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The first breakdown in a while! Expect another one later this week!

DragonBall is Owned by TOEI ANIMATION, Ltd. and Licensed by FUNimation Productions, Ltd.. All Rights Reserved. DragonBall, DragonBall Z, DragonBall GT and all logos, character names and distinctive likenesses thereof are trademarks of TOEI ANIMATION, Ltd. This is nothing more than a parody made for entertainment purposes only.

  • incrediblenoiseman

    Was there any fun fact or reason for which Pokemon cries you went with? Also to confirm that they were Scyther for Imperfect Cell and Smoochum for Semi-Perfect Cell.

    Great Job this episode guys. Keep up the good work

  • NukeKrieg

    Damn somehow missed this episode. Looking at older tweets of Kaiser’s, noted that I never watched this one.

  • Despite this being something of a behind the scenes thing, I made a fan intro for it and composed new music specifically for it. Sorry that the audio’s a little off, it came from an attempt to better align the audio and visuals in the original Flash file.

  • TrophySystem

    Won’t lie, I felt 17s lines were improv, albeit good lines. He used the Fonz as a reference or something I feel?

  • dracosfire7

    What a coincidence, I had a breakdown earlier this week.

  • hbi2k

    So… you’re saying you gave 18 an O before Krillin did?

  • Ubersupersloth

    Seriously, what is with the pronunciation of Goku? It bothers me more than it probably should. :/

  • BCHolbrook

    As usual, awesome work!
    I really liked the fun facts in this one. LOL at Gan’s improv! XD

  • Streetguru

    DBZ LSW seriously need a sequel.

  • maswartz

    Yay more breakdowns!

  • maswartz

    Yay more breakdowns!

  • wwf

    I have to say, I would have never ever ever ever ever have noticed that the Red Ribbon emblem on 16 was on the wrong side

    • ShadowLDrago

      Same. I was too caught up in the awesome.