’t really a villain to ‘build up’, unlike Cell who had a lot of progression. Frieza was just /there/ and was already built up to the maximum. His threat build up was brought on by everyone seeming to fear him, even when he doesn’t do anything. Frieza wasn’t a figure that was meant to be built up to be feared, because he was already feared and he was already 10x stronger than everyone there, up until his power starts wane when Goku shows up.

        But if you think they’re had issues writing Frieza, then you must be thinking of a different series. Because Frieza is easily their most well written character so far. Everyone else has been getting some development recently with their writing style changing, but Frieza was 10/10 from his first showing. His witty attitude, his jokes, and his demeanor of “I’m LORD Frieza” was written perfectly and the voice actor really brought the lines to life. It was even said in one of their streams awhile back that Lani actually got chills when he had to be threatening, since it had been the first time he actually showed true anger in the entire saga.

        That was also /years/ ago, so their equipment, writing, and how much effort they put into the show has been improving over time. You’d be hard pressed to see Kaiser be lazy with some backgrounds like he was on Namek now and that has gone hand-in-hand with the build up they’ve been doing. That scene with Piccolo vs First Form Cell where they blow up the ground, for instance, would have just been another city background back on Namek, but Kaiser went the extra mile and put the proper one instead, as he states in a ‘Episode Breakdown’ for… whatever number that was.

        They’re improving, but that doesn’t mean they liked Cell more. If Namek was after Cell, which is really weird to think about, I have no doubt they’d be showing the same talent.

      • Gamey Geemer

        I agree with this to an extent, but I personally find Cell to be more well written then Freeza in the abridged series, but how much of that comes from them just loving Cell to death and how much of it comes from having gotten much better in writing remains to be seen.

        I personally think that it is the variety that Cell has that made him better written in the abridged.

        But, I still think Freeza tops the list easily because of HOW lasting an impact he had on the series.

      • Anna

        Personally, I interpreted it as a manner of respect. TFS has run fast and loose with characters, but, other than Tien, who’s gag is BEING Tien, Freeza is nearest his TV counterpart. He isn’t really overplayed like say, Vegeta is, because he’s so masterfully balanced on the tightrope between larger than life and chillingly threatening. They didn’t need to exaggerate all that much.

        Freeza also has the most “serious” moments where they out and out kept him terrifying, without any sarcasm or levity. Cell has had his own fair share (his “Enough” line is chillingly effective after the string of gags) but, even with TFS, that started with Freeza, as many things did in the series proper. He’s just that powerful a character.

        And of course, yeah, Cell gives you a lot to play with, what with his shifting forms, even shifting personalities, that you can just fling him wildly and he just covers the scope that way. Like, Imp. Cell was so gay. SO gay. xD But that’s pretty much gone as soon as he shifts.

      • BlueMageBrilly

        I don’t find Cell to be all that well written compared to Frieza. Well written in general, sure, but overall he has very 1-dimensional characterization… and not really in a bad way, but he kind of does the same stuff over and over. What was first form? Sex-jokes and giggling, with an underlining of creepiness that comes from him drinking people and being a bug thing. Second form? Pretty much Vegeta, but with no pride. Just a desire. Now Perfect Cell hasn’t been explored too much, though he seems much smoother and has more or less reached the top of “I am better than all of you” and has decided that he wants people to remember him. Why he plans on blowing up the Earth is still up in the air, since dead people won’t remember him either as far as he knows, but regardless, he’s not a bad character all…

        … but I don’t think he really compares to how they wrote Frieza. Frieza was all that and /more/ in their Namek saga and I’m seriously not saying that just as a fan. It’s partly because he has already had his arc completed that I can judge this so well, since I may be a little unfair to Cell since he’s not over yet, but… From beginning to end, Frieza was well written and everything he set fit the personality they had going for him. But even then, he didn’t repeat things as much as Cell does, excluding simply being a witty jerkwad to everyone he met. Even the relationship between him and his soldiers was well-written, fitting his ruthless character, but also showing his slight lighter side where he could show anger, and even sadness, over someone’s death.

        Cell doesn’t really… do anything of that nature. He has no one to bounce off of yet except the fighters and that’s not really the fault of TFS per say, since Cell just doesn’t really do much talking to people… But when he does talk to people, it’s barely any witty comments or anything that shows anything but ‘I am better than you and I am really creepy.’ That and a lot of sex jokes with giggling. Hopefully Perfect Cell doesn’t do that as much.

        Again, though, all my complaints aren’t really saying he’s written poorly. I just think he isn’t written quite as well as Frieza was, but that may just be me enjoying more witty character banter rather than Cell’s smug, but handsome, face.

      • Aaronrules380

        I fully expect Cell to be number 4 behind Vegeta, Freiza, and King Piccolo

      • Superior Spider-Man

        that is the order i kinda expect. King Piccolo is sorely overlooked. Freeza can be seen as King Piccolo x10000. If King Piccolo had said “I’m bored with Earth. I wanna rule other planets.” He’d be what Freeza is now…. except much weaker….

      • Superior Spider-Man

        All we have left is Cell, Vegeta, Freeza, and King Piccolo. Honestly, my fav out of the four is King Piccolo because he was the first one to bring in despair to the series in straight killing off several main characters and, though only for a short time, take over the world. In his old form, he damn near killed Goku who had just got through a huge power up after Red Ribbon and Baba. After those arcs, Goku seemed be unstoppable until King Piccolo swatted him like a fly. Freeza is my 2nd fav villain, but there was no real surprise in him outside of power lever 520,000 in first form and 1 million in second form.

      • GreatWyrmGold

        I personally don’t get it. He’s two-dimensional, static, and one of the most cliche characters in the franchise. All he has going for him is influence on the plot, and most of that comes from either the Saiyan Saga (which wrapped up before Toriyama thought Vegeta should have a boss, so there’s not much direct impact) or Super Saiyan and its derivatives (which could have easily come from elsewhere).

      • Gamey Geemer

        I think a lot of the point is that he doesn’t change (though Ressurection F is a huge disappointment of a movie) and a lot of it comes down to being something that was new at the time. He didn’t want to become more powerful because he was many times over the most powerful being he had ever encountered, he didn’t want to rule because he already ruled. He didn’t want to fight because that gets so dreadfully boring when you are overwhelmingly powerful.

        Add that to having minions who were more then powerful enough to give the main characters a run for their money, and his cold disconnected personality that he takes towards everything, and even if he has no character arc, he is intimidating as all hell.

        Couple all that with the fact that he had some of the best fights in the entire series, influenced the writing of the entire series after Namek, is easily the most instantly recognizable as a villain in the series, and having the most iconic scenes (see the Super Saiyan) that all makes for easily the best villain.

        As for the Super Saiyan, you could have put that elsewhere, but it wouldn’t have been nearly as big of an impact. Seeing Goku fly into a near blind rage at having his best friend for over a decade at the hands of someone who had just killed his rival, his entire race, and countless billions is something that would be hard to top in scale and how personal it was to Goku.

      • GreatWyrmGold

        * He didn’t seem particularly different to me, whether in personality or motives.
        * Simply being more powerful isn’t all that impressive, the way I judge it; anyone can write in that this new guy (or his minions) can beat up everyone who came before, especially when characters’ powers are as homogeneous as they are in the DBZ-verse. Also, the impact of “Frieza’s minions are strong enough to challenge everyone, and Frieza is even stronger than him” is weakened when that pattern—the new guys’ minions being even stronger than the last boss—has held from at least the second World Tournament arc until the Android/Cell arc (with many of Babidi’s minions still being comparable to the Androids and Cell, and Buu himself taking the “even stronger boss” position two or three separate times).
        * Are those fight scenes some of the best in the franchise? They seemed pretty samey to me.
        * You could have had anyone kill Krillin. It didn’t have to be Frieza. It didn’t even have to be someone like Frieza, beyond of course being a murderous dick who didn’t like Krillin.

      • Gamey Geemer

        * I think we will need to agree to disagree there, because he doesn’t seem all that different in personality compared to Cell or Super Buu, but he was new at the time.
        *That is true, but that aspect wasn’t explored as thoroughly as it was with Freeza, with 50 chapters of the Manga more or less dedicated to his minions and building up Freeza as a terrifying force, and nobody else really got that kind of treatment, especially to that degree.
        *Yeah, those are some of the best fights in the series, going down to codifying the types of fights in Dragon Ball Z as being really long and drawn out affairs.
        *You could have, but my point is that it wouldn’t have had the same impact if just someone random came up and killed Krillin with no build up and no fanfare. It would be funny at best, and stupid at any other level, because this was long after the series had moved past being a Gag comic where main characters die all the time. And as much as everyone jokes about it, not counting Buu killing everyone, there were only 6 points where main characters got killed to elicit emotions in the audience, and most of them are still talked about to this day, including both of Freeza’s.

      • GreatWyrmGold

        * To me, Frieza doesn’t seem meaningfully different from prior villains in personality or motives, either. (The most obvious comparison is Vegeta; shift the scope of his royal title and replace battle-lust with sadism and you’ve basically got Frieza. They even plan to make the same wish!)
        * Meh. Taking more time doesn’t always make something better or more meaningful.
        * Funny, the long, drawn-out nature is one of the things I dislike most about DBZ fights. So I guess I have Frieza to blame for that.
        * facepalm That’s not what I meant, as anyone who bothered to think about my statement should have seen. Toriyama could have easily replaced Frieza with some other villain, or even Krillin’s death with some other stress, had he written the arc like that. He could have made a villain who had more interesting motivations, or a personality beyond sadism and sociopathy, who posed a threat not purely framed by having more raw, bland strength than anyone before. But instead, we have Frieza.

      • Xman321

        It’s not direct impact, but think about Freeza’s place in the DBZ universe, even in movies. Not to mention just how terrifiyingly strong he was, in the Bardock movie, we see him blow up Vegeta with a supernova level blast, formed out of his FINGER and merely FLICKED at the planet. AND THAT’S ONLY HIS FIRST FORM.

        When you find out he can transform, you realise shit’s gonna get real. Zarbon fucked up Vegeta when he transformed…what could Freeza do?!? Then he informs us, he HAS TWO MORE TRANSFORMATIONS.

        Everytime someone comes up strong enough to face him, he transforms and destroys everyone again. Even Goku couldn’t BEAT Final Form Freeza at anywhere near his full power. It was TERRIFYING.

        He took a spirit bomb and lived, which Vegeta had done prior, but just COMPARE the two attacks. The Spirit Bomb on namek was COMPARABLE TO NAMEK ITSELF. AND FREEZA TOOK IT AND SURVIVED. Then he gets up, nearly kills Piccolo, the whole reason they came to namek, and makes KRILLIN EXPLODE WITH EASE.

        That, of course, leads into the BIGGEST impact Freeza had on the series. The thing his whole arc was building towards. The Legendary Super Saiyan. Goku transforms, and now the tables have turned, Freeza is helpless against this Super Saiyan Goku, the thing he had feared his entire life was standing before him. Even at 100% Power, He was only EVEN with the saiyan, a fact that as Goku put it, “Tore his pride to shreds”.

        Then there’s the final scene. Goku gives Freeza some of his energy, shows the tyrant mercy and leaves, content to let him suffer with the knowledge that he was bested by a Saiyan. Freeza doesn’t take the note Piccolo and Vegeta did though, and uses his new energy to try and kill his better. Which leads to my FAVORITE SCENE IN DRAGON BALL. And I can describe it in only two words.

        “YOU FOOL!”

      • GreatWyrmGold

        None of that really matters to me. I mean, any lazy writer can have the new villain show off their power by killing people and blowing stuff up, or up the stakes by having them transform. I can’t bring myself to care about something like that. Maybe if Frieza revealed some power which actually forced the heroes to take new tactics, rather than just taking a higher step on the power level ladder, but as it is? He’s strong, he’s being revealed to be even stronger than he was, blah.

      • You know something funny? You spelled Freeza with an i.

      • GreatWyrmGold

        Why is that funny? And what’s with the whole Freeza thing, anyway?
        1. It’s not the original Japanese spelling—the original Japanese spelling is フリーザ, pronounced more like Foo-ree-zah.
        2. It’s not that “Frieza” should be pronounced “Fry-za”—more words have “ie” pronounced as “ee” than “y”.
        So what is it?

      • Whats wrong Serious Susie? Can’t take a joke? You Humans really are pathetic!

      • GreatWyrmGold

        It’s hard to tell if someone’s joking or not over the Internet. Especially when the someone is you.

      • Well you should have known better maggot.

    • It will be Freezer (Cell is a better villain, but Freezer is the most important and iconic of all the franchise), but I agree with you in every single word. Vegeta should not make the top 3.

    • Neil Johnson

      Got to disagree with you… atleast on Cell. I love Vegeta but he isn’t number 1 material, 2 or 3 yes, but not number 1. In fact I would say Vegeta and Cell are pretty tied.
      Freeza has to be number one simply because of how Iconic it was with so many new moments for the series. That is the only reason why king piccolo should be so high is because its the first time with the death of a major character, other then that it was kind of lacking.
      Cell was interesting, but was kind of forced at the end, specifically with the random regeneration of all his cells and power up. He was more like the villain of a horror movie who jumps up for one last scare. He seems so interesting in the TFS abridged because there is so much coincidence with how he is. Its interesting but you need to suspend your disbelief for a bit.
      Vegeta has been the catalyst for so much change and growth in the series and the characters. You make a point about the anti-hero but for the longest time he was there for his own agenda and there was the constant threat of him turning on his current allies. Something he has already proved he can and will do with how he killed Napa, his sibamen minions, and turning on Freeza and his men. And the best thing is we don’t really need an evil Goku… Vegeta in a way is Evil Goku. He is a like a negative mirror of goku, doing a lot of the same things for the wrong opposite reasons.

      • Scarth Maheart

        I think Cell is also fondly remembered because of how charismatic Dameon Clarke made Perfect Cell in the Funimation dub and DBZ Kai dub. One of the two probably being the first exposure many fans had to the character.

      • Neil Johnson

        You make an interesting point. My first exposure were imported VHS tapes that were subtitled. I was more immersed in the plot and action then any individual action. Probably why I personally like Buu so much.

    • Xman321

      I’m assuming Freeza is top 2, AT LEAST.

      Vegeta’ll probably be top three though. We’ll find out if he is or isn’t tomorrow, after all.

      • Anna

        My money is on Freeza > Piccolo > Cell > Vegeta. Not so sure about the order of the last two, but the first two I’d put real money on. Freeza is just iconic to the series, not even to fans but to pop culture in general. Even if you’ve never seen DBZ, you probably know four things: Dragonballs, Super Saiyans, Freeza, and Kamehameha. And King Piccolo basically sets the standard against which all future villains would run, and indeed, the pattern that runs from him to, basically Beerus before we see it broken.

  • Sailor Mewni

    IF YOU HATE BEERUS YOU HATE DRAGON BALL!!!! Mike drop! I’m not going to drop the mike, because it’s very expensive.

    Much like King Yemma’s Desk

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    • William “LEGOMania27” Breen-Ha


    • Chris Slater

      Guess I hate Dragonball then. Not a big Beerus fan.

      • Karthull

        I’m with you, love dragonball but the way tfs and everyone does nothing but praise him beerus has got to be the most overrated character in the franchise

      • Shanmao Dia

        I think it’s more of, they like beerus and he’s a great character in their eyes and can think of many ways why beerus is a great character. It’s mostly supposed to be them praising this character to an extreme and shouldn’t be taken so literally.

    • Paul Masters

      mahogany. mmmahogany. mmmmmmmmmmahogany

    • Advait Thavare

      mic*?? or was the “mike” intentional??

    • Pakari

      Mic* short for microphone.

  • Sailor Mewni

    Excerpt from my Battle of Gods review:

    Now, let’s just talk about Beerus and why he is the best antagonist in DBZ history. He is just bursting with personality. Calm and collected one second, to immature and goofy the next, and terrifying and threatening after that. He can flip between all of those at the drop of a hat, and all of it felt natural. It really showed of the layers of his personality, and He doesn’t destroy planets out of maliciousness or prejudice, he does it because it it his job! Sure it does come off as “make me happy and I will spare your planet”, but even then it is very well done. He is not just going around destroying planets, he actually does give them a fair chance to keep their planet, despite he could destroy planets just by poking them. It is more like a game to him instead of evil. Him trying to destroy Earth because of not getting his pudding….was actually hilarious. I love how much of a child Beerus acts like. Heck, unlike a certain OP DBZ villain (Broly), Beerus’ reason for being so OP makes sense! He is the god of destruction! So while he was born with the power, much like Broly was with his, Beerus has a reason as to why! He is a god, and was actually born to be one! Plus, just how polite he is. Even when demanding something he is usually very calm and relaxed and even very polite. Something you wouldn’t expect from a God of Destruction. He is a fantastic character and a great addition to the lovable cast of DBZ! He is the perfect combination of both a serious character and a gag character!

    Also, Vegeta being afraid of him worked MUCH better here than in Broly. Vegeta was terrified and even humiliated himself to stop a fight from breaking out that he knew he could not win. But when the fight had to happen, Vegeta did not back down. He was afraid when he fought Beerus, but unlike Broly he did not let that stop him. It speaks wonders for both Beerus and Vegeta