Dragonball Z Abridged Parody follows the adventures of Goku, Gohan, Krillin, Piccolo, Vegeta and the rest of the Z Warriors as they gather Dragonballs and fight intergalactic evil. With the comedic writings of Lanipator, Takahata101, and Kaiserneko this may not be the DBZ you remember but TFS hopes you enjoy it all the same. How high can the Krillin Owned Count get? Who will be the next to go Super Saiyan? Can Vegeta’s ego get any bigger? Find out NOW on DBZ Abridged!

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Cast (in order of appearance):
Christopher Guerrero – Dr. Gero
Ganxingba – Android 17
Amber Lee Connors – Android 18
Takahata101 – Cell (Fetus)
Hnilmik – Chi-Chi
MasakoX – Gohan, Goku
Antfish – Android 15
Lanipator – Krillin, Master Roshi, Vegeta, Piccolo
KaiserNeko – Oolong, Trunks
RicePirate – Android 13
Remix – Kami
Hbi2k – Nail

Narrator 1 – Marc Swint
Narrator 2 – DJSexcidillionaire


Voice Director:


DragonBall Z:
Doragon Bลru Zetto Kyokugen Batoru!! San Dai Sลซpฤ Saiyajin
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Stephan Krosecz
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  • Joe Sullivan

    The Doctor Who BGM During Trunk’s speech was amazing.

  • Aclys

    Wait… so did Krillin own ze doctor/master computor at the end and thus put future cyborg shenanigans to bed? And then he goes on to make 18 his waifu… mind blown

  • RorytheRomulan

    Did goku actually, no-seriously-the-fan-dub-is-not-far-off, get punched in the dick?

    • Gummin

      This isn’t a fan dub.
      This is Dragon Ball Z Abridged.

    • Gummin

      Love this comment system/sarcasm
      He probably did get punched there though.

      • Lonehoof

        He did… Before this even existed, it was part of a meme, “The balls are inert”, which refers to a scene in which piccolo says exactly that. Fans had noticed that super android 13 had punched goku in the dick and started associating it with that meme. “Goku’s balls are inert”

  • “based out of Texas”…HOLY DRAGON BALLS!!! THAT’S MY HOME STATE!!!!

  • SSJCat

    I love Android 15 voice!!!

    • Well what about android 13? i kinda like his south-western country accent. it’s perfect for him…

    • but u know what’ll be even better? THEIR ABRIDGED VERSION OF THE LEGENDARY SUPER SAIYAN BROLY!!!!

      • Joshua Tribble

        I hope they make him sound like Spongebob.

  • phearlessk047

    All the Doctor Who and Chrono Trigger references, whenever Trunks is around….

  • kmagaro

    Why did this get removed from youtube?

    • Kaiso25Gaming

      Because Youtube Copyright

  • AngelicDemon

    and the moments starting from 12:34 to 12:56? ROTFLMAOOL

  • AngelicDemon

    the moments from 10:48 to 11:15 i find hilarious. who’s with me on this? XD

  • Where is the video on YouTube? ‘Cause I can’t find it.

    • Khouth

      Removed for copyright ๐Ÿ™

  • Jenkins

    Anyone know the music around 4:49?

  • Katotsu

    So…how many times does Trunks’s sword break? I think its once per movie, plus one in continuity. Who fixes it?

    • LegoMania27

      He probably secretly finds the dragonballs (y’know, ’cause he’s Bulma’s kid) and wishes for a new one

    • MalkavianRP

      He feeds it senzu beans the same way people feed their weapon’s devil fruit in One Piece

  • Heliosaki

    Loved it! I really enjoyed the fact that Richard Cheese’s cover of Down With the Sickness is in the background for the eatery/restaurant scene.

  • Ryrynz

    “I’d tip my hat to you..”

    I lose it every time..

    • GofofGaming

      Like 16 loses his trucker hat?

  • Weeaboo_Jones

    Anyone else see Krillin 2.0 at 2:32/2:33?

    • Joshua Tribble

      It’s official Dragon Ball canon that Krillin came from a martial arts school heavly based on Buddhism. This is why Krillin’s head is shaved and he has the 6 tattoo dots. Everyone in his school underwent this ritual. So it’s possible that was someone who went to that school.

  • JordanB500

    Where is Episode Breakdown for Super Android 13?

    • Joshua Tribble

      This isn’t necessarily and episode and breaking it down might take a while.

  • XenoWarrior

    17:06 is the best part because I love “I am the Doctor”!

  • Benny the vampire slayer

    I’m chomping at the bits to see just what comes next

  • Goku XV Legend

    This was so hilarious. Look at my Trucker Hat lol

  • leafeknight7

    THE BASTION REFERENCES!!!!! You guys are always making awesome content that is so enjoyable to watch. But when I actually get those fun little things you throw in, it makes it all the better. No lie, I lost it when I caught the first riff of The Pantheon.

    No matter what, keep doing what you enjoy most and don’t let others get you down.

    Thanks for this fun video.

    • Super Human

      I know right? It’s like watching Hot Shots: Part Duex and listening to all the Casablanca references. Heh. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • PrinceOfCheese

    I Die a little inside every time I open up this site and see Episode 51 uncompleted ๐Ÿ™

  • lasantaynez

    Dog treat finishing move is best finishing move

  • Banhammer52

    17:14… is… is that day of the Doctor? Cause that sounds like Day of the Doctor

  • D Luniz

    that quote at 13:05, whats that from?

  • Dzaxe

    Oops, Goku’s shirt is off. Might as well use Spirit Bomb.

  • zakaria1938

    what is so special about the song with piccolo?

  • TheLostRenegade

    I swear, the ending music for this one is SO AMAZING! Could anyone please help me find it?? I literally cannot find it ANYWHERE.

    • mzbas

      me neither. I’m tired of rewinding the truck to listen to the song. Wish there was somewhere I could download it.

    • Ed130 The Vanguard

      It’s a Hillbilly version of Cha-La Head-Cha-La by AinTunez, currently there is no version available apart from ripping it out of the movie itself.

  • TheGreatEscapist

    Man, I REALLY look forward to seeing the Movie Breakdown of this one. ๐Ÿ™‚
    But don’t rush on it. Take all the time you need.

    Obviously, because I’m a total noob when it comes to DBZ, I didn’t think the “Android 13” line from that episode was actually referring to something in the franchise. I thought it was just a lot of random silliness. Well, even if I was wrong for assuming that, it’s still a damn funny line. (Like the Turtle’s “Giant Pearl” line. It’s a riot whether or not you’re in on the joke.)

    So many great jokes in this oneโ€ฆ Like a kid in a candy store, I don’t know which I liked most.

    I guess a personal favorite I’d pick was that Clone Cell had that one line. (What was that sound? “Zow”?. Somehow it made me think of a cat trying to meow and cough up a hairball at the same time.)

    Also the bluegrass rendition of the DBZ theme. That was something of brilliance there.

  • Falloutdragon

    It’s funny but I’m still looking forward to “perfect” Cell

  • Magenta
    • Toa_Freak

      Any ideas about the last image? I recognize the other 4, but that last one, while familiar, eludes me.

  • Chaka3499

    Loved the movie…. best one yet! so where’s the breakdown?

    • simrobert2001

      Came here to say this.

    • dracosfire7

      Come on Kaiser, we all want you to go through another Breakdown!


    so when is the broly movies going to be done that is something i would love to see

    • Wrongpiece

      Based on Gohan’s appearance in the movie, I would guess in-between Gohan coming out of the time chamber and the Cell Games. That means it’d likely come between episodes 51 and 52 or between episodes 52 and 53.

  • creegiyato sinayato

    My cousin martin wecker says that he has skyped with you guys. Is that true?

  • chemicalpoisons

    In this movie, the Z Warriors fought against:
    Brett Favre (Android 13)
    Misigno (Android 14)
    Straight Outta Compton (Android 15)

  • gmarcturus

    Does anyone know where I can find that banjo version of the Imperial March from 5:55?

  • Sethiroth x2

    Can someone explain the 9/11 joke to me, lol. ๐Ÿ˜„ Or is it just that simple?

    • Marcus of Terra

      “Jet Fuel can’t melt steel beams” it’s the crackpot ‘theory’ people say the twin towers couldn’t have fallen JUST from the planes hitting them.

      • Sethiroth x2

        Okay, lol, completely forgot about that theory. So they’re just making fun of that theory then? Or…. ๐Ÿ˜’ not so much?

    • QcNumber1

      They are making fun of the idiots saying the twin towers fell because of jet fuel which it is clearly impossible.
      In away when they say Jet fuel cant melt steel beams but we can is also in a sense that someone wanted the towers to be destroy to create a conflic.

  • JordanB500

    im wondering about something in the movie it is shown that nail and kami have already fused with piccolo if so then wouldnt piccolo be stronger then ssj goku at that time not necessarily stronger then super 13 but strong enough to not get crushed as badly

    also one last thing when #13’s hat was placed on him was that the imperial march theme from star wars?

    • OnlyRussellHD

      firstly it’s non cannon so it doesn’t really matter about the accuracy of the story compared to the main plot line 2nd i don’t even think piccolo had absorbed kami by this point and 3rd i think it was the imperial march theme.

  • Chaka3499

    Seriuosly loved it. best one yet! Can’t wait for the movie breakdown! i know you talked about it a bit in the podcast, but sounds like it will be a long one.

  • Maphisto86

    I thought this parody of this movie was spot on. True the original is not a favorite of many fans but the parody was well written.

  • rxg9er

    How funny would it be if when Goku teleports to King Kai’s planet he actually grabs King Kai, Gregory, and Bubbles but then spends about two minutes scanning for another planet to teleport to because he’s hungry and can’t decide where he wants to eat. The whole time King Kai would be screaming at him to go but Goku just keeps talking to himself weighing the pros and cons of eating on different planets until Cell finally explodes.

  • Phazonfish

    Personally I loved the movie, but a number of people seem to think TFS should stick to episodes. For any of you out there that hold that opinion, think of it this way: There will eventually come a time when they run out of episodes to abridge, so would you really rather they cut out the filler and end the series faster? I know that day is a long way out, but unless Toriyama discovers how to turn himself into an immortal android (umm, cyborg) so he can keep making sequel series, they inevitably will run out of footage.

    • QcNumber1

      Indeed especially NO GT XD

  • Emerson_isham

    what was that music playing when trunks was fighting android 13?

    • Xam

      That would be “I am the Doctor” from Doctor Who, it’s in the credits. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

      • QcNumber1

        Indeed I first however I thought it was somethiing else XD

    • QcNumber1

      It sounds like Sonic 06 theme

  • BallsOfShenron

    As that cowboy was saying phrases towards the Z warriors that Super Android 13 was crushing, he stumbled a bit on lines they given him.

    What he should’ve said to Piccolo was: “And that’s when the green guy have realized that, when you’re throwin’ your weight around, be ready to have it thrown around by somebody else.”
    And as super Android 13 was destroyed: “And that’s when the robot have realized that once you’ve give a personal lesson in meanness to a critter , don’t be surprised if they learn their lesson.”

    But still, this turned out to be a awesome parody and what’s done is officially done .

  • Crazed fan

    Anyone else catch the 9/11 reference “Jet fuel can’t melt steel beams” then the terrorist joke by Goku thought that was clever.

    • QcNumber1


  • Hey, anyone can tell me what exactly is Chichi saying at the very beginning in the mall when shopping?
    Thx a bunch.

    • Omar


      • tie-silk, that makes sense now xd

  • SovereignGod

    Did anyone notice that when android 15 was scanning goku, when he zoom in on goku’s crotch, it said potential weak spot. And after android thirteen became super android 13, he punch goku right there? That was a foreshadowing and I didn’t notice till a week later.

  • tenfootgiant

    Love the Borderlands music!

  • OML. I think I found Krillin’s brother/cousin/dad in the crowd running from #14 and #15. This literally looks like a taller version of Krillin with a nose. xD http://prntscr.com/90y5gj

  • GrandLocomon

    What is the T.H. Deathball?

    • Prometech

      Trucker Hat

      • GrandLocomon

        Whoops, I meant to ask what did Goku think the T.H. stood for? Trucker hat was my first and only guess :/

  • Rydiok

    Gota love the small visual edit of Goku getting punched in the dick…. his 2 nuts are cracked appart. XD

    • MyNameIsDende

      It wasn’t an edit, that was actually in the original, look it up. It’s like a one frame, so you have to quickly pause it, to see it.

  • praxisseizure

    Dammit. If it weren’t for my asinine sensitive mouse I’d be leaving a more colorful reply.
    It was fucking amazing.
    Go to hell, internet. Back doesn’t mean delete!

  • Manami

    You guys want Stupid Android fusion Shit, google Super 17 (Android 18 absorbed)

  • FourStarFan

    For thousands of years, my sense of humor lay dormant. Who has disturbed my… Oh, sweet, a new TFS movie!

  • Angel-of-Light-Kelly

    I enjoyed watching this movie, though it had some interesting animations with their moving mouth parts, especially when it was Trunks and Vegeta talking, like some others had pointed. Still, a nice watch,

  • tywren

    Great, more time wasted on a DBZ movie that would have been better spent on a standard ep. of DBZA, or dare i say it, getting this years Hellsing Abridged out on time!

  • Luca_from_space_Italy

    I had to register to this website, I cannot go on without personaly praising this people anymore

  • SaiyanKnight

    What would have been Goku’s first guess for what T.H. meant in the T.H. Deathball joke? I’ve been racking my brain over this! It starts at 8:12.

    • edwardnz

      Taka Hata?

    • Woolytop

      Too Hot?

  • Spiritnova

    There seems to be some people who are still confused about the 8 androids bit, so I’m going to explain this as clearly as I can.

    Trunks came back in time to warn the group about two androids. Then it turns out that there are more than two. The entire premise of the joke is that Vegeta is keeping track of all the androids EXCEPT 17 and 18, because those are the only two Trunks knew about.

    The gag starts in episode 38, when they find out about android 16. Vegeta quips that “I’m pretty sure that’s three androids you’ve missed, do I hear four?” The three he is referring to are 16, 19, and 20. 17 and 18 are standing right there, but he does not include them, nor does he add them later. The “do I hear four” part is him asking “is there a fourth you don’t know about?”

    In episode 44 Piccolo tells them about Cell, explicitly referring to him as an android. Vegeta then yells “DO I HEAR FIVE?!”, essentially asking “is there a fifth Trunks doesn’t know about?”

    Then you have this movie. The line would be more accurate if it had been “that’s seven, do I hear 8?”, but that doesn’t flow well and isn’t nearly as funny as what they came up with instead.

    So the final count is 13, 14, 15, 16, 19, 20, and Cell. There is no eighth android, it’s a hypothetical. The line is just phrased in a way that’s a bit confusing without remembering previous context. So the count could be shown as:

    Number of androids Trunks didn’t warn them about + 1.

    I hope that clears things up.

    • Prometech

      He was including Gero

      • Spiritnova

        Gero is android 20.

    • mathex14

      Thanks dude,you helped me understand this, and I agree with you, they could have done this in a much better way, it was actually something I was looking foward to see in this movie, kind desapointing, like the movie in general…. I mean it was still DBZA, so it’s still cool, but that part when the narrator is like “And then ***** learned that…..”, I thought that was so freaking annoying, like completly unfunny and unnecessary, wish they haven’t done that.

    • edwardnz

      There could be an eighth ?

      13, 14, 15, 16, 19, 20, Cell from Future, Cell in lab now. ?

    • ZanathKariashi

      To quoth Piccolo…..”No one watched DRAGONBALL!”

      Everyone always forgets Android 8.

  • Dabuddah453

    Why does Piccolo even show up to these fights? Does he really even do ANYTHING?!

    • kenrunek

      Because taking care of Gohan is a full time gig and we all know that’s Piccolo’s job.

    • incrediblenoiseman

      Well, in this particular movie you still run into the same issue that was in Return of Cooler in that this is before Goku and Gohan, and Vegeta and Trunks go into and come out of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber making Picollo the strongest at this point because he’s fused with Kami. But it’s overlooked I guess because…….reasons.

      • Karthull

        Actually hes stronger then vegeta trunks and gohan but id say goku is still little stronger then piccolo even though not gone in time chamber yet, because Goku

    • Nailgun23

      Um, did we just watch the same movie? He prevented 13 from killing twice in that battle. Not to mention he is about as powerful as the rest of the ssjs until the end of the saga

    • mathex14

      I think that’s super namek piccolo, which is stronger than goku and vegeta at this time

  • MegaJayYT

    Hey Good work with the script. usining the extended metaphore of the hat caught my eye. but anyways exelent job with the special. the jokes where well planed and refer back through the series especialy when goku…. yeah but anyways this episode has brought up my favourite character in the series wich is Goten wich got me thinking. What would be the roles of the kids in the buu saga be if you get there and who would you pick for the voices. I dunno i’ve been acting in the school play in similar roles and NAILED them *facepalm* but seriously do you have plans?

  • Adam

    Yup. This site is being ‘deprecated’. Did you know there’s a whole Let’s Play series on the Youtube channel that isn’t here at all?

    • Spiritnova

      Which one?

      • Adam

        That Transformers game that just came out.

      • Spiritnova

        Check TFS plays under TFS Gaming. They’ve posted up through ep 6.

      • Adam

        In response to your other comment, I’m used to just clicking the TFSGaming link which has been broken for a bit. Didn’t see it listed on the front page either.

  • wertdoodle

    How is it 8 androids?
    I count 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, and Cell. Excluding the died 19 and 20.

    who else is it.

    • Spiritnova

      Vegeta is counting the androids that Trunks missed, as in the ones he didn’t warn them about. That’s why he says “never gonna let the boy live this one down”. So 17 and 18 are not counted in the list, as they’re the ones he did actually warn them about.

      As for why it’s 8, you have to go back and watch episodes 38 and 44. In ep 38 they find out about 16. Vegeta says “So I’m pretty sure that’s 3 androids you’ve missed, do I hear 4?” Later on in ep 44 he finds out about Cell and yells “Do I hear five?!” The “do I hear” thing is what you would find at an auction. Something like “That’s 1000 dollars, do I hear 1100?”. Then you add 13, 14, and 15 to make 8.

      Essentially the count is (number of androids Trunks didn’t warn them about) +1.

      • Karthull

        Except it sould be do i hear 8, because he only missed 7

      • Spiritnova

        That would be the more accurate line, yes, but that doesn’t flow as well and would sacrifice the “never gonna let the boy live this one down” part. The way they did it is funnier, if less clear.

        There’s also the fact that we, as the audience, know that there are no more androids. “Do I hear” is the way they kept the joke going, but there’s no reason to do that anymore because this was the payoff to the joke. “Do I hear” would leave the joke without a payoff, which would defeat the purpose of it.

        The problem is that ep 44 was around a year ago, and ep 38 was around two years ago. That’s more than enough time for someone who hasn’t had a refresher course in a while to completely forget the context required to make the joke work, which I think is probably the case for most, if not all, of the people asking about the count.

        I myself had to go back and watch through the relevant episodes to figure out what the exact issue was, but even without doing that I recognized Vegeta was counting missed androids, so everybody counting 17 and 18 in their explanations were just creating more confusion. My full explanation is still on the first page of comments, but only just, and only has one reply, so I don’t know how many people have actually read it.

    • Commander Walnut

      Dr. Gero, he and the clown android (can’t remember his number at the moment) were the first two. Then 16, 17, and 18 made five and so 13, 14, and 15 make eight. Cell isn’t included for whatever reason, although cell isn’t an android anyway as far as I can tell but is instead seems to be a genetically engineered super-organism.

      • Spiritnova

        Did you even read what I said? Your logic is way off.

  • Rangers Blood

    I live in Arkansas! For once Arkansas is mentioned in a movie… a movie that makes u laugh, that is.

  • sess

    A really good movie. I about died laughing, really needed that.

  • Kzaji

    Had to stop in the middle of the video and make an account to correct this. The name of my state is pronounced like the words “are, can, saw”. It is not, and has never been “Are Kansas”. The same exact joke could have been made, and been made correctly, if you’d just switched those around.

    • 4rmstr0ng

      that literally WAS the fucking joke, so good job. make me log in to call you out on your negativity, get outta here

    • KaiserNeko

      That… was that joke. That *he* is the one screwing it up.

  • Azel RavenWood

    Green Dick is Better then Blue Dick!!!!!!! Fuck Yeah!!! The Best reference!!!! Fucking Love You Guys.

    Also the thousands of years laying dormant jokes were awesome!!!

  • roninreverie

    Jesus Christ….that was GOLD! I could not stop laughing!

  • iceman982004

    Ya’ll know whats next right. Can we just skip straight to broly

    • Spiritnova

      Well it’s supposedly placed somewhere in the ten days before the Cell Games, and TFS is trying to do the movies more or less when they’d happen in the show, so we’ll have to get through at least the next episode. They’ve said ep 51 is going to cover a lot though, so it’s quite possible Broly would be next up.

    • mathex14

      I wanna see broly too, I hope they do a good job with broly’s movie, specially with broly’s personality

      • mathex14

        Kick in the dick was probably my favorite thing on this movie, and also… the dog biscuit lol

  • simrobert2001

    SO, where do you guys get your music? IT was awesome!

    • sess

      I think some of it was from the Bastion

  • This was so fun
    Things were getting quite fast
    They have been fighting in the desert way to often the arctic is new
    Whats with the thousand years thing?
    A14 is quite philosophical
    The in the dick hit is a dick move any who douse it becomes the biggest loser ever such an attack is allowed only if you are getting raped

    • LordChaotix

      *blinks slowly* You mean you believe there are rules in a fight?

  • firewalker22

    i think my favorite part; you plum done dag gun dong gun did it now son. soooo good

  • bigstop

    it was at this moment when vegeta knew, he fucked up

  • I think so far this is my favorite movie you guys have done. I’d never seen it in its original form before, but it was hilarious. I love those strange glimpses we get of the ‘Z warriors’ having semi-normal lives, and how Trunks is just hanging out with them on a shopping trip like he didn’t come back in time specifically to prevent a cyborg doomsday. I think Goku getting punched in the dick was the ultimate cosmic justice, and also the funniest part of the movie to me: the way you guys framed that flash-forward was perfect. Goku gets punched in the dick so hard it erases Goten from existence. Genius. Simply genius.

    I can’t wait for more episodes and Hellsing and FF7 machinabridged, which is worming it’s way deeper into my heart and other vital organs. I loved seeing more of Antfish and I thought MasakoX was on point with Goku and Gohan in this. Also, it was nice to see more Trunks in this movie than we get in a typical episode, between Goku and Vegeta show-boating incessantly, and Kaiser was great as well. Everyone did fantastic. Special kudos to the guy who did Android 13, too! Congrats and thanks for the great material, guys. It gets better every time.

  • Jordao

    AWESOME!!!! as always ๐Ÿ˜‰ you do a great job team four star and thank you for that, keep up the good work

  • hunter24

    Thank you guys so much for this movie! I really needed all of those laughs this week!

    The Goten vanishing was hilarious as well as “He took your hairdo. I’mma kill him!…Oh no….” . Those scenes were priceless!

  • MrPsychic

    My favourite moment was seeing Goku’s rage face as he absorbs the Spirit Bomb and Gero’s “JESUS CHRIST!” since it’s so out of character for him in TFS.

  • wL alucard

    Ouch guys. I still enjoyed this, but this is probably the worst movie/episode you’ve done so far. I got like two weak chuckles out of the entire thing. I know you’re trying, and I know this isn’t easy, especially because this wasn’t a good movie to begin with. It might be better to stick with doing episodes (Still waiting for the new Hellsing), or to focus on doing a good movie so the content is actually there for you guys to make it funny. Side note, where the hell is Takahata at? He’s in this movie for about .2 seconds, and we haven’t seen anything on Hellsing yet. Is he just too focused on “real” jobs these days or what’s up? Anyways, keep up the good work and I hope this doesn’t offend any of you. I love the work you do, always have, and always will. I just thought this was a pretty weak one, especially for a Holiday special, as those are usually my favorite.

    • MrPsychic

      Watch the TFS News update, you’ll see Taka has a lot on his plate with a move and other things.

    • theeshyguy

      That’s probably just because this is the worst Dragon Ball Z movie I can think of. There really isn’t that much good material to make out of it.

    • KaiserNeko

      It’s always interesting, because we get comments like this, but also comments saying this is one of the best movies we’ve ever done. So… I mean, we’ll try to make the next one better, but there’s no accounting for taste.

      • Commander Walnut

        Very true, might be they just don’t like redneck jokes. Or maybe they hate banjo music.

  • ShadowWR

    Did anyone else catch the 9/11 joke? Jet fuel can’t melt steal beams? Androids in the illuminati confirmed. The evidence was everywhere, how could we miss it? 3 androids join to become the perfect being. So obvious now!

  • Amby

    16:30 I just cannot f*king find that song.

  • Ninja Buu

    I was promised World’s Strongest. I am disappoint. Buuuut that was pretty kickass.

    • Thelegendarybros

      They already made that.

      • Spiritnova

        No, they haven’t. The video you’re referring to is pre-TFS. It was created by a group called Neighborhood Cluck, which included two members of TFS. The group eventually split up, after which TFS was founded. TFS considers Neighborhood Cluck to be a separate entity from themselves, and their videos should not be lumped together.

        You’ll also find that Neighborhood Cluck did a Dead Zone abridged, which TFS has covered, so it’s reasonable to say that they’ll probably cover World’s Strongest at some point as well.

  • Karthull

    Soooooo happy they included the fish jump, was really worried they wouldn’t include that from the original

  • incrediblenoiseman

    It’s been a long time since I’ve seen the Android 13 movie, and I normally retain a lot of what I’ve watched as a kid, but I realized pretty early on that I must have seen a SuperCut version of this as opposed to the claimed UnCut one back then because I don’t remember hardly any of those scenes.

    Terrific work on all the lip flaps you had to make, Kaiser, they worked out very well. That was one thing I remember is that no one, especially the new bad guys, really talked a lot.

    I love the way Krillin and Gohan interact, it’s a shame the story moves more away from that.

    The credits didn’t say specifically whether Masako was adult Gohan but I’m hoping that’s the case. I know it doesn’t translate the same for the English versions of DBZ but I found it very endearing way back when I learned that Masako Nozawa voices the whole Son family. I asked that question a lot, back when HoT was being produced, on the podcast, the special and the episode breakdown but I never got an answer for it. Maybe that little scene with Gohan and Goten does.

    Great job as always Team, keep up the good work.

  • dcforeman

    Ummm, not their best. I dunno it just didn’t seem to flow for me. The humor was a bit… I dunno can’t put my finger on it. Just not their best writing. Looking forward to seeing Vegeta F*** everyone over and beat up his own son to do it though. That’ll be funny. Espically with vegeta on his back in the water haha. I can only imagin what he’s going to say in TAU (The abridged universe)

  • SuperSayianGodGuru

    just adding the fact of Goten disappearing was prceless

  • nalarue

    And the award to the first person I watch on the Internet make fun of where I live(Arkansas) goes to you guys. I laughed really hard at the Arkansas joke, and loved android 13’s voice

  • goven_bitch

    i wonder if when they finish dbz there gonna do gt or super

    • Kaliaila

      Since they all consider GT to be awful and an eyesore not likely that. Depending on how old Super and the new movies are at the point when they reach the end of DBZ they might do Super though.

  • 13’s obsession with his trucker hat is brilliant.

  • dbzappz

    07:05 snakes in the plane reference

  • Hboy

    Somebody please tell me that Goten was brought back? Please?

    • QuickestTheMagot

      Goku at the ending scene in the hospital says.

      “Yup, senzu bean healed mah nuts up good!”

      Chichi then replied…
      “Thank god”

      So…you do the math.

  • Velma

    I cried during the holocaust on Goku’s balls. Vegeta’s schadenfreude was palpable. AMAZING

    Also, I love you guys so much for using Doctor Who music whenever Trunks is busy being dramatic.

    Finally, thank you so much for giving Vegeta and Piccolo more dialog. That scene at the end makes my heart sing. My brOTP!!

    • KlatnYelox

      Piccolo X Vegeta wasn’t an uncommon thing, even in the official release. I feel like this just confirmed it. And I approve.

  • Drflash55

    Also, Goku did a Vegeta.

    Super Android 13 did a Cooler.

    TFS, you’ve done it again!

  • Drflash55

    As I listen to Dr. Gero, I can’t stop thinking of Cooler in his metal form.
    They sound the same!

  • MarciusAurelius

    I loved this one. Definitely worth the wait. Keep it up guys! <3

  • Blazejecar

    Great episode but for the love of god, i hope that’s not adult gohan’s voice you’re going to use. I can name like 6 people from the top of my head who can do the voice much better or even nail it like the original. Please, get a better actor for it XD I know you can

  • Nekohunter

    Did I miss something? What happened to hellsing Abridged? Mew

    • netherdragon1

      Gonna be in Dec. But they’re doing 2 a year now. Go to youtube and watch the new TFS news

  • Tahkaullus01

    After all that, through all the battles and foes defeated, in aww of all their accomplishments, there is only one thing for me to say : SENZU BEAN!

  • TheGodEmperor

    2:32, totally full grown Krillin ๐Ÿ˜›

    also, I haven’t laughed this hard in awhile.

  • Meteorgun7

    The comments pretty much covered all the funny stuff, loved this movie! My fav part, when Vegeta punched 13 and it played a rubber ducky sound lol!

  • largedude98

    Loved the Robert Cheese Down with the Sickness part in the cafรฉ XD

  • invader

    Question: what happened with the krillin owned count? you guys missed it

    • Zerosteel45

      They don’t do the own count in movies for they aren’t cannon.

  • FlashTrickstar

    Ah son of a bitch… With that one scene are you guys gonna retcon the buu saga?

    • TheGodEmperor

      what one seen?

  • NPC_Dude

    Any chance someone knows the song at about 16:30? I like the sound of it, and can’t seem to pinpoint a name.

    • NPC_Dude

      Nevermind, found it. ๐Ÿ˜›

      • mruppercut

        got a link or name? Been looking for it myself.

      • KlatnYelox

        For any wondering, he found it in the credits.

  • phillipwalker94

    The amazingness of this movie is over 9000! So funny, the ‘I lay dormant’ parts had me in tears with laughter haha

  • oh, man… too much awesomeness to comment on… let’s see. well, i’d like to say bravo on the goku joke while he’s being scanned, “well, you’re not orgasmic…” the darth vader reference when 13 gets his trucker cap, piccolo with every line he has, marc swint as one of the narrators and claiming you guys stopped trying after season 2…. annnd the long-awaited dick punch, of course. but, i listen to all your podcasts, so i knew it was coming ;D anyhow, this is by far the best edition of DBZA in a good while, guys. thank you so much for all the laughs. oh yeah, also the amazing version of the theme at the end! annnnd you guys managed to make this once terrible movie canon? phenomenal. thank you, TFS. keep up the good work. once i get an income again, i will donate part of it now that you have a patreon account.

  • TheDon

    i lay dormant for thousand of years hahahahahaha ๐Ÿ˜€ i cracked up so hard on that one especially the second time with piccolo

  • Saferim

    Anyone else feel like there were far too many deflect shots that came out from below the ice? Not something TFS could help, but not very creative on Toei Animation’s part.

    • Karthull

      But how many were there really? Piccolo once, but when again?

    • Karthull

      What you should really be asking is how did vegeta deflect the blast from below when he appeared in the ice behind goku at the same altitude, did he just fly really quick over there after deflecting to make an entrance!

  • KDBgames

    Hold up, did Chris Sabat do Narrator 2? I heard he secretly does some lines for you guys in disguise under a user name.

  • Unfoldingspace8

    I’m I the only one who noticed, you see Goku’s balls crack at 14:45 when Super 13 hits him?

  • Reangus

    I love the Three Namegos. They’re their own little gang.

  • Gigantor The Space Age Robot

    While Goku getting punched in the dick was great…that bit with Vegeta throwing dog biscuits just never gets old!! ROTFLOL!!!!

  • SovereignGod

    The beginning banjo music was from zombieland wasn’t it. |:|

    • KlatnYelox

      Holy shit, you’re right!

  • The noise fetus Cell makes is adorable and funny lol I don’t know why but I laughed so hard at that!

  • Leapingriver

    At first I was disappointed that the new upload wasn’t an episode, but now I don’t care. TeamFourStar, you keep up that witty and hilarious writing and I may no longer be able to hold my laughter in to keep from waking my roommate up.

    Loved Trunks being absolutely adorkable in this. Especially how his badass lines are spliced with his nerdyness. And Vegeta is his lovable jerk self as usual, and it is glorious.

    That nut shot rivals the multiple nut shots Vegeta suffered on New Namek, that was brutal. The part where we flash forward and see Gotenks disappear was amazingly clever. Also, nice call back to the second Cooler movie.

  • cizzle82
  • therealslimshady

    Can’t believe you guys didn’t do a “why didn’t you dodge?” joke for Piccolo’s entrance.

  • E76

    Please for the love of all that is holy please let whoever voiced future gohan in the history of trunks special gohan during the buu saga

    • BlueScarabGuy

      Probably not going to happen, most likely in reference to Future Gohan having a different voice actor than normal adult Gohan in the ACTUAL dub. In HoT he’s voiced by Dameon Clarke (AKA Cell), and in the Buu saga and all other FUNimation-dub materials after he’s voiced by Kyle Hebert, as you probably already know.

      Besides, while I really enjoyed the actor who played Future Gohan in HoT Abridged, he sounds like way too much of a grizzled badass to play Buu Saga Gohan.

  • Baddalaur

    I can not understand the fish at the end, what did he say

    • Leapingriver

      Which means end. Also, cuz he’s a fish.

    • bitchieatdrinkpeople

      fin (such as the ending and his fish fin)

  • anem0s

    Keep up the good work guys. You are awesome. (now i will silently lurk in the shadows waiting for the “Return Of F” episode to come out one day. )

  • “he punched me in the dick-
    why? why did he punch me in the dick?”

    “Not so funny now is it Kakarot?”

  • mysticaladventurer

    Ahh, thank you, TeamFourStar! This was well worth the wait in my opinion, and it has to be one of my favorite DBZ Abridged movies now! The subtle references to previous jokes, the continuity from episodes 39 and 44, and all of the new jokes sprinkled throughout brought this movie to life with that familiar TFS charm that keeps me coming back for more. Awesome job as always!

    My absolute favorite part was the flashforward at 14:50. Gohan sounds like a complete and utter NERD and I love it so much! I really hope Gohan’s voice sounds like that in the Buu arc because it’s so fitting for him!

    Might I add, watching Trunks act like a dork was a nice treat (especially at 13:21).

  • Jbear_50

    Poor goku’s dick and gohan

    • Jbear_50

      i mean goten

    • Cliff_Mastah_14

      oh don’t worry. thanks to those senzu beans, goten is still in the picture. on the up-side, that goten disappearing effect was so appropriate for the joke. good job TFS

  • Jadex Srin

    Piccolo: “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!”
    Kami: “We’re trying to amp you up!”
    Piccolo: “Well, it’s distracting-”
    All 3: “OH SHIT, MOTHER F*CKA!”

    I have never laughed so hard at a reference by you guys.

  • diamonddeath

    DJSexcidillionaire was Chris Sabat, right?

    • SSJG2_Vegito

      if you look it up it literally shows you this page… just this page

  • Ky5

    Suddenly,them talking about deleting a character in the Buu saga during the TFS play Xenoverse ,makes more sense

    • DBZfan86

      Can they really delete someone like Goten though? He’s kind of important to the plot. After all who would Trunks fuse or sneak into the adult branch of the tournament with? Who would he fight during the youth tournament? I’d say this more goes into the whole Goten and Trunks can go Super Saiyan early because their father’s sperm got stronger from being “punched in the dick” theory they discussed during the Xenoverse play through.

      • Tenebris Dumplin

        So Goku’s dick got a zenki boost! lol.

    • Domehammer

      Well they can’t really remove Popo since he is only reason Dende even survives. Plus I want to see Popo grow as character where he sacrifices himself then immediately regrets it. Could even have him fly away as a chocolate bar.

      Vegetto talks when turned into candy right? So every person turned into food should be screaming as Buu eats them…

      • Karthull

        Well he also still flys with enough speed and strength to beat on buu, so i feel like you need a certain level of power or higher to maintain yourself in that form, also they will remove popo during that scene as their popo is dumplin and such stronger then buu so won’t sacrifice himself, they pretty much confirmed it in xenoverse saying “i’ll have to edit out a certain character” during that scene

  • Spiritnova

    Regarding Vegeta’s counting skills, I think they may have gone off of episode 44. In ep 38 Vegeta makes his first crack about it after finding out about #16:

    “So I’m pretty sure that’s three androids you’ve missed, do I hear four?”

    The last bit pretty much meaning “any MORE you missed?” Then in ep 44 he finds out about Cell and yells “DO I HEAR FIVE?!”

    I can only assume TFS was continuing from that chain of thought, hence eight. Either that or we’re all missing something.

    • Karthull

      Except it should’ve been either thats 7 you missed, or DO I HEAR EIGHT!?

  • RDV1996

    17:06 Music form Doctor who, eleventh hour, basically, run scene xD Love it. Fits very well xD Love you guys, literally couldn’t stop laughing when I heard it ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Piccoamial

    Who else noticed the borderlands 2 music at 6:20 and 13:33?

    • MewTheSecond

      I did!

  • Geoclasm

    Damn it, I was hoping for the next episode…
    Don’t get me wrong, this was good stuff; great quality, kudos, a tip of my hat, and all that, but still…
    I just feel trolled I guess is all…

    Well played.

    • Hermit_Priest1334

      They said in their last update video that this would be coming out this weekend, they’ve been makind this & the episode simultaneously.

      • Hermit_Priest1334

        Shit, tablet cliked the wrong one, message was menr for the. Comment right under this one.

      • Hermit_Priest1334

        Nermind, misconception.

  • ZZattakk

    There is a reason that I have you’re guys symbol tattooed on my arm and this is it.

    • Hermit_Priest1334

      Ummm, Both adult Gohans had different voices in the original series as well.

  • theeshyguy

    God damnit, now the two adult Gohans have different voices.

    • Aduro9

      It kinda makes sense, Future Gohan had quite a different personality to Buu Saga Gohan.

  • GreatWyrmGold

    This fits pretty well with last episode’s title.

  • Clydus

    Haha love the country version of the opening theme

  • RavenScales


  • DariusArgent

    Why aren’t Remix and hbi2k in the credits? =(

  • lukeyq

    Best movie so far love it, although I swear Gero ias trying to sound closer and closer to cooler, now even imitating a similar voice to metacooler XD Not a bad thing though, Chris’s voice is PERFECT on both of them

  • SSJ BentoSalesboy

    So, does this mean Goten and Trunks (Cooler 2) were receiving Zenkai boosts back when they were glimmers in their daddies’ eyes? If so, that actually explains why they start out so strong.
    That aside, I was really looking forward to the end…wondering how they would handle Vegeta and Piccolo alone on the ice…they did not disappoint.

    • DBZfan86

      I think team four star mentioned that they wanted to make that cannon for the abridged series during one of the Xenoverse episodes. So I’d say so, it would help explain why the boys started so strong.

  • Dylan Punter

    At about 16:40, you can hear that Android 13 had his lungs designed from Goku’s

  • kashmage

    Weakness IDENTIFIED! I for real lost my shit. I had to pause the video so i could stop laughing. You guys are artists love your work.

  • gboy193

    Worth it just for Goku getting hit in the junk

  • Legendary41550

    Oh my god where do I even begin with you guys. The editing was spectacular, the jokes were fantastic, and I can’t get over vegeta and piccolo’s line “For thousands of years I lied dormant!” So good! You guys did a spectacular job.And omg!! playing the I am the doctor theme over trunks’s little speech to 13 there was too good, it was epic and amazing, followed by a comedic outburst. And taka’s one cell line is just a hilarious little grunt that kills me every time! This was too good guys, I’m so happy with what you did. Might I add that the little country violin twist you did with chala hed chala in the credits was so cool. Where did you guys get that theme? I’m sure it’ll be covered in the episode breakdown, but still. I’m just too impressed with what you did this time guys. Each joke at least got a good chuckle outta me, if not a huge laugh. My favourite has to be the thousands of years line from vegeta and piccolo; followed by cell’s little grunt. I can’t get over it!!

  • ehwhit3guy

    Goku: Vegeta, he stole your do!

    Vegeta: I’LL KILL HIM!

    Best quotes throughout the entire movie.

  • FMPhoenixHawk

    Heh, Back to the Future joke. And not one, but TWO testicle jokes! All it needed was a panty-less Bulma shot for the trifecta.

  • gaurdianaq

    Yaaa vegeta and piccolo do have a habit of just showing up out of no where in the movies like in coolers revenger they go to new namek to help the namekians, and then vegeta just shows up out of no where in a saiyan space pod… where did he even get a saiyan space pod…

    • Videogamer

      Nobody knows

    • Domehammer

      Well was Goku’s space pod, Raditz space pod (destroyed by gohan), Nappas space pod (bulma blew up) and Vegetas space pod.

      • GreatWyrmGold

        Wasn’t Goku’s cannibalized for one of the Capsule Corp ships?

    • Aduro9

      The funny part is still that nobody even bothers asking for help from Tien or Yamcha anymore lol

  • Badman3000

    You guy try to make this in continuity so hard.

    • Legendary41550

      And they aren’t half bad at doing it either. The way they do it, it kinda works into the entire story XD

    • Aduro9

      This one wasn’t as bad with continuity as most Dragonball movies, (ie Cooler 2, Fusion Reborn etc.) it could nearly fit somewhere between 17 and 18 being born and Vegeta and Trunks getting in the Time Chamber, (maybe right before Cell started drinking cities) although that does make me wonder where 17 & 18 were, or where Trunks got another sword .

  • lukeyq

    Is that Chris Sabat? XD

  • Wickian

    I spotted Krillin’s older brother at 2:32

  • trexjose

    didn’t expect to hear the Richard cheese version of down with the sickness

  • Zelmegas

    Were those two broken balls when S.13 punched him in the dick?
    I think there were two broken balls when S.13 punched him in the dick. XD

  • eskreskao

    >watch 10-20 seconds of it
    >go to another site, do some stuff
    >come back
    >watch however many seconds more loaded in the meantime
    Really loving this.

  • KingDbZster

    I had to make an account just to say how amazing this movie was, the pacing jokes to action was perfect. Keep up the great work.

  • fadingone

    So i was happy for this, I have one question,where is epidsode 6 of hellsing ultimate abridged?

    • MalkavianRP

      December, they ran into issues that did not permit them the proper time to make it this year, however, they stated that they are going to make it a twice a year thing from now on so… good n’ bad news

    • gboy193


      • gboy193

        Never mind, just saw Malkavian’s post, and I can’t see how to delete my previous one.

  • Mexgar

    This was my one of my favorite DBZ movies as a kid. Now, it’s my favorite abridged movie. I love you guys. Keep doing a fantastic job ๐Ÿ™‚

  • KuouoHD

    You already had me at “Jet fuel doesn’t melt steel beams”! I love this and I want more xD Good job TFS

  • theeshyguy

    7, Vegeta. That’s 7 androids. Not 8.

    • Lonehoof

      13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, Gero, and Cell. It’s actually 9. If you count Eighter from dragonball, 10.

      • ehwhit3guy

        Except this takes place before they meet Cell, so it’s still 8. But this is somewhat non-canon, soooo yeah. There’s that. Plus Goku is the only Z Fighter that ever met Eighter, and if Vegeta ever found out about him, Trunks would really be in for it.

      • Kcalb Noil

        Wrong, vegeta is counting the androids trunk didn’t mention, he mentioned 17 & 18 but not, 19,16,15,14,13, cell & gero, that makes 7

    • kingcure

      gero, the fat bot, 16, 17, 18, the purple guy, the grey guy, and 13. thats 8 lol

      • SuperSaiyanGuvz21

        Actually with Cell that is 9

      • Kcalb Noil

        Wrong, vegeta is counting the androids trunk didn’t mention, he mentioned 17 & 18 but not, 19,16,15,14,13, cell & gero, that makes 7

  • TheJumbomus100

    I loved that Goten scene these are definitely still worth waiting for … also could anyone tell me where i can find that cover of chala head chala from the credits?

  • ghostgabe81

    I thought the scene with Goten was going to be like Vegeta’s scream on Namek, but it was so much better!

    • I am willing to beat that that scene will be referenced during the Buu saga with Goten temporarily fading out of existence and fading back in. Gohan asks Goten how the hell did he came back and Goten replies “Senzu Bean.”.

      • netherdragon1

        OMG that would be awesome!

      • GotenksXe

        Muffin Button?

      • DBZfan86

        That would be great! The scene even takes place right before Goten shows off his true strength to Gohan, so you could say he faded out of existence only to reappear stronger, and with the Super Saiyan transformation.

      • KlatnYelox

        No, he says Muffin Button, and completes that joke.

  • ZenkaiPower

    Teen Gohan sounds perfectly retarded. Literally can not wait for Saiya Man. Or Mr. Satan. Comedy gold.

  • expectedhealer

    every part was funny as hell but goku being punched in the dick was the best shit ive seen all day

  • Gakke

    Awesome. You guys were always good, but in the last couple of years it’s just been amazing. I probably woke up my neighbors losing my shit over Vegeta throwing a dog treat at 15, and that was just one of many hilarious parts. You guys rule.

  • A Zazgad

    Honestly some of the funniest shit I’ve ever seen

  • Upload it to YouTube to much buffering on your site But i did manage to watch 5 mins of it nice.

  • avantgarde

    honestly wish I was able to watch this but your video player is horrific I mean seriously what kind of video player only buffers a maximum of thirty seconds ahead that combined with the slow speed that the video loads just makes it unwatchable… looks like it’s another release I’m gonna have to wait to come out on youtube I honestly don’t know why I even bother coming to your website I mean I love your work but all of your content is essentially unwatchable…except for the ads which all load fine and without any issues but then are followed by videos that constantly stutter out because of shit buffering seems like you guys have got your priorities wrong for your website people don’t come to watch the ads they just tolerate them but only if they can actually watch your videos which is pretty much impossible on your website

    • Yusagi

      It’s not as if they set the quality of the ads, dude. They’re obviously going through some sort of service. Ads are very lightweight, therefore they load very quickly and stream easily. A 20 minute video with intense editing and multiple layers of soundtrack is HEAVY, it takes a long time to load and if the player isn’t the best, it will stutter, buffer, and struggle. Just let it load ahead of time if you want.

  • TheLelouch17

    Nail & Kami: “Boom-chaka-ah Boom-chaka-ah! Boom Boom Boom Boom Green Dick–”

    Piccolo: “What are you doing!?”

  • Yusagi

    Oh gosh, this was amazing. It may have partly been influenced by never having seen this movie, but it was just so funny all around. The ridiculous brick jokes, Gohan and Krillin being narrators for no reason but to be there, Trunks getting bullied the whole movie long for no reason, disappearing Goten….

    most importantly, grown up Gohan voice preview!!! I like it. I mean, we still have Cell Games to go through but I am even more excited for Buu saga now.

    I also love that Trunks just keeps getting Doctor Who references. He’s a bit of a closet nerd so…honestly if he could pick his theme songs they’d probably be Doctor Who ones anyway.

    I…kind of have hope for more from Gohan and kid Trunks, just because of things like the matching “Crapbaskets!!” from Trunks and Gohan, rather than mostly ignoring Gohan being Trunks’ mentor after plot no longer needs it.

  • SuperSaiyanSnake

    Guys, is it possible for you could improve the video player for mobile devices? Once the video starts it wont allow me to pause or rewind and if a pop up appears, it stops the video and i have to start it from the beginning. Great work still guys and if can get through the film, im sure it will be f*cking awesome!

  • mathex14

    This player is so freaking slow here, you guys shouldn’t take too long to upload on youtube, this player is kind lame.

    • Yusagi

      They delay it on purpose, because it’s to their benefit when you watch it here, it isn’t so much when you watch it there.

      • mathex14

        But sometimes I’m not even able to watch here, I normally don’t have any trouble, but yesterday and today it’s really slow, and I really want to watch this movie.

  • FinalDragonball7

    I loved the homage to smokey and the bandit! Awesome job I but I already knew it was gonna be this good. This movie made fun of itself.

  • QSam

    Wow! The ending was my favourite. I really thought that you guys would’ve cut it out but you proved me wrong. This will fufil my fix for the next 4 months, take your time guys!

  • Sokolniki

    14:44 – The moment we were all waiting for… and TFS NAILED IT!!!

  • blaze53

    This was the FUNNIEST ONE YET.


  • Kcalb Noil

    Missed Krillin Owned Count at 14:25

    • DBZfan86

      Was totally thinking the same thing!

  • Sylveon

    Well, seems I’ve been slightly disappointed this year. Sure, we got to see Goku get punched in the dick, but no Helling Ultimate this Halloween as of late.

    • QSam

      This was just as good as hellsing really. Besides it’s coming out december so we get Star wars ep 7 AND hellsing. I also hope for another TFS episode XD

    • Vex

      Yeah they announced it would be late this year but the payoff is two a year starting next

  • Kcalb Noil

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    1. Android 19
    2. Android 16
    3. Android 15
    4. Android 14
    5. Android 13
    6. Dr Gero
    7. Cell

    • Berserker

      what about android 8 or eighter as goku called hhim during dragon ball

    • Berserker

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      • Kcalb Noil

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    But this entire thing, have you ever had one of those moments where something is so hysterical that you can’t even manage to laugh because it is so damn funny that you are afraid to let it out cause you might wake your neighbors?

    Yeah, that was me. I didn’t want to laugh cause I was certain my neighbors would hear me, and after I let it out…I am pretty sure they must have.

    Loved the little spin that the dog treat did after it hit 15. (SMACK, SPIN, thud.)

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    • NCHaskew

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    … you know, it would have been so much funnier if Vegeta said “do I hear 10”
    also, for those who think I heard wrong… Gero, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, Cell. That makes 9 (he counted Cell before. why not now?)

    • Dylan Punter

      … this technically isn’t stupidity. there is not a single point between 17 and 18 killing Gero and Cell being discovered that they would ever go shopping. I mean… they don’t show any possible time lapse between episodes, so there is no point between episodes that this movie could have taken place. I guess it could be a timeline in which Cell never came to the past, but… well that’s just confusing and obscure! also Trunks would have left after 17 and 18 were gone

    • soulnightshade

      The end showed them kill baby Cell (from the earlier episode) and the Gero comp so by that would this not have taken place just before they ever discovered Cell?

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      • DukeLeto7


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  • bookdevourer

    I only have one problem with this that I feel strongly enough about that I need to state it here: At 17:07, when the Doctor Who music plays, Trunk’s speech most closely matches one made by the 10th doctor, the music is used is the 11th doctor’s theme.

    • Maiz Brief

      Well your not wrong… gj

    • Yusagi

      Well, while 10th theme is excellent, it’s more sad and sedate, not as well suited for epic ‘you’re going down’ speeches. 11th, however, is basically dramatic adventure music porn.

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      • Holy shit then he’s REALLY good at this!

      • BlueScarabGuy

        If it IS Masako, then that’s crazy. Because whenever I hear him in other abridged series, his “default” voice is basically what he does for Goku, and his actual speaking voice seems basically the same, but British. So to have in do a voice in roughly the same range and accent that sounds totally different is nuts.

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    That’s only seven, not eight. Did I miss something?


      Dr. Gero was an android as well

      • Redskulblaka

        Dr. Gero is Android 20

    • calebRP

      17 and 18. Cell doesn’t count

      • SuperSaiyanGuvz21

        Technically he does, after all not only is he a Bio-Android, but when Piccolo mentioned another android, while everyone was in shock, Vegeta said: “DO I HEAR FIVE?!”

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      • rboss

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      • MegaJayYT

        you do realise there was also Major Metallitron ‘yes I know its a stupid name’ he also apeared in the manga series as goku tried to help Eighter. also in the Dragonball series,Son Goku gained immense power after Eighter was destroyed he is Known as Android 8 while Son Gohan Gained immense power when Android 16. this eludes to the fact that Gohan’s potential is twice that of Son Goku. Eighter and Android 16 have many similarities. Both switched sides after other Androids were presumed dead, both destroyed by A memberof their kind, Eighter was pure machine and was destroyed by a Mech while android 16 presumably had memories of his past life as Gero’s son and was killed by an android. Both unlocked Hidden powers within Gohan and Goku and both were immensly strong at the time. There is a What if scenario in Dragonball z Boudokai Tenkaichi 3 where Android 16 was sent to the past to kill Son Goku but eighter steps in to fight both androids duke it out with them fending 18 off.

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    • ddeeffgg

      True, but to be fair, Kaiser really didn’t have much to work with in this movie.

      • bneil24

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    • Dylan Punter

      The editting bar did seem to go faster on the main page for this one

  • Lesweatymonkey07

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    • Spiritnova

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      Agreed with wanting to be able to do those voices.

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  • Glyphayel

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      • dracosfire7


      • WFox

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    • Glyphayel

      Darn, you should’ve watched the original first, it makes the Parody a whole lot funnier XD
      Plus, I dunno, I find it kinda meh, but the action was definitely good, and 15’s actually funny.

      Now I must agree with you – high hopes for the Broly one!

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  • Manic Oppressive

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  • spencerrand22

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  • Berndwilhelm

    WRONG! It is illegal to pronounce Arkansas in the way Android 13 in the state of Arkansas.

    Arkansas Code (Title 1, Chapter 4, Section 105) states the following:

    1-4-105.Pronunciation of state name.

    Whereas, confusion of practice has arisen in the pronunciation of the name of our state and it is deemed important that the true pronunciation should be determined for use in oral official proceedings.

    And, whereas, the matter has been thoroughly investigated by the State Historical Society and the Eclectic Society of Little Rock, which have agreed upon the correct pronunciation as derived from history and the early usage of the American immigrants.

    Be it therefore resolved by both houses of the General Assembly, that the only true pronunciation of the name of the state, in the opinion of this body, is that received by the French from the native Indians and committed to writing in the French word representing the sound. It should be pronounced in three (3) syllables, with the final โ€œsโ€ silent, the โ€œaโ€ in each syllable with the Italian sound, and the accent on the first and last syllables. The pronunciation with the accent on the second syllable with the sound of โ€œaโ€ in โ€œmanโ€ and the sounding of the terminal โ€œsโ€ is an innovation to be discouraged.

    Read more: http://www.city-data.com/forum/arkansas/581457-illegal-arkansas-mispronounce-ar-kan-saw.html#ixzz3qBGOjW1e

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  • Streetguru

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    “Well there was that traitor Eighter”

    • Kairukurumi

      Android 8, or Eighter, *Goku’s nickname for him* was from Dragonball. He was tasked with killing Goku when he first went up against the Red Ribbon Army. However, Goku made friends with him and he helped Goku, thus becoming a traitor.

  • Do I hear nine!?

  • Easily the best movie so far I loved how you guys made trunks look like a worthless piece of dead weight and how android 13 punched goku in the dick so hard that goten dissapeared from existence and now I know what teen gohan’s voice will sound in the future.

  • animalia

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  • BlueMageBrilly

    Great job as always. The Goten part was the best, though now we don’t know if he even comes back after all those Senzu beans eaten.

    But… when does this movie even take place? I know canon-wise it doesn’t even exist, but with what you presented to us in the movie, shouldn’t Goku still be asleep? Or just waking up. It’d be a bit after Cell was introduced, since Piccolo has Kami, but that would put Trunks and Vegeta off in the Hyper Sonic Chaos Emerald Chamber and thus unable to be with everyone for the Android 13 fight…

    Meh, it’s probably something to do with time travel.

    Anywho, I have to say it is pretty rude of the group that Tien, Yamcha, and especially Bulma didn’t even appear in the movie, at least at the beginning. Can’t believe they’re not going to help out with the wedding.

    Only other thing I have to say is that Master Roshi didn’t quite sound like Master Roshi when he spoke. Just sounded like Lani’s regular voice to me.

    • Ido013

      Tien, Yamcha and Bulma don’t show up at all in the movie, they added the scene where you can see Tien but he doesn’t normally show in the movie.

      I never really understood when the movie actually takes place I’m as confused as you are even after watching it like 10 times. Also note that even though they had trouble dealing with 13 final form they also didn’t have their SSJ2 so we can assume it’s also prior to the training time.

      • basch152

        Don’t waste time trying to figure out where they take place, they are non-cannon and most CAN’T take place based on what we know.

        Let me give you an example of all the pre-frieza movies.

        In the first episode of dbz, it’s atated that this is the first time any of the z warriors are meeting gohan. He immediately gets kidknapped, then goku dies to raditz, by the time he is revived, most of the z warriors are dead and goku gohan and krillen go off to namek.

        So there us no place a movie can take place where krillen knows gohan and goku is not at least a super saiyan.

    • Glyphayel

      “Timeline placement
      DragonballZ-Movie07 1542
      Super Saiyan Goku absorbs the Spirit Bomb’s energy
      Super Android 13! takes place after Android 17 and Android 18 were activated and killed Dr. Gero, and after Goku fully recovered from the Heart Virus. Daizenshuu 6 states that the movie takes place after Dr. Gero’s death (as shown in the movie’s opening) but before Cell reaches his Perfect form, which would place it before Goku brings the Saiyans to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. It also states that the events shown in Super Android 13! take place in a parallel world.”

      You’re welcome!

      • orphenoc

        In my mind, logically this takes place in the timeline that Future Trunks visited before dying to the Cell that returns to the present.

        Allow me to explain. Trunks and Krillin blow up the lab after discovering Cells existence and realizing there may be more to Gero’s work. There was however a timeline where Trunks visited, they somehow defeated androids 16-18 and Trunks returns to his own future timeline (similar to the one the Future Trunks we know is from). However in the world he visited the lab still remained since they’d have never known to blow it up, not seeing cell. In that one something like this coulda happened. Of course none of the movies work chronologically except maybe 9. (5 could be the actual timeline Trunks is from since they weren’t off training for the androids and Cooler actually blames Goku for his brother’s death) (1 and 13 are close to plausible except no one knows about Gohan when Goku introduces him in the series and besides the power levels being screwed up Trunks couldn’t have gotten his sword from Tapion in the future

      • orphenoc

        well done. I almost choked on my food litterally at Goku’s rambling idiocy when 14 and 15 show up as they’re scanning him. A couple things this made me think of, if Trunks didn’t want his dad to know there were more androids perhaps he refrained from going SSJ initially so as not to attract attention to their power levels, since the androids have none anyway.

        Second, The Genki Dama Spirit Bomb can only destroy evil energy/ki. The androids have no ki that you can sense so perhaps it wouldn’t have worked on Super 13 anyway besides it never destroying anything (until buu unless you count Turles/Taurus and Wheelow, and Slug I guess if I remember right). So Goku was right to absorb it.

        Finally 14 and 15 are definitely robots like 16, but it seems 13 is a human cyborg or android along the lines of 17 and 18 so I think he was an abducted human base Gero found. For that matter Gero himself 20 is one like that though a poor one, and 19 is a robot like 8, 14,15 and 16. I assume 9-12 were projects Gero made for revenge that weren’t as strong as Goku every time he saw him again so he had to go with more adaptable forms like those with human bases.

    • Lin

      You… you do realize that this was an actual movie, right? they were using mostly footage from the film. They added some comedy scenes, but it would have been somewhat disruptive to add whole sections to the special solely so that characters got some screen time…

    • Yusagi

      Roshi’s voice did seem a bit off. What makes most sense as a timeline for the movie though is that it’s set in a parallel timeline where the medicine wasn’t grape flavored, so Goku took it properly and didn’t get sick. It seems to be somewhat implied 17 and 18 don’t survive in this because they’re never even referenced after Trunks freaks out and blows the lab, and Trunks’ sword isn’t chipped. If Goku also happened to be there, it’s possible he destroyed them both right then. This would provide the time for them to go shopping and for Gero to activate the three androids (which he doesn’t in the prime timeline because 17 and 18 survive)

      …Basically it doesn’t matter if Goten is restored in this timeline or not, it’s a different timeline.

  • ArmyofWon

    God bless TFS with their Bastion references.

    • android19

      were there any besides the music? Because the music was pretty great, but I didn’t catch anything else.

  • NinjAxXxRecoN

    It would seem that Vegeta forgot how to count. Besides the 2 Androids that attacked the island nine miles off of South City, there are 7 androids (really wish they went with Cyborgs); There’s 13, 14, and 15 that we just saw, 16 that was inadvertently woken up, then Cell who came back 17 years to obtain his perfect form. The last two are either Gero and 19, or 17 and 18, depending on perspective.

    • HisInfiniteMachine

      You forgot Cell.

      He’s an android, too.

    • ExeClypse

      Good thing you’re not Vegeta cause then he couldn’t count. He first meet Androids 19 & 20, then saw 17 & 18, made a quick quip on disappoint about his son, heard them mention android 16s coffin and said “Is that 3 androids you’ve missed do I hear four?” (Four is cell from Gero mentioning the secret project in the basement) This movie adds three so…….5+3=8

    • PakariRBX

      Actually, the joke was that Vegeta is keeping count of the androids Trunks forgot about. When 16 is discovered, Vegeta says “So that’s like three androids you’ve missed. Do I hear four?”, when Cell is discovered, he shouts “DO I HEAR FIVE?!” As such, the discovery of 13, 14 and 15 would result in Trunks missing 7 androids. Vegeta would thus reply with something along the lines of “Do I hear eight?”.
      Oh, by the way, he’s a Saiyan, math isn’t something that’s really important to his race anyway.

    • SovereignGod

      Vegeta included android 20 and 19 man.

      • Videogamer

        technically that would be 9

    • Dylan Punter

      I’m gonna clear this up: If my information is correct, this universe takes place in another multiverse where Cell did not come to the past, as such, he was never really discovered. However, as they only showed Android numbers 13 through 19 (technically 20 if you count Gero), that means there’s 7 more, which gave Krillin and Trunks just as much reason to go to the basement in Gero’s lab as in the multiverse with future Cell… as such, the whole lab got blown up, and they never discovered Cell. For those arguing that they would be there to look for information on 17 and 18, they would probably have been killed by this point, meaning there would be no point to go down there for information… not that that was their reason in the first place. Any complaints?

  • Tenebris Dumplin

    Why do villains not Dick punch people more often?

  • Pany

    Before pressing play, I thought to myself “there is no way they can top Cooler’s Revenge, let me lower my standards a bit.” I was not disappoint, in fact, this rivals Cooler’s Revenge in my opinion…

  • GrandLordAtos

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  • BurntCoffee1986

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  • Omeggos

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    • Dbz_parodies


  • YukoValis

    Sooo… no Helsing this year?

    • Omeggos

      I believe they mentioned it was delayed to next month in their recent update vlog.

    • RavenScales


    • android19

      it’s coming December but *hopefully* we’ll be getting two a year until they finish the series.

  • Just like what cooler did to vegeta, Goku was to punched in the dick

  • kronys

    Plus side, Goten not being born is now just another drop in the multiverse bucket.

    • YukoValis

      well he said he took a lot of sensu beans, so that might be fixed. er as in un-fixed.

  • DudebladeX

    I now want to hear more ‘Head Cha La’ music remixes… Maybe some Jazz next time, or the blues for when Goku dies… again.

  • Fortify45

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  • Acsel

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  • Shouldn’t the KOC have ticked upward at a couple points in this film?

    • Videogamer

      I don’t think that they count the movies, It would be much higher if they did

  • sirstompz

    Now we know Suplex City not in the arctic

  • KrilMaster

    That is probably my favorite special yet! You guys did a fantastic job on it!

  • Pillzze

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  • Fortify45


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    • SSJG2_Vegito

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  • ZeroMew08

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    Great work TFS. Guess next movie is either #wenbroli or World’s Strongest. Either way, take your time.

    • Videogamer

      OK, brace yourself for a great deal of confusion. I saw a TFS World’s Strongest Abridged on youtube that wasn’t on their channel, So I’m wondering whether or not they actually did it since they seemed to count it on their total projects overall in episode 50’s breakdown, speaking of which, can’t wait to see this movies breakdown.

      • Spiritnova

        It’s a bit more complicated than that. That movie was actually Pre-TFS. It was made by a group called Neighborhood Cluck. The group had some TFS members, but not all of them. TFS was formed after Neighborhood Cluck was disbanded. TFS considers Neighborhood Cluck to be a separate entity from themselves, and as such their work should not be grouped in with TFS videos. Neighborhood Cluck also did a Dead Zone abridged, and since TFS did that one we can hope to see them do World’s Strongest at some point.

        It shows up in episode 50’s breakdown, yes, but it has a question mark over it. That’s because they haven’t done it yet as TFS. And may or may not imply that they’re working on it.

      • GrandLordAtos

        Lanipator, Masako, and at the time Vegeta3986 originally began DBZA with a few of the pre-DBZ movies as well, so there are I believe 2 of them that pre-date TFS that were TECHNICALLY made by TFS as well, just no longer counted towards DBZA. Likely due to their standards for quality having changed, or the fact that they didn’t have the name TFS back then. This was back when Lani was still working on YYHA as well as Masako still being part of Naruto Abridged, so it’s kind of hard to find, but if you find the one with the meta joke about how Weelo was the slowest character in Budokai Tenkaichi 3, or where one of Garlic Jr.’s henchmen was named ‘Douchebag’, that would be it.

  • Gohan, Future Trunks and Krillin all saying “crapbaskets” at the same time.

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  • Ruchalus

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    • SSJG2_Vegito

      when was it used?

      • android19

        trunk’s monologue right before he got rekt by Super 13. All the music was really good this episode, but I think my favorite was the Bastion song that played when Goku went Spirit Sayan.

    • Yusagi

      all of DBZA is questionably legal. 11th’s theme was a snippet used for comedic effect, however. If it was under 30 seconds, they’re fine.

      With that song, anyway.

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      • Videogamer

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    • Zerukin

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