Dragonball Z Abridged Parody follows the adventures of Goku, Gohan, Krillin, Piccolo, Vegeta and the rest of the Z Warriors as they gather Dragonballs and fight intergalactic evil. With the comedic writings of Lanipator, Takahata101, and Kaiserneko this may not be the DBZ you remember but TFS hopes you enjoy it all the same. How high can the Krillin Owned Count get? Who will be the next to go Super Saiyan? Can Vegeta’s ego get any bigger? Find out NOW on DBZ Abridged!

TeamFourStar is a group of voice actors, sound designers, musicians and entertainers based out of Texas. Most noted for the series Dragonball Z Abridged, TFS loves to make comedy and specifically parody.

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Episode 51: The “Perfect” Guy


MasakoX – Goku, Gohan
Lanipator – Piccolo, Krillin, Vegeta, Popo
Megami33 – Bulma, Baby Trunks
Ganxingba – Tenshinhan
KaiserNeko – Trunks
Takahata101 – Cell
ShudoRanmaru – Android 18
Remix – Android 16

Additional animation supplied by: Christopher Niosi

AinTunez – Super Saiyan (‘Giant Woman’ Parody Feat. Lawrence ‘MasakoX’ Simpson)
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/teamfourstar/aintunez-super-saiyan-giant-woman-parody-feat-lawrence-masakox-simpson

AinTunez – ‘P’ is for Perfect (Feat. Curtis ‘Takahata101’ Arnott)
Soundcloud coming soon!

DragonBall is Owned by TOEI ANIMATION, Ltd. and Licensed by FUNimation Productions, Ltd.. All Rights Reserved. DragonBall, DragonBall Z, DragonBall GT and all logos, character names and distinctive likenesses thereof are trademarks of TOEI ANIMATION, Ltd. This is nothing more than a parody made for entertainment purposes only.

A huge thank you to:
Christopher Ryan Scott
Jason Enniss
Hanzo Hasashi
Dalton Sargent
Jeremy Hagen
Bradley Smythe
Philip Warden
Van Tarver
Cole Rigby
Dean Walter
Daniel Hickson
Courtney Davies
Tavaris Thompson
Tyson Bekkers
Evan Parmenter
Matthew E. Cooper
Zachary Wisniewski
John Caldwell
Cole Stormoen
Adam Staiger
Jacob Wehunt
charles wade lybbert
Stephen Lundberg
Francois van Eeden
Tyrone Kelly
Kyle Morris
Robert Glanville
Alexander Hyslop
Josh Spicer
Liam Ellis
John Thomas William Miller
Aries Smith
Declan Francis
Darrell Reed
Charles Dooley
Justin Mansour
Ray Mos
Ryan McCully
Sawyer Gardner
J. L. Schultz
Brooke Allen
Jordan Ashworth
Mitchell Tye
Steven Pogorzelec
Nicholas S Pfender
Dustin Hutcherson
Cherrakee guzzardo (Baka Rebellion)
Mike Miller
Ben Barker
James Talbot
JT Asmussen
Marcus Gonzalez
Pedro de Mattos
Michael Huddleston
Amanda Mckowen
Tyler Owens
Jared Bressler

And the rest of our Patreon contributors!

DragonBall is Owned by TOEI ANIMATION, Ltd. and Licensed by FUNimation Productions, Ltd.. All Rights Reserved. DragonBall, DragonBall Z, DragonBall GT and all logos, character names and distinctive likenesses thereof are trademarks of TOEI ANIMATION, Ltd. This is nothing more than a parody made for entertainment purposes only.

  • Eric Nguyen

    Lots of Steven Universe in this. Good stuff!

  • Dominic Mayfield

    My wife and I had a sing along with the steven universe reference of the song. It was amazing

  • Aaron Westreich

    cell actually hummed his “perfect form”s theme when he was about to absorb 18 XD

    • Aaron Westreich


  • sonic10chaosverse

    …you know i’m always amazed how you guy’s manage to do villain songs(either a parody or your ones) so well,i barely can’t think of a song that i can modify to use in one of my favorite villains,yet you pull it like a boss and for that i tip my hat.

    • FreaksForAkeno

      the tone and everything was… PERFECT

  • Joshua Tribble

    “Jeese, bring down the whole moon why don’t you?”

    HA! HA!!! TFS THROWBACK JOKE! also “You are out of your league…tiny duck.” is another good one XD

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  • You guys are OUT OF YOUR MINDS if you think Cell doesn’t just talk shit nonstop and COMPLETELY rearrange his sentences into the dumbest rutting sentences.
    “You’re going down, Cell! I’ve had it with your attitude!”
    “I’m not YOUR Cell, but my own!”
    “Wha… do you just play two word grabass with my sentencing?!?!”

  • Zenrock12

    Goku, is he really? No, he can’t be. Is he really singing Steven Universe? All I wanna do, is see you turn into, and giant woman. Wow. Goku just did that.

  • Michelrpg

    I just realised…. you know what ALSO would have worked? If trunks, after kicking Cell away, he could have just BLOWN UP ANDROID 18. Literally, NOTHING was there to stop him.

  • MahiganWolf

    Man sometimes vegeta is a bigger idiot than goku

  • Philip Jones

    after cell stops being so goddam cheerful and starts being aggressive, this should be his song:

    c- can you beat me? no, you never stood a chance
    E is for your entrails- i could gut you with a glance
    L for living beings- soon to be just one
    L for lonely me- at least killing you was fun

  • Silverselo

    Can someone please tell me what the music is called @ 11:40 where cell does the solar flare thanks

  • Wizard Gohan

    The super saiyan song sounds like a Steven Universe song

    • eighthhokage

      cause it is, Giant Woman

  • Hawkpath1337

    I’m sorry did Trunks just say TORIEL in his mind?

  • davidkozat

    Vegeta pride always getting the best of him… Also it always felt really weird and ominous seeing the androids being swollen by Cell..

  • Lonehoof

    This episode… was perfect.

    • ok u get 1 of those…u get 1 of those, and u die!!!!

  • xedalpha

    I would like to take this oppertunity to thank TFS for that opening song, and how I filled the time between this episode and the next by binging 70+ episodes of Steven Universe. Thanks for introducing me to another awesome show :D.

  • TsumiMizuUtaimasu

    I wonder… why is there a % for recording? unless I’m mistaken, “recording” is for the episode itself which is only about 22-24 minutes long… That’s not including the high chance that they record MULTIPLE episodes, in which case I might be able to feel fine with the fact that “recording” takes multiple days

    • Illideath

      The % is the over all completion of the episode including voice recording, video editing, etc. the “recording” is the stage they are currently working on.

  • JonahHall_TXST19

    Question… I am totally new to this; however, I have been watching Dragon Ball Z Abridged for quite some time and I have to ask: If I were to watch the original series for these episodes of Dragon Ball Z Abridged with the original dialogue, would I find them in Dragon Ball Z or Dragon Ball Z Kai? Just a thought.

    • yezzur421

      Definitely Dragon Ball Z.
      Kai cut out the filler episodes and shortens a lot of the fights.
      This site seems to have it all, but I’ve never used it myself http://saiyanwatch.com/
      I get the subscription at funimation.com because I find the Subbed version to be even more hilareous/awesome.
      You also need to watch the Subbed versions to get some of the jokes in Abridged…

      • Son Jonah

        I have something else that I need to get off my chest…

        If you were new to the Dragon Ball Z franchise, would it be highly encouraged to watch the original TV show Dragon Ball Z, or to watch Dragon Ball Z Kai?

  • Ever since Trunks arrived on the scene I have been anxiously waiting for the Cell Games and Vegeta losing his shit because Cell kills Trunks, or mortally wounds him, or whatever. I dunno how the pacing for this is gonna go in the run up to your version of the Games, and you have probably already plotted it out, but since you did such a great job of giving voice to Gohan’s frustrations over what a disappointing dad Goku is, I think it would be amazing if Trunks finally takes Vegeta to task over his ego and terrible attitude and the very real fact that for all his pomp and swagger, Vegeta never manages to do anything right. He fails at everything he does, and after all the crap he gave Trunks since meeting him, it would be just desserts for someone, especially Trunks, to point out what a useless schlubb Vegeta is.

    This episode was amazing and even if that moment with Trunks blasting Vegeta is the only time he gets one over on his dad, that will be enough because it was so cathartic. Cell is amazing, I love his little song at the end, Krillin was lovely and I felt so bad for him, 18 was fantastic, everyone did such a great job and I am so so stoked for the next episode and the beginning of the games! Huzzah!

    • TsumiMizuUtaimasu

      Supposedly they’re gonna cover Gohan turning ssj2 in the Time Chamber next episode, my guess is that 1-abridged is about equal to 3-original… so my guess is, episode 54-55

  • OtakuSupreme

    That last musical number was unexpected, but…Perfect!

    • AngelicDemon


  • ZetaGreen

    Only thing that could make this episode even more “Perfect” than it already is if when Trunks blasts Vegeta, Vegeta yells “Looks like Vegeta’s blasting off agaaaaaaaaain”

    Haha Team Rocket reference.

    • NCHaskew

      Haha no

  • Terminator Model 975

    Best… F*cking… Episode… Yet…

  • geometrydash

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  • geometrydash

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  • Youngrichmyles

    P is for priceless the look upon your faces
    E is for extinction all your puny races
    R is revolution which will be televised
    F is for ill f*ck to all. Now allow me to reprise.
    E is for esentric just listen to my song
    C is for completion that I waited for so long
    T is for the terror upon you I’ll bestow
    My name is perfect cell and I would like to say HELLO…

    • Wolfcrawler

      Perfect Cell (Parody by TFS) DBZ Abriged 51

      P is for priceless, the look upon your faces
      E is for extinction, all of your puny races
      R is for revolution, witch will be televised
      F is for how fucked you are, now allowed me to reprize…
      E is for eccentric, just listen to my song
      C is for completion and I waited for so long
      T is for the terror, upon you I’ll bestowed


      My name is Perfect Cell and I’d like to say


  • LordDraven

    When will you be doing more of the Dragonball z abridged episodes?

  • Lonehoof

    Not to sound rude, but could you update the completion meter? Keep doing things at your own pace, you don’t have to speed anything up, i just mean the counter hasn’t changed in forever. increasing it a bit every so often, even if you haven’t made much progress, helps build anticipation and keep people interested.
    I love the abridged series, you guys are the funniest people on youtube (in my opinion), and if you were to do things faster, the quality would be reduced so keep doing things at your own pace, just try to overcompensate with the completion counter if things start to slow down a bit so we don’t get tired of waiting. Do it for me, Big Papa?

  • SolidStateScouter

    Hey fellas? Any chance for updates? Not to show any lack of appreciation for this content you present to us free of charge, still it’s been awhile. Upcoming Hellsing episode that I don’t care about until at least watching the damn series? Let’s plays that I don’t usually tune in to yet when I do I don’t regret the waste of time? Side project mocking critics of your last DBCember? Anything, just gimme a sign you’re alive and well, working on an episode or not.

    • guitarguy08

      At least update your dbz abridged counter daily vs. weekly. Not only will it show progress for your fans, but it will also build anticipation for the next episode…I know that hypothetically only gives you’re 100 days max per episode, but I think it will help your numbers overall. Not to mention you guys are rockstars at editing and generally can get episodes out in that amount of time.

      Either way, thank you for the awesomeness team four star.

    • geometrydash

      I will make sure to bookmark it and come back to learn extra of your helpful info. Thank you for the post. I will definitely comeback. happy wheels 2

  • themightyoozaru

    well guys i guess we can assume that we will not be getting episode 6 of hellsing

    • Wolfcrawler

      Seriously…?? You’re a fan or not? The info was giving to us a month ago and they also talk about it today on they youtube channel. Follow them.

      • Terminator Model 975

        Be patient bro… Just Saiyans.

  • Orangedragan

    Of course, now I have to wonder what song will be Buu’s.

  • Mr.KrillerTime

    Yeah, I can TOTALLY see this crossover line from FFVII Machinabridged used in the Fight between Cell and Trunks. Check this out:

    P.Cell: So, TRUNKS, PERFECTION stands before you. Will YOU provide an actual challenge or is that too much to ask from the SON of the Bitch.

    Trunks: You’ll get your challenge, Cell! But you’re wrong on one thing: I’m no son of a bitch, I’M THE HEIR TO A BASTARD!
    (And cue DBZ Kai’s “Lone Warrior” music for the battle sequences)

    Another I can see used in the next episode is Cell asks Krillin to bring the K.O. Counter to 52 just because it happen to be based off the number 18…and he TRYS to beat up Cell only to fail…perfectly.

    I hope something like that is added in the next episode or two…

    • Terminator Model 975

      Honestly, if that happened, that would just be so f*cking funny!!!

  • Lubey Gerbil

    I lost it when Cell started humming his own theme song! xD

  • BeardLantern

    The song, the goddamn song, amazing!

  • BulmaVegeta

    Love the Steven Universe reference in the beginning. Especially with the bouncing muffin.

    Also the 18 and Krillin moment about her rocking his 4 foot world.

  • guitarguy08

    I have an idea for the cell games…*android 16s head rolls in front of gohan*

    android 16: I met a bird in my travels, his name was toriyama. He told me about a bird named Icarus….you remember Icarus?…well, he did it. (points to cell)
    *gohan powers up*

    • guitarguy08

      Also, total “fisting me” joke with gohan punching cell for the first time in the stomach. I also hope the super kami guru gets thrown in there when cell gets really fat.

    • SovereignGod

      That would be funny!😂 the reasons is for two things, goku did that and 16 wouldn’t even realize he pulled a goku!

  • Bloo92

    600th comment

  • Mustafa6626

    Hey guys you should see cell when he absorbs krill in from budokai tenkaichi 1 it is so funny 😂😂😂

  • Umar

    Who else is enjoying this series!???

    Watch Dragon Ball Z Abridged Online

    • Keelanrelyt

      clearly everyone

    • Terminator Model 975

      I know I f*cking am… I wish TFS does MORE of this stuff…

  • Umar

    Thanks for creating and sharing with DBZ fans this AWESOME series!!! 🙂

  • I like the song
    Goku gotten smarter sins the first episode and in the anime he is so much smarter then what people think
    Krillin just needed to train in the room
    Krillin is small but he has a bit dick
    OK Cell is quite gay funny

    • Domehammer

      Goku… still is incredibly stupid when it comes to math, reading, history and everything else taught in schools.

  • Charon

    I love when the villains sing. Such great songs. I can’t wait to hear Buu’s. I’m going to assume it’s Super Buu that will sing. Wouldn’t make sense for Fat Buu or Kid Buu to sing.

  • AON

    “NO DEAL!!” .. .

    • Terminator Model 975

      VEGETA: Ya foilin’ mah plans?
      Trunks: Foiling your plans?!
      Trunks: …You know what dad, YEEES!!!

  • Roxasdog

    If super saiyan 2 isn’t called super duper saiyan, I’m gonna be a little bit disappointed

  • Keelanrelyt

    Did everyone just die
    why why is it taking so long

    • Keelanrelyt

      I mean like its been weeks since anything came out

      • MajinCell

        Yeah. Something must be wrong

      • KazePhantom

        This came out Christmas, It’s only been two weeks. And even if they aren’t working on anything specific right now, it’s still the turn of the new year, let them have a break. As far as content, if you really wanna hear their majestic voices and their unique brand of humor, over on Youtube they’ve been uploading a Let’s Play of Fallout 4 that you can enjoy.

      • Keelanrelyt

        i’ve already seen it but I was just showing a little concern cause nothing has come out in a while.

    • Nagato Yamiyo

      TFS Stream return tomorrow night so don’t worry!

      • Terminator Model 975

        F*cking better… These episodes are just absolutely fantastic.

  • crimvo

    thank you TFS. this whole series has got to be one of the greatest things I have ever seen.

  • MajinCell

    When are new uploads coming?

    • Wolfcrawler

      Wow they release every 2 month max, sometime even faster, it’s been 2 weeks would you plz chill-axe and wait a little. If they rush it the quality will take a hit and I like their content like it is… Perfect… So relaxe enjoy old episode, go watch a movie play with yourself something will come out soon <– see what I did there lolololll

      • Terminator Model 975

        Yes… Definitely…. Perfect… Wolf crawler…. I wish I had a f*cking online name like that…

  • postmortimer

    Also, “I love my dead gay son!”

  • KiaraStar66

    Stop being a dick 16.

  • KiaraStar66

    I bet on Krillin.

  • KiaraStar66

    Two words to describe the first song:

  • xnovus374

    Cell: P is for-
    Tommy: PUSSY!!

  • postmortimer

    I enjoyed the songs very much, because of the contrast between the imagery and the song mood, and that the whimsical and funny Perfect song capped a dramatic and heavy scene. Thanks TFS, keep on rocking, ignore the intergalactic race of spacedicks, and take care.

  • Magnuz

    It seems every major villain will have a musical number. Freeza’s Favorite Things, Cell’s PERFECT Song. I can’t wait to see what they’ll do with Buu.

  • SuperSalad

    Wen Hellsing?

  • yamimaru

    I saw the photo guys. You tried to hide it, but I’m immune to solar flares

  • tdlacelee

    Gokus spirit animal is a Muffin

    • rtaylor248


  • nuahhhhhhhh

    Haha, love the Steven Universe references and musical numbers! Keep up the awesome work and can’t wait for more!

  • TheSaltySlug

    I bet that cell has been planning that song and rehearsing it in his head since day one, all for the moment he finally turns perfect

  • Mustafa6626

    Do you think they will add a minecraft reference when cell constructs the cell games anyone?

  • loku

    frieza sings cell sings…..

    • deckera

      boo will sing to and broly raps

  • maddragonmaster

    funny thing was going to register a account for this then i realize my go to email account already has a account under this and i cant remember making on funny

  • CapedBaldyOPM

    When they introduce Mr. Satan as the strongest human on earth, please please please break the fourth wall and make Goku call him Mr. Saitama.

  • Delphince

    Welp. I think it’s official that TFS has ruined the original DBZ for me. I’ve gone back and re-watched a lot of Funimation episodes and I can barely get through them anymore. So much of the dialogue I remember being great is just…meh. The old “meh” parts and stretched-out posturing is just intolerable. Piccolo sounds like someone trying too hard to sound like Piccolo.

    I could easily go on, but the point was made and I don’t want a tl;dr. There are still some great moments, like Gohan going SSJ2, but overall DBZ-A is how the show should be remembered.

    • Mahargni3299

      Although I agree that DBZA is generally (ok totally) the superior version. I’ve learned, from trying to bring on board people who never saw (let alone were never fans of) the original series, that having seen the original series before the abridged is a huge part of what makes DBZA so damn funny.
      The original was supposed to take itself seriously, and without it we wouldn’t have the DBZA we love.

  • Android #16: (To Vegeta) So, What’s Your Story?
    Vegeta: Me? Well, I’ma Tell Ya a Story, All about how, my life got screwed up, real hard and fast…
    Android #16: Yeah, No. ‘He gets up to move away’
    Vegeta: Bitch, Sit Down, Now, I’ma Tell You The Tale of How, I Was to Wear the Crown…
    Vegeta: On Planet Vegeta, Born and raised; the training centre was where I spent most of my days, Dominating, Conquering, The Legend Is Nigh, Gaining more power when I Nearly Die, until one day, a couple of guys were up to no good, Started making trouble just because Frieza Said they could, there was one little rebel who gave Frieza a scare, then he said, “There won’t be Super Saiyans if Your Planets Not There…”
    And That TFS, Is For Free.

    • loku

      …… and all over the Internet.

  • Nazmee

    Best Episode yet, that ending had me in stiches! Thanks Team four Star, you really do make something special with these parodies! Never a dull episode.


  • wL alucard


    Could you guys at least provide an update and let us know where you are in terms of production? We’ve heard over and over how production is going to be upped, how we’re going to see more episodes, how Hellsing is going to get 2 episodes a year. It’s just getting harder and harder to believe, especially when you released 5 episodes all year, a couple of pretty bad movies, and not a single episode of Hellsing. Is that why you say production will be 2x a year? Is it because you knew for sure that you wouldn’t get the one you promised us in October and then December out until the start of this year? I understand it’s not easy to do what you guys do, and I know you guys have relationships, real jobs and a myriad of other things that interfere with this hobby that’s provided you with a minimal source of income. Although, it does seem like you’ve obtained some more voice acting jobs for your cast partially because of this. Obviously this isn’t the sole reason, you’re all incredibly talented, but I think it’s a factor.

    Anyways, back to the point. I’ve been following you guys since the beginning, I check your website daily, and it literally makes my entire week better when I come on to find a new episode. I and many others would just greatly appreciate a real update. Like I said, delays are to be expected and we understand, I just don’t understand why you can’t let us know if you’re going to miss a deadline until a month after it’s been missed, or why you can’t just talk to us more about what’s going on.

    Thanks again for everything you guys do and hopefully we’ll be hearing something from you in the near future.

    Lastly, could you PLEASE for the love of all that is holy, fix this fucking comment box. It bouncing around with every letter I type and fucking scrolling up so I can’t even see what I’m typing is fucking ridiculous. I’ve never seen a comment box on any forum this fucked up. You guys are obviously intelligent and you have a lot of very tech savvy people working with/around you, this seems like something that’d be easy to fix.

    Thanks again for everything and Happy New Year TFS.

    • wwf

      When have they ever said that they would start putting out more episodes a year? They do as many as they can already. They’ve said they’ll try to keep delays from happening but that’s just how life works.

      You’re not really entitled to anything they put out. Not even if you’re a patron. So be a proper fan and wait patiently like the rest of us.

      • RogueRoach

        I wouldn’t call that feeling entitled as much as be more open to the fans with what is actually going on. Personally I don’t really care and am just happy when something comes out but for fans that are truly dedicated they just want to know a little more of whats going on. Probably more update videos, which I think they tried to do but couldn’t keep up with as much, at least warn if something big is coming up like Taka moving.

      • Legionbunny

        If yo are a patron, you ARE entitled to the content they put out. Patron says we make content, you pay for it, if we pay for it and they don’t produce content guess what? That’s theft. Patreon isn’t a charity, it’s a subscription.

      • Keelanrelyt

        About 1:38 in they specifically say there increasing production time, and about the newest episode earlier the said December at the earliest so technically not a promise on there exact release date so Your half right.

      • Keelanrelyt

        Also Patron is a pledge of money not a subscription it technically isn’t illegal so long as they do produce what ever it is you were promised the time and other small details can up to them entirely.

    • Wolfcrawler

      Like i post before and just for you again.

      Dear fellow Cheeky Dick Waffle

      If you’re a fan of that show then you know since a week before halloween that TFS posted a video on their YouTube Channel about this. They also talk about it on Twitter… Yeah could you imagine that, they did.
      The new Episode would be release in early january… Why you ask? Simple it was not perfect and TFS don’t do half done job, that’s why we like them so much, cuz they care about quality. On top of that TFS will release 2 episodes a year for now on for Hellsing. I wish you a nice and happy new year… Have too go now, I’m leaving for a very enthusiastic walk

  • praxisseizure

    Goku lyrically finds fatherhood more entertaining than food for the first time;
    Gohan can finally sleep through an eternity of disappointment;
    Bulma’s feminine wisdom is a certain eternity of disappointment; and cash money…
    Krillin finally gets his quixotic wish;
    Piccolo earns the right to kill himself;
    Tien does the “math”;
    Vegeta finds his finest hour with extreme prejudice;
    Trunks finds the reason his life is a miserable worthless waste;
    18 proves feminine wisdom is an unwise cliche;
    and Cell waxes lyrical.

    All told, I will have to admit that it was a delightfully Christmasy way to make a rather awkward transition. For that I can gesture a tip of the hat. That took a lot of consideration to make it not absolutely, inherently, dumb. I mean it was exceptionally retarded but in a festive spirit that makes up for it in every murderously character hateful way … perfect.

    The only one I feel bad for is 16. Poor guy, just get him a goddamn Goku duck FFS!

  • GreedyOrphan99

    Please tell me you didn’t forget about hellsing.

  • Miryafa

    That transformation took 50 seconds. But it’s kinda like this entire episode (and the last one) were dedicated to Cell’s transformation. I miss when transformations took 5 seconds and then the plot progressed.

    Having said that, definitely some good jokes in here.

  • Wolfcrawler

    All I wanna do
    Is see you turn into
    A super sayan, a super sayan

    All I wanna be
    Is a dad who gets to see
    A super sayan…

    All I wanna a do
    Is help you turn into
    A super sayan, a super sayan

    All I wanna be
    Is a dad who gets to see
    A super sayan…

    Oh, I know it would de great
    And i just get wait
    To see your hair golden, spiked and glowing…

    If you let out the rage
    Just to break out of your cage
    Because you are at least half-saiyan…

    Your power will raise like never before
    Just tap into the power deep in your core…
    It’s waiting just for you,
    For you to turn into
    A super sayan, a super sayan

    All I wanna do
    Is see you turn into
    A super sayan…

    • Wolfcrawler


  • Wolfcrawler

    P is for priceless, the look upon your faces
    E is for extinction, all of your puny races
    R is for revolution, witch will be televised
    F is for how fucked you are, now allowed me to reprize…
    E is for eccentric, just listen to my song
    C is for completion and I waited for so long
    T is for the terror, upon you I’ll bestowed


    My name is Perfect Cell and I’d like to say


    • Nazmee

      Amazing! haha Had me laughing uncontrollably

    • Gallupagos

      Best character introduction yet. Perfect Cell was always my favorite.

  • kylikeit

    Did anyone else notice Goku’s eyes slightly close at the end of the cold opening? I watched it a few times to make sure I wasn’t seeing things, and now I’m 98% certain I saw it. What significance could it hold? Is it just an editing mistake? Or could it mean something more? WHY DOES THIS ONE SHOT TORTURE ME SO?!?!? AAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Argent

    That opening. So Kawaii. Much enjoyment. Wow.

  • LukasCio

    Team Four Star have tryouts ever thought about a sound board?

  • CJ Champ

    I think I pissed myself.

    • gallus skyfall

      cells song right

  • Keelanrelyt

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    • Keelanrelyt

      also when you guys coming out with the next Hellsing episode

  • Hexquest

    Love the Steven universe song parody at the beginning

  • Notlit

    First time I heard the opening it sounded like the theme from “What’s New, Scooby Doo?” haha

    • incrediblenoiseman

      That is exactly what I had going through my head too. Can’t shake it when I re-watch the episode or even think about it.

  • ExeClypse

    H is for Hellsing, for with which we are all still waiting….

    • Wolfcrawler

      Dear fellow Cheeky Dick Waffle

      If you’re a fan of that show then you know since a week before halloween that TFS posted a video on their YouTube Channel about this. They also talk about it on Twitter… Yeah could you imagine that, they did.
      The new Episode would be release in early january… Why you ask? Simple it was not perfect and TFS don’t do half done job, that’s why we like them so much, cuz they care about quality. On top of that TFS will release 2 episodes a year for now on for Hellsing. I wish you a nice and happy new year… Have too go now, I’m leaving for a very enthusiastic walk… ??

      • Scion Thanatos

        You realize there’s no need to be a dick to the guy for making a joke, right?

      • Wolfcrawler

        Did you see how I wrote this man…. It was Alucard Funny so plz, Don’t be a vagina

  • alfy

    “Huh, this is a new feeling, pride in someone else. Unfortunately it’s overshadowed by all this UNYIELDING RAGE!!!” best line of the season. Thank you TFS for being the best.

  • Connor046

    Also, this episode was great overall. I’m in love with the DBZA characterization of Vegeta. I think you guys actually have a superior representation over the anime.

  • Connor046

    The way 18’s abortion was edited was superb.

  • Sensationo

    Love the work guys. I hope Cell stays theatric, he always came off larger than life to the point of being an old school professional wrestler. Also I am looking forward to Hercule/Mr. Satan he is so easy and fun to imitate, I used to enjoy talking like him having a conversation with Buu and Babidi.

  • Rhio2k

    Ok, it’s bugging me. Pretty sure “Scissor Kick!” is a 90’s anime or fighting game reference of some kind, but I don’t quite remember it. Help?

    • Trolldom

      Closest thing to a reference from google is one of Booker T’s signature moves in the world of wrestling entertainment

    • KaiserNeko

      You mean FUTURE KICK?

  • Mustafa6626

    Videl sorry

    • Salas

      It’s mentioned somewhere in sourcing. I think it was a woman named Miguel. And no, not that red headed chippie that comes to the Cell Games.

  • Mustafa6626

    Do they ever reveal who is video’s mother?

    • Trolldom

      Aw, jeez, Rick. Did you bring us to a dimension where they failed to make Google?

  • WhitePheonix WP

    Thank you guys so much the latest episode was fantastic. You’re the BEST!

  • Trolldom

    Awesome! Absolutely can’t wait to see what episode 52 holds in store for everyone. When can we expect the next episode? In March or July?

  • bonerator

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  • mookman

    Can we get the audio of the two songs in this episode?! Theyre so catchy!

  • captain carrot

    This is without a doubt one of the best episodes you ‘ve made so far. Everything from Krillin and 18 interactions to Perfect Cell introduction was just…perfect. I can’t even decide which part was my favourite. Keep up the great work guys!

  • Cell

    See, now? I truly am Perfect. Can’t wait for the breakdown, they always make me laugh.

  • Keelanrelyt

    Wheres my Hellsing episode

    • TheFabledFamilyGuy

      The Team Four Star Twitter page and I think Kaisers said that they hope to have it up around the beginning of January-ish.

  • Ziv Galant

    All of my anger for waiting almost two months for this evaporated when i actually saw the episode, one of the best i’ve seen in a while, Perfect Cell sounds awesome, great work guys!

  • gboy193

    Christmas gift from TFS? I’ll take it! THanks! Though, I hope next episode doesn’t take as long. By the way, LOVE the throwback to “Thwartin ma plans?” I absolutely loved the real quick back and forths like that in Season 2

  • gboy193

    So, is that our Christmas gift from TFS? Thank you! I hope the next episode doesn’t take as long, though.

  • Gallupagos

    Created a profile because of this episode, but have been watching since 2011. Amazing episode. Just outstanding.

    I’d like to say, “hello”!

  • Gandalf’s Pipe


  • Riku57

    Woo! #501!

    Seriously though, you guys rock. Pretty much kept me sane in college.
    If I had one wish, I’d wish for you guys to have 2,000,000 soon to do World’s Strongest!

  • MelonLordToph

    Really feeling the Steven Universe love in this one. First the Giant Lady parody, then the use of the Lapis Lazuli theme.

  • Ryrynz

    14 minutes! NICE.

  • Redskulblaka

    Serious question. When you guys finish with DBZA will you continue with different series? HUA will be done in (according to your new time frame) 2-2.5 years. I have mixed feelings about if you guys ever finish though. I dont want to feeling to end of seeing that loading bar at 99% and wondering what magic will reveal itself. I mainly ask this because I saw you guys did a Naruto pilot and was wondering if there was any interest in continuing Naruto or maybe sliding over to One Piece. I’m a huge One Piece fan and would really enjoy watching you spin it like DBZ.

    • Salas

      Seeing as how they set up a studio, they are probably making a long term thing of this and will likely be taking on new projects, like they did with Final Fantasy VII.

  • Ace

    I didn’t want to check the hundreds of comments to see if anyone asked this, but is the Super Saiyan song a parody of an Adventure Time song?

    • linkman0596

      Steven Universe – Giant Lady

      • themaniac27

        Cant wait for TFS version of Stronger than You

  • Azurumi Shinji

    Great episode and a epic ending. Simply, really well done in every aspect.

  • MajinCell

    Hey is it my phone or does your home page go down more than Kim Kardashian at a pimp convention

  • MisterCacau

    I cannot get the super saiyan song out of my head now.
    Are the (I’m assuming ukulele) chords available anywhere?

  • lofmunz

    Epic work as always team. The Android/Cell stuff was always a favourite part of DBZ growing up and your take on it just keeps getting better.
    To extend on another comment, a musical style episode? Please. I thinks you would nail it.

  • Tarranium

    I love how Cell was humming the Fulconer Perfect Cell theme.

  • David1243

    Great Episode!!! Keep up the excellent work!! Just wondering if you need to add Dragon Ball Super to your opening sequence to avoid any lawsuits?

  • Dakmordian

    Finally made an account just to say that this episode is well and truly “perfect”, and that pun is most certainly intended. The wait was definitely worth it and I can hardly wait for the next!

  • themaskedone

    Can I just say thank you? I had surgery this holiday season and this episode really lifted my spirits. It was a wonderful Christmas gift that kept me laughing, so thanks again from the bottom of my heart. 😀

  • jpic89

    And it only took you 10 seconds to be a complete ass. Well, I guess you should take over, since you’re so much faster at things than them.

    Also, did you forget that they released the Super Android 13 video? Or is it that somewhere in your deluded mind you thought that it wouldn’t take the place of producing the regular show?

    • Topher_McGopher45

      All I’m saying is that waiting for new episodes used to be worth the wait but they’ve gotten lazy with it. Also, I don’t think it should take two months to produce 10 minute segments, especially with how much people fund them every month.

      And I’m allowed to be a complete ass, it’s what the comment sections of every internet page is for

  • Slapperfish

    And what happened then?
    Well on Christmas, they say
    Krillin’s Owned Count
    Went up two points that day!

  • Mustafa6626

    Hercule will defeat cell with his dynamite kick. 😂

  • Ginger_vegeta007

    Android 18 want the destructo dick from krillin lmao

    • Ginger_vegeta007

      And I actually got chills at the end of cells song, just the cherry on top of the cake

  • Nasuke1

    Just realized Cell was humming his Perfect Theme when he was going to absorb 18. Brilliant nuance.

    • Nasuke1

      Also… Subliminal messaging during the solar flare. Love it! Missed that the first two times.

  • Saiai

    Awesome. Thanks for giving her a sympathetic character perspective. It’s the dream that most 18 fans have always had.

  • shinistrue

    this was… PERFECT.

  • Adisliel

    Omfg when 16 keeps calling krillin a duck i lose it :’D

  • I like like this episode it was a blast of a time oh wait Krillin F’D that up never mind.

  • MilkyPrime

    Just so good.

  • axman1000

    Finally! I’ve been waiting so long for this! Perfect end to the year, this 🙂

    Can’t wait to see how you handle Gohan’s SSJ2 power up and Goku’s SSJ3 power up, even though they’re both a few years away 😛

    • Wolfcrawler

      ssj2 gohan will happen against cell. All fan knows that. I can almost see it

      • Redskulblaka

        I can feel it.

      • axman1000

        I meant, how they would handle both those situations given that DBZA is a humorous version.

  • CrackedCoconut

    I love that at about 10:20 Cell is humming the Perfect Cell theme from the show.

  • CrackedCoconut


  • Russle

    Perfect cell was perfect

  • Lotib

    Plot twist : Cell got Mr.Popo’s DNA.

    Great serie by the way.

    • Redskulblaka

      If that actually happened then Piccolo and Vegeta couldnt have handed him his respected ass.

      • Scion Thanatos

        That depends.
        No one really knows how strong Popo is, with all of that mana he has.
        For all we know, the mana could’ve meshed with the ki and messed Cell up, creating the bugged monstrosity that is his Imperfect form.

  • Thwartingyourplans

    Thank you, made my day as always. Soooo great.

  • Balnagghar

    Fantastic one guys! As always. Really hope you make the first use of Vegeta’s Final Flash as epic as I always felt it was in the upcoming episode! 😀

  • RyGuy447

    Great episode guys,one of my favorite so far. People keep wondering how you’re gonna do SSJ2 Gohan but personally I can’t wait to see your versions of Great Saiyaman and Majin Vegeta. Can’t wait for the next one.

  • Spatulaodoom

    Hey, thanks for the Christmas present guys. You got exactly what I wanted.

  • The_Serraphim

    This was the best Frieza Day present I got. In regular Dragon Ball Z, Cell was my least favorite villain. In Abridged, he’s shaping up to be my favorite.

  • ludly

    This episode was great as usual. Krillin realizing his love for 18 was P.E.R.F.E.C.T.

    • ludly

      “as *per* usual.”

  • Dayana7549

    Love this freaking episode!!!!!!! And also STEVEN FREAKING UNIVERSE REFERENCE!!! c:

  • Rider

    Loved this episode, though we’re getting to the meat of my favorite of the original villains, so I’ll be happy for a while I expect.

    Just one question: DBZ Abridged: The Musical when?

  • Modrain


    • Fortify45

      like next few days bruh

      • Modrain


  • TeamStrawhat

    You guys are amazing at what you do. You are a huge inspiration to us at TeamStrawhat we do a One Piece Abridged series ourselves and really look up to you guys. You can Check out are show here. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9grjnZKaEXNM4tzilRmzEQ
    Anyway Good job on the episode guys you always do amazing work.


    Truly a kickass episode. Instant classic.
    The songs. The disconnected mumbling. The long-running jokes. The R34. And gawd the voice acting, specially Amber’s, is impeccable.
    Not to mention scripting and editing, which are high quality as usual.
    Great work guys. Thanks for yet another great ep / christmas gift. Keep it up! Cheers.

    Also, for people complaining about the player, I found that disabling Flash and letting it play as native HTML5 video works better. (also makes it easier to download)

  • trident12

    android 18 part about saying she was going to rock krillian world was priceless

  • Kaemon

    Great episode, as always.

    I was wondering, COULD you do a “TFS Reacts to…” kind of video series with the new Dragon Ball Super episodes, or would that give you some kind of copyright issues?
    I was just watching DBSuper Episode 24 and, once again, the animation has gone REALLY BAD. As in made-by-a-single-fan-for-Youtube bad. I would really love to listen to your thoughts/laughs/despair to pretty much every single frame of that Kami-forgotten series. XD

    I honestly don’t understand how the animation can get so bad and I do honestly wonder how many people are actually behind of the worst-looking episodes.

  • badazzbob

    omg he was humming perfect cell’s theme.

  • Alabama4040

    When gohan gose super he has to sing ” all you want to do you see me turn into” that goku say (gasp) ” a super syain

    • Judgement479

      Yess~ this is an awesome idea

  • Kayle

    When I heard the song at the beginning, I was like “that sounds like something straight out of Adventure Time.” When I noticed it was a parody of a song by Rebecca Sugar, all made sense.

  • simrobert2001

    Okay, please calm down. It only needs to be asked once. Spamming it like this looks immature.

  • Apon

    That painful wait for the YouTube release because your phone can’t load the video

  • simrobert2001

    I love this episode, its one of my top favorites. But, i’ve got to ask:
    1) where is Android 13 breakdown?
    2) where is hellsing abridged?

    • ed765super

      Hellsing is coming in January. It’s gonna be bi annual as well. So we won’t have to wait an entire year.

  • MasterSenpai

    this episode was simply…. perfect

  • Zessei

    Kaiser sure likes using Protoss sound effects.
    But man, several times this episode hit me right in the feels.
    Goku’s song for Gohan, Krillin’s realization of his love for 18, Vegeta’s (very, very short lived) pride in Trunks.
    This…this was a beautiful episode.

  • Neizu

    P is for priceless, the look upon faces
    E is for extinction, of all your puny races
    R for rrrevolution, with will be televised
    F is for how fucked you are; Now allow me to reprise,
    E is for eccentric, just listen to this son
    C is for completion, that I’ve waited for so long
    T is for the terror, upon you I’ll bestowed
    My name is Perfect Cell
    And id like to say


  • Blazer52637

    I need Perfect Cell’s song as my ringtone

  • L-N1d

    I liked this episode good job guys especially Goku’s and Gohan’s opening scene. Got to get in the habit of writing positive comments, so that the comments section don’t get over taken by negative ones… Or one’s asking about HUA episode 6.

  • Daniel Fate

    Seriously guys, awesome episode. Best one my wife and I have seen in a while, if not the best one you have made ever. Keep up the fantastic work!

  • Chaosticket

    Even with comedy added this is a pretty dark episode. The World is likely coming to an end because two characters make emotional decisions that. For Krillin this isnt related to cell nad he at least regrets his, but for Vegeta he is completely played and its really the instance where his Jerkass personality is at its peak. Not that he doesnt do something horrific in the Buu saga but that is less jerkass and more horrible monster.

    Also, why is the Solar Flare still effective when characters have reached the levei of Demi-gods? Its a game-breaker that is forgotten until somebody needs a Deus Ex machina. I wonder what would happen if two people used it at the same time, or against each other?

    • Balnagghar

      Solar Flare has long been acknowledged as a technique where power level doesn’t really matter. Bright light hurts eyes. it doesn’t really matter how hard you can punch something.

  • kaze74

    So here comes the “Krillin boned counter”?

    • VenomusPL

      Nah when 18 rocks Krillin’s world, the owned counter should slowly go back to zero. Then ” Krillin owns counter: 1″

  • thefluffygundam

    plz tell they did not kill her off

    • Azyru

      Have you not seen the original series? Gohan kicks Cell so hard she gets Regurgitated.

      • Balnagghar

        That moment was disappointingly absent from the 25 most iconic scenes as I recall…. which saddens me. It was really the moment when Gohan revealed just how completely he had surpassed perfect cell. Plus kicking someone so hard they vomit an entire person and devolve is just hilarious.

  • Gilly101

    Funny how no one seems to notice the new Hellsing abridged is up.

    • VocalIntrovert

      you are evil, you know that?

      • Gilly101

        E is for Excitement, that I get out of trolling
        V is for my victory dance that consists mainly of lolling
        I is for the instant that you realized you’re goated.
        L is for the the longing that they’ll hopefully soon upload it.

      • ed765super

        @Gilly101 on one hand, I’m slightly irritated at myself for falling for that. On the other, I’m extremely content with the reference to “P is for Perfect”

    • Redskulblaka


  • ed765super

    Imma say it right now. This episode beat Vegeta vs 19 & 20 for best episode of season 3

  • TootBoy225

    Mann, I love this version of Dragonballz

  • Gelnak

    Dunno if anyone noticed cells red eye during his perfect song?

    • Drumgames

      Yeah I saw that too. Wonder what happened on that scene.

      • Gilly101

        his pupil was drawn way too big anyway, woulda looked goofy if they filled it in white.

  • DoubleBaconator

    Was dying of laughter the whole time. “Boy don’t make me come up there & be a parent!” Favorite line. Also, in love with cell & his song was just perfect. Get it? Perfect? Yea anyway, I love you guys TFS

  • Raix

    here is the solar flare image.http://imgur.com/wvyi5cw (gross)

    • KM91

      Ceru-Sama, yamete!!!

      • ed765super


    • Azyru


  • Rman336

    While I wasn’t so into the song at the beginning, I thought this was a great episode overall, and I LOVED the voice TFS chose for Cell!

  • MoronicPaladin

    I never thought Cell would have such a great singing voice…Get this man on Broadway!

    • themaskedone

      DragonBall Z: The Musical

  • Mrbatesdaily

    One of the best episodes yet, I cant wait to see what you guys do in the future, keep up the good work and stay awesome, I am also excited for more drunklestiltskin, I just got bloodborne for christmas and made my character look exactly like him!

  • EternalMusician

    That ending is actually pretty damn awesome. It’s got a slight chill to it~
    On another note, I still hate Krillin for that moment just as much as I did when I first saw this episode -_-

    • Azyru

      IF he just thought it out, that Goku would teleport and find another guardian, he should’ve just killed her and had her revived. Buuut, on the other hand, if he were to have killed her, No perfect cell, no Goku dying (So more villains, possibly Earths destruction) and Krillin stays a virgin.

  • themaskedone

    I have a question for all you TFS fans. Which abridged android is your favorite? Mine’s 16. 🙂

    • IncinerateAnthem

      My favorite is 18. But why didn’t she just get out of there like 16 and Krillin told her!! still love her tho:)

    • Azyru

      Fucking 19 in the Funimation dub sounds like Puar

  • mathex14

    Trunks screaming is so awesome!

  • Vinlaand

    I don’t get it. Why didn’t she dodged? Is not that hard.

    • Angel-of-Light-Kelly

      I can see Picolo looking at Gohan because of this comment right now…..

  • BadGuyBrandon

    This is my favorite episode to be honest!

  • PotatoRuler

    Is that the same cell voice actor from the american version? it sounds identical o.O anyone else noticed?

    • Steve, Son of Steve

      No, Takahata101 is doing all the Cell voices.

      • Ion

        and taka is Perfect,i would dare to say Better than the original ( i had to watch the canadian dub, fun times lol)

  • Mustafa6626

    I wish goku wod train more in his bulky form so he can use it more effectively like broly. That is what always what got me wondering in the anime.

    • bneil24

      the bulky form is slower then regular ssj and weaker then ssj2 that gohan achives so ther would be no point fot goku to train it (broly’s ssj tranformation is differnt then bulky goku form as well)

  • worm

    that picture in the solar flare… oh god..

    • EternalMusician

      Oh wow! I was almost certain that they didn’t do it this time because I could not catch it unless I button mashed the pause button. (Also, how about that brutal scream from 18 when she got absorbed)

  • toedcross

    Goku’s song name: Goku’s Christmas Wish

  • deckera

    ben watching your site for awhile decided to make an account because you guys are just awesome
    this is 200% times better than the original (and original translations)
    you guys totally should make a fan parody of all cult animes

    anyway when will be the next episode out?

    and who gonna sync mr satan (hercules)?

    and when will the brolly special out?

    • Azyru

      Broly’ll probably be out after the Cell games, as that is when it happens in the movie.

      • Zessei

        Actually, the Broly movie couldn’t take place after the Cell Games, because Goku was still alive for Broly to slap around.
        Broly is non-canon, like so many other movies.

  • Pietro

    Power of boners is stronger than power of reason.

  • Phantowhite

    that song was in a word…..Perfect

  • CrapBasket

    The perfect song is…

  • Royal Conquest

    Damn fantastic episode though. Had me laughing my ass off the whole time, seriously best episode since Vegeta vs 19 and 20

    • ed765super


  • Royal Conquest

    Awesome. But no Hellsing in December either it seems. Come on guys follow through on stuff.

    • Spiritnova

      “December at the earliest” was the exact quote.

    • KaiserNeko

      We said “December at the earliest”. C’mon man, listen to our videos. ;D

    • Lanipator

      We said “December at the earliest” funny how many people miss that.

      • The Reverend

        Plus, even if you guys had said “absolutely December, no question”, there are still 5 days in December. You didn’t say “On Christmas”.

  • zachabridged

    Prepare for the perfect end that is perfect cell
    This episode was Kicka**

  • CombatBeaver

    Dat solar flare
    … oh dear

  • xrod4800

    Have trunks tell cell he’s not dealing with the average ascended sayain anymore

    • mathex14

      ^^ This

  • Spiritnova


    8:43 – Why are Krillin and 18 on foot? They can fly much faster than they were running. For that matter, they could have been running way faster. I recall a scene in Dragonball where Goku and Krillin were running next to a car that was going around 200 mph.

    10:15 – Why did Krillin not use his Destructo Disk while Cell was just standing there in front of 18? Whether it actually did damage or not, it would have been distracting enough for her to bolt. Granted Future Trunks came in with Future Kick to the same effect, but still.

    10:30 – Why did Trunks not kill 18 while she was just standing there rather than tell her to leave? As far as he knows she’s the same psychopath from his timeline, but even stronger. At this point he should be strong enough to one shot her. He’d remove her as a threat, and deny Cell his chance at perfection. He’d be killing two birds with one stone. Seems like a pretty big oversight on his part.

    As for the episode itself, great job guys. One of your best.

    • gothpunkboy89

      The same questions appear in the anime. Can’t complain about them keeping the same loopholes as anime has.

      • Spiritnova

        That’s my point. I’m asking about the logic in the anime.

  • killakam

    What’s the song that starts at 3:44 when cell and vegeta was talking

  • Mustafa6626

    It would be funny if tfs made perfect cell attack vegeta using V.A.T.S. the part he shoots a blast at him. Fallout reference

  • rg1322

    Krillin proving that all you have to do to get the girls is lift.

  • Oh, The Wait Was Worth It… Will The P.E.R.F.E.C.T Song Be For Download?
    P.S Any… Uh, Any Jobs Available? Even Just Work Experience? Figured It Would Be Worth a Try.

    • Nevermind, Read The Description, Anyway, About That Job…

  • SSJGGohan4tehwin

    holy shit these guys are not taking a break like usual they are already working on the next episode damn TFS

    • SSJGGohan4tehwin

      and it’s the holdays

  • PaulAdam

    This episode was a work of perfection.

  • BZDsentai

    Cell was humming the goddamn Perfect Cell theme!
    I can’t believe this.
    Oh, and that Krillin owned counter is gonna be dropping back to zero real soon. You guys know what I mean.

  • Grahav

    Krilin, you were thinking with ypur dick.

    • GodlikeVegeta

      Is there another way to think?

  • GodlikeVegeta

    I can’t sense power levels but i feel that, does that mean anything?
    Indeed, we are perfectly fucked….

  • That Song Goku sang reminded me of a song from Steven Universe

    • vvvluffy

      it was a parody of it. that was the highlight of the episode. the song is “a giant women”

  • Mustafa6626

    Can’t wait for the gang’ reaction to cell’s saibamen and one of them is going to say we’ve been here before. 😂😂😂

    • RavenScales


      • pandaboss

        I hope someone says “well it was nice knowing you Yamcha” as soon as the jrs come out.

  • Yuudai

    that was great guys good job, keep up the amazing work
    also love the perfect cell song

  • SSJ BentoSalesboy


    • SSJ BentoSalesboy

      I would pay a lot of Zeni to see that wish, especially if it was TFS Dende…
      “Dragon, bring all those killed by (snort) Krillin back to life.”

      • pandaboss

        To be fair Vegeta would probably kill krillin if he prevented cell from becoming perfect, cause that’s the kind of dick he is.

    • Spiritnova

      Not every Namekian can create dragon balls. At the time of the Namek saga there were only around 100 Namekians on the planet, the majority of which would most likely not have the ability. And at this point in the series Porunga could only revive one person at a time. He wasn’t upgraded until later.

      They also don’t know where New Namek is, which is the same reason they didn’t use them in Future Trunks’ timeline. The only reason Dende became the new guardian is because Goku instant transmissioned him there. As far as Krillin knows, they won’t have access to the Namekian dragon balls for the foreseeable future, if at all.

  • MyNameIsDende

    Now that you slowly approaching towards the scene with Goku asking Piccolo to defuse from Kami, I picture the next dialogue:

    Goku: I’ve been thinking, you could split yourself in two again, right? So that there’s a Piccolo AND a Kami?
    Piccolo: What?
    Goku: See, with Kami gone, all of the dragon balls have disappeared, but we really need a wish from the dragon. We need to wish for all of the people Cell killed to be brought back to life. It’s the only way we can make up for letting Vegeta’s ego and Krillin’s hornyness got the better of them.
    Piccolo: Sorry, but once two Nameks have fused together, they can never split apart. It’s a permanent deal.
    Kami: What? Sure we can split apart, we’ve already done it once.
    Piccolo (louder): A PERMANENT DEAL!
    Piccolo (to himself/to Kami/Nail): Shut up, or I swear to Otherme, I’ll play minesweeper with both your asses. I’m not going back to solitude, nor that lame ass Tom (MySpace).

    • Spiritnova

      Kami’s split wasn’t the same thing. Before he was Kami, he had to convince the previous kami that he was worthy to succeed him. He was denied because there was still evil in his heart. So he somehow exorcised all of the evil from himself, which took the form of Demon King Piccolo. His ability to split his evil was most likely independent of his Namekian heritage. Basically it was one person splitting into two, not two people splitting apart.

      Piccolo and Kami coming back together was a natural Namekian fusion, which , as Piccolo notes, is irreversible. It’s unclear if Piccolo could perform the same type of split that Kami did, but even if he could it most likely would not bring back the dragonballs. It’s also unclear whether the new good incarnation could still create dragonballs. Which in turn makes me wonder whether Piccolo could create dragonballs in his current state. You’d think if he could he would have brought it up. Or he may not know himself.

      • MyNameIsDende

        Yeah, you got me, you know your “Dragon Ball”… YES, I know the deal. It was only to serve the joke. Maybe it’s funny, maybe it’s shit, it depends. But the worst reason for not laughing at some joke is because it doesn’t fit every single dragon ball trivia. I mean, come on: If we were to lead our selves with that logic, there wouldn’t be any DBZA at all! We all watched the show, this is something else and its suitable for minor changes, here, and there… and there… and there…

      • Spiritnova

        Not everything can be changed for the sake of a joke.

        If you go through DBZA, you’ll find that TFS stays pretty true to the story. They make fun of it all the way through, but they don’t really change major plot points. King Piccolo was a major plot point, altering that would not be a “minor change”. You’ll also note that their version of Kami (barring the first few episodes) has been faithful to the sternness of the official version. He wouldn’t have been nearly as reluctant to fuse if it was reversible. They’ve already set up the situation such that it’s clear there’s no going back for Kami. If nothing else, TFS is pretty consistent with their own logic.

        Changes can be made to a story, but they have to be done carefully. You can’t just change things haphazardly. Take the Yamcha’s suicide joke for instance. Maybe they had planned that far ahead, maybe they hadn’t, but the joke ended up requiring Kaiser to edit Yamcha out of the HoT special, which, based on his tweets, he found rather annoying. Even “minor” changes can create headaches down the line if you’re not careful.

        As for “NEEEEEERD”, I’m not actually especially versed in the lore. I’m familiar with this tidbit in particular because I was trying to figure out why King Piccolo was considered a demon. You know, besides the fact that Toriyama probably considered him a demon before deciding he was actually an alien.

      • pandaboss

        Honestly he probably got fed up of being the only one who’s death was any real consequence.

  • Mustafa6626

    Sorry typo

  • Mustafa6626

    Cell has all the perquisites for the cell Jr’s to be born. CAN’T WAIT!!!!

  • flareswrd

    Is it just me, or am I starting to see a pattern here where all the major villains start randomly breaking out in song when they transform.

  • Lonehoof

    “Well I’m glad that I finally achieved perfection, but GOD, my neck is killing me.”

    *Krillin throws strongest kienzan out of rage, Cell tanks it head-on, unscathed*

    “Ahh, much better.”

    *KOC goes up by five*

  • Lord Tytarion

    You know I’ve been doing this SOLAR FLARE flash moments that if I just focus lightly I can get the hidden picture each time. Imp. Cells is still the creepiest.

  • TheLelouch17

    ♫ “T” is for the terror upon you I’ll bestow ♫

    ♫ My name is Perfect Cell and I just fucked your hoe ♫

    Won’t lie that’s exactly what I thought he was going to say.

    • Gan_HOPE326


  • jdgjordan

    wow i don’t think you understand how well poetically narrative this episode was made, it start with goku the hero singing about training and ends with cell the villain singing about completing. and all the interactions in this episode were done beautifully. Forgive me for not know but who ever is in charge of head scripting at TFS you did a bang up job i been looking foreword to the part in the series for a while i thought it was going to be ep 50 but nope so i waited then instead you released (still awesome but not this awesome) android 13 movie so i had to wait even longer grrr but man it was so worth it great job top to bottom guys this is now my number 1 fav episode you made before that was the trunks special don’t know how your going to top it but i will stay tune to find out.

  • TravisMoehring

    Cell’s transformation is everything I wanted. You guys set this up perfectly having him sing Mr. Sandman so ominously like Freiza’s ominous song and this just fit perfectly with that. And on top of that, you guys have him hijack the radio station, which foreshadows him hijacking the television station. “Which will be televised” gave me chills. You guys perfectly honed the media mogul that Cell was. I would, and have been for years, go as far so to say this is my favorite dub of Dragonball Z and maybe the best way to watch the series.

  • MountainKing

    Wow. You guys actually gave a valid reason why 18 would go for Krillin. I never thought of it like that but he really did risk everyone on the planet for her. Thanks for the eye opener.

  • Redskulblaka

    You guys should compile a CD with all the music you’ve done for the series. I’d buy the Sh** out of that.

    • Lord Tytarion

      I’d buy like 20 copies.

  • Aeiward

    I reset my password to say this, Whomever did the pics of 18…. how long did you pine over them cause.. damn… I’d long for that bitch.

  • SlowDownTimeGuy

    Awesome episode, but I would have gone a different direction with the Krillin/18 scene:

    18 spots Krillin standing above the remote. She puts her hand over her chest.

    Krillin: “Are you preparing to detonate the bomb in your chest?”

    18: “No.”

    Krillin crushes remote.

  • blaze53

    oh my god guys they so totally crossed the line by promoting rape culture i mean omg seriously boycott tfs 4ever

    In all seriousness though, that ending got emotionally heavy for a bit… then Takahata’s absolutely perfect Cell voice (snort) came around and I loved it.

    • Jagermech

      uhh, does it count when the guy “promoting” that is literally an evil, inhuman monster?

  • hoe lee shit… i’m not even sure where to start, guys. i guess… thank you. this has been a triumphant return, begging for nothing and extolling beauty. it’s clear you have worked out all the kinks, and the team has never been so… so perfect. bravo on an amazing follow up to super android 13! by the way, FUTURE KICK!? i’ve been waiting for that one 😉 thanks again, guys. i loved this one so much. keep it up, because i’m sooo hard for you.

  • ValeHavoc

    sc2 protoss sound effects <3

  • blazin pikachu

    pretty obvious the guys watched steven universe, but i love there made parody song

  • KazePhantom

    A new episode! And two new song parodies for fans to request full versions of! No seriously, I want the number form Cell at the end as my ringtone.

    • Wolfcrawler

      me I want the one when he’s humming his own background theme.

  • WaywardWind911

    Is it just me, or is Android 18 SUPER cute in this episode?

    Actually, that’s doubtless, but I just wanted to get a word in.

  • GrayMedina

    Oh man that Perfect Cell introduction was… Perfect!

  • Lord Rek

    I love how cell is humming the perfect cell theme when he’s walking towards 18

  • Crobat

    I paused it just in time to see the image in the solar flare- honestly not that scary/creepy… Maybe for Krillin… I guess

    • KazePhantom

      what was the image?

      • Angiath

        perfect cell with his tail wrapped around 18… i keep trying out of morbid curiosity and failing to actually stop the video on it every time.

  • lostsomething

    I just realized I’ve gone all my life needing a Dragonball musical.

    • thunderking8

      i agree, this needs to happen

    • Deerfist

      Yes please

  • hillerj

    Well… shit. Merry Christmas/Frieza Day everyone. It’s been a nice run for Team 3 Star/Z Fighters/our ‘protagonists’, but now they’re well and truly fucked.

  • metalpsyraven

    … kinda want an album of all the songs done by tfs like full length songs and covers… id be sooo happy! xD

  • DemonkingJubi

    Goddamn it just noticed. THe lapis theme playing over krillins decision over pressing the button. Genuises you are. Cant wait for the breakdown on this one

  • kingmajin163

    Lol such creativity. But cell is just as creepy that was hilarious. How long did it take to come up with the 2 songs?

  • lasantaynez

    The music! The sexual innuendos! Just like it was produced by Ryan Murphy

  • Caeric

    Damn. This episode is great. I was pretty critical of episode 50 and a smidge critical of Android 13. But I’d have to actually dig to find real critiques. I mean, okay. I did notice the phantom pixels of Android 16’s head in one shot, where I’m guessing you guys inserted him and manually shopped his head damage. I might MAYBE say that Vegeta’s “unyielding rage” line could be better as angry scream (show don’t tell), but you followed with a fun quick joke about the line itself. And you WANT Vegeta to have a line so you can establish that he is present at the moment of blinding. So, yeah. Best choice.

    And damn, that intro. Semi-Perfect Cell had a decent one, and Imperfect Cell had a chilling intro that told me instantly he’d be a fantastic, creepy villain. Perfect Cell’s is great. It’s great how different this character is through each stage of his being.


    Fucking fantastic episode. I already knew Taka could sing based on his old Nappa covers, but Masako was great as well.

  • Kaibaman41

    Even though I’m a commenter on the youtube channel but first time commenting on here but all I want to say is…Taka’s Perfect Cell was perfect and loved how two jokes returned from the Frieza Saga to the Cell Saga

  • loring638

    So quick question, does the Solar Flare prevent them from sensing Cell’s energy? Cuz if not, WTF?!

    • Giopp Dumister

      It doesn’t at all. The thing is that the solar flare causes a flash of light that’s powerful enough to do a lot of damage to your unsuspecting retinas, making the victims shut off all possible light to let their eyes begin to get over the pain. Think of yourself staring into the sun, except its light grows so abruptly strong that it raises way above the limit of light retinas can take at once. The point of it is to render enemies completely incapacitated from the pain of their sensitive eyes and even when they can stop focusing on the pain, they still can’t open them back up.

      • loring638

        Makes sense I guess.

  • bloodymummer5

    I absolutely love the Steven Universe reference in the beginning~ Happy to know Team Four Star are fans of SU too 😀

  • cryptic_sage

    Goku’s song at the beginning has really grown on me.

    Cell’s song has that great line at the end, particularly regarding the letter ‘F’.

    So much so that I registered to post this comment.

  • Jenk Rieger


  • Lenoh


    Now to wait another 3 years for Gohan to go SSJ2 and end the saga.

  • Mustafa6626

    I’m new here and wanted to say good jobs with all videos. But one thing is biting me what is the jockstrap incident?

    • JustSomeGuywithaMustache

      We can’t talk about that kind of stuff. Not since the jockstrap incident…

    • Redskulblaka

      Ginyu buried the joke with the jock strap before he died.

      • Tolvan

        But Ginyu isn’t dead. I mean, maybe.

        Super happens, right?

    • Greatuberlord

      Dont ask

  • Jacobo3755

    Love how imperfect cell was humming the perfect cell theme as he was walking toward 18. Did anyone else pick up on this? Love the detail.

    • rxg9er

      That was my favorite part as well

    • JustSomeGuywithaMustache

      Thank Kami I wasn’t the only one who recognized Bruce Faulconer’s work. Next up, Hell’s Bells.

  • Pikawarrior1


    • Brahmus168

      I’ve got good news and I’ve got bad news…

  • BenRGamer

    Is it just me, or does Taka’s Perfect Cell sound a lot like Skull Face from MGSV? Particularly heard it with the ‘hello’ at the end.

  • Inocuchino

    THIS WAS (pardon the pun) SO FUCKING PERFECT!!! YES!!!

  • SuperNamekiman


    • Wolfcrawler

      Sup fellow fan, like TFS told us in a video news on their youtube channel. Hellsing was ready, but not perfect and as we know already TFS don’t do half done job. They do it perfect or they don’t release it. In other great news, in the same video :), TFS will now make 2 Hellsing episodes a year. Hope I put a smile on your face you cheeky dick waffle.

  • 1800EATADICK

    Yeah, okay, this episode was great and all, but i have one question…


    • SuperNamekiman

      THAT QUESTION WILL BE ANSWERED THIS SUNDAY NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ZXsaber917

      Gohan needs to be super saiyan first

  • SeniorSmurf

    Brilliant as always fellas, however this one had a little special something. Happy holidays!

  • Kawwmoi

    I like to think that the “perfect” guy the title is referring to is Krillin, not Cell.

  • pickyourpoison

    Honestly, I think this is the best episode of the Android/Cell saga yet. In contrast, your previous episode was your worst, no offense. It almost made me quit watching Abridged. This episode reminded me of your work in the Frieza saga.

    • ktempo

      I’ll have to agree to disagree. I loved episode 50, one of my favorites.

  • SamsonE97

    The video isnt working for me, i get audio, but no picture

  • Shotgunmerc

    Yeah you know that’s actually fairly solid reasoning by Krillin, can’t argue much with that. Push the button, blow her up. Don’t push the button, Cell absorbs her.

    Also, 12:01, keeping up with the solar flare running gag. Gotta love it

  • Quentyn

    Man, sucks that I can’t edit my comments apparently. Anyway, so I honestly think this episode was so good it actually surpassed its original counterpart. I like it when TFS gets serious and doesn’t rely on pure humor or disrespect the source material, which is the problem I have with their YouTube fanbase. I feel they miss the point of Abridged, what makes it good, when they obnoxiously quote Super Kami Guru and Mr. Popo.

  • captainkenny

    This was fantastic! I loved this bit in the show, when Krillin realises that he loves Android 18. I really like Krillin, probably because of all the sh*t he has to take on a regular basis. I loved the ‘I’m going to rock his 4 foot world’ line.

  • Quentyn

    I’m glad TFS elaborated on Krillin’s thought process as he was contemplating the right decision. People give him shit but think about it, doesn’t it sound wrong to you? Just blowing someone up like that? Vegeta was the real prick here.

    • Quentyn

      Honestly, the way some people talk about it, they sound like sociopaths.

      • GreatWyrmGold

        To be fair to them, logically, blowing up 18 was the right choice. Like Abridged!Krillin said, it’s not like 18 would live much longer if Krillin didn’t blow her up.

  • ThaStrangr

    Best. Christmas. EVER!

  • BlueshadesTM

    Vegeta is fucking funny


  • suikodudeman

    Okay, I am surprised I haven’t seen a comment yet about it *or maybe there have been, but I ain’t see’em*, but I LOVE the fact that there is a callback to the whole Freeza Arc thing going on when Android 16 keeps referring to Krillin as “Tiny Duck” … after all, who was the one quacking as the “Space Duck” all the time during that part of the Abridged series? 😀

  • HoodedMantis101

    Sit well whe thought dibs and culdn’t get any better, OMFG STEVEN UNIVERSE!!!

  • Mexgar

    We may even need Kirranipator for this one!

  • Spyggt


  • dragonx32

    from the start you guys have shown the love and power of this show from the movies to the specials you took the time to bring out what abridged series is suppose to be. Keep up the great awesome fantastic work and if i have to wait almost real time for a new episode to come out (aka Dragonball Super) with you guy i can do it. Also love that ending song almost died laughing

  • Kenndar

    Fuck yeah, this was awesome. Can’t wait for more. In the mean time, I’ll be glued to the TFS Gaming channel. 😀

  • xnovus374

    This was awesome, I hope you can use more Bruce Faulconer in the future. Also, check out 3 YouTubers who have awesome music for you too use. HalusaTwin makes awesome remixes, The Saiyan Enigma, a subchannel to The Enigma TNG, who makes original soundtracks and remixes, and DJFusionT, who makes rap beats from Bruce Faulconer. Have a Happy Holidays and New Years, from xnovus374.

  • ShaoKahnage

    Team Four Star is now my Perfect Cell Provider. 😉

    Thanks guys! Great work!

  • Giant_Neckbeard

    This … actually makes me sad. Poor Krillin. All he ever wanted to do was be a hero, and even in the Abridged version he’s still honestly one of the most heroic characters when you realize that everyone except Yamcha, Chaotsu and maybe even Tien are all weaker than he is.

    He is literally outclassed by everything except the low-level mooks.

    And still he fights. Even though he gets his ass beaten nearly every time, killed twice, constantly mocked and belittled by his ‘friends’, he fights.

    I always felt that while his sparing Android 19 was a tactical error, it was still very much the ‘right’ thing to do, and I hope when the others call him out in the next episode, he in turn calls them out for being willing to sacrifice another for no fault of her own just to save their own lives.

    That and he’s possibly the only ‘Z-Warrior’ who has never tried to take over the world or been duped by an evil sensi/force/etc.

    I admit it, I’m cheering for the little guy here, in every sense of the word.

    • Giant_Neckbeard

      I meant Android 18. Because cats on the keyboard on boxing morning make everything worse …

      • Giant_Neckbeard

        *everyone except Yamcha, Chaotsu and maybe even Tien are all STRONGER than he is.

        I apologize. Oh God I should not be typing right now …

    • Gan_HOPE326

      Truly, he’s like the Mumen Rider of Dragonball Z. Also in basically *any other universe* he’d be a top player if not the outright strongest. Only in DBZ he can be at planet-busting levels of power and still be considered a joke compared to most of the cast XD.

    • The Reverend

      I actually created an account just to agree with you!

      Seriously, DBZ Abridged’s treatment of Krillin is probably my only complaint about it. Krillin has two, canon, awesome running things. The fact that he gets in there and fights even though he’s outclassed, and the fact that he’s actually a straight up lady’s man and has had lots of implied one night stands.

      And DBZA takes that away from him by making him out to be a complete coward and a hapless, pathetic virgin. It makes me sad.

    • Yusagi

      The fact that 18 hasn’t had the chance to kill anyone doesn’t mean she wouldn’t have. They don’t know that 18 decided to change her mind, or that she even would stick to it. We know in Trunks’ alternate future she murders people just for fun. And killing a robot (who could be wished back anyway) to stop Cell from becoming something that could destroy all the world, and kill 18 ANYWAY…that’s common sense. Krillin was definitely in the wrong here.

      Unfortunately for everyone, so was Vegeta. They tag-teamed into horror.

  • theeshyguy

    A new episode of DBZA, and with a SU reference at the beginning I might add, is easily the best Christmas present possible.

  • xtremerush

    Best episode all year!

  • darkspeed

    10:20 Is… Is cell humming his own theme? To be fair, he is part Vegeta.

    • Gilly101

      He so is.

  • jadith

    In many ways, this episode of DBZA has outshined the show. Absolutely amazing work.

  • LanipatorOverBrianDrummond

    Oh god, Cell’s doing 18 in the solar flare image.

  • Justin Time

    Did I miss this episode growing up? I don’t remember the animation looking this good.

    Could have done without the rape innuendo, but otherwise, great episode.

    • ShaoKahnage

      Agreed but could have been worse, at least she’s 18.

      • Ansel McKenzie

        LMAO I created an account just to say how funny that was

  • AngelKay7

    OMG, THANK YOU, I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought it was kind of dangerous for Krillin to stomp on the remote with the button right there! In fact, how did he even manage to break it WITHOUT hitting the button? It always bugged me!

    Oh, and I love the original songs in this episode. Perfect Cell’s intro was… well… perfect!

    • Spyggt

      actually the songs are parodies from steven universe

      • super san97531

        i know, its just weird that I had thought of the song before the episode was released

  • super san97531

    the weirdest thing was I thought of the exact same song for the beginning like a month ago

  • JFS94

    Hmm…I don’t remember Cell catching a case of pink eye (Look at Cell’s eye at around 13:54).

  • Cartman

    All I could think of when watching the scene with krillin and 18 was this South Park episode in which people tell Jimmy “you’re thinking with your dick” xD. Anyway, great episode as always.

  • AgentBc6

    So what counts has 99% finished or where you guys waiting to finish Dbcember?

  • Bigfish

    If there was one thing missing from the anime was a song from perfect cell. Thank you teamfourstar for giving us the perfect song that even disney was jealous of.

  • ticklemypiccolo

    Wow. Holy shit that was easily the best episode of the cell saga. 18s line about rocking krillins world was fucking hilarious. And that ending, God I seriously can’t wait for what happens next. Also we are getting damn close to the introduction of hercule

  • Great episode guys, a far better episode than i could have expected. The songs were great! I remember hearing the tune behind “P is for Perfect” before though, i feel like it should be obvious but for some reason i can’t recall it. Probably one of those things i’ll remember in the middle of the night haha 😀

    Oh well, great work and thanks for the work! See you guys next time, Merry Christmas and, just in case, have yourselves a happy new year!

  • KyloRen

    The PERFECT Christmas present

  • Aguero el kun

    Could someone please explain me why the fuck everytime i try to watch any sorta of video on this site it doesn’t work? or specifically it doesn’t even start?

  • YuriEagle

    I know people have some strong anti-Faulconer boner. But PLEASE tell me this means you guys will use the Perfect Cell theme in this

  • mathex14

    Too bad there’s no scene making semi-perfect cell evolve to perfect cell in the end lol, anyway this episode was awesome, and quite long like it was said it was going to be, just amazing guys! Awesome episode, though I’m not a fan of those dumb songs, this episode was so awesome in general that I’m just fine with it, as I doubt they will do something like this often.

  • Archaeo-mecha

    Oooooooh my me.

    I caught the solar frame bit perfectly. Annnnd all i have to say is that I bet rule 34 is gonna get a LOT of hits from you guys now. :p

  • Yusagi

    I find it endearing that Goku does show he has a certain amount of fatherly affection toward Gohan. He may be a derp, but he does care about Gohan (when he remembers Gohan is his son…) – I feel like this is building to something good when the Cell Games happens.

    I am also looking forward to Final Flash. Otherwise, this is pretty great. I may not quote everything Trunks says, but man am I gonna miss him in the Buu saga. He’s just so great (and trapped in a world full of madness). That did feel like a reasonable approach to the thought processes that go into the long staring moments.

    Them some great, catchy songs, man. Overall this was definitely worth the slightly longer than normal wait. Also, back on the subject of character interactions, it was nice to see the little drop of fatherly pride toward Trunks (underneath the overwhelming rage), and establishing a little more of Krillin/18.

  • Sylar

    Finally! After soooo long!! Cell has finally become….. Alucard!

  • FutureTrunks

    10:23 I love how he’s humming his own theme

  • Maiz Brief

    So I guess theymiss their deadline for hellsing ultimate for xmas also… kinda sad about that been waiting for those two episodes. But the ffma and dbza do help on that note.

    • Lanipator

      To be fair we did say “December at the earliest” for HUA

  • Chen

    Mhhh how does this go. Lets try : I do not care about DBZA, where is my next FF7MA Episode!?
    Do your “fans” do it like this? xD
    I am joking of course, nice episode as always. FF7MA is however a nice thing between your Mainseries Episodes.
    Did you also consider producing a whole season and then show them weekly like this, or is the amount of work that much higher on DBZA?

  • Gympy

    This is honestly, the best one yet! It literally send shivers down my spine.

  • Hillmor

    AT LAST! Perfect Cell!!! My favorite all time villain ABRIDGED!

  • isurani

    that lapis lazuli theme i can’t believe you guys put in two steven universe references in one episode

    • FutureTrunks

      I knew I recognized that song from somewhere

    • GofofGaming

      That was intentional. 17’s and 18’s real names are lapis and lazuli respectively.

  • all i wanna be, is a dad who gets to see, a super saiyan

  • JustSomeGuywithaMustache

    *cat call whistle*
    Now THAT is what I call a hot, perfect body. Mmmmmhmmmmmmmmm…

  • vvvluffy

    when she said she would rock his 4 foot world i burst out laughing

  • Tevolan

    Thank you from the bottom of my disabled bipolar heart for bringing a small amount of laughter to what could have otherwise been a bleak holiday season. You guys really do more good than you will ever know. Happy DBcember and have a Dumplin good year.

  • NirvanaFan2014

    That deleted scene was hilarious! Also this episode was fantastic as usual

  • Streetguru

    Cell is going to be a Disney princess isn’t he

  • torrent505

    Damn I love this episode! I have only one complaint though, getting perfect Cell just at the end of the episode is like a wonderful Christmas present, but not seeing him fight until the next episode is like that present being taken away for a month 🙁 why do you guys always leave me wanting more?! The cruelest most delightful feeling haha

    • Yusagi

      Aw, but we got more of Perfect Cell at the end of this than we did Semi-Perfect the last transformation episode.

  • Tarrow

    Thank you Team Four Star for this wonderful Christmas release and I hope that you are all having a superior day!

  • QSam

    This episode is a classic, considering how much character interactions there are in this. Oh I can’t wait for the next episode.

  • CDR-Farsight

    Probably my favourite episode of DBZA thus far, and an awesome Christmas present to boot! TFS nerver disappoints.
    Also, hearing Cell hum his Faulconer theme really makes me wish you guys would use his music more. (Fingers Crossed for Vegetas piano of doom for the final flash!)

  • Dasfatmann

    So i know everyone is pointing out their favorite moments like the Perfect song or super saiyan song

    I however found a different song more entertaining and that was semi-perfect cell humming his theme song from the show was absolutely hillarious

  • neutral-nobody

    18 and Krillin were absolutely adorable this episode. I’m sad she’s gone now though, she’s one of the best characters in this show…

    I can’t wait for Vegeta to get destroyed by Cell now.

    • Cliff_Mastah_14

      no shit!! Btw, correct me if i heard her wrong, but did #18, in a way, say she was going to have sex with krillin?

      • Drigger

        Yes she did.

      • Hillmor

        We’ll get to hear some of that action mmmmm gonna be hilarious!

  • Scrub

    A fantastic way to cap off December!

  • SovereignGod

    P is for priceless, the look on your faces
    E is for extinction, all on you puny races
    R for revolution, which will be televised
    F is for how fucked you are now allow me to reprieve
    E is for eccentric, just listen to my song
    C is for completion, that I awaited for so long
    T is for the terror upon you I will bestow
    Heh heh,
    My name is perfect cell, and I like to hello.

  • rboss

    Just noticed- Mr. Popo has a line in this episode, but IS NOT mentioned in the cast.

    I fear dark times are upon us all.

  • Kenshin0011

    P is for Priceless, the look upon your faces.

    E is for Extinction, all your puny races.

    R for Revolution, which will be televised.

    F is for how F**ked you are, now allow me to reprise.

    E is for Eccentric, just listen to my song.

    C is for Completion, and I’ve waited for so long!

    T is for the Terror, upon you I’ll bestow.

    My name is Perfect Cell, and I’d like to say – hello.

  • Scion Thanatos

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      • Drac32Drac

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      • PZ

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      I hear ya 😉

  • 13emstr

    Cell’s song at the end was just amazing.
    I say it was perfect

  • hussalsalami92


  • Kainzorus Prime

    10:03 CURSE MY HUBRIS!

  • eskreskao


    • QKumber


  • Domehammer

    The perfect thing to watch while I stuff my face with candy.