Dragonball Z Abridged Parody follows the adventures of Goku, Gohan, Krillin, Piccolo, Vegeta and the rest of the Z Warriors as they gather Dragonballs and fight intergalactic evil. With the comedic writings of Lanipator, Takahata101, and Kaiserneko this may not be the DBZ you remember but TFS hopes you enjoy it all the same. How high can the Krillin Owned Count get? Who will be the next to go Super Saiyan? Can Vegeta’s ego get any bigger? Find out NOW on DBZ Abridged!

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Lawrence Simpson (MASAKOX)

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Lawrence Simpson (MASAKOX)

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Project Composer CLIFF WEINSTEIN (AinTunez)

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Lawrence Simpson
Christopher Niosi
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  • FreaksForAkeno

    i feel like this really drives home that goku is the OG one punch man. yea, vegeta does what he can to face a stronger opponent, but he is often defeated easily and could try fighting goku whenever. goku always waits until he has to try for realz

  • ricko610

    I thought the same thing

  • José Pedro Santos


    That joke will never grow old. :DDD

  • Alejandro Armenteros


  • Brooks Greene

    I love it how Dr. Wheelo is actually good but the other one isn’t

  • Dude-e

    Love the Pinky and the Brain parody song at the end

  • Joshua Tribble

    Hey, look, yellow Dodoria!

  • YawningTiger

    Every time I heard Dr. Wheelo, I just imagined Kelsey Grammer. Which just made it funnier.

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    • Casta Plays

      I cannot argue with that, how did I not notice the similarity before?! Thank you for making this movie even funnier!

  • Josh Savan

    You should’ve had dr. Wheelo be like, “WHY DIDN’T YOU JUST WISH FOR ME TO HAVE THE STRONGEST BODY!!!”

    • Joshua Tribble

      Well, then he still would’ve been encased in the ice.

    • zgrssd

      At worst Sheron would have buffed the Exo-Skelleton.

  • Stephan Krosecz

    This is a test.

    • Aronos13

      do I pass?

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  • sral751

    This is fantastic, though I do miss the King Chappa gag from the old version.

  • WhatTheFaceSpuck

    Far and away the team’s best stuff in years…..totally worth the hype!

  • Chris_Marley

    best dragon ball z movie ever, also amazing dub. i could watch this over and over and have been

  • SheikTheGeek


  • bear526

    This is easily one of the best DBZA movies to date. The turtle drug dealer was hilarious.
    Idk how you guy consistently come up with such awesome DBZA content, I can’t remember a time when I watched DBZA and didn’t laugh like an idiot.
    Anyways, keep up the great work guys, we really appreciate what you do!

  • HerculeSatan

    Hey you fools need to fix this episode. You totally left out the champ! How are you going to have a movie called Worlds Strongest without Featuring the CHAMP!

    Unless you make a sequel to properly show me off.

  • Hades

    Hi there..

    Ive heard a news about Dumplings return ; )


    • mathex14

      If this games fix the mistakes of the first xenoverse, it will have the potential to be really awesome.

      • mathex14


  • Nomaken

    I don’t watch dbz abridged for the funny anymore, i watch it for the story line and characters they invent. I sincerely look forward to what they’re going to do with GTX, because with these characters that series might actually be interesting.

  • yezzur421

    ugh… Kaioken

  • xBigZx

    to quote the Narrator from the Super 13 movie: “I swear they stopped trying after season 2.”

    Although there are some great things in the past few episodes, it’s just not funny anymore. The “PERFECT” song was good, the Final Flash and Street Fighter references were kind of funny in an “i understood that reference” kind of way, but it’s just sort of “eh” lately. It just feels like they’re trying too hard and forcing the jokes.

    • I’d have to strongly disagree with you on that. DBZA and TFS in general have come a long way and, in my opinion, the humor has only gotten better since they started. Go back and watch DBZA from the beginning and tell me it’s better than it is now. I also think this movie is hilarious and the characters they recreated are phenomenal. Now, you’re entitled to your opinion and I respect that, but I just had to defend TFS and DBZA because I quite honestly love them/it. Okay, rant over.

      • SolidStateScouter

        Still here… the wait is killing me now. I used to be patient! Then I got discharged. HAHAHAhaha… *sigh*
        Nobody will deny Season 1/Saiyans was much worse early… only right now, I feel like I can credit it for trying, like being inventive in jokes and quirks. Eventually it picked up and Nappa still is the funniest abridged character you know.

        The problem with Season 3/Androids+Cell is… what twists to the original can you name, starting from the last uploaded episode and going back? Notice anything? The most recent thing is Krillin’s crush on 18 turning into mutual romance, before it was “Moustache”. I may have skipped a few things but they were forgettable. Compare that to Season 2: Ghost Nappa, Madame Dodoria, Namekamania, Guru+Nail+Dende, Team Three Star, Mad Vegeta, I need an adult, eww a frog, Space Australia-
        I could go on but you get the picture. Even then, the fight with Freeza still had better jokes, it didn’t matter which form. Credit to LK or TFS, you decide, for making him truly memorable and even intimidating at times. Something Cell is missing badly. Season 3 started fine… then Gero went to his lab and it’s all downhill from there. It’s cruel to say “they stopped trying” at any point. Right now, they’re just not showing they tried even one single muffin button.

        Whatever, opinions.

  • grym nation

    you know people can complain about whatever the hell they want this was the funniest thing i have watched in awhile, usually even if i find something hilarious you cant squeeze so much as a giggle from my lungs but i laughed so hard at some parts of this that my lungs hurt. and to those people who have a problem with literally anything about what TFS is doing : be quiet . i enjoy them testing the waters and making new and comically genius moments. and for the wait time? for such good work it is warranted… it just gives you more time to watch all of the other content that TFS in general provides … thank you and good day

    • SolidStateScouter

      Like it or be quiet? Really, dude? I doubt even TFS wants that but I’m not psychic.
      Why am I posting so much, anyway? No life or not, surely I have SOMETHING else to do…

      Anyway, did I mention how I’m nostalgic for the good old days of TFS and their gay Zarbon jokes or random Ghost Nappa cameos? And did I mention how absolutely none of their recent work satisfies me, not even great new jokes because they’re new, and how I rewritten my memory to believing they’ve protected their scheduling just fine in the past while these past 3 months have been hell just waiting for them to upload something already? Not just upload anything, a DBZA episode/movie I’m not going to like anyway and just spend endless hours bitching about it? I’m surprised I still didn’t write my own episode to prove that they’re hacks. Take that, people putting hours of work to provide such content. Try to make us laugh, will you? I get a boner just letting you know that you haven’t satisfied everyone.

      That quiet enough for you?

      • Honci

        I enjoy every episode and I’m really grateful to TFS for all the hard work they’ve done, but i feel just as you do. The show is not THAT funny since the androids appeared on screen. A lot of people say it’s because the android arc is darker and don’t have many side-, fun characters, but why does that stand in the way of comedy? It’s not like in the original Nappa and Goku were complete nuts, Guru was a hilarious jerk or Ginyu danced to Madonna. One of the biggest turnoff for me was 18. She had a lot of screen-time and I hate how serious she was (always) . She was badass, sure. But funny? No. IMO boring as hell. I miss fun characters, and crazy jokes. The little things such as Guru buying a TV, “Vegeta falling down some stairs” and Gohan needing an adult etc. The newer episodes are mostly “you’ll be destroyed”, “Hit me as hard as you can”, “I’m gonna kill you…”, “Stop…it’s dangerous” “Is that all you got?” It’s like watching the original again with a different dub. Where is da suppa saiyan swagger? Although i have to say I enjoyed this movie a lot, and i’m glad they changed the ending 🙂 I loved Kochin and the Brain too.

      • GodOfWar23

        Actually he is right. You are complaining over a series that is dishing out content for free. What’s even worse is that you claim that it stopped being funny as time went on. You have seriously wasted your own time, which is plain retardation.

      • SolidStateScouter

        @GodOfWar23 Do you know why comments are used here? It’s not just to quote your favourite moments in the video you saw, sucking TFS’s dicks for every new video they make or trolling. Call it retarded all you like, here anyone can say whatever they want. And if you like the latest stuff, you could attempt a discussion with people who don’t or metaphorically throw shit around like monkeys. Whichever is fine with me.

        Of course this is a waste of time, we’re just waiting for the next video and doing something more produ– different than saying WEN BROLY. But I’d like to think it worked for FF7 abridged. Maybe for DBZA we’re missing 1 hilarious character who we’ll quote everything they say.

    • mathex14

      I don’t see anything wrong with people expressing negative opnions… You said “and to those people who have a problem with literally anything about what TFS is doing : be quiet”, dude, it’s called an opnion, as long as they express it respectfully(be it an positive or negative review), I don’t see anything wrong.

      TFS is not as funny for me anymore, not even close to the first 2 seasons, but I did enjoyed the begining of android saga a lot though(the first 5 espidose maybe you know? Up until episode 35 more or less I guess).

      • GodOfWar23

        Nope. It is good to express and opinion, but finding something that was not funny ever since “season 2” is retarded. Nobody is forcing you to watch the series. What I find stupid about you people is that you complain about how good the show was 2 or so years ago, but nobody is fucking forcing you people to watch it now.

      • mathex14

        It doesn’t matter if you find it stupid or not doing something… Some people might keep watching expecting the quality to come back(I want this to happen, but this is not the reason for me though), if you think this is “retarded”, well you can think whatever you want.

        The thing is, it could be for this reason ,or it could be out of sheer boredom, or maybe they just want to watch until the end, the thing is, people have their reasons, it doesn’t make it retarded.

        Also, I said “TFS is not as funny for me anymore”, I never said I didn’t like DBZA anymore, I just don’t think it’s as good as before. And yes, for me first 2 seasons were much better, without comparison, but it doesn’t mean I don’t like this one.

  • Shenwrong

    Is there any rhyme or reason to the thumbnails? I always thought they were TFS’ production order but we’re well past 2 movies now.

  • Azurumi Shinji

    I love teamfourstar but usually always have something to criticize and never give a perfect score.
    BUT…this was PERFECT! Even “Perfect” cell is jealous of this hilarious episode.
    The characters are so well crafted, the story has a smooth colorful flow to it and the jokes and animation edits are top notch for my expectations. THANK YOU TeamFourStar! 10/10.

    Oh and you can not rush perfection, anyone complaining is just immature and impatient, Especially since this was FREE and no promises were given. I mean if you wanna voice your opinion that they suck for taking so long you have every right to BUT you cross the line when you literally take points away from the episode over “being late” since they are not connected and that is unfair. I even saw some one say ” a ninety day wait for nothing.”. That is a real example of the worst kinda of person to leave reviews. To prove my point, should we call “Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)” the BEST game if it took only one day to create? OFC NOT, so please do not give bad scores based on how long it took to make.

    • SolidStateScouter

      Since it’s similar in nature, I’m splitting this post to 2 parts, one in response to ChillinLikeAKrillin and the other to you. See part 1 below if you like.

      If you enjoyed it, that’s still your opinion. IMO, TFS’s comedy has been on a rut for a while now. The thing about the latest episodes is that they’re following too close to canon material. Oddly enough, in this movie they might’ve tried to be different and the result is even worse, begging the question “What’s wrong?”.

      I don’t want to come off as ungrateful. Free, good quality entertainment made by people who have no other objective but to please us, even attempting a schedule is a welcome prospect. TFS’s work has been incredible to their last episode and movie.

      However, while their work has actually mirrored DBZ’s popularity by specific arcs (I’d break it down but trust me, besides disappointment of Androids’ introduction shifting from 19+Gero canon to 16+17+18 abridged) it doesn’t change the fact that they’re capable of better. Namek pretty much had the material present itself, and TFS took advantage with taking obvious directions (Vegeta PO about stolen Dragon Ball) or throwing curveballs (Madame Dodoria), making it their best. Compared to now… you won’t see Vegeta mad about losing balls or Super Kami Guru among others, never mind Ghost Nappa. And this despite having YAMCHA around as buttmonkey.

      Right now, I find YuGiOh abridged more consistent… As in more consistently late! Amirite!? Seriously, YuGiOh started worse, then elivated slowly till it hit a point and maintained it. DBZA though, schedule or not, has obvious highs and lows.

      • mathex14

        I also feel like there’s something wrong. Imo DBZA is not as good as before, and it’s been a long time since it’s quality started going down(for me it was somewhere in the middle of the android saga), I’m not sure about what is wrong(even though I have some theories).

        One of the things I miss are awesome characters like super kami guru, zarbon, popo(he is not very funny anymore to me), and epecially nappa. And I alsomiss awesomely creative stuff like namekmania 2011.

      • mathex14

        also miss*… An edit button would be really cool hahaha

        BTW I forgot to say the latest episodes, even though not as good as the older ones, are better than some of the “new” episodes(I mean around episode 40 and stuff).

      • SolidStateScouter

        Androids/Cell saga doesn’t have as many side characters which could be part of the problem. There’s considerably less room for creative freedom unlike Namek or even Saiyan sagas.

        But it’s not like I can cut TFS some slack on that department. The entire fight against Freeza is still considered a high point for them and 19+Gero are the best newly introduced characters. Trunks, 17 and 18 are exactly what you’d expect (then Semi+Perfect Cell followed suit), 16 was a failed experiment (oh, the irony… IRONy, hehe… I’ll stop now), the established cast still produces laughs but the approach to them has become formulaic (RoSaT a good setup for creative freedom and wasted on both father-son combos) and no smaller canon players getting more attention.

        I don’t think the “problems” I’ve listed are strictly why I don’t find newer episodes funny, I hope I didn’t get bored of the series (I’m not with YGOTAS but the scheduling there…) but it wasn’t too long ago that I watched a new episode and momentarily consider it the best yet. Meh, maybe I just need something to bitch at.

  • flarenial

    the o in strongest should be marked out with an a

  • ChillinLikeAKrillin

    So many fucking complaints about waiting 3 month for a 25 minute long episode. Guess some mofos out there really have nothing else to do but trolling and talking shit. I thought that DBZA was great, very funy, great editing, great dialogues and characters. I was disappointed knowing that episode 53 would have to wait, but really in the end, the overall quality of this movie was such that I don’t mind waiting a bit for ep 43

    • SolidStateScouter

      Since it’s similar in nature, I’m splitting this post to 2 parts, one in response to you and the other to Azurumi Shinji.
      Complaints will come in all shapes and forms. There’s no true objective way to dismiss them all and everyone is entitled to an opinion. You can blame part of it on TFS for giving us courtesy by trying a deadline system. With that said, the quality of the episode along with questionable directions they’ve took are clearly going to be a source of complaints, taking 3 months might just be a cheap shot to mock quality.

      See part 2 above.

  • Akrata

    totally adopted this over the original. when shenron said forget it and metled i the ice, i was like “man, wish tfs had given koc–…. they didn’t write or animate the original. gotta work with what they had >.<"

  • HisInfiniteMachine

    So we waited three months for this…thing instead of a new episode?

    Great. No, really; I’m sure a lo of people enjoyed a ninety day wait for nothing.

  • Trolldom

    Three months of work for this? Don’t get me wrong, parts of this were really funny, but this should not have taken 3 months to put together. Maybe someone besides kirran can do some editing while you guys sit on your asses playing video games?

  • Kaemon

    Not a big fan of the last scenes with so much custom-made drawings, they feel out of place and are too obvious (not sure why you didn’t just recycled footage of other dragon-summonings), their quality was almost as bad as Dragon Ball Super. Ba Dum Tss.

    That being said, great job (as always). Doctor Willow sure stole the show. Great lines, great character (very different to what we are used to or what we were expecting) and awesome voice acting on him.
    Not a big fan of the Saibamen (er, Biomen) voices thought.

    Anyway, awesome as always, but try not to overuse the custom-made facial expressions and whole scenes… They really feel out of place a lot of the time, are too obvious, and they probably take you a lot of worth for a “meh” result.

    • Kaemon

      Also missed the “I’m a robot, what a twist!”. Wouldn’t have minded the joke being repeated. XD

  • MisterWhite


    Liked the episode, not sure the self animated bit at the end was all that great. Try as you might its just not going to be as well made as the original series and that broke my immersion pretty hard.

    From a writing perspective understand why you did it. It was a interesting experiment, I wouldn’t repeat it if I were you guys.


  • Jasmine

    “THE BUS?!” I died at that part Lmao That line was so great
    The pinky and the brain theme was genius. LOVED IT. The move in it’s entirety wasn’t my favorite DBZ abridged you guys have made, and I felt that I did not laugh as much as I have for past ones, but nonetheless great job you guys! There were a few short scenes that made me laugh really hard though, laughing so hard my eyes were watering lol
    Thanks for another DBZ abridged, you guys are awesome

  • kingkrapper

    Really!!! Pinky and the brain awesome!!!!!

  • Bruce Faulconer

    Wonderfull work guys, please use my music more often! 😉

  • Notlit

    Jesus Christ that Popo ending! Shat myself there.

  • JLHawk1

    Great as usual, but I’m not sure how I feel about the new animation(specifically what was used at the ending here, and a few little bits here and there[Vegeta saying”I did it first!” in Android 13 comes to mind]) and it’s integration with the old. I just feel like it’s distracting and doesn’t mesh with the style you guys have spent the past several years cultivating. I don’t know, it feels cheap and kinda, well, lazy. I know it probably goes faster than trying to find the character in the original show looking how you need, but before it always felt so much more, for lack of a better term, REAL. I don’t know, maybe I just need to get used to it. Still funny, just a nitpick, I guess.

    • Karthull

      The animation seemed consistent to me with what theyve always been doing except maybe in season 1, especially in the moment you mentioned in android 13 seemed completely consistent

  • PizzaWolf

    Awesome job! You guys do a great job with the movies, even if it is a little weird to see you doing time skips.

    See you in two months!

  • ricardofs

    22:00 Music Name ?

  • SupaSayian3Vegeta

    I’ve been on an Animaniacs spree recently, so that song at the credits…..I just couldn’t stop laughing!

  • Shohiken

    Piccolo at the beginning was like “ahhhh I am so cold.”

  • Lmfao this was awesome. I’m going to email the people from http://watch-dbz.tv and ask if they’ll include this on their website

  • Cloz

    Absolutely great work guys! Loved it, hell I’ve probably watched it like 8 times now. Thank you for doing what you do!

  • SolidStateScouter

    Great. Now gimme FF7 abridged.
    Pleeeeeeaaase. I need it.

  • phake

    Hehe loved Dr. Wheelo! He was written really well, kochin was funny too!
    Donno if I liked the ending but you can’t please everyone :3
    Omg the bouncy butcher……..that was so sad ;3;
    In all a good movie!

  • Lazy Prinny

    I gotta say, I liked the ending experiment. At first I was a bit put off by it, but I feel you did it justice.
    It feels a little weird to go this far back in the DBZ timeline after how far you guys have come. That’s probably a good thing, of course.

  • SchlomoShekelberg

    Loved the new movie. So when your episode-is-complete-o-meter is full, is that referring to DBZA Episodes only, or does it include movies as well?

  • jmstark12

    amazing work guys, great job on the last new animation part it was done pretty well keep up the good work

  • hey the first hellsing abridged on youtube is blocked now guys.

  • J5c

    Hey gents, great movie. Loved the direction and twists this go around. Very creative! and stellar voice work as always. Not sure who I like more at this point – sassy Goku or moron Goku 😀

    Keep killin it Krilldawgs

  • Otakon7

    Well, looking at the comments, gotta say, you can’t please them all.

    This makes for an interesting situation, will you guys focus on jokes that appeal to a wider audience, or focus on making many different jokes of which at least one should make everyone laugh.

    In the end though, best to do what you think is right, then if it shows that popularity is going down, THEN you do something, kinda like what Blizzard did 😛 After all, many people are actually fans exactly of YOUR jokes.

  • Majin Druu

    23:53 would like to disagree.

  • Jango

    Maybe it was the wait, or maybe it was the fact that previous content was unbelievably good; but this just didn’t do it for me. Some scenes felt empty while others seemed a little too rushed, making me wonder when it was really going to pick up. There were a few funny moments, especially with the Kochin/Wheelo dynamic.

    Not my favorite TFS vid. Hoping it gets better though.

  • lasantaynez

    My GOD! Kochin’s a bigger perv than Roshi.

  • noyjitat

    They forgot to put a “kai o what?” in there.

    • Majin Druu

      23:53 would like to disagree.

  • steven.miles44

    I gotta be honest. I wouldn’t hate a ‘next up’ on the writing/recording/editing wheel on the main page. I thought it was going to be Cell beating down Trunks, but then I asked Kaio-what? *smash* wot da fog?

  • If altering endings is an option, PLEASE have Vegeta kill Frieza when you get to the ressurection of F saga! You could still have Frieza blow up the planet and Whis needing to turn back time. Goku still plays a role in saving the day in that charging his Kamehameha distracts Frieza. Vegeta gets furious that Frieza is more concerned with Goku who is a mile away and then kills Frieza. You’d still have Vegeta yelling at Goku for trying to interfer. Honestly wouldn’t have to alter much to make it happen.

    • Steve, Son of Steve

      And of course, he would have to say:

      “Like a Bitch”

  • partfortynine

    I just wanted to chime in that i am soooooo excited for super trunks fight, and waited 2.5 months for not that was a touch dissapointing. In other news i still love everything the star does i just wish theyd do more of it. Like monthly releases, id patreon the shit out of them if they promised that.

  • iamyoon

    Ehh I’ll be honest and there will be people saying how ungrateful I am, but this could of been funnier for the time they spent on this. They had three months to work on this and all they give us are some cheap jokes and a poor quality ending it looks like they threw together cause they couldn’t come up with other ideas. I did enjoy it but for the time thye spent on it I feel they could of did better.

    • skullpunch

      I feel the same way. Don’t worry about people thinking you’re “ungrateful”. You’re not obligated to cum all over yourself every time you watch a new episode/movie of theirs. I think TFS and DBZ abridged are awesome for many reasons, this movie will not be one of them.

    • Bananarama1897

      I don’t think they spent the whole time working on this. It’s been 3 months since the last episode because they have been fighting YouTube and I moving into a new studio.

  • DKay

    This was brilliant work! This is one of my new favorite movie from you guys!

  • ehkrickor
  • Oink me in the alps. xD

  • Minus

    This was great!!
    …sooo…when Broly? xD

  • Inu

    this was nice and all, but honestly those “that’s sexist” jokes just felt like you guys were trying to pander to someone. they were forced, out of place and just not very funny. the second one with Bulma ESPECIALLY didn’t make sense. she was in chains as a prisoner. how is that sexist? (and for anyone that pegs this on me being a sexist: i’m a woman myself. i just have a sense of humor and don’t resort to buzzwords when i want to get my way.)
    the constant weed jokes also werent funny at all, but ill just chop that up to my strong dislike for the lack of humor and intelligence that comes with all people who try to make those jokes so don’t really take my word on that one.
    those two bits really hurt this project for me, especially since i thought itd come out amazing since its Kaiser’s favorite, but overall i guess it still turned out okay. the redo of the ending was really cool and i loved the exchange between Shenron and the old scientist at the start. 3.5/10

    • Qwizdom100

      First off, I’d like to say that this was great abridgment of Worlds strongest. It’s not my favorite (hard to beat HOT) but it doesn’t feel lacking to me in any way, especially in it’s humor. You may not have liked the weed jokes, to each their own, but to me it felt in line with Master Roshi’s character. Roshi is a dirty old man, I find it completely in the realm of possibility that he would deal pot, as such I thought the humor was hilarious because it was fitting for the character they are trying to portray. They even made a joke about him having a stash before in the show. As for the “that’s sexist” joke. Yes Bulma was a prisoner and it’s not necessarily sexist that she was chained up, but ask yourself this, why was she chained up at all? There was a force field surrounding her the whole time that could keep even Goku out. The chain wasn’t necessary and there absolutely could have been a sexist or degrading reason that Kochin chained her up. Also Kochin was portrayed throughout the movie as being sexist believing that the only body worth having for Dr. Wheelo was one with a penis. Finally, you mentioned your not sexist because you’re a woman. That’s silly, your gender doesn’t determine whether your sexist or not. That’s like a saying I’m not racist because I’m this color.
      TLDR: I disagree with your reasoning/criticisms but accept that fact that you didn’t care for this movie.

      • stdq

        I agree that I don’t understand why this person thinks that jokes about weed is outside the realm of humour. Contrary to what Inu states, you do not have a decent sense of humour if you can’t laugh about topics X, Y and Z, at least I would think. However, the jokes about sexism were just confusing and out of place. One could say theorize that she is chained up so she didn’t get hurt by the force field, or some multitude of other reasons – there’s no clarification. I doubt though that they’re trying to pander to any audience, most likely the joke wasn’t portrayed as well as it could have been. Nothing to be held up about, it happens in TFS every once in awhile, and it’s definitely a great abridgment nonetheless. Also you do not have a good sense of humour if you dislike a movie because of a poor joke 😀

      • Otakon7

        Worth noting the sexist part is kind of a inside joke that (to my knowledge) comes from them joking around in TFS Plays. They often make such jokes to ridicule certain situations, afterwards saying “we’re not sexist at ALL lol”.

        They must have come up with this around the time they were making such remarks.

        Even if it isn’t so, don’t worry about, it’s impossible (well, unlikely that is) to laugh at every single joke. For example, the Oolong one was lost on me, but who cares, moving on to the next one.

    • Majin Druu

      Sexism: the objectification of a person based on their gender.

      It’s generally considered sexist to kidnap the “helpless” female. The chains, as others point out, were unnecessary, and again, meant to degrade, especially considering she had them on each limb. Think back to Return of the Jedi when Leia was in a similar situation, with a dog chain rather than bedpost chains. Skimpy outfit. horrible monster. You’d never see Luke like that. Or Han. Or Gohan. (Thank kami) To Leia’s credit, she was far from helpless in that scene, which is why it’s so good. It addressed the stereotype of the helpless female, by having Leia kill Jabba with those very same chains.

      The fact that you don’t even realize it’s sexist is actually more a statement about the state of young viewers today, than your sense of humor. I got the jokes, but I guess I’m in the same age bracket as the writers. Perhaps the younguns don’t get it, because it’s just so damn prevalent, which is really sad.

  • Draco Magnius

    Twice…FUCKING TWICE YAMCHA DIED IN THE EXACT SAME WAY!!!! Poor Dr. Weelo he wanted none of this.

    • SolidStateScouter

      At least once more in an FAQ section uploaded WAAAAAAAAAAY back. The VA was still the first guy, too.
      Wait, he didn’t die there… being dead and all…
      Anyway, you could count it as Yamcha’s 1st death since his revival… which technically shouldn’t happen because according to DBZ’s canon timeline… You know what? DBZ Movie logic. Because DBZ logic alone just isn’t enough sometimes.

  • RavenCloak

    so you all decided to redo it! 😮

    • Majin Druu

      As Kaiser pointed out to me when I said as much, you can’t really remake what was never made in the first place. The version we are familiar with, was never considered to be a TFS production. Don’t feel bad, though, you’re not the only one who though that it was, or was at least pre-TFS. 😛

  • Joeclone

    OMG you got the voice of Kirito from SAO abridged for the Biomen!

  • orphenoc

    So worth the wait. I’m guessing that 99% counter is for this movie and not for another abridged episode. Really enjoyed what you did with the ending, was totally unexpected. Chichi asking Gohan if he was on drugs reminds me of when my mom asked me the same at his age. He did eat that fruit though (movie 1 and 2 really loved those whacked out Gohan sequences),. Also good work on the blue freezing piccolo, the smacked oolong eyes the stunned looks and the end sequence to the animators. I imagine this breakdown will be massive. Also happy 8th Bday! crazy to think how far you guys have come (I joined sometime in season 1), when I think back on where we were 8 years ago, it was before the stock market crashed, wouldn’t be shocked if there were a fan or two who weren’t even born yet back then.

    • Majin Druu

      If I remember correctly (hard to do when you’re stuffed full of brownies), I think Kaiser said in one of the Breakdows that the counter was exclusively for the DBZA episodes, and not the gaming content or other releases. I kind of assumed that was true for the movies as well. I could be wrong though.

  • Mastersora77

    im looking foreword to the time gohan actually dodges and just everyone has to take a minute probably when hes in super saiyan 2 against cell even dead goku and king kai just open mouthed.

  • Nottheusernameyouarelookingfor

    I swear these are getting funnier

  • Glyphayel

    …Oh my god. I laughed so hard. So, so hard.

    *Freezer* “What the F*?x MAN?!”
    “D’you need some ice?”
    “Oh you think you’re funny?!”

    “Can’t. No penis.”
    “How do you KNOW that?!”

    “Kochin, what the hell, man?!”

    And aside that list of quotes, thank you, Team Four Star You actually made me adore Dr.Wheelo with a PASSION. HLike, I rewatcehd the original product right before watching this, I’m glad I did but… Oh… Oh gosh Wheelo XD

  • logan2605

    Oolang is a pig nazi? Teamfourstar illuminati confirmed

  • AttoSama

    Was actually crying I was laughing so hard, I loved the changes made to this moive lol.

  • Kaliaila

    Is it just me does Dr Weedo sound like Frasier.

    • Kaliaila

      Wheelo that is. Silly autocorrect.

  • mikep32068

    Bwahahaha this was just perfect.

  • Mystic_Kova

    Man today was just awesome. Saw Civil War this morning, came home to this. Life is good.

  • Db_Asshole

    Kind of a let down..

  • JKerx

    So this came out today, but the next episode bar still says 99% editing. Is episode 53 almost out or did they just forget to reset?

    • mathex14

      Episode 53 almost out? HA! Seems too good to be true.

      • Roxxycat

        I keep wondering the same thing, but i was too timid to ask.
        i didn’t want to sound greedy. I, mean, it would be awesome and I did read somewhere that they were working on the concurrently (i think).

  • Salas

    Also, I honestly think that Dr. Wheelo stole this show. The humor, the sadness, the horror. Magnificent.

    • Glyphayel

      I’m just another random fan, but I agree. Dr.Wheelo stole everything in this movie. He was flawless.

    • DKay


  • EmptyMatchbook

    No video posts: WHAR NEXT DBZA!!!


    Jesus, guys, whine harder. I’m sure that inspires the crew to go faster…

  • Krescentwolf

    “Just…. like… with Chichi….”

    Oh god that killed me! XD

    So… Whelo is basically good-guy Gero. ^_^

  • Lord_Popo


  • Majin Druu

    Not gonna lie. This blows the old version out of the arena, rips its head off and dumps a steaming pile of Yamcha down its neck. My kami, you guys are outstanding. Just… wow. The ending. The Jokes. The best.

    Go go Team Four Star! bop.. dooo deee doo doo doo
    Go go Team Four Star! bop.. dooo deee doo doo doo
    Go go Team Four Star! New mighty morphin’ Team Four Staaaaaarrr….


  • mathex14

    This movie was nice and all, but it was quite bellow average to me, just like some people are saying the ending felt off, I didn’t like the twist. Imo, you guys went too far, and also, there was WAYYYY too much editing, and a lot of it was poorly done. Overall it was just an ok movie, I believe this movie could have been much better without so much editing or the twist at the end(this is a parody after all).

    Yamcha’s moment was my favorite, it was quite well done(specially compared to a lot of the scenes in this same movie), and it was the moment that made me laugh the most. Though normally I wouldn’t like such a change as a character dying in a parody without dying in the original source, but the movie is non canon anyway.

    • Majin Druu

      I disagree. I think the ending was really well done, considering that had to do practically all the animation themselves. It’s a quantum leap in development and skill. Lip flaps and eyes are fiddle sticks compared to full animation and character design. There are some things to work on there, but for a first fully animated edit, this is far above what I would have expected. I think they should get some credit for having the cajones to pull this off. Especially considering how much people were moaning for the next episode. To keep this secret, and take that abuse, really took some guts. So worth it.

    • Varlth

      I would have to agree that the movie was only ok. It had its moments, but it wasn’t one that I’ll want to watch over and over like some others. I think I’d agree that it felt like they tried to hard, but that’s ok. The movie was 30 minutes long which I think is their longest movie yet (but haven’t checked). It feels like this project was about being as creative as possible rather than as funny as possible.

      Opinions are opinions though. I don’t mind the animation they’re doing, as Majin pointed out it’s another step for them. Go blitz through the entire show and watch how they evolved from doing simple lip flaps and scene cuts to where they are now with the pretty big edits they do (such as Cell literally talking out his ass). I mean I can think of a few big edits they did in the past (like the pokeball), but it felt a lot rarer because it took too much time. They’re making progress, and while the animation is very noticeable it just shows that they are continuing to grow.

      • mathex14

        While I definetly like some editing(like nappa’s pokeball or yamcha’s scene on this movie), I think this movie has too much of it, like waay too much, some are very unnecessary and I believe I would have liked the movie better in case they went on a more simple route with some scenes(specially near the end).

        Anyway, opnions are opnions, and I respect yours as well. Oh, and Mr. Popo showing up at the end was quite the cool thing I forgot to mention I liked as well.

    • SolidStateScouter

      I’ll give TFS credit for giving us so much free, quality entertainment to the point where we can nitpick.

      I share much of your opinion, though. Yamcha’s cameo was my favourite moment while the movie overall… eeeeehhhhhh. Dr. Wheelo’s shtick was very hit and miss, “Pinky” (don’t know his real name) I guess was well executed and was the funniest main character, the rest just fell flat.

      It’s possible that the source is at fault as well, giving the next 4 movies some credit in that other characters had their moments while this one is mainly (G)oku (T)ime, hehe… or so I’d assume because I really, really don’t remember World’s Strongest.

      • mathex14

        You mean Dr.wheelo’s(or whatever) assistant right? I also think he was very well done.

  • Salas

    So…Kochin has dementia?

  • Majin Druu

    You… you remade it? 0_0 Awesome!

    There’s a lot of crow being had for breakfast….

    • KaiserNeko

      You can’t remake something that was never really made to begin with.

      (The previous Neighborhood Cluck production is not considered— nor has it ever been considered– TFS.)

      • Majin Druu

        Oh. I see. Well, that explains a lot.

  • dcforeman

    Awwww… I wanted more cell.

    • mathex14

      Yeahhh me too, perfect cell seems really promising.

  • Sokolniki

    The best part about the Yamcha bit is when Gohan thinks back on what happened, wondering if Piccolo is alright, you can see a flash of light and hear Yamcha’s pained screams from offscreen as the moment replays in Gohan’s memory.

  • Gakke

    Best Kaioken ever! Even better than the DB Super one!

  • pbxellos

    that was great, i loved how you put in pinky and the brain song at the end. and who sang the lyrics.

  • swanzic-frenzy

    this isn’t the second movie…

    • WhoCanPeliCan

      Yes it is.

  • MadmanIdeas

    Okay genially got sad at blub blubs death. He was made for hugs….

  • Tasker

    if you don’t have piccolo scream at gohan to stop dodging cell when they fight ill make yamcha drink bleach we all know he is one mean comment away from doing it anyway

  • LinkinG

    I hope Trunks when transforming will say: “RAWR RAWR RAWR WEN BROLY RAA”.

    • mathex14


  • Luca_from_space_Italy

    This was a very clever way to abridge this movie, and it made it so original and of course fun!

  • BigDatFaz

    Confession: I haven’t seen the original World’s Strongest, so a lot of the original plot went over my head, but this was a solid effort. If I’m being honest, I think some of the parts seemed a bit forced (Roshi and his “brownies” for example), but overall there were some quite humorous sections, and the interaction between Kochin and Wheelo was top-notch. Well done guys.

  • WillTheBloody

    This was a noticeable step up in a lot of areas. Like you were at professional quality already but now its become a step past that. Excellent work, I really appreciate everything you do to keep churning out content at such consistent quality

  • Avenguard

    the ending is completly different from the actual movie, but you know I really like the way you guys went with this. This was nearly a completly new movie and it was AWSOME.

  • DomonKasshu

    Okay, that thing with the fat bio-warrior was way too dark. Was that meant to be funny? Cause I’m not laughing.

  • Macarisil

    I really hate to say this, given what I’m looking forward to from voice acting this year (hammil’s reprise)- but this is… absolutely hilarious, incredible, and well done. It’s a step up for almost all of you as a cohesive effort, and I find it one of my favorites of everything (individual jokes, outtakes, movies, etc) you’ve put out thusfar. You’ve all improved insanely since ep1, and the things before, and this is a mark (remake? no.. a total new take) on what you’re capable of- and it SHOWS.

  • Granss

    Man, this brings back memories. Not of when it came out in DBZ (I’m not quite that old), but when you guys first did World’s Strongest. I think you were still using Through the Fire and Flames as your intro at that point. It’s just amazing comparing this one to the old one, and the differences really show how you guys have improved and changed. Keep being awesome!
    -Fan for the long-haul
    P.S. Clucky>The Log, Masako

  • ShMike

    Everything was great….until the ending. I don’t mind the twist, but I did not like the animation. Did we really not have any leftover animation from DB or DBZ which you couldn’t repurpose here? It just seemed rather newgroundsy at the end. Distractingly so. I did see you guys do some amazing stuff, like with the Trunks Special and even the Yamcha gag here.
    I’m hoping at some point you do take the time to go back and clean it up a bit. Because you are on to something here.

  • Ninja Buu

    My favorite DBZ Movie! A great DBZA Movie!

    The ending was…eh. Didn’t feel it.

  • Connor046

    You guys are masters of your craft.

    Every major outing this team does is a significant improvement over the last.

    I also think I injured myself when you guys Yamcha’d Yamcha again.

  • AllanJK

    Love this movie and your take on it TFS. It surprised me that this would be as long as it was. Though that may have been expected since Kaiser loves this movie and likely wanted to put more into it. One thing bothered me and it’s really minor. As episodes go on and with the episode breakdowns going over them, Kaiser seems to pay more and more attention to editing out inconsistencies when working with various scenes. So, why near the end did you not edit out/add in Dr. Wheelo’s brain jar’s cracks. You left out the bit where Piccolo blasts him in the face and as a result, gets those cracks. However, I could easily believe that you would have it assumed that he obtained those cracks from the beam struggle with Goku or just edit out the cracks completely as you did the Piccolo blasting him part. That doesn’t seem like something that would be outside your power. Aide from that, wonderful work.

  • BardicLasher

    The rewritten ending gives me a lot of hope for Wrath of the Dragon, whose ending is just… so awful.

    • Shawntos

      If they point out just how much of a dick Goku is for kill stealing that’d be great. XD

  • Drakonloki

    Didn’t they already do this movie? I would have much rather preferred a new episode over a second attempt at something we have seen before.

    • Gilly101

      World’s Strongest was literally one of the first things they ever did, and it was garbage by comparison, its difficult to even find a vid of it. It had different voices, shit humor. This movie is good enough to deserve a second go ahead with quality work that makes the prior attempt all but forgettable.

    • KaiserNeko

      TeamFourStar has never done this movie. Neighborhood Cluck did, which only had one of the three (now four) main writers, a different director, a different editor, etc.

      The only similarity that’s being shared here is that one of the writers is back and some of the voices are the same.

      • animalia

        Why did you all wait so long to do these two movies and start at the third instead then?

      • Gilly101

        I see, and it looks like theres some confusion as to this from other users as well. I think what happened is someone uploaded that video thinking it was TFS and labeled it as such.

  • Clydus

    What did happen to launch? And are they gonna bring future Trunks into Dragon Ball Super? Very curious.

    • krillertime

      I actually never watched dragon ball gt but i wanna watch dragon ball super. i cant remember they either forgot about her or didn’t include her because her personality shift might be confusing??? idk dont trust my word idk what im talking about lol
      but i did like her gun toting character

      • Shawntos

        Toriyama is notoriously bad about forgetting things he’s created. Launch didn’t appear in DBZ except for one little cameo because he completely blanked her out.

      • Clydus

        Dragon Ball Super is pretty good so far but it’s funny how it went kind of in the same direction as Dragon Ball Multiverse (fan made manga) just not as intense. Definitely check both of them out though.

    • Clydus

      YES! I guessed right, WOO!

  • krillertime

    I thought the editing was really cool in this one, especially in Goku’s facial expression when he sighs and says ‘Kaioken’ (That had to be one of Kirb’s edits).
    I was laughing so hard I probably pulled something in my stomach at the scene where Gohan and Krillin tried to save him from the ice.
    I really REALLY adore the personality changes TFS does with the characters. Like that is easily the thing I look forward to the most with all of their movies especially Androids 13, 14, and 15.
    GOD I love them so much I cannot wait to see the Movie Breakdown.

    I actually really liked the way they made the movie end tbh I thought it was a really nice change and I thought it was really funny but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I felt that the changes they make in the plot and the characters is what separates it into its own entity from the original series and it makes it more exciting and suspenseful not knowing what they’re going to do with the next episode or movie rather than it being exactly what was shown in the original show with some jokes thrown in.
    I absolutely love it and a lot of the redraws I thought were really well done and the series has come such a long way it’s so cool how much more they can do with it now.

    They are the best I love them so much and I can’t wait to see where they go with it from here I love watching how much they improve.

  • Loko Pérez

    Beloved Team Four Star, you have outdone yourselves in the effort put in this one. Nonetheless, things need to be said.

    The main idea behind this movie is brilliant, and just couldn’t seize to both amaze me and make me laugh out loud through the whole thing. HOWEVER, towards the end, you crossed a line I believe shouldn’t have been crossed. You see, I perfectly understand the need of altering and re-animating some bits to fully realize the joke or the plot divergence you’ve constructed: it’s a necessary itch that helps set the thing in the direction you want. But still, it feels awkward when you force in an action or a behavior out of a character that isn’t supposed to perform it, (eye rolls or redrawn faces). I think it escapes the boundaries of the elegant style you have so brilliantly been abridging so far. And even though it’s fine to see some of those alterations from time to time, I believe the ending of this movie went too far, not only struggling to “loose-endly” set the conclusion of the story very (and in this case annoyingly) different from the original, but also doing it through entire but unsatisfactory redrawn scenes, which grew more distracting take by take. And in spite of having myself worried by the middle of the movie about how sourly tragic would be the death of poor Abridged Dr. Wheelo, when I found the re-scripted and re-drawn ending, I felt I would have preferred an ending more loyal to the one that would have made me both sad and darkhumorly giggly.

    I consistently love your work; but, as a critic fan, I would ask you not only to stay away from the thresholds defiled here, but to also (probably when the schedules are less menacing) give the conclusion of this movie a second take; one in which we, as fans, and you, as developers, end up with fully realized.

    Love and best dragon wishes from a fellow filmmaker in Perú!

    • BardicLasher

      See, on the one hand, I kind of agree that rewriting the ending is a bit… weird. And it shifts it from “abridged version” to “re-imagining.” On the other hand, Wrath of the Dragon is going to REALLY need a rewritten ending because it’s original ending was just… so dumb.

      • Loko Pérez

        Well, think of how cleverly they changed the end of the Freezer Saga with simple gimmicks: Nappa is now alive and is currently a movie producer; Guru was uncovered and brutally punished for his crimes; Dende confesses a surprise crush on Gohan and then wishes his people to leave BECAUSE of his failed confession; for crying out loud, Nail lives on in Piccolo and gives a hilarious addition to the series. I know Team Four Star can right many wrongs in the series with cleverness, we’ve seen them liberating us from entire filler plots like Ginyu Frog or the return of Garlic Junior, liberations that were funny themselves. This ending would not be the case, they tried to make it funny as it progressed, but it just went to astray from their style; I loved how they closed the Bardock Episode, brilliantly rendering the story canonically non-canon, similar to the Dead Zone too!

        What I’m trying to say is, they can re-write magnificent stuff; but the tools to do so must be always treated and decided carefully. They can do it, they are extremely talented; they just made a questionable decision here.

    • Kaliaila

      I pretty much agree, there were several times when Goku’s eyes just look off because of how they were reanimated, and where everything is going on. I really enjoyed the movie but all of the weird animation kept taking me out of moment. Perhaps sometime down the line they will be able to come back and do an updated version of this with less of the odd animation and more typical ones or at least make it so that it does not stand out so dramatically from the rest of the animation.

    • mathex14

      I kind agree with you on that, while tfs had altered some stuff before(like nail on piccolo’s head, and I think this was a good idea), this one felt way too much. I believe they went too far with this movie, and that’s a shame.

  • Wigglezz

    Warning everyone right now, this is a negative review, but I’ll keep the spoilers out.

    This wasn’t really that funny of a parody of the second movie to me. I will admit, there were two enjoyable moments that I chuckled at, but everything else I just sat quietly or sometimes went “ok…”. I even figured out the end joke halfway through and the payoff still wasn’t funny at all. Most of it just seemed like pointless banter (maybe that’s the joke), and continuity mess ups.

    Maybe it’s just me, but I found Team Fourstar’s movies to be between boring and stupid. The last few movies weren’t that funny to me. Before people start going on and calling me a hater, I love their parodies on the episodes. Most of them are great while others are meh at their worst. I always look forward to seeing when their next episode is coming out.

    I was going to detail the hell out of why I really didn’t like this movie, but after seeing that so many enjoyed it. I’ll leave it here. If you want more of a reason, let me know!

    • mathex14

      It’s ok dude, just because it’s tfs, doesn’t mean we have to like everything they do. The super android 13 movie was really weak for me, but I did like history of trunks though, this one was ok at first, but I think they kind did shit at the end.

      Oh and imo, DBZA isn’t as funny as it was before, neither the movies or the episodes., though some episodes are still really good, the editing is better for sure(but sometimes a bit forced) but the main reason I watch DBZA is for laughs, and it just isn’t as funny for me..

  • lostsomething

    “Just give me his body!”
    “Can’t. No penis.”
    *weird smirk*

  • Jetcars

    The video player you supply on this website is complete rubbish.

  • Lizardguy

    Hmm, well, the Dragon was at his best here. The Yamcha thing at the start was probably the best joke ever, gotta say though, not a fan of the ending. I dunno, maybe it’s just me, a total re-write just felt…. not as good as simple parody. Again, maybe it’s just me, but still.

  • avolteface

    Truly well done guys. Can see how much effort was put into this and it really made my day off. Keep up the amazing work

  • cryptic_sage

    No one cares about or remembers Yamcha, lol.

  • Dragonpwner6

    I loved the dragon in this. Also loved Dr Wheelo and that other guy who’s name I cannot remember>

  • NorseJuggalo

    Honestly like this better than the original.

    • shmemilyemily

      If you’re talking about the original abridged version of this movie. It wasn’t TFS that did it. Someone else did.

  • Jordanious77

    Great job TFS, you guys are fantastic, I really enjoyed it. As a 30 minute special event the standard probably dropped slightly but I’d say that had more to do with this being in the past so couldn’t “continute” your current character dev because I highly doubt it was from lack of effort.

    Quick question, though, despite having just released the movie it still says 99% until the next episode… Does that mean this could potentially be the greatest week EVER? Or just not updated it yet… lol

  • Mechadozer

    Standing Ovation

  • Vael Araragi

    Oh my god, they got SAO Abridged’s Kirito for the Biomen.

  • janeDoe001

    I think Mr. Piccolo needs an adult. How else would Kochin know he doesn’t have a penis?

    And when Goku decked Freezer in the face I died laughing at his response.


  • Wow, this custom ending is so awesome! But it looks like Dr. Wheelo’s gonna need another wish to scale his brain down, huh?

  • Nasuke1


    I already want more…. You guys… stop making drugs in video format.

  • android19

    bravo. Lot of really great moments.

  • Ed130 The Vanguard

    That Stinger ending…

  • Soijin

    WoW, I actually felt worse for Dr. Wheelo than for anyone in the entire Series, with the exception of Future Trunks. I’m happpy that he got a happy ending.

  • DmUra91

    I don’t care if Yamcha never was in the original movie, that joke wasn’t fully expected so quickly and efficiently but I’m not surprised it happened after seeing the biomen but sooooo worth it.

    • DmUra91

      Also, slight spoiler warning. Should have typed that first…

  • mp_shadow

    6TH COMMENT BITCHES!!!!!!!!!! I feel like i have just completed life

  • darkknightfan75

    I can definitely see that it took a while to make this it was awesome you guys did an amazing job as always!

  • android19

    holy fucking shit 30 minutes

  • Freedom153


    This is why it’s been 92% on Ep 53 for a few days. “Just” a movie…

  • Domehammer

    This was amazing.

  • Jaxom20

    F*ck Let’s do this!