KaiserNeko is back! After a much needed vacation and a hell of a holiday season, he’s got the breakdown for 45 ready for your collective faces!

  • Dort

    So… you were a teddy bear during August?

  • Ded1

    so, that image of Popo without eyes was awesome! Should do a joke where his eyes are like that and everyone who sees it freaks out.

  • i do appreciate how honest you are to your fans. no one can be mad when set the proper expectations. also, make way for the hype train… stoked for the history of trunks

    • also, the panning/zooming shot in front of the mirror, could you have tracked the scale of something easy like her eyeball, and then transferred the motion to a nested sequence of animated lap flaps? (not really a question, just my uninformed but over educated, passive aggressive attempt at being helpful.

      respect for the frame by frame with the androids though. 😀

  • History of Trunks Abridged?! WOO-HOO!

  • Derek1st

    You did have an error though thats been bugging the shib out of me. Why was panty’s clone transparent?

    • RoninOfDeath

      We were looking at Dr. Briefs reflection off the tube.

  • Waladil

    “As well as used the same vibration effect from Chi-Chi earlier on Vegeta”

    WOAH MAN. Why are Chi-Chi and Vegeta sharing vibrators? I really don’t think Vegeta would be into that. I’m sure with Goku gone or dead most of the time, Chi-Chi has quite a collection, but I reckon Vegeta can and probably should get his own vibrators.

  • marke420

    love the work guys keep it up!!! I check everyday to see if u guys put up a new video….

  • bossbrolly

    Fantastic work guys can’t wait to see what u do with the trunks movie

  • RGreen89

    I hate to ask, but when is the next movie abridged? Specifically the Android 13 movie. I can’t wait to see the scene when Android 13 turns off Goku’s Super Saiyan button…lol.

    • ChristophTSS

      They did just specifically mention in this video that History of Trunks Abridged is coming out sometime around next month.

    • SuperKamiGuru

      i would put my money on either june or may . They usualy have some sort of special or movie out at the star of the con season.

  • Shenwrong

    So I don’t really get what Popo seeing Kami was supposed to mean at all. Also what’s with the way Kaiser was saying Goku for the last half of the episode?

    • KefkaesqueXIII

      I think it’s just supposed to show that Mr. Popo, despite being some sort of eldritch abomination, actually misses having Kami around.

    • bneil24

      it means popo in his own way misses kam….

      • Matthewjohn2197

        Tut-tut maggot, Tut-tut.

  • Wolf

    So Excited!!!!!!
    Love your work Kaiser….so much effort goes into it…and no matter how long content takes you guys are awesome and always do an amazing job.

  • SS4Kokoro

    I thought you said you were going to abridge “World’s Strongest!”

    • RoninOfDeath

      No, common mistake. First he said “I’m gonna go watch World’s Strongest.” at 7:27 then at 7:48 he said “now I wanna abridged World’s Strongest.”

  • TheMuffiinButton

    Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee History of Trunks I was waiting for this…. Broly movie next? 😀

    • ssj99lucario

      not before android 13

    • ChristophTSS

      Not yet, impatient one. After HoT they still have to remake World’s Strongest Abridged and do Super Android 13 Abridged. Besides, Broly doesn’t even happen until the Cell Games, so they’re probably going to wait until at LEAST when the abridged series has caught up to where Broly should be set.

      • RoninOfDeath

        Well, technically there is no telling when they’ll do World’s Strongest (which they won’t consider a remake). They did make a joke in a podcast that they’ll do World’s Strongest as a two Mil Sub special since they did Dead Zone as a one mil special.

  • DudebladeX

    good to have ya back KaiserNeko.

  • FlareKnight

    Ok, the history of Trunks announcement was worth watching this video for alone XD.

    I’m so looking forward to that. On its own it was just amazing to watch so the TFS version of it should be fun.

  • Factory Factory

    Now that you’re using After Effects, you can make moving/panning lip flaps really easy to do. You can nest compositions in After Effects, so you can animate the flapping lips in one composition, then you can match-move the entire composition to the shot as a single object by nesting the animated lips into the main shot. This will make it easy to change the flaps if you need to change the line, too: edit the original flap composition, and those changes will carry over to the nested composition without having to re-animate their proper place on the character’s face.

    As an alternative to nested comps, you can also work with Parent Layers. Make a null/empty layer to act as a parent, then make all of your flap frames children of the null layer. Any movements and transformations you make to the null layer will automatically be transferred to the child layers, and any further changes you make to the child layers will all be relative to the parent.

    If you want to get more advanced, you can build all of your flaps into a single composition with one frame per flap and use time remapping to pick which frame from within the flapset to use using a single animated attribute (use “hold” interpretation) instead of changing the opacity or in/out for tons of layers.

  • blueglove92

    Can someone please tell me what he means when he says “Considering what is to come”?
    I can’t think of what he is talking about. The only thing I can think of is Popo in the Buu saga.

    • deknegt

      It’s going to be Dende becoming the new guardian of the earth, that’s the biggest thing ”to come” that’s not far off into the buu saga

  • Holy shit Popo is crazy looking without his eyes. I love these and yes history of trunks please.

  • Mr Western

    I’ve been looking forward to this, glad everyone had a good break, all of you deserved it

  • Jump3R

    Holy black on a Popo, Kaiser!
    That’s amazing how much effort and patience and all the other sh*t you put into editing all this for us for years now xd
    We appreciate it…. well, at least I do…
    Keep up the good work and in the mean time we will hold our breaths for The History Of Trunks :p
    Yay, incoming special!

  • JohanUser

    And I was so hyped for a Krillin Plays A.I today, but this is cool too I guess