Two breakdowns in one week! EMOTIONAL INSTABILITY! Or, y’know, just catching up. SEE YOU FOR HISTORY OF TRUNKS!

  • ShadyGirl82

    Wow KaiserNeko, you are an editing my friend needs a cookie for all your hard work on Abridged. I bow down to you good sir.

  • Bananas.

    Actually, if you want to pronounce the names right, you should pronounce yajirobe like “yaa-jee-ro-bay”. And Goku is already pronounced properly, so I don’t know why you changed it. If you watch the japanese version, it’s still goku, not gokuu. Eh, whatever.

    Also… I think you are getting a little too carried away with the edits. Like, putting bulma’s room in the house when the window exploded? Yeah, no one noticed that. It’s a neat little detail, but not really funny. Just interesting.
    I hope to see more attention being paid to the script next time and less to the edits. I mean, the edits are great and they definitely keep things cohesive, but I think you’re losing some of the humor and charm of the show. Isn’t the point of the abridged to make fun of the original version? I dunno.

    • Karthull

      I never felt like the abridged version was making fun of the original, felt far more like paying homage then making fun of to me. And he probably goes crazy with the edits to polish his skills and probably enjoys it, and getting even better adds more room for adding in things not originally in the show.

    • LusterWolf

      I agree with the “Gokuu” part, found it a bit strange but not that big a deal. The room in the background however just goes to show the work and dedication KaiserNeko has when working. And I did notice that the first time i watched and thought it as a neat detail.

  • TrophySystem

    Bulma’s room from original Dragonball? That is way too much detail for ANYONE to notice lol.

  • FearReaper9

    Personally, I think if you are going to start pronouncing everything the way they were meant to be pronounced (GokU, YYajirobe), I think you should also start saying Saiyan right, which is Cyan. For anyone going to argue, it is indeed Cyan as the correct pronunciation. I think it’s weird that people will say the word “Sai” (as in the weapon) as “Cy”, and even Saibaman as Cybaman, yet they will say Say-In. Honestly, the FUNIMATION and OCEAN dubs messed up FAR too much in pronunciation.

    • ten-ka-ichi_go-kuu_sai-ya-jin_namek-sei-jin

      Because in the Japanese version they are totally called “Sai-in”

      • KaiserNeko

        Actually, it’s Saiya-jin, which– when translated to English– would be Saiyan, pronouned Sigh-Yahn.

      • FearReaper9

        It is Saiya-jin in Japan, and would be pronounced Cyan when brought to English.

      • cris

        Yep, in Spanish too is Saiya-Jin, and it is pronounced as “Sigh-ja-yin”

      • HalfAsianRegularGuy

        t should actually be said as “go-ku” with emphasis on the “u” like a short “oo” sound. Also, it should have the prefix said as “Sahn” Goku and not “sun” Goku.

        And fuck it. If you’re going to try really hard to say “goku”, you might as well call vegita as “bejita” which is like a short “be” “jyee” and “tah”.

    • bfmv5000

      fuck up

    • anonymous

      The worst part is how much he’s stressing the names, it sounds like a different person talking just for that one word.

    • HalfAsianRegularGuy

      Its actually said in Japanese not as “cy” because there is no “cy” in any part of Japanese. Its actually “Sai” as in “saiyajin” the “jin” part being a suffix like “namekajin” or “America-jin”.

      Also, its said as Son Goku with emphasis being like “San Gokuu”. You have to understand the “a” is a short “a” sound like “ah”. Son Gokuu, Son Gohan, Son Goten, etc. Its also said commonly as Goku-san which is completely different than saying Son Goku. Still the “uu” sound in Japanese is not the same as “oo” in English…but its closer than saying “u” like “you”.

      • HalfAsianRegularGuy

        Also, if they were to get technical, other names were completely changed for American audiences like burori, bejita, kakarrato, Tenshinhan, pikoro-san, seru, ju-rokugo, ju-nanago, and ju-hatchgo….etc. I don’t even know why they changed Mr. Satan so much. He could have just been called Mr. Saturn. Also, yamcha would be closer said as Yamucha. But when said quickly would sound like “yamacha” or “yamcha”. All the “kai” names were changed from the original and “master roshi” is said completely different, lol. I think funimation just cherry picked which names to keep or not.

  • Drakizora

    Anyone else notice Kaiser stressing the ‘u’ in Goku?

    Or am I going insane?

    • SonGoku

      Yeah it bother’s the handful out of me, I also noticed he says Yajirobe weirdly

      • Actually they’re saying Yajirobe correctly. Funimation calling him Yajirobi was wrong. Like when they called it Kayoken instead of Kaioken.

    • cris

      He uses a name pronunciation different than what you use in English.
      You see in Spanish for example we say “gokU” with stressing the ‘u’ like he does. I guess other languages also do the same, maybe French? One of the guys is Canadian right? Maybe Kaiser used to watch french dubbed Dragonball or the Japanese one, they probably stress the words different to English dub.

      • AdiKor007

        It’s the japanese one. They really do stress the “u” in the untranslated version. So, in a way, it’s actually more correct than other pronunciations 🙂

    • Mboone

      Yea, which is weird because in the last breakdown he didn’t. /shrug

    • wiewiur39

      I think it’s because in the orginal manga “Goku” was spelled “Gokuu”. At least in my version.

    • HalfAsianRegularGuy

      It should actually be said as “go-ku” with emphasis on the “u” like a short “oo” sound. Also, it should have the prefix said as “Sahn” Goku and not “sun” Goku.

      And fuck it. If you’re going to try really hard to say “goku”, you might as well call vegita as “bejita” which is like a short “be” “jyee” and “tah”.

  • BlueMageBrilly

    Hey, I have a question about that episode that was bothering me.

    After the ‘Hellzone Grenade’ and before 17 starts to talk, there’s a weird ‘blur’ and lack of animation to Piccolo, around 4:24-4:27. This is corrected and gives him the dots of his eyes back right as 17 starts to talk and Piccolo reacts to it… Looks like his face ‘lifts’ out of itself or something. But was that your doing, or just something you didn’t fix up from the original animation? He almost looked like a different person, to be honest.

    Still a great job as usual Kaiser, but that was one of the things in the episode that bothered me that I was hoping was answered in this breakdown.

  • pbxellos

    wow, you really had you work cut out for ya on this one, heck im surprised an anime studio hasn’t offered you a job, with the work you’ve done on this series.

  • Avenguard

    In case it has gone unsaid before, you really put alot of effort into minor details, like with the window scene where you pasted Bulma’s actual room, or even just adjusting the eye movements during conversations. They may not be huge, turn paging details, but all those little things you put in, I appreciate. Thank you for caring that much about the show KaiserNeko, your a true artist. I would call you the Michelangelo of Abridging. Again, thank you for all your hard work and effort (And to all the others as well, as a team you guys are pure magic incarnate)

  • JLHawk1

    Episode 46. 1:18.
    Uh… Kaiser? I think you missed a spot. Or was Gohan supposed to speak with Goku’s voice?

    • KaiserNeko

      That’s actually not Gohan talking there. It’s just the animation on Gohan being weird.

      • JLHawk1

        Well, that’s essentially what I meant. Whether it’s the fault of animation or voice acting, I don’t know, but I doubt it’s on purpose.
        I’m just glad somebody else sees it. Was starting to think I was going mad.
        I really don’t care, especially considering how overworked Kaiser he seems.

  • starfighter101

    Dang Kaier, you must’ve had a lot of fun making this. kudos to you and everyone here at TeamFourStar. you guys are amazing!

  • marke420

    I can’t wait for History of Trunks!