Dragonball Z Abridged Parody follows the adventures of Goku, Gohan, Krillin, Piccolo, Vegeta and the rest of the Z Warriors as they gather Dragonballs and fight intergalactic evil. With the comedic writings of Lanipator, Takahata101, and KaiserNeko this may not be the DBZ you remember but TFS hopes you enjoy it all the same. How high can the Krillin Owned Count get? Who will be the next to go Super Saiyan? Can Vegeta’s ego get any bigger? Find out NOW on DBZ Abridged!

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  • FreaksForAkeno

    how did we forget our safe word?? it was lost with time…

  • Grey

    Paragus: You see Prince, you’re not dealing with the average Saiyan warrior anymore.

    Vegeta: …Nooo~….

  • Whellsee U. Whenwe Cyu

    Confirmed:Piccolo can make a spaceship move millions of times faster than its maximum speed as long as it’s to protect Gohan.


    broly’s gonna riggity riggity Wreck trunks butt

  • Christian Atkins

    Frezzer with an I?

  • Ultima Deplete

    “How many push-ups did he do? How many sit-ups? WHAT KIND OF JUICE DID HE DRINK?!”


  • Adam Wiese

    don’t know why this video is glitchy on the front page besides april fools

  • saturnine

    When Movie 10 comes along, I can only imagine:
    “Why isn’t his hair green anymore?”

  • Joshua Tribble

    No one probably got this, but Lani being the wrestling fan he is; the ending credits song was Adam Cole’s themesong “I’ve Got Something For You” with different lyrics.

  • Joshua Tribble

    Okay, they fucking nailed Broly.

    • Ultima Deplete

      Nah man, in the TFS version of the film Wheelo got a new body from the Dragon Balls…he just got a giant fucking head 😛

  • Joshua Tribble


  • Joshua Tribble

    I fucking love South Kai’s voice (he’s from the South, which make sense why he sound so ghetto), and Beerus’ existence has completely re-defined everything we thought we knew about DBZ.

  • Chris Busterud

    Why was this taken off of youtube?

    • Somebody said Kakarot too many times and Broly blew it up.

  • goku son


  • Jorge Mondragon

    so back to dead

  • Collin Scott Williams

    Where is the next episode progress bar? Did they take it off or is it a glitch?

  • James Chen

    We haven’t gotten any DBZ abridged in 2 months… wya TFS??? You’re letting me down T_T

  • Paul Masters

    so excited for the #cellgames

  • Zac Hansen

    Didn’t this used to be part 1? When this first came out, I watched it until it ended right after Broly went Super Saiyan.

  • Aske Raaskou Madsen

    This is awesome! Next up: do the series with Bio-Broly!

  • Invader_Jim

    Can anyone please explain to me why an ad has replaced the next episode progress icon for me?

  • Lone


  • Xurreal .

    But … t-thats really dumb
    But he so Cool!

  • Vacheata9k

    so where is the episode breakdown?
    Oh and great job you guys!

    • James F

      Kaiser hasn’t done an episode breakdown since episode 52

  • silver sinner

    ever think of how much money Goku could make from NASA warping to planets take photos and warping people to study them.

  • Pro


  • Michael Poda


  • Giovanni


  • Phasar

    23:15 please someone tell me the name of that soundtrack piece!?

  • Richard Jordan


  • Barret

    So, the new Trailer for the Universal Survivor arc in Super has pretty much made a canon Fem!Broly. I kinda would like to know Team 4 Star’s initial thoughts and reactions to this information.

    • GreyLurker

      also let the chorus of “When FemBroly” begin

  • GreyLurker

    in other Broly related news. New video footage for DBSuper shows some more fighters for the universe Survival arc. Including what seems to be a Legendary Super Saiyan (also a creepy AF clown as one of the Gods of Destruction. We always knew clowns were terrifying)

  • Phasar

    does anyone know the song that plays when Brolly starts whupping everyone after Goku and Piccolo “attack” him?

  • Josh

    Are they fixing the percentage completed circle on the front page?

  • EtherealDom

    Narrator: The south Galaxy Has been Obliterated.
    South kai: Holy Shit Everythings Gone
    King Kai: Calm Down South Kai
    South Kai: I take a shit for 5 minutes and everything is gone. What the fuck!?!

  • dcforeman

    I cried once as a baby, and now I have a super buff enemy trying to kill me. Why world? WHY?!

    • dcforeman

      JUST WHY?!?!?!?!

      * cries *

      • dcforeman

        Fuck now I have another buff enemy trying to kill me… 🙁

  • Jacky Dugue

    Team four star I have been a fan of dragonball abridged and I have waited season after season movie after movie to see what you would come up with for Broly the legendary super saiyan! This was your worst job yet for the greatest movie/opponent the Z warriors ever faced! I really had higher expectations! You let your biasness actually effect your work and I didn’t think you would do that. I’m just so disappointed. What kills me is that from now on ssj9000 will always have a better broly movie. You guys didn’t even use the whole movie! Ever since you started having the ability to create your own images to make goku talk or w.e. This show went down hill. Still love you guys but common of all the movies to mess up seriously?!??! Broly??

    • NuclearBernz

      Things wrong with this rant.

      1. Not referring to this as a f-cking masterpiece (Was really well edited as always)
      2. Calling Broly the greatest anything (objectively he’s absolute sh1t as a character)
      3. Calling out the creators of an ABRIDGED SERIES for bias (Kind of the point)
      4. Dumping on the extreme work TFS goes through for animating lip flaps (its hard work)
      5. In any way this being the best dragonball movie (Rank top 5 worst easy by any objective measure)
      6. Having expectations of an abridged movie based off another abridged movie (no disrespect to ssj9000 and their version, I liked their rendition as well)
      7. Saying that TFS messed this up (Think this was great, though that’s just my opinion)
      8. Blaming an ABRIDGING group for not using the whole source material (look up “abridged” in the dictionary ya idjit)
      9. The grammatical mistakes in your commet (it’s AFFECT, not EFFECT)
      10. Saying that DBZA has gone downhill (With improved editing, sound quality and scripting, it’s only gotten better from an objective standpoint)

      And many other less objective things as well

      • Karthull

        This was probably their best movie yet, and I think its relatively reasonable to have expectations based off another abridged groups (who I’ve never heard of) because tfs is so exponentially better then every other group at this, they may as well have invented the concept of abridging. But you can’t state your opinions as objective facts, sure a lot of people dont like broly but alot of other people do, while his sequels may be bad this movie is in my opinion one of the top dbz movies in the franchise, even if the motivation is idiotic, there is stupid stuff in all the movies

      • NuclearBernz

        I respect everyone’s opinions, and I personally actually do enjoy the movie, but objectively it is one of the worst. Between bad scripting and pacing, lackluster animation by comparison to most other movies in the franchise, so much so that the studio decided to make it a direct to home video release because they didn’t belive it would sell in theaters. That said, despite all that, it is popular among many people. This is why i stated its ranking with the mention of objective measurement, since from a subjective standpoint this can be considered a good movie (In my top 7 favorites actually, despite being in the bottom 5 worst in terms of quality)

      • Jacky Dugue

        Broly actually ranks 2nd to kid buu in dbz villains to fans. Your objective opinion based on story and how deep the character is, is YOUR opinion but to most people Broly is the greatest fighter they actually fight! Cell and frieza were ok because it takes a long time for them to be able to fight but Broly would kick their asses

      • NuclearBernz

        You are aware of the hypocrisy of your comment right? You are telling me not to force my own opinion as fact while trying to state that broly and kid buu are the top two DBZ villains among all fans as if it was fact. (Which they aren’t, two seconds in the comment sections of this years DBCembers would tell you that much). As for my objective opinion, you are right, they are based on how well written a character is, which in the industry of film and tv, anime and manga included, is what is required for a character to be considered good. Again this is not to be confused with fan appeal, since Broly has a lot of that. As I said, I actually like Broly as well and hope they do bring him back somehow in super (though this is unlikely) and I do think he is a pretty badass fighter.

      • Dont Misunderstand

        Kid Buu isn’t even in the top 2 among only canon villains, let alone all villains. And Broly barely registers as a villain at all. He’s an extremely large toddler throwing a temper tantrum. That’s the entire first Broly movie, much of the second Broly movie, and then Bio-Broly actually shows a form that fits Broly’s character… a mindless mass of goo that wants to kill everything for no legitimate reason. Broly’s not the best villain, he’s the most American villain. That is to say, he’s the one most beloved by people who hate plots, well written characters, and anything with more depth than watching a fireworks display. His character panders to the section of the fandom incapable of operating above an elementary school level.

      • Jacky Dugue

        Listen hear nuclear retard. This is the Internet, if I say effect or affect fuck you for being a keyboard warrior and trying to be an editor all of the sudden. This is the Internet if I spell you “u” as long as you’re not retarded you should be able to get the point but maybe you are and at this point I should probably apologize for saying retarded so many times. Dbz is about action, it’s about pushing the characters to the limit etc etc. Idc if brolly has no real reason to go after goku. Cooler had reason, no jack had reason but all of those villains are not close to as cool as broly the legendary super saiyan. If you’re looking for that stuff you’ve been watching the wrong anime all along. Broly is a real man’s character if you get what I mean. Men are not so worried about story or a reason to kick somebody’s ass or any of that stuff. That’s why expandables was such a great movie, because it didn’t need a plot or story to blow shit up that was a real man’s movie. Once again Broly is the greatest ass kicking goku and the z warriors have ever gotten. The movie starting off slow where his dad is trying to control brolys anger. Goku fighting brolys super saiyan blue, we were all waiting for that joke. As a matter a fact they had to redo the first abridged movie! They started off good in their career, this is a parody, what makes tfs better than the other ppl on YouTube doing voice overs is that they actually stick to the material. They don’t like broly and so they half assed this one. Broly the legendary super saiyan is the greatest movie in dbz collection aside from bardock and history of trunks. It’s litteraly what any real fan would want to watch. Broly got such high positive remarks from fans that he is the only movie character that got a sequel. Goku was more motivated than ever to be able to fight broly when he kept asking for his energy. That one scene where vegeta give him that power boost alone was one of the greatest moments in dbz. TFS dropped the ball on this. They work hard I get it but that doesn’t mean we gotta kiss their asses, they make great videos this one really didn’t meet expectations. So again love them but they disappointed me because they let their biasness effect their work. They should’ve stuck to the material instead of talking about what was wrong with broly in the video. Vegeta freaking out that broly is the legend he kept talking to frieza about exists, all the times trunks kept screaming father, how tf did piccolo get there, goku being used as a trampoline, so many things they could’ve used but instead they used their platform to talk about the movie. As if ppl actually cared that broly is mad at goku for making him cry or whatever the reason.

      • NuclearBernz

        As i said, abridging/parodying by their very nature include bias, so its wrong to fault them for that. And faulting an ABRIDGED version of a movie for not using all the material, well once again I must implore you to look up the definition of the word Abridged. Also people do in fact care about the back story, which is why most people like Frieza and Cell more than Broly

      • Ultima Deplete

        It’s a fucking comedy channel, man. If you want seriousness, real action and respect for characters maybe watch the original movie.

  • Abbie Davy

    “Did you get into that school you wanted?”
    “Doesnt look like it..”

    Seriously TFS I love you guys this was amazing to watch

  • Pseudolias

    I really feel like they really were trying to keep their check hate of Broly in check here. So many Broly memes -power is maximum, “I’m not a monster, I’m a god/the devil”, Broly devolving into saying Kakkarot- instead of…. Well, I feel like they could’ve been more original with the writing. Not to mention Vegeta’s breakdown was more just jabs at the character, in I feel, a kind of awkward way. It’s okay, but I’m not sure they captured Vegeta’s despair over the overwhelming power he was facing -like with his breakdowns against Freeza and Cella- could’ve been better.

    Fights and jokes were okay, and while their parody shows legit criticisms of the character, and I liked the “‘Broccoli’ is the safe word joke”, eh. Not all of it seemed up to par.
    I wish we could’ve seen Broly tank the kamehameha like in the original, too. Disappointment there.
    I also feel like Broly’s VA himself could’ve been better. It sounded “overconfident, egomaniacal, dumb brute”, but not as good enough in that way.
    Remembering Vic Mignogna’s Broly from Budokai Tenkaichi 3 -How I experienced Broly- he carried a lot more impact and power with his lines, and it just sounded scarier, intimidating, and cooler. Chilling, in a good way, even.
    I’m not sure I felt the same thing here with this Broly.

    Overall, okay movie, IMHO. To me, the jokes didn’t feel as strong, and while some were funny, a lot of the other “jokes” were just jabs at Broly, or memes about him, when I feel maybe more creative humour could’ve been used in the execution. It had its moments, at least, and good music. I think Broly powering up was the highlight, and his restrained, deadpan snarker form was GREAT. But the powering up moment was mostly good just because of great use of Beerus’s theme from Super, combined with the moment, and the humorously “epic” drama in that moment.

    Anyway, thanks for making this, Team Four Star! Looking forward to the next episode of DBZ Abridged!

    • Dont Misunderstand

      The unoriginal theme of the jokes was likely the biggest joke in and of itself. It’s poking fun at the lack of originality in the source material. The lack of creativity would be the biggest of these jabs at Broly. Honestly, Vegeta was the highlight of the abridged movie to me, by far. Not necessarily just his reaction to Broly, but in general.

  • Karthull

    I think this is probably your best movie yet, although I’m remiss about lacking brolys first metting goku in the hallway and attacking when everyones asleep, and not tanking a kamehameha but still think its your best movie and glad your bias didnt ruin it good job tfs

  • Cole Cote

    This was so much better than Worlds Strongest Abridged. Thank you TFS.

  • Matthew Crane

    I’m guessing this guy is the Boba Fett of the dragon ball multiverse: Looks really cool but is defeated in an underwhelming manner and really could have done with not having the backstory they gave him (although clone wars boba was pretty cool).

    • alexandre

      Didn’t lie clone wars Boba, he is way too good for his age and unlike the other he wasn’t modified for it

      • Matthew Crane

        If you mean that skill wise remember he was raised by jango, who the clone training programme was based on. If you mean maturity wise, well I imagine having his parent dead probably forced him to mature. I’m willing to no prize away any weirdness because they actually resolved the pointless plot threads they gave him in episode II, and the story they told worked well enough as a narrative.

  • TheCrazyFish

    Also a good line – “That man will be the death of me.” FORESHADOWING!

  • Sebastian Follis

    Oh My God he is soooo damn cool

  • MG2017

    Vegeta: You are just mad you are not the legendary super namekian
    Piccolo: All right bye Vegeta
    Vegeta: byeeeee

    That part killed me XDD

  • TheCrazyFish

    Also, I love the callback to Vegeta driving Freeza crazy with that whole “You’re not dealing with the average Saiyan warrior anymore” line. XD

  • KiDo


  • Sam


  • KiichiKitano

    I’m surprised they didn’t note blue Broly to SSB or show the other transformation

  • Hypnaacog

    Oksy so I feel dense for asking but; When Broly asks if it’s his wife he’s been neglecting, and Trunks answers Well I did kill Freeza….what is the correlation? I get that princess trunks being the wife part just not how him killing freeza has anything to do with anything. Joke flew over my head.

    • Cephalo the Pod

      Brolg was just talking about how he wanted to fight Goku because Goku was supposedly The Strongest. Because he supposedly killed Freeza. That’s why Trunks spoke up.

    • Cole Cote

      Broly also mentions that “Goku killed Freeza.” Goku did NOT kill Freeza in any universe until resurrection F and DBSuper.

  • Tex Rillerson

    You guys Really.. REALLY nailed this.
    “But.. That’s really dumb, but he’s so Cool! BUT THAT’S SO DUMB.”

  • Nash Knight

    This and Zero Punctuation are literally the best things on the internet.

    • NeXus

      Well you’re half right.

  • NappaKnowHow

    Good God this was a masterpiece

  • Dan Tomasik

    Little sad we didn’t get to see Broly tank a kamehameha, but understandably, this movie goes on for way too long as it is. Love the Princess Trunks jokes, (King) Vegeta’s Least Favorite Joke, everyone wishing for something besides more Broly beating, and Victory for Gok-AGH!

  • Erwin Zonneveld

    Thank Popo i can watch it here. Toei Japan are being a bunch of dicks and have blocked me from viewing it on youtube because of “copy right reasons”. also is there anyway to let the Guys know that some stuff is being blocked on youtube in Japan?

    • Taha Khan

      I’m sure they get an e-mail when that kind of thing happens, at least it’s one here for now 🙂

  • Joseff Tan

    Chichi wants a divorce?!?! That would be FANFUCKINGTASTIC, if only it were canon….

  • borot man

    Did… did you just give up? What was that 2nd half? Callbacks to Broly’s lines? Characters commenting on how he sucks and other movie villains were better?
    I stand by what I initially said: The original is now funnier. This is just sad, you’ve reduced yourselves to fanboys who blindly hate Broly. There might’ve been a good reason once but it’s lost on this poor attempt at satire.

    Here, something actually funny using Broly. Too bad you have to understand Japanese but trust me, it’s worth it.

    • Randomaccount

      Seconded. This one pretty much sucked. I might not know Japanese, but I can see plenty of funnier ways to do it. For instance, if I were “playing it safe”, I would:

      -Have Broly’s voice make him seem more crazy, stupid, and whiny. Cut some other stuff and leave room for him charging Goku as an RSSJ where he rants about his backstory.
      -Have Broly dialogue with Goku. Goku’s unique brand of stupid is so well honed by now that it’s highly reliable.

      To be fair, however, I think the TFS crew likely have great stuff ahead for Cell that’s distracting them. They’ve built up some excellent threads for the Cell games, while Broly is more like a distraction.

      EDIT: I don’t know Japanese but would love some decent subtitles.

      • AsurasPath22

        Holy crap, that would have sucked. You would have made this shit, no offence lol. Broly was created to show how badly written the character was and how stupid his backstory was as well. They made a shit character actually seem likable and they actually made the movie likable as well.

      • borot man

        “To be fair, however, I think the TFS crew likely have great stuff ahead for Cell that’s distracting them. They’ve built up some excellent threads for the Cell games, while Broly is more like a distraction.”

        They probably do from the looks of it. My personal opinion aside, Cell games could be their greatest arc yet.

    • AsurasPath22

      Sorry, that link is even more trash than the SSJ9 version of this. TFS worked hard and they delivered, stop acting like some spoiled kid.

      • borot man

        Fanboyism. You do know the video I posted actually took a whole lot more effort, right? But why would I expect less from someone who calls others “spoiled” for not acting like sheep?

        You can make all the excuses in the world, but everything from minute 18 and above is lazy. Callbacks to original lines happened all the time, here it was thrown together for no reason (dare you to quote a funny one). When the characters talked about how much other movie villains were better, that was beyond jarring. The very fact that it part 1 was 18 minutes compared to the 30 minute runtime is proof of laziness.

        Oh sure. TFS work hard in parodying DB, so do other people as I’ve shown. But when they let their bias work against them, as in how much they hate Broly, you end up with this. If you enjoyed it regardless, fine. You’re only going to lower their standards with your attitude so keep asking for less, not my problem.

      • AsurasPath22

        Calling someone a sheep. Isn’t exactly the best way to sort out your debate. You have no excuses whatsoever, that would damage control your situation. The video you posted was lame and I am literally half Japanese. You are acting like some spoiled child, who thinks he can do better. You seem to lack a sense of humor as well.

        This movie is a whole movie, so you can’t refer it to “parts of a movie.” They are no longer parts.

        Okay, now that we have that sorted, you wanted to know what I found funny, righy?

        1. Princess Trunks, the whole debacle of him dressing up like a girl and being sold off by his father. It also contributes to how Trunks might hate Vegeta in the future.

        2. Goku teleporting into Space and finding potential witnesses.

        3. Broly actually being likable.

        4. Vegeta being portrayed as the Broly fanbase.

        5. Goku thinking “Divorce,” is some kind of food.

        6. Gohan’s actual dad

        7. The slap fight from Goku and Piccolo.

        8. The kai from the South Galaxy

        9. Broly hitting on Trunks

        10. Goku selling off Gohan.

        Now, I know its hard to find something to hate, but please do try and grow up a bit. These guys are giving you content for free, and what’s even more amazing is that they are making this work with the main timeline as well.

  • Zach Z

    Wait, Wheelo died? Why would you write that in? You just torpedoed the one movie that ended with something being accomplished rather than preserving the status quo for the unfunniest fifth of one joke. You actually went out and got somebody to animate an entirely new scene for the first time for that happy ending, why would you undo that? Just… what?

    • Scott “KaiserNeko” Frerichs

      Comedy. Also, how was that a happy ending? Did you SEE HIS HEAD? The entire joke was that it was a dark twist coming at the end of a happy ending.

      • Zach Z

        A huge head isn’t dark, it’s just silly. Like, remember big head mode on all those nineties games? It’s specifically what you use to encapsulate silliness in some situations. With all the weird aliens and blob men and science like a delicate meringue in the setting was anybody really supposed to read ‘huge head’ as inherently ominous? I just kind of wrote that off as ‘Oh, that Shenron! I guess they didn’t specifically request a brain resizing, now did they?’

        As far as the ‘why’ answer just being ‘comedy’, the Wheelo part is still the weakest part of the joke. Everybody mentioning that they would prefer the movie villains they specifically should have issue with is indeed pretty neat, Wheelo randomly being brought up as an afterthought at the end of the list despite not matching the other mentions in kind of a ‘lol, yeah, we’re just listing movie villains’ kind of way is already a little unnecessary. Saying ‘oh, yeah, he died’ as an afterthought of an afterthought is just lame. Even if you did specifically want to kill him there’s a billion better jokes to tell with it, and I’m not sure there’s a worse one.

        Heck, just changing Gohan’s line to ‘I wonder why we never talk to him?’ would have been funnier because we know the answer (he’s from a self-contained movie not connected to anything) and it’s not one that Gohan could ever receive.

      • AsurasPath22

        Did you actually read his comment? He is right. I will explain to you what he meant, you got a happy ending, but the twist was the fact that he had a massive head. The brain being so big killed him. That is what made the happy ending suddenly have a dark twist.

  • ImagineBreaker

    His power was maximumer…

  • kyle cyrus

    Oh, I just thought of something that’d be awesome, unrelated to this movie but still awesome. At the end of the buu saga it can go to a dark screen and start displaying krillin’s owned counter, like cinema sins, and then it will go bonus round and sow all the times he got smashed in movies to add to the total.

  • NC


  • Blue

    The post credits scene. . . I don’t know if I should be impressed or depressed that they found a new angle for that marriage and food joke. Silver lining, technically none of this is canon.

    • Kaliaila

      Well, for the DBZ Abridged universe it is lol.

  • Doktor101

    End credits say “All out Patreon Supporters” instead of “All our Patreon Supporters”

  • Prithu Seth

    Great Movie, Only Complaint with it is they didn’t include Master Roshi facing off against Broly like in the original movie 🙁

  • Enraged Gamer

    sooo……does this mean piccolo x chi chi, cause id be down for that

  • Zephyn

    Broly legit hated Goku because when they were babies Goku cried a lot? That’s so damn stupid! But he’s so damn cool! AHHHH!!!

  • jcoopiii

    King Kai: “That man is going to be the death of me.”

    If you only knew, King Kai…

    • Anthony

      There’s some epic foreshadowing going on here.

  • Alex

    No one mentioned Slug I find that racist… Lmao

  • Paul Dunbar

    Vegeta: You want to kill Kakorott because you had to endure his crying? That’s so f*cking dumb!
    Broly: How long can you stand to listen to Kakorott before you want to kill him?
    Vegeta: …

  • Draco Magnius

    I like the reason Vegeta had a mental breakdown over Broly in this then in the actual movie. “He’s so cool, but he’s so dumb!” makes a lot more sense then “but he’s the LEGENDARY SUPER SAIYAN!!!!!!”

    • Randomaccount

      I disagree. Ever since the concept was introduced Vegeta had a certain reverence for the very idea of a Super Saiyan. Now that he knows of the “Legendary Super Saiyan”, a creature which fits the legends far better than he or Goku does, he would transfer that reverence to that.

      Knowing he is fighting the Legendary Super Saiyan would surely have a massive impact on him.

  • Nik

    Amazing! Was totally worth the wait, love it!

  • Invader_Jim

    The sound effect used when Piccolo and Goku are ‘fighting’ Broly was fucken perfect.

    • Nik

      yeah, when it went from the really intense build up music to the ineffective slapping sounds I about died laughing

      • Jeremy Gabrielson

        Me too, it was so unexpected, and had me dying.

  • Cylestea

    hey gohan your gonna meet kingkai!

  • gundam_man

    what i want to know know although it is a long ways a way how are you guys going to play bojacks escaping king kai’s planet for his movie

  • Andrew Gomez


  • poguxd

    chichi’s divorcing goku? OUR BOI GOKU IS FREE!

    • Kaliaila

      Goku kind of prevents it from happening though when he gets himself blown up. I don’t think she filed the papers. And they use Goku being dead as a trial separation.

  • Don

    So, um, how do I put this…. WEN BIOBROLY???

    • Kaliaila

      Buu saga ish.

  • is this movie after or before Goten is conceived?’

    • Kaliaila

      After, since the two of them are not still going at it 24/7, lol. The movie is pretty much being placed between the last episode and the next, as we wait for #CellGames sponsored by Hetep.

      • wasn’t HETAP? ahh so after being sure that she got pregnant, she wants the divorce, wow

  • Matthew Hill

    We ARE getting a full version of Broly Power Maximum, right? Please?

  • BulmaDoUrden

    It’s been a while since I last watched that movie, thanks for reminding me the amazing things I’d seen in it! The strawberry smell of Trunks’ hair, along with Broly’s voice, seemed like a Red John reference to me. It’s hard to choose a best moment. I’m gonna watch it again right now!

    • NuclearBernz

      Nice obscure Mentalist reference. Didn’t catch that if it was intended, and if it was props to TFS

  • AsurasPath22

    First Hellsing and then Broly, you guys are amazing. So much greatness.

  • RagNoRock

    Video not working in Chrome 🙁

  • Med Medhat Salem

    i was really disappointed with hellsing abridged, but this, this is the bestest you’ve ever done… (a movie that you hate with an antagonist that you hate) repect

  • Robin Goodfellow

    Daddy Piccolo saving Gohan again

  • Terranblade

    This was amazing. Probably one of my favorites so far movie wise.

  • Dennis Crozier

    TFS: proving the importance of proper foley work, especially for comic effect.

  • Captain Marvelous

    It was worth the wait. Can’t wait for next Christmas! Cuz that’s how it’s gonna work, right? A Broly movie every christmas?

  • dudebladeX

    So… Wen Bojack?

    Anybody? Anybody want to know wen Bojack?

    • Kaliaila

      Sometime after Cell blows himself up.

  • Matthew Conlon

    Just throwing this out there guys, but that black drop-down bar at the top makes it almost impossible to see anything when watching on a phone. Especially in landscape. With that and the browsers URL bar, more than half the screen is blocked off; it’s crazy irritating. Otherwise, love your work.

  • Sugna Oliph

    SomeOne has to be the first to say it
    When Broly 2!

  • Ian Jones

    wen bio-broly


    so that after credits scene has got me thinking. If TFS follows thru with it and it happens before the cell games will she remarry and if she does to whom.

    I personally think that if would be interesting if they have her start dating nappa after the cell games it could start during the bojack unbound movie he could be involved with said tournament in the movie

    • Kaliaila

      Nah, she won’t be able to file for divorce. Goku is going to die, the best she can get is a trial separation. Piccolo however can move in and help raise Gohan though.

  • Matthew Conlon

    With the exception of the second kai short, this was the funniest thing you’ve done yet. Great job, chaps.

  • Lone

    wen broly secn cumn

  • Galileo Figaro

    So, are Chichi and Goku divorced from now on?

    • Adam Teles

      Well, he’s going to die within a week of this story, so…

      • Galileo Figaro

        Besides that, I mean.

      • Kaliaila

        She’s not going to be able to get the paper’s filed before he dies. So they have more of a trial separation for like 5-6 years.

  • Lennart Go


  • CM Drunk

    “You’re not dealing with the average Saiyan warrior anymore…” I was hoping to hear Frieza scream..

  • android19


  • TheMajin SaiyanPrince

    vegeta: good, you have it now go
    Goku: Thanks best buddy
    Vegeta: *falls down* no

  • Kris Starner

    Words cannot express how fantastic this was. You guys are incredible.

  • Archane

    Ha, ha nice though the end of that movie reminded me of this picture. Make it happen TFS. 😛


    • Chi Chi is going to be real sad when she realizes Piccolo has no dick…

      • jjjj4rd

        Good thing she didn’t hear Dr Kochin before then

      • Pro

        XD and my password is [email protected]
        just missing 1 number

      • Bjorn

        He’s a numecian. He probably has some sort of ovipositor she can use.

      • Namekian

      • Joshua Tribble

        Namekians produce asexually. They have no sexual desire, no sexual organs, every member of the race is considered a male.

      • Joshua Tribble

        It’s not too different from the treatment she gets from Goku now. XD

      • Anna Hill

        Daizenshu has confirmed that Namekians have genitals.

    • Mr. Q

      YES! I would donate my paychecks to their Patreon just to make that happen!

    • NeXus

      Let’s not insert NTR into my TFS pls….

    • Spelunker4Plato
    • Oh gosh that picture is amazing XD

  • lost

    “He’s so cool! But he’s so dumb!”

    Yeah. Yeah. That’s about the size of it. Seriously, the best reason the writers could come up with for Broly to go after Goku was him crying as a baby?

    • Carlos Medina

      I believe that the original intent was for Goku crying to be a trigger for his PTSD from being stabbed that day but that the writers didn’t know how to do it.

      • lost

        Why not just have Broly’s grudge be with Vegeta as the son of the man who stabbed him? Wouldn’t that be so much simpler, more logical, and actually relatable?

        He’s a really cool character design but I just can’t take him seriously when his motivation is outright laughable.

      • NC

        But EVERYTHING has to revolve around Goku.

      • Randomaccount

        Don’t people get it? They were being DELIBERATELY dumb. That was supposed to be a lighter element of Broly, a callback to Dragon Ball’s comedic side, and make him less just a generic cookie cutter badass! Granted they didn’t succeed at that last one, but still…

      • AsurasPath22

        Wow, I would expect someone to get it, but it looks like another one failed. This Goku is just Goku being Goku, plain and simple. They are doing it like they have ALWAYS have done it, if you actually watch the series, then it would have actually helped lol.

      • Randomaccount

        I was referring to the original crew with my comment. And I figure Teamfourstar would be like that. I wouldn’t be so annoyed if they weren’t perpetrating myths about one of the few parts of the Broly movies that was actually good.

      • Joshua Tribble

        No, no, no. See, Paragus is the one who hates Vegeta. Well, actually his father and by association; him.

      • TheCrazyFish

        That makes sense, but it also seems like the Legendary Super-Saiyan would be above that sort of thing… that he would know how to control himself and his emotions and not be driven by wild, base impulses.

        Then again, maybe that was the point. Just because someone is strong doesn’t mean they’re intelligent or wise. In fact, being born powerful would actually make it LESS likely that you can understand and control that power compared to someone who had to had to work hard to earn it.

  • benrgamer

    “You’re not dealing with your average Saiyan warrior”

    Loved that callback.

    Awesome movie, loved how they handled Broly being Broly and Vegeta’s reaction was gold.

  • Travis Joestar

    “hey gohan you’re going to meet king kai”

  • Knucklebomb

    AWWW I was hoping to hear goku sqeak while getting trampolined

    • Galileo Figaro

      Vegeta’s heart wouldn’t be able to handle it.
      I mean, the LEGENDARY SUPER-SAIYAN stomping on KAKAROT and making him squeak like a rubber ducky?
      Not a thousand kicks in the dick would be able to bring that boner down.

  • Yamaneko22

    TFS makes DBZ movies watchable xD

  • Kenmeister9000

    The ending song was hilariously awesome.

  • NewK00paUSA


    • Lone

      ikr :'(

    • Galileo Figaro

      Ironically enough, the reason he had become a brain in a jar in the first place was because of cancer.
      Even more ironic is the fact that he’s a cancer researcher.
      Wheelo can’t catch a break…

  • Spencer Rutherford

    Dude that tickled me, this movie is so dumb I love it.

  • Matthew

    Broly’s wife.

    Nuff said

  • Brandon

    I really enjoyed it! though I won’t lie, the “lol broly sucks” undertones got a bit to obvious near the end.

    • Lone

      …because he does. He’s an amazing and terrifying concept used incorrectly and wasted.
      but yeah, same, i loved it too 🙂

  • Greg Blakely

    AHHHH Gohan’s real father really cares for him. He worries about his safety, if he is getting the right nutrients, and even in the face of utter annihilation he worries if he got into the college he wanted. Piccolo is the best dad ever.

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  • RandomShinigami7

    I like how you joked about Trunks’ jacket being destroyed when he went Super Saiyan. That always bothered me, why did it rip? He’s went Super Saiyan with it on before and it was fine. So how… why…?
    Anyway, I know I said this back on Christmas when the first half was uploaded, but I think it’s worth repeating. Really liked this movie, it might even be my favorite of the movies you’ve done so far. I’m still surprised it turned out this good seeing as just how boring Broly is (never understood why so many people liked him), but damn this was great. Fantastic work guys!

  • Nicolas Milioni


    • Lone


  • Blazejecar

    this thing was so great but for once I do have a gripe. I was only dissapointed at broly’s LSSJ voice. There are plenty of actors who can do an insane broly voice, even on youtube, heck, even I could do better. Idk who or how you did the voice since it just says “remix” but for Broly 2nd coming PLEASE either recast or improve it in some way…it’s my only gripe with the film I have
    Otherwise this was hilarious and epic, as always 😀

    • ethos

      Remix does Kami and Android 16 and Walter from Hellsing Abridged; he’s a very, veryyy talented voice actor. He even does really spot on Cell and Krillin voices on his own channel. Admittedly not his best performance here but he’s fine as Broly to me.

      • Blazejecar

        I see, but don’t get me wrong, his voice acting IS good, just….like you said, guess for broly he couldn’t really do it, it’s lackluster, I’ve heard much better. Compared to the rest of the TFS voices at least. A lot of their voice work is better and more fitting than the actual dub for me, but broly here just didn’t cut it. Just my opinion though. 🙂

      • WTSRemix

        Post a demo.

      • benrgamer

        To be perfectly honest, after listening to a line that made me think of the character “Broly does not like to wait!”, it sounds, to me, that that’s more a voice for Super Buu than for Broly, at least, that’s what the voice reminds me of, rather than of Broly himself.

    • AsurasPath22

      Actually, I think Remix did an awesome job. Broly doesn’t talk a lot and even then, the way he is depicted in the abridged version is just amazing and funny.

  • Neoxon

    Oh god, Broly was too funny.

  • JuanTizmo

    Damn well done. And for once the song doesn’t suck! Good stuff.

  • Vedhas Vinjamuri


  • Theeshyguy

    Hell yeah TFS.

  • Rasen1138

    I always took it as broly associated being stabbed with goku crying. Same with why the last punch worked, weak spot from stabbing. Or maybe I’m just trying to justify dumb moments

    • TheCrazyFish

      That does make sense, but I feel like you’d expect more from the Legendary Super-Saiyan.

      • Kaemon

        I always assumed “The Legendary Super-Saiyan” was a gene mutation that some saiyans were born with (on average 1 every 1000 years because of the low probability and their population, or because it needs X generations to manifest) similar to albinism in humans, that makes he zenkai-boost genes to just keep boosting the power level of the “mutant” non-stop without the need of sustaining or healing wounds.
        This “legendary” Super Saiyan doesn’t needs excuses for being “anyone” (dumb or not, traumatized or not). He is a legend, but that doesn’t mean he is that much special outside the amazing power granted by the “mutation”. I also always assumed the ever-growing power was part of the reason of Broly being kinda mad/crazy, because it kinda burns him from the inside (brains included) as his body can’t really keep up with the never-stopping ever-growing power.

      • TheCrazyFish

        Makes sense… and this kinda goes back to your other comment. The movie could have explained all of this. I mean it took us all of…what, five minutes to come up with a perfectly rational explanation for all of it? They could’ve done the same.

    • The Real Alpha2

      When I watched this years ago my feeling was that Goku’s crying was effecting Broly because of his latent potential power. Hence the Broly obsessing over “what’s you power level?” “Nobody cares anymore” because power levels are bullshit. Goku was always going to be stronger than him and it unnerved him in the crib.

    • Kaemon

      I also always personally assumed the one punch worked because of a weak spot from stabbing.
      The crying… Makes no sense in anyway, why would he even know the name “Kakarot”?

    • Guyver01

      Watch Resurrection: F. Goku, even though he was Super Saiyan Blue (or at the time of the movie, SSGSS) at that moment, was shot clean through by a simple laser. That happened because he was focused on something else and not protecting himself. I suspect that’s the same reason the last punch worked: Goku distracted Broly by triggering him again.

      • EtherealDom

        That actually makes perfect sense because when any of them fight they seem invincible until they are distracted or just not fighting and then they can get hurt. 5 examples.
        Broly: Goku’s one punch
        Cell: Cell was messed up by gohan because he got afraid and didnt defend himself
        Frieza: Destroyed by Turtle Hermit Wave in fukatsu no F because he was groveling and not fighting
        Goku: lazer beam from stopping to talk to frieza
        Bojack: Distracted with fear had a hold blew in him by turtle hermit wave when he could easily deflect it

  • OneWingedRose


  • Adam Wiese

    3:09 dat finger doo

    • Matthew Conlon

      What you have seen, cannot be unseen.

    • That guy’s finger is amazing!

  • game4brains

    wen broly 2

    • Galileo Figaro

      Well, definitely after the Cell arc, the Bojack movie and maybe Vegeta punching his son in the face.
      But not after the Broly 3 movie.

      • F0ZYWOLF

        Broly 2 : The Search For More Money

      • Galileo Figaro

        Funnily enough, that COULD be the theme of the movie.
        I mean, wasn’t it 18’s subplot in that movie?

      • F0ZYWOLF

        that was 3, 2 was the one with videl goten and trunks

      • Galileo Figaro

        Oh, right right.

      • Chuck Aitchison

        So when Broly comes across Kid Trunks, is he still going to be inclined to mate with him? Technically the same being, just alot, younger. Seems like there could be a joke or two there, but could also get really creepy really fast.
        And now im picturing Broly enjoying the golden shower he gets from Trunks. That could end up being a really fucked up movie.

      • Anthony

        Kid Trunks: “I need an adult?”

        Broly: “I AM AN ADUUUUUUULT!!”

      • EtherealDom

        ….that’s just fucked.

      • Kaliaila

        It would be during the Great Saiyaman saga.

      • WrestlingsAdvocate

        Right when Gohan decides to train with Goten.
        Speaking of. I wonder how they’ll do the scene that they did in the 7th movie, assuming it’ll be different.

      • EtherealDom

        well goku referenced to gohan in the movie “Well i think your movie is next gohan” So i believe they are going to do bojack before the Wen Broly 2

  • Shaddy

    “I’ll end it in One Punch, Man.”

    • This movie has so many references to OPM. 🙂

      • Shaddy

        Uh…I don’t know any other than this one.

      • Kooler

        “How many pushups? How many situps?”

      • Marxman

        That was a call back to vegeta’s line in a previous episode

      • Cylestea

        you forgot how much juice

      • Chuck Aitchison

        I was expecting Broly or Paragas to answer “All of them”

      • Shaddy

        Sounds like a coincidence, to me.

      • Dante Mangieri


      • WrestlingsAdvocate

        That “Push ups, sit ups, and plenty of juice” line is from the Funimation dub when Cell asks Super Vegeta how he got so strong. Ya know, the part in DBZA where Vegeta answers “I trained all day yesterday”. In the Abridged, they have Vegeta use the “Push ups, sit ups, and plenty of juice” line when he first goes Super Saiyan against 19 as an excuse (ya know, crying like a bitch all over it).

  • MrTyki

    Worth the wait

  • Danbito

    Can’t wait for WEN BROLY: The Second Coming is inevitable.

  • VvVLuffy


  • Matthew Massinon

    “Thanks best buddy!”

    I’m fucking dead. Holy shit.