Cloud is off to get the final piece for his disguise to save Tifa. But maybe this mission was harder than anticipated. Find out how hard it is on FF7MA!

FF7 came out in 1997 on the Sony Playstation and has since been a main stay to the series for fans all over the world. Join Cloud, Tifa, Aerith, Barret & Red XIII in this new TeamFourStar abridged series!

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Aerith – Kira “Rina Chan” Buckland
Cloud – Justin Briner
Drug store owner – Tyson Rinehart
Giuseppe – Anthony “Antfish” Sardinha
Giuseppes’ Son – Curtis Arnott
Doorguy – PurpleeyesWTF
Receptionist – YamatoSFX
Tifa – Sarah Ann Williams
Don Cornio – Tomamoto

Written/Produced/Directed – Takahata101 & Antfish
Editor and Motion Graphics Artist – Lawrence “MasakoX” Simpson
Music Production – Cliff “AinTunez” Weinstein
Intro Music – TheLivingTombstone
Character Art – Stephan Krosecz

A huge thank you to:

Daniel Hickson
Courtney Davies
KSI Sacred West (Kenneth Ross)
Tyson Bekkers
Kristian Markovich
Evan Parmenter
Mattew E. Cooper
Kieran Malone
Zachary Wisniewski
John Caldwell
Cassidy Gordon
Cole Stormoen
Scott Evan Sheffel
Adam Staiger
Willis Taylor
Charles Wade Lybert
Stephan Lundberg
Michael Stockhorst
Scott McEchen
Mitchell Creamer
Francois van Eeden
Lilliana Araiza
Tyrone Kelly
Kyle Morris
Robert Glanville
Alexander Hyslop
Zack Macklem
Josh Spicer
Alan Krumwiede
Liam Ellis
John Thomas William Miller
Archer wolf
Declan Francis
Darrel Reed
Charles Dooley
Justin Mansour
Michael Böhm
Charles Quilter
Jordan Samuels
Baron von Whimsy
Ray Mos
Matt Klawiter
Ryan McCully
Kyle Reilly
Alex Murray
William Gibbs
Sawyer Gardner
J.L Schultz
Brooke Allen
Jordan Ashworth
Mitchell Tye
Steven Pogorzelec
Nicholas S Pfender
Dustin Hutcherson
Ryan Hebert
Cherrakee Guzzardo (Baka Rebellion)
Mike Miller
Ben Barker
James Talbot
JT Asmussen
Marcus Gonzalez
Pedro de Mattos
Michael Huddleston
Amanda Mckowen
David Jones
Tyler Owens
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Christopher Ryan Scott
Jacob Wehunt
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  • FreaksForAkeno

    Guiseppe is my fave so far

  • Mahargni3299

    So what happened to Hellsing?? Is Taka not gonna be doing that with Machina going on??? :'(

    • Darkefire

      They’ve got a news update on the TFS Gaming Youtube channel. In short, they dropped the ball between setting up the new studio and Taka’s upcoming move to Vancouver, and they emphasized that Machinabridged had nothing to do with it since everything’s been done for months. Hellsing coming in December, basically.

      • Darkefire

        Er, I should have said the regular TFS Youtube channel. Need an edit function.

  • DaBlackGoku

    “They’re not that big.”

    For someone so innocent, that’s not exactly what I expected Aerith to say.

  • Rellik

    ok so they made kind and somewhat shy tifa lound and obnoxious, the sweet and unique aerith a sheltered yandere……… OH GOD, WHAT WILL YUFFIE BE LIKE!?!?!?! 0_0

  • mokojean

    OMG!!! you guys got yamatoSFX!!!
    I was like HOLY SHIT its Kirito from sword art online abridged!!
    I see what you did there at the end.

  • M3gaGamer

    What an amazing ending.
    HA HA HA…..HA!

  • I clap slowly to that pun at the end

  • blakestormblade

    Love the fact that kirito from sao abridged is in this XD

    • KlatnYelox


    • mokojean

      i slightly geeked out when I heard his voice.

  • gboy193

    I’m really hoping that Red XIII has a lot of dialogue. Pretty much my favorite party member.

    • Len

      I’m looking forward to the scene where Hojo captures Aerith and tries to force her and Nanaki to have sex.

      So much material to play with there.

      Also looking forward to Sephiroth’s appearance (part of me expects to see some Abridged Alucard mixed into his personality).

  • TheJumbomus100

    2:06 well this episode is doing pretty good so fa-OH GOD ITS KIRITO!

  • olando100

    This is really good work

  • oh, wow… that was fantastic, guys. bravo. the only thing i might change is stretching the ratio. i don’t think anyone would mind 4:3

  • Maiz Brief

    Lol awsome

  • Zerukin

    I honestly want some alternates of this episode where corneo chooses either Aerith or Tifa. How would those play out?

  • Yusagi

    KIRITO WAS THE BEST SURPRISE CAMEO. Now I’m sad he got a role that we’ll never see again. SAO Kirito and TFS could be such a beautiful team up.

    Unless they do this regularly, then you know. you can’t expect me to keep up……………

    I actually like Don’s last minute victory pun better than in the game. It’s punnier.

  • Alhelir

    I can totally see Kirito has a handler in a pimp house.

    • Mortano

      Here at the Kirito is always right foundation, we strive to give less fortunate women a place to live and work, using their “assets,” in a attempt to rehabilitate them from their idiocy; of course we can’t allow them to stay for free, all we ask for is a fair and modest price to be paid immediately when due.

  • demonhaku

    1 drugs please

    • wert1234576

      Mah man.

  • JetZV

    Kirito, you’re smarter than this! Why are you working reception for those bastards?!

    • Len

      Somehow, I’m pretty certain that it’s Asuna’s fault. She’s proven she’s just as good at breaking Kirito’s balls as Tifa is when it comes to Cloud. This is probably punishment for him being an asshole for one reason or another.

  • Adam

    HEY! YEAH, YOU!! The TFSGames page has been broken for like two weeks, is that going to be fixed anytime soon?

  • After the shit he went true he really needed it
    This was so hilarious
    Cloud needs more rugs

  • TheLelouch17

    Bruh! The “hooker baby” part almost killed me. XD

    Enjoyed the whole episode but that exchange between Giuseppe and his son was the funniest part for me!

  • Michelrpg


  • NinjAxXxRecoN

    My two favorite parts about this episode
    1: Thunderhead
    2: YamatoSFX in this episose

    P.S. Still waiting on the next SAO Abridged 😛 (but TFS is mainstay)

    • Yusagi

      such joy at hearing YamatoSFX in the middle of a TFS episode.

  • Sokolniki

    *Hear’s receptionist*
    *Searches credits for YamatoSFX*
    *Is not disappointed*

  • Qualified Idiots

    Hey guys.
    There a a Garbage Matte error when the Don guy is picking his fruit.

  • Wickian

    Is that King Candy I’m hearing?

  • Giant_Neckbeard

    The picture you guys did for the ‘face’ of this episode, the cover if you will, alone was worth the wait. You magnificent, glorious bastards!

  • Joeclone


  • Dominic929

    Oh my god it’s Kirito!

  • Zerosteel45

    oh my god was that the dude from SOA abridge!?

    • Sokolniki

      That is indeed YamatoSFX from SAO Abridged.

  • RavenScales

    I’ve been reminded of the Vagina Monologues from YGOTAS

  • lol…”I’ma a hooker baby?!?”

  • simpsonfan13

    See, Kirito knows how to give good service. THAT’S HOW YOU DO THINGS LIZBETH.

  • gmarcturus

    Oh, how Kirito has fallen. Bet yer wishin you were still stuck in Sword Art Online, Kirito.

    • Tenebris Dumplin

      Supposedly, he’s just as, if not more powerful than he was in SAO. He’s just never gone all-out with duel-wielding in battle, because it was never life-or-death after SAO. There’s no survival instinct boost. But his stats should be higher just for playing ALO and GGO in general. Although he does look less and less cool as time passes. Bring back old Kirito Sword Art Online 3!

      • Sokolniki

        He’s talking about Abridged Kirito… not boring as paint drying Canon Kirito.

  • Hypergoku278

    I was expecting aerith to be more like a yandere when she met tifa but still amazing either way cant wait for the next episode.

    • Len

      Give it time. We’ll probably see some “creeper-for-Cloud” antics soon enough.

      • Yusagi

        It’s already been stated Aeris is basically the token ‘good’ character. She’ll probably never go full-yan, just jealous girl.

  • CarcharOdin

    “I’m still a virgin!”

    That is without a doubt the WORST possible excuse to give in that situation….

  • Dimitridark

    Yes! This episode is what i’ve been waiting for and it did not disappoint. Excellent work. This series just gets better and better.

  • Z2 Reaper 4Z

    Holy crap! Is the receptionist Kirito from Sword Art Abridged? Awesome! I love that series! TFS You started a whole new genre that I love man! Give him a heads up and tell him im still waiting on the next episode!

  • bbfb

    Don Corneo absolutely killed it. It was like Denzel Washington as Javert versus a bunch of high schoolers in Les Miserables

  • stmacl

    I don’t know what’s better, the fact that the Don is gay or Kirito leads people into the sex dungeon XD.

    • CJ47

      So you’re saying KARF is a front to fund a sex dungeon?

      • stmacl

        Oh. My. God. Wait maybe this is a precursor to the new KARF since he mentioned he was going through a “rocky patch” (i.e. everyone mistaking Cloud for a girl)

  • Len

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Cloud, you unfortunate bitch of Fate! It’s only going to go further downhill for you from here! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

    *snorts* Sorry, lost it for a bit. Damn, this was a great episode. The interplay between the characters was gold, especially the tension between Tifa and Aerith. You guys just seem to improve with each episode.

  • squittyrulesall

    You guys have definitely found your groove with this series. I’m glad I gave it a chance. I still hate that it’s connected to machinima only because I think you guys are way too talented to be working for those guys; I guess you have to put food on the table somehow. 🙂 Anyways I am REALLY excited to see what you do with Sephiroth. Keep up the great work guys :-). Also quit being so hard on yourself about schedules. You provide free entertainment, people should stop griping so [email protected]&% much. Sorry I think I invoked a little of my inner Barret there.

    • seiux

      It’s not the company Machinima. From wikipedia: Machinima is the use of real-time computer graphics engines to create a cinematic production. Most often video games are used to generate the computer animation.

  • arykon

    Funniest episode so far! Good job guys.

  • Waladil

    Aerith “I get it Mr. Don!”

  • GreatWyrmGold

    The only problem with this episode is that it’s going to be impossible to top. I don’t know much about Final Fantasy, but I don’t see any of the rest of the series comparing to…this.

    The last joke was the best, which is how it should be. It’s a bad pun at heart, but the setup was exquisite (and it would work as a joke even without the punchline).

    • squittyrulesall

      Heh, just wait FF7 has a lot of material to work from. Judging by how well they are doing, many laughs will be had :-).

    • Wickian

      You have no idea how much better this is going to get. This game has an insane amount of ridiculous scenes. I haven’t played the game is over a decade, but here’s a few things off the top of my head I remember.

      – Motorcycle chase
      – Cat fight
      – Ice Climbers
      – Yuffie
      – Dating
      – Virtual Reality arcade
      – Completely over the top villains
      – Giant Snakes
      – Weapon boss hunting
      – Tonberries
      – Getting 7777 hp
      – Becoming a home owner
      – Multiple prison breaks
      – Floating old man with planetarium
      – and so much more.

      • Mr.PoPo

        Let’s not forget the introduction of red XIII

  • GodlikeVegeta

    nice one really funny XD