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Cast & Credits

MasakoX – Goku, Gohan
Stephan Krosecz – Reporter 01
Lanipator – Krillin, Vegeta, Piccolo, Popo
Takahata101 – Cell
KaiserNeko – Trunks, Korin, Yajirobe
Ganxingba – Tenshinhan
Megami33 – Bulma
Remix – Android 16, Kami
Hbi2k – Dr. Brief
Hnilmik – Chichi

Christopher Zito as Hetap Actor 1
Marc Swint as Hetap Narrator
Caitlyn Bairstow as Aerobics Instructor

Additional art and animation supplied by:

Christopher Niosi
Zach Manley


DragonBall is Owned by TOEI ANIMATION, Ltd. and Licensed by FUNimation Productions, Ltd.. All Rights Reserved. DragonBall, DragonBall Z, DragonBall GT and all logos, character names and distinctive likenesses thereof are trademarks of TOEI ANIMATION, Ltd. This is nothing more than a parody made for entertainment purposes only.

Special Thanks

A huge thank you to:
Craig Thompson
Christopher Ryan Scott
Dalton Sargent
Adam Staiger
Tavaris Thompson
Jacob Schaaf
Shawn Erway
Nathan Burke
Mack Norvelle
Tyler Nator
Markiegee50X Network
John Adams
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DragonBall is Owned by TOEI ANIMATION, Ltd. and Licensed by FUNimation Productions, Ltd.. All Rights Reserved. DragonBall, DragonBall Z, DragonBall GT and all logos, character names and distinctive likenesses thereof are trademarks of TOEI ANIMATION, Ltd. This is nothing more than a parody made for entertainment purposes only.

  • Dun Hilda

    At this point, I will assume TFS cancelled Dragon ball Abridged.

    Been no recent mentions of it at all.

  • KDG

    So is Dragon Ball Z Abridged a done deal?

  • Joshua Parnell

    “This video is no longer available” well fuck me then

    • Phasperous

      All their videos are currently broken. I can’t even watch the recent Hellsing Ultimate Abridged. I think they’ve stopped caring about this site. Sadly.

  • Jess

    @TeamFourStar Where is the latest episode? Its been 6 months! If you guys have some info about this PLEASE post it to this website where DBZA fans can read it (Maybe the top of the DBZA page?) I dont know if you guys post on twitter.but you cant expect everyone to stalk your twitter account 24/7 on the off chance you post something about this. This is why leaving a note on the webpage is a much better option. No way am i reading months of twitter posts and responses in the hopes of finding this info.

  • FreaksForAkeno

    i dont think i could keep on watching after goku gives him the senzu bean if I wasn’t watching a parody version

  • Shane G

    Too bad TFS abandoned us…

  • Xurreal .


  • is also a good source for watching anime

  • Atomi

    at least either Firefox 55.0.3 or this site has gotten WAY better, because before i was not able to watch anything on this site using my aging laptop.
    i know that the core i5-450m or geforce gt330m weren’t that fast from the beginning, but no “not being able to watch 720p content” bad.

    however this was around Firefox 45 or something, and after that i have only used youtube to watch dbza.

    lets just say that i was more than happy to see that this site once again works fine with this same laptop.

  • Überfat Kraych

    what kind of a player do i need to play an episode ?

  • roninalchemist

    Okay, I seriously hope there are some callbacks to Videl being a big Harry Potter fan in later eps…i.e. when Gohan is teaching her how to fly. If that isn’t rife hilarious HP jokes then I’m a Death Eater.

  • Tony Sanchez Diego

    Man, last time it took me less time in hospital getting recovery from a fatal car accident (almost six months) than TFS making a new chapter… this time I got a girlfriend, got in love, lived a dream life and got kicked out for whatever undisclosed reason… and yet, TFS hasn’t made a freaking new episode…

    • Orphenoc

      They’re on hiatus. The next one coming is the season finale so probably a 3 parter again like 10 & 30

  • Josh Richardson

    You guys just completely give up or what? I know production has been slow here and there, but 3 months without a single piece of content or an official update on your webpage? Come on…. don’t you think you could at least let the people who love you guys know what’s going on?

    • Matt Lemons

      They’ve got an offical dub of something, i cannot remember what, but its a movie of some kind from Madhouse studios!
      like i said to others they might be combining several episodes parts into one, instead of mutli part episodes like 10 and 30. check their youtube channel, they post a video about a month ago announcing this and that episode 60 will be quite some time.

      3months is on the long side, but they average on 1 – 2 months per episode anyway.
      if you want my opinion is TF is biting more than they can chew.

      • Hells Angels (shinichi hiromoto) OAV adaptation. girl goes to hell and is enrolled in the school there. (japan 2008, trailer on YT)

  • Devin Lowe

    Wait… was that final scene actually in the anime, or is that child Videl edited in?

  • “While I’m busy pounding your son, I’ll be thinking of you the entire time”. One of the absolute best lines yet

  • Takhilin

    I get that TFS is busy with stuff, but 3 months without an episode is torture

    • Steve Myers

      They haven’t uploaded because of legal issues. Y’know, the norm for these guys.

      • Takhilin


    • GorunNova

      I wonder if the guy voicing Cell being a major VA in the game ‘The Letter’ had something to do with it… <_<

  • G David Maruska

    love you guys

  • Zelow

    “He’s got post Goku exhaustion” -Goku

  • Chris Stark

    anytime now……….

  • TheGreenBomber

    Lowkey waiting for Gohan to turn into a demon and want to kill Cell and all of the cast

  • Myles Wesley Kent

    When is episode 60 coming out?

    • Matt Lemons

      Id say late September, but if they making this the end finale in one episode December maybe. (10 had 3 parts, 30 had 2 parts)

      • Myles Wesley Kent

        Well, whatever they’re going to do, I’m sure we’ll love it. Hopefully.

  • RazeDevastator

    (Sigh)…. The ONE thing I really didn’t like about this episode and I’m not sure if it’s popular opinion but… it’s when Cell screams “crapbaskets!!!!!!!!!!!!” when he gets blown away by the Warp Kamehameha.

    TFS is usually CLEVER with their content, and I expected the Cell Saga to pull no punches just like the flawless Frieza Saga did. But this just got reduced to a fricking catch phrase with no clever substance in it whatsoever…. Why? Because Cell does NOT have Gohan’s DNA in his genetic makeup…. He ALSO doesn’t have Trunks in his DNA either, and Trunks learned it from Gohan anyway…. Cell hasn’t even had any fricking interaction with Gohan at ALL yet, and you’re telling me that he somehow picked up Gohan’s catchphrase out of nowhere???

    • Matt Lemons

      IDK the wiki does say he has gohan DNA considering he and Krillin (who also included) took on Nappa. (gohan power got to like 3k in cannon at that point). though this is the case in the Funimation Dub which most of us are familliar with. that said TFS tends to lean towards the original Japanase Dub and Manga.

      he might of also picked it up from the information from Geros computer, since he seems to be well informed on all the Z warriors.

      • RazeDevastator

        Yeah, I’d really love a concrete source that told us which cells were inside of Cell… If memory serves, wasn’t the Multi-Form he used on Goku in the Cell Games NOT in the manga because he wasn’t supposed to have Tien’s cells? Cell did have Frieza and King Cold’s cells, but according to the Funimation Kai dub (which should be pretty accurate), Dr. Gero’s computer didn’t collect Trunks’ cells because the computer determined that it already had enough Saiyan cells in the database. I guess if Goku, Vegeta, and Gohan were all in Cell’s genetics, then it capped the amount of Saiyans at 3?

        Fair point about the computer though, I never thought of that. I hope TFS clarifies through a joke in the season finale whether Cell has Gohan’s DNA or not… When he starts fleeing in fear of SS2 Gohan, he’ll probably curse Krillin’s cells straight to hell. XD

  • Chris D

    I understand everyone is wondering about the next episode, but TFS is working on dubbing a film from a HUGE anime studio, Madhouse. Anyone who knows anything about anime production should know who they are. One Punch Man? Ninja Scroll? Hunter x Hunter? Vampire Hunter D? Trigun? Black Lagoon? Death Note? Etc etc? They might be a taaaaad busy at the moment.

    • GreyLurker

      Very cool to hear that. as much as we love the Fan stuff, I don’t think we can begrudge TFS for living the Dream making real money at what they love

    • Joshua Parnell

      They could at least put up a “BRB, gotta make that bread” post

  • Alex Casner

    I must say I love the interactions between Dende and Popo.

  • Jerad Oberst

    When is the next episode going to come out already?!

    • Chris D

      DBZA isn’t their life, you know.

      • Jerad Oberst

        Yes bc that’s what that comment means…good job, Detective

  • Moge

    Again… The episode deleted in youtube -_-

  • ZippityD

    Will the serious continue? I really hope so. But it’s been two months already and I wouldn’t be surprised if, given the atrocities of YouTube Copyright, teamfourstar was just giving up on this whole thing.

  • GreyLurker

    I heard they got hired to dub an actual series so it might be on hold till that’s done.

    Real Money > fan project

    • Chris D

      Yes. This. And from a HUUUUUUUGE studio as well.


  • Justin Downing

    So… is the series done now? Can’t seem to find a full answer anywhere.

    • Chris D

      Uh, no. Waiting 2-3 months for an episode isn’t a unique happenstance.

  • Vince

    Sorry for being impatient, but it’s been 2 months already, guys!

  • trueblackeye

    Now I might sound like a broken record but when will the next episode come out? Will it be after YouTube stops being a bitch, or is it just a long wait for a season finale which will be in multiple parts (like episode 30). Or are there zero CONFIRMED estimations on the date?

  • Lesac

    why the video quality is so bad?

  • Devan Evans

    I love how you edited out the comic relief there!

  • Dr. Potato

    if i gained anything in the days leading up to the tournament, its endurance. ten seconds later: “i give up”

  • Matthew Bixby

    You know, the more I think about it the less ridiculous I find Mr. Satan’s character. I mean sure he’s an arrogant blowhard, a delusional prick, and apparently has a gambling problem, but besides all that…Ok but seriously think about it for just a minute. For us as the audience we know that in the Dragonball universe there are a small number of individuals who know how to fight using their ki which enables them to surpass ordinary physical limitations. In the case of characters like Goku, Vegeta, Cell, Piccolo, Gohan, etc, they’ve perfected that ability to the point where the amount of power they have as individuals is literally unfathomable. And while we in the audience have known about this from the beginning, and accept this as a feature of this universe, most of the characters on Earth don’t. The average human being on Earth in the Dragonball universe isn’t that different from you and me.

    Now take Mr. Satan. By ordinary human standards he’s a gifted fighter and very, very strong. But compared to any of the actual hero’s in the story, to say nothing of the villains, he’s not even a blip on the radar. Even Yamcha, who by now is at least as strong as some of the members of the Ginyu force, could kill him by staring hard.

    Why do I bring all this up? Because if you were in his shoes, and suddenly confronted with the reality of something like Goku or Cell, what would you do? Would you just suddenly capitulate to the idea that there are literally a small cluster of mortals who you are chronically at the mercy of? People you’ve never met, and didn’t know existed, who literally have so much power that they could wipe out your whole planet…by concentrating. Or would you resist that implication? Would you seek for an alternative explanation? Maybe even to the point of the desperate and the absurd. Because the truth isn’t just overwhelming, its terrifying.

    The ongoing good fortune of the planet Earth in that universe, is that it has such guardians as Goku. But who protects us from him?

    And if you’re answer is Mr. Popo, you clearly haven’t seen enough of TFS.

    • Incredibly accurate and profound, because you’re right. To any regular mortal, Goku and Cell are the same – monsters with the capacity to single-handedly cause not just human extinction, but the literal destruction of the planet. The only difference between the two is morality, but no observer is going to know Goku’s benign. It’s a miracle that any of the “regular” people that do know of the Z Fighters’ strength maintain any sanity at all.

  • Joshua Deleon

    They blocked episode 58 and 59 for copy right issues on youtube

    • Arthur Guilherme

      I still don’t understand why, they always show in the beginning of every video that they don’t own any of this, if the warning started to don’t matter the whole Abridged series shoul be blocked, really don’t get it

  • nonosh

    It should be “like you and me” not “like you and I.” Come on, guys, please consult a writing style guide while copy-editing the script. Great episode, nevertheless. Y’all kick super ass.

    • Unclever title

      Perfect Cell, imperfect grammar.

      I could see Gohan correcting him on something like this scoring both a “Nerd!” moment and blow to Cell’s Ego.

      • nonosh

        WORD. UP.

  • Squishybrick

    I wonder when they’ll run out of cell puns for the episode names.

  • JuanTizmo

    What happened to the episode progress bar?

    • Michael Murphy

      They got sick of all the hate mail because it wasn’t moving fast enough.

      • JuanTizmo

        Well that sucks. They should bring it back.

  • Josh Fitzpatrick

    This doesn’t play on my mobile. And obviously YouTube is not currently am option thanks to Toei animation. Is there anywhere else to watch this?

  • Lusus Naturae

    It’s been barely a month following the release of this episode however, I’m curious about whether or not the problem with Toei has caused the Team to have second thoughts about this abridged series. I’ve been following this series since 2010 and I really enjoy it; hopefully the abridged team not only forms a resolution with Toei but also becomes comfortable with releasing episodes on a weekly basis… They have Dragonball they can still cover along with other abridged series’… This by no means has to be their only golden egg.. Perhaps they’re even cooking up their own animated series on the side…

    • Kaliaila

      There is about 0 chance of episodes being released on a weekly basis. They release the episodes as they are completed as it is. A month or more between episodes is fairly common; the time is spent writing the script for the next episode, getting the audio from the cast members, editing the animation to fit the script, syncing the audio with the video, crunching the final video file, and uploading it . The rate at which they do this presently is not that bad; it could be a bit faster but not an episode a week faster.

      Also, Toei isn’t going to stop, because that would set a precedence that they do not wish to allow. I think that this is why the TFS guys hate when this happens but holds no ill will towards Toei for doing it.

      • Matt Lemons

        well theres all that Plus that the next Episode is very likely going to be the season finale, based on their episode structure.

        Season 1: 1-10 //saiyan
        Season 2: 11 – 30.2 //namek
        season 3: 31 – 60 //cell saga.

        episode 30 had two parts beucase it was so big, id wager episode 60 , one of our favourite episodes, they will defiantley take thier time with.

        Toei releases episodes weekly and are roughly 20 minutes long. there are a professional staff team lets say about 10 peaople. and even with that we got things like DBS episode 5’s SSJ3 Superman. now those toei proffesionals slug 8hrs (progably more cuase it in Japan) into episodes every day.

        team fourstar has like 3 people who aren’t professionals working on it (but are quitte good nonethelesss) not including voice actors, ad they somehow get 10 minutes under 3 months. I can’t imagine Team Four star spends 8hrs 5 days a week on this, its porabably 2-3 hours a night if lucky. but honestly unknown how much they spend thier time on this. despite this, they manage make me crack up every episode.

        if you comapre TFS to Toei(Comapring Apples to Oranges but whatever), TFS is literally Flying and doing circles around Toei.

      • Jose Colella

        Just watch the opening, Season 3 covers all the Cell Saga

      • Chris D

        They also make minor adjustments to the animation itself. Mouth movements, a tiny visual gag here and there, etc.

  • Michael Chavez

    You guys going to try to get these episodes back on Youtube? Because I think this was one of your funnier ones by far.

  • while I know this takes time, and I know how much effort goes into each episode and how personal schedules can get in the way, I have to say I’m insanely hype for the rest of the cell arc and I can’t wait for the next episode. This one was posted on my birthday and I’ve watched it 5 times, plus the full series 3 times. Seeing as I don’t get too many gifts or much really anything from anyone anymore, I’m just extremely hopeful to get 2 more episodes before Christmas, but I wouldn’t mind waiting for my birthday next year for an epic finale to the gohan cell battle

  • X Playthrough

    Just a few more weeks then we can watch episode 60

  • Eian Weston

    “the camera man better stop rolling cuz cell’s goin topless” genius yamcha, genius

  • Jonathan Pearson

    Cant wait to see the version of 16s speech to Gohan and all the rage

    • JoseESMercado

      Same here. I can’t wait for that

    • Joel Ebanks

      i bet he convinces him to kill cell because he’s part goku and therefore qualifies as a target of all his rage.

      • Matt_from_Colorado

        Somehow I always imagined the words to set Gohan off will be a repeat of “FUCK THE STREAM!”

  • oddjobhat

    “SUCK IT KALE YOU BUSH LEAGUE SUPER FOOD” This has taken on a whole new meaning.

    • Aleth

      It’s “Busch”, as in the beer. The name’s obsolete, but it still has the brand recognition.

      • Shane Saiyan

        Not true. The term dates back to the early 1900s. Busch the beer didn’t exist until the 50s.

      • Brian L.

        No, it’s “bush-league,” which comes from baseball jargon. It’s a reference to the “bush” in the sense of rural countryside, where minor league teams are generally played, as opposed to the major league baseball played in the big cities.

  • Chris

    You guys are great. When can we expect episode 60?

  • Chrimson Lord

    Team Four Star………..Y’all always know how to make my day. No Bro mo! I needed every laugh you guys continue to provide. Please, Keep’em coming.

  • erik

    u guys have an estimate on the next episode? 😛 looking forward to it 😀 😀

  • Raptornator

    so is it me or is this pretty much the same as 58 ?

  • ReaperofSouls42

    I can’t wait to see what Abridged Gohan gets so upset about he goes super sayian 2. Lol

    • Michael Sebastian Mix

      I bet he will get mad about his dad being a moron 😂

    • i cant wait for Vegeta to throw a dog biscuit at 16 head !

  • JayGriff

    Freezer: Hates Goku’s guts.
    Cell: Adores Goku completely.
    Buu: Probably going to replace Krillin.

    • Lusus Naturae

      I don’t understand how you think Buu will replace Krillin…

      • Lesac

        hes going to be his best friend. when buu dies goku will trascend super sayan, just as he trascended when krilling was killed. nobody kills gokus best friend and gets away with it, thats why goku will kill himself after killing buu.

  • Jeff Young

    Need more episodes!!!

  • Ricardo Delbrey

    you guys are freaking amazing!! I don’t know how you keep coming up with this stuff but keep it coming!!

  • ליעד אופנהיים

    will there more hellsing abridged?

    • Angel

      don’t those only come out on halloween?

      • trueblackeye

        they said they’d try for twice a year, but idk man

  • Tony Sanchez Diego

    Music from the Dragon Ball Z SNES game “The Saiyan Legend” story mode.

  • Tony Sanchez Diego

    I can’t be the only one who knows where is the music on minute -4:00 taken from. (when goku speaks with gonad).

  • Anthony Jameer

    I cannot wait for you guys to make it to DB Super so I can laugh my ass off. Theres some golden moments for you guys there

  • Michael Murphy

    When do we get episode 60?

    • JayGriff

      When Youtube fixes their copyright system.

      • Infernos_Reaper

        So, never?

  • Corey Moore

    By far the funniest re vamped show ive seen. I love it has all of our favorite peeps, favorite fights, w/o 3 episode of akward stare downs, and/or screaming to power up to a stronger level, only to drag out 3 weeks for 3 episodes on original show. ( still loved it!!) but the comedy tiu guys throw in with it is perfectly combinbed with the right amount of smartass and go fu*k your self bad guys. Truly amazing qith you creative ivity in this !! Always wanting more and longer episodes. Cant wait til next one, love this one. Keep up perfect work…. pun very much intended. Sincerley with love,
    MONKEY- aka superfan Corey moore
    [email protected]

  • Mr. Q

    Full-blooded Saiyans are good for many things.

    Fatherhood is not one of them.

    • Tony Sanchez Diego

      Vegeta is the only character on all the series that actually takes care of his family… Sooner or later…. especially the only saiyan who does so.

      • Mr. Q

        Yeah but some of his parental methods are rather iffy at times. Also, that world famous temper of his has to cost him points during parent/teacher meetings.

      • Dustin s

        Also trained saiyan from other universe

      • lincoln tappin

        Yeah that’s a big NO. Bulma takes care of the family

      • seto635

        Vegeta’s there, he’s around. He doesn’t run off to train like Goku
        Hell, if Goku was alive while Chi-Chi was pregnant, he would probably be at King Kai’s all day (he might have done something similar with Gohan, we didn’t see those years)

      • Infernos_Reaper

        Hell, Goku’s alive now in Super & all he does is go off & train.

      • Kaliaila

        At present, Vegeta has spent far more time away training during Super than Goku has. It was only in the lead up to Bra’s birth that Vegeta made a point of staying around.

      • a sayian does not simply go away from a house with a gravity chamber

      • seto635

        Nice joke, but he kind of did… The gravity room was there before Bulma was pregnant with Trunks, and Vegeta left before he was born

      • Justin Hewett (Hobbes G Oak)

        left to find goku. never left in the manga.

      • Unclever title

        It helps that the Briefs can afford to own and maintain a gravity room so that Vegeta can train at home.

      • seto635

        That isn’t keeping him around… It didn’t do the trick the first time, and it was helping him a lot more back then than now

      • Justin Hewett (Hobbes G Oak)

        left to find goku. never left in the manga

      • ravenshrike

        In fairness he’s giving Gohan pretty much the exact same childhood he had. As far as Goku’s concerned that’s how kids are supposed to be raised.

      • Isaiah Castro

        Yeah but remember Goku did not even know what kissing was. This was cannon in DBS so he’s not the sharpest tool In the shed.

      • Shadow

        Still can’t believe they made goku not know what kissing is, especially after having 2 kids with chichi

      • CRKS

        goku knows he was just memeing vegeta. Goku pretends not to know alot of things

      • how…? he pretty much married into royalty. He doesn’t have to take care of anything.

      • Jose Colella

        What about Piccolo and his son?

  • Angel

    Loved the writing for this ep

    (Also, not to be THAT person, but Yamcha’s VA isn’t credited)

  • Stuart McPherran


  • William

    the vid on youtube been blocked for this one. not sure as to why being the only one.

  • Terra Tobyias

    I love how you took dende a dull character (least to me) in original and made him this hilarious badass well done

  • Vignesh R

    Tournament of Power >>>Cell games

  • Mr Iczer

    Annnnd Toei copyright strikes the episode on youtube… Hysterically while I was rewatching the #CellGames (sponsored by Hetap).

    • Philip Dale

      I can confirm. I myself was in the middle of watching the episode again when the video suddenly got pulled. 🙁 I left a comment to let you (TeamFourStar) know on Facebook earlier too.

    • Tim Black

      Yeah they knocked down 58 as well.

    • Kenmeister9000

      Well I guess on the plus side I get to use the TFS website more.

    • Infernos_Reaper

      It really pisses me off because what they’re doing actually is legal in the US and even to a degree by Japanese standards but nope, gotta send the bots. Meanwhile, people are posting full episodes and getting away with it because they slightly pitch-shifted it & either flipped the image or put a small border around it.

      • seto635

        Well, can’t blame bots for picking that up. They’re bots
        Of course, blaming YouTube for using bots like that is completely fine, as they’re absolutely stupid and should be redone

      • Michael Cividanes

        Yup there it is. Toie has actually praised DBZ:A and have revoked several copyright claims that bots have made. The problem is that the actual bot system is so automated that the people the bots make the claims in the name of, aren’t informed. So literally a bot makes a copyright claim on behalf of Toie… Toie doesn’t know about it unless TeamFourStar disputes the claim and even then it’s just a message to their account with is most likely an unmonitored account anyway so every… I donno 15 days or so maybe that Toie actually looks at the email associated with that account is when they would see the message saying there is a disputed claim. The more you look into the actual hows of YouTube, the more fucked up it becomes.

  • Dean Havoc

    I’ve waited a long time to see that instant transmission kamehameha move on Cell.

  • Allister Greene

    I wanted more like another 20 minutes. Amazing episode.

  • João Pedro Grilo

    Fukin A, you guys rock soo much!

  • EvolVoid

    and so the videl and gohan love story begins

    • WCM

      Still a better love story then Twilight.

      • Matrim

        Misery was a better love story than Twilight.

      • Korkodylas

        And don’t forget “My Immortal”.

  • Jhoe Justice


    Shouldn’t have had Gohan say “ya with all our stolen DNA” anyone else would have worked fine. But this is a crucial part of the plot. Gohans DNA wasn’t taken they deliberately said they took Goku and Vegetas but not Gohan or Trunks. The entire point of this arc and DBZ up to this point is that Gohan is more powerful then the rest of the Z warriors combined.

    still love you guys for all your work, but for it to make sense that gohan beats cell, this line should be given to another character.

    • decker

      you’re not quite right cause gohan is 50% goku and trunks 50% vegeta to
      so its all ther dna

      • Daedalus

        Actually, DNA doesn’t work like that, 99.9% of Gohans / Gokus / Vegetas / Trunks’ DNA is the same. But I get your point.

      • Smacked Fly

        Not necessarily as goku and Chichi are from different planets. Goku and Chichi might not share any DNA and because of that gohan might have only half of his DNA in common with goku

      • Sam Martin

        While you have the right idea, in reality 99% of the code would have to be the same for mating purposes. That being said Goku also has to have something similar to a “Y” chromosome for Gohan to be even possible. One would have to assume that just a few genes are all that carry over. But this would acctully happen on the “x” side due to the fact that Gohans daughter helped created Saiyan God.

      • Smacked Fly

        While they would have to have analogous genes and it would clearly be likely that their genetic material would mostly be exactly the same that is not necessarily true. It might be an unlikely situation where they just have the same number of genes(or at least close enough that errors in meiosis could create sperm or eggs with the same number of genes) and be in a situation where whatever comes out of the joining is viable. It might even be that all saiyan genes are dominant over the human ones. While it is in no way likely, it is a possible alternate hypothesis.

      • bankai9000

        A far more likely hypothesis is that every noteworthy species in the Dragonball universe had a common ancestor and Saiyans and humans coincidentally evolved in very similar ways, thus making cross-species reproduction possible. All four noteworthy species in the Dragonball universe (Human, Saiyan, Namekian, Freeza’s race) are roughly humanoid in size and shape when not using species-specific abilities such as the Oozaru transformation (Saiyans), or multiple forms and personas (Freeza’s race). While there are some differences like skin color and extra appendages the fact that four different species have similar anatomy in their base forms is highly indicative of either a common ancestor or nearly identical paths of evolution, if not both.

      • Derek20

        That’s not how genes, dominance, meiosis, or mating works. Everything you said is what happens when you quickly read the wikipedia page on genetics and think you get it.

      • bankai9000

        Also we know that it’s impossible for all Saiyan genes to be dominant over human genes. Vegeta said that all Saiyans have black hair, but Trunks’ hair is light purple, similar to Bulma’s hair when she was a kid (though her hair was a more neutral tone of purple). If Saiyan genes were always dominant then Trunks’ hair should be black just like Gohan, Goten and Pan.

      • Soner Öktem


    • bankai9000

      Actually Gohan’s DNA is in Cell. The computer that made Cell took DNA from all of Earth’s strongest fighters at the time of the Saiyan Saga, including Gohan, then took some of Frieza’s DNA when he invaded Earth. Cell said the that computer considered taking Trunks’s DNA too, but concluded that it already had enough Saiyan DNA and that adding more would be redundant.

    • Eien Hikari

      Shut up. No one one cares what you feel or how you believe.

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