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  • Rashkavar

    Two points as to why Gohan didn’t hit Super Saiyan when Krillin died:

    First up, it seems safe to argue that you need to train up to a minimum level before you’re capable of it. Otherwise every Saiyan on Vegeta (the planet) would have gone Super Saiyan at some point. Even if you don’t lead a warlike lifestyle, trauma and loss are a part of life. Goku and Vegeta both push themselves to crazy extremes (shadowboxing in 100G, anyone?) to hit the limit. And while the half-breeds seem to hit it much sooner (little Trunks and Goten especially), they’re still accomplished fighters. At the point of the Freeza fight, Gohan was….not. His only victory to date was going Ozaru on Vegeta when he was beaten down so bad he could barely stand. (Which is better than anyone else on the battlefield, but seriously, if you’re too weak to take out Yajirobe more efficiently than that, you’re not up to fighting ANY Ozaru.) Hell, if it was strictly emotional trauma, Vegeta, Nappa and Raditz would all have gone Super Saiyan when they heard about the destruction of their homeworld. I know they’re all bastards who don’t really care that much about anyone else, but losing your entire planet is pretty much as traumatizing as you can get short of prolonged torture.

    Secondly, Krillin’s death wouldn’t necessarily mean anywhere near as much to Gohan as it does to Goku. The day Raditz showed up was the first time Gohan met any of the old gang from Dragonball, so Gohan literally met Krillin for all of about 5 minutes before being kidnapped, rescued, kidnapped again, forced to train for combat, and thrown into a battle way beyond his level where he got to watch his kidnapper (who he’s got a mad case of Stockholm Syndrome for) die, along with a bunch of Dad’s friends. From then on, they get written as though they were best of friends, but really, with that background, I think he’d not be all that worked up about another person dying. (Honestly, Gohan’s life is so full of traumatic events that it’s kinda weird how normal he is. And yeah, Great Saiyaman is a thing, and it’s probably symptomatic of him working out some of those issues, but….yeah, he shouldn’t be a successful student after all that.

  • LastationLover5000

    When episode 51 breakdown?

  • LanipatorOverBrianDrummond

    I want a full version of what ever that Cell ass-mouth song was.

    • SethTheBest12

      It Should Come Up If You Look Up Scatman

  • worm

    when are we going to get the promised movie breakdown?

  • SaiboguPengin

    sure you can x6 (I GOT IT)

  • kogawolfman

    I count 6 (SIX) movies….and from what’s been said, going on 7.

  • ItsOver9000

    I can’t wait for the broly movies. <3

    • It’sKrillerTime

      they arent making the broly movies not enough content

  • Trumbles

    This episode totally inspired me, I’d love to volunteer voice act, I have a voice of gold and just never really use it, lol.

    If you need extra voices just uhh, reply or send a PM or however this website works haha.

  • Cell


  • animalia

    I hope that if they succeed in climbing Boo Mountain they tackle the original Dragonball Abridged.

  • I DEMAND a full song for Scatman Cell!

    • Cryptic Shadow


    • Bobomb36X

      That would be so awesme

  • ZhonLord

    You just HAD to have the singing bit right when I was eating. I almost choked from laughing so hard, that was brilliantly done!

  • tiger kitty, thank you for the clarifications once again. i was wondering what was up with this one, but considering the original episode, it makes sense. finally started reviewing the TFS podcasts, and i gotta say, as far as the final fantasy stuff, PLEASE do a TFS plays for FF Type-0. it’s SUCH an incredible title, and i think you guys will find it VERY interesting. again, keep up the good work, and i will share your work with everyone i respect. pacem, yo.

  • PakariRBX

    Wait, you’re really planning on doing the Buu saga too? Great!

  • kneel before zod

    “It is cancelled and it is never coming back blame the Japanese side.”
    ……. Goddamit Japan.

  • So we’re breaking from an episode and getting the Super Android 13 movie next. Cool. I hope there’s a “he keeps punching me in the dick” line from Goku!

  • incrediblenoiseman

    Will there not be a mention of all the different titles that were used for the preview to this episode? Inconsistencies, Inconstancy, and the others. How many were there in all?

    I also left a comment on the episode on the site about what is the deal with the Cell’s foot step sound effects in the original and on this show. Wondering if you ever wondered.

    Great job on the episode
    Keep up the good work

  • GodlikeVegeta

    Nice new format btw

  • Very fun
    Gohan was much weaker
    Where is Hellsing UA episode 6?
    I get the SF joke
    I subscribed to that channel and i actually would like that that Cells voice would be use in your Perfect Cell voice

    • PakariRBX

      They upload Hellsing Ultimate Abridged once every halloween. You’re asking way too soon.

  • FrostBalrog

    It still really saddens me that AoT Abridged isn’t going to be made ever again. It is seriously my favorite thing that you guys have made (Not that the rest is bad, It is just the best). I wish I knew why the owners were against it and didn’t want you guys making it

  • Recapdrake

    The flash of attack on titan abridged was great

    • Recapdrake

      also the reason gohan didn’t go super saiyan is because of power level. That’s something that a lot of people forget about saiyans is that power level and emotional trauma must be met for super saiyan state to be entered. There is a minimum power level for the transformation to occur (Bardock’s) and gohan had simply not reached that point during namek. It’s the same reason that Goku didn’t go super saiyan after Krillin died in the King Piccolo arc.

      • Karlimero

        Bardok was a low level warrior, gohan, at this point, was already stronger then vegeta was when they fought on earth.
        the real reason why gohan didn’t go super saiyan was because he was too terrfied to be angry.

      • mathex14

        I think Bardock going super saiyan is non canon, I heard his power level was 10000 or something, seems really low to me, but I agree with the power level thing, goku lost a friend and went super saiyan,

      • mathex14

        I think Bardock going super saiyan is non canon, I heard his power level was 10000 or something, seems really low to me, but I agree with the power level thing, goku lost a friend and went super saiyan,

      • mathex14

        lol sorry for doulbe post I clicked accidentaly, anyway there were a lot of generations of saiyans I believe there were lots of occasions other saiyans got really angry

      • CrowInvictus

        Bardock was nearly killed after registiering a 10000 power level. It’s a stretch but the sayian ability to grow stronger after near-death may have been enough that when coupled with the anger to allow him to go super sayian (non-canonically of course. )

      • Shouri

        Keep in mind that even though Krillen is a new friend of Gohan, he is a childhood friend of Goku. And since Krillen has been killed once before, he can no longer be revived with the earth’s dragonballs. The namekian ones are gone and the chances of getting them back are also almost gone because Piccolo is near death. Add to that the fact that in the original Freeza says (I’m paraphrasing) “I think it’s time for your son”, in the dub he says “Pop goes the weasel” (btw hilarious in hindsight), and you can see why Goku would be the one to turn SSJ. Gohan was, like he admits he was, a coward at that moment. Besides the wiki says some stuff about exhaustion playing a role too. You should check it out.

      • JustAHologram

        If power level and emotional trauma are required explain Given and Trunks.

  • somnif

    Bravo for Scatman Cell.