Episode 56: Deities, Devils, and Doing the Dirty
How are things working out with ChiChi and Goku? What’s Cell up to while he waits for his games? And is that little green guy who we think?! Find out now on Dragonball Z Abridged!

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Cast & Credits

MasakoX – Goku, Gohan
Lanipator – Krillin, Roshi, Vegeta, Piccolo, Popo
Takahata101 – Cell
KaiserNeko – Trunks, Press Release Announcer
Megami33 – Bulma, Baby Trunks
Remix – Android 16, Kami, Unknown Soldier
Faulerro – Yamcha
Antfish – Mister Satan
Hbi2k – Dr. Brief, Nail
Hnilmik – Chichi

WalterMB as Reporter
xJerry64x as Camerman

Additional art and animation supplied by:

Christopher Niosi
Zach Manley


Special Thanks

A huge thank you to:
Darren Watson
Craig Thompson
Christopher Ryan Scott
Dalton Sargent
Swarz Bruder
Dean Avery
Alex P
Marcus Hotard
Steven Veach
The A Games
Steven Feary
Matthew Massinon
Adam Staiger
Jacob Schaaf
Shawn Erway
Mack Norvelle
Tyler Nator
Markiegee50X Network
John Adams
Jordan Lamb (Senny)
Adam Bailey
Andrew Curtis
Ben Wilson
David Gordon
Colton Pleshek
Francois van Eeden
Spencer McAllister
Ryan Moursund
Cole Stormoen
John Caldwell
Bradley Smythe
Archer Wolf
Dean Walter
Philip Warden
Van Tarver
Matthew E. Cooper
Tyson Bekkers
Evan Parmenter
Zachary David
charles wade lybbert
Jared Bressler
Kyle Morris
Robert Glanville
Charles Dooley
Justin Mansour
J.L. Schultz
Brooke Allen
Jordan Ashworth
Cherrakee guzzardo (Baka Rebellion)
Mike Miller
Ben Barker
James Talbot
Marcus Gonzalez
Tyler Owens

And the rest of our Patreon contributors!


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  • Sade George
  • Jake the snake

    I feel Goku’s pain. I once met this nympho that was every bit as frisky as she was gorgeous. She was really gorgeous. We went at it 12 freaking hours a day. That girl was killing me. Just like Goku , my pride wouldn’t let me throw in the tile. And it did feel REALLY good..

    • Lesac

      some people have so much, some have so little…

      • Alexander Willabee

        And some have nothing . That would describe me nowadays. I was no stranger to sexual advances from girls my age to women that were 2-30 years older. But those glory days are long gone. They’ve been gone for over 20 years. I just lost touch with people. My pc is the only kind of social interaction I ever have with others. So lucky me.

  • Castiellia Winchester


    Mr. Popo- *Creaking sound* I like you

  • Nasuke1

    So I was a little upset that this episode was released in November and we haven’t had an episode proper since then… But then I rewatched this episode and I can’t stop laughing. The wait is worth the wit, I suppose.

  • Minjae Kim

    Here’s the Korean dubbed Dragonball Z Abridged: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-3ywpNESbLI&t=53s

  • Jomama Omyballs

    The heck was that noise at the start?

    • Lheni

      Goku and Chi Chi banging 😛

      • Jomama Omyballs

        I thought he had Lil Green on his back.

  • Rick Moen

    Episode 57 will be available on March 8th, 2017. six more days : )

  • Zero Pony

    . . . ” I feel like a man dying of thirst watching another man drown”.

  • Wes LaBar

    Can’t wait to see the episode where Gohan goes SSJ2 that I have a feeling will be EPIC!!!!

    • Richard Watts

      I predict that 16 will tell Gohan that Cell is 16% Goku or whatever, and then he’s gonna go beserk. I think they hinted at it with 16’s dialogue with Cell being park Goku and Gohans anger towards Goku as well.

  • I liek turtles

    oh god what are they gonna make videl into

  • Mabes3

    So just noticed something. 19 bleeds, both when he loses his hands and once his head is blown off. Looked ahead to to 16’s head being crushed, sure enough blood. So my question is how would Gero go from full robotics, to partial augmentation, to… reverse augmentation. But cell is purely biomechanical. So…maybe Gero mastered artificial organic matter with 17/18, since unlike 16 they could be wholesale absorbed by cell, but 16, 19/20 were proof of concepts for true cyborgs, ie an organic base with a few key structures (brain, nerves) intact, but otherwise purely augmented with techno-organic material
    Tl;Dr 16 is gero’s son (what was left of him, but damaged beyond personhood) and 19 and him were former humans

  • Rick Moen

    Been waiting almost a quarter year for episode 57 🙁

  • Rick Moen

    episode 57 please been waiting since last year !

  • Rick Moen

    Also when is the next episode going to be ready I dont get nearly as much joy from the movies as I do from the abridged dbz episodes T.T everday checking teamfoustar.com for that bloody 67% to read 100% and no luck T.T please please please please please respond to this T.T I need an ETA

  • Rick Moen

    That cracking smile

  • Richard Hart

    Did anyone notice that nappa became a criminal after the cell saga and before the actual making buu arc (I’m not sure what to call the great saiya man arc thingy)

    • I liek turtles

      great saiyaman saga = mega cringe

  • Peter

    Holly shit lol, love your work 😀 (original lurker, finally postin)

  • YoutubeKnight

    At the beginning it said LIE!

  • Rick Moen

    episode 57 please

  • Abbie Davy

    “Right Nappa?!?”
    “How..how..dare you RAAAARRRRGH”

    Nothings ever made me laught quite like that

  • Il Kwart

    So stoned I went to rewind 9:22 and I clicked the red bar from the video instead of the main one to rewind xD

  • Ajay Paulose

    So broly tomorrow

  • NuclearBernz

    Super Kami Dende has risen!

  • K Dawg Brah

    When Broly

  • Brian

    so TIL that “dende” can also be used to describe a penis…. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Dende

  • William Clinton

    I just wanted to say that you guys are awesome. You’ve given me hours of entertainment and your DBZ abridged videos are fucking hilarious. I hope you guys don’t get burnt out on this anytime soon because you guys are on fire.

  • Kevin Weaver

    I figured out why Gohan is worthless.

    Seriously. I’m not sure anyone has ever said this before. Please. Hear me out.

    Gohan spends a couple years training with Piccolo. His childhood years are what? 2-3?
    Gohan then boards a space ship where he spends a great deal of time with Krillian. 1-2 years?
    Gohan then prepares for the Andriods where he trains with his dad, Piccolo, and Krillian. 1-2 years?

    Is Krillian Gohan’s teacher? Is that why he’s so terrible?

    • Kevin Weaver

      Its honestly, the most normal relationship he has ever had.

      • Zoey Marie Bedenbaugh

        Yeah, basically Krillin’s arc is that he hadn’t really grown up until he met 18. Goku got married and had a kid, but Krillin didn’t really grow up until Gohan did, so young Gohan and Krillin had a similar friendship to Goku and Krillin, just not as long or close.

    • Jad Boukai

      Gohan at age 4 meets Krillin for the first time ever. Raditz appears, he dies, Piccolo takes Gohan to train for 1 whole year.

      Gohan at age 5 finally meets Krillin again and fights Vegeta and Nappa. Few weeks later, they get the spaceship and head to Namek. Travel time takes 2 months. They’re on Namek for about 5-6 days. Gohan, Piccolo, Bulma, and Krillin make it back to Earth in 5-6 days.

      Gohan spends a year on Earth in times of peace. His mom is forcing him to study, so he probably didn’t see much of Piccolo, Krillin, or any of the likes.

      Gohan at age 6 meets Future Trunks and sees Goku finally come back and warn them about the Androids. Goku and Piccolo train with Gohan for 3 whole years. Krillin is training by himself.

      Gohan at age 9 meets up again with Krillin after spending all the time with Piccolo and Goku. They fight the first set of Androids for a day, then the second set. A little bit of time passes to heal Goku’s heart disease and he trains alone with Goku for a year in the Time Chamber.

      Krillin hardly spent any time with Gohan in comparison to Goku and Piccolo. He is not his teacher.

    • He trains with Piccolo for one year for the Saiyan saga.
      He trains with Krillin for three months for the Namek saga.
      He trains with his dad and Piccolo for 3 years for the Android saga.
      Then he trains with his dad in the time chamber for a year for the Cell Saga.

      Technically up until now, half his time has been with Piccolo, and half with Goku, which is why he shortly becomes the strongest character in the show. He’s barely spent any time with Krillin at all.

      However, after Cell is defeated, he basically just gives up on training and fighting, because he spends all his time at home with his mom.

      Chichi ruined Gohan, and growing up without his father didn’t help much either.

  • Hurycashin

    I lost it when Krillin said he was dying of dehydration, watching a man drown right in front of him. This is why i support your patreon. you guys only amaze me with every episode!

  • Karthull

    So is the whole 16 was based on gero’s son and everything revealed in super or an interview or something cause I remember no reference to that in the original dbz

    • Jad Boukai

      It was confirmed in the Databook. Along with that is the true names of Android 17 and 18 being Lapis and Lazuli

    • Zoey Marie Bedenbaugh

      Toriyama came out with massive amounts of supplemental info between the end of Z and Super. He had to pay the bills somehow.

  • SSJ Bento Salesboy

    Super Kami Dende dammit…this is great.
    Goku learning the Birds and the Bees through the exhausting weeklong sex-a-thon
    The return of Dende (odd obsession with Gohan and all)
    And a perfect match for Mr. Satan

    Only thing I was hoping for that didn’t show up was the filler episode where Gohan meets General Tao…while running errands (I was hoping that would happen as part of the “Peanut Butter” errand mentioned at the beginning).
    That said, it was still ridiculous…and great. Next questions (which are a long, LONG way off), what will Dende do when Videl enters the picture, and will you keep the quote where Krillin prays to God and someone (I think Gohan or Piccolo) references that he is only praying to Dende? Just giving you guys food for thought.

  • Luis Ramos

    Best Episode to date. They just keep topping themselves.

  • Dontfucking FuckwithmyPhone

    Faults people in tiba for low brow sex jokes makes a 15 min episode of 75% cum jokes, good to know you judged without bias to your own work, its a shame we are only worth that low effort low brow humor as you called it tho….

    • Zoey Marie Bedenbaugh

      Dude, there was far more to this episode than that. Exposition, interracial sex, Mr. Perfect Cell, Super Kami Dende, HAIL SATAN, an anal joke, Krillin being jelly, Goku apparently having thought Vegeta wants to fuck him THIS WHOLE TIME, Trunks and Gohan bonding, fuckmothering original animation for Android 16’s backstory, Vegeta going crazy in the time chamber, “HEY DRAGON, WAKE THE FUCK UP! IT’S ALREADY PAST NOON! GET YOUR LIFE TOGETHER!” and more.

      • Dontfucking FuckwithmyPhone

        I can get a few chuckles from weekly released 2-5 min animations by just about any artist worth a damn, But What I was getting at is that 2 of the writers here condemned the use of “cheap sex jokes” then released this box O shame less then a month later. My gripe is that the bulk of the ep was jokes that they themselves have called lazy when made by others.

        I may have little to no standards when it come to entertainment aka I enjoy anything, But I do think its shitty when a creator releases empty content(by the creators definition) to milk a patron. But what do I know maybe they already peaked and this is the best new content they can come up with. I mean the recently anally fisted princess trunks, Sonic the randy hedgehog, “data not found” (A blatantly stolen joke), and so many missed opportunity’s many of which ironically were primed for a good sex joke….

        It may seem like blasphemy but I think tfs is all downhill from here. Now dont get me wrong not at all bad from a neutral perspective at this time, but at this rate the writing will soon fall below average in terms of comedy, and in my opinion is becoming more and more comparable to a ~Retches~ fanfic rather then a parody.

        But what does my opinion matter anyway.

  • Son_Goku3098

    Top 2 strongest dbza characters

    1. Popo
    2. Dende

  • Terry Benton

    Q: What do you call a group of humans?
    A: An infestation….

    Mr. Popo is the best. Love what TFS has done with his character.

  • Incrediblenoiseman

    Terrific episode as always guys, love to see the introduction of a new character, Mr. Satan, as well as bringing back an old friend with Dende. I see a few people hating on Antfish, but I would like to say I love his portrayal.
    Always love all the throw backs, and love hearing Piccolo’s subtle “Ow” when Dende whistled.
    I saw a missed opportunity with poking jokes at the “Black Star Dragonballs”, when Gohan tried to bring up Piccolo and Kami coming together. Of course, that’s a whole other argument that Piccolo and Kami together is not indeed the Namelss Namek, and to get him back would require King Piccolo, who I assume is in HIFL, to fuse back with the both of them. Fun stuff either way.

    Great job team, keep up the good work.

  • Emmanuel Gonzalez

    Not digging how much of a perv you made Dende

  • Cameron Sannes

    Did anyone else read the files at 8:55? They’re hilarious!

  • godzilla719

    I just noticed all the file names during the scene with Gero’s son. Those are honestly right up there with “Go for ten” for me in terms of my favorite jokes this episode.

    • I liek turtles

      remove the “for” in “go for ten”
      and you get goten’s name….

  • gaurdianaq

    omg I haven’t laughed so fucking hard in a long time! Super Kami Dende!

  • Joshua Tribble

    “By the way does the fat green one come back…? Because he’s funny.”

    “Pffft, I wish!”

  • Joshua Tribble

    I also love how the joke of Piccolo and Trunks being horrible at small talk stems from them both being loners. One by choice, the other because all his friends die.

  • Joshua Tribble

    TFS finally debuts Mark Satan….and everyone is going apeshit over Dende. This is why I love Dragon Ball Z Abridged, lol.

  • Jon

    Like another guy said, the writing in this episode is seriously on another level. Good fucking job, TFS. I never realized Dende could look AND act like a character from Family guy. Those fucking eyes, lol.

  • Gallupagos

    I have to say, you guys nailed it. This dialogue-heavy episode shows just how far you’ve come with both editing and writing.

    You took largely “filler” content from the original series and made it not only impactful to the story, but one of the BEST in the series so far. I was particularly blown away by the video with 16, and the ties to the DB series. It actually made me feel BAD for 16, and Gero to a certain extent.

    Amazing job with Dende as well. “A cavalcade of f*ck-up’s”, I think I’ll be using that one for a long time to come…

    I don’t think I’ve laughed out loud in one episode so many times in quite a while. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • SpaceKid

    This episode feels like one of those “deep breath before the storm,” episodes. Honestly well written. I’m not a sex joke person, but this series does it better than most. I love this series.

  • Joshua Clemons

    Super Kami Dende …it’s not the shirt we need, but it’s the shirt we deserve.

  • KiDo

    I want an episode of the story Cell told!

  • Paul Masters

    this is one of the best episodes

  • Theduke

    “go for ten —-> Goten” clever….

  • Guilherme Matos

    The reflex of the video in Bulma’s dad glasses… fucking great effect!

  • Ajay Paulose

    Not complaining but is two months the normal wait time for an episode now or did this one just run long?

    • Chaltab

      They were going to have it out sooner but Kaiser’s harddrive crashed.

  • Shenron Draguttsu

    Found you guys because someone on http://watchdragonballsuper.tv/ recommended, haha awesome 🙂

  • Christopher Avery

    Wooow, two months for this? Don’t get me wrong, everything about this episode was semiperfect but two months for 15 minutes? You guys could literally do claymation movies faster than this

    • Ritchie Barrales

      Dude, relax. Everyone in TFS has every day lives, responsibilities, etc. KaiserNeko is the sole editor of the show. Stop complaining about how long it takes.

      • fastasfuckboi

        the only reason it took this long was Kaiser’s HHD crashed and he had to start over

  • bob jones

    i love this

  • Cameron N.

    So after I eat my Jimmy Johns, and drink my HETAP, AND F**K MY HOT ASIAN WIFE, I’m going to squash you, like the bug, you, are.

  • ClassyCraft57

    I think I need to binge-watch this series from the point where Kami disappeared. Is it just me, or did Popo NOT smile at all since Piccolo fused with Kami?

  • ClassyCraft57





    uh… I mean…


  • Paul Masters

    next episode is 33% done

    • Christopher Avery

      don’t get your hopes up. It’ll still take them a couple of months to get out the next episode.

      • Paul Masters

        let’s hope they can do it in one, it really depends on how many editing they have to do and all that

      • SSJ Bento Salesboy

        Don’t get your hopes up, but I think, if past trends and statements by the team (which have been notoriously inaccurate at best) are correct, the “next episode” could be Broly…

      • Zoey Marie Bedenbaugh

        I mean, they’re also working on Broly and just finished the darkest episode of Hellsing.

  • Paul Masters

    goku is ever y hooker’s dream

  • Ajay Paulose
  • Joseph John Mendolia

    what was Bulma referring to when she said the date sounded familiar?

    • Ajay Paulose

      I assume the day Goku destroyed the red ribbon army in the original dragon ball.

    • Thiago Kurovski

      The “thing” tearing through the compound like a Predator on steroids is Goku. He destroyed the Red Ribbon Army in DB. Gero (and his son) were from RR. Bulma is remembering the day Goku destroyed the Red Ribbon Army.

      • Overlordgrimm

        If you listen, you can hear Goku charging a Kamehameha in the background.

      • Thiago Kurovski

        Yes, it’s a very cool reference actually!

      • SSJ Bento Salesboy

        For further reference…Bulma and the rest of the then-young Z fighters, as well as Roshi and Launch (miss her…has only one scene in DBZA) were not far from the Red Ribbon Army base at the time preparing to help Goku in his raid on the base…only to show up AFTER Goku had wiped out the entire army.
        So yeah, she might remember the date.

    • I liek turtles

      when 16 said, “may 12th, 750”, he was saying that date in age 750, the age that goku destroyed the red ribbon army

  • Clydus

    I’m loving this Dende! And Goku….Dear God. Lots of laughs for this episode can’t wait for the next 😀

    • Ajay Paulose

      Can’t wait for his reaction to Videl. May take a while though. Not really looking forward to the otherworld tournament filler arc…

  • WILL TheRock

    Guys, try not to give too much of the episode away in the comments. I don’t want anyone getting upset. 🙂

    • Edvid

      Those who get upset over finding spoilers in the comments before they watch the episode have no-one to blame but themselves, IMHO.

      As for the episode itself, it was well worth the wait. Almost hard to believe the series has lasted EIGHT years thus far…

      • Christopher Avery

        Hard to believe it’s taken them EIGHT YEARS to produce 60 episodes

      • Edvid

        And 8 movies, which roughly amount to the equivalent duration of 16 episodes.

        Good things come to those who wait. 😉

  • WILL TheRock

    It Goes you, the Dirt, the worms inside of the Dirt, POPO’S, Stool!, Kami. then Popo.

    • Andrew Scott

      Where does Dende fit in, now that he’s the new gaurdia of Earth ad Popo likes him?

      • SSJ Bento Salesboy

        Still Kami…that was a title, not a name.

  • WILL TheRock

    SO WORTH THE WAIT! I’m sorry guys, BEST, EPISODE, Yet!

    9.9.7/10 also, was that the first time you guys used that one song at. 12:14 I don’t recall hearing that in DBZA. It sounds good but odd in DBZA, compared to DBZ! THX

    • Aryc11

      9.9.7 isn’t a number. You used a decimal twice. That’s wrong, just so you know.

  • Beefy Kyogre


  • nikolai kingsley

    i think i say this every time, but god damn… WORTH waiting for.

    still, a shame they can’t get the fat green guy back.

  • Matthew Brinkhoff

    This episode was fucking amazing and not just from a comedic standpoint, but from a maturity standpoint as well. I honestly found your dialogue between Goku and Krillin’s discussion about his sex life with Chichi way more entertaining than pretty much any other conversation in all of the original dbz. I found it really cool and refreshing to hear them talk about something of a more mature nature that doesn’t involve the next fight with a villain they had to beat, I don’t know maybe I’m just sorta sheltered too much. I always had a hard time watching the original english dub dbz because the show’s dialogue made the show seem so…..innocent I guess……despite all the death in the show. For example Cell v Gohan Kamehameha or around that point, Cell’s about to win and destroy the planet and pretty much the rest of the universe and Piccolo’s response “darn it if only I was stronger” or something like that. Seriously “darn it” is your response when you think you and all your friends are about to die. I’ve seen some sub dbz and didn’t seem like the Japanese release minded the more mature language. Anyway well fucking done guys well done. I can’t wait for the next episode

  • Saiko Kurosu

    Dende’s back~! Yay! I’m so happy. He was easily my favourite character on Namek… yes, even more than Super Kami Guru.
    So. Many. Sex jokes. I actually feel kind of ashamed. I can’t come up with enough to fill a day, let alone a 16+ minute episode. Ah, I’m so happy.

  • Devan Evans

    wen broly?!

  • Cain Buckley

    I know I am probably going to get flamed for this comment and “Blah blah blah” but I feel the need to say it: I have been waiting for Hercule for quite some time as he is my favorite side character and I feel as if the person who did his voice REALLY phoned it in. He is one of the loudest and boisterous characters on the show and he barely left any impact. I love this series, but I really want to see this character improved.

    • LunarHalcyon

      Nah, totally agreed the instant I saw it myself to be honest, was going to post if you didn’t. He sounds much more lethargic than original Hercule, or similar characters such as Mr. Torgue from Borderlands 2.

      • TheGorram Batguy

        Of course he’s lethargic. He hasn’t had his Hetap yet. He says so right there!

    • Saiko Kurosu

      You’re honest with yourself and I commend you for it.

    • Graem

      I kinda agree. But, he didn’t have one of his super shout-y moments this time, and he was recorded with mics so you could say he took that into consideration since he is a showbiz kinda guy. Still, not as obnoxiously loud as expected.

  • seppu-kun

    you guys are my senpai

  • Ninetee Saide

    Hercule Seiten has a hot Asian wife?

    Is he a member Of the Bullet Club too?

  • Betaruga

    I gotta thank you guys for being so kind to Goku/Chichi in this, things have been kinda shitty for fans of that pairing lately with the DBS mistranslations (as far as I’ve heard, the Japanese fandom aren’t taking the script the same way the West has) and the whole “Chichi raped Goku” reactions from Episode 55.

  • Joshua Lupyan

    Lol, I almost thought LeafyIsHere voiced Dende judging by how he pronounced “literally.”

  • Cielidor

    Great episode guys! One thing I think went over my head is the video of still-human 16. Are they making it out like he’s the son of some DB character? He says “Uncle Frappe” which I’m assuming points to Dr. Frappe, who created Eighter..but Gero and Frappe weren’t related as far as I know. Does he call him “Uncle” just because both Dr.’s were in the RRA? It would certainly make sense that Gero would want to “preserve” his own son since it seems pretty likely he’d be fairly dead since it looks like the Kame Hame Ha obliterates him.

    • alexandre

      It’s a referece to the canon that came later: 16 was designed over Gero’s son but in the canon he died by bullet here it was by goku. They make Flappe a honorary uncle for the fun of it

  • Betaruga


  • Bruno Santos

    Super Kami Dende! LMAO of this!

    Oh shit, PLEASE make him as funny as old Guru. It needs to happen! <3

    • NateET

      As funny? He’s already funnier.

  • Azrael87

    When I saw the CrunchyRoll logo for just a couple seconds I thought they were about to announce that somehow they were officially going to be hosted by CrunchyRoll and I almost lost it (in a good way). Still, official advertising isn’t a bad affiliation.

  • Mr19540

    Can anyone explain the joke where Dr. Briefs said “at least Gero was consistent and there was a reflection of im guessing a Red Ribbon laboratory?

    • alexandre

      It’s 16’s bomb
      Gero was consistent as in he put a bomb in every androids

      • Mr19540

        Gotcha, thanks!


    GO for TEN, TFS never stops amazing me

    • animenoob

      wow i just realized it.

    • Paul Masters

      woooooooow, i thought she was just talking about how many times he could cum

      • Cameron N.

        She was. As well as getting her pregnant and Goten.

      • Paul Masters

        yeah, I know
        “cause I know things now, many valuable things, that I’d never known before”

        thumbs up if you get that movie reference

      • DailyDose

        Into the Woods

      • Paul Masters

        read these quotes. “but he showed me things, many beautiful things, that id never thought to explore” and “i began to feel excited, well, excited and scared” sound suspicious?

    • Acidloe

      AH!! I did not notice that!! In my head, Tenshinhan had helped out when Chichi was in labour or something…

    • Shepherd

      Hold the door, there, @jonathanmuralles:disqus . What ever could you be talking about?

  • Abdel Hamid Shehata

    I don’t know if it’s just me, but it feels like the writing in this episode is just on another level from any other.

    • Joshua Tribble

      Feels like Season 1 of DBZA.

  • Bob

    I just laughed hard enough to get a headache, now i’mma need a painkiller….
    Thanks TFS!

  • DaFuqsACondom4

    Man, sexed out Goku is hilarious. Also, still love Perfect Cell.

  • companyoflosers

    lmao Oh god! dende is a million fucking times better than he was on namek!

    • LunarHalcyon

      That’s dangerous, because he was pretty damn funny there to begin with.

  • Isurani

    Dende returns with a slightly different voice but oh my god I missed him.
    guess it’s now oh my Dende. sweet.

  • Oh wow, the whistling callback.

    • NateET

      Right? I loved that.

  • Bledderblabla-

    All the casuals will be confused with all the references to the first arcs. Who shot who in the face?! They will say. They will also not get that the RRA base was being attacked by Goku. Or know who Piccolo’s dad was.

    • Dor-Al Kryton

      Yep, they also won’t realize that once the tournament starts, everyone should Recognize Tien, Krillin, Yamcha, Piccolo, and Goku from the 21st, 22nd, and 23rd, tenkaichi budokai. And won’t understand why everyone was shocked that they apparently missed a tournament.

      • Danbito

        That was a big part of the story, the terror of Cell made everyone panic. To the point that they forgot about King Piccolo or the Saiyans. “The world had forgotten Son Goku.” They lost faith in fighters and martial arts. For the Tournaments later on, think about it like this: Majority of people today know John Cena, but how many remember WWE Champions like JBL, Eddie Guerrero, Kurt Angles all having superior skills?

      • NateET

        Most WWE fans who aren’t kids will remember that. Not really a good comparison.

      • fastasfuckboi

        John Cena is a meme, not a WWE Champ

  • Pavlov’s Dawg

    Seeing years of work and character building leading up to such fleshed out and diverse interplay does my heart good. For such a dialogue driven episode to rank among my favorites really speaks to the development of the characters and the growth of their creators. It almost makes me sad to think of the action starting again.

    • Bledderblabla-

      You’d think these characters and the story was already developed before they started creating this series. Really amazing.

      • NateET

        Yeah I’m gonna say they’re getting more development here in Abridged than they did in the original… Or at least, more small moments to make them seem more developed to us.

  • Nash Knight

    Pretty good, but I expected more.

    • GamingSage

      then do it yourself then

    • LunarHalcyon

      You know what helps you not expecting more than you get? Expecting less.

      Captain Obvious and Captain Hindsight teaming up here, ain’t telling you nothing you don’t already know, but I’m telling you it’ll work if you try.

  • YamiryuuZero

    Either Dende’s gone through puberty or he’s just through all the bullshit! XD
    I just love how dense Goku is!

    And it’s fun seeing Piccolo trying to talk to Trunks like that. Shame his father couldn’t be there to enjoy the show.

  • Andrew Paul

    The homosexual overtones made this episode unique to the series so far. Made me laugh more than id like to admit. Take all the time you need on the next episode guys. Girlfriends in for web-designing this semester and I see now how hard it really is. Thanks for your work!

    • ealye79

      Not sure if it really counts as homosexuality. Namekians reproduce asexually and don’t have the boy parts

    • Shadow

      Dende, like all namekians, has no penis. So it’s less gay than you think. Unless you’re talking about goku considering sexing up krillin if he wore a wig…. that was just hilarious.

      • Jason Smulders

        Except the joke was if Krillin had a wig Goku could fool Chichi into having sex with Krillin and give him a break.

      • Shadow

        Oh! Wow I feel silly. I thought he misunderstood krillin and assumed he meant tagging in for chichi instead of goku.

        In my defense, I wouldn’t put either option past goku considering it

      • Jason Smulders

        Hey don’t feel silly it’s an easy miss. That’s true Goku would have Cell so he’d probably have Killin too.

      • mizukithepanda

        I figured the overtones were most obvious with Goku wanting to bang Cell
        and “always knowing” that Vegeta wanted a piece of him, and Dende
        overtly and obnoxiously flirting with Gohan. Namekians might be
        technically genderless and asexual, but they’re portrayed as more
        typically masculine than feminine or androgynous, so even if it’s not
        gay by technicality, it can be perceived that way.

      • nekollx

        is its homosexual, as Vegeta learned Cell has a “second mouth” after all

      • Matthew Hill

        Wow, I’m an idiot. I took that as “If you had a spiky black wig, or a spiky gold wig, would she buy it?” Your way makes sense because Goku’s an idiot.

  • fastasfuckboi

    so about krillin and a real person… will #18 count as a real person?

    • Raijin Okami

      she will in a few episodes

    • Minitron

      Well she was a human before becoming a cyborg so it counts

      • fastasfuckboi

        yea but she’s not anymore

      • Brett Dailey

        Not sure if you ever caught it (based on your incorrect statement, I would assume not) but they already made a whole joke about the mistranslated term “android” when, at the very least, 17 and 18 are in fact cyborgs (which doesn’t at all change the fact that they are in fact still human)

      • SSJ Bento Salesboy

        Pretty sure it will count since that sex does make a baby…

  • Cane Jackson

    this was amazing and funny

  • Mentro140 .

    Did Dende call Piccolo Nail?

    • Jubjub

      Technically, he kinda is.

      • Deecks

        Shut up, Nail.

      • Shut up, maggot!

    • Dende has never called him Piccolo, always Nail.

    • Cameron N.

      Yes. He always has.
      You forget he fused with Nail, so he’s Piccolo, Nail, and Kami.
      Picailmi! Anyone got a better combo of their names feel free. No? Then shut the f*ck up!

      • Lord Meezus


      • Cameron N.

        I was F*cking joking!
        Sadly better

      • SSJ Bento Salesboy

        Actually, in the original show, Goku does call him “Kamicolo” one time after his fusion/reunion with Kami…to which Piccolo actually gets a little pissed and tells him to just call him Piccolo.

      • alexandre


      • Cameron N.

        F**k you I was being sarcastic!
        But sadly that’s better.

      • Joshua Tribble


      • Vadelent


      • Christopher Avery


      • I’ve got one! Overeater!

    • companyoflosers

      he called him nail even back on namek. its because him and nail are technically the same person now.

      • LunarHalcyon

        So he’s technically correct… the BEST KIND of correct.

      • mcgrood_38

        That will never get old

    • Jubjub


      So sayeth White Mage Super Kami Magic Man (nananana nananana) Dende

    • ClassyCraft57

      Even in the official release, Dende only refers to Piccolo as “Nail-san” throughout the Frieza saga.

    • Mentro140 .

      Alright, got it, i fucked up, it’s been a long time since either for me.

    • Yeah. Piccolo ate Kami and a weakling from the slug planet. Or are those memories just the LSD?

  • Lightning Black

    Gohan brought up a point if Kami and Piccolo are the same person why piccolo from a different clan and why cant he make dragonballs

    • Mentro140 .

      Piccolo overwrote kami, nothing kami had remains, aside from the voice for jokes

    • alexandre

      Piccolo isn’t even really Kami he is more his alter ego son, so a few things must have been lost on the way

    • companyoflosers

      piccolo and kami WERE the same person. the fusion they did wasnt exactly a reverse of their original split, it was absorption at most. also time passing and change happening plus the fact that KING piccolo was kami’s real other half would pretty much make it impossible to get the same namekian who split himself originally back to the way he was before.

      • fastasfuckboi

        I thought (from the english version of DBZ Kai that I watched) that Piccolo and Kami’s fusion WAS an exact reverse of of their split, and he said to continue calling him Piccolo because he most resembled that form.

      • Brett Dailey

        King Piccolo was Kami’s true other half, and as such, Piccolo Jr. (as is his real name) fusing with Kami would have reversed that, giving Piccolo the ability to make dragon balls IF he hadn’t already fused with Nail, who was in fact from the warrior clan, not the Dragon clan. No plot holes, just people not paying attention to detail.

      • SSJ Bento Salesboy

        Plus, I also think that the original Piccolo Daimao (King Piccolo in the dub) was technically part of the “warrior” clan when he created his own demon clan, especially since he had no clue what Dragon Balls were or where they came from. So when they refused, and Piccolo became the dominant person, his “warrior” half became dominant…although the argument for Nail’s influence makes sense too.

      • Lightning Black


    • Domehammer

      I always figured King Piccolo was same type as Kami but right before he died decided to spit out a warrior clan son to be stronger then he ever could be. King Piccolo had a great deal of control over what the eggs he spit out would transform into.

    • Chaltab

      Possibly the introduction of Nail, a Warrior Clan Namekian, changed Piccolo’s ‘type’.

  • RisingTide Recruiter

    You have to give Mr. Satan a manager who pronounces his name like Paul Heyman pronounces Brrraaack Lezzzznarrrrr. Dende’s getting the formal version of the pecking order.

    • SSJ Bento Salesboy

      According to DBZA, he is Mr. Satan’s Manager.

  • Sailor Mewni

    Popo: I will call you Little Green.

    Dende: Your funeral.

    Popo: ……I like you!

    • animenoob

      I can’t stop laughing every time I watch it.

    • the dude that knows

      that smile.. first and probably the only time it will happen 😀

      • Oh no, there’s so much more to come!

      • the dude that knows

        *bang* Forgive this lowly maggot *bang* I made an assumption of you *bang* Please don’t hurt me! *wipes sweat and blood from forehead and floor* *thinks to self “can’t stain the ground he walks on”*

      • Oh my. What a display, I think i’m starting to become aroused!

    • Conundrum .

      Don’t forget the cracking sound as he smiles.

    • You forgot to smile maggot!

  • Sailor Mewni

    I really hope that Gohan does not hook up with Dende instead of Videl. I have nothing against gays, it’s just….Videl is sort of one of my favorite characters in the series, and to see her get screwed over by Little Green…ugh…maybe Gohan could have a harem! Videl is the head girl though! I love her personality, and after she cuts her hair…damn is she hot!

    • penguintruth

      Dende only got one hole to fuck, anyway.

    • alexandre

      Don’t think there is enough canon with dende and gohan to have them in a relationship anyway. Like Yajirobe lives with Karin, Dende is pretty much in the background during the majin buu arc

    • Azrael87

      Dende and Nameks in general are genderless so it doesn’t even qualify as gay to begin with. Besides, the dynamic is clearly built on Dende being totally into Gohan and Gohan being 100% innocently oblivious. I don’t think there’ll be any conflict of interest.

  • alvin lantto/turnup in finish

    best episode ever

  • DragonBall Z Fangirl

    Not sure if I like this Dende XD But… Okay, yes, I like him.

  • Albro1

    Gotta love the way he says “Keijo…” in that Crunchyroll ad.

    We know you watched it fam. And we know you enjoyed it.

    • GreyLurker

      Keijo is a very ….honest show. and once that is out of the way it’s full on DragonBall Z – Cerberus Ass vs. Vacume Butt Cannon destroying the arena in an explosion of deadly force

  • RolliLolli

    Wow… Antfish… doesn’t sound very fitting as Mr. Satan to me. I would have preferred Lani, honestly.

    • GarryF

      I know, same! Antfish went a bit too hard on the deep aspect and not on the gruff tone.

      • Edmund H

        To be fair, most of the characters have had their voices adjust throughout the series, and were a little rough initially. I say give it a few more episodes and see if he doesn’t perfect it.

    • companyoflosers

      yeah, ive heard lani’s satan which is spot on. only reason i think they wouldnt use it was maybe they WANT some differentiation between the characters abridged and real voices… except vegeta because lani as vegeta is just epic.

  • Sailor Mewni


  • alexandre

    Dragonball: Where the king is a dog, God is a slug and Satan is the glory hog

    • Simon Campbell

      Zeno-sama isn’t a slug

      • alexandre

        give it time

      • Ajay Paulose
      • Please, your holding back you show off!

      • the dude that knows

        think he’s referring to the galactic king? which is hardly a god being he’s in the realm of mortals.. cause ya.. Zen-Oh is simply Zeno-Oh.. there is no other description 😛

      • Oh, you’ve met the King of All? Tell him I said hi, were old friends.

  • Lucas Greene

    welp good to know im going to cringe every SINGLE TIME I HEAR “mr” “satan” good good to know

    • Minitron

      It’s the correct name I’m glad they are going with it but I fully expect for them to use Hercule as well

      • NateET

        They already did, when Nappa phoned Vegeta about being a hollywood producer. “Found a guy… Mr. Satan. Need to work on a first name, I’m thinking… Hercule…”

        So. Yeah, there’s that.

      • Lucas Greene

        correct name? more like i want to kill my self every time i hear that god im mentally scard as hell

      • Joseph John Mendolia


      • Lucas Greene

        a movie called house fo the devil when i was 10 super naive and well that move both blessed me necouuse it taught me not to be a gullible fucking idiot and cursed me becouse every time i her the word “Satan” my mind goes coco