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Krillin Artwork:

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  • Michelrpg

    considering the voices, you could always voice Cell when Trunks returns to his own future. Considering the androids are different according to Trunks, you might as well give Cell an entirely different personality.

    • Joshua Tribble

      Cell is the only one who has the same personality because of how Gero manufactured him. 17 and 18 were humans, so they have human personalities.

  • superchace

    If his surname is Son, wouldn’t his english name be Goku Son?

    • Bird of Hermes

      Just don’t call him that.

  • Samsam

    I’ve to say I’m glad that you’ve grown up with the Japanese version.

    I don’t know about other country but in France we have our own version. The French dub has many (many, many…) flaws but it is kind of liked so I can understand the “controversy” (even if let’s face it, when it comes to anime nobody can go the distance with Japanese voice actors).

    Nevertheless I do not care about the way you prononce coz I’ve almost never heard DBZ in English before you guys.

    The almost part is crucial, see I do know something about the US version. And that thing is the score…

    I can’t stand that score. Not that the music is inherently bad, but it doesn’t sound Dragon Ball Z-esque at all…

    So that’s why I’m very happy that you guys are using the original score.

    Again you are doing an amazing job, we can fell your passion through your work and that’s what make your success so keep dedicated to that ;).

    PS: I’m also a big fan of your work on Hellsing (which in many regards is even more impressive coz I do not know the original work but I have to say “observateur” doesn’t mean viewer in French. I mean it does mean viewer but not in the context of someone who is watching one of your videos. That would rather be a “spectateur” ;).

    A French fan πŸ˜‰ (sorry for my English BTW)

  • You guys are so inspirational. It’s because of you that we make a One Piece Abridged series Keep up the great work guys.

  • donopolis

    Kaiser, Taka, Lani and the rest, just keep doing what you are doing. It’s obvious by the way you edit and voice the characters that you have an appreciation of this series, in all formats. I have thoroughly enjoyed nearly every minute of this show. There will always be complainers out there, and I’m so grateful that you continue to service your community by taking the time to do quality work. Keep it up, and I look forward to Gohan v Cell.

  • Hatman

    Podo your commenting on an episode breakdown of an abridged anime series and getting upset, sorry to break it to you but, your a weeaboo.

    • Podo

      No, a weeaboo is someone who thinks Japanese versions are better than the American versions. I like both equally

      • Joshua Tribble

        Kaiser never said the Japanese version was better…? You’re making an awful lot of accusations.

    • Joshua Tribble

      I don’t think you know what a weeaboo is.

  • Podo

    In the immortal words of Tien: “F*cking weeaboos!”

  • Podo

    Ohhh, so that’s why you ONLY use the Japanese music and never use the awesome faulconer score. Because you’re a totally biased Weeaboo and don’t care about anyone else’s opinions but your own.

    • ZenkaiPower

      Shut the fuck up.

      • Podo

        What’s your problem?

    • ZenkaiPower

      When you have your own Abridged series, you can modify the original content any way you want.

    • xnovus374

      He just prefers the Japanese score. I like it, too does that make me a weeb? Besides, if it makes you feel any better, TFS used Vegeta’s Super Saiyan Theme in Episode 51. No need to bash on others’ opinions, dude.

    • VocalIntrovert

      Now that episode 52 is out, how does that foot taste?

    • MrPsychic

      There’s also the whole copyright issue of using the US score, paying for licensing and the like. How about this, if you don’t like that they’re doing something different, you can watch something else?

    • YawningTiger

      Also because the faulconer score SUCKS. MAJOR. ASS.

    • Joshua Tribble

      Clearly, YOU don’t know what a weeaboo is either and you yourself are being biased in favor of the English version. Obviously, Kaiser has gotten permission to do it from both Lani and Taka because Kaiser grew up with the Japanese version. That doesn’t make him a weeaboo. A weeaboo is someone who acts Japanese even if their ethnic background has nothing to do with East-Asian culture. They do it just to look cool. Also; you need to take copyright laws into account. Preferring to use source material doesn’t make you a weeb.

  • Nobody592

    Both you and Taka do awsome Cell voices.

  • silent_tempest

    Even though I don’t believe it’s within a canon arc, we should all remember the episode where Piccolo and Goku drive cars, where Piccolo is wearing a hat clearly labeled “Gokuu”. Nuff said, moving on.

  • Lonehoof

    7,425 subscribers to go until we reach the World’s Strongest milestone.
    This is my preemptive congratulations on gettin 2 million subscribers, by the way C:

    • xnovus374

      WE MADE IT!!! IT’S ON THE WAY!!!!!

  • Frojo2000

    Kaiser, why must you toy with my emotions? By using Lazuli’s theme, which I didn’t notice until now, you have effectively made me lose my shit in gratefulness to your talent. Please keep up the ABSOLUTELY GREAT WORK!!!

  • I admire you Kaiser how you calm saying all this about names. Good one for Kuririn or Piccoro

    • GreatWyrmGold

      “Piccoro”. And I didn’t think Piccolo’s name could sound any sillier.

      • YawningTiger

        The Japanese write it Pikkoro since their alphabet doesn’t have a syllable for the sound of the letter “L”. His name is intended to be pronounced as Piccolo, like the musical instrument, since musical instruments was the theme behind Piccolo’s family names (his siblings being Drum, Cymbal, etc). Also fun fact: if you think Piccolo sounds silly, did you know the french version of it’s name is Satan Petit-Coeur (literally meaning, I believe, Satan’s little heart)? Pretty messed up huh?

  • buckduckallday

    also i can help out if you guys need some original music for the show

  • buckduckallday

    If you guys make it to buu i will voice fat buu for free

    • GreatWyrmGold

      Thank Gamikai, since absolutely no one else would be willing to voice the villain of the saga. Or, really, any character at all.

  • buckduckallday

    It’s pronounced Kakarot. KA-KA-ROT

  • Lonehoof

    I’m gonna take a shot in the dark and say the solar flare image is a reference to Zone.

  • Dort

    You can tell Kaiser is distressed by the solar flare image, because it makes him actually slip up and refer to it as the “solar flare”.
    “Now, let’s finish her off…”
    Not something I ever expected to hear from Kaiser…

    • KaiserNeko

      I’d confuse everyone if I said Taiyo-ken. They’d think I meant Kaio-ken, other people would just call me a weeaboo again, and I’d have to either clarify or clean up the comments and it’s just not good for anyone.

      • Streetwize

        He wasn’t talking about that. He was referring to your reaction to the image because it’s not the way you roll, y’know? It’s just as disturbing to Krillin as it was to you, albeit for different reasons.

  • Lheticus

    I wonder how many other people have commented about the “Vintage memes” freezeframe.

  • HyperKirby


    • Tornke

      Uh… I’m gonna try and put this as light as I can.


      we’re VERY early into the series to call SS3, but, you’re close. the form is Super Saiyan Grade 3, or 3rd grade, or Super Vegeta 2 / Super Trunks if you’ve played the games.

      Outside of the that, the form details setting character characteristics to Broly size, but dropping speed in equal proportion (as the plot demands, per se) , what this entails is a really, over-the-top strength boost, but no zwee fighting.


    • Joshua Tribble

      Um…Super Saiyan 3 didn’t exist in Cell Saga. You new to DBZ or something?

  • BlueMageBrilly

    I could go on about the pronunciation “issue.” But I won’t, because I don’t really care. As long as everyone else doesn’t suddenly shift how they say ‘Goku’ or ‘Kakarot’, it won’t be awkward to hear. No, I really only have two questions for this breakdown. The first one being the most confusing to me and could probably just be passed off as a ‘I forgot.’

    1) It’s said earlier that 18’s bomb is in her chest. So when Krillin presses the button in the outtake, why does her head explode? That was the only part that really confused me.

    2) What would Taka’s Trunks be like, if that’s how CellNeko would sound? Also that second form for you sounded a little too… Yajirobe.

    Lastly, I’m curious what you guys plan on doing with the “Perfecting Super Saiyan” filer, if you’re going to touch it at all. Seeing the Mercenary Tao reappear would be amusing, especially since he becomes a Cyborg by that point and could be “Confused” with an Android… Although I guess Gohan would notice he’s not an Android.

  • Maximum Over-Saiyan

    Kaiser, I have no problem with how you pronounce the character names or your preference to the Japanese character and attack names or your preference in the music. I was actually introduced to Dragon Ball through the manga, before watching the English dub, deciding that I didn’t like the English dub, and sticking with either the manga or the Japanese version(Note: I only dislike the 90’s dub. Funimation’s dub for the new movies and Kai are very well done, in my opinion). As such, I really enjoy that you guys use a lot of the Japanese terminology. Don’t let the haters get to you.

  • Lizardguy

    More bloopers/deleted scenes as those ending gags? Please do. Also, I don’t care about pronunciation as long the finished product is good.

  • Wolfeight

    Does anybody in which videos were those pronunciation comments?

  • animalia

    If I may ask Kaiser, where did you grow up?

  • ShMike

    To be honest I was a tad disappointed that Gohan didn’t transform in the episode. Especially because the beginning (in my opinion) set it up.
    I’d love to see the “deleted/alternate scenes” in a separate video instead of in the main one, since it would give you guys something to release while we’re chomping at the bit. Putting it in episode proper (even if it’s the end) just didn’t settle right with me (in my opinion).

  • KaiserNeko

    To anyone curious:

    そんごくう is the Hiragana spelling. Aka Son Gokuu. That’s right: There’s an elongated uu at the end.

    • orphenoc

      Never knew that. I also grew up watching the Japanese sub though I had started with the ocean dub and got impatient waiting for the years in between when funimation eventually picked up at ep 53. There is a certain beauty about the series in Japanese that is kind of lost in the dub. I think falconer had a problem with all the ambience. The jp score also had some great insert songs around this time from battle power infinity to tamashi tai tamashi. The dialogue changes in the dub were also significant and changed the character of even Goku at times. I don’t always prefer the original version but for dubs like with 90s Godzilla films definitely. I always pointed out to people who complained so and so shouldn’t sound like that, you all kept the spirit of the Japanese version and the ocean dub better than you did the funi dub since I’m guessing you watched in the order I did along with Kai. Glad to see I was right sort of.

      • orphenoc

        Rather I never knew the romanization spelling from hiragana. The pronunciation I heard all the time and years after watching in jr high when folks in high school found out I knew what was coming ahead of time from buu saga to the movies and I explained it they’d always ask why I pronounced the character names so weird. Gokuu, tenshinhan, kurririn etc. But it was the same in the Spanish dub on ifc.

    • SolidStateScouter

      Too much time for people complaining, really. If nothing else, it’s something outside the episodes. Who gives a ****? Generally speaking, English pronunciations of Japanese or other languages’ names and such tend to be butchered, just like it is the other way around. Correcting it all would be a bitch, having a problem with someone else’s pronunciation, correct or not, is… a just cause worthy of sacrifice.

      Personally, I’m not gonna have a problem with that. This is the ****ing internet, accessible to the ****ing world. In fact, I’m from **********, not US or any English speaking country. I knew DBZ long before the Ocean Dub, I still call them VeGEEta, Pikkoro,Badokku, Yamucha, Ya Ji Ro Be, Karin, Kaio, Kaioshin, Buruma, Gohan not GOhan and of course Gokuu not GOku (what’s with this emphasis on GO anyway? Is it called GOal or goal?) and that’s not including many others. I call him Rockman (cause he rocks! Plus that’s his real name), not the pussy ass Megaman (where’s Kiloman? Gigaman?), the dictator is Vega and the boxer is Mike Bison, he’s called Naruhodou not Phoenix—

      Uhh… yeah. Since I live in *********** my game library was equally Japanese and US language based (localised anyway) growing up.

  • Legofan412

    All the same, you’re entitled to say it however you want.

  • Omeggos

    FUN FACT: Growing up, Cell was my favorite and least favorite character. Favorite in terms of I loved his first form’s design and the imboding nature of the upcoming new super villain. A few episodes later and I loved watching Vegeta tearing about his fish-faced second form apart.

    But, since I was just a kid, I was frightened when he ate 18. (I somehow skipped the episodes during his fight with 17 and eventual absorption of him.) Maybe because she was hot or maybe because watching a human/cyborg screaming and struggling as they are slowly devoured whole just kinda threw me off and I’d watch the entire series but skip that set of particular episodes. A few years later when Tenkaichi 3 and his absorbtions became in-game transformations, I finally made a bridge over the river I cried and got over it.

  • Shawntos

    So is there any chance you’ll do an episode breakdown for Hellsing? I’m kind of curious if it’s any harder to edit since their faces are so much more detailed in that anime.

    • RoninOfDeath

      He did one for HUA 5 last year. As for this year’s you would have to go ask the Stephan as Kaiser is no longer editing the episodes.

  • Tolvan

    Damn, your Cells are good.

  • Bronnt

    I guess i didn’t even realize this was a controversy. Is the Japanese pronunciation of Goku supposed to put the emphasis on the second syllable, so it’s gok-U?

    If so…it’s weird that the character voiced by Kaiser doesn’t pronounce his name like that. Then again, it’s subtle enough that maybe I’m not even hearing the difference that’s supposed to be there.

    • KaiserNeko

      The characters in DBZA don’t use the pronunciation; they’re separate from my personal tastes.

  • Mustafa6626

    When they get to dragon Ball super it is GOING TO BE EPIC

    • TheSaltySlug

      i kind of doubt they’re going to abridge super
      they’ll probably stop at BOG

    • Domehammer

      I would not want to wish that upon them as they would need to fix so much editing since every damn episode has something that is animated like shit.

      • xnovus374

        Wise words by Domehammer, 2016.

  • Mandalf The Beige

    Okay, I got a complement, and a critique.

    While I liked the Deleted Scene, I don’t think it should have been at the end of the video. The ending with Perfect Cell’s introduction was both funny and pretty intense, but the deleted scene killed some of that momentum .

    I think your Imperfect Cell is better than Taka’s, but he edges you out on the other forms.

  • MissAwesome6661

    You guys are amazing. All the hard work and dedication you all put into these episodes It just blows my mind. Thank you guys so so much for doing what you do. Kaiser, you are a brilliant, evil genius, don’t deny it!
    I love every single bit of content you guys put out. Thank all of you for busting your asses day in and day out, I can’t imagine how hard it must be, or how busy you guys are all the time.
    We appreciate everything you guys do. Just remember to take it easy every now and then. You guys work hard and deserve a break sometimes. Congratulations on your studio, you guys deserve it!

  • Foul_Slime

    I do enjoy watching these, it really showcases all the love and effort that goes into to this show. Props fellas. And Kaiser, you pronounce Goku however you want, nuts to the haters. Although I cannot deny a twinge of sadness as you mentioned that since you grew up with the original Japanese version, you prefer to use the original soundtrack in lieu of the music of Bruce Faulconer who was part of the Funimation dub. I grew up with the English dub and the music in it always felt utterly superior, the original soundtrack always sounded too corny to me, like a 1960’s Godzilla movie, not really capturing the truly epic moments of the show (Goku’s SS transformation, the Spirit Bomb, all the character’s personal themes, ect.). However, I and many others noticed that you had Semi-Cell humming the Bruce Faulconer theme of Perfect Cell, so I certainly hope you do use some more in the future. In truth, I would give you all the money if you somehow worked one of my favorite music tracks of all time into the upcoming Buu saga, the tune that I feel absolutely personifies insanity, the Super Buu theme. Just try and listen to that and not cackle like a god-damn maniac. And I’m out.

  • goldman

    i understand what you mean kaiser, i grew up with the latin american dub of DBZ and for the longest time whenever i heard people on the internet calling goku with the english dub pronunciationit sounded really really weird

  • ZeroMew08

    Funny, I thought I once read a rumor that the reason why Kaiser didn’t want to do Cell was because Perfect Cell sounded too much like Zarbon.

  • tidus_mi2

    Oh I wonder what the transformation will be. [/sarcasm]

  • Otakon7

    Did something happen to the video player?

    I can’t seem to be able to start any video on the site; they start buffering, but they just don’t start playing.

    • stykerb

      try disabling flash to force the HTML5 player which generally works smoother imo

      • Otakon7

        Ah, thanks for that πŸ™‚

        Really hope flash dies soon.

  • Temporary

    The thing I have an slight issue with is Kaiser’s supreme hatred of GT. Like, I’m not complaining that he hates it. I’m complaining HOW MUCH he hates it (and I know it could be an act, but still). He acts like there’s no way in hell that it could ever be canon when all the evidence shows Toriyama liked how it turned out.

    I know they basically threw out GT as being canon after Battle of Gods, but Kaiser hated it way before then.

    Again, I’m not saying he can’t hate it. By all means, what I say shouldn’t (and doesn’t) have any effect on that. My issue is I don’t think his hatred makes sense.

    • SonicShenron

      GT gets far too much hate. Some of it’s justified, but a lot of the hate it gets is just to add more hate to it, making it seem a lot worse that it actually is. GT is fine, but just doesn’t quite reach the greatness of OG Dragon Ball or DBZ. I will always defend the Baby saga on-wards of GT. The first half though, yeah, I can see why people have problems with that. Maybe that’s why people hate it so much? They only watched the first half and assumed that the rest would be the same so decided to skip it.
      One of the most common “GT sucks” complaints I’ve seen is that Toiyama didn’t wright it. I would like to see an alternate universe where Toriyama did in fact wright GT, just to see if the reaction would be the same or if people would love it. Or what if he comes out and say “Yep, GT is canon”. What would people say then?
      And I make no apologies for this: Super Saiyan 4 has a better design than either Super Saiyan God or Super Saiyan Blue, because at least some thought was put into it. SSG is 97% a re-colour, and SSB is 100% just a re-colour.

    • orphenoc

      I don’t hate GT even though it’s poorly paced and the episodes can be unwatchable in comparison at least sub vs sub but the idea of it wasn’t so bad in terms of arcs and I loved final bout (though I’m in the minority). Still take tori tamas comments with a grain of salt. Like most mangaka he’s a nice guy and supportive of the teams that further the love of his series. It’s rare to see mangaka openly criticize the anime even it sucks and is full of filler or changes everything unlike book authors in the US and Europe who are often critical of films milking their series and say they refuse to watch it etc. He helped with designs but I personally doubt he watched much of it or enjoyed it and he forgot he made ssj2 when he did BoG so it’s not like he’s all there all the time.

      • orphenoc

        “Toriyama” geez it’s hard typing on a cell phone with auto correct, what I’m typing disappears below the box half the time.

  • Gohanssjinfinity

    You guys should use Treachery from Bleach OST as gohans theme when he turns ssj2

  • Kipor

    Fun fact that no one cares about: I actually say Kuririn! After all, in my home country (Brazil), that’s his name in the dub.

    Thought, we say it in a different way that Kaiser said here. In my language, the pronunciation is something like


    Here’s a google translator thingie, if you want to check how it’s pronunciated. (

    And that’s your piece of trivia for today!

  • BSAEagle

    This is a very well done episode! After the Freeza saga, this episode was the one I waited for the most. Like Cell, “C. is for completion that I’ve waited for so long!” I can’t wait to see the Cell Games!

  • aaronbill3

    Whilst I prefer goku as oppose to gokoo (blame you and your friends, didnt watch DBZ until after DBZA ep 42 was out, having been watching you guys for years up til then), I prefer it that you use the japanese attack names. In a world where other languages dont seem to exist (aside from the occasional french) they sound like chants that people had to LEARN in conjunction to everything else to empower the technique, instead of just making up an attack and screaming the name.

  • chemicalpoisons

    Here in Greece, we learnt to pronounce him Son Goku, in one go, accent on the o. We pronounced Vegeta as you would read it, and I can’t shake it off to pronounce him Bejita, even if that’s the original, or Veg-i-ta, in the American fashion. I feel you, Kaiser.

  • TheMuffiinButton

    I would have to say I never really noticed the way we said Goku. Pretty damn funny though with the lil nerd rages though haha

  • 2BuckFridays

    Your Cell voices are awesome!

  • SonicShenron

    Really like these episode breakdowns, learning just what exactly was put into each episode.

  • Would’ve been interesting to hear you as Cell. XD

    Btw, what song is playing in the Fun Facts segment?

    • SonicShenron

      I’m 90% sure it’s a track from the Budokai series, but for the life of me I can’t remember what it was called or which one it’s from.

  • MajesticDuck


  • maswartz

    There’s a bit of an echo

    • maswartz

      Echo is gone