It’s that time of year again!  Join us as we count down our Top 24 Dragonball Villains!

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Scott “KaiserNeko” Frerichs

Nick “Lanipator” Landis

Curtis “takahata101” Arnott



Scott “KaiserNeko” Frerichs

Kirran “LordMoonstone” Somerlade



Lawrence “MasakoX” Simpson


DragonBall is Owned by TOEI ANIMATION, Ltd. and Licensed by FUNimation Productions, Ltd.. All Rights Reserved. DragonBall, DragonBall Z, DragonBall GT and all logos, character names and distinctive likenesses thereof are trademarks of TOEI ANIMATION, Ltd. This is nothing more than a parody made for entertainment purposes only.


DragonBall is Owned by TOEI ANIMATION, Ltd. and Licensed by FUNimation Productions, Ltd.. All Rights Reserved. DragonBall, DragonBall Z, DragonBall GT and all logos, character names and distinctive likenesses thereof are trademarks of TOEI ANIMATION, Ltd. This is nothing more than a parody made for entertainment purposes only.

  • Royal Conquest

    That clip of Krillin getting killed “AYY GURL HOW YOU LIVIN’-AAAHHOHGOD”

  • Fisty Fiham

    Torishima: “All right, so where are the REAL androids?”
    Toriyama: “That’s them.”
    Torishima: “Wow. You are just the grand central station of disappointment, aren’t you?”

  • Merzeta

    At least Android 18 will be fighting in the upcoming Multiverse Tournament Arc in Super and still a badass while be a mom.

    Not like a another DB girl that went full innocent housewife *COUGHVIDELCOUGH*

  • Nagatem, Triangle Sama SI God

    Honestly I’m sure a retcon could bring android 16 back or at least revive his original/ gero’s son

  • Vincent Yu

    Android 16 is a really good character, but not much of a villain.

  • Michel van der Linden

    Well I personally placed FUTURE androids 17 and 18 on the 6th spot, but 8 will do. But.. the FUTURE androids, not the modernday ones. They’re not even real villains. Their whole shtick is “lets find goku and kill him” which is pretty damn flat. They’re not evil, they’re not cruel. They literally just go out and have fun. And Android 16 is not even semi-evil or anything, he’s flatout good. I would have prefered the future and present androids to be considered seperate, considering they seem to be nothing alike.

    With that said… the future androids were definitely cold and cruel and made to be good villains. Its just sad that they’re pretty much only shown in the History of Trunks and Save the Future special/episode.

  • Karthull

    Ii wouldnt say vegeta was completely beaten by 18, I always got the impression he was 80-90% as strong as 18 at that time, not like the utter domination he faced from frieza who was literally over a hundred times as strong as him, or the domination he suffered from the dairy force

  • Roger Smith

    While there is a lot of bleak and sad moments in the series, I don’t think I’ll ever see one that tops Android 16’s speech to Gohan. I mean, it’s poignant, the music is perfect, and delivered from a MACHINE about the importance of protecting life, and it SOUNDS like it’s coming from a machine…but it doesn’t FEEL like it. It feels like, despite itself, Android 16 was able to comprehend the emotions of a human and relate to living organisms….and what he risked, knowing that he could not be brought back with the whims of a wish (which EVERYONE abuses at one point or another) just further cements him as a personal favorite.

    Death has weight, and often in the series the Dragonballs kind of ruin that…but not here. Android 16 played for keeps throughout the Cell Saga, even when he was severely outmatched.

    • Roger Smith

      Oh and for the record, the Kai version ruined the impact of that scene.

  • jim

    all that had to be done in the funimation english dub was translate jinzoningen as artificial human. kai would have been perfect if they tried just one step harder to make it perfect instead it’s almost perfect 🙁 my biggest beef is with king kai aka lord kaio’s voice why just why.

  • Solaman Huq

    I am very interested to see the rest of this top 10!

  • Hanamichi

    Heh, I knew these three would be right above the Ginyu Force

    Left on the list are: King Piccolo, Piccolo Jr, Vegeta, Freeza, Cell, Buu, Beerus

    Next one will be either Piccolo Jr or Beerus

  • Jwu

    I forgot to turn off adblock for the longest time on your guys’ site and I’m so sorry D:

  • Gojira007

    I was curious to see if this bunch would make the list, because honestly? I struggle a little bit with calling them “villains”, at least in the same sense as the rest of the villains who have been on the list thus far. Seriously, think about it; 16 NEVER fights against ANY of the good guys, and winds up spending a majority of his screen-time actively HELPING them, 18 pretty quickly becomes a sympathetic character, and later on an active protagonist, and though he basically ceases to exist after the Cell arc, we do eventually learn 17 wound up going down a similar path. We ARE meant to view them as villains for a while, that’s true, but then…does Yamcha count as a villain? Does Tenshinhan? Piccolo Jr? I’ll be curious to see if any of them make the list, because in all three cases, fans are MUCH more inclined to see them as protagonists rather than Bad Guys.
    All that being said, I AM glad they’re here, because they’re actually among my personal favorite characters in the series. Even when we are indeed meant to view them as scary and dangerous early on, it’s clear they’re motivated less by malice per se and more by a spiteful brand of curiosity, born at least to some extent from Dr. Gero stripping them of their humanity. Even the way in which they’re undercut as antagonists by the later introduction of Cell only serves to make them more sympathetic by revealing them simply as pieces of a larger puzzle rather than the active players they fancied themselves to be. That’s territory “Dragon Ball” had never really explored before, nor really would afterwards, and it makes the Androids uniquely compelling as not just bad guys, but characters in their own right. I won’t necessarily argue AGAINST the Team’s complaint that their muted demeanor can render their personalities pretty dry, but I also think it works out in their favor far more than against, and that becomes especially true of 18 once she goes full Good Guy in the Buu arc, as it renders her that much more unique amongst a cast of characters who are otherwise so boisterous and pronounced.

    • Hanamichi

      They are also factoring in Future 17 & 18, who were villains without a doubt. Hunting down Goku to kill him counts you down as a villain, even if they don’t kill anyone else in the process.

      I am totally expecting Piccolo Jr to be on this list, he’ll probably be either 7th or 6th. Yamcha, even though he was somewhat villainous for a short while, he was threatening for like only one or two chapters and didn’t even have any intentions of killing Goku, just stealing shit. Tenshinhan was more of a villain but only for like 3/4 of a tournament, I guess he could get an honorable mention or an explanation on why he’s not a contender.

  • VenomMelendez

    I love how this came soon after we heard of 17’s return, aka Park Ranger 17.

  • Mann Time

    So considering they talked about Android 18’s character post-Cell Saga and factored it in, I’m calling Vegeta being #1.

    • Xman321

      Either him or Freeza.

      Because it’s fucking Freeza. I could totally imagine a callback to the first list, where the #1 moment was Goku’s SSJ Transformation, and the first words uttered were “Don’t you judge us.”

      • Jana Wolf

        There’s also something poetic about Vegeta just being the runner-up to EVERYTHING, even lists.

    • saturn0205 .

      I think Piccolo Jr., Vegeta, and Frieza will be in the Top 3 for sure (not necessarily in that order).

      • Shinard

        I’m less sure. Cell, King Piccolo and Frieza, that’s my guess.

      • Deecks

        Piccolo Junior was a great hero, but as a villain? Eh… he beat up Krillin for a bit, he had a great fight with Goku… and that’s kinda it. He at least had a motivation, namely revenge, but no way did he beat out his dad.

      • saturn0205 .

        I’m just getting caught up on Dragon Ball now and have yet to hit the King Piccolo arc, so I’m not gonna judge that. But it’s not just what these character’s did – their legacies, their lasting impact is counting, as well. And Piccolo Jr. has HUGE impact on the franchise and on the fans.

      • Hanamichi

        thats cool, where are you at right now? what characters are you liking from DB?

        pretty much everyone thinks that as a villain King Piccolo > Piccolo Jr, but Piccolo Jr is still making it to the list for sure, either today or tomorrow

      • Michel van der Linden

        but not as a villain. Piccolo Jr literally has no kills to his name, no big impact on the series (as a villain), and had no importance save for ONE tournament where he appears, and after that he already shifts into becoming a good guy.

      • Karthull

        No kills to his name? Piccolo jr kills every movie villain’s team of minions!

      • Michel van der Linden

        You said it yourself: “every VILLAIN’s team of minions”. Whatever his reasons, he’s usually fighting either for himself or on the good guys’ team. And even if we take those in account… it’s still not much.

    • Lupu

      Vegeta? nah, he wasn’t a great villain, he was completely humiliated by Goku Krillin Yajiroby and Gohan, he never killed anyone in his arc besides a planet of bugs. They builded him to be this big threat but he fell off short as a villain, and in the Frieza saga he was stepping away from being a villain since Freeza was the main threat. Vegeta is a great character, but as a villain he wasn;t that iconic, people consider him a good villain because we started to love Vegeta when the series was progressing,but he wasn;t that great at the beginning, i predict that he won’t be in top 3. If they’re referring to Vegeta as a hole, he is one of the best characters in the show, but only as a villain he doesn’t really deserves the top 3.

      • Michel van der Linden

        Vegeta outright killed a saibaman and killed nappa PURELY because they failed to kill their opponents. Even king Piccolo never killed his own minions for just that. Vegeta showed a ruthlessnes that was not shown before, not to mention his habit being the opposite of what goku does; killing opponents the moment they’re defeated.

        I’m not sure if he “fell off” as a villain. beforehand Goku had always been able to defeat his opponents by just himself. This time, he couldn’t. Vegeta was by far stronger than he was and it took the combined effort of FOUR people to beat him, not to mention Gohan’s unplanned transformation into an oozaro AND he fricking spirit bomb. No villain beforehand gave him any trouble even remotely close to this.

        After, even as a temporary ally on namek, you could still tell he was not trusted and untrustworthy for a reason. Every moment you expected him to betray the team, which he did on several occassions. And even during the android saga, he could STILL be considered a villain considering he was still working on a casualty count (callously killing innocent passerby’s while fighting 18).

        He wasn’t as evil as freeza, or cell, or buu, but still evil nonetheless. Combined with what he brought to the table the moment he entered the show, the -long term- effects his actions caused, he definitely deserves a top 3 ranking.

  • TecXero

    I’d love for 17 to show up in Super. Not as a villain or anything, but just wanting to reconnect with his sister and maybe meet his niece.

    • VenomMelendez

      He is going to be in Super as a park ranger.

    • Fisty Fiham

      He IS coming back.

  • Fishy Despoiler

    Still i dont understand how could being that a Scientist on an Underveloped planet like Earth could possibly create cyborgs stronger than the most powerfull warrior of the universe (Frieza).
    I mean Cell is ok. ,cause is a combination of the genes of the strongest warrior that come on Earth, so is legit that is so strong. But still the fact that two modified-humans could surpass the Universe’s Tyrant dont make any sense.
    That is one of the main reason, together all that time-travel-stuff that i personally dislike, of why the Android/Cell Saga is my least loved saga of Z.

    • Xman321

      Brains > Brawn?

  • Rafał Pytlak

    That’s why everywhere outside US they are called C-number (C-17, C-18) You know…. C for cyborg?

  • animalia555

    What’s wrong with being a weeb?

    • Invader_Jim

      Pretentious: adj.

      attempting to impress by affecting greater importance or merit than is actually possessed.

      • animalia555

        I meant as a personal choiuce. It’s not like I am forcing others to be weebs

  • Blake Maiale

    “17’s actual development is almost nonexistent”
    Um, excuse me? Are we forgetting all the backstory Toriyama gave 17 in an interview about what he did after being revived? Like becoming a park ranger, marrying a zoologist, having 1 biological and 2 adopted kids with her? And then meeting 18, Krillin, and Marron? That stuff’s about as canon as all the other interview stuff you consider canon. Like their names and 16’s origin.

    • Jack

      Yeah, but we don’t *see* any of that happen in the series

  • Mr. Fox

    Guys are going to be excited if you like 17.
    He’s going to be in Super’s next arc! 😀

  • A Person With a Name

    *Where Are They Now: The Androids*

    18 finally got some of that Krill time, and 17 ranged the s**t outta that park.

    Oh, Android 16? He… is doing fine in HFIL… totally…
    why the f*ck were the other two brought back yet 16 wasn’t? He was
    stronger than the other two, was the least antagonistic DURING the arc,
    and DIED SO THE WORLD COULD BE SAVED! Yet Android 17 who they knew the
    LEAST and as far as I know DID the least in this timeline WAS REVIVED?

    • Kubax

      16 was created by Gero from scratch. His was only an artificial life, despite how complex he was, therefore he couldn’t be revived.

    • Xman321

      I don’t think 16 GETS an afterlife. He doesn’t have an actual soul.

      Android 19 shouldn’t be up in hell either. Gero in his original body should though.

  • A Person With a Name

    Question is: Considering they counted Android 18 here and included the fact that she developed AFTER being a villian, WILL Vegeta be here?

    • Deathbringer2206

      He will be there, same goes for Piccolo Jr as well

      • Xman321

        I think Piccolo Jr will be grouped with King Piccolo though.

        Unless he already popped up.

    • Matt Stemkowski

      The way I see it, that’s the only way they can fill out the list at this point.

  • Ajay Paulose

    16 is an android though right? And so is Eighter?

  • Jacob Kristos

    so with this we can basically confirm Vegeta as number one or two since at least 18 fills a similar antagonist turned ally role as her

    • Xman321

      It’s either him, Freeza, or Beerus.

  • Michael Johnson

    Probably my favorite villains and it’s true, 17 doesn’t have much development… We don’t speak of Super 17 but let’s see how Super ‘s 17 been up to in February


    • Invader_Jim

      B-but Super 17 is literally TWICE as developed? He must be double discussed.

  • Charles C

    While it is a problem in the industry of having awesome female characters be downgraded to moms, I think it is actually fitting for 18. As far as we know 18 never wanted to be a fighter or destroy humanity, she and her brother just had that forced upon them when they got abducted. So it makes sense to me that after losing what little family she had left, 18 would probably just want to have a family of her own and try to have a normal life again.

    • Fiere

      the thing is though dragon Ball females do have a reason to stop fighting.
      chichi literally watched gold be tortured by piccolo. 18 was captured and expiremented on and videl well…..spopvich.

      besides bulma is the most useful human in the entire show.

  • Inuzuna

    I love that they made it this far up the list, but I somehow feel they wouldn’t have if not grouped together

  • TactilePope

    Zamasu: “Did somebody say NINGEN?”

    • Benri benri banzai ningen?

    • Chaltab

      Jinzo Ningen, buddy. They’re not real.

  • Ben Schiff

    This video is strongly lacking birds.

    • Ajay Paulose

      Krillin was in multiple scenes.

      • NewK00paUSA

        Krillin: “QUACK!!!”

    • Mar4zera

      Acquiring birds.


    • What is your favorite type of bird?

      • CianM1301

        A penguin?

      • Carlos Medina


      • Cave Opp

        Thing is
        Isn’t she a biologist, wouldn’t she know if she was wrong

      • Chaltab

        Bulma’s expertise is more as a physicist actually (time travel, Dragon Radar, Blutz Wave Generator) but the joke is that ‘favorite bird’ is not a category that can have a wrong answer as long as that answer is actually a bird.

      • Cave Opp

        I understand the joke but I recall (somewhere) saying that she was a Biologist

    • Xman321

      Luckily, the video is not also composed of Goku’s DNA.

      Then it’d be fucked.

      • Karthull

        What if a bird was spliced with gokus dna? How would 16 react?

      • Kenneth Wise

        Well he didn’t kill Toriyama, when he was on his hand.

      • Chaltab

        Just because Goku resurrected Toriyama with his ki doesn’t mean he has Goku’s DNA.

      • Chaltab

        It’d be like when Captain Kirk makes an artifiical intelligence consider a logical paradox. There’s some sparking and a burning smell and then Sixteen just topples over with smoke coming out of his ears.

  • YuriFan

    Makes you wounder how this arc would have went if it was just 19&20.

    • Invader_Jim

      Well one thing is for sure, we wouldn’t have gotten the undisputed best scene in DBZ in Gohan going SSJ2.
      So no, I try to not wounder.

      • Xman321

        No. The best scene was Goku’s SSJ transformation. In my opinion. Meaning it’s not undisputed.

        Anyway, it could still happen, just without the head crushing.

      • Invader_Jim

        I hear and acknowledge your opinion, but you are wrong.

      • Xman321

        Without that scene we don’t get SSJ2 Gohan. Therefore, Goku’s transformation is better.

      • Invader_Jim

        BAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. The logic is strong.

  • jack Wood

    I count This as super 17 been on list

    (as a joke)

    • Xman321

      Inaccurate, Hell Fighter 17 is a different android and he was not listed, therefore you are WRONG sir.

      • jack Wood

        actually am RIGHT since it another form of 17

      • Xman321

        Nope. Hell fighter 17 was a sepraretly designed robot. It’s like saying Gero’s son is the same character as 16. It doesn’t work.

      • jack Wood

        it still a form of 17

      • Xman321

        No. Its an entirely seperate creation, designed to look like 17. It’s basically a clone of him, therefore he doesn’t count.

      • jack Wood

        Yes it is look it up and ruining my joke

  • Yuri Volten

    What was that crap about 18? Making characters who were once considered strong and badass into do-nothing side characters isn’t exclusive to the female characters, you know.

    • Lupu

      She’ll be back in the next arc as one of the participants in the universal tournament. And what they were trying to say is that she was one of the few FEMALES characters that were strong. Male characters that were strong and now they are left aside is not something new, since 90% of the warriors are males.

    • YuriFan

      Seems to be a thing for females in Dragon Ball. Just look a Launch.

    • Johan Eriksson

      No but it always comes in the form om motherhood for female characters, and their exclusion becomes even more complete than anyone else’s. Piccolo and Krillin may become obsolete as fighters as time goes on, but they were still allowed to be part of events in some ways, whereas EVERY SINGLE female character who is also a fighter never enters inte any major event at all after they become moms.

      Thankfully it seems like 18 will get an opportunity to shine in Super with the upcoming arc.

      • Trevor Bohling

        18 is still a powerful fighter who can throw down if needed (Super Buu/Beerus), she even still trained with Krillin and fought during times like the World Martial Arts tournaments. Unlike say Chi-chi, who very much settled down and became a happy
        housewife, 18’s exclusion from fights felt more to me like an
        understanding between herself and Krillin that somebody needed to be
        around in case the worst were to happen. Probably my favorite scene in Resurrection F was Krillin and 18 talking about why only Krillin was going off to fight Frieza; if something happened, it was better for Marin if Krillin was the one who died rather than 18 or both of them. Grim, but not unreasonable.

      • Johan Eriksson

        Yeah no. That’s a fucking copout and you know it.

  • goombacrusher

    17 and 18 are gonna be fighting in the multiverse tournament in Super, and 17 is wearing his park ranger outfit!!!!

    • GameSam

      His dreams came true. Good for him

      • Egg_Runner


    • Troupe

      He’s gonna range the SHIT outta that park.

    • Daniel Banks

      That’s well and good and all, but isn’t #17 kinda weak at this point in the series? I hope they don’t include him just to let him get beaten up or something.

      • Diego Martín Gutierrez

        We already saw some enemies from the last tournament that are as strong as Goku SS1. He and 18 will sure show us some good battles.

      • blarghman

        keep in mind goku ssj1 is stronger than ssj2 or ssj3 in the buu saga, so nope

      • blarghman

        They were already that strong without training, so if they trained i bet they can get really strong. After all they are modified humans they can become stronger

  • Christopher Max Wall

    Perfect timing since apparently #17’s comin’ back.

  • BlueMageBrilly

    While these three technically “are” villains… I don’t really know if they count as any outside Future Trunk’s timeline. In the original they were a “threat”, but they didn’t really do anything outside of… whatever they wanted, honestly. I don’t really know if I can consider that a villain. The Future Trunk’s ones, sure, But not “ours.” Plus 16 wasn’t even part of that timeline, far as we’re aware.

    There’s no doubt they had a lot of impact on the series as a whole, but I think they don’t really fit the villain role outside of one branch. I’d have included that branch with the other Androids and boosted their number on the list by about 4-5. But I guess you guys wanted the collective to be all in the Top 10.

    Still, this makes it pretty clear what your #1 is going to be if you consider simply being a ‘threat’ to be villainous, but I was sure it was going to be your choice from the beginning anyways.

    • BlueMageBrilly

      To add to that a bit more actually, I’d say you guys should have included Super 17 at least vaguely for the 17 not getting characterized. Even if it was as a negative, it’s still part of his character and part of this list since you’re including GT anyways. But that’s just me. I know you guys didn’t make this list, especially the top 10, to be negative, but… Meh?

      • VenomMelendez

        Super 17 is half Hell Fighter 17, so it probably counts as a different character all together.

      • BlueMageBrilly

        Shouldn’t the Alternate 17 and 18 count as separate characters too, then?

      • VenomMelendez

        Hell Fighter 17 is a machine mutant though.

    • Scarth Maheart

      Well, keep in mind their primary motivation, due to 16, was to kill Goku.
      Kind of like Piccolo (the Ma Junior version, not King Piccolo).

      And if not for Piccolo they would have. Even if they were less hostile than their Future-Trunks timeline counterparts.

      • BlueMageBrilly

        Potentially, but does that really make them villains? That makes them just a threat to me. They weren’t doing it to be cruel or “evil”, they were just doing it because it was a thing to do and they were bored. That would make Beerus a villain as well, simply because he ‘wants’ to blow up planets, even though he does it more as a job than as something he simply likes to do just to make people unhappy. But he’s not. He’s just a threat. Simply being a threat isn’t what makes a villain.

        … Probably going to be #1 on this list, though.

      • Kr1spness

        Being amoral to the point of homicide is still villainous. They even commented that they’re unique in their lack of motivation as far as DB villains go. They’re uncaring towards innocent lives, they were just stopped befpre they had their chance to rampage but the characterization was still there, even if they killed more androids than Goku did.

      • Scarth Maheart

        By that Beerus logic, Buu is not a villain either.

        Fat Buu was just a simple child who wanted either to fight someone strong for fun, or eat food. His kills were just collateral damage of his hunger or doing what his “Master” Babidi told him to do (i.e. a job).
        Kid Buu was a force of nature (moreso than Beerus). Pretty much chaos and destruction personified. No real villainous, more like an animal on a rampage.

        Personally, I would consider Beerus a villain 100%. He has killed countless innocents for far more petty reasons than Frieza, Vegeta, or any other Dragonball villain. It bothers me to no end in Super that he is a “friend” and not viewed as a villain like Frieza or Cell.

        I can agree with the Androids being more a “threat” than an actual villain. It is the same way the weaker characters view Vegeta and Fat Buu, and those two actually have a large kill-count to their names. I just would not disagree if someone categorized them as a villain as well. They are a kind of “both views are valid” area.

      • BlueMageBrilly

        Buu was a simple child, but he was still doing things he was told to do and eventually found joy in mindless destruction. While he calmed down and became a friend once he realized what friendship was about, with Hercule and Bee, he was still more than just a ‘threat.’ He had already done more than his share of destruction. Following that, Super Buu was actually someone that just wanted to eat and destroy everything. Same with Kid Buu. While it’s hard to say if instinct alone is enough to say whether or not someone is a villain, I’d still say that it was an active threat that was shown to destroy for fun… Completely unlike Beerus and the Androids in our timeline that only do things if they have to or if it’s actually a threat in their way.

        I don’t consider Beerus a villain because he’s just a potential threat, not an active one. Not only that, but his whole “killing innocents” thing hasn’t been explored too much to say whether or not the people he killed were actually innocent. The planets around his station are most likely empty, and are fixed by Whis anyways, so even when he has a tantrum and blows them up he’s not doing any real damage. As for the things we know he has destroyed or at least gave the “okay” to destroy: He had Planet Vegeta destroyed. That place was a threat to the rest of the universe. It may seem crummy after we’ve had Vegeta redeem himself countless times now, but … That planet was a cancer on the universe and there were no “good” Saiyans at the time. This is clearly not the case in the other universe, but that’s why it wasn’t destroyed, either. So there’s a fairly high chance that all the things we see Beerus destroy are actually home to an evil or very dangerous race of people. While it seems dumb that he judges most of this based on their food, it’s clear that he’s just doing his job overall… and the manga kind of shows this with how he blows up a planet for trying to poison him more than anything else.

        I don’t see kill counts as being a claim to whether or not someone is “evil.” It’s the motivations behind those kills that makes someone villainous or not. Otherwise Goku would be a villain too for killing his Grandfather. Or Namek-Vegeta would still be considered one, despite becoming more of an Anti-Hero, for all the people he killed of Frieza’s army, like Kiwi or the Ginyu Force.

        Killing things doesn’t really make you evil.

  • Stache Hand

    Lani: “How about Jinzoningen, eh Kaiser?”

    Tenshinhan: “F***ing weeaboos!!!”

  • jrdnramey

    Hearing Kaiser say, “Don’t be a f***ing weeb” made me laugh really hard. You guys are great, keep being great.

    • Anna

      I’m making this my ringtone

    • Invader_Jim

      Yeap. Half way through draggin a ciggy really fucked me over.

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  • T1m0thy

    17 should have been counted alone since he comes back as Super 17 in GT.

    • sonic10chaosverse

      they…really don’t like super 17,he’s not even on the list

    • Xman321

      That would have objected 17 from the list entirely.

  • Desat

    Plus also with that most recent super announcement hopefully we will get more develop of 17 as a character which may be pretty cool.

    • Xman321

      He’s gonna range the shit out of that park. With his four children.

  • Takaro SoL

    Huh. Well if you’re gonna include these guys as villains, then I have a feeling I know who’s gonna be number 1 (and it won’t be Freeza)

    • Lupu

      Vegeta? nah, he wasn’t a great villain, he was completely humiliated by Goku Krillin Yajiroby and Gohan, he never killed anyone in his arc besides a planet of bugs. They builded him to be this big threat but he fell off short as a villain, and in the Frieza saga he was stepping away from being a villain since Freeza was the main threat. Vegeta is a great character, but as a villain he wasn;t that iconic, people consider him a good villain because we started to love Vegeta when the series was progressing,but he wasn;t that great at the beginning, i predict that he won’t be in top 3.

  • igotbanned999

    16 wasn’t human

  • Pokemonster678

    Love that end comment. Looking forward to what comes next. In the story, and in the list. If you know what I mean…

  • Jack

    This is first time I don’t agree with you’re choice at ALL. For starters, 16 shouldn’t be included. He’s not a villain. Yes, he had a big impact on the story, but he never did anything villainess in nature. Well it’s true, he, 17 and 18 all have an intimidating presence and sense of power about them when first introduced, the fact remains that they don’t actually do anything bad and are quickly tossed aside for someone far worse. When 19 & 20 arrive they waste no time in brutally killing anyone they see

    And as for their Future counterparts, I think they should be counted as separate beings, much the same way Future Trunks and Kid Trunks cant really be counted as the same character. Future Trunks himself went to say that the Androids of the present have different personalities that the Future ones, as they allowed them to live even after beating them, whereas they outright kill the Z fighters in their first encounter. The Future 17 and 18 are clearly beyond redemption with what they’ve done and how much enjoyment they got out of doing it. I honestly don’t think they deserve this placement

    • Piscina de la Muerta

      You liked your own comment…

      • Jack

        Yeah. You can like anyone’s comment.

      • NewK00paUSA

        That’s like hanging a painting you made in an art museum and then shout “I like this painting!” When you get caught, they think you’re an ass.

      • Jack

        Why would it be wrong for someone like their own painting? I’m pretty sure TFS like their own series

      • NewK00paUSA

        That wasn’t my point. The Vote Up/Down buttons are for other people to say they like or dislike your comment. Even though you can, you’re really not supposed to like your own comment. When I see someone like their own comment, I see someone who just wants their comment to be at the top.

      • Jack

        Then I simply shouldn’t be allowed to like my own comment. Yet I can. So, why exactly is it an option to do so if you shouldn’t? Blame the web designers in that case. And regardless, your analogy of a painting doesn’t really work. People can self promote their own material. In fact they do it ALL the time

      • NewK00paUSA

        Fine. You do you. Nobody’s stopping you.

      • Mike Alkire

        “Nobody’s stopping you”.

        No, they’re just all lining up around the block to try to bitch him to death online, like that’s somehow going to work in shutting him and his opinion up.

        But it sure is pretty curious how, rather than actually counter ANY of his points, which people here seem to want to do, it turns out they can’t, because he’s kinda 100% right with just about everything he says… So instead of that, you guys are just trying REALLY hard to shame him for something as arbitrary and kinda pointless and irrelevantly stupid as liking his own comment.

        …Like that’s somehow THE hook to hang the relevance of this disagreement on. Comments and the like button. Because let’s face it, if his, kinda 100% accurate statements about 16 NOT being a villain and the Future Androids being considered separate characters with separate motivations what you weren’t all REALLY whining about, you wouldn’t have fucking brought it that damn comment thing out of nowhere and tried to make him feel stupid about THAT, instead. You would have just left if alone and NOT CARED TO MAKE A SPECTACLE ABOUT BITCHING ABOUT IT SO HARD.

        If you’re going to try and make someone feel ashamed of their opinion and by using facts as a basic to MAKE his opinion, by pointing to the most petty thing ever to bring up, the least you could do is admit exactly what the intent to shame the hell out of him so hard for that little detail, (which was totally besides the point was.)

        Right? Right.

        Seriously, as dumb as it is, admittedly, to like one’s own comment is, i’m not about to stand here and watch a bunch of losers try and make the conversation about that, to try and shame someone out of their impeccable logic on an entirely different matter than the one he’s clearly being picked on for.

        Which you know you ARE doing, or else.. why is it even a thing, right now.

        So, yeah, this is done now, I’m assuming. Right? Right.

        Or. Need. I. Go. On.

      • NewK00paUSA

        One word: “CHILL”
        Maybe my analogy wasn’t perfect. But this entire argument was about something called “Credibility”. Liking your own comment, like saturn pointed out, comes off as narcissistic. I’m not saying he is a narcissistic person, but that’s what his actions, albeit probably unintentionally, comes off as. And it’s because of that that his credibility has lowered a bit. Even a really good argument can be hurt by low credibility. I know this because I took Argumentation in High School.

        Now let’s talk about your credibility. You use swears like fucking, bitch, and damn. You use all caps on certain words. You called all of the people who called him out “a bunch of losers.” And you clearly have the chill of a child or moody teenager. Your credibility is atrocious.

        Also, this is the internet. These things happen. And sometimes it’s best to just let things go. And you really shouldn’t let little things like this get to you. Also, if you haven’t noticed, a majority of the people in this comment thread are actually arguing against his argument rather than pointing out the liking of his own comment. So there’s really no need for this.

      • saturn0205 .

        Then how about this for a reason – it’s narcissistic.

      • Jack

        If it was narcissistic, why would I like every other comment, including yours? I also don’t see how that negates any point I made about the placement of 16 on this list

    • Scott “KaiserNeko” Frerichs

      His goal was to kill Son Goku and he accompanies the other villains throughout the arc. While he certainly ended up a a good guy, he’s still a passive companion to a villainous duo, with his own villainous motive that never actually goes away; he just introduces other factors.

      Also, it’s impossible to count those as separate characters. They’re still Androids 17 and 18. Just different manners in which they were developed. They’re the same people regardless of how they ended up, and it’s important that we touch on both. Remember, while 17 and 18 never kill anyone (as far as we see) in the Cell Saga proper, then destroy people’s property, beat the heroes to a pulp, then continue their goal to KILL THE MAIN CHARACTER. They’re villains, they just don’t get very far in the main timeline.

      • Jack

        True, but the fact remains that by the time Goku and 16 finally meet, it’s at point in the story where 16’s desire to kill him no longer matters, as they too busy fighting with Cell and that 16 probably couldn’t even kill Goku by then if he wanted to, so it just feels pretty unresolved. I can only imagine what might happened if he and Goku actually did meet before that, since it would be strange to see how 16’s gentle nature might contrast his unrelenting desire to fulfil his mission. He and Goku certainly seem like they would get along pretty well otherwise. And to be honest, even if 17 and 18 had managed to find Goku, would they have really killed him? I kinda doubt it. To them, this is nothing but a game and they make the rules up as they go, but even so, they didn’t kill Vegeta or the others during their first fight.

        As for their Future counterparts, I never did like the whole butterfly effect DB time travel had going on, where changes happen without real explanation to what caused them, like 19&20 showing up instead of 17&18

      • saturn0205 .

        There was an explanation, though, and that was Cell’s arrival four years prior to the events of the Android Saga happening. His presence altered the timeline. Future Trunks even speculates that his own presence altered things, but clearly, time was effed up before then because Cell was in the present time for a whole year before Future Trunks arrived. And I wouldn’t necessary call it a Butterfly Effect, as it’s more of a Mulitverse approach.

      • I am now curious if Piccolo Jr. and Vegeta are going to make the list (I might have missed if they already have). If so, for the purposes of a list such as this, I would try to exclusively look at them in their roles as villains rather than than the character as a whole.

        There’s nothing drastically wrong with making a “best characters who were at one point villains” list and simply calling it a villain list. I just have my preference.

      • Scarth Maheart

        The problem there is it is actually most of the cast.

        Characters who started as “villains”:
        Yamcha (and Puar by extension)
        Ox King
        “Bad” Lunch
        Tien & Chaiotzu
        Androids 17 & 18
        Majin Buu (Fat)
        Uub (ala Evil Buu origins)
        Mai (If you count Future-Trunks arc of Super)

      • Invader_Jim

        Thing is Beerus isn’t reeeally a villain at all. His entire purpose of being is to balance out the existence of Supreme Kai. He isn’t a cunt just for the sake of it, he is just serving his divine duty as required of him by the Lollipop King.

        Sure, the people on the shit end of the stick may see him as one, but technically he isn’t and I’m sticking to it.

      • WanderingGhost

        And thats why part of the list is impact on the series. Because even loosening the restraint to that, they till knock out most of those. Mai is included in the Pilaf gang, Piccolo has impact as a hero and a villain. Vegeta starts as a villain, ends up with “enemy of my enemy”, becomes somewhat more neutral, but has at times fallen back to his self serving ways, Majin Vegeta. Buu is likely all his forms, and we just covered the androids.

        Beerus isn’t a villain per say, Uub is a non actor, “Bad” lunch was literally forgotten, Baba, Tien, Chiatzou, Oolong, and the Ox King all take a back seat as support characters, and in some cases. And Yamcha is Yamcha – his impact is making us laugh at how bad he is by comparison to even the guy who has an owned counter. And even then, that’s more from TFS.

      • Deecks

        I’d say they’ll be accounting for them solely by account of their villainous actions. Vegeta will probably be next on the list, because of the Saiyan saga and his Majin Vegeta tenure.

      • OneWingedRose

        Even Bulma’s first reaction to Goku was to shoot him in the head!

      • saturn0205 .

        I’m with you, Kaiser. Every character on this list is there for a reason, and they definitely deserve the placements you are giving them.

      • Karthull

        Well not everrrry character, since we all know beerus will be top 3 or something because of the ridiculous bias tfs has for bog for some reason, while at best he shouldve been up at like 17 being generous

      • saturn0205 .

        Will have to respectfully disagree. Battle of Gods was AMAZING. It deserves the hype it gets.

    • Ajay Paulose

      Do we know for sure that they all died in the first encounter. Regardless they brutally kill their creator and clearly don’t care about the lives of ordinary people. They didn’t kill anyone yet but it’s pretty clear that without the Z-fighters and Call’s intervention they would have developed into similar characters as their future counterparts. 16 might have been able to convince them to not go too far though. Also it wasn’t his fault but 16 was the only one who really gave a damn about killing Goku. He’s about as much a villain as fat Buu.

      • Jack

        In History of Trunks, they kill the Z fighters without remorse, so it seems as though they did kill them in the first encounter. They killed Dr Gero because they hated him for turning them into Androids, not to mention Gero wasn’t exactly a good guy to begin with. It’s true that 17&18 don’t care much for anyone else, mostly due to their own sense of invincibility but 16 does say that he liked to travel with them as they never killed or caused unnecessary harm. Maybe they would have gone differently if he wasn’t there to be the moral compass, but then it begs the question why Future 17 &18 wake up the Future 16 after they killed Gero.

        And unlike Fat Buu, 16 never harmed anyone period. Fat Buu killed millions of innocents, but mostly because he didn’t actually know what he was doing was wrong. He just did bad things because he thought that was all there was for him to do. As soon as Mr Satan points out he can do anything besides killing Buu immediately agrees

      • saturn0205 .

        “In History of Trunks, they kill the Z fighters without remorse, so it seems as though they did kill them in the first encounter.”

        Which we only saw flashes of in the opening narration. We never saw any of the full fights. But what did we see of their fights? 17 and 18 toying with both Future Gohan and Future Trunks, leaving them alive on multiple occasions. Also, you misused the word remorse here. Remorse means to feel bad about something.

      • Jack

        I did also misuse the word “without”? Tell me, what happens when you put the words, “without” and “remorse” together. Means to NOT feel bad about something. Or perhaps that’s just my extreme narcissism talking again?

        Except that we saw the fights end with the Z fighters deaths, not to mention the fact they fought each of them individually. The narrative of the special certainly implies that they killed them right off the bat. And it seems like they only left Gohan and Trunks alive, solely for more entertainment, yet this doesn’t stop them from killing Gohan anyway. And upon his return, Future 18 decided to kill off Trunks simply because she was a bad mood even though 17 pointed out she be killing weeks of fun. Based on his recollection, Trunks survived most of his fights by escaping the Androids and after their first defeat in the past, Trunks states that the Androids in his time wouldn’t have spared them like the present ones did

  • NewK00paUSA