Dragon Ball Z Abridged Episode 57: Opening Serumonies*

It’s the start of the Cell Games! Goku steps up to the plate to take the first bout, but another challenger has called dibs!

**Translator’s Note: ‘Seru’ means Cell

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Cast & Credits

MasakoX – Goku, Gohan
Hnilmik – Chichi
Antfish – Mister Satan
Lanipator – Krillin, Vegeta, Piccolo
Takahata101 – Cell
Remix – Android 16
Ganxingba – Tenshinhan
Faulerro – Yamcha
Kirbopher – Ox-King, Caroni

xbubblemonkeyx as Piza
OctoPimp as Piroshki
Connor McKinley as Announcer
Xander Mobus as Jimmy Firecracker
KaiShiden as Camerman

Additional art and animation supplied by:

Christopher Niosi



Special Thanks

A huge thank you to:
Craig Thompson
Christopher Ryan Scott
Dalton Sargent
Adam Staiger
Tavaris Thompson
Jacob Schaaf
Shawn Erway
Nathan Burke
Mack Norvelle
Tyler Nator
Markiegee50X Network
John Adams
Jordan Lamb (Senny)
Ben Evans
Adam Bailey
Andrew Curtis
Jacob Wehunt
Ben Wilson
David Gordon
Colton Pleshek
Francois van Eeden
Spencer McAllister
Ryan Moursund
Cole Stormoen
John Caldwell
Bradley Smythe
Archer Wolf
Dean Walter
Philip Warden
Van Tarver
Cole Rigby
Matthew E. Cooper
Tyson Bekkers
Evan Parmenter
Zachary David
charles wade lybbert
Jared Bressler
Kyle Morris
Robert Glanville
Liam Ellis
Declan Francis
Darrell Reed
Charles Dooley
Justin Mansour
Sawyer Gardner
J.L. Schultz
Brooke Allen
Jordan Ashworth
Mitchell Tye
Dustin Hutcherson
Cherrakee guzzardo (Baka Rebellion)
Mike Miller
Ben Barker
James Talbot
Marcus Gonzalez
Michael Huddleston
Tyler Owens

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DragonBall is Owned by TOEI ANIMATION, Ltd. and Licensed by FUNimation Productions, Ltd.. All Rights Reserved. DragonBall, DragonBall Z, DragonBall GT and all logos, character names and distinctive likenesses thereof are trademarks of TOEI ANIMATION, Ltd. This is nothing more than a parody made for entertainment purposes only.

  • I love how Tien has gone from token serious dude to basically the biggest troll of the series, regardless of power gaps.
    run 3

  • David Gil


  • Selonianth

    “Hey yamcha how are you?” “Good good… Brought water and towels.” “And like that you’ve already contributed more than Vegeta.” ohhhhh that was just mean.

  • Michael Martin

    I do not know if you can top 57 and 58 on the comedy scale, lol, I never had something make me crack up this much.

  • Collin Scott Williams

    Why wasn’t episode 58 added to the front page of the website?

  • SamB

    That Lost background music during Chi chi’s dialogue gave me some feels. I miss that show’s music, man. Anyway, great ep as always.

  • Sherrin

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  • Jonathan Redgwell

    why does it only say services unavaliable?

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    How did youtube get your site as well? 🙁

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    Your video player is showing all black when I click play.

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  • Casta Plays

    Well, Imma come to this website to watch and rewatch you abridged series – what the hell is Youtubes problem?!

    I love you guys and y ou will always have my viewership! All the best too all of you, you seriously deserve it!

  • Adam Wiese

    SATAN DIDN’T DODGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Aaron Mauer

    I hope we get another episode soon.

  • Tofu Waffle

    All fast food chains now need to ditch Coca-Cola and Mountain Dew. HETAP is what goes best with burgers, muffins and even more HETAP.

  • Adam Wiese

    ok now i get that kiko how ya doing joke

  • John Smith

    Not to ruin the mood…. But this was easily my least favorite episode. The humor fell flat, and I HATED the random story rewrite. Is someone else writing this now or something? It didn’t feel like a parody… it just felt like a rewrite with some crappy jokes tossed in.

  • Armagos

    Really, why is this only in 360p (and 480p on youtube) when it’s been in 720p since ep 45 (on youtube at least)? It looks awful.

  • Matheus Pereira

    When’s the new episode coming

  • Demetri Hicks17

    I am the hype kill him

  • Moatar Sergiu

    Soo, when are these guys gonna post stuff again=?

  • Katotsu

    So I finally made an account, again, since the old site one didn’t carry over, and can finally ask: what happened to the Previous/Next Episode buttons?

  • Kevin Hboy Moore

    iam the hype!!!!!! kill him!!!!!!! lol

  • beacon80

    Perfect Cell is perhaps the most perfect example of Affably Evil. Sure, he’s going to blow up the world, but he’s genuinely happy to see Yamcha, and is one of the only people in the series not to mock or insult him.

  • Nick_Lance

    I get the distinct feeling Mr Satan won the last martial arts tournament because every top contender forgot about it, not just the dragonball team.

  • Egg_Runner

    i am the hype!

  • Jack Raiden

    jimmy firecracker here live from cell games presented by hetap nobody has shown up yet but dont worry about me because jimmy firecracker can and he don give a F**k
    he’ll take any job
    he’ll take every job
    he’ll take your job

  • Anonymoose

    There needs to be a side video: Recoome v Mr. Satan

  • Rena Ryuuguu

    What’s the song playing at the very beginning?

  • kuddai

    Can we somehow support your comeback on youtube?

    • кυяσкσ




  • Tim De Beul

    this is the first dbz abridged episode, literally the first, where i skipped some scenes… I hated the fact that hercule had like the same amount of screentime like in the real episodes. You had to cut the crap short like you always have done. This felt like a waste of time just like it was in the real dbz series. :/

  • Broly


  • DeadCobra

    It is funny what a moron he is

    I hate how the login and commenting change with the change of this site

  • “Because Jimmy Crack~corn and HE DON’T GIVE A F**K!”

    Giggling every time.

  • ChuckmaNorris

    Please upload in 720p like you used to do in Youtube.

  • Confusing Zark

    Man this was nice, I hope mr. saten sruvived

  • “Did you get your start in Bum Fights?”
    Winner Chicken Dinner.

  • TreFKennedy88

    Fucking love Team4Star

  • Luna AngelEclipse

    Anyone else here because of the copyright strikes?

  • Max

    Love your work!! Please keep doing DBZA! It’s the best!

  • Ethan Miranda-Gale

    I love the love hate relationship between Vegeta and Tien. But the hate relationship between Tien and Cell is hilarious as well. Whatever happened to the “I need an adult” joke? Or the “Senzu Bean” joke? I still love this series though.

    • Zack Osbourne

      I get a horrible feeling the “Senzu Bean” joke is going to return when Goku next hands one out… As for “I need an Adult” It hasn’t been that long since the last one, and there’s plenty of opportunity in the Buu saga.

  • Людмила Муругина

    What about subtitles? :]

  • TheTerminator 2000

    Dragon Ball Z Abridegd is one of my all time favorie abridged shows. Keep up the good work Team Four Star. Loving your guy’s work.

  • TheItzal

    I can’t tell if he’s serious and that’s very concerning


  • Invader_Jim

    Yea, so I won’t be watching DBS on crunchyroll until yt gets it’s head out of it’s arse.

    Love ya TFS.

  • Sade George

    Goku: Cause that jawline don’t lie, and neither do I.

  • Kylan

    So when is the next episode? Lol I really hope that Satama will join in later.

  • Taabraiz Akhtar

    Why were all the episodes on YouTube deleted?

  • Tofu Waffle

    So sad the episodes are brought down again 🙁

  • ryan

    why is dbz abridged deleated off their youtube channel?

  • Jorge Lopez Colon

    Dragon Ball Evolution Abridged

  • RandomShinigami7

    So… YouTube, amiright?

  • Andre Reis Guimaraes

    Youtube taken down again???

  • legionbunny

    so what was the music playing right before cell bitch slapped satan?
    side note

  • Luis Angel Munguia

    Where 58

  • Razukiel

    I would just really love to know if there will be a 720p release like every other episode. I haven’t watched yet because I’m waiting. TFS? pls?

  • Alex Palo

    TFS I really like what you have done with DB, but I have to say that I miss the randomness that characterized the early DBZA episodes

    • Jug’Crispy

      Everything’s so well polished now, but I miss the random humor. The old comedy style made me feel at home. Now they have too many people to please, I suppose. I still enjoy watching, however.

  • Vegeta

    I love this!! I binge watch DBZA, well done gentlemen 😁 Look foreward to the next one in the future 👍 (Hopefully not too distant)

  • Joey Kurz

    0:58 Humanity’s last stand or the devil gets his due? Good pun, Satan surely did!

  • Ultima Deplete

    I recently moved from watching these on YouTube to here and found all the bloopers/alternate scene videos from years ago. We need more D:

  • KingOfAllAnimals

    Okay, was what happened to Mr. Satan catharsis or pure Schadenfreude? Mr. Satan got a taste of reality in one toss. I would be stunned if he survived that one. He is supposed to be really tough but… Thank you Perfect Cell. So now all that denial he lived in has ended… but does he live with that shame now? I am stunned that Vegeta didn’t laugh openly at Mr. Satan getting pimp slapped into heaven.

    And Perfect Cell’s verbal smack down… what can I say… Perfect.

    TeamFourStar is really tearing DBZ up good. I love the parody. It fits this show too perfectly almost as if this were a parallel DBZ dimension.

    So now we have to do without the Progress Bar? Make that wait hurt more aye? I know, you guys got lives at T4S but ya know, this stuff is addictive like Potato Chips. One starts the ball rolling. Two gains momentum. Three and you are well on your way for the bottom of that bag!

    In closing, Tasty, Simply Tasty!

  • Atomi

    i was kinda hoping that the satan’s punch on perfect cell would have had same damage as vegeta’s final flash had.

  • Chris Simmers

    The mr satan voice is bad.

  • Alan Fogleman

    Announcer: Yes, Vegeta. Why are you here?

    Vegeta: Get that microphone out of my face before I give you a colonoscopy with that camera!

  • Alan Fogleman

    Hercule: I am the hype!

    Vegeta: KILL HIM!!!

  • Leo

    Pls keep doing this abridged series!!!! they make better sense than the original ones 🙂

  • Rafael Pereira

    ♪Got my wristbands on and my boots are tied ♪
    ♪Gonna grab my friends and fight a bug guy ♪
    ♪Doo, doo-doo, today is Fightin’ day ♪

    • Ban Labovic

      God, where is that song originally from, please tell.

  • Razukiel

    Still no 1080p! I refuse to experience such great masterpiece in a lower resolution. I will not experience the work of such talented people on a worse quality than it was meant to be seen

  • Kyle Menow


  • Joshua Tribble

    “Wow…did someone die? Oh GOSH, WHERE’S YAMCHA?!”


  • Joshua Tribble

    It doesn’t feel right now without “Fuji TV” in the disclaimer.

  • decker

    ok killing these 3 idiots was cool but you make it look like mr satan dies to now you have to cut out 4 characters for the next few episodes until everyone who was killed by cell gets dragon resurrected that’s a lot of extra work (time)….

    • Some Stupid Internet Fangirl

      They noted in their livestream that those characters were all pretty pointless, so they just finished them off there.

      • Warcodered

        Yeah but Mr. Satan dying there is a huge deviation unless when/if he gets revived he still somehow takes credit for winning.

      • RorytheRomulan

        Maybe you should just wait and see, dumbass.

      • Warcodered

        Why did you think there was some other option.

      • RorytheRomulan

        You could keep whining. Maybe they’ll listen.

      • Warcodered

        Or I can keep commenting on things I find interesting like what it would mean to eliminate a character who has a significant role in the plot later on, and you can keep reading into things that are not there.

      • RorytheRomulan

        It looks like you got your answer.

  • Tom A.

    Jimmy Firecracker just topped my list of TFS characters.

  • Rafał Pytlak

    Jimmy Firecracker doesn’t give a fuck xD

  • Xavier Ortiz

    But wait! We haven’t the Superfriends arrived?

    • Joshua Tribble

      Apparently, they only deal with crime. TFS stated in one of their livestreams that Great Saiyaman will reference the Superfriends.

  • Mr. Q

    Cell: “Maybe shouldn’t have made this an open invite.”

    Dude, prior to the day of the #CellGames (sponsored by Hetap), your previous challengers were two shotos, two underage kids, two teenage delinquents, one teenage douche-bag with a god complex, two cartoon animals, a cyborg accompanied by his bald buddy, and the love child of Bruce Lee and Mad Max.

    I’d say that ship has long since sailed.

    • Joshua Tribble

      Two underage kids? I know Ash would be one, who’s the other?

      • Mr. Q

        Meant Yugi but I’m going by US age limits.

      • Joshua Tribble

        Yeah but, 14 would still be considered a teenager.

      • companyoflosers

        still underage though.

  • Anime King

    the matha fukin chaaaaadddd

  • Apax Bel

    Oh my God! He blew up the cargo robot and the cargo was people!

  • Damien Francia

    Loved it

    If only there was a “Cell vs Alucard” episode before it, or maybe as a flash-back during the next few episodes.

    Maybe have some sort of tie-in to the “Cell vs” videos over the next few episodes.

    • Bulma<3Vegeta

      I would have loved to see that! I still want it!

    • Bili Chitwood

      Me, too! Cell vs Alucard!!! Come on…. please???

    • Steve Hanley

      Aside from them having the same voice actor, I would love to see it where Integra sends Alucard out to kill Cell but Alucard ends up being BFFs with Cell.

      Cell- “Bitch, I drink people!”

      Alucard- “Double bitch, I eat people!”

  • Brian McLaughlin

    So does Fuji TV not have rights anymore or what? Just curious.

  • I needed this today.

  • Pizza Pi

    Guys, you really outdid yourselves this time! That was amazing! The writing and jokes were excellent, and I burst out laughing even more than usual. Definitely worth the wait, so keep up the great work!

  • Michael Connell

    Looks like this version’s match was an even bigger headache for Mr Satan than in the original 😉

  • Reuben Blackwood

    Please ignore all the hate Team Four Star. Take as long as you need for each of these gems, those with patience understand good things take time. Lost it at 16’s song. Keep up the great work!

  • wurblewind

    Gotta say, I love how Tien has gone from token serious dude to basically the biggest troll of the series, regardless of power gaps.

    • Steve Hanley

      Right? He’s got a pair bigger than Namekian dragon balls!

  • Zachary Bowman

    Wonderful episode! I had a question hopefully someone can answer for me… I make custom DBZ cards and my disclaimer has always been VERY similar to the one used your episodes. However, this episode no longer says Fuji T.V. and instead says Shuiesha. Is this something I should change in my disclaimer as well?

  • Razukiel

    Where is 1080p?? I need my dbz abridged in 1080p it’s free but I’m entitled and I demand! 😛

  • Jay Evans

    WE NEED MORE! ive waited too long for this

  • Nasuke1

    I dunno what it is, but I always get more enjoyment out of these videos after I watch them like…. 8 times. Each time I watch, the jokes get funnier.

    • Tsapki

      It’s probably because the jokes sink in a bit better as you get them more. Some movies have the same effect, especially movies where there are little hints or clues to a bigger reveal later on and you get to revisit them in each new viewing.

  • Philip Brown

    this was brilliant, keep up the great work and don’t keep us waiting too long for the rest of the tournament

  • James Allan West


  • Xurreal .


  • animalia555

    I have mixed feelings about this episode. I won’t deny it was funny but I kind of hoped to progress further in the plot then we did.

    On another note what has happened to the progress bar.

  • ForteDS

    Hmmm… It was a fine episode, but something seemed off. Maybe they took it as far as they could when they were all just arriving at the ring, but not one of their better episodes. 16’s song fell flat for me, Hurcule’s insult segment went on a bit too long, I did like the firecracker announcer, but all and all the buildup episodes were better. Not all episodes will be winners, and hopefully the next will hit closer.

  • Oliver Queen

    These motherfuckers are crazy! I love them

  • Captain Pipsqueak

    Why is this only in 360p?

    • ChaoticEnigma

      probably still possessing

  • Demelicos

    Fucking knowing what was going to happen, but laughing my ass off anyway cause of the blood splatter, I love you guys :3

  • Bulma<3Vegeta

    Mr. Satan saying “I am the hype.” and Vegeta saying “kill him”, killed me, that was hilarious! Also, 16 introducing himself to Goku was priceless and reminded me of a 13 year old girl shyly acquainting herself with her crush. It was beautiful!

  • Markus Archibald-Wormley

    So many great jokes. This was amazing. (I was going to say perfect but decided against the pun)

  • Graham Boland

    Loved it, my only question is what happened to the episode progress meter?

    • companyoflosers

      they probably got tired of people keeping a close eye on it and jumping on them to finish faster.

    • Zack Osbourne

      They removed it because they felt it wasn’t an accurate representation, and everyone else treated it like it was.

  • AsurasPath22

    “Where all gonna die,” Attack on Titan abridged confirmed

    • Brad Nussbaum

      They already tried AOT… it got shut down after their first episode years back. They wont be doing that.

      • Tsapki

        I thought it was sort of an April Fools joke, since their first episode went like all the way to the Battle of Trost.

      • companyoflosers

        nah, they tried doing it but whoever owns AOT got super bitchy about it. the dbz people dont seem to mind and even enjoy the extra attention. probably because dbz has been out forever and it breaths new life into it. AOT on the other hand is newer and they probably feel like AOTA would compete in some way. probably on a merchandise level or something. but speaking of dbza breathing new life into dbz, i cant help but wonder how much dbza influenced the decision to make super? i kinda wonder if the strong reaction to dbza convinced toriyama people still wanted more dragonball.

    • Joshua Tribble

      Yeah, it’s been confirmed…for a little over 3 years now.

  • Abbie Davy

    “..KILL HIM!!”

  • Steve Cu

    that was it nothing really happened? although parts were funny

    • Tsapki

      Keep in mind they need to make it to episode 60 if they are keeping to the tradition. (Saiyan Saga went to episode 10, Frieza Saga went to episode 30). So expect 58 and 59 to probably be the lead up to Gohan’s fight then then an extra long three parter of Gohan finishing off Cell and epilogue.

  • Ian Hunter

    Ox King: “Sweetie, I can only afford to feed two sayian mouths and you’ve got a bun in the oven.”
    For some reason i lost my shit when i heard Ox King Say that! XD

    • Michael Murphy

      me too

  • The Joker

    20 years waitin for cell to kill him

    • Leo

      And maybe… he is not dead yet x.x

      • The Joker

        Just me have this till the next episode q.q

      • Tai Tankamaru

        gohan is hot

    • GonzoI

      I truly hope that they leave him dead just like that. He is the worst filler in an anime where they have hours of unanimated panels of characters yelling.

      • Zack Osbourne

        Hercule’s kinda needed for the story though, particularly with Mr. Buu. TFS are great writers, but killing off a major character immediately when they’ve got an entire saga + either Super or GT (assuming they get that far) to go is an impossible thing to write around.

      • GonzoI

        Not at all. His part in the Buu saga was relating to “good Buu”. That’s not very long, and is mostly leadup to “good Buu” splitting into good and evil parts. It’s going to be a short segment anyway, so it’s easy enough to play around with. Clips of Buu playing with the dog, living in the house, and then the dog getting shot can be done without Mr Filler. There’s a lot of joke material in that sort of edit as well. As for Super and GT, there’s no reason they need to maintain continuity if they take up either of them. Even if they do, he’s not actually integral to any of the story lines, he just is shoehorned in as (bad) comic relief and as the one paying for certain things like ships or meals for Beerus. Most of that would be skipped anyway (it is “abridged” after all), but the rest could be explained away comically.

        If they did want to include his future parts, they can just play the post-Cell wish straight (in the original, they wish for all of Cell’s victims to be brought back, and he’d be one of Cell’s victims if he died here).

      • Hobbes09

        …he’s also Gohan’s step father, plays a role in the ultimate defeat of Buu, and is the only one able to really control fat Buu, who has a continued role well into Super.. You might not like him, but it would be a little difficult to cut him out entirely, especially the further they get.

      • GonzoI

        All of the roles you mention can be ignored. You don’t actually need a living father in law (not step father), Buu’s defeat is almost certainly going to be turned into some sort of gag anyway, and fat Buu is like Krillin, Yamcha and the rest of the useless squad as mere setup to show how powerful the new big bad is and the source of comic relief.

        I’m not saying he’s trivial to remove, but the consequences of removing him are very manageable for the format of abridged, and it makes for a wonderful running gag.

      • Forest Shepherd

        But Mr. Satan isn’t filler. He is an original character from the Manga. Filler is like Garlic Jr. Something made up to add episodes.

      • GonzoI

        You are using the “not in the original” definition, I am using the “not relevant to the main storyline” definition. The fact that you can eliminate his parts with no impact on the story argues he is filler. The closest he comes to being relevant is living with Buu while the main characters train. The claim that he plays a role in Buu’s defeat is dubious at best, but I wasn’t going to argue it when it isn’t relevant to this abridged format.

      • Wait, What?

        You do realized that Mr. Perfect Cell has already explained why your stance on what is “not relevant to the main storyline” is retarded, right Gonzo?
        It’s a good thing you never had a real say on the main storyline.

        Edit: also lol @ hours of “unanimated” panels… you… sure said that….

      • GonzoI

        It isn’t a “stance”, it’s a definition of the word. You are using the internet to make your comment, you can use it to look the word up.

      • Wait, What?

        Oh, i know some of the multiple definitions, mate… i just disagree with you’re statements and am laughing at your words….
        This is the internet….. on the comments section… and you, friend, look like a moron.

      • GonzoI

        Troll elsewhere, kiddo.

  • Michael MacLeod

    Thank you!!!

  • Derp Lord

    This episode… it was p… great!

  • StephenRFC

    If someone actually made a drink called Hetap, they’d make a killing with all this product placement.

    • NothingSpecial

      I feel like I could kickstart Hetap right now and make a killing….

      • Lee Abraham

        Don’t even need to kickstart. Just make a label and use any number of white label energy drinks.

  • ChaoticEnigma

    That was really good, but I can’t say it was worth waiting 3 months for.

    • StephenRFC

      It’s been 2 months since Broly, or are you one of “those” fans that ignore the movies?

      • ChaoticEnigma

        Forgot about Broly as I didn’t really care for it.

      • StephenRFC

        I think they did a good job with Broly, especially considering the material they were working with but totally understand where you’re coming from.

      • ChaoticEnigma

        Oh, I’m not saying they didn’t do a good job. I just don’t care for the movies very much, and as you pointed out, they didn’t have very good material to work with. Its just with as long as these take to make, and all the stuff TFS did between this latest release, this episode fell flat for me.

      • Joshua Tribble

        Well, let’s see you make a better parody by yourself in less time.

      • ChaoticEnigma

        What argument are you even trying to make? They have released videos faster before And for the movie, I just didn’t care for it.

      • Sam Sackerson

        3 months since Broly came out December 25th which is exactly 3 months ago

      • StephenRFC

        That was only half the movie though, the whole thing wasn’t released until Jan 12th.

      • Cole Tellin

        even then that is like 2 1/2. He can be forgiven for rounding up.

    • Bartłomiej Sajdak

      My thoughts exactly.

    • Zack Osbourne

      Technical issues. Again.

  • raul gomez

    Is…..Is He Still Alive…..??????

  • Mihael Terziev

    hahhahah 16 song was nice 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  • Blah Blah Blah..

    I wish I run into somebody wearing that Satan “I Am The Hype” shirt while I’m wearing my Vegeta “I Am The Hype” shirt.. Will be a good conversation.

    • Riax

      like yelling “kill him”

  • Milling

    Wrestling is fake.

    • ChaoticEnigma

      The only thing wrestling isnt, is wrestling.

  • Dor-Al Kryton

    Kill Him

  • gurlow

    you glorious bastards did it again.

  • memk


  • Niall McMahon

    “Kiko-how ya doin’?”


    • ChaoticEnigma


    • J Solo

      Mr. Perfect Cell has a hateful boner for Tenshinhan.

      • Ian Hunter

        Mr. Perfect Cell: “It’s not a hate boner.”

      • J Solo

        If it were any more hateful, the veins would be in the shape of a swastika.

      • bfmv5000

        in some cultures it a symbol of peace

      • Eri_cross

        More like most cultures..

      • Tsapki

        Specifically East Asian cultures.

      • the cross of life is in the oposit orientation

      • RWDJ

        Most cultures have it both ways. And the swastika was supposed to mean life and creativity of the aryans. It’s the same thing as other swastika, except the Nazis’ swastika has been tainted by history, so those trying to save the symbol within their own culture attempt to make a distinction where there originally isn’t.

      • SuckerForCheesyRomance

        Well J, the swastika is actually a symbol taken from a number of symbols that are suppose to represent peace and tranquility. Realistically the swastika is nothing more that a bastardized version that is also suppose to be a symbol of peace but we can all see how that went.

      • Sameer Sikka

        how about you go fuck yourself?

      • SuckerForCheesyRomance

        Not butt-hurt are you, Sameer? Gosh, I can only wonder who you would have preferred to have won that war.

      • OneWingedRose

        Or Donald Trump.


    • Knight Rider5000


  • Collin Scott Williams

    So is the progress bar for the next episode just going to stay off?

    • JuanTizmo

      It’s their passive-aggressive way of saying “It’s out when it’s out, dammit!”

      • Collin Scott Williams

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      • JuanTizmo

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