Cloud and the gang are trapped in Shinra HQ and await their fate…but when they awake to see their cell doors opened, blood along the walls, and president Shinra dead, things go from bad to worse! Will this be Cloud and friends’ final bout? Or will the fantasy continue? Find out on the season finale of FF7MA!

FF7 came out in 1997 on the Sony Playstation and has since been a main stay to the series for fans all over the world. Join Cloud, Tifa, Aerith, Barret & Red XIII in this new TeamFourStar abridged series!

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Tifa – Sarah Ann Williams
Cloud – Justin Briner
Aerith – Kira “Rina Chan” Buckland
Red XIII – Curtis “Takahata101” Arnott
Barret – Anthony “Antfish” Sardinha
Sephiroth – Mike “Ovarku” Varker
Palmer – Ben “HBI2K” Creighton
Rufus Shinra – Xander Mobus
Zack – Natewantstobattle
Hiyabusa – Pilot
News Anchor – Lyle McDouchebag
Jim – Brett Weaver

Written/Produced/Directed – Takahata101 & Antfish
Editor and Motion Graphics Artist – Lawrence “MasakoX” Simpson
Music Production – Cliff “AinTunez” Weinstein
Intro Music – TheLivingTombstone
Character Art/Animation – Stephan Krosecz

A huge thank you to:

Daniel Hickson
Courtney Davies
KSI Sacred West (Kenneth Ross)
Tyson Bekkers
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  • FreaksForAkeno

    best friend talking dog wooooooo!!!

  • Allen MC

    Omg what a cliff hanger!! Season 2 please!!!

  • Aisha Laveau

    come on lads n lasses, going up on 2 years now 😛

  • . (Omega)

    I wonder how the progress of Season 2 is? There’s been no info as far as I know.

  • Cappy

    Really hoping this project isnt dead. I liked it a lot more than I thought I would.

  • Steven Sloan

    I wonder if they’ll finish disk 1 before the FF7 remake comes out..

  • Mike Angel

    please PLEASE tell me at least there will be a season 2 someday.

  • jeff c

    can we get an update on season 2?

  • JesusUnoWTF

    Really liked this series. Hope they make a season 2.

  • TurnUp600

    i love dbz abridged but i need this. i NEED season 2

  • Micheal Compnaion

    I know you guys got alot on your plate as it is but, I hope to see season 2 pretty soon.

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  • Cameron N.

    Cloud, you did not just go there. I know what she did to you, but that was a whole different level harsh. Tifa will either be in tears (unlikely) or Cloud will be a bloody mess (95% sure).

    Can’t wait for next episode.

  • Sioda

    more please!

  • Micha Lee

    please make more ><

  • Tsriel

    Just watched the whole series for the first time. I must have more of this!

  • mlongo

    Team 4 star this is the 4th time i’ve watched this and i also watch dbz abridged . So seriously fantastic work! I can always count on you guys to make me smile and laugh and thank you for all of it ! I do hope though that ff7 series will continue 🙂

  • Downgraded286

    I enjoyed this, I hope there is more in the works!

  • DarkBlossomRose

    Hey I was wondering when the next episode is coming up been waiting on it for awhile now. :O

  • Spider92

    Just binge watched this also. Love all y’alls work. Cant wait for season 2! Keep up all the good work!

  • Swagruto Uzumaki

    I sincerely hate to be that guy especially since I love everything about TFS but any ideas as to when we can expect season 2??

  • youri

    Such an awesome serie, can’t wait for me!

    • youri

      for more*

  • Franky

    Awesome as always can’t wait for 11

  • Dylan Punter

    heh heh…… Cloud’s MP was 69

  • ShadowsCall

    Great as always, guys. I’ve enjoyed remembering the game as I watched these episodes, FFVII was my second RPG after Earthbound to play through and it cemented my love of the genre. You’ve handled the jokes and game related plot in such a way that even people unfamiliar to the game would find it entertaining.

  • anoyingtac

    This video convinced me to buy FF7

  • You Guys are amazing and a huge inspiration to all of us at TeamStrawhat. We do a One Piece Abridged Series and you are a huge motivator for use. You Can check us out here at

    • immacarlin

      yeah good job stealing over half your jokes from other abridged series

  • Steiner

    Admittedly, I’ve never played a FF game (never owned a PlayStation), but I’m finding this series absolutely fantastic. After going through all the episodes a second time, I think Barret is my favorite character. It sort of feels like he’s speaking for the audience, reacting to stupid things Cloud and co. do, while injecting his own humor here and there. Plus, his interaction with Red XIII has been great as well. Awesome series, guys!

  • ThatJoel

    I love TFS and for me, this is your best work by far. Episode 10 is amazing.

  • Fath-Allah

    When does season 2 start?

  • Giant_Neckbeard

    Well worth the wait and dealing with all the “OMG when Broly?”-style comments from the people who have been hating on the series.

    There’s an actual feel of progression to the story that’s not merely tied to whose ass will be kicked today. There’s interpersonal relationships throwing monkey-wrenches everywhere, unexpected hilarious comments between the core protagonists and their enemies/rivals that give us hilarious insights into what they do off the screen and of course, personal growth from the main characters.

    Cloud finally getting his back up and asserting himself, however cruelly, against the primary antagonist for him in this series, Tifa. Hell, I suspect without Tifa’s influence, I suspect Cloud and Barret might actually get along, if not be buddies.

    Tifa actually showing that she’s a bitch not by choice, but by the pressures of her past. Her father slaughtered by Sephiroth means that she could immediately identify the sword that killed President Rufus (Senior), her concern for Cloud facing an actually formidable opponent and those awkward conversations where she tries to use daggy sex-jokes to defuse the tension … and it fails epicly.

    Aerith/Aeris has a slow-burn personality, in which her depths are slowly revealed … and she’s not quite the innocent clutz she portrays herself to be. Potential yandere/dark magical girl ahead?

    Red XIII is just a magnificent crouching moron hidden badass. I can’t wait to see how his part in the story progresses.

    And Barret again displays that he can and will trade off with Cloud on being the sole voice of sanity/reason in their band of cloud cuckoolanders and psychopaths when the chips are down. He’s also the large ham and loving it, with a side of papa bear to sweeten the deal.

    • WhyWeCantHaveNiceThings will ruin your life….and many other things as well.

      • Giant_Neckbeard

        And yet it is not the worst thing I’ve been caught with in an open web-browser.

  • Scion Thanatos

    Does anyone know if there’s a full version to the theme song?
    I freaking love it!

  • janeDoe001

    You think they’ll reference Zack meeting Yuffie (Crisis Core) in season 2 through Cloud?

    Also, News Anchor returns!!! I love that they added to this guy, minor character or not. And he seems alarmingly excited for those “coming up next” segments. lol

    I can’t wait to hear the machinabrided version of Cloud’s story with Sephiroth. *grins evily… like Aerith at the end of this episode…*


  • Myriad Truth

    Why does Aerith look so happy at the end? And not in a good way.

    • Len

      Because her rival for Cloud’s affection just received a critical blow to the ego from the man himself, which furthers her chances of winning him over. This just proves that Aerith is not quite as saccharine as we are led to believe (well, at least when it comes to Tifa over Cloud). Like I’ve been saying, Season 2 is going to be quite interesting to see now that the group dynamics have altered.

  • SolidStateScouter

    Really looking forward to Season 2. Cloud’s outburst at Tifa… actually couldn’t have been timed better. Tifa was abusive and controlling all while they were in Midgar, close to her home, surrounded by friends, IOW she felt secure except when they finally got caught. After that, she didn’t have any time to reflect on the situation until Aerith’s burn (lol) and being stranded momentarily. Once reunited, when she showed Cloud a tiny bit that she actually cared for his well being that moment, Cloud was now allowed to process what happened. So when Tifa said Cloud needed her to feel safe, well you know the rest.

    I’m probably reading waaaaay too much into this. Then again, I had to think about the differences between prison-rape threatening Tifa and the one in this episode. The former wouldn’t take this shit and create the ideal woman Thunderhead was meant to be while the latter has shown weakness.

    Personally speaking though, I never was a fan of FF7. Materia management isn’t my cup of tea and I barely remember anything about most antagonists other than Sephiroth. Maybe this abridged series will change my opinion, and maybe Master Roshi will fly.

  • vvvluffy

    “i’m gonna miss this place, i’ve had an exceptional amount of sex here” pfffffttttttttttt.

  • Incubusknight

    Made an account just to comment on this series now that this season is over, and I must say the show was fantastic from start to finish.
    The voice acting was terrific and the humor was always entertaining. I found myself checking the website weekly just to see if any new episode where out, and each episode always had me chuckling or even laughing in some scenes.

    Being a ff7 fan I enjoyed seeing the changes to all of the characters personalities to be more humors, but at the same time it still felt like these where the same original characters from the game I played long ago, which made this abridged series even more enjoyable.
    If I had to pick a favorite character for this season I would have to say Barret, but in truth I found all the characters enjoyable in their own way.
    As a fan I’ll definitely be recommending this series to my friends and family and I hope you guys at teamfourstar will seriously consider making not only a season 2 but do an abridged version of the entire game.
    In any case thanks for making this series and I look forward to watching more of your work.
    Happy holidays.

  • arrakisborn

    I wanted to take a moment and let you know that I appreciated how you handled Sephiroth’s first tidbits. I know he’s a joke these days and you could have easily handled it as such (probably would have been pretty funny too), but I was glad to see him introduced as a force of horror. The “angel” line was chilling and the nightmare-vision afterwards was nearly Lovecraftian in it’s execution.
    I know the series is a comedy, and he likely be much more humorous in his interactions with the other characters as time goes on, but I like the idea of him being walking nightmare-fuel that spawns some serious insanity issues in the rest of the cast. It feels more appropriate for a character who, along with his “mother”, is able to rend reality asunder and replace it with illusions on a whim. Anyway, you’ve done a terrific job with this series and I look forward to the new season. Hope you guys have a pleasant new year.

  • Salas

    Rufus Shinra. All the evil of the old CEO, now with less incompetence and overwhelming arrogance!

  • Modrain


    • Len

      I believe they said that it’s coming out the 30th, but don’t quote on that.

      • Modrain

        well they got 3 days to meet the December deadline they set back in October

    • GodofWar2014

      At least check there twitter before complaining.

      ATTENTION: Hellsing Ultimate Abridged Episode 06 is not premiering tomorrow. It’s release date is currently unknown. Episode 51 of DBZA is. That was posted on the 24th of December.

  • Blazer52637

    Cloud hitting people where it hurts

    • Salas

      That expression on Aerith’s face.

      I swear I heard the Emperor saying “Strike her down with all of your hate!”

      • Len

        Yeah, it made me consider my earlier stance on her being just a smidge Yandere when it comes to Tifa. I also felt a little sympathy for Tifa in this episode, ieven though she’s had this coming since Episode 2. It really illustrates just how broken she really is. Don’t know if she’s going to keep up her former attitude for while longer after this in Season 2 or we’re going to start seeing a change in her demeanor immediately after the verbal beatdown she got from Cloud.

  • HeirOfRage

    Holy shit.
    That is all.

  • This was a great opening
    Quite a horrible family
    Tifa seems to wanted to have sex with Cloud
    People who snap can be harsh but this time it was ok

    • Salas

      A few people have commented that Tifa seems to have a sort of emotionally crippled way of dealing with things, normally dealing with threats and violence rather than care and affection.

      Given childhood trauma, it’s a realistic setup.

  • TheGreatMoof

    “You scout ahead, Red.”
    “OK, Black!”
    “. . you get a pass.”

    f**kin’ killed me so hard i had to pause the episode.

  • mmm, glorious. thanks again, guys. i really wasn’t expecting so much christmas awesomeness from you guys, but this on top of episode 51? annnd all the incredible adventures capt. dick ravager? mmm… so good. by the way, i’ve noticed you upped your game with the audio quality over the past couple months. thanks again.

  • Grahav

    I found your new series good since the first episode. I liked competent Rufus, with the southern accent.
    I Liked the friendship between Black and Red. 😛

    About Tifa. I have laughed with her since the first episodes even considering that I absolutely hate her and the kind of person she is.

    Basically I loved hating her. Great character. Her voice actor is pretty great.

    And the development of this abusive relationship, with Cloud getting fed up with it and Tifa getting called out fpr it, plus with Tifa’s moments of kindness (not unlike an abusive husband/wife) culminating in the final rant was great.
    And covered one season well.

    Aerith’s face was mine at the end.

  • omegaxis1

    So wait, aside from how I’m still jaw dropped about how harsh Cloud was, even if Tifa did kind of deserve it after everything she put Cloud through, I just want to know…


    Seriously, I knew this series would be good no doubt, and despite the rough start, it went really well as it went on, just as I knew it would.

    So now I’m wondering when the next episode will be, unless its now going to be how the episodes of DBZ abridged has been going where we will now have to be patient and wait for them to post it when they do. If so, then I shall be patient. TFS deserves it after how much effort they go through.

    I write fanfics, and seriously, its not easy to keep a schedule in writing them out and posting them. And like them, I don’t want to give out half-assed material.

    So to TFS, I say, awesome job and I hope that you have the strength to keep your episodes going. Thank you for going through so much effort to give a show that entertains everyone, even if someone wouldn’t admit it.

  • SuperSatan5

    “Holy Shit” just made that ending, Great series guys.

  • thomas

    Hi guys,
    My name is Thomas, I am a French guy and I love what you do. I have not seen any french subtitles for ff7 machinabridged, so if you are interested in implementing some french subtitles, I would be happy to translate. You can contact me on that address: [email protected]
    Keep going with that awesome work guys !

  • Zaphkiel

    So, wait. President Shinra refers to him as cousin Palmer but Rufus calls him uncle. My friend informs me that in Texas uncle is often used as an honorary and given the accent that’d make sense but that doesn’t explain Palmer also referring to Rufus as nephew. Was this an oversight only picked up by pedants like myself or is the Shinra family way more messed up than let on?

    • Scion Thanatos

      Who knows. Maybe everyone in the same generation calls each other “cousin” and they refer to their cousin’s parents by “uncle/aunt”.

    • i’d guess the latter, zaphkiel.

      • Len

        Inbreeding really does seem like a possibility IMO.

    • Salas

      Hmm, it could be that President Shinra and Palmer are related by marriage, in so far that (let’s say for sake of arguement) President Shinra’s father married an aunt of Palmer’s (a sister of whatever parents Palmer had) and that marriage yielded Pres. Shinra. This would make them cousins, make the receptionist (Palmer’s daughter) Pres. Shinra’s niece, and effectively make Palmer Rufus’ uncle by way of marriage if I am viewing this correctly.

      Family relations can be weird.

  • mtduzi

    Dammmn Cloud!

  • Joeclone


  • Cliff_Mastah_14

    I want season 2! any plans yet?

  • Starwind0888

    A rocking first few episodes, but as you guys progressed, all that set up led to this wonderful episode. I love it.
    I especially love Aerith slowly showing some indirect insults and yandereness to Cloud, and Tifa trying to play up the childhood friend role, but realize that that shit don’t fly well to a guy you treat like shit 9/10 times. A very therapeutic ending for total bitch Tifa. Well played, good sirs.

    Of course, I liked everything else. Your interpretations of the characters and how they interact with one another is the best, of course.

    All in all, I started from the mind set of “eh, I could take it or leave it” with this series, to “YES! PLEASE DO A SEASON 2!”

  • Foul_Slime

    I was looking forward to this one for a lot of reasons. Dead President, introduction of Rufus, the bike chase. And nothing about it disappointed. Plus the added treat of getting to hear Sephiroth. I’ll be honest, I was a tad concerned about how you guys would choose to cast him, as he is considered to be one of gamings best villains and thus must be voiced with something epic, And in that one line, I am ecstatic that he sounds mellow and menacing both, For this alone, I must have more Final Fantasy VII Machinabridged, not even factoring in all the other phenomenal voice talent throughout this season. I don’t know what schedule you’re going to have for this series (like the several episodes over the course of a few months like this season), and honestly I don’t care just so long as you guy’s keep it up. Seriously, you folks at T4S have been 3 for 3 with your series (Technically 4 for 4 but I won’t mention “that” one) and as such, you’ve got my support until the end. Both as a viewer and hopefully soon as a Patreton supporter. Until then, Huzzah for Team 4 Star!

    • Scion Thanatos

      He sounds like a less gritty version of Kessler from inFAMOUS.

  • Yusagi

    Well that was a heck of a brick to bring back for the final speech.

    I enjoy both the Cloud/Aeris and the fact that Cloud is naturally reacting in a positive manner toward someone who is treating him well, compared to a party full of everyone else who doesn’t.

    I’m almost disappointed by Rufus having the dandy accent instead of a posh one. Sephiroth sounded pretty good in his one line.

    I’m a little surprised the season ended before leaving Midgar. I figured we’d see the party line up first, but…I’m guessing the final save screen answered that, despite Cloud’s blow up.

  • Chaosticket

    Barret is best friends with Red 13 after being a self-righteous, sarcastic jerk the whole season? Christmas present or character development?

    Why is Rufus a southern dandy?

    If this goes to season 2, and I hope it does, Id like to see more shots of the character windows. Those things are awesome especially as they allow better animations than 18year old polygons.

  • android19

    Well done on a season where every episode was better than the last. Looking forward to more.

  • kdog3k

    This whole season has been extremely well done! I hope season 2 doesn’t take too long.

  • GrandLordAtos

    Holy shit, Red XIII and Barret’s bromance is incredible and funny at the same time! Easily the best thing so far, PLEASE keep that rolling!

  • Psychopatrick88

    I’m trying to figure what Barret says when he introduces Rufus to everyone. “Vice President Rufus “Ain’t ????? bitch Shinra.” is all I can make out.

    • Psychopatrick88

      I figured it out finally. “Vice president Rufus “Ain’t Nepotism a Bitch?” Shinra. I lol’d.

  • Jet-Dragon

    I love the passive aggressive Aerith!

  • Super Human

    Wait, hold on a sec, “News Anchor – Lyle McDouchebag”?

    • The Urmician

      Yeah now they just need the voice of Nina… also they need her to voice Tifa.

  • basch152

    This was by far and away the best episode. Had me rolling as much as any dbza episode –

    “Why, why would you do that sweet flower lady”

  • Maiz Brief

    holy shit!!

  • Deerfist

    Please Sir may I have another?

  • Lazy Prinny

    I have loved this up to now, and can’t wait for the next episodes to start up again! Keep up the good work!

    And I knew I liked Red from last episode. Now I know he’s going to be amazing. I can’t wait to see what you do with Yuffie, Vincent, and Cid.

    …So the question now, how will you decide which three to use at a time? Or will you use editing magic to avoid that question?

    • Yusagi

      Since all of the characters are generally present whenever a plot thing happens, it wouldn’t be hard to keep them present. Particularly since the game kind of implies they’re there simply due to the fact that they have nowhere else TO BE until Highwind. I’d think the show would either have to split the narrative or just edit in extra models.

  • Dancesnapple

    Okay, Black!
    You get a pass!

    That was brilliant. Not gonna lie. That was maybe the funniest thing. Plus them screaming in the background after becoming best friends.

  • xedalpha

    Loved it! Best episode yet by far. Can only hope you move onto season/disc 2 next

  • Hifreezimbatman

    No I need more!!! Please don’t leave me

  • PiccoloSensei

    That ending. lol

  • Inu

    amazing season finale guys! i can’t wait for the next one, even if it takes awhile! im reaaaaally looking forward to both seeing how Tifa acts over the next few episodes after Cloud exploded there, and hearing more of that Sephiroth voice. it sounded REALLY good!

  • dennise1

    Awesome stuff. Favorite line, “Neither one of you is as dumb as you lead on to be”

  • bradmeg128

    Very well done, best in the series yet. I Don’t get the save file thing though

    • GreatWyrmGold

      I think they saved over a completed game to finish the season?

    • Len

      IIRC the save for the season finale is an allusion to end of Disc 1 of the game. Season 2 will be the beginning of Disc 2.

      • Shaoken

        But leaving Midgar was only a quarter of the way through Disc. 1. If Season 2 was Disc 2 then we’d miss the introductions of the rest of the party, the flashback to Nibelheim, Sephiroth’s introduction, the Gold Saucer, Junon, potentially Yuffie’s personal quest, and the biggest scene in Disc 1 that everyone already knows but I’m still not going to spoil.

        Unless you mean they’ll treat each Season like it’s own Disc, in which case the final product would probably be about 10 discs long and I’m okay with that.

  • andymoo

    Happy holidays Team Four Star!

  • Saltyk

    That Sephiroth voice. It is perfect. Yes, he only had one line, but that voice would work in a serious version of this.

    I guess we now know why Barret was so shocked by Red XIII in the last episode. Now, he just needs to get a buggy and go on adventures figuring out why ghosts are scaring people away from Gold Saucer with his talking dog companion.

    Also, I almost feel bad for Abridged Tifa, now. Almost. She is a total bitch. So I can’t exactly feel bad for her. I wonder if she’ll change her ways in the next season. And will she hold this against Cloud when trying to put his psyche back together.

    Anyway, a great ending to the Abridgement of my favorite video game of all time.

  • gothpunkboy89

    So were can I buy this version of FF7?


  • VaroClaw

    WOW you guys are great….

  • LeaverDetected

    That save file at the end, nice touch.

  • DragonReaper

    Just made an account to let you guys know that I think you’re doing a fantastic job on all your shows. Keep up the good work and don’t listen to some of these hateful assholes. (: Merry Christmas, TFS.

  • DomonKasshu

    Season finale? Good. Please let that be the end of this badly-written and insulting garbage.

    Seriously you guys, why is DBZ Abridged so good, yet this is sooooo incredibly awful? It boggles the mind.

    • Len

      What boggles the mind is why you continue to watch it up to this point if it’s so terrible.

      • Len

        Putting that diarrhea of the mouth aside, This was a great finale. The Red x Barret bromance is already proving to be ingredient of laughs, The ominous and chilling introduction of Sephiroth was well-handled, and I got a kick out of Tifa’s insecurity throughout this episode. The unexpected rapport between Cloud and Rufus via their appreciation for Jezeppi’s fabrics was hilarious and I hope you guys build that into a running gag in their future encounters.

        And best of all, we finally get to see Cloud step out of the role as the butt-monkey/Tifa’s bitch, asserts himself as leader and puts her in her place. I can’t wait to see how this affects their dynamic in the next season.

        So, all in all, thanks for the early Christmas gift, TFS. And looking forward to the new DBA and Hellsing Abridged eps on Christmas.

      • ArtemioM05

        What will be interesting is how she will act during Clouds recounting of Nibelheim, especially as it seems as they’re using Clouds outburst about Tifa’s dad as the prompt for the story.

        On top of that, now that they have firmly established Tifa as having trauma over her dad’s death it will be interesting to see how she will react once the reality of Sephiroth’s resurgence truly sets in (Cough Midgar Zolem on a stick Cough). Will she become a terrified shell of herself in his presence or will she go True Grit on his ass?

    • Luxlu1216

      You don’t have to like it but why keep watching if you didn’t. Also it’s subjective that you think this is bad because by the looks of it a good majority of their fans (including me) love it.

    • Dazzar

      Calls it garbage. Continues to watch it. Personally, I thought this episode was one of their best. Keep up the good work TFS, if for no other reason than because it will really piss DomonKasshu off 😛

    • Saltyk

      If you don’t like it, there are better ways to air that grievance than to insult the work of others. Constructive criticism is one thing. Stating that you don’t enjoy it is another. This comment is merely childish and immature.

      Frankly, you are showing who you are. And it is nothing to be proud of.

    • Lanipator

      Honestly that all comes down to perspective. Humor is subjective, and this project has different writers on it. Clearly the stylings of Takahata101 and Antfish just aren’t for you in this case. Sorry you didn’t enjoy it, but the beautiful thing is that it doesn’t affect our other projects so no harm is done! 🙂

    • android19

      I’m surprised you stuck around for the whole thing.

  • Quid

    Holy shit

  • Trunkbot_23

    I sooooo need season 2 now.

  • MalkavianRP

    I take Back what i said last episode, RedXIII was hilarious

  • FallToDepravity

    I absolutely died during this episode, it’s so great. Especially the Red XIII line “Status report! Where do I *begin*”
    A second season is absolutely completely necessary. Do the entire game

  • NinjAxXxRecoN

    I haven’t seen a single second of this, and I’m already singing the One Winged Angel theme

  • Vladimir I. Lenin

    This is totally worth a Hellsing delay.

  • Well dayum. Tifa got shut up

  • CBKH915

    Best episode. Tifa getting shit on episode. “You ARE much older than me.”

  • TheGreatEscapist

    Oh. My. God. I think my jaw hit the floor in the best way possible.

    Cloud reading Tifa the Riot Act there at the end… That was amazing. 😀
    Very cathartic moment of rightfully confronting an abusive friend. I love it.
    Considering a lot of people gave you guys shit for the “Four Dudes” bit in Episode 2 (or at least used it as their EXCUSE for giving you shit), it’s almost like you were reading THEM the Riot Act for being the self-righteous jerks they were.

    Well done, guys! I really look forward to seeing more of this series. (Here’s hoping you’ll be able to do another season.)
    And a Merry Christmas to you! 🙂

    • Dazzar

      The best part is, all of these episodes were made in advance. So all the guys giving TFS a hard time for that part in the earlier episode will see that that was just a something from Tifa’s earlier character. Seems like they’re going to be developing her character more in the second season.

  • eskreskao

    Why you hiding it tho?

  • ArtemioM05

    I know the temptation must be strong, but I seriously hope they keep Sephiroth a serious villain. He’d be excellent as the stark contrast to all the silliness, especially considering what comes next.

    Also a vulnerable Tifa is positively endearing, though I have a feeling she’s going to be incredibly defensive from here on out.

  • Tykus24

    It’s taken some time building up and establishing your abridged versions of these characters, and let me say it has been well worth getting to know them. The last several episode in particular feel like they’ve really found their footing. I love the Calvin Candie (Django Unchained) feel of the Shinra Family! Feels incredibly appropriate!

    Can’t wait for the next season, keep up the good work!!

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to explain to my coworkers why I’m laughing out loud at my desk.

  • Risax

    Good stuff, some jokes have been hits and others misses through the season for me. But still, I have to say that I look forward to Season 2. Keep up the good work, folks!

  • gyro

    Wow. I just created an account to let you know how much Red’s line after that rant made me laugh. Things got real and this has been a joy so far. Thank you guys so much for doing this!!!