It’s that time of year again!  Join us as we count down our Top 24 Dragonball Villains!

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Scott “KaiserNeko” Frerichs

Nick “Lanipator” Landis

Curtis “takahata101” Arnott



Scott “KaiserNeko” Frerichs

Kirran “LordMoonstone” Somerlade



Lawrence “MasakoX” Simpson


DragonBall is Owned by TOEI ANIMATION, Ltd. and Licensed by FUNimation Productions, Ltd.. All Rights Reserved. DragonBall, DragonBall Z, DragonBall GT and all logos, character names and distinctive likenesses thereof are trademarks of TOEI ANIMATION, Ltd. This is nothing more than a parody made for entertainment purposes only.


DragonBall is Owned by TOEI ANIMATION, Ltd. and Licensed by FUNimation Productions, Ltd.. All Rights Reserved. DragonBall, DragonBall Z, DragonBall GT and all logos, character names and distinctive likenesses thereof are trademarks of TOEI ANIMATION, Ltd. This is nothing more than a parody made for entertainment purposes only.

  • Egg_Runner

    didnt the ginyu force effectivly amount to nothing? with the magical sensu beans healing everyones injuries and all of them being killed by vegeta basically nothing happened other than freiza having more time to beat up krillen piccolo and vegeta

    • Vegeta and Goku became strongest thanks to the beating they received for the Ginyu Force. Goku could have never being a challenge for Freezer if they had not appeared.

  • Psycho Doodle

    Ginyu force = Sentai / Power Rangers.
    Saiyaman = Kamen Rider

    Now if only we had a superman parody we could… oh look! Dr. Slump has one!

  • Michael Johnson

    Yes it’s very sexual, just needs more cream

    *Suck it Black!*

    *Zamazu unzips pants*

  • And they have the best theme song of all the entire franchise

  • Chris Stonecipher

    the only thing missing for them is a Gaint Robot like in Super Sentai

  • JuanTizmo

    The Ginyu Force whupped Gohan’s ass so hard he got PTSD, that’s why he does the poses when dressed as Saiyaman. It’s some Batman shit.

    • Adam Teles

      “I have seen it before somewhere. It frightened me as a boy…. frightened me… Yes, father. I shall become TOKUSENTAI! TOKUSENTAI!”

  • tbl

    By far my favorite group of villains in Dragon Ball, they are just so great. I hope Shueisha makes a side story for them too.

  • Taher

    “Suck it, Black!!!’
    Are you guys sure there’s nothing implicitly sexual here?

  • Craxnor

    I’m calling it Cell is number 1

    • Adam Teles

      It’s Cell or Frieza.

  • Inuzuna

    the Ginyu Force being in the low top 10, I can see it. though I bet if they had been judged as individuals the way they would have appeared(if they all made it) from lowest ranking to highest would be

    yes Guldo above Jeice and Burter only because the latter two didn’t really pose a threat at any point. Guldo almost killed Gohan and Krillin while also showing off some really cool powers
    Reccoome nearly killed Gohan, Krillin, and Vegeta who since his introduction has been one of the strongest people around and left and right taking out Frieza’s men
    Ginyu not only had the most personality but had a unique ability that has yet to be copied by any other character and gives us that iconic self wounding scene. and who can forget his honor in which he scolded Jeice for jumping into his fight with Goku from behind and playing dirty, and that loyalty to Frieza he has

    Jeice and Burter….they make bets, get outclassed by Goku and proceed to die. not really accomplishing anything

  • Dominick

    You know, it’s funny. The one thing that everybody’s been debating that I already predicted and took a stance on, was confirmed by Kaiser and addressed as something that’s been debated. And, lo and behold, people are still debating it. I guess outright stating what you’re doing and being blunt about it are just not enough to convince people anymore.

  • Blue Jay

    They forgot to mention that they kind of inspired Great Saiyaman and that Goku, Vegeta and Gohan started using the rock-paper-scissors method afterwards.

  • Jason Campbell

    Ya know, I would like to think that in some universe, if the Ginyu Force didn’t work for Frieza, they’d probably be in the Galactic Patrol.

  • Cane Jackson

    The Ginyu Force are the fun and annoying XD


  • Paul Dunbar

    I think this about cements that Tagoma (Captain Ginyu) will not be featured in DB Super Abridged… years from now…

    • Shaddy

      You misspelled “decades”.

      • Paul Dunbar

        Ah, I see what you did there…

      • Anna

        Well now that we’re down to four episodes a year…

  • VenomMelendez

    Part of why i like Hit is how he shows how deadly time stopping is when used by someone competent.

    Though to be fair, Hit also has the advantage of being really fast.

  • YuriFan

    Always found Ginyu’s body swap ability to be boring, honestly.

    • Kr1spness

      It’s interesting to think it wasn’t his original body and his fight and defeat were memorable. I am glad the ability isn’t something that would be seen often though.

      • how ya doin?


      • how ya doin?

        Or well ginyu does try to do it multiple times and he uses it on Bulma…. which makes one of the crappiest fillers ever…

  • A Person With a Name

    *Slow Clap*

    • sonic10chaosverse

      ¿was that praising him for taking a potshot at black or a sarcastic clap?

      • OneWingedRose

        Or a slowly progressing STD?

      • sonic10chaosverse

        ¿STD? ¿what’s that?

      • A Person With a Name

        Neither. It’s because context is key.

  • Turkey Vulture

    The Ginyu Force deserved this spot; though they didn’t have enough importance to warrant the top 5 or so, they certainly bring a careful balance of comedy and drama that best exemplifies the kind of tone Dragon Ball ought to have.

    • Kaliaila

      I was hoping that they would have mentioned how they clearly traumatized Gohan so much that he grew to imitate them when he actually grew up and went to high school.

  • GreatWyrmGold

    I see their no-Super policy doesn’t apply to taking any potshots they can at it.

    • sonic10chaosverse

      they do the same in the previous dbcember’s:they say they won’t include gt on the list yet they still take a few potshots at it(for example in the penultimate entry in iconic moments when they mention that now there’s the universe to explore kaiser mocks gt way of doing it)

      • TheLegendofQ

        even though at this point Super > GT

      • sonic10chaosverse

        that does’t mean the series is perfect,it still has a issues also they still take potshots at the flaws of the show regardless if the overall product is good(it happens to dbz as well)

      • GreatWyrmGold

        The difference is that TFS has a specific reason not to cover Super, rather than just “it’s terrible and we’d rather forget it”.

      • sonic10chaosverse

        i was not saying it was terrible,i was saying that they simply take potshots at it regardless if it was in the list(they also did it in the garlic junior entry of the list where kaiser mentions zamasu and from the tone of it he was not fond of it)

  • Hanamichi

    I knew they were coming soon. Next ones should be Androids 16/17/18, the latters in both present and future timeline.

    • Lupu

      Or Vegeta, honestly as villains, the androids were more deadly and had a bigger impact than Vegeta did both future and present timeline. Vegeta is a great character but as a villain, he never killed anyone and he was humiliated by Goku, Krillin and Gohan. In the namek arc we see him depart slowly from being evil since Frieza was the main threat.

      • Hanamichi

        No way man, the androids aren’t even the main villains in their arc. And the first Vegeta vs Goku fight was too much of a classic.

        And Vegeta is still definitely a villain for most of the Namek arc, even if he antagonizes the main villain at that time.

        He may not make it to the top 3 but he’ll definitely be higher than the androids

  • Stache Hand

    Yes, they are! They’ve just arrived! Elite Soldiers! Ginyu Tokusentai (Special Squadron)!

    Certainly, years after their DBZA appearances, Reacoom is still busting heads in our hearts, while Jeese and Butta show that villainous teammates really can be the best of friends, too. Ginyu and Gurd, on the other hand…

  • William “LEGOMania27” Breen-Ha

    The tweet said “Why is the ninth villain afraid of the seventh?”. They say it’s because of puns, but I can’t help but feel that it’s leading up to either Beerus or Frieza, seeing as they’re the only ones that the Ginyu force would have known about.

    I’m looking far too into this, aren’t I?

    • Draqson

      Could be Vegeta too… also Beerus isnt in this countdown as a DB:Super villain.

      • William “LEGOMania27” Breen-Ha

        They said that Beerus was on the list, just from the movies, not the show. Also, reformed villains mightn’t be on this list, seeing as they’re no longer villains.

      • HikaruYami

        We’re only at #9 and we already see The Ginyu Force, with Kaiser spreading on the praise as thick as they deserve. There’s _no way_ reformed villains aren’t on the list, because there just aren’t enough good villains left. Piccolo and Vegeta will both make it.

      • Kaliaila

        While I’m sure that King Piccolo will make the list, I’m not sure if Piccolo (Jr.) will.

      • Anna

        Jr probably gets lumped into the entry. His villain time is about…what…5% of his runtime? Less? Tien would frikkin count at that metric if he was going to be all on his lonesome.

      • Kr1spness

        Considering what’s left reformed villains will most definitely make it, but likely be judged based on their time spent as a villain.

      • Thomas Tran

        I don’t know, I mean….. as a movie “villain”, he could technically be used since the BoG and RoF movies are done and we’re seeing their impact right now. The only issue is whether or not we could consider movie Beerus a villain for the purposes of this list.

    • TactilePope

      Freeza and Beerus are the best villain and not-villain in the franchise. I can’t imagine either of them at #7.

    • Deecks

      The joke goes “Because seven ate nine.” Hey, which character killed every member of the Ginyu Force?

      • Kr1spness

        So you’re saying 7 86’d 9.

    • Shinard

      Vegeta, got to be. He killed every member of the Ginyu Force (apart from Ginyu himself). And it makes sense in the rankings – Vegeta’s an awesome character, easily one of the best in the franchise, but as a villain he definitely falls behind a lot of the more complex and intimidating villains. His fight with Goku is great, but he doesn’t really DO anything else in the Saiyan Saga. And on Namek he’s definitely overshadowed in the villain stakes.

      • Diego Martín Gutierrez

        He killed Ginyu in the Resurrection of F arc.

      • Shinard

        Really? Huh, didn’t know that (haven’t watched Super yet).

  • Jeevan Thomas


  • Gamey Geemer

    We decided on Chocolate Parfait for our afternoon snack and we aren’t sharing any with you.

    That song is one of the greatest things about the Ginyu Force.

  • sonic10chaosverse

    “¡ginyu force rules!,¡ginyu force rules!,¡ginyu force rules!”
    yeah i’m pretty fond of the ginyu force they all are pretty goofy and hilarious,although the whole “they care for each other” i think its something you guys did because(take note i don’t remember the non-parody version too well) if i remember correctly they(or at least captain ginyu)does’t care for each other but it would be nice if they did
    i’m gonna assume taka did’t like ginyu appearing in super

    • Deecks

      It wasn’t so much that they care for each other – they generally don’t – as it is that they seem to genuinely enjoy each other’s company.

  • John Lienhart

    Sure is Zarbon in here.

    • William “LEGOMania27” Breen-Ha

      Zarbon and Dodoria were with the Frieza Force

      • GreatWyrmGold

        He was quoting Vegeta. Specifically the Abridged version.

      • Tetsuya Kintame

        I think you mean Frieza from the Abridged series.

  • Sailor Mewni

    These 5 goofballs are so fun that TeamFourStar was Ginyu Forced to put them in the top 10.