After seeing tifa in a predicament, Cloud and Aerith follow her to find out what’s wrong. Wanna know what happens? Find out on FF7MA!

FF7 came out in 1997 on the Sony Playstation and has since been a main stay to the series for fans all over the world. Join Cloud, Tifa, Aerith, Barret & Red XIII in this new TeamFourStar abridged series!

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Cloud – Justin Briner
Aerith – Kira “Rina Chan” Buckland
Doorguy – PurpleeyesWTF
Giuseppe – Anthony “Antfish” Sardinha
Drug store owner – Tyson Rinehart
Bropollo – Chris “GeneralIvan” Guerero
Squaticles – Curtis “Takahata101”Arnott
Wrestler 1 – Edward Bosco
Wrestler 2 – Xander Modus

Written/Produced/Directed – Takahata101 & Antfish
Editor and Motion Graphics Artist – Lawrence “MasakoX” Simpson
Music Production – Cliff “AinTunez” Weinstein
Intro Music – TheLivingTombstone
Character Art – Stephan Krosecz

A huge thank you to:

Daniel Hickson
Courtney Davies
KSI Sacred West (Kenneth Ross)
Tyson Bekkers
Kristian Markovich
Evan Parmenter
Mattew E. Cooper
Kieran Malone
Zachary Wisniewski
John Caldwell
Cassidy Gordon
Cole Stormoen
Scott Evan Sheffel
Adam Staiger
Willis Taylor
Charles Wade Lybert
Stephan Lundberg
Michael Stockhorst
Scott McEchen
Mitchell Creamer
Francois van Eeden
Lilliana Araiza
Tyrone Kelly
Kyle Morris
Robert Glanville
Alexander Hyslop
Zack Macklem
Josh Spicer
Alan Krumwiede
Liam Ellis
John Thomas William Miller
Archer wolf
Declan Francis
Darrel Reed
Charles Dooley
Justin Mansour
Michael Böhm
Charles Quilter
Jordan Samuels
Baron von Whimsy
Ray Mos
Matt Klawiter
Ryan McCully
Kyle Reilly
Alex Murray
William Gibbs
Sawyer Gardner
J.L Schultz
Brooke Allen
Jordan Ashworth
Mitchell Tye
Steven Pogorzelec
Nicholas S Pfender
Dustin Hutcherson
Ryan Hebert
Cherrakee Guzzardo (Baka Rebellion)
Mike Miller
Ben Barker
James Talbot
JT Asmussen
Marcus Gonzalez
Pedro de Mattos
Michael Huddleston
Amanda Mckowen
David Jones
Tyler Owens
Zach Guida
Jared Bressler
Jeremy Hagen
Dalton Sargent
Hanzo Hasashi
Jason Enniss
Salar tel
Christopher Ryan Scott
Jacob Wehunt
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  • LilyOswald

    Great handling of a potentially problematic portion of the game. Love it!

  • groupfourstar

    Is there going to be a progress bar for new episodes of this like with dbza?

  • HippieLeeMMA

    Another dead end series good job guys. Focus on dbza not this

    • Salas

      You are aware that the key players on this project are not the same ones working on DBZA right now, right?

      Written/Produced/Directed – Takahata101 & Antfish

      Taka’s work on DBZA right is is pretty much just voicing Cell which is a pretty meaty roll but chances are doesn’t take up as much time as writing and directing does.

      Antfish plays a few voices on DBZA but mostly fairly minor characters who have a few lines for a few episodes, such as Dodoria, Sauza and Orhpeuse, Vegeta’s spirit Animal for all of ten seconds. The most notable exception likely being Captain Ginyu.

      Neither of these two are hugely involved in the editing or animation of DBZA from my knowledge so it seems sort of petty to tell them to stop exploring other ways to add content to the site out of some misconceived belief that it will in anyway significantly speed up the production of the next DBZA episode.

      As for the rest of the credits, over half of the names listed don’t have any huge roll on DBZA at all and this is their main contribution to the site since most roles for creating editing, animating and voicing on DBZA are full already.

      DBZA is being focused on, it is the flagship of this site and the idea that they aren’t putting as much effort into it as they reasonably can is something of a fairly big insult. While Kaiser is working on putting the episode together, other members of the team are doing their job as well but there are limits on how many people you can put on a task before it goes slower rather than faster.

      There is an old saying, “Too many chef’s spoil the stew.” Please, let TFS get their buffet of delicious content out for everyone to enjoy, accept that some dishes are going to be to your taste, and understand that no matter how many people they could put on DBZA it would never be quick enough for some people and we would likely lose something in the process from the series.

      • jpic89

        Wow, that was infinitely nicer than the OP deserved, yet still clearly pointed out their terrible attitude.. Bravo.

      • Bodhi

        completely agree with jpic89. i’m impressed as well.

  • wulff420

    lol yea it does remind me of doctor who i love it great job tfs yall an rooster teeth and tekking101 inspire me to make a show on you tube that stuff is hard major props to you guys. also you guys forgot to put this one on your you tube channel btw

  • Tenebris Dumplin

    The intro for this always reminds me of Doctor Who.

  • cremilar

    Can’t wait for this to be finally uploaded on youtube. As the awful video player just loads and loads and loads and loads……

    • 7th son

      Yeah, it’s terrible.

  • Lord_Rahl

    That bro-dude from the gym sound alot like Guylord from the Noobly adventures

  • ticklemypiccolo

    Let me preface by saying THIS IS NOT A COMPLAINT POST. So, my question is, have they at least talked about a release date for the new abridged episode?

    • RoninOfDeath

      They’re currently working on Android 13 which will premier at Youmacon (Oct 29-Nov 1) and posted after. So, the next episode won’t be till after that.

  • This was wired
    The last place was a good chose

  • simpsonfan13

    I’d love to see Aerith and Cheryl from Archer interact.

  • Mishero125

    Ok, the merchant is easily my favorite character in the series so far.

    • drazil

      Let me guess… You do a lot of drugs?

  • Demeos

    And now it’s becoming funny.

  • RoninOfDeath

    I just realized, we’re half way through the first season. Five more episodes then that’s it till season two.

  • janeDoe001

    Finally, something Cloud wants to do. :lol


  • YukoValis

    I remember playing this for the first time long ago. I tried desperately to get into that club. I couldn’t find the card. When I finally found it an hour later, I was so excited…. then i entered the club. It wasn’t what I was expecting..

    • Trish

      You can access the original unused scenes of the Honey Bee Inn, including an unused lobby, via the Debug Room. Or on YouTube. It’s a LOT more obvious with the original scenes that the club was a whore house.

  • Steiner

    Definitely getting your groove here, guys! Love it. And I’ve never even played a Final Fantasy game…


  • virgil592

    Ooh, If I remember my FFVII correctly, Cloud’s in for a really really bad time…

    • janeDoe001

      Only if he gets picked… 😉


      • Krescentwolf

        Given that this series is intent on making Cloud as miserable as possible… there’s absolutely no way he’s NOT getting picked. XD

  • Vlossy

    Agh.. I can’t make out what Giuseppe calls Cloud when he says “I will make you a dress worthy for a man of your________” >.<

  • android19

    you know why he wears those sunglasses? To hide his PURPLE EYES! Oh yeah! Always love to see him in stuff. That laugh man, that laugh. These just keep getting better. Also does Cloud kind of remind anyone else of Morty from Rick and Morty?

  • DarcPillar

    Best episode yet. Keep up the great work guys.

  • oh myyyyyy, that was the best one yet! it’s no donkey kong, though… that one has a pie level!

  • Wickian

    And here I was hoping the bouncer would have Carl’s voice from ATHF, this one was still pretty good though.

  • Kamui

    I can’t wait for this entire portion of the game in the HD remake. I really hope they don’t change anything because this is going to be hilarious.

    • m’hm, like walking in on the person doing something in the bathroom and all the other slumly goodness. i’m glad they referenced the dude with his own shop just sells drugs. i always got that vibe from him, too. plus, i’m pretty sure his eyes were permanently bloodshot compared to most of the other models in the game at the time. hm, what else… ah, right, the shop that just has a machine gun that shoots you. priceless. or cloud trying to cop a feel at the seedy inn? or the dude who thinks you’re pimping out aerith. do it, cloud. do it for us all.

  • jacpott

    That sound effect when she emerges and re-merges with cloud killed me.
    also, hearing Purpleeyes made my day

    • ed765super

      PurpleEyes in general makes my day

  • Giant_Neckbeard

    I cannot unhear ‘Frieza’ at 4:00. And this is a good thing. Because now I cannot stop laughing …

    • Mahargni3299

      I’d say more of a cross between Frieza and Chilled, but you’re right it’s even better that way lol

  • Giorgakis96

    I can’t tell if Cloud is screaming from joy or terror at the end

    • razord9

      If anything, it’s a break from Aerith.

  • Drewmeister11

    Anybody else notice the “squish” sound when Aerith merged into Cloud?

  • Freeze235

    I loved the episode and can’t wait to see how you handle Don Corneo. The series has very quickly hit its stride.

    I do think you missed an opportunity to call the main wrestler “TakaSquat-a101”, though.

  • NinjAxXxRecoN

    Damn. Still no Thunderhead.

  • DBZMerciter2005

    The two best bits of the show for me:

    – Aerith telling Cloud that he’d be a pretty woman, probably prettier than Tifa, which prompted him to agree and get into the whole idea of cross dressing.

    – The abrupt change of attitude for the wig guy and his cohorts after Aerith said Cloud wanted to be a woman. Seeing Cloud be surprised that they were supportive of his lifestyle (even though it’s not really) was a wonderful, hilarious touch to the whole thing.

    I can’t wait to see what happens next episode!

  • mathex14

    Allright TFS, this one made me lol, hahaha, when they aerith said cloud wanted to become a woman, nad everyone was nice to him hahaha lol “No one should be chalenged for his life styles” hahaha, good job, just thought it was short, but they come way faster than dbz abridged episodes so it’s ok, this one was probably my favorite yet, I just found weird how the protagonist was into it lol, but it’s allright I guess, I hope this series keeps getting better! Good job tfs!

  • Bronnt

    Not trying to be a downer, since all the comments are positive so far, but this might be my least favorite yet. Part of the problem is that this was originally a joke in the game (partly to pad out the time spent in Midgar, I think) and it wasn’t funny there. Cloud has to cross-dress, and that was the whole joke, beyond discovering that buff dudes at the gym ALSO do some cross-dressing.

    The only thing that’s been added is that this Cloud is kind of into it. There’s some wacky voices, but the scenario in game already was full of wacky characters, so that’s not exactly bringing anything new into this.

    Incidentally, Aerith’s comment about “She can’t do that until she’s married!” doesn’t quite jive for me either. I would have expected her hippy outlook to basically condemn marriage as an institutionalized ritual that treats women like property. A big part of the 1960s counter-culture was “Free love,” a complete rejection of marriage.

    • vgamer4

      That’s what the point of the episode was… why wouldn’t it be about that? This seems more like criticism towards the game rather than the episode itself. It also seems like you’re kind of biased off the bat when you go in thinking “this part wasn’t funny in-game.” I get every opinion is biased, but at least try to look at it with a bit of enthusiasm.

      It’s not like there was much to change. This part was already pretty funny and the different attitudes was really all I needed. Plus they added the whole “Church of Swole.” Maybe it was already something like that and I just didn’t pay much attention, but I don’t think that was in the original. There was also the joke with the annoyed drug dealer. They also skipped the squatting mini-game and just had them give the wig to them because they thought Cloud was a cross dresser.

      Also, I took Aerith to be more of a wholesome girl more than a hippy. Her mother on the other hand, was. Aerith was just oblivious to that. If this episode didn’t hit your funny bone, that’s fine by me. But I just think you’re kind of glossing over a bit of the jokes to give false criticism.

      • Bronnt

        Actually there’s tons of ways they could have done this differently. They could have made the whole cross-dressing thing Cloud’s idea, and made him all excited about how awesome it was going to be, with Aerith finding it kind of weird. It would have reversed the game situation. Or Cloud could have been super-defensive about the whole thing and threatened to beat up everyone (Cloud was very stoic about it in-game). They could have also downplayed this silly sub-plot but just have Cloud say, “I have a BRILLIANT idea,” and then just showing him walking back in dressed as a girl. It could be fun if he absolutely failed to fool anyone, and had to beat up the door man to get inside.

        Again, maybe I am biased because I didn’t find it funny in-game. But I watched this because I thought might find a way to MAKE it funny. To me, they missed the mark. “Man in a dress” gags need to try to be creative in order to be funny because that’s an OLD gag.

  • tequila_wolf

    I had three files with maxed out clocks for FFVII when I was a kid. This is my favorite game of all time. And you guys have gone and made it even better. I actually shouted at the end “NOOOOO!” because it was over. Seriously fucking amazing work on this. I’m actually anticipating this series as much as DBZ:A now.

  • Itauske

    I think Arieth just realized what a ‘gentlemen’s club’ is

  • Justin Time

    I was really dreading this episode, but I’m happy it didn’t come out nearly as transphobic as it really… REALLY could have.

    • DanteRage

      Don’t be bringing those -phobics/-isms/-ists onto this site, not the place for it

    • vgamer4

      … how exactly was Cloud cross dressing transphobic?

      • Bronnt

        It’s not. But trying to make jokes about the fact that’s he cross-dressing has the potential to veer into transphobic territory.

  • DudebladeX

    Why don’t they just take the drugs and give them the door-guard as a bribe and/or to get him so high that he won’t be able to stop them?

    • mathex14

      because apparently, Cloud wants to become a woman, so this one wouldn’t do it

    • vgamer4

      1. I don’t think the guy would take the drugs.
      2. If they were to try and get in through means of drugging the guard, there would still be more guards inside to fight. I think they wanted to end it without getting Aerith hurt.
      3. Cloud wanted to show up Tifa by saving her and looking better than her. In-game, it would probably just be so no one would get hurt?

  • TheGreatEscapist

    Aw, man. You guys really have me on edge as to how this weird sub-plot is going to play out…
    Seriously, I have to ask: What purpose does it serve in the game’s narrative? (Besides maybe padding, having Cloud spend time with Aerith, and the rare opportunity to have a male video game protagonist cross-dressing.)

    Seriously, though, this is a fun episode.
    When I heard “Squaticles” pronounced like “Heracles”, I nearly lost it laughing.
    And the whole “We’ve no right to challenge someone for their lifestyle” bit, that made me smile. I needed that. 🙂

    • Nazotech

      Yeah that was in the game actually with the cross dressing just added some comedy to it. and the next episode is going to even worse if they do the man pool scene…….

  • Dimitridark

    Today is my birthday. Thank you TFS for the(unintentional) best present a man who played FF7 semi religiously could ask for!

  • Rellik

    i have a feeling the next episode will be very…….interesting

  • FallToDepravity

    I seriously love these, they’re so great.
    I understand that it may not always be possible, but I really liked the touch of the videos being 7 minutes long (ignoring the seconds) like the other four were

  • meteor

    Best one yet

  • bbfb

    Giuseppe and Bropolio won this one

  • cablefrazier1

    You guys are amazing you can tell all the effort y’all put in to make these

  • Vex

    PURPLEEYESWTF is one of my favourite abridged voices he just has one of those distinct kinda like kirito from sao abridged thought it was him from the trailer glad to see it’s confirmed bummed that it’s only a minor character who probably won’t be around long

  • Otakon7

    Loving these, keep em coming.

  • firewoven

    Fucking amazing, as always. Antfish killed it as Giuseppe.

  • Arivae

    I get as excited for these as I get for DBZA. Love it!