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DragonBall is Owned by TOEI ANIMATION, Ltd. and Licensed by FUNimation Productions, Ltd.. All Rights Reserved. DragonBall, DragonBall Z, DragonBall GT and all logos, character names and distinctive likenesses thereof are trademarks of TOEI ANIMATION, Ltd. This is nothing more than a parody made for entertainment purposes only.

  • Kenny G. Williams

    Still waiting for the next one…… still waiting

    • GRgoldfish

      me too man … me too …

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  • A Person With a Name

    It’s been 4 months since this breakdown?! Okay… honestly, I enjoy these episodes very much, so i’m waiting for the next one…

  • Jolbucley

    Ecs“DAD”ic. I had to watch this twice to get it. Not that I’m complaining about watching it twice.

  • WhatTheFaceSpuck

    Just one question for Kaiser: About the Final Flash tune, did you have trouble extracting a clean (or uninterrupted) audio sample from the original Funimation release, or was it the case that Aintunez came up with the idea (and the piece) and you decided it was a good idea?

    Because frankly (and no offence to Ain) the “redone” version kinda ruined it for me. You see, I’m cursed with ears that can pick up the slightest difference (“Mr. Piccolo, noooo!!!”) and compared to the original score, Ain’s sounded like a “threadbare” version if you will, and that actually makes it sound kinda ironic (and by your own admission that’s not what you intended). Dunno, just me I guess.

  • SolidStateScouter

    Need… new episode… soon.
    Oh, no. It’s World Strongest… fine, whatever. It’s been a while, I’ll take anything.
    Actually, I’d rather take FF7 abridged. That’s fun, did me lots of solids, whatever that means.

  • PiKei_Smash

    Not gonna lie, for the longest time, I thought you guys were just really, really good at finding scenes where the mouths lined up with the new lines XD. Seeing all the work that goes into these just makes me more impressed. Awesome work! The difference in production quality is 100% noticeable and 100% worth the lengthy wait times. Love your work, Kaiser!

  • ExeClypse

    Is it wrong that I think you guys could make a better follow up to DBZ than the disaster that is Super? I mean it makes GT seem like Mozart while it is god damn “Work” by Rihanna.

    • jdgjordan

      no pal GT still worse. Super is bad like real bad but it can never compare to how bad GT is.

    • 007josef

      Ey, cmon, super isn’t that bad. It has shown us 3 new forms, a whole new arc (the arc is ending now but there will be another arc) and they are going to bring back Arale, the super human water and already brought back Kaio-ken with a good reason for why it wasnt used so much in dbz. The only shit thing about super is the animation team but they have been improving. (btw the animation team are student classed, thats why its so crappy)

    • Jolbucley

      I quite like Super, but mostly because of Jaco and Whis. Although the character interactions seem more developed than in GT, and I was very encouraged when I found that Vegeta is even worse at cooking than I am. And as far as I know, there isn’t an English dub yet (the GT dub made everything so much worse for me).But you’re not wrong in at least one regard: TFS could make a truly epic Dragon Ball follow-up, although I imagine the releases would be a bit less frequent than Super’s.

  • ShMike

    So I almost wonder how many weeks/months/years you spend obsessing with lip flaps in your editing. I think you spend more time on lip flaps then Toei does making DB period.

  • syr456

    @TeamFourStar. You’ve got to make Krillian reference this one time:
    It will be hilarious. I remember in the Android 13 movie how Piccolo referenced the boom chicka ah lmao.

  • Baconbitz

    I love how you are apologizing for the Krillian/Trunks Joke, when I hadn’t even realized trunks hadn’t hit Krillin before, Just assumed everyone had taken some time out of their day to wail on Krillin XD

    • Jolbucley

      I accept your assumption as (head)canon. Thank you for greatly enriching my mind.

  • Foul_Slime

    I do enjoy these but hearing Kaiser’s reason for excluding Faulconer tracks of music is a bit disappointing. What I’m gathering is that he’s excluding them from DBZA because he doesn’t agree with the politics that led to the creation and implementation of them in the first place, and having seen the original DBZ Jap DUB first, dismisses the American dub, citing that the original is better because it was first. I’m more than likely older than the DBZA team and I also watched the original Jap dub before the Funimation dub, yet the moment that I head the Bruce Faulconer tracks of music and the English dub voice tracks, namely the Ocean Dub (which came first) and the Funimation Dub, I at once switched sides. Many animes out there are better with the original voices and music but when DBZ was originally broadcast on Cartoon Netwoik (on Toonami) back in the late 90’s, it proved that the American dub can be far better than the original. As I’ve said before, the original DBZ music sounded far too much like 1960’s Godzilla movie soundtracks for me to take seriously, not even factoring in the the high pitched grating voices of what are supposed to be tough as nails badass warriors. All in all, to exclude these epic tracks, (Goku Super Sayian 3 Trasformation, Vegeta’s Hell’s Bells themes, Super Buu theme, Spirit Bomb theme, pretty much all of them) simply because there is disapproval of how they came to be in the first place is ridiculous. You guy’s have such respect for DBZ but I feel you mustn’t forget that the American DUB is what got many involved with the show in the first place and as such, should have a few more musical tracks to reflect that. I’m glad that Kaiser acknowledges that and I hope that despite his misgivings towards the Faulconer tracks, uses more of them in the future.

    • Foul_Slime

      Also, check this out if anyone doesn’t believe me, Climatic scene from Resurrection F, using Faulconer tracks (These aren’t used in the actual dub, this is fan made, incorporating classic tracks with the visuals). And just try and tell me that when Vegeta transformed and starts kicking ass, all the way to the end that it isn’t better like this. Spoilers: you can’t because it isn’t.

    • Fabled

      Nobody outside the USA genuinely cares about your atrocious dubs (Kai is pretty good in english, this said) or about that Michael Bay-ish soundtrack. You getting so many references and in-jokes should be enough (not to mention using names like ‘Spirit Bomb’ or ‘Solar Flare’ instead of Genkidama and Taiyouken) There’s millions of people watching DBZA outside the USA, and TFS has managed to please them all because it doesn’t alineate the fandom outside the US and it can be enjoyable for everyone.
      Enjoy this reference for what it is and start complaining about something reasonable like WHY IS EPISODE 53 TAKING SO LONG JESUS GUYS YOU CAN HOLD BACK THE EDITING A BIT IF IT MEANS SAVING TIME

    • WhatTheFaceSpuck

      Not going to get into this at length, but I largely agree with your take on the whole Faulconer debate. That being said, I think Kaiser still made a good judgment call by going with the Japanese soundtrack for the parody, precisely because it sounds so campy (“Cha-la head-cha-la” that one cracks me up every time). Don’t get me wrong, the Japanese soundtrack (and voice casting) was pitch-perfect for the original (pre-Z) Dragonball series, but DBZ was just too different in its overall tone and needed a different kind of audio atmosphere. Long story short, I think Kaiser made the right call and I wouldn’t mind if the Faulconer tunes remain the exception rather than the norm, or even get excluded altogether.

  • bassmanchris

    Man, I’ve always been impressed with the production quality of DBZA (well, since like Namek, you gotta start somewhere, right?) And I have to say any qualms I may have had about the amount of time in between episodes have been soothed by watching these breakdowns. The amount of time required to do all that extra editing, including waiting on people to do their contributions, is pretty hefty. And it clearly shows in the final product. I used to be an ameteur video editor but have mostly fallen out of it for other commitments these days, and I get how long and arduous the editing process can be, especially for animation. Kudos to you guys and I eagerly await the next episode, however long it takes to make it the best it can be.

  • gettinit4sho

    i just made an account to complain about how long this is taking now, you guys were cranking out episodes before? what changedddddddddddd??????? and no offense but DBZA is the only thing i think you guys get fans from. its awesome

    • Rapidfyrez

      They’ve never been ‘cranking episodes out’. This is actually a very fast year for them so far. Also, don’t be an ass. Hellsing Ultimate and FF VII Machinabridged bring in plenty of fans too. Just because YOU don’t watch it doesn’t mean others don’t.

      • Baconbitz

        Not to be a dick, But Rapidfyrez is right. I actually found this show when I was telling another friend about Helsing Ultimate, and He was like ‘Dude, I know! Check out their DBZ Show, its just like that one, but So many more episodes!’ Now don’t get me wrong, after seeing the length of it, DBZA is probably the biggest draw for people, but I don’t mind waiting, specially when they have Letsplays and such in the wings for me to bing out on (Cant wait for krillians next game muahahahaha)

  • lepenikiller

    It’s really disrespectful to call your audience kids…

    • krillertime

      Dude I’m 19 and that doesn’t bother me an ounce. It only really would if you’re the “I’M NOT A KID I’M A TEENAGER” type of kid. It’s like saying it’s disrespectful to call em dudes.
      But tbh it’s all good I respect your opinion and all, that’s yours to have. It’s just the term is pretty broad and vague.

  • Ben Frydman

    episode 53!!!

  • Temporary

    Kaiser wants to extend a hand across all aspects of the fandom… except GT :P.

    • Sokolniki

      Nah, he’s already reached across the aisle to the GT fandom…

      Even if it was only to wring their necks.

    • Delphince

      Everyone’s always so hard on GT. It was pretty good for fanfiction :3 I mean, it even got picked up by Funimation and everything!
      Except for Vegeta’s hair. There was no excuse for that and never will be.

      • Hellandm

        The f****** mustache.

  • Delphince

    The degree to which you mimic Trunks’ voice is frightening. I had to listen to the original “you’re going to destroy the whole planet” line next to your rendition several times to notice the extremely subtle differences in pitch and intonation. Amazing imitation, simply amazing.

    • MissingUTAH

      I think it’s because he sounds almost like Trunks already.

  • ticklemypiccolo

    soooooo….when’s episode 3 going to be released?

    • ticklemypiccolo


      • jin187

        When it’s done.

    • Striker658

      episode 3 is already out XD

  • Xyga

    I love everything you do and really, In the scene where Vegetas final flash distances into space I immediately expected the next scene to be of the Kanassans (who mysteriously repopulated) being hit by it and getting completely destroyed again with some kind of monologue like “I can see the future… btw here comes another ouch!” *Boom*

  • iShapeshift



    • HyperKirby

      Why is this such a big deal…it’s not that epic…

  • Ed130 The Vanguard

    Are you going to keep using Youtube for your sites videos? Because I’ve set my Adblocker to stop its ads and don’t particularly want to set it as an exception.

    Also: What Patreon levels are there?

    • Gorenza


    • Shawntos

      Think the whole point of them still using YouTube is that it advertises their series to more people so I’m assuming they will always upload there until that is no longer the case. Otherwise they’d just keep it on this site and say to hell with all youtube’s BS loopholes.

      • Ed130 The Vanguard

        I’m talking about the player itself.