With Cloud being the newest member of Avalanche, their latest mission now involves something the Shinra Corporation will never see coming…or will they? Find out more on FF7MA!

FF7 came out in 1997 on the Sony Playstation and has since been a main stay to the series for fans all over the world. Join Cloud, Tifa, Aerith, Barret & Red XIII in this new TeamFourStar abridged series!

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Cloud – Justin Briner
Tifa – Sarah Ann Williams
Barret – Anthony “Antfish” Sardinha
Biggs – Chris “Kirbopher” Niosi
Jessie – Jesse “Nowacking” Nowack
Wedge – Chris Zito
Subway Passenger – Zach Holzman
Bar customer – Brett Weaver
Marlene – Corrine “Megami33” Sudberg
Zack – Natewantstobattle
President Shinra – Graham Stark

Written/Produced/Directed – Takahata101 & Antfish
Editor and Motion Graphics Artist – Lawrence “MasakoX” Simpson
Music Production – Cliff “AinTunez” Weinstein
Intro Music – TheLivingTombstone
Character Art – Stephan Krosecz

A huge thank you to:

Daniel Hickson
Courtney Davies
KSI Sacred West (Kenneth Ross)
Tyson Bekkers
Kristian Markovich
Evan Parmenter
Mattew E. Cooper
Kieran Malone
Zachary Wisniewski
John Caldwell
Cassidy Gordon
Cole Stormoen
Scott Evan Sheffel
Adam Staiger
Willis Taylor
Charles Wade Lybert
Stephan Lundberg
Michael Stockhorst
Scott McEchen
Mitchell Creamer
Francois van Eeden
Lilliana Araiza
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Liam Ellis
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Alex Murray
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J.L Schultz
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  • Edema

    ‘Bet you’d never see me again?’ What’s that mean… ?? Anybody ?

  • FourStarFan

    Cloud’s conscience is fucking amazing, great job guys!

  • darkwraith007

    Once again, Cloud & Tifa banter steals the show. I only wish Tifa was the star here ^_^
    But yeah her personality/voice actress is comedy gold!
    And Cloud? Even Cloud has some better lines (especially that last quip).

  • ShadowsCall

    Ah, the memories this brings back…
    Love it so far guys, great work!

  • LegendByDesign

    This is a great series! Very different, but loving it! Can’t wait to see what’s next!

  • TheBluestRed

    Please do not hire drivel from The Escapist as voice actors, especially when they sound as bland as that. Thank you.

    • jpic89

      Wow, asshole much?

    • darkwraith007

      They existed before the Escapist (LoadingReadyRun) and will continue even afterwards (since they basically quit and moved on LONG ago).
      If you have an issue with their voice acting, offer some specific critique or kindly shut the fuck up.

  • obamadong

    Barrets hp was 420/420 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • M3gaGamer

    I am LOVING THIS SERIES! Feels like my childhood memories are coming back…

    • M3gaGamer

      Also does anyone knows the intro music?

      • Vlossy

        It’s by The Living Tombstone and is available for download through their patreon ^^

  • pirateindustry

    Was…that Eugene Mirman on the train?

  • I am loving the series so far! My memories of FF7 are a bit vague, since I’ve never actually gotten around to playing it. I was more into FF6, to be honest. That game is the truth. But even though I might not get some of the foreshadowing jokes, overall I’m enjoying the characters and the humor, and I think a video game-based show like this really opens the possibilities for new projects which perhaps won’t have the same licensing hurdles that abridging copyrighted animes might have. Also, there are so many RPG’s out there to abridge. Soooo many.

    My only criticism so far might even be something you could tweak for future episodes in this season: there are times when I find it really hard to understand what the characters are saying, and I think overall the background score might be a tad too loud and conflicts with the spoken audio. Just an opinion, maybe others aren’t having that problem. Either way, loving this series so far and I can’t wait to see what other abridging projects, anime or video game, you guys come up with!

    Also also, I meant to say that I am very excited to see Antfish have a larger role and creative influence. He’s one of my favorite secondary voices in DBZA, and I loved the Dandy Man in Hellsing UA. Basically, everything is great. Yes. Thank you.

  • hunter24

    This show has brought back so many childhood memories of playing this game. Its awesome! To me, having played the game makes the humor even funnier!
    “Curse you, 12 year old Cloud! You know damn well that you weren’t looking at her eyes!”

    • Alex18209

      We all know Cloud wasn’t looking at her eyes at any time, so what’s new? lol

    • Giant_Neckbeard

      To be honest, the first time any of us played FF7, I doubt any of us were actually looking at Tifa’s eyes …

  • Lord_Rahl

    There shoudl eb an endign scene where Tifa says “sure Cloud” and goes home and gets off with a dildo

    • Bronnt

      Uhm, no. No there should not be.

  • mcguffin24

    Maybe if TFS would stop posting and making shitty and useless videos like this, that we dont want to watch more Dragon Ball Abridged would be released but nah they are wasting time on this type of bullshit

    • TristanTheKnight

      Well, maybe if you were really a fan of the group, you’d realize that they have the right to try what they want to try, as well as not insult something that they’re working hard at.

      Please be more considerate of what they want, as it helps them to mature as a group when they pursue projects like this.

    • Roadreaper217

      This is also made by another group of people in their group, this does not effect the production of DBZA, and it is funny, just like most of the stuff they do, if not all of it

    • DBZMerciter2005

      TFS has stated multiple times that FF7MA will not interfere with producing DBZA.

      Also they don’t have to do this for us at all. This is all free of charge. If you don’t like FF7MA then you don’t have to watch it. Just be happy we even get DBZA at all, let alone for free!

    • DigitalParadox

      From the FFVII Machinabridged announcement: “As for the cast, we’ll reveal that later as we draw closer to the release date. As for the big reveal I promised on twitter, I am happy to announce that the entire first season has already been written! We have an entire ten episodes already completely scripted and we are shooting to release the series on a dedicated schedule in the fall of this year. This is the first time we have ever attempted to produce an entire batch of episodes before release!”

      They pre-recorded these on their own time.

    • Vlossy

      YOU may not want to watch it, but I like it. I don’t think they’re wasting their time at all. Besides, even DBZA was funnier once TFS had had a chance to build up some running gags and character personalities, Machinabridged is just getting better with every episode, in my opinion. And you obviously didn’t bother to read anything associated with the release of this content, or you’d know that it has nothing to do with the production of DBZA.

    • DevilHunter1994

      The world doesn’t revolve around you and what you want. TFS is doing this because it’s something they feel like doing and several people find this enjoyable. Stop acting like you speak for everyone because let me tell you, you don’t.

    • Jeckparadox

      I think they said in the description for one of the first videos that making FF7 abridged doesn’t actually distract them from DBZA, as its different teams working on them. They’re writing and editing the videos simultaneously, making both shows without hampering the other. And I’m really enjoying the ff7 videos, I hope they do the whole game.

    • brotherroga

      See, people like you are why we can’t have nice things.

      People like TFS are why we get nice things.

      Now I kindly ask you to take your belongings and get outta here before I whack-a-mole.

  • Vlossy

    Does anyone know what Barret says @ 1:03 after Cloud says, “Wait, we?”

    • MalkavianRP

      “oh yeah,betedubs(btw) Tifa is coming with us”

      • Vlossy

        OH! Thank you! I couldn’t quite catch it >.<

  • Zentus

    Remember to use Tien’s Z soul, to unblock you from twitch.

  • Rithrius

    Metal Dick Solid.

  • Time Paradox

    I’d rather the production team don’t rely too much on the comments in this section. Loved it so far, especially the hints of sanity from Tifa in this episode. And Cloud showing more of a spine as he gets used to the crazy situation he’s in. Keep it up!

    • Time Paradox

      Also, Barret was hilarious.

  • efrate

    Did president Shinra remind anyone of Colonol Sanders or was it just me? I am sure there is a terrible racist fried chicken joke in there somewhere. Waiting to see how all the characters and everything develops.

    • pirateindustry

      Sounds like Chevy Chase’s old-white-money dad in the show Community.

  • Vex

    One question, ok a lot of questions but only one that sticks, when did random dude on the train hear Barrets name it isn’t used once in that scene and wasn’t on the news report that had clouds pic. No complaints about the ep loved it can’t wait for more that’s just been niggling at me is all.

    • omegaxis1

      Not really sure what you mean. Barret’s name wasn’t mentioned at all like you said, but he had a gun for an arm, and the whole way they were seeming suspicious based on Barret’s words. So he was more of a panicked civilian that ended up getting beat up, and having an arm torn off, I believe, because he commented that Barret has no right to be called a father for having a gun for an arm.

      And he’s right. XP

      • Vex

        Okay wasn’t thinking Parent for some reason whenever I see that scene it sounds like the guy is saying Parrot which I again thought was a mishear of Barret putting Parent in place of Parrot makes a lot more sense

  • Ikasury

    Please keep Cloud a whiny bitch, him and sephiross are the reason i hated this game with a passion even though i liked other characters in it, so to see him getting the short end of the stick, BECAUSE of Tifa no less and Barret being the sorta ‘sane’ guy trying to ‘plan’ things has been making me very, very, VEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYY happy XD I’m kinda hoping Aerith is a know-it-all who’s oblivious to Cloud, it’d be great, but i’m sure you guys already have some fun stuff for her since she’ll likely be in the next ep…

    i honestly can’t wait for your guys’ take on Yuffie and Vincent, or even if you decide to go get them… emo vampire and spunky genki-girl-ninja… yea, TOTALLY can’t have a ton of fun there XD

    just love Tifa being such a psycho-bitch to Cloud and giving no fucks… makes me, so, so, SOOOOOOOOOO happy *wipes away a tear from my eye* its like you’ve removed her one innate flaw *sniffles* though i’m seeing this being used for tsundere moments later, but whatevs, i’ll enjoy it while i can XD

  • mathex14

    BTW I hope you guys read the comments and edit the episodes writing(there are 10 episodes written already right?), I’m not saying you guys should do as we say, what I mean is that you guys could listen to our critcism and make the series better.

    • Lanipator

      We always read the comments, we love seeing honest criticism of our work, and even the people who just type in a quote now and then because it lets us know what everyone likes and what they want in future videos (obviously doesn’t mean we’re going to use the same quote just to garner the same response in the next video but it lets us know what kind of humor people are into).

      I don’t think we’d still be around today if we didn’t look at the feedback we’ve gotten and plan ahead from there and we thank everyone who has provided their opinions over the years 🙂

      As for this project (even though I’m not on the production team) it is still nice to see what people like and don’t like. It’s true the whole season has pretty much been written and recorded as of right now but that doesn’t mean small tweaks aren’t being made to future videos to account for peoples thoughts.

      • mathex14

        Good to know, I’m gonna keep watching and see how this series goes, anyway keep it up, you guys are amazing!

  • mathex14

    This one was better than the last one, the line “Don’t worry cloud, it’s loaded, we’re not idiots” actually made me laugh, tough I still see some flaws, the fist on cloud’s ass was the kind of joke you see on lame comedies. But this one actually had some good lines, I liked the end as well, and Cloud wasn’t that much of a bitch, but I hope he gets some real balls later. But well, people say in the game he was kind emo, so I dunno, but I don’t REALLY like any character so far, but hey, this episode was better! Maybe the next one is also better than this one, at least I surely hope so!

    • Bronnt

      The thing about cloud, is that he wasn’t really emo in the actual game. That’s mostly been applied retroactively in the years since the game was released (I mean, being emotional after just seeing his friend brutally murdered isn’t excessive angst).

      But you’re right, this was definitely a better episode than episode 2. Made me laugh a few times and had actual jokes. And I also agree that it’s still not perfectly polished. What I see is sometimes the set-up for funny stuff, without quite hitting the punchline. President Shinra, for example: it seemed like he was supposed to be comedic somehow. The way his lines were dragged our made me think there would be something funny at the end, but his diatribe just stopped and was nothing.

  • Time Paradox

    Loved it, especially Cloud’s last line.

  • Starwind0888

    Also, to be fair, Tifa doesn’t have just a nice rack. Her legs need to be seen by the world!
    Her title of Ms. Fanservice of FF7 must be upheld!

  • Dina0312

    Loved them all so far! Keep ’em coming 😉

  • Giant_Neckbeard

    It’s interesting to see that Tifa uses ‘can you do me a solid’ when speaking to her dead/dying father. Possibly she says it when she’s really invested in a person or a situation involving that person? It seems to be her ‘verbal cue’ for this sort of thing.

    Having Cloud throw that phrase back into her face as he falls to his death is because she strong-armed him into helping Avalanche, if you think of it in that way, an incredible callous and cutting moment towards Tifa. I’m interested to see how this will play out in future episodes, especially with how snarky everyone is to each other, and how everyone has some obvious soft-spots. Barret with his ‘Poppa Bear’ attitude towards his daughter, Tifa with her father and possibly Cloud, Cloud with his convoluted relationship with Tifa and his need to be taken seriously. Will it just get ignored or will this be a subtle theme running throughout the series that all these snarky people will keep wounding each other as they travel together or will the banter and snark actually be how they handle a growing friendship/affection for one another?

  • Starwind0888

    I like this one a bit better than the last episode. Everyone was kind of on even ground when it came to being snarky assholes. Even Cloud, though he was the weakest of the three.
    So it wasn’t just a whole episode of everyone shitting on Cloud.

  • Owny-Chan

    Love how Barrets health is at 420

  • wL alucard

    I just want to point out that I’m a huge fanboy first off. Fastest speed run (beating Emerald+Ruby) was 22 hours, Fastest second set of Master Materia was 31 hours. And I’m just going to say…. I FUCKING LOVE THIS. It’s not the best, it could be better, but holy fuck, I’m enjoying this a lot. Please don’t stop, please never stop. I want to see this through to the very end and I want to see DBZA go through Buu. Do this for me, and I will work work on winning the lotto so that I can donate most of the winnings to the people who bring me so muchhhhhh joy.

    Thank you!!!!!

  • Bronnt

    Nah, not getting the hate for this episode. I thought episode 2 was boring, and often left me saying, “Was that the joke?”

    I think this one is a solid improvement. Still needs some refinement: I loved the Marlene joke and how Tifa said, “Don’t worry, it’s loaded, we’re not stupid.” Cloud’s follow-up line about tossing morals out the window…SOUNDED like it was supposed to be funny, but it wasn’t. Also, i get what they were going for with President Shinra-a type of affably-evil villainous sort who monologues, but that’s missing a little something. I think, if it was me, I’d make the joke about how he’s very sophisticated (with his dialogue-have him use large words and quote various phillosophers) but then he makes insanely stupid plans which all come down to “attack with giant Robot.”

    But, unlike the last episode, I did laugh at several points. Jump-cut in the teaser was good, Tifa shouting at the Robot was good, and I liked the long drawn out discussion of which way to go that ended with tons of soldiers suddenly showing up. So I’ll stick with this one and hope the quality keeps trending up.

  • FlareKnight

    Well…it was better than last episode. So forward progress I say.

    Though it does seem a bit odd that they both have Tifa being an ass to Cloud at one moment and then actually worried another. Kind of feels inconsistent in their portrayal of her not giving a damn to this point.

    Though at least it did lead to Cloud getting a fair last shot before falling to his doom. Let’s face it she definitely had that coming.

    • omegaxis1

      I noticed that too. Might be trying to go with that despite how much of a bitch Tifa is towards Cloud, she does still love him. Or something.
      Tsundere maybe?

      • Bronnt

        Yeah. I’m a bit torn on this because it’s good for them to make Tifa not just a one-note character. But it still needs to be consistent. That one little moment of concern is the only time we’ve seen any evidence that she cares about Cloud at all. Maybe in the future they’ll need to intermix a few more little nice moments in between her berating him.

        Honestly, what makes or breaks this series for me will be the scene in Kalm, when Cloud is narrating the “Event at Nibelheim.” It’s huge within the actual series canon, and how Tifa acts there will be significant.

      • Bronnt

        Yeah. I’m a bit torn on this because it’s good for them to make Tifa not just a one-note character. But it still needs to be consistent. That one little moment of concern is the only time we’ve seen any evidence that she cares about Cloud at all. Maybe in the future they’ll need to intermix a few more little nice moments in between her berating him.

        Honestly, what makes or breaks this series for me will be the scene in Kalm, when Cloud is narrating the “Event at Nibelheim.” It’s huge within the actual series canon, and how Tifa acts there will be significant.

      • DevilHunter1994

        Yeah I was thinking she might be a Tsundere myself. I mean the later the scenes in the game almost make it necessary. There are certain moments between the two where making Tifa seem like she doesn’t care would just be impossible.

    • jdgjordan

      Honesty i think Tifa reaction was very normal for that situation. She had never out right hate on cloud she was just very VERY bossy. She likes being in control at all times thus proving to herself how strong she can be and the moment she lost control and cloud life was in very real danger she lost her composure and freaked out. She does care for cloud but she refuse’s to show what she might be think is weakness so instead she harasses him.

  • JetZV

    “Oh… I guess it was Sephiroth… Never mind!”

  • squittyrulesall

    Hey I made an account just to comment 🙂 I just wanted to say that I’m glad this series started turning around. When I heard you guys were doing a FF7 abridged I was pretty psyched… Then I saw the first two episodes and I was admittedly less psyched. Then I reminded myself of the very first episode of DBZ which while admittedly interesting, was nowhere near as funny as you were during the Frieza saga. So once again glad it picked up some steam 🙂 Hope to see more from you guys. Although can I just ask why you sold out to Machinima? They are notoriously bad 🙁

  • Trevor

    That president Shinra voice was kind of familiar, and after a while I started to think it sounded like Graham Stark.
    So I check the credits and what do you know, Graham Stark. That’s quite a shock.

  • Jagermech

    Good episode, I thought. Felt like the depreciating jokes were spread around a bit more evenly instead of “everybody gang up on Cloud time” the previous ep felt like. Is it 10 eps to get out of Midgar? That’s about what I’ve got estimated right now.

    Personal wish: Cloud’s perfectly fin with cross-dressing. Hell, maybe it’s already a hobby of his. Him being put off by it would be lazy.

  • Chen

    Okay a decent episode again, episode 2 was lacking something or i just can’t hear this overused prison joke anymore. Knowing that Antfish is i am really looking forward to the Goldsaucer and Dio (if they go anywhere with that, that is).
    But i am also hyped for the next few episodes because crossdressing cloud and Honeybee (and here i wonder if they also got the thing with President Shinra in there who likes some roleplaying as a King haha xD)

  • Giant_Neckbeard

    Oh yes, I needed my hit of Team Fourstar, thanks for this guys!

    • Giant_Neckbeard

      And that ending, oh God that ending, just perfect, the perfect blend of ironic, bitter black-humor and cliff-hanger suspense. 10/10 again guys. And glad to see you toned down the rape-jokes too.

      Although now we have an endless supply of ‘fisting’ jokes to make with Tifa now, don’t we.

  • GodlikeVegeta

    Nicely done!

  • Kaliaila

    Rather disappointing again.

  • natsu

    This really takes me back to when I was a kid, but this is much better than I thought, gr8 job so far guys keep up the awesomeness

  • praxisseizure

    Brings me back in a way that I cannot describe without spoilers.
    You people are tremendous. Much love for Neco and Simpson has my utmost respect.

    Sick show guise.

  • AlwaysBeKrillin

    Normally I’d say, “You can’t have a flashback with a flash-forward in it. That’s just bad writing.” But you guys pulled it off. Well done sirs lol.

    • xBigZx

      next episode is a shot for shot remake of Mandingo

      • AlwaysBeKrillin

        Hahaha, This guy knows what’s going down lulz ^

  • OverweightIncubus

    Before saying anything, I feel I should establish that I acknowledge I am only one out of many fans and that the makers of this content don’t cater to any specific groups in their whole fanbase, which I respect and understand fully. I also get that this series just got its start and that it can develop in any direction.

    I’m not sure if it was intentional, but it was a very pleasant change to see that Cloud isn’t just the one that is targeted for insults by the other characters. I was concerned at first he would just be Krillin with a sword having achieved the legendary form of “Super Human”. I also feared that Tifa would just be a sloppy blend of all of DBZAs female cast (
    especially with the prison remark that Marin has already used in between the Frieza and Android saga ). But I enjoyed seeing that all the characters are lashing out at each other without one character being the most/least
    dominant out of the whole trio; all without compromising their individual characteristics and personalities.

    “Oh, I’m SORRY, is the person in charge of bringing the map REALLY telling me where I should be going?”

    “REALLY, I was in charge? Cause I sure as F%^& wasn’t declared map bringer. Was there some sort of meeting?!”

    “Oh yeah! With complimentary meats AND biscuits. We also decided that WE ARE GOING THIS WA-.” – The moment I gained faith in this series.

  • Amara

    Very much enjoyed this. Keep up the great work, and looking forward to more episodes! 😀

  • Unclever title

    I knew I recognized Graham’s voice, nice!

  • raulgb5

    I don’t see why there’s so much hate, everyone saying they didn’t even smile, this was really fun, you people were just spoiled by the amaizingness of the rest of the shows, because you expect dbz abridge funny, but this is ff7/ma funny, it’s diferent, but really funny anyways, just give ot a chance.
    (sorry if my english sucks.)

    • Kaliaila

      I think most of us just don’t find the thing funny. It isn’t that we are expecting DBZ Abridged humor. It is that we expect it to actually follow the FF7 story line instead of whatever they have made up about it. They really ought to just drop abridged from the title and just call it FF7 Machinamation. There is about as much of FF7’s story line in this as there is liquid water on the sun.

      • Chen

        You have to differ between Storyline and characters. The characters have different personalities, but so do the DBZA characters, you still recognize them for who they are but some traits are different. The storyline so far is like FF7 : Blow up Mako Generator, go to secret base, sleep, blow up 2nd Mako Generator and Cloud falls. Tifa and Cloud did undergo some radical changes, yes. Barret on the other hand is similar to his original role for the most part.
        Well for me right now, i dont like the character of Tifa in this series so far, but lets see how this will play out. Episode 2 was awful but 1 and 3 were entertaining.

      • dennise1

        Have you watched other abridged series? This level of deviation isn’t abnormal in the least.

      • Leopardfoot

        “is that we expect it to actually follow the FF7 story line instead of whatever they have made up about it.”

        Have you ever watched DBZ Abridged? Popo is a netherworld Demon who controls the Eternal Dragon, Korin and Yajirobe are gay lovers, Season 1 Kame is a doddering fool who barely functions, Dende has a crush on Gohan and is laughing about Krillin being dead, Krillin and Yamcha are wimps who are just the buts of everyone’s jokes and afraid to fight, Gohan is resentful of Goku to a level unheard of EVER existing in the source material, Do you really need more examples?

        We could also bring in the one episode length Attack On Titan and over crazification of characters in Hellsing Abridged if we need more examples.

        How are these few episodes from the first two reactor dungeons possibly “deviating from the story” in a way that is not at all common to their takes of any abridged material? I get the humor not being for you but this comment completely baffles me.

    • FlareKnight

      In the end I think you have to accept that humor is pretty subjective. If people aren’t finding this funny….they aren’t finding it funny. If the humor they went for is missing it for people, that’s just how it goes.

      I think that people are watching to this point means they are giving it a chance. But if it doesn’t mesh with them that’s just how it’ll be.

  • edwardBrink87

    Why isn’t Takahata in this? Or is he going to play someone later in the story? Regardless I was a little disappointed when I first scanned through the cast and didn’t see him.

    • Teach

      Takahata plays as Red XIII. This I learned from the trailer.

  • omegaxis1

    I really like how things are going. Sure, there’s room for improvement like others have said, but like all abridged, nothing starts off perfectly, especially since this is an abridged version of a game and all. I have no doubt that you’ll do great.

    Also, I just had this funny idea that when Cloud and the others escape Shinra using the motorcycle and car, Cloud blackmails them in he chase to let him be the leader of the group and do what he says or he’ll let Shinra take them., since Shinra are pursuing them and only Cloud can actually fight them off while riding. That way he’s the boss he can’t be pushed around by them now.

    Course, you guys already have your own ideas, so I’ll look forward to how things progress. Good luck you guys.

  • Svata

    Pretty good.

  • LordChaotix

    So far, I am loving this. I like the direction you are taking the characters, with the possible exception of Cloud. I think he started showing his weak side too soon. Barret is hilariously over the top, and so far I like Tifa’s reversal from sweet to salty. I will add that the humor is a little hit and miss, but I have every confidence that will sort itself out with time. DBZA was much the same when it launched. Again, loving it so far, just wanted to offer constructive criticism.

    • FlareKnight

      I guess my only worry is that Tifa’s personality makes a lot of plot not make sense. If Tifa was an asshole…then why would Cloud even do her a favor in the first place? Why would he join soldier if this girl was a jerk? Why would he risk his life for her at any point? You either need her personality to be different when she was younger and explain her becoming an ass or have some real plot inconsistencies.

      • Dagoron

        From what I’ve seen in the episode, she seemed to be sweet-ish when she was younger. I’m expecting her father’s death to play a hand in her bitchy-ness.

        Also I’ve got a feeling the Tifa’s “not eyes” played a role in Cloud’s willingness to cooperate 😀

  • Kakuretaka

    3 episodes in and still no laugh from me.
    I love DBZA
    I love SAOA ( Something witty entertainment )
    I love FF7

    But THIS has me sat in my chair waiting hoping for a joke/punchline that never came watching renegade for life: I am bread was better than this and that is ( to my knowledge ) live and unscripted.

    Takahata101 we know you can write and voice act like a boss you are Nappa for many fans now.
    you where Kayaba Akihiko and the small bit where you muted your self ( it’s very funny but right now serious time. ) was funnier than this ENTIRE episode.

    We ( the fans ) want this to do well, we do but please PLEASE run it by a focus group or something. Team 4 star has the ability and talent lets use it ok.

    • stmacl

      Jeez give them a few weeks. It took until Vegeta appeared on screen in DBZA for me to get a laugh out of the series. Right now they’re building the characters up. These characters will only be funny once they have enough of a persona for us to know why it’s funny. Like (in my opinion) Piccolo only got funny when Nail appeared since it showed Piccolo’s naive and someone innocent personality (like him not knowing what drugs were).

      I’d say give them to episode 6-7 and then you’ll probably be dying from laughter.

      • Kakuretaka

        DBZA was funny the second Krillin got kicked threw Kame house
        “Krillin: Yea.. stop breaking Kame House..” that was episode 1, come on.

        I am not some dullard or plebe with the team here we know they can produce gold.
        Why are we getting rust?

        But ok I’ll give it time.

      • Kaliaila

        I’m sorry but no; this is a 10 episode run and all 10 episodes were completed before the first episode was released. These first 3 episodes are just under a 1/3 of the season. It’s not going to change how it is going. It’s not going to get funny, and these previous two episodes have shown that it is just going to be going further and further from the actual storyline of FF7 into a completely original storyline that TFS has created.

        The humor of DBZ:A has always been primarily because TFS stuck to the main storyline and the characters while over the top were in character for that point in the story. After this episode, all of these characters are way out of character; and the games actual plot is no where to be seen. If TFS had advertised this as an original machinamation built around FF7 as opposed to an Abridged version of FF7, then I could see giving it more time. But that was not the case, they advertised this as an Abridged version of FF7 which this is most definitely not at all.

    • Superpiggins

      I noticed Hellsing Aridged was not on your list of good shows. Do yourself a favor and check it out. I’d say its probably their funniest series.

      • Kakuretaka

        Thanks for the advice I may do but I recall watching one episode and although good did not have me thirsty for more… ( pun intended )

    • Fortify45

      Um maybe don’t pretend you know what your talking about. The rest of us do want it to do well and IT IS, seriously have you read the comments, everyone is loving this

      • Kakuretaka

        I have read the comments and they are luke warm at best from episode 1.

        I can only go on that info here and that of my peers and extensive social circles.
        If I was to hold a convention ( I have this power ) in my city I would not put this show as a head liner heck I might leave it off the billing all together.

        EVERYONE is not ‘loving’ this, least not in my area.

      • Kaliaila

        Episode 1 was the only half way decent episode. Mainly, because it was the only epsisode that actually followed the FF7 storyline instead of making up a completely different one.

    • DevilHunter1994

      Many people don’t consider this to be “rust” Most of the comments here are actually pretty positive and personally I thought this episode was hilarious. Maybe this doesn’t appeal to your sense of humor, but a lot of people are loving this. I mean come on. A normally sweet four year old tending a bar and threatening a grown man with a loaded gun?…..Hilarious!

  • android19

    I’m liking this more an more.

  • Darth Rutsula

    Every time i hear Sarah Ann Williams I just can’t help but think of Uni or Yuniko/Scarlet Rain and how both of them were cool (and had guns) then I watch this and I’m like EX Multi Blaster? Incarnate System? YOU CAN DO THIS!

    • android19

      I still hear a grown up Peacock. It amuses me.

  • King Quasar

    Thank you, I’m pleased someone from TFS appears (and only APPEARS) to have read my comment from the previous episode about calling this new series “hilarious” in the description displaying arrogance and has removed it. Maybe one day I’ll agree with calling it that but I’m afraid yet again this episode earned not even a smile from me. The latest episode of DBZA I found to be one of the best written and funniest yet. If there were some way for the writers of this series to have what those of that episode did then I would highly recommend they get it. It may be just an issue of time and experience though just like initially with DBZA and within enough episodes the quality will heighten to an entertaining degree but until then I’m only watching these episodes based on the great reputation TFS has earned from DBZA.

    • King Quasar

      Allow me to edit that “pleased” into a “grateful”, if you’ll permit. Because I really am grateful. An organisation that is open to criticism is one that will actually improve and evolve. Comments citing nothing but praise are fine but too much breeds complacency within the makers and leads to stagnant quality over time. We need sour-faced critics like me just like we need the easily entertained and I am only happy to fill my role.

    • lukeyq

      So when movies complement themselves when promoting themselves that is ‘arrogance’? Just cos YOU don’t find it hilarious, doesn’t mean the show ISN’T hilarious.

      • King Quasar

        “So when movies complement themselves when promoting themselves that is ‘arrogance’?”
        Yes, yes it is. It doesn’t make Adam Sandler films entertaining in the slightest when they do it and it didn’t make this series entertaining when they did it. As for whether the show is hilarious, are you saying that because you DO find it hilarious that makes it so? If so, that is also arrogance.

    • Yusagi

      I look forward to next episode. The first part of the game was a little slow, since it was ‘reactor’, ‘bar’, ‘almost identical reactor mission’

      I maintain the reason people have such mixed reactions to FF7 is a mixture of TFS hype (everything MUST be mindblowingly hilarious!) and the fact that they already had an idea in their own head about how it would be, and there are other decent quality abridged series of FF7 they can compare to. When DBZA came out, most abridged series were one person projects with no BGM or SFX, and by now it’s been running for almost ten years. It’s well established, people know what to expect, and they already love it.

      People will warm up to FF7MA once they watch it for what it is and not what they expect it to be.

      and now the two week wait for the flower girl.

      • Yusagi

        why did it go here….?

      • King Quasar

        In response to your lower comment; hacker. No, seriously. A guy responded to the same comment of mine that you ‘have’ saying something along the lines of “please fuck off”. After I responded (actually I had to respond to my own comment; hacker can’t take the heat of an argument I guess) to that comment I later refreshed the page to find both his and my response removed. I can only assume that either he with his Internet magic or perhaps a member of TFS moderators removed in their own interests and the next comment went to where the removed one did. An educated guess, at most.

      • Kaliaila

        Nope, I expected them to actually follow the actual storyline and do caricatures of the characters; not throw out the whole plot and create completely different characters.

    • Kakuretaka


      Dito, I am watching these as a fan of T4S and ff7 so far tho I am not amused.

      Have you ever watched Spoonys review of FF8?
      ” I was expecting a happy genie, NOT THE DEVIL! When you give someone a magic lamp with the devil in it you don’t say, Hey be careful it’s a little cursed you say heres a lamp AND IT HAS THE DEVIL IN IT! ”

      I laughed so hard I cried and had to walk away from the PC team 4 star and Takahata101 CAN do better than this.

      same with
      V ” HEY WHATS UP GUYS?! ”
      K “i’ll never get my hogy ”
      v ” SO WHAT ARE YOU DOING? ”
      G ” what are we doing? ”
      G ” ah nothing much ”
      G ” thwarting your plans? ”
      V ” ARE YOU? ”
      G ” yes ”
      V “…. I’M GONA F^&%ING Kill YOU ”

      I was on the floor, I genuinely literally rotfl. I do not see that happening here thus far.

    • Kaliaila

      They already made the first 10 episodes before the first episode was posted.

  • Flamemaster9

    Ahh this is great keep up the great work guys.

  • DevilHunter1994

    Wasn’t Marlene supposed to be 4 years old at this point? Either way still hilarious.

  • Pore Cloud but he really needs to not let them push his buttons if he gives in to them then they will always win

  • TheGreatEscapist

    Excellent work, guys!

    Favorite lines:

    Marlene: (cocks gun) Aren’t you a little old to be asking stupid questions?

    Both lines got me laughing big time. 🙂

    Also, I’ve never played FF7, so I’m a bit out of the loop. Was Barret always this homicidally insane?

    • ZeroMew08

      Barret was more hot-headed and trigger-happy at the start of the game.

  • tequila_wolf

    Aaaaand Final Fantasy VII abridged is officially good. Excellent work guys. Can’t wait to see more.

  • NorseJuggalo

    Best ending ever.

  • firewoven


  • ac_tactics

    I was kind of hoping for another Jessie scene seeing as she’s going splat soon…

    • Kaliaila

      Nah, that was in the FF7 plot, so they are probably going to have her live.

  • Mandalf The Beige

    “I will shove my fist so far up your ass, that everyone’s gonna think ‘wow, that is the whiniest looking puppet I’ve ever seen!'”

    Not bad Tifa, but let me show you how it’s done….

    “I will shove my dick so far up your ass, you’ll confuse my throbbing orgasm for a migraine!”

    • Kainzorus Prime

      You can’t go shoulder-deep with your dick, I’m not impressed.

    • CarcharOdin


      That was so bad I actually logged back in for the first time in forever just to tell you to not quit your day job.

  • ac_tactics

    Was that final fantasy 8 music during the map scene. It was a little jarring… Yet appropriate.

    • DevilHunter1994

      I think that was just generic military music. I think I know the theme you’re thinking of, but this wasn’t it. It would have been awesome if it was though.

  • danny20623

    Was that a Tidus laugh at the start?

  • DTroySylar

    “Your Metal Dick is Mine………… ………….. MotherFucker”.


    • DTroySylar

      Next to “I AM THE HYPE”

    • Rellik

      “Shoulder deep, Cloud!” i think is a bit better

  • ZeroMew08

    Figured Barret would used his gun arm to beat up the guy on the train when the trailer came out.

    Also love how you guys handled having an 8-year old run Tifa’s bar while the adults are gone.

    But yeah, can’t wait for the next episode 😀

    • DevilHunter1994

      Actually I’m pretty sure Marlene is only 3 or 4 years old when FFVII takes place…….Barret is a horrible parent.

      • Silv3r_Wolf

        Oh stop worrying. The gun was loaded.

  • DBZMerciter2005

    I’ve only played the game through once and I watched someone play it so most of the plot details are fuzzy. That said I really liked how Cloud had the vision of Tifa losing her father. Combine that with Tifa’s amazing bitchiness and it all makes sense.

    The series is growing on me. Maybe by the time we reach episode 10 we’ll know the characters better and the whole series will come together like DBZA did.

  • MKinfra

    I don’t know what it is but I’m starting to like this series. though some jokes are miss timing but others pretty well hit the game right on.