KaiserNeko’s back with a full rundown on The History of Trunks!

  • Ian Hebson

    Kaiser, you okay?

  • J. Ackermann

    When Bulma invites Gohan to “stay” you should have done a “I need an adult” scene. Gohan: “I need an adult” Bulma: “You ar an adult…”

    • Ian Hebson

      They should hire you

  • MasterIckolas

    Morbidly curious… How big IS the After Effect file for this special? Considering all the edits, layers, and effects, I can’t image it being small by any measurable stretch.

  • Merica

    Kudos for the Gunther Ding Dong Song snippet towards the start of the episode. Fantastic abridging all in all!

  • austing98

    that’s dark

  • TrophySystem

    I’d be insane to use this shot, except for I am insane. Haha. I like this guy. Lani will always be my favorite cuz of YYHA, but you are slowly taking Taka’s position as second Kaiser. Also, you have my prayers Kaiser, because as the movies progress, their complexity in animation does as well. This is a breeze compared to Broly and Android 13, let alone Bio-Broly and Yo Son Goku…

    • TrophySystem

      Matter of fact, I am 5 minutes in and thoroughly convinced that TFS broke Kaiser. That is cool, I mean, you have more of those in the basement or something, right? Haha, if not, oh crap. Either way, humor aside, I do feel deeply sorry for Kaiser even in this behind the scenes…

  • NolanMan

    I don’t understand, why not have Bulma & Gohan? There’s no mess to avoid, because this is a timeline without repercussions. It’s your timeline, you can do what you want! I just think it was a missed opportunity and don’t really see a reason why not.

    • Kid Jones

      Even if it’s their timeline, it’s still a weird and sick choice in my opinion. She’s hitting on a guy she met as a kid when she was an adult and it’d be really awkward. It makes Bulma look more slutty in my book.

    • TrophySystem

      Eh, character wise, Gohan seems smart, seems to look down at Bulma anyway, seems too simple lived a la wasteland living off the land, and seems too generally good hearted not necesarily from his dad but from the Z warriors himself. They would have to at least tweak his personality a bit to make it ballpart plausible.

  • NolanMan

    I don’t understand, why not have Bulma & Gohan? There’s no mess to avoid, because this is a timeline without repercussions. It’s your timeline, you can do what you want! I just think it was a missed opportunity and don’t really see a reason why not.

  • SnowyDragoon

    Kaiser, you are the straightest gay man i’ve ever seen, i’m refering to the android 18 thing btw

  • ShMike

    So will the guy who voices Future Gohan be voicing Gohan for the Buu saga?
    Also, had you left in the Gohan/Bulma scene, it should have been prefaced by Gohan going “I need an adult” and Bulma going “You are an adult” then Masenko Sex 😉

  • incrediblenoiseman

    Just curious, did Masako happen to be one of those auditions for Future Gohan. Didn’t know if you all played with the idea of having him voice all the members of the Son family like Masako Nozawa. That would have been neat but I understand the need for diversity or if, apparently, he didn’t get the right sound you were going for. Terrific breakdown on top of a terrific special. You do an amazing job. Keep up the good work.

    • ShMike

      I’ve been asking that same question. He had a very limited role in the special (as a VA).

  • Blazer

    The level of editing you guys do is simply amazing, admirable even, you need to get hired to do oficial dubs >:o

    • SnowyDragoon

      they don’t normally edit them

      • SnowyDragoon

        dubs that is

  • The Log

    your dedication is admirable

  • Zanten

    I really enjoyed the special; awesome use of music (recognized a few of the Whovian tunes in there, quite fitting,) and the callbacks to Piccolo’s training made me, someone who’s watched the series since before the first season had even ended, quite nostalgic. xD

    I was curious, though; on top of the episode breakdowns, have you guys ever considered doing a similar segment for the recording part of episodes, (a bit of a ‘behind the curtain’ thing) or for that matter have you done it and I missed it? Certainly don’t mean anything fancy, but even just some raw recording stuff could be interesting. I seem to remember Lani did a really interesting little ‘how-to’ video about some of the voice elements, including the ever-entertaining screaming, but I was always curious as to whether it was pretty cut-and-dry, or if there was a lot of experimentation and fiddling insofar as finding the right tone.

    For that matter, while I figure you naturally shape the specifics of the mouth flaps around pre-recorded audio, do those recording usually operate under constraints to make your job a little easier- “Keep this line to so-and-so number of seconds,” for example?

  • Prince of All Saiyans

    all of those call backs man those were very funny

  • Tristan Robertz

    When you sampled the “all out” scene, I could not stop laughing.

  • EpicNomming

    I got most of the references, Kaiser. I also loved the Dr. Who music and TARDIS things. I love you guys for those tiny things :3

  • EpicNomming

    Honestly, I found this movie, while cool, was a bit lackluster when you consider the time that went into it. It had less of the witty humor I’m used to from TFS, and more other stuff. It was alright, but I felt I got a little too hyped for this movie. It was the longest, but certainly not the best. That goes to the Kai Abridged, which I am still looking forward to for the one for the cell/android sagas. I would also love to see BROLY, since you guys joke about it so much over on the ADVENTURES OF DUMPLIN; I can’t wait.
    Goodjob TFS, but I did feel it was a little too long for this one.
    PS: Dumplin TShirt
    PPS: I feel sorry for Kaiser 😛

    • Karthull

      Well ya because the overall tone was so dark and the whole point of tfs is humor all things considered it was a masterpiece

  • IncinerateAnthem

    Please make a Dumplin T-shirt!!!

  • Db_Asshole

    I feel like that was all energy wasted that could’ve been put towards the next episode..

    • greyphilosopher

      Relevant user name.

    • KaiserNeko

      Except that it’s recorded that a lot of people enjoy these breakdowns. So…

    • keyblade

      These do not slow down the production of episodes so please don’t assume such of them or their production.

      • AdiKor007

        and even if they did, I wouldn’t mind cuz watching these breakdowns makes me appreciate the work they do even more
        also, i lost my sh*t at the fun facts section, great job!

    • Zanten

      It’s worse than you think man. Imagine all the energy wasted on such things as mastication (food chewing, you perverts), sleep, spending time with friends and loved ones (“SOCIAL ACTIVITY!!”) and generally not driving one’s self completely into the ground. O_O I petition we immediately have Team Four Star plugged up to nutritional drips and delete their Facebook accounts to maximize their productivity! And lock them in basements so they can’t go outdoors. As well as distribute food based on how many minutes of new content they’ve made. They should ideally, um, motivated with the brain slugs from Wrath of Khan. …also, if machines ever take over the Earth and design the Matrix, they all need to be plugged in first. >.> Kaiser, you don’t mind having sockets over 20-30% of your body, right? Just think of all the skittles you can smuggle into a movie theater! Worth subjugation to a mechanical overlord, I say! <.<

      In all seriousness, Kaiser, don't let the usual 'Where's the next episoooode?!' white noise get under your skin. ^_^ I don't usually watch the breakdowns (seeing the mouth flaps and such being implemented, for some reason, make them kind of distracting when I rewatch the episode, like seeing behind the curtain o.o ) but I do know folks, including a friend of mine, greatly enjoy watching them.

  • Vouru

    I know must buy a shirt or something, to support all the awesome work you folks do!

  • Swiff

    You, and the entirety of Team Four Star, are easily some of the most inspirational creators out there to me right now. I never worry about the quality of your work– you’ve never given me reason to. Nor do I worry about your passion for the project, that’s pretty clear in everything you do. I only worry about you guys– you in particular Kaiser– burning yourselves out by never taking a break! Seriously, even if some people will complain, you’ve ALL more than earned your vacation time. Don’t be afraid to take it, we’ll all live.

  • hydra337

    No sir, you are a god among men, your efforts put many professionals to shame!

  • Karthull

    Jesus man take a nap or something!

  • marcus

    I understand why you left out the Bulma/Gohan scene.
    Oh well, don’t forget to do a Gohan/Videl one when the Buu storyline comes up.
    There was quite a lot of subtext for those two in the original storyline.

    • Karthull

      Subtext? They have pan!

    • DragonCurse4

      Subtext? You mean the fact that they’re married and have a daughter? 😛

    • meattree5

      Masenko… NOOOOOOO!!!! Childhood ruined… Odd fanfiction created

  • Conartist24

    Dont think I missed the Vegeta scream. Cause I didn’t.

  • MagnuMagnus

    God bless you Scott and Lawrence.
    I owe you both a meal.

  • Maphisto86

    I really appreciate all the hard work you all did on this special. Especially you Kaiserneko! Not even the cartoon sweat shop workers of the Hermit Kingdom would be able to stand the strain of all that editing.

  • NoxArcana

    Not to nitpick, but how many history of trunks videos do we need? There’s been 3 recently already, isn’t that enough? Can’t we get something different that we haven’t already seen…repeatedly ? Like New content instead of just re hashed stuff? I love you guy’s work honestly, I really do. But new original stuff please, not the same stuff multiple times.

    Maybe more two saiyans play, krillin plays, two baldies play. Renegade for life, etc

    • KaiserNeko

      I produce a Breakdown for every episode, and people requested the creditless closing sequence. We also often to previews for new episodes.

      If you don’t like it, fine, but it’s nothing new, and there are people requesting this content.

      • Karthull

        Its been so long i forgot you did breakdowns but am glad you did, many of us enjoy your breakdowns

  • Gandrake

    1:30-1:20………(dies of laughter)

  • Djzninja

    Ugh dammit kaiser wth. And who the hell put in that fun facts column I’m throwing up over here

  • therealslimshady

    lol I know what hentai video they could’ve used as a source for the bulma gohan scene… shame they didn’t

  • ssj99lucario


  • ed765super

    there is quite a bit of porn for Gohan x Bulma

    • Djzninja

      Dear ed- lots of other stuff sry if I can’t put in the whole thing. But getting to the point

    • Aduro9

      Rule 34 of the internet. There’s probably porn for Yajirobe and Turles somewhere.

  • DreamOfElectricHorizons

    I love watching all the behind the scenes stuff it’s fascinating! it looks like such an intricate, time consuming process but the results are brilliant!

  • Avenguard

    One thing I had hoped for that you guys would have brought life to in the movie was whatever happened to Yajirobe and Korin. Its never touched on in the actual movie, and you guys have a nice running gag with them as a couple. Would have been funny to see if you guys did some weird blend of them, a Korirobe, as there child, somehow tied in there. Maybe something you could consider for the Buu saga, since its also in the future, and they have mentioned children in the series already. I dunno, could be something you could do, make up your own little character for the series to put your privet little TFS stamp on it. I hope one of you guys comments back, tell me what you think of the idea.

  • stykerb

    when did he make that wormhole animation? Cuz i remember it from bejeweled 2 for pc puzzle mode

  • zach.118

    Excellent work Kairser! haha You guys are truly amazing with all this work you do, and the speed you get it all done in while maintaining your other stuff in your lives! It’s amazing you guys haven’t been hired by a big TV Company for a show or something.

  • LOL…..5:30…………….Dark….

  • Derek1st

    1) You seem to always be whining about having to be the editor. Why bother being the shows editor if all you do is bitch about the edits you had to make?
    2) All of the impressive parts (the from scratch art from that one guy, his 3d models, and another guys animation of those models) were done by other people :/

    • SamTheMusicAddict

      The whining is meant to be comedic (Although, to his defense, it probably is a bitch to edit these videos).

    • Avenguard

      Considering the vast amount of work they give us for FREE, i think Kaiser, and anyone else from TFs, is entitled to a bit of complaining to blow off steam. Heres one for you now: Instead of bitching about his bitching, why don’t you show some fucking gratitude for all efforts and time they spend providing dick bag assholes like you with entertainment.

    • MajinMinato

      Okay, I will consider your opinion here legitimate if and only if YOU make a half hour special while being simultaneously sick and under fire for not working fast enough, manage to pull off all of that work by yourself, make all of it, as you say, impressive, and do all of this without so much as a sigh of exasperation.

    • Swiff

      “All the impressive parts?” Seriously? Kay. Go edit us a– I’ll be generous and halve the time for you– ten minute video with full lip flaps on moving characters, with edited shots and altered character positions all while fighting tooth and nail with the original animations that don’t fit with the universe you’ve established.

      Until you do that, you’re a perfect example of how not all opinions are valid.

    • KaiserNeko

      1. It’s for the sake of comedy. These are all scripted. Do you have trouble telling the difference between reality and entertainment?

      2. You’re not wrong! The two biggest visual edits in the special were done by two other people. I even openly acknowledged that and properly thanked them for their massive efforts. But go ahead. You can just ignore the 80+ hours of work I put into this, it’s not like your couldn’t do it, right?

      • LordChaotix

        Kaiser, I was just reading these comments yesterday, and I am impressed at how many you have responded to. It’s really heartwarming to know you care about our feedback. And my feedback is this: I love your guys’ work. What started as a parody show has become, in my eyes, and updated and far more Americanized Dragonball story. Sure, the comedy gold is still there, but you have shown a serious side to the story too, as best evidenced by Trunks’ transformation in HoT. So please, rest assured your work is greatly appreciated. And don’t pay any mind to the trolls. They are a natural evolution of the critic, which is defined as someone who can’t create, so they judge other’s creations.

  • GoachWriter

    Wow! Kaiser, you spoil us. I had no idea this much editing when into History of Trunks – and that’s a good thing. It looked absolutely flawless. Fantastic work, and thank you for doing it! 🙂

  • trapiac

    This is amazing. Wow, I always new that a lot went into this stuff (me having to edit a lot of personal stuff myself), but wow! This is A LOT of work! And it’s a lot of work where you just go the extra mile! Much appreciated!

  • Funkybluemonkey

    There’s one other music thing, that at the start of the radio broadcast there was a song playing and that song is the ding dong song


    I am a little surprised there was no mention of vegeta’s scream

  • LordChaotix

    Thank you Kaiser, for those edit gags. Between the Android 18 bit and the Gohan & Bulma bit, I’m fairly sure my neighbors all think I’m nuts, cause I was laughing so hard.

    • LordChaotix

      Also, the difference between amateur and master often lies in the details. You sir, are a master. Watching these make me realize how many details you add to make this series perfect.

      • CrowInvictus

        It was Kai 2 for me. When the interior of a spaceship is edited in for what ones or two frames (less then a 20th of a second) that’s a detail that I can respect.

  • VicariouslyMe

    Such love and sweat went into this project, and it shows.

    Would love to hear the auditions Gohan!

    • VicariouslyMe


  • ZeroMew08

    Oh, so Trunks coughed out Orpheus Jr. That means Trunks found his own spirit guide, just like Vegeta. 😀

  • ZangyaFan

    Seeing how much work goes into every episode of DBZA just makes me love you guys that much more! Amazing work!

    Also, kinda want an alt-universe where Gohan and Bulma “go all the way.” It’d be funny and I can totally see that happening.

    • Klaudijus

      That Bulma and Gohan thing will be not right…

      • ferristriangle

        It’s the apocalypse. Nothing is right in the world.

    • Karthull

      Gohan definitly not the type to do that, in this universe or any other

  • Kazan

    Selbst die Breakdowns sind echt cool gemacht 🙂
    Was mich jetzt aber überracht hat, war das “Auf Wiedersehen” am Ende des Videos haha

  • Aduro9

    I think this may be the most thought, time, and effort any man who isn’t straight has put into Android 18’s flaps. Props.

    • Karthull

      Wait what?

  • android19

    w0w. Much Respect.

  • eskreskao

    …But why with ze German?

  • PurpleMistMan

    Wow. Amazing job, Kaiser. No wonder it took you guys so long to get the special out. I’m still greatly pleased with the final product.

    “MASENKO HAAAAAAAAAAA!!!” Hilarious! I hope it’s released as a delete scene. I can kinda see Gohan saying “Aw Crapbaskets…” at the end, too.

    • ZangyaFan

      Not gonna lie, I kinda wish they’d make an alt version of this episode where that happens. It’s messed up, I know but come on, it’s funny and should have happened!

    • rboss

      Since it’s Gohan and Bulma we’re talking about, methinks he wore a condom………

      • LSKG

        nah, this is how it goes.
        bulma: wait why arnt you wearing a condom
        gohan:what the crap baskets is a condom
        bulma: didnt your mother ever explain sex to you
        gohan:nooooo, whats sex… ohhh wait is it that thing about mouth pressy’s that dad talked about once.
        bulma:we just had sex, you imbecile.
        gohan: oh i thought we were greek wrestling… kind of let you lead sonce o got confused after you grabbed my penis.

      • Klaudijus

      • Klaudijus

        Oh, that’s nasty…

  • redearthroamer

    Over the course of DBZA, you have gotten really, really good at this. I was wondering as I watched this if some of your episodes are starting to count as re-tellings (which is an actual narrative art English geek thing) rather than just parodies: more and more, instead of just making fun of what was already there, you add and change and make it something similar to the original content, and yet your own at the same time.

  • JohanUser

    Great work man, we all appreciate it !

  • As someone who frequently edits both with footage and Models, i love watching these breakdowns. Sometimes i learn a trick or two, keep it up man.

  • LSKG

    you do straight out amazing work, something that might help with your 3d models and visual additions to your shots.
    you might notice that the additions are really clean, like the dragon bones, the pacifier cell coughed up, or uss ma’dick. this is because all these videos were originally stored on film, so all of it has film grain but digitally made pictures dont naturally have film grain. there is an easy setting to naturally add film grain and adjust its intensity in photoshop and alot of video editing tools, set the image you are adding on as a layer overlapping the background and adjust the layers film grain to match and the image will look more seamless.
    much love and i have learned so much about video editing from you, straight out awesome work as alway

  • wwf

    I especially love the shake effect on the table when Chi Chi hits it. Didn’t notice it before but it adds a lot

  • Raichu

    Ah wow, that was amazing! Thanks for all the hard work, dude~

  • Katt

    Your attention to detail and dedication are magnificent as always. (ᗒᗊᗕ)

  • josh8215

    Kaiser, you do beautiful things for this show! Keep up the good work! I love hearing about what goes into the show’s production.

  • SS3 Jax

    HOLY CRAP is the least I can say. No wonder it took you so long, I’m actually suprised it didn’t take longer! It took you over 10 minutes just to explain what you did, much less actually do it. Summing up he auditions for Gohan, the lines, the script, the music, the visual edits, and the Easter eggs just to make us smile. KAMI DAMN that’s a lot of work. Good job to all of you.

  • roninreverie

    Considering my own minimal experience with these programs, and the fact that just imagining doing some editing like this both makes my head hurt really—REALLY badly—These kind of breakdowns also give me guilt because just seeing the work put in makes me feel like I could be better and try harder to get up on you guys’ level.
    You’re efforts are not in vain!
    I applaud you!
    And now I need to go get an aspirin…

  • Domehammer

    Masenko Ha! That would of been hilarious.

    I never knew you named Vegetas spirit animal. Recognized the crab when watching history of trunks but feel bad for never knowing name of the crabs.

  • chemicalpoisons

    Kaiser, these breakdowns make me feel extremely guilty for subjecting you to such editing extremes. Be certain that I appreciate it wholeheartedly. Go lie down before you get sick again. Stay strong!

  • Drflash55

    Can’t wait for you guys to get out Episode 47 after 4 long months of waiting!

  • Karlimero

    now you have to make someone draw trunk’S quarter saiyan half-brother.

    schönes wochenende tigerkitty.

  • CrowInvictus

    Kaiser, I agree. You are insane. And a Genius. Mostly the former and most likely causing the latter.

  • thebrow

    Can I give a hug when u go to phoenix?