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Addressed a lot in this one, including a big frequently asked questions! Also, trying out music now! Hope you guys like it.

DragonBall is Owned by TOEI ANIMATION, Ltd. and Licensed by FUNimation Productions, Ltd.. All Rights Reserved. DragonBall, DragonBall Z, DragonBall GT and all logos, character names and distinctive likenesses thereof are trademarks of TOEI ANIMATION, Ltd. This is nothing more than a parody made for entertainment purposes only.

  • Ded1

    I love how the “I’m not salty” stuck to Kirran.

  • Jonaz

    I keep thinking what if at the very end of “Moustache” appeared a real Vegeta from GT (with moustache)… that would’ve been great!

  • joeofpie

    I was really hoping you would cite the spanish guitar song that Goku was imagining with Vegeta’s mustache.

  • toriyama_bird

    I just bought the song on iTunes! Unfortunately I dunno how to make it my ringtone

  • Cyoral

    If you guys are gonna keep doing music, I humbly request that you do Piccolo’s “Dodge Bitch” and Guru’s “Drop It.”

    I’ll buy them a hundred times over if you do! (Well, maybe not 100 times….) Thanks! Love you guys.

  • Karthull

    Am I the only one who always noticed the black bars but never questioned them?

  • Drumroll

    Kaiser, these videos are, in fact, VERY informative. For anyone that knows a thing or two about video editing anyway. They can take your ideas from DBZA and apply it to their own work. Maybe you aren’t teaching anything, but for those in the know already, you might very well give them some excellent ideas and inspiration.

  • Evenmoardakka

    Cant’ wait for the moustache music video


    I’ve been watching Dragon Ball, the beggining of Piccolo Jr. Saga where Goku is trained by popo…

    TFS, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE: Make a Popo training montage for goku when Goku is with Gohan, either as a part of the episode, or a special…


    • sierrahotel

      heard the song was released, so it had to be bought

  • ssGoddo

    editing seems hard

  • gothpunkboy89

    Never noticed the bars on the side before watching this

  • NINJAfries

    Why haven’t you made a full version of “Frieza’s Favorite Things” yet? You need to make this a thing in honor of “Revival of F!” ….. ….. Please?

    • Fengar

      I had to make an account just to say I second this 1000 times.

    • dracosfire7


  • NinjAxXxRecoN

    That should be a couple seconds longer, KaiserNeko. You actually cut yourself off. Wonderful; now how about you finish your sentence?

    • Jin Kanzaki

      My thought exactly! How am I supposed to sleep tonight?
      When will he see us? WHEN?

  • RIP Krillin, he had a good run

  • GoodBeatle

    Haha, I thought the FAQ Kaiser was addressing would be WEN BROLLY? j/k!

    A Brolly abridged movie is like Jesus’s second coming. Overhyped, and KAKAROOOOOOOOOOTTO—-!!

  • ehwhit3guy

    So that WAS Tom! Too bad he’s dead, along with Myspace.

    On another note with more Cell fights to come, is his signature move going to be “Cell Block?”

    • Matrim

      Um, where have you been? MySpace is doing very, very well. It’s just not the same format, it’s a music site now.

    • crazydude99

      I also guessed it was that tom! xD

  • nice

  • CafeMan24

    You know what needs to happen now? Every time we see Goku enter his Goku version (if he ever does again) when Vegeta is there, Vegeta needs to have a mustache. He doesn’t have to say “mustache”, it just needs to be there to throw back to Goku saying he can’t stop thinking about Vegeta with a mustache.

    And the mustache needs to change. Every time.

    • ed765super

      Yes… That’s a must

  • No personal creativity

    Quite like the Mustache song you guys made; thanks for the new music for my morning commute!

    • ed765super

      the second Kaiser said full mustache song, I closed the video and bought it on iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

  • Bronnt

    Much shorter than Episode 48. Not that episode 49 was excessively short, but it did only cover the events of two episodes, and those episodes were full of the type of padding that the show is infamous for: Vegeta speechifying before fighting Cell, Goku and Gohan taking a break to eat while islands are being destroyed, chatter as Vegeta and Trunks exit the time chamber, Gohan exploring the Time Chamber that the audience had already been shown.

    You actually kept a lot of that padded material in, which is different from the typical pacing of your show. I expect it’s because you’re planning something big for episode 50 and wanted to start it at a significant point so we can watch the full Vegeta beat down.

    • SSG Cell

      I was going to say why they did it the way they did, but you basically said that in your last sentence so… yeah they were probably waiting for Episode 50.

      • Rectal Fungi

        Same thing I figured. Best to keep the Vegeta vs Cell fight contained to its own episode.

  • tidus_mi2

    Can there be a gif of the moustache video? I started attempting it myself but I’m atrocious at video editing.

  • Imanton1

    then why are episodes 47 and 48, unlike 35, uploaded widescreen with black bars? It makes watching with a 3:4 monitor with bars on all sides strange.

  • vlaarith

    I’m not so surprise Krillin was in every episode

    He is the main human of the show

  • ZeroMew08

    Lord “I’m not Salty” Moonstone XD.

    Awesome short and sweet episode breakdown. Can’t wait for Ep 50


    I shaved my Moostache you idiot! GAAHH

    Probably the only worthwhile thing to come out of GT, though I did enjoy the SSJ4 Gogeta shenanigans.

  • joel64

    Super Android 13 Abridged?

  • maswartz


    • maswartz

      I didn’t say that but yes, yay.