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Episode 50: A Raging Semi


MasakoX – Goku, Gohan
Takahata101 – Cell
Lanipator – Vegeta, Piccolo, Krillin
ShudoRanmaru – Android 18
Remix – Android 16
KaiserNeko – Trunks
Ganxingba – Tenshinhan
Megami33 – Bulma, Baby Trunks

Additional animation supplied by: Zach Manley

DragonBall is Owned by TOEI ANIMATION, Ltd. and Licensed by FUNimation Productions, Ltd.. All Rights Reserved. DragonBall, DragonBall Z, DragonBall GT and all logos, character names and distinctive likenesses thereof are trademarks of TOEI ANIMATION, Ltd. This is nothing more than a parody made for entertainment purposes only.

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DragonBall is Owned by TOEI ANIMATION, Ltd. and Licensed by FUNimation Productions, Ltd.. All Rights Reserved. DragonBall, DragonBall Z, DragonBall GT and all logos, character names and distinctive likenesses thereof are trademarks of TOEI ANIMATION, Ltd. This is nothing more than a parody made for entertainment purposes only.

  • Acidian Grays

    “That’s the closest thing you’ve done to damage since I got here”

  • Joshua Tribble


    “Well thank you… that’s apprecia- BLLARRHHGG!!!”


  • SL1MJ1M

    “bitch i’m adorable” Vegeta for president 2016

  • Vegeta: You know, if you actually trained instead of gorging yourself on a worthless species, your punches might actually hit a little closer to home.
    me: classic

  • mikep32068

    You really have to watch these more than once to catch everything.

    Cell:Can i… have a minute?
    vegeta: Sure you can, “uppercut.”
    Or more accurately Shoryuken!

  • AngelicDemon

    Cell: “if only you had shown up just a minute later, I would’ve had 18 nobody could’ve stopped me!” >:(
    Vegeta: “…Oh really?” \;)
    Trunks: (softly) “no.”
    Cell: “Vegeta, I would’ve destroyed you without a second thought.” >:)
    Trunks: (a little louder) “No!”
    Vegeta: “…Go on.” >:)
    Trunks: (shouting) “NOOOOOOOO”
    Me: “f^[email protected]# that was an awesome ending of the episode.”

  • AngelicDemon

    Cell:>:( “Oh you think you’re being cute?!”
    Vegeta:>;)”Bitch I’m adorable”
    Cell:>:(“Fine!” >:) ” Then how about this!? Galick Gun”
    Vegeta: (chuckles)>;) “And that’s just precious”

  • BulmaVegeta

    “Well if that’s wracking your brain, try drinking this in. It may pain me to say it but the boy over there is actually almost as strong as I am. Then again unlike you, he’s half me. Course the other half is his mother. I mean look at that hair. You look like a fruit. And not like a homosexual I mean like a literal walking fruit. EGGPLANT!” Oh Vegeta, I laughed so hard I started to cry!

  • Sporkinator

    Ugh, the audio is crackly on all the episodes I watch here. I miss the good old days when I could just watch them on YouTube.

  • Jbear_50

    Note to self never press vegeta’s goku button

  • Anthony Mageno

    My the only one who should think about bringing back one series Two Saiyans Play? I mean it’d be funny to see Vegeta and nappa play minecraft honestly Napa having the time of his life and Vegeta annoyed as hell

  • Anthony Mageno

    Bitch I’m adorable

  • Mrichards219

    On a side note gang, in GT Final bout, if you play it like MK trilogy/MK3, you’ll wreck the game with infinite combos, easily done with ALL saiyans! 🙂

  • Redskulblaka

    Waiting for the same epic christmas present as last year from you guys. it’s been 1 year since ‘percussive maintenance”. Hoping to see the HUA around the same time as ep.51 😀 you guys are awesome and tbh I’d wait another year for the HUA. I’d however, be sad if I had to wait a year for ep. 51 🙁

  • Quavo

    cant wait for the next episode! it has been 3 months and 2 days without one whats going on..

    • SoraRoxas528

      I think they have been focusing on getting their YouTube vids back up.

  • puzzlemaster

    is it possible to download your dragon ball videos? i have a 13h flight in 3 days and would like some awesome stuff to watch

  • yezzur421

    yoooooo, what’s up with the copyright claim from Toei Animation on youtube?

  • Epic Evan92

    You guys are awesome, I love this series.

  • thesmartassinthebackoftheroom

    i had this thought for gohhans mystic tranformation:
    kias talking
    ‘we have to reach deep inside him’
    ‘and grab hold of the power he can’t control’
    gohan: i need an adult
    kia (not getting the joke: you are an adult
    gohan : your, your right im an adult, I AM AN ADULT!! (goes mystic)

  • veyron_fan

    Took me about 4 times to notice the “sure you can” joke lol

  • vexxeler0

    does the Krillin plays take place before the boo saga and is that going to be incorporated into the mythos? Is the krillin plays part of this universe or one of the eleven other multiverses? will you go to gt or super dragon ball? will dbz be recognized in super dragon ball during the tournament as a representative or is the teamfourstar part of the hidden universe separate from cannon material?

    • dcforeman

      And will you answer fans dumass clusterfuck questions? I mean like ALL of them… damn, chill dude.

    • Notlit

      Dragon Ball Super. You wouldn’t say Z Dragon Ball

    • Paur

      I had to make an account on here to tell you my head hurts now….. Uw0tM8

  • themightyoozaru

    Just watched Resurrection Of F Goku is a Gigantic Kill Stealing Bitch

    • dcforeman

      That’s right, spoiler it for everyone 😐 KAMEHAMEHAAAAAAAAA you’re ended.

      • Topher_McGopher45

        At this point, everyone and their mothers know that Goku will end up being the one to kill any major villains. And we can also safely assume that Vegeta and/or Piccolo will show up when Goku is temporarily down. Vegeta and/or Piccolo will also somehow be on the same spot on the power level scale with Goku with no actual means of explaining how they became so powerful. Piccolo’s meditating does NOT make him as strong as a SS3, come on people.

    • Topher_McGopher45

      “HEY VEGETA!!! FRIEZA IS GOING TO DESTROY THE PLANET IF YOU DON’T KILL HIM NOW!!!!!” or I could just kill Frieza now and take Vegeta’s XP

  • SapphireRedfox

    You guys should do a Abridged Fairy Tail series. I think you guys would have a freaking blast with that. I do request Nick “Lanipator” Landis play Gajeel’s voice. 🙂

  • Bradley Dean

    this episode was good as always and it had its own feel like normal. the diologe between Cell and vageta was very well scripted, and the voice acting was spot on. the editing was done perfect as well and like always. I would have personally liked a longer episode but I get that it was more of a filler one. episode 50… so much has changed… and yet it still has that great feeling of what dragon ball z abriged truly is. I would give this episode an 8/10 just due to the shortness of it. can not wait the see that perfect Cell!

  • potatoclips

    I WANNA I WANNA I WANNA I WANNA I WANNA I WANNA I WANNA I WANNA NEW EPISODE! (turns ssjss, then cries like a krillin/bitch)

  • lizard general zxykl

    We were victorious on youtube so now the lizard army will invade your websites HISSSSSSSSSSSSS

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. Fruit

  • muffin button

    EPISODE 50!!!!!

  • Legionbunny

    I want a “bitch i’m adorable” Vegeta t-shirt

    • Gakke


    • ItsOver9000


    • potatoclips

      would be great but the context is what makes it epic
      “Bitch, I’m adorable.”
      would need some image of cell screaming to go with it

    • Bradley Dean


    • MattB23

      I’ll also second that

    • tcline90
    • seconded

  • potatoclips

    man, these episodes just get better and better. and even the early ones with the old mic were non-stop comedy gold

  • maximotheone

    i doubt it but if future episode when krillin and 18 are married that we see clips of the ceremony like 17 talking about how he tried to kill him and all that

    • mathex14

      how will 17 be talking to them if his only appearance after cell saga is when goku is doing the genki dama? Unless I forgot something

  • NorseJuggalo

    Cell’s whining sounded like Kirran’s yesterday during the stream.

    • dracosfire7

      I thought it looked like Taka…

  • Ubersupersloth

    I don’t know if this is common or if I’ve just noticed this but they re-used the Vegeta’s still pose quite a few times. Maybe they do it often but I think I noticed it because it looks slightly off. The writing and voice-acting were top-notch, though. ^_^

  • PizzaWolf

    Are AoT and Hellsing still being produced? I liked them both very much but they haven’t moved in a while.

    • Tylasan

      Attack on Titan was discontinued at the request of the anime producers. Hellsing comes out every Halloween.

  • BerryDBZA

    Loved it.

  • TallAsHell

    Oh my god… Was Cell screaming “I want to be perfect! I wanna I wanna I wanna!” a callback to how Vegeta became a Super Saiyan?

    • Shouri

      Well he DID power up Vegetas side of the petri dish. And then Trunks calls back Vegetas “No…” from way back in ep 10. There was the DNA of Vegeta manifested in Imperfect Cell’s voice coming from his butt. And remember ep 48 where Cell is like “Oh that’s adora-*******!!”? Vegeta calls it back when he says “B***h I’m adorable”. The final one I can think of is a bit far fetched but Vegeta is reminiscent of Freeza in this episode right? In DBZA Kai 2 Freeza calls himself “Space NapolHitler”. In this episode Cell says Vegeta has a Napolean Complex. Wait it’s actually not too far fetched because Vegeta got a Moostache recently! Sure it was fake but so is wrestling *gasps* What? It is sometimes… *mumbles* besides it’s too much of a coincidence that I always win wrestling video games easily. *Back to normal* So there was me ruining the jokes! You’re welcome!

      • magdra

        b((ch what you smokin?

  • Solember

    Definitely in the Top 3 of DBZ Abridged. Might be number one actually. Just… I lost it so many times. Cell’s ass, the “Trained all day yesterday” comment… Vegeta and Cell in the abridge have such good dynamics together.

  • potatoclips

    still waiting for trunks to get an aneurysm trying to argue with vegeta, then go assj in his rage

  • FourStarFan

    “Hey, you were there! …Why didn’t you go super saiyan?” One minute in and I’m already cracking up.

  • kogawolfman

    so, Super Android 13 Abridging? Because 17/Gan did reference him in an earlier episode.

    • kogawolfman

      also, kinda leads me to wonder what would happen if more than one of the same model of android fused. seems like it’d be past super-android.

  • ShaoKahnage

    Vegeta proving yet again that he is The Fresh Prince of All Saiyans.

  • AgentBc6

    Maybe have what makes trunks hit vegeta is that he says “your just has much of a wimp as a gohan so come on your not gonna hit me” and trunk justs goes like “don’t you fucking say that about gohan!” And maybe go on a rant about how gohan is a better father then vegeta. I think this would be funny personally but I bet what ever you guys do it wil be grand.

  • edwardBrink87

    Ok, vegeta and krillin are excellent in this, constant laughs with those two. However, Cell is a little weak. And i dont mean power level wise. I think the problem is with the writing. At the moment Cell is just kind of there to move the plot along. Takahata is very talented. He can bring such a crazy, funny energy to his characters but I dont think this is being taken advantage of here.

    • YukoValis

      To be fair, Cell’s not perfect…. Literally. I honestly think his semi-perfect form was the least interesting one of the three.

  • mr.meeseeks

    i’m mr.meeseeks look at me, if and when you guys do the dbz wrath of the dragon “tapion” movie, it would be amazing if goku think tapion link . also at the end of the movie when tapion give trunk the sword he drops that ” it’s dangerous to go alone take this”. i’m mr.meeseeks.

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    • Solember

      Do you REALLY have to put your spam in the comments of such a majestic video?

      • Shouri

        At least put some effort into it…If you do that people will click more even when they know it’s spam. The way it is now…it’s like one of those old dramas that make me cringe. Not clicking that. A decent improvement would be being a bit less sappy. People hate it when you are so obviously a spam. And improve grammar alongside vocabulary. Last tip for now: Comment on the video you’re spamming. This will make people more susceptible to spam. Good Luck!

        Oh Lord Popo I’m bored aren’t I?

  • choaslord

    have you accept Vegeta as your lord and savor,

    also I want to see a dbz battle of the god abridged movie like now

  • choaslord

    cell spoke out of his own azz was funny, also
    cell: “how did you get so strong”
    Vegita: “I train for a whole day” lol made me laught
    please never stop, it what keep me smile in this dark cruel world and job I have which suck lot

  • firewalker22

    i never would have made it if i could not have laughed, it lifted me momentarily out of this horrible situation, just enough to make it livable. – Viktor Frankl. from the people that work go to school and grind every day and struggle to keep what they have.. thank give us something to look forward to, you take something we love and make it into something we’ve always wanted it to be. as for the the nay sayers the whiners and complainers take it all with a grain of salt and love the ones who love you.

  • lasantaynez

    Cell: “You think you’re being cute?”
    Vegeta: “Bitch, I’m adorable!” Please make this a t-shirt! XD!

    • Squishybrick

      Please, don’t give them any MORE ideas.. Seems to me the speed of which they make episodes is directly proportionate to the amount of money being thrown at them.. If they get another 50 patreon subscribers and sell a couple hundered more T-shirts, we may never see episode 51 until late next year..

      Of course we “could” blame their slowness on the sheer load of side-crap they do.. But that’d just be nit-picking.. (Or would it..)

      • yezzur421

        or maybe it takes so long because of comments about it taking so long

      • lasantaynez

        Boo hoo! I wanna new episode of DBZ Abridged! I wanna! I wanna! I wanna!

      • yezzur421


      • Gakke

        DBZA has come out about once a month for it’s entire run. This episode came out about a month after the last episode, which came out about a month after the last episode.

        In other words, shut up moron.

  • incrediblenoiseman

    You know what I’ve never understood? What exactly is going on, or what is trying is trying to get across, about Cell’s footstep sound effects. I’ve always wonder that as a kid and still do now. Wonder if Kaiser has thought the same when editing. “Ok, time to put in the staple Cell steps and…wait…why do they even make that sound?”

    I think a few other characters in Dragon Ball may also have it, but none come to mind. Oh well.

    Great job Team, keep up the good work.

    • OnyxGaze

      Well seeing as cell is the only organic android of his scale, me thinks that his joints and limbs have some kind of organic metal integrated with his framework which could in theory account for the noises..but then again like cell I’m talking out of my ass but that’s the only thing I could think of to answer that.

      • Shouri

        I always thought it’s because he is super tall, heavy and has a dragging tail. Doesn’t Freezas family walk like that?

  • jmerridew124

    This episode is perfect. Vegeta is exactly the way he should be. I also loved the callback to “I wanna!”

    For future reference, you may want to update your disclaimer at the beginning to include Dragonball Super, just to be thorough.

  • ULTATT425

    Down with YouTube. Rise of TeamFourStar

  • wowfood

    When he mentioned Gohan not transforming before, I actually wonder if it’s a combination power level / genetics thing.

    Power Level: You have to reach a state of emotion to reach SS, but at the same time have the power to bust through the roof. On Namek Goku had the power level, and all his friends dying gave him the emotion. He exhibited the emotional strengh several times in DragonBall as short bursts of power, like when he fisted picollo. Gohan also displayed the momentary power boost with his insane power bursts against raditz and Freiza. Big power burst from emotion, but not enough to go super saiyan.

    Genetics: After going SS, it flips a switch on the genes, which is why after all the struggles to go SS for Goku Vegeta and Gohan, Trunks and Goten were able to transform so young, the gene had already been activated.

    • Dizrupt

      Would also explain why it was so much harder for Future Trunks, as in his timeline Vegeta wouldn’t have achieved SSJ before Trunks’ conception.

  • yezzur421

    Did this video get removed from the youtube channel? Keep up the hilarious work you all, there has not been a single episode where I didn’t bust out in uncontrollable laughter. Much awesome. Such epic.

    • KingRex

      I doubt it.. They probably posted it, got everyone hype and let them laugh and stuff then took it down to use as promo for their site because naturally youtube is the first option but TFS . com is the second so the consumer will check here next.. Im just looking at it from a business aspect

    • antwan ortega

      yes it got remove by youtube for “violating their policy”

      • It’s still available here:
        it has Polish subtitles though, so be prepared…

      • Cliff_Mastah_14

        I’m sorry. But I think youtube needs to lay off on their policy a bit. I mean, i don’t understand what part of this episode violated the policy. I like an explanation on that.

      • yezzur421

        That’s what I thought because the remnants of the video show up in the playlist, but obviously it says removed now. Youtube is dumb, go Team3star!

  • Ultimateifrit

    2 shirts we now need.

    “Bitch, I’m adorable.”
    “Eggplant!” With just a picture of like an eggplant with trunks’ hair and legs or something.

    I don’t know, you guys are the t-shirt wizards, not me.

    • QuickestTheMagot


      We also need
      Muffin Button

      I need an adult

      Senzu Bean

      You pressed the Goku Button
      [Button with Goku’s Face on it]
      Ya shouldn’t have done that.

  • praxisseizure

    I wish I had a KaiserNeko tee shirt. I would sport that shit with a swagger on Broadway Ave. every day of the week.

  • Redskulblaka

    Obviously nobody else seemed to have thought about Gohan transforming on Namek before this episode. Gohan was weaker than Goku at that point still, his body wouldn’t have been able to handle the strain. For those wanting a hard example, Recoome essentially all but killed Gohan in about 2.3 seconds. Goku destroyed Recoome in one punch. It’d be interesting to see the way the series would I went if Gohan had been the one to transform instead. I am a firm believer that Gohan is worthy of the ‘Legendary Super Saiyan’ monicer along with Broly. Goku, Vegeta, Trunks, and Goten are simply Super Saiyans. But since Gohan didn’t train as intensely as anyone (maybe with the exception of Goten) his power gained at a much slower rate than would have if he had, say, been brought up on Vegeta among the Saiyans. Bardock would have trained the crap out of Gohan. Super Saiyan family ….. + Raditz.

    • Redskulblaka

      Not obviously…. *Apparently*

    • Matrim

      There’s not really a “hard limit” on how strong a Saiyajin has to be to sustain the transformation. So, there’s nothing saying Gohan couldn’t have done it. And even if he couldn’t, there’s no real way for Goku to know that…so it’s a valid question.

    • lostsomething

      Gohan’s still supposed to be stronger than Vegeta was when he first came to earth and I have a hard time believing that’s weaker than Goten or kid Trunks were when they managed it. Yes, power level inflation is worse than

  • Gohan is bonding with his dad

  • Goku is actually wright why did Gohan not go Super
    So we know now that Vegeta plays video games
    Seeing your enemies break down mentally is so much fun

    • Shawntos

      The theory that keeps popping up about that is you need to reach a certain level of physical endurance before you’re able to go Super Saiyan. Notice how all of them go through a lot of training before they break that barrier. Only exception is Goten and Trunks during the Buu saga and it’s pretty likely that they were a lot stronger than the others at a young age so it wasn’t as hard for them.

      • wowfood

        I always went for the genetic potential theory.

        Goku, Vegeta and Gohan all had the genes to go super saiyan, but they were stuck in the off position, like a rusty lever. They had to work hard to move that lever and transform the first time, but after that it was easier because it had become unstuck.

        Years later, goku and Vegeta have kids, at this point the gene to turn supersaiyan was active, and passed to goten and trunks, so they were able to transform much easier. Definitely works for gohan, not really sure when trunks was conceived. Borderline could have been conceived before or after.

        And yes we all know that Vegeta plays games, have you not been watching two saiyans play? or Renegade for Life?

  • Clydus

    Bitch I’m adorable 😛

  • demolition541

    50 episodes approximately half way through the show. You should totally end on episode 100. It would be PERFECT

  • gokuholcombe

    50 Episodes? Congratulations. I’m happy that you guys are doing so great. 50 more episodes and we’ll be great.

    • Baron von Whimsy

      That’s great.

  • Iskenator67

    Congratulations on 50 episodes guys! Here’s to 50 more. 🙂

  • RakshaKoi

    Amazingly done, yet again 🙂 you guys never cease to please me.

  • torru369

    Ya know, now that you mention it, this is the last time Vegeta is the badass of the world. Seriously, Resurrection F is the next time he dominates the enemy like this again. On another note, how could they fail to use the grammatically incorrect announcement to use an energy based attack bit again?

  • SeniorSmurf


  • GinKadia

    “Bitch I’m adorable!”

  • postmortimer

    Skipping 35 pages of comments, pointing this out:
    “me and the boys are gonna have to make your face look like your ass, and your ass look like your face!”
    It came true 😀 !
    I had so much fun (re-)watching this episode. Thanks.

  • KaiTheSaiyan

    k k k kombo

  • Vahnl23

    If there is one thing I am most curious about, its how they will pull of Hercule aka Satan. He was comic relief in the show…..or at least that was the plan. Since his character was ridiculous there I am looking forward to seeing what you guys do with him in your series.

  • the_way99


  • HerculeSatin

    Am I the only one who got the baby reference?

  • Z2

    I absolutely love the moments where we get to see Cell act like the people he’s made up of. Him having a break down and tearily going ‘I wannIwannaIwannaaa!’ just like Vegeta was amazing.

  • SomeguywholikesDBZ

    Come on guys,still no Shoop da Whoop?
    How bout this for an idea:
    Vegeta(while shooting Final Flash):”IMMA FIRIN MAH LAZOR”
    Cell:”Oh shit!”
    (While getting hit):”BAAAAAAAAAA!!!”(the sound when actually firing Shoop da Whoop)

    • Videogamer

      Didn’t they have Nappa do that in season 1

      • Shawntos

        Yeah Nappa did that when he killed Piccolo, better go rewatch the series.

  • immacarlin


  • Steve, Son of Steve

    Imperfect Cell is back! I hope cell keeps talking out his ass.

  • Velma

    Was I the only one who became really sad during that conversation with Bulma? Like she wants to defend Vegeta but she can’t. I’d like to think this was done on purpose and it is a precursor to Vegeta’s character growth to come. The fact that Vegeta eventually becomes the best Saiyan dad/husband (before Gohan joins the club of course) is so ironic that I really hope the crew will play it straight when the time comes and not twist it around into something different for the sake of comedy. I think there is already plenty of comedic potential in that ultimate irony.

    All in all another awesome episode. I want my Bitch I’m Adorable Vegeta shirt yesterday. This will definitely go down as a favorite of mine.

  • tcsshadow

    it wont load for me 🙁

  • Caeric

    Sweet! ‘Nother episode! I’mma give you some critique so’s I can hopefully have a good impression and bolster the good quality of the show!
    – Loved the Eggplant joke, and I loved imperfect Cell talking. The former is well-delivered and cut, the latter is a great visual gag. Trunks going “NOOO” with the horror twist-zoom was great.
    – Semi-Perfect Cell is not interesting. Him losing isn’t especially interesting. I don’t know how much you COULD do to solve this, as he happens to actually be, in the narrative, a middle state between a serial murderer and a goofy demigod. But yeah. Nothing you can fix now and he’s out the door anyway. Just saiyan.
    – Other than the above jokes, most of the jokes were pretty soft. To me, I guess. Since the episode lacks dramatic tension (until the end), it felt kinda like an episode for waiting to get to the good part. Maybe it didn’t need to be a whole episode? I guess the idea on your ends is that it’s a joke-filled episode that carries the plot at a decent pace. I guess this is a me thing, then. 16 and 18’s conversation was kinda just a (clever) rephrasing of “Power levels are bullshit”. The conversation between Tien, Piccolo and Bulma didn’t have any hard kicker jokes. The Goku ramble at the start wasn’t really funny in and of itself, and hardly necessary for your fanbase. If it was meant as satire for recaps in the series proper, I didn’t get that vibe. I dunno. Maybe it’s all in my head.
    – That edit of Trunks on the falling ledge was good! It added character to the fighting process itself, something that DBZ often doesn’t bother with.

    Still the sort of episode I’ll happily rewatch. I critique because I like and want all the best for this series!

    • Baron von Whimsy

      “A middle state between serial murderer and […]”

      Pretty sure that when you attempt to kill 6+ billion people, you’re still a serial murderer.
      Just, a really, REALLY ambitious one.

      • wowfood

        I think there’s a certain point you shift from a seriel killer to a genocidal maniac.

  • c-ez

    I liked the old animation in the first few seasons of DBZ when it was closer to the original Dragonball. Before they made every male character a walking Mr.Universe. Gohan looks super awkward in that bath as a 12 year old with bulging muscles like that

    • Dimfish

      you didn’t have bulging muscles when you were 12? Must have not showered with your dad enough.

  • cavm97

    I really, really hope Caroni gets the same voice as Zarbon.

  • Wizard

    Ending scene was hilarious! No holding back!

  • Smilin Jack

    Noooo! that would have been the perfect moment for Goku to shout KamehameSHARK!

  • lanifan101

    Vegeta once again u r the funniest character, keep up the good work Laniptor, u the best

  • Blizzard

    “And not like a homosexual I mean a literal walking fruit!”

    Hahahaha! That is the best!

  • Zolar

    Looking like a fruit? That’s rich coming out of a guy with pineapple hair!

    • 13TheAce

      Yeah, but that’s everybody as a Super Saiyan. Trunks is the only character in this series with Saiyan blood in his veins and his natural hair isn’t black. It’s purple. PURPLE!

      On that note, did Toriyama just say “Screw genetics” on that design, or is there some other reason?

      Though seriously… EGGPLANT!!

      • Drigger

        Bulma’s hair was blue. Chi Chi’s is black, Goku’s is black. So their children hair would likely have Black hair. Vegeta + Bulma = Black, Blue, or Purple.

  • KaiserNeko

    A quick update: Flat out insulting us, calling us liars with no proof, and insulting our fan-base is a very easy way to get comments removed and your account deleted. We don’t have the time nor the manpower to moderate the comments section with the scrutiny required to give out warnings and followups. If you act in a rude, disrespectful manner, you don’t belong here.

    That being said: Criticism and opinions of dissatisfaction are completely welcome! Keep them honest, but respectful.

    • Kraken012

      I love you

    • Krillin It

      Cant wait for the Episode breakdown 😛

    • LSKG

      i for one appreciate the extra effort you take to respond to fans and keep us informed. it’s the little things like that, that make me appreciate the work you guys put in to this all the more. thanks for responding to me earlier this week by the way correcting me on my faulty knowledge regarding the final fantasy abridged taka is working on

      now i have a very important question
      when do the “bitch I’m adorable” t-shirts come out with vegeta

    • LSKG

      i for one appreciate the extra effort you take to respond to fans and keep us informed. it’s the little things like that, that make me appreciate the work you guys put in to this all the more. thanks for responding to me earlier this week by the way correcting me on my faulty knowledge regarding the final fantasy abridged taka is working on

      now i have a very important question
      when do the “bitch I’m adorable” t-shirts come out with vegeta

    • Wizard

      Episode breakdown will be great

    • Melita_H

      Thank you for that. ^^ (And for all your work and everything too, of course. XD)

    • Videogamer

      Preaching to the choir on that one Kaiser

  • Jeremycuddles

    Pretty much 8 and a half minutes of Vegeta, I think I am in heaven.

  • android19

    yaaaaas. So good. ……………. eggplant.

  • ChronoTriggerHappy

    my body is ready

  • acennis83

    Several times Imperfect Cell was speaking I could hear the Alucard coming through in his voice, I can’t wait until Halloween.

  • HisInfiniteMachine

    No, just YOUR opinion, darling.

  • theeshyguy

    This show is more of a better redub than a parody at this point 😀

    • Videogamer

      Has anyone noticed that when dbz kai came out that a lot of the voices for early apearing characters changed and sounded more like how they sound with the character voices on the abridged series

  • Deathbomb

    the video isn’t working for me

  • AgentBc6

    I hope trunks goes “no no no no noo goddammit I go back in time to save my world but my father is such a idiot it’s going to ruin everything goddamit” or something like that kinda like what king Kai did with goku.

    • “If he sets that android free it’ll be the end of all of us! NOOOOOOOOO!!!”

  • Brett Donovan

    Ok the voice of perfect form cell should either be a mix of Zarbon and George Takei. Ohhhh my, my body is perfection. Or Alucard lol

    • wowfood

      Something between Zarbon and Pegasus from yugioh abridged.

  • GreyLurker

    you can just see it coming now can’t you.

    The thing that sends Gohan over the edge into Super Saiyan rage is going to be his father abandonment issues.

  • Tastumaki7pyukaku

    What the….

  • Lenzilla

    “I worked out all day yesterday.” lmao

  • Kainzorus Prime

    Tell me the Final Flash is gonna have Vegeta yell “LAST BLAST” at first.

  • Trapjesus

    I love the fact that despite Vegeta being more or less made a bitch through out the original DBZ, Team Four Star gives us all the redemption for the character that we so crave by giving him all the best lines. ” Bitch, I’m adorable.” …you guys never cease to slay me. Keep up the fantastic work XD.

    • SpleenSphinx

      I would’ve described original DBZ Vegeta more as a total dick despite the fact that he’s kind of whiny. IE, what happens immediately between Vegeta and Gohan after they get back from Namek. Which subsequently also pretty much screws over Bulma’s character because she sleeps with him shortly there after. And Vegeta is still all of that, but you’re able to relate more to the ,”I am the hype” attitude, and Bulma’s character isn’t nearly as degraded for sleeping with him due to the removal of that one scene.

      And I’d say the majority of characters have been vastly improved upon. Bulma isn’t just a sex object and appears more as a 3 dimensional character. Popo is also vastly improved (I thought he was rather offensive before). I could go on, but yea, DBZ abridged characters>originals, pretty much across the board.

      • Woolytop

        Uh, have you watched Dragon Ball Z recently? Bulma doesn’t sleep with Vegeta until like three years after they return from Namek.

  • Macnbac

    Best birthday present ever.

  • mathex14

    Awesome episode guys! Just thought it was kind short :/, but what to do? Anyway still amazing, “I’m going to pound you so hard that the boy’s mother is gonna be jealous” hahaha! BTW, the next movie is the android 13 movie right? Does anyone knows when tfs is gonna start doing it? I think it’s close!

  • map6943

    Final flash?

  • Ziv Galant

    Sorry if i offended anyone by asking more DBZA content over other TSF stuff, thats just my personal feeling(since i’m a big DBZA fan). I might look a bit selfish since i”m not into any of the other content on this beautiful site, but to me it seems like im saying what most of the fans are thinking…regardless TFS thank you for all the genious DBZA episodes you’ve brought us so far…Much love and respect for you guys!

    • mathex14

      I know what you mean, however I did tried FFVII abridged, it’s not that good for now, but it might become a pretty good series in the future, the only problem is I never played final fantasy

    • Drigger

      The only thing they can do to make it go faster is to devote every waking moment to the show, which they can’t do. I wouldn’t mind if TFS Plays delayed TFS at all either, but that’s just me. They’re going to do their best to continue the series to the end, and until then you can try their other content. If you don’t like it (The earlier adventures of Dumplin made me choke on water coming through my nose.) there are probably other channels on YouTube you’d enjoy.

  • Starwind0888

    The banter is pretty nice, and funny enough to quench my thrust, but the funniest moments are the two scenes with Gohan and Goku, and Trunks freaking out at the end.

    All in all, I liked this ep a lot.

  • Kowalski

    Wow, i didn’t realise Cell’s mouth became his ass after transformation. And then this shit talk ” I wanna be perfect”… well is understandable now. You know, to be perfect you have to know, how to poo. Unfortunately for him, he can only split…

  • Yusagi

    Every time I see Trunks, I hope that they’ll come up with a special where kid Trunks and future Trunks get to interact.

    Sometimes I wish DBZA were a fanfic instead of a retelling, so Vegeta could not do the dumb thing. Don’t do it, Vegeta.

  • patrickd1221

    The material is amazing, but they definitely are taking a lot longer for episodes that are about half as long as they used to be.

  • patrickd1221

    That was good, as they always are…
    But didn’t these episodes used to like, twice as long? And also take half as long to come out?

    • Kaliaila

      Think you got that backwards.

  • SwordMaker

    That awkward moment when you realize that the TFS characters are deeper and funnier than the actual characters. And when i say awkward i mean awesome. No, really, i was watching the new DB saga and the characters are meh! Great work guys! not only the content, but the voice acting too. You seriously should start a dubbing company, your voice acting is really good.

    • Ziv Galant

      agreed 100%.

      DBZA>DB Super

      • GreyLurker

        I’m kind of hoping they actually start doing DBSuper fanDub, I think they could have a lot of fun with it

  • Delphince

    Glorious, absolutely glorious! I laughed so damn hard and never got a break. The writing was nonstop gold in this ep.

  • Kenndar

    “Bitch, I’m adorable.” LOL
    What a great episode.

  • dracosfire7

    Guys… The episodes aren’t taking longer and longer, you guys are just getting more and more impatient…

    • patrickd1221

      I’m pretty sure they are taking longer, and also are shorter too..

      • Kaliaila

        I’m 100% sure you are wrong.

      • mathex14

        At first they were REALLY short, I mean easily shorter than this one, but with the time, there were episodes that were 12/13 minutes long if I recall correctly, I even remember one that was 14 minutes long(not sure)

      • Melita_H

        I’m quite sure they’re actually coming out much faster than they used to…
        And my impression is that the length just varies according to what content fits in in what way, as it has always been.
        People should just be patient and enjoy it. :p

    • wowfood

      But I want a new episode now! Iwantitiwantitiwantitiwantitiwantitiwantit

  • Steiner

    Definitely one of my favorite parts of the series. I love seeing Vegeta get to finally have some fun (the Android 19 fight was excellent). Great 50th, guys!

    • android19

      yeah, that fight was pretty awesome. Maybe not the end though…


    Bit sad that the episode was on the short side but I know Kaiser and the guys will make the Final Flash and Cell’s transformation into an incredible next episode.

  • Malachives

    Awesome episode! Congrats on 50 episodes! You’ve come so far and everything is so funny! Good job!

  • cowkiller06

    Haha this series brings me so much joy and laughter. Keep at it team four star. You guys make tough days a little more easy.

  • Connor046

    I rewound “EGGPLANT!!!” 3 times.

    This is gold.

  • jazzar23

    I had to watch this twice tonight it was that good. That aside I feel as though they missed the chance to have cell say in prepossess to vegeta’s honesty line with “Honesty fucking hurts”

    • jazzar23

      i meant “response” not “prepossesss” I’m even on my laptop how the fuck did i spell that so wrong

  • Maximum Over-Saiyan Prince Vegeta

    Was that eggplant part a markiplier refernce? #eggplant

    • Drigger

      You look like a fruit! And not like a homosexual! I mean like a litteral walking fruit! EGGPLANT!

  • Bluecow

    I was really hoping Cell would fire his lazor. This would have been the episode. 🙁

    Or chargin his lazor. Or any variation of the meme.

    • Mal

      They did that joke years ago.

      • rboss

        I remember that joke -with Nappa. Way back when.
        But that moment WAS the meme starter, and I too was expecting a lazor joke thrown in somewhere.

        Oh well.

        PS: Why didn’t Gohan go super sayan on Namek along with Goku?…………. That one really caught me.

  • tealrooster

    First time comment. Yall kill it. Have killed it from the beginning. Killed throughout the serieseses, movies, and with other entertaining stuff. I look forward to new content every day. And when theres new dragon ball it makes my day. Especially during hard times. 2nd knee surgery coming up. U bet ill be counting on yall for inspiration when i am recovering back to full power!!! Honestly. I love ya’ll work. Keep doing it. Keep loving it. And i ll be watching. Congrats on episode 50!!!!!

  • nuxs87

    Please make “Bitch I’m Adorable” a T shirt

  • Tenebris Dumplin

    I actually thought that the end might have been a real Father-Son moment. I was wrong…

    • dc

      Why would it be a father son moment? Grandpa Gohan is in otherworld and Piccolo isn’t there!

  • therealslimshady

    Red vs Blue rolls out an episode of this length or longer every week and maintains incredible quality with an entire staff of animators and editors. Putting creative staff limits on writing is one thing but on editing?!???!? come on you guys are hurting yourselves.

    • DarkHorse45

      Keep in mind, that comparison isn’t really fair. RoosterTeeth, the creators of Red vs Blue (as I’m sure you know) have a much larger staff and are therefore able to produce their episodes a lot quicker. TeamFourStar however, has a much smaller staff and only one person dedicated to editing each episode so it is expected that there upload times don’t quite compare to that of Red vs Blue.

      • Also gotta take into account that Red versus blue is much easier to make. I haven’t watched it in a long time, but it’s from a video game in reality, you can move shit around, put tanks where you need them, have a sniper drop into a specific spot. There is also no lip syncing to do with voices and no real problems to fix with the animation, because 2 dimensional content created from film (if I remember right) and a 3D Video game created in a computer are two completely different things. As for writing it’s the same thing, you can achieve high quality of writing at similar paces, whether you use a big team or a small one, it’s about what you’re writing about and what you need to get across to your audience. Disclaimer: I am dead tired at 1AM and have classes today at 7AM, so I apologize if this didn’t make much sense.

    • Melita_H

      Indeed it might be good to have another editor, but comparing it to Red vs. Blue isn’t really reasonable. First of all, they actually DON’T roll out one every week – they work on it for about half a year and then release it weekly after it’s mostly, if not completely, done. Second of all, Rooster Teeth is a full company that does a multitude of things and has a significant budget and, indeed, full staff. TFS is growing and is doing well with their Patreon, but they’re not yet anywhere near that state. I’m sure that, were they a full company who could make DBZA for profit (which they can’t – RvB can be for profit because they have an agreement with Microsoft), they would reach that point, but as they it is still a fan-made parody and they don’t have the budget or legal ability to hire full staff even if they wanted to, that’s just not feasible.
      I do agree that it may be good to have more people to help out, but I just think comparing TFS to RoosterTeeth is essentially like comparing RoosterTeeth to Dreamworks or Disney. ^^”

    • Thunderdoodles

      also Red and Blue doesn’t have to edit pitch perfect lip flaps because HELMETS.

  • a couple decent jokes, but in all actuality, a little contrived and/or predictable. most of all of the punchlines in here were recycled from previous episodes, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. piccolo with the “did you just hold a grudge?!” was one of the most gut-busting moments so far. plus, just as much as i love the continuity you guys are holding up, i thought this was supposed to be satire…? like mostly on how terribly funimation screwed up the american version? sometimes the funniest jokes arise when characters surprise you in a good way, like they’re not static images on a screen — two dimensional, if you will. i think the most original joke in here was cell talking out his ass, but i guess you guys are somewhat limited to the animation of the original. all in all, as clever and well-written some of the material was, i couldn’t bring myself to laugh. not once. sorry. i guess i set my hopes too high, or the comedy center of my brain is broken, i dunno. personally, i think the freeza saga was and still is a shitload funnier.

    • therealslimshady

      i agree completely

    • Thunderdoodles

      You guys are both princesses. Sure the wait is long, but free is free. And this episode was priceless.

      • Mal

        Who needs criticism, amirite?

    • Yusagi

      It’s true originally Abridged series tended to be pointed strongly at making fun of the dub (“Check his pulse!”) but even from the beginning it was still mostly about poking fun at the show itself. And the deeper a series gets into the abridging, the more it becomes a humorous version of the show, following its own continuity and characterizations. This is episode 50, you’re referencing episode 25. There’s way more things established now than then.

      Besides that, even if it were about ‘how Funimation messed up the dub’, by the Cell saga it was pretty much fine. They’d run out of material if it was all about “Look how this rookie studio doesn’t know what it’s doing!” because the studio pretty much figured itself out by the time Android saga started.

      • KotainoKage24

        Plus, it gets boring watching people make fun of the studio itself. TFS never did that, that’s why they are the best abridgers. It isn’t hard to make fun of what a studio did wrong. It is hard, however, to make fun of a show at a point that is not really meant to be funny.

  • Mahargni3299

    WIll Krillin ever get to tell Vegeta he (Krillin) killed Cell? lol

  • SSJG2_Vegito

    Totally Forgot the ass whooping Vegeta opened up on Cell l,mao

    • SSJG2_Vegito


  • relampago123

    Is it me or the voice of cell was different this episode

  • ravinxrose

    it’s sad that these are getting shorter and shorter but the wait is getting longer and longer :/ good episode though, funny

  • SSJ BentoSalesboy

    Is it just me, or are all the “Krillin Plays” paying off. I mean, Krillin managed to completely avoid detection, and some how knew exactly where the objective was.
    Did he manage to get that motion sensor from “Alien Isolation”?
    On an aside…the Hyperbolic Time Chamber scenes are actually some of my favorites from the original, and these are just hysterical so far.

    • Drigger

      Krillin needs one final part of Alien Isolation after the next. A permadeath on Nightmare mode. I say one episode and you know why.

  • LemonSqueezy

    As someone who has never watched Dragonball Z and has no idea what’s coming next: NO! NO NO NO! NO NO NO NO NO NO! And the oft repeated refrain: VEGETA NO!

    • virgil592

      Vegeta: VEGETA YES!

    • android19

      Vegeta YES!

  • wallaceman105

    Not gonna lie, it’s as funny as always, but I would have enjoyed it much longer if I’d had to wait another few weeks in exchange for 4 more minutes of episode. Really kinda disappointed over here.

  • meed0k

    You guys are still doing an amazing job, keep up the good work!

  • fizzleburger

    I see you borrowed a joke about Cell’s butt from Kami’s voice actor
    I look forward to the episode breakdown. I’m curious if Remix suggested that joke.

    • Remix

      No, but I was asked if I was alright with it.

    • fizzleburger

      Friggin’ called it.

  • Drigger


  • SuperPooperScooper

    waste of episode imo. Should’ve just skipped to where Gohan turns super sayain and cell becomes perfect. It’ll make make so much enjoyable to watch

    • NCHaskew

      …..I mean, it’s an abridged series, but you wanna straight cut Vegeta’s fight with Cell?…..get out

      • meed0k

        lol, right? This was actually one of their more funny recent episodes

    • Royal Conquest

      Are you crazy? This is quite literally the last fight Vegeta actually wins on his own. He only defeats Goku in the Buu saga because Goku held back and because of Majin control. He’s about to do a LOT of losing. Plus him kicking Cell around there was fantastic, Lanipator obviously loves doing Vegeta scenes.xD

      • skullpunch

        Maybe OP hates Vegeta?

        I don’t agree with him either tho. This episode was awesome. And if we skipped to Gohan vs. Cell we’d miss the intro to Perfect Cell, the Final Flash (knowing TFS they will make that epic), and Goku vs. Cell which has the potential to be the most hilarious fight of the entire Cell Saga.

  • Chiscringle

    TFS has dialogue that fits how fun Vegeta’s smackdown of Cell is. Now the words fit the actions.

  • Stray

    All hail Vegeta, Prince of all Sass.

    Seriously guys, kick ass episode. Had to pause it to breathe a few times through the laughter.

  • neutral-nobody

    Congrats on reaching 50 episodes! Really enjoyed this one, it served as a reminder as to why Vegeta is my favourite in this series. Despite being an ass, he does produce the best lines. Will be using “Bitch I’m adorable” in the future.

    Think my favourite part would have to be Gohan and Goku in the beginning. “Oh hey, you were there! Why didn’t you go Super Saiyan?” Absolutely perfect.

  • Laz

    Goku asking Gohan the real questions…

  • ZhonLord

    I had to pause the video and get all the laughter out of my system this episode. Not once (“unfortunate turn of events”), not twice (“that’s what honesty feels like”), but three times! (“nnnnoooOOOOOOOO!”)

    This is easily the funniest episode you guys have put out yet. Keep up the amazing work TFS!

  • Nagato Yamiyo

    Did you just talk out your ass?

  • super banana

    This is my favorite version of Goku out of all the media. A retarded man child who every now and then makes a stunningly insightful observation.

    • I am glad I’m not the only one who enjoys that about him.

  • Yay, this means we’re super close to the Final Flash and that makes me happy

    • dc

      Or the last blast…

      • Watch it take an entire episode to charge up with them commenting about how long it takes real time because thats how long it actually took the series, a full episode of Vegeta screaming and charging

  • zach.118

    “I wanna!!! I wanna I wanna I wanna! …. I wanna!” lol Nice one, TFS.

  • Talyn

    To Quick!!!! 6 minutes!!! I need another hit!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Burned Man

    Sure yu ken.


  • This was hilarious man! Great work guys ;D

  • MajesticDuck

    Bitch, i’m adorable. Fucking genius.

  • Jensaaraii

    I fucking love this!

  • wardy443

    I trained ALL day yesterday haha

  • evangel

    i have to say that was well worth the wait for that it was just gold and thank you TFS for sharing your work with us

  • Jman97

    I feel like that ending made me laugh way to much

  • athroughzdude

    Huh, why didn’t Gohan go Super Saiyan? Was it a power level thing?

    • Jman97

      Plot, literally no other reason just the plot.

    • Nojical

      Goku’s actually right on this one. It comes from emotion or a need, not raw power. Gohan didn’t have an emotionally life-changing moment or hasn’t needed it yet, so it’s harder for him.
      You know, unless it’s Xenoverse. Then the answer is money.

      • dropdgames

        Or grinding the same mission over… and over… and over… and over… and over again to have a CHANCE of it dropping. RNGesus is a bitch

      • MadKingMidas

        The requirement for SSJ is the raw emotion. For Vegeta, it was the pain and loss he felt as Goku crushed his pride by becoming a super saiyan and whooping Frieza. For someone like Gohan, who isn’t that prideful, he didn’t really care. But for Vegeta, it was like blasphemy. He’s the prince, he’s the best by default. Pride = Crushed = Emotion

        Goku is a lot simpler. My friends are dead. Rawr.

  • Sarru

    The “Why didn’t you go super saiyan” bit is what got me the most this episode. Loved it.

  • Shea354

    OMG I loved Vegeta SO MUCH in this episode! haha This was brilliant! Too bad it was so short…oh well! Thanks for the episode, guys!

    • Jman97

      I agree this was probably vegeta’s best episode since the ones with Nappa

  • nvlahakis

    I just wanted to say thank you TFS. This last weekend my older brother suddenly passed. I havent been able to process anything. Ive been numb. I wanted to day thank you for being able to make me laugh for the first time since.

    • creatorpwned

      Oh man, so sorry for your loss. Glad you got to laugh again 🙂 Stay strong!

    • Lanipator

      We’re so sorry to hear about your loss 🙁

      It means a lot to us that our work could bring a chuckle out of you in such a hard time. Our thoughts are with you and your family.

      • nvlahakis

        Thank you Lani and the rest of you for yor kind words. My family and i are trying to stay strong. Ive loved you guys and everything you do to bring joy to people like me. If you ever needed verification that what you are doing, no matter how small it might seem to some people, is truely helping people, let my story give you that. Much love to you guys.

    • skullpunch

      Awwwwwww I’m sorry to hear about that, may your brother R.I.P 🙁

      Keep it up Lanipator, in times like this every little bit of comfort counts and if your work is able to provide any that’s a testament to just how good you guys really are.

    • KotainoKage24

      I’m sorry for your loss and glad that you got to laugh. Watch the whole series over again if you have to. Keep laughing until you aren’t numb anymore. I don’t know your brother, but I am sure that is exactly what he would want you to do.
      And TFS, good work. Well made episodes are hard to come by on the internet, but one that makes a hurt person laugh is the greatest thing that a person can find online. You guys are great.

  • Rubyweapon14

    Cell: Stop fisting me!!
    Vegeta: Ok
    Cell: Not all at once!!

    Could not get past that!!

    • Seriously, no one in the comments mentioned it so far. That had me dying!

  • dc

    -gets hit by an eggplant bomb in Kid Icarus- EGGPLANT!

  • ssj99lucario

    You missed an opportunity to use “Imma Firin Mah Lazor”

  • King Quasar

    That was a superbly written episode. And that’s why it’s disappointing to watch Machinabridged and not feel the same way at all. It may be because unlike Dragonball you guys are only just starting out with FF7 but it’s such a shame to not find the entertainment in it that I do with this.

    • KotainoKage24

      They are probably much more limited with what they can do with the Machinabridged. DBZ has a lot of characters with extremely strong character traits. They have a lot of good material to work with.

  • KaiserNeko

    Hellsing Ultimate Abridged, Final Fantasy VII Abridged, the gaming material, and almost anything besides DBZA: Do not take time away from DBZA. At all. We have said this many times.

    There is no focus away from DBZA, only focus on other things while DBZA is being made. If we did not have that side content, you wouldn’t even have DBZA because we wouldn’t have the auxiliary income to keep us financially stable to continue and focus on the series as much as we have.

    Lastly, “Much love and respect” does not suddenly recuse you of acting both entitled and ignorant of our process. We get episodes of DBZA as done as fast as we can while maintaining both their quality of writing and of editing.

    • MajoraMayhem

      With this community I feel like you can paint “SHIT DOESN’T TAKE TIME AWAY FROM DBZA” over the whole website and people still won’t get it. You guys deliver us something that is extremely rare on the internet: Quality. And quality is always going to take time. A lot of us really understand this concept, its just the people that don’t are very vocal about it. Keep working and doing the things you love.

    • SSJ BentoSalesboy

      KaiserNeko, I would rather have 8 1/2 minutes of pure comedic anime gold once a month than 15 minutes of crud every week. You guys nailed it for this (and just about every other) episode.
      The only complaint I could ever have is that I want “TFS plays ‘Cards Against Humanity'” back…especially with the extra decks. Too much fun.
      Now go play (or at least watch) Drunkestiltskin and enjoy some brews tomorrow (if you guys are live streaming). You and the rest deserve it.

    • Ziv Galant

      Why delete my comment though? 😛

    • Jman97

      I would like to apologize on the behalf of the large majority of your fans who understand that you are real people who do this in your free time not a company that can afford to devote all your time to it.
      In addition i would like you to recall the Pareto principle , that 80% of the complaints come from just 20% of your viewers so keep that in mind if it ever appears we are ungrateful for the amazing content Teamfourstar produces.

    • genkidama

      hey great episode!! this is one of my favorites in a while, “bitch im adorable” just killed me lmao

  • metalpsyraven

    that ending was perfect!

  • Monohtoen

    “I’m about to pound you so hard the boy’s mother is going to be jealous.” Amazing.

    • MadKingMidas

      “CAN WE NOT!”

  • TheSaintOfPain

    I absolutely demand that there be T-shirts made with Vegeta’s face that say “Bitch I’m Adorable.”

  • dcforeman

    Also Vegeta looks like a glowing banana. Who’s he to talk about fruit?

  • dcforeman

    I have 1 complaint.. that I’m ready for the next one and it ain’t done yet. Time to start from episode 1 again!

  • Kinne

    Episode 1-10: Saiyan saga (Season 1: 10 episodes)
    Episode 11-20: Namek saga
    Episode 21-30: Frieza saga (Season 2: 20 episodes)
    Episode 31-??: Android saga
    Episode ??-50: Cell saga
    I’m guessing the cell games saga will be 51-60 (Season 3: 30 episodes)

    • skullpunch

      I don’t think so. You still have Trunks trying to stop Cell from absorbing 18 but Cell doing so anyway, then Perfect Cell vs. Vegeta, then Trunks vs. Perfect Cell, then a small gap…it’s probably going to be another 3-5 episodes b4 the Cell Games…give or take.

    • Yusagi

      I forget the exact episode, I think it’s when Cell is first introduced. When the opening changed is when the Andtoid Saga officially became Cell. At that point, I believe they said Cell Saga = Season 4

  • Bassgrinder

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  • KrilMaster


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  • Michelrpg

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    Also, I lost my shit during the pounding comment.

  • WFox

    I love how excited Vegeta is about comparing Trunks to an eggplant. It’s like he’s been thinking about the comparison for a while, he just couldn’t remember the right word.

  • CaptinHavoc

    … yeah hold on Goku was right. Why didn’t Gohan go Super Saiyan on Namek? He was scared, probably angry.

    • thebrawlbro

      Probably not high enough power level. If all it took was strong enough emotional outburst, goku would have turned super saiyan the first time Krillen died. Also, Gohan was probably more scared then angry.

    • Ninjius

      I think it’s for the same reason that Vegeta didn’t….or rather, couldn’t. Your body has to be at a certain minimum level of power before the transformation’s even possible.

      • RyanOpsw

        So with this logic kid trunks, and goten were stronger then both of them

      • MadKingMidas


        If you mean comparing Goten/Kid Trunks to Vegeta/Goku (Pre SSJ) during the Frieza Saga, yes. They were stronger than them at the time.

    • stmacl

      My thoughts are that no-one who died that day mattered to Gohan as much as Krillin did to Goku, what made Goku a Super Saiyan initially was just supreme anger and grief, I doubt Gohan would have tapped into that power because of Krillin, maybe if Goku or Piccolo died he might have done it but yeah.

      • Hawkpath1337

        Yeah gohan probably would have gone Super Saiyan against Frieza if Piccolo died.

    • SSJ BentoSalesboy

      Sorry if I am about to go all DBZ nerd here, but…
      From my understanding, Toriyama actually toyed with that idea…Vegeta suggests that Gohan might actually be the closest to going Super Saiyan during the fight with Freeza before Goku arrives and there is a particular point where Gohan gets angry and his hair flips up like a Super Saiyan (just never changing color) when he thinks Goku has died on Namek. I guess Toriyama just wanted Goku to get the “W” by himself, and save Gohan’s transformation for later.
      I guess that was a good call.

  • Rekka25

    I thought Gohan was dreaming at the end there for a second. I mean, Goku actually spending time with his son like a good father?

    • SwordMaker

      Well, Goku doesn’t have option. Nowhere else to go, nothing else to do, and Gohan is the only person in there, so

  • WFox

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  • aaronbill3

    except for the fact that theyve gone from releasing a dbza once about every 6 months, to upwards of once per month recently. The video game vids they do are because people ASKED for them, and now they enjoy doing them IN THEIR FREE TIME for the entertainment of others, as well as ad revenue that goes towards hiring new staff or commissioning works, new equipment etc. So every argument you made was invalid. They have dedicated as many resources as they can to DBZA but at the end of the day the editing, the longest and most tedious part, is all done by one guy for quality and consistency. there is literally NO possible way for them to speed up DBZA production without becoming immortal gods, who require neither food nor sleep to function.

    • Drigger

      I can’t find a comment saying that they should start focusing on DBZA over all else like their plays (I do know it takes no time away) or anything like that… was the comment deleted or am I just ultimately oblivious?

      • Ziv Galant

        It was deleted for some reason….sorry if i offended anyone, i love DBZA and TSF, but i guess because im not into the other stuff their doing it feels to me like i’d appriciate more DBZA content then we’re currenty reciveing.

  • Meteorgun7

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    We’ve seen a lot of Renegade for Life vids, plus a ton of Kirllin plays Alien ids, which are in high demand to finish, plus all the regulars and new stuff, AND this next arc is filled with a lot of material, and is gonna be a bore for them to get

    Bottom line, I’d have liked a little more lengeth/content, but you know, it’s actually better this way I think. This episode gives us a nice little emotional break before all the real crap goes down in the next weeks episodes, and that break is really important from a viewing and production standpoint….you don’t want every episode to be super deep, and on top of all that, we’ve gotten dozens of vids the last few weeks that i also enjoy. I personally love RFL and KPlays, although DBZA has gotten me through soem tough times recently.

    TFS crew, we really, really appreciate everything you do. You do more than just entertain. I’ve been in bad palces for awhile and watch you guy’s stuff to help me get to sleep and just feel a little less alone and get through rough nights. So you’re doing a ot of good with something so silly. Thank you, and we all look forward to seeing more, especially DBZ and (personally o hope,) more RFL different videos.

    Personally, I’d love to see Vegeta go back for a series on Skyrim. I think you could do as little or much as you wanted, and I think it would be enjoyable for you and fun for the fans.

    Many thanks and well wishes! 🙂

    • LSKG

      you see there is a problem with what you are saying.
      and it is this
      TFS’s let’s plays have no impact on the time frame of completion for DBZ abridged since they are done separately and after the voice acting of the script is done. therefore the let’s plays having nothing to do with the content length of the abridged episodes

      what IS eating some of the time out of the DBZ series is more than likely the final fantasy abridged that the team is working on in conjunction with the hellsing abridged (if they have even started on this halloweens episode, which if they haven’t they need to start now to get it out by Halloween)

      • KaiserNeko

        Actually, no. Final Fantasy VII Abridged is handled by a completely different team of people, with the exception of Taka, who still scripts DBZA with us at the same rate as always.

      • Yeah,
        Lani records the Vegeta and Krillin plays and edits them himself since the editing is mostly just audio syncing and cuts if ever necessary. I think he also edits the straight up TFS plays so Kaiser doesn’t have to do any of that except all the many stuff he does for DBZA

        and as Kaiser said, he has nothing to do with the FF7A, a different team handles that so he gets all this done as fast as he possibly can without any assistance or such he’ll be able to get once they can get TeamFourStarStudios up and running

  • Tahkaullus01

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    • Rellik

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  • TheLelouch17

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  • A Dormant Walrus

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  • TheFabledFamilyGuy

    Ok let me first start off saying. I watch all your TFS gaming and I love all of it. I crack up at it. I listen to every single Podcast. I’ve bought merchandise. I follow you on all accounts. Believe me when I say I AM A TRUE FAN AND COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND ANY OF YOUR SHORTCOMINGS. The only thing I haven’t done yet is go to Cons to actually go in on Panels with you guys and that’s only because I’m restricted by geographical location, otherwise. I’d hit up that shit any time possible and support your patreon BUT! Once I start working I WILL be a Patron. I’m just a little dissapointed on two things here.

    1) This was your 50th episode guys!!! Seriously. I really believe this should’ve been a much longer episode. Like the big 50! Again, see above that I understand that Kaiser is the only editor and that damnit he does one awfully fucking good ass job. Do not get me wrong. I just think this episode should’ve been longer. I just finished rewatching your guys’ full series last night and I noticed how some random in the middle episode like the androids 19 and 20 episodes, were almost 13 and 14 minutes long. Like thats awesome. But this one? Was only eight and a half minutes! AND IT WAS THE 50TH! I’m just dissapointed is all. BUT DO NOT GET ME WRONG! THIS EPISODE FUCKING ROCKED AND I LAUGHED AT IT LIKE CRAZY. IT’S SO AMAZING AND YOU GUYS WORK REALLY HARD AT IT i KNOW.

    2) Like Antfish said in an earlier podcast. Maybe try and get the entire TFS crew in on the next podcast. I would love that. But I understand if that would be difficult.

    3) I posted this on Twitter and I hope you see this but have you ever thought about video taping all your panels at the cons and then posting them on your original TeamFourStar YouTube Channel and here ofcourse. This would create extra, easy content for you guys which you’d have the rights too and you wouldn’t have to work half as hard to get it. I say you should do this because it would really give the chance for those people, like myself, who can’t go to the cons to actually get and see what you guys do there.

    Anyway. Sorry for the wall of text. This video was awesome. You guys are all awesome. Everything you guys do is awesome. So thank you guys so much for being awesome.

    • Super Human

      Too be fair, we did get alot of stuff this past 31 days or so. Final Fantasy VII Abridged Episodes 1 and 2 and on top of that a TFS Episode plus a great deal of other stuff. So I personally think it equals it somewhat. 😉

  • guko84

    I see most people here are talking up Vegeta (he’s great) but i’m loving the Goku and Gohan mechanic you have going on it’s my favorite subplot of the abridged series.

  • IncinerateAnthem

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  • SergantAnthony

    What if Vegeta did mean homosexual. A gay eggplant! And Cell went all whiny bitch like Vegtea want to get power. Wonderful how semi-perfect that was.

  • Azdin

    Bath time just got a bit too real for Gohan. Also, EGGPLANT! Loved that, didn’t even realize it was a fruit.

  • kilovots

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    Cell: You know Vegeta, if you want more of a match out of me, you oughta let me absorb 18. Then I’d destroy you without a second thought!!!
    Vegeta: Why the heck would I waste any more of my precious time than I already have on you?
    Cell: I just figured that you wouldn’t want to sully your super saiyan hands on such a weak opponent.
    Vegeta: ….. you know, the funny thing is I know you’re playin’ me, but you’re right. She’s all yours!

    Still a great episode!!!

    • skullpunch

      That would’ve been funny but they can only do so many throwbacks, they would lose their effect and stop being funny if these guys threw in every one of them we recommended.

  • IncinerateAnthem


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    • Carribou

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