It looks like Cloud has survived his fall and found himself a new friend named Aerith. Things seems to be going well so far until Aeriths “friend” shows up. Who is this friend? Find out on FF7MA!

FF7 came out in 1997 on the Sony Playstation and has since been a main stay to the series for fans all over the world. Join Cloud, Tifa, Aerith, Barret & Red XIII in this new TeamFourStar abridged series!

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Zack – Natewantstobattle
Cloud – Justin Briner
Aerith – Kira “Rina-Chan” Buckland
Barret – Anthony “Antfish” Sardinha
Biggs – Chris “Kirbopher” Niosi
Jessie – Jesse “Nowacking” Nowack
Wedge – Chris Zito
Reno – Curtis “Takahata101” Arnott
Solider 1 – ShinigamiEaster
Solider 2 – Anthony “Antfish” Sardinha”
Elmyra – Sandra “DustyOldRoses” Espinoza

Written/Produced/Directed – Takahata101 & Antfish
Editor and Motion Graphics Artist – Lawrence “MasakoX” Simpson
Music Production – Cliff “AinTunez” Weinstein
Intro Music – TheLivingTombstone
Character Art – Stephan Krosecz

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Daniel Hickson
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  • kylikeit

    It is supposed to be Aerith. It’s a pun on Earth, y’know, to contrast Cloud?

  • jennygunn11

    Thanks for Sharing! This info

  • jdgjordan

    great episode but what i found weird is they make a lets go find a house joke and don’t do anything with the house monster’s i relay thought that was what joke was headed to but no they did nothing with them…….?

  • Well done again! This series is getting sharper with each episode. And I don’t know whether you ever saw my comment on the last episode or did anything with it, but I felt like mentioning that it was overall a lot easier to hear and understand the dialogue. I am curious to see how you’re going to work the fairly-well confirmed romance between Tiffa and Cloud, considering she’s terrifying and Cloud is totally whipped, but I’ll enjoy finding out!

    Also, you guys really upped the budget on your graphics! I like it a lot! Can’t wait for more!

  • Shouri

    This series brings back some serious memories…of Crisis Core! I got a PSP for my ninth birthday and the game my aunt gave my sister was Crisis Core. Buut seeing as I was a total brat back then…I “borrowed” it. I had no prior experience with FF games except for some old ones on the GBASP. So you can imagine how shocked I was at the ending…a few years later I find out this is just a “side” game, with a “minor character”. While the main character is actually this guy EVERYONE knew about except me. I thought HE was a minor character…I found out that alot of people hated the “new” game style which I loved. I haven’t played the original FF7 game, so forgive me when I say this but I thought Shinra wasn’t that bad. In fact, I liked Shinra a lot. *Sigh* I finished Crisis Core so many times… And seeing the Buster Sword get so rusted in Clouds hands REALLY hit a nerve!! And I mean muuuch more than those Goku vs Superman battles…That is saying something! Seriously, read some posts by some intelligent people and you will see why Goku was way underpowered. And that most Superman feats were with alot of help in some way. Anyways this is a sleepy yet passionate semi-hardcore fan signing out!

    • DevilHunter1994

      Shinra wasn’t that bad? Even if you didn’t play the original game, you would still know that the reason Zack died was because Shinra ordered their men to either bring him and Cloud back as lab rats, or kill them. It’s also explained that the reason Sephiroth, Angeal and Genesis are the way they are is because of experiments that were supported and funded by Shinra. Shinra has ALWAYS been involved in very shady practices.

      • Krescentwolf

        This is *technically* incorrect.

        Shinra didn’t order Zack and Cloud to be made into lab rats… That was all on Hojo.

        However, the mere fact that Shinra employed a psychotic man like Hojo, and their unending hoard of nasty science experiments, and their general world-killing sense of profiteering….

        Yeah… Shinra’s pretty bad.

      • FinalDragonball7

        Shinra makes up for their mistakes in the movie Advent Children (or the turks do at least) Go Reno! Taka you do him tons of justice
        just keep reno like that PLEASE!!! And the boos fight against Reno please do some joke with the pyrimids like “How the F___ do I get rid of these things” or hmm maybe if i just wait they’ll go away… They’re not going away! oh you have to shoot them” I spent YEARS (since its release either watching my bro play that part or me playing it) but never have we not be pyrimided and Barret of course is the only one left.

        ps. just thought like cloud or tifa gets trapped and barret starts yelling in desperation “you ok?!” and they have a muffled response “estroy ge eyrimid” and then barret says WHAT like piccolo did in lord slug

  • ikiya

    fun fact 4,386,047; if you search “Justin Briner TFS” in Bing Images, you get a picture of 2 jars of pickles and the cover image for DBZAep37. Guess it means the Man’s got taste…

  • android19

    well. This series continues to improve. Got a few good chuckles out of this one. Keep up the good work, y’alls. Also, sweet new outro logo.

  • This was great
    She is a sweet girl but clearly jealous one

  • mfgrady

    How did you set up the House jokes and NOT go with a gag involving the killer house monster that spawns on the path to the playground???

    Still good though.

    • Len

      We might get a follow-up in the next episode. Here’s hoping.

    • android19

      right? That’s my only real complaint with this episode. It’s so perfect!

  • Tassit

    Not gonna lie, I fully expected Aerith to have the VA of a grizzled New Yorker who eats 5 packs of smokes a day.

  • dennise1

    At first it was kind of meh for me and I thought this would be the first episode I didn’t love. Then 5.00 comes in and we meet aerith’s mother. After that her whole character just clicked for me and it was funny.

  • Sethiroth x2

    Absolutely LOVING these. Dirge of Cerberus was the very first Final Fantasy game I ever played, so I am REALLY looking forward to Vincent!!!! Hopefully suffers from multiple personality syndrome!!

  • PandaMan

    I want Zack to be the voice in Cloud’s head, like how Nail is Piccolo’s

    • DevilHunter1994

      He is. That’s the joke. It was also strongly implied that it was Zack in the actual game as well.

  • Wickian

    So will Don Corneo choose:

    A. The feisty one.
    B. The Naive one.
    C. The Oasis.

    • GoodBeatle

      The Oasis. Gotta be, right?

      All that hair, so much to pull on. Also the comments just got +18.

    • DevilHunter1994

      The Oasis obviously. Cloud has to be as miserable as possible or things just won’t be as entertaining. Besides, with Tifa you know she would never let it go that far and Aerith is too naive to even realize what’s happening so it really has to be Cloud.

  • Ok, can someone help me out. I know Nate’s credited as ‘Zack’, but for the life of me I can never tell when he makes an apperance, AND IT’S DRIVING ME F**KING CRAZY

    • asianmandan

      In the very beginning of the episode when Cloud is talking to that voice about being dead, Nate is that voice.

    • DevilHunter1994

      You know that voice that occasionally talks to Cloud in his head? That is Zack.

      • Ookler

        “Did you hear that, Zach? They are talking about you…”

        now is that really just a Deadly Premonition reference or is the voice in his head really somehow called Zach in FF7?

    • alright, WriimeENT, if you’re talking about his appearance in the actual GAME, it’s in the lifestream when cloud and tifa fall in during that earthquake and cloud is basically a vegetable. and that’s not necessarily zack in cloud’s head, but that might have something to do with crisis core. it’s more likely the jenova cells that makes cloud FEEL like he’s schizo, following sephi, and making him doubt himself. cloud was definitely confused to the point where he didn’t know who he was, so most of his “psychotic” episodes ARE voices in his head (but mostly sephiroth confusing him for shitz an’ giggles). it’s probably true that cloud was a failed sephi clone, but he’s still himself, he’s just very “sick” from the large amounts of mako and jenova cells. most of this is supported by the story of advent children, but it nice n’ vague throughout the game (FFVII). ultimately, it’s open for interpretation (although i’m 99% sure it’s sephiroth f*ckin with his head). i’ll provide a video that explains it well (below).

      • DevilHunter1994

        It’s Zack. Advent Children shows more clearly how those with strong wills can still retain awareness through their souls after death. We also see Cloud and Zack talk to one another one on one in Advent Children Complete. Zack and Aerith are always offering help in that movie, and that’s what’s happening here. Basically Zack is talking to Cloud from the Lifestream in order to try and help him get his memories back.

      • TheGodEmperor

        Imo, Advent Children and Crisis Core and such shouldn’t be considered canon. While I enjoyed Crisis Core and even Dirge of Cerberus (to a degree) and I think Advent Children is ok for fan service (as a movie, it’s bad), they are just not good. They are written poorly lol.

      • alright, fine, it could be random people in the lifestream that occasionally contact cloud, but the official source for FFVII stuff makes it pretty clear. I know there’s an interview that sounds like it says otherwise, but there’s so much material because it’s a complicated message, and not everything translates 100%. here’s some quotes to clarify what i’m talking about:

        “At the age of 16 Cloud was sent on a mission to his hometown of Nibelheim, where Sephiroth went out of control (what is commonly called the “Sephiroth Incident”). Cloud, having suffered heavy injuries during the incident, was injected with cells from Jenova, an extraterrestrial life form. These cells, which Sephiroth also had in his body, controlled Cloud’s thoughts and created a separate personality, and tried to manipulate Cloud into joining with Sephiroth.”

        “Under the effect of Jenova’s cells, Cloud mimics his best friend Zack and creates a new persona, but the mental aspects weren’t the only things he received from Zack. His starting equipment, the Buster Sword…”

        “While being tended to by a station worker in the Sector 7 Slum train station, he was reunited with Tifa, and using the abilities of Jenova’s cells formed a new personality. With Tifa’s invitation, he decided to assist AVALANCHE.”

        “The only time he laughs in FFVII is during a conversation with Aerith at the start of the story, when Jenova is still in control of his consciousness.”

  • FlareKnight

    Well on the positive side he ran into someone who wasn’t a total asshole. She may be odd, weird and having her own issues….but on the positive if she is crazy she might kill Cloud’s ‘friends’ which probably would make his life easier so….let’s go with it.

  • tyranicross

    I’m a bit sad that they missed out on a perfect joke. When Aerith said they were going to find a house for cloud, they were outside an area were there is a house enemy. The episode was still great though.

    • Giant_Neckbeard

      No no, just imagine how awesome it will be as they’re heading back to the Bar, 7th Heaven.

      Tifa: “So Cloud, why don’t you send little miss flower girl back home so *menacing voice* we can discuss what you said to me at the Mako-plant …”

      Cloud: *muted whimpering*

      Aerith: “No no no, Cloud’s coming back with me so I can look after him … *eerie tone* foreeeeever.”

      Cloud: *whimpering intensifies*

      Aerith and Tifa bicker until the House-Monster pops up, Aerith makes a comment that she’s finally found a house for her and Cloud to live in, and Tifa goes mental and destroys it and gets dubbed the ‘home-wrecker’.

      Meanwhile, Cloud is mentally sarcastically congratulating himself on getting into a kinda-but-not-really ‘love’-triangle where the other two parties are literally going to kill him the instant they think they’ll ‘lose’ him to the other side, Tifa because she’s going to lose the victim of her bullying and most easily ‘persuaded’ minion, and Aerith because cloud cuckoolander yandere Aerith would be fine keeping Cloud’s head in a jar in her fridge.

    • praxisseizure

      Didn’t that house fart rockets? I agree.

  • Starwind0888

    Oh man, I am already in love with Aerith. She’s so cute and airheaded and sweet, and yet is showing some small signs of yandereness.
    She’s gonna be a nice balance to the team filled with varying degrees of cynical asshole-ness.

    • GoodBeatle

      Off the get go yeah, definitely. But really, the personality of the characters in FF7MA should evolve as the series goes on. I can’t see them being set in stone, considering how the circumstances in FF7 change……and in relatively short order. *shivers* (poor Barrett……poor Barrett)

      Actually unlike DBZA which is predominantly funny, FF7MA has the potential to get heavy. No dragonballs, right. I’m hoping it gets heavy……it’d be rad to see TFS flex that of all creative muscles. And I think they have it in ’em.

      • Len

        True. It already has hints of it in Tifa’s flashback, which may actually explain her Alpha Bitch personality in the present. If TFS goes the route to make this series more of a dramedy, I’m all for it.

      • Giant_Neckbeard

        There are Phoenix Downs, however …

  • blizzarddemon

    Because Aerith is what they intended. Cause the internet has a fantastic concept of japano-english transliteration. Right bakas?

    • GreatWyrmGold

      Japan and England don’t have a fantastic concept of Japano-English transliteration…

  • GRgoldfish

    i see a cat fight in your future cloud XD

  • Giant_Neckbeard

    Cloud cuckoo-lander Aeris … Aerith … Aeris … Aerith … gah!

    Love it, another step towards greatness guys, this series is getting it’s beard right-quick!

    • Giant_Neckbeard

      “Are you going to your house?”

      “I … don’t actually have a house.”

      Cloud is Piccolo, confirmed!

      • Len

        Hey, at least Cloud has friends!

  • Wickian

    I wonder who Cloud will go on a date with, Yuffie or Barret.

    • MajoraMayhem

      According to the podcast, everyone

      • DevilHunter1994

        I can’t wait for that episode!

    • saralas

      Red XIII, their love can not be denied.

  • Overseer181

    So in this abridged Aerith is the creepy stalker XD.

  • YukoValis

    You hear her talk about Tifa? Someone gonna die…

    • Pureblood89

      Too bad a Aries has Katana-In-The-Gut Syndrome.

      • GoodBeatle

        dude, too soon……

  • flareswrd

    Keep her safe Cloud. Do what gamers the world over Wish they could have!!!

    Don’t fuck this up.

    • tyranicross

      Sorry to disappoint you but watch the first episode again. So sorry

  • Karthull

    Enjoying the series so far, but I haven’t played the game, and could someone explain the jokes when they name the characters? Like can’t decide between aeris or aerith and at start typed in for cloud blonde zack? Could someone please explain these?

    • DBZMerciter2005

      When FF7 was first released the localization team went with Aeris. The Japanese is エアリス (e-a-ri-su) which can be transliterated as either Aeris or Aerith. The Japanese team fixed this later on by clarifying that she’s really “Aerith” but lots of people still call her Aeris.

    • SmMarie42

      For Blond Zack (SPOILER)

      Cloud thinks that he was a member of SOLDIER but really he has his old friend Zack’s memories. The game Crisis Core explains better how all this happens, but yeah. Cloud Basically thinks he’s Zack, and he’s blond.

    • MasterIckolas

      Dude… Explaining the jokes would take longer than actually playing the game would. I shit you not. There is so much going on that if you haven’t… Well its all In jokes most of the time. Probably why people are mixed on this abridged.

      FF7 IS on PSN I believe for some low price like ten bucks or on Steam if you prefer PC. You’ll just have to mod that one to not have shitty MIDI tracks.

      • lostsomething

        They replaced those with the psx version’s music ages ago. Modding’s no longer necessary.

      • GoodBeatle

        It’s also available on the App Store for iPhone and iPad……I’d recommend that as a last ditch option though.

    • lostsomething

      They’re both valid readings of the katakana used in her name but Aeris was used in the US release while the devs have said it’s supposed to be “Aerith” for a particular (dumb but hard to argue against and probably a spoiler to actually give) reason.

      The second question would be a big spoiler.

    • GoodBeatle

      KaiserNeko (tiger kitty) addresses the issue of Aerith’s name himself earlier in the comments.

      And dude I highly recommend you find the time to play FF7. It’s one of those games that’ll stick with you.

    • Rellik

      the joke is that cloud is basically a blonde zack (clouds dead best friend) and the aeris/aerith joke is that no one knows the real translation of her name

  • Ivannacookie

    loved the episode guys!

  • Steiner

    Amazing how fast a person/situation can go for delightfully charming to bone-chillingly creepy.

  • mathex14

    Also, Reno was the coolest thing on this episode.

  • mathex14

    This series is still weak for me(though I don’t see anything really bad with this one, I don’t see anything really good either) , though I did like the first half of the episode, and, different from other people I’m finding aerith annoying hahaha, anyway, maybe this series just isn’t for me, I’ll watch some more episodes but I’m not expecting much from it anymore, good luck TFS!

  • Kainzorus Prime

    “What’s your name, is it Starbreeze?”
    “No, it’s Starscream. You know, since I fell from the sky screaming like a monkey.”

  • TheLelouch17

    The thumbnails remind me of Gravity Falls for some reason.

  • Epsilon

    I need more!!!!

  • gekomaria

    oh i hope aerith goes full on yandere! X3 i could imagine losing zack would lead to needy attachment issues

  • ShadowLDrago

    I kinda feel bad for Cloud, poor guy just can’t win.

  • Draco Magnius

    Cloud you really need to regain control of your life and as far as I know, I’ve never played the game just know some things about it, it’s all downhill from here.


    Great job Taka and Antfish, I can’t tell if Aerith has a catty, maybe even Machiavellian side, or if she’s just genuinely a precious babbu.

  • edwardBrink87

    Aeriss and her mom were really funny

  • RoninOfDeath

    Show of hands all for Ghost Aerith.

    • Sokolniki

      Cloud: *sobbing* Aerith… Sephiroth killed Aerith…

      Ghost Aerith: No silly, he didn’t kill me…

      Cloud: What… who is that…

      Ghost Aerith: It’s me Aerith… I’m a ghost here to haunt you…

      Cloud: So… what do you mean by he didn’t kill you… are you here to tell me that you live on in spirit form through the life stream and I shouldn’t mourn.

      Ghost Aerith: Um… not exactly… I really don’t know how I should phrase this…

      Ghost Zack: She drowned you asshole.

      Cloud: Awai… whaaat?

      Ghost Aerith: That’s a little more bluntly than I would have put it, but yeah…

      Ghost Zack: I give up my life… kill literally all of Shinra’s army save for the Turks, one of their helicopters and three of their soldiers… and leave my buster sword to you… and you repay me by stealing my identity, then my girlfriend, then proceed to DROWN HER!!!

      Cloud: WHAT DO YOU MEAN I DROWNED HER!!! Sephiroth stabbed her!

      Ghost Aerith: A good thing his aim is as bad as you fight… he missed my vital organs.

      Cloud: ALL OF THEM!!!

      Ghost Cloud: Did you even bother checking for a pulse?

      • DevilHunter1994

        Cloud: Well at least it’s not all bad.

        Zack how is this not all bad!?

        Cloud: Well, you and Aerith are together again right?

        Zack: Uwah!……Shit……That’s actually a pretty good point. By the way, good luck.

        Cloud: With what?

        Zack: Well with Aeirth gone…..that just leaves Tifa.

        Cloud: (whimper)

      • Len

        *Raises Hand*

  • Vedar666

    “….oh~… you’re friend… is a girl…. Lets go meet her!”

    a little hint of stalker right there it seems

  • INB4 Cloud makes chocolate pudding at 4 o’clock in the morning.

  • Dimitridark

    Been waiting for this one and it did not disappoint!

  • hunter24

    “…..aaaaaannddd the Turks work for Shinra. Blank. [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]!! Wo…Woah! Hey. Hi?!?!”

    Laughed way too hard at that line!

  • Schimmel

    The funny thing is that when they go out to “find Cloud a house,” the next area has enemies that are LITERALLY houses.

    • Len

      Here’s hoping they bank on that joke.


      Holy shit I didn’t even think of that, but that’s totally probably going to happen

    • Marcus of Terra

      I started breaking down laughing when I remembered that.

  • voltar258

    Anyone else feel like the “falafel stand incident” is the new jockstrap incident?

  • Taurick

    OK Aerith adds a lot of humour to this series. Looking forward to the next one 🙂

  • Hypergoku278

    Ah Aerith is so nice nothing bad could ever happen to her

  • wcthesecret

    cloud needs to get his life and shit together.

  • VoltronXV

    Calling it now: Aerith switches places with Tifa at a very critical moment. Either way, looks like Aerith is off to kill a bitch if at all possible.

    • Alex18209

      well considering how Tifa is in this version she probably had it coming lol

  • GoodBeatle

    Haha, I was waiting for Taka to appear in the voice acting credits!! Didn’t recognize you, thought Reno was casted. Speaking of, this series sounds awesome. No seriously, pat yourselves on the back.

  • JetZV

    Yes, Aerith, you dated a man in SOLDIER who may or may not have a name starting with the letter Z and MAY or MAY NOT be voiced by an internet musician.

  • DavivMcd

    Oh godammit, TFS went with Aerith….

    “Aeris” is Latin for: sky, atmosphere, breeze, odor, or CLOUD *HINT HINT HINT HINT HINT*

    “Aerith” is ……. NOT A FUCKING WORD.

    I know Square has retroactively stated Aerith is the official spelling, but they’re the ones who fucked it up in the first place, why listen to them now?

    • DevilHunter1994

      How could it be a hint for anything if that’s never what the name was intended to be in the first place? Any hints the name Aeris would have given were completely unintentional because that wasn’t her name. As for why we should listen to them……because they made the character? I think they would be able to tell us if an English translation was fucked up. This was still in the early days where translation errors were rather common. If they say they messed up….then they messed up.

    • GoodBeatle

      Both work.

      In Japanese it’s pronounced “エアリス” (E-a-ri-su) either way.

      Which is it actually? Ask Tetsuya Nomura.

      I like both. Aerith reads like Earth to me, ties in with how she basically embodies the spirit of the planet later on. Whereas Aeris is closer to the Japanese pronunciation E-a-ri-su. Can’t go wrong, really.

    • Tri-Blade

      Aeris is a mistranslation by the localization team. Aerith is the original Japanese version of the game.

    • KaiserNeko

      Aerith is a play on the word Earth and the official spelling. The North American side fudged up the name the first time, and now the Japanese have become more stringent about using the correct name: Aerith. Not Aeris.

    • vgamer4

      Managed to get Kaiser to respond to you. Toppest of keks.

  • Zerosteel45

    Well I never played final fantasy 7 guess this is close enough

  • Rajvir Singh

    Well I officially feel sorry for Cloud. Seriously would probably be best if he just left Midguard while letting them think him dead.

    • Len

      Cloud’s always been a poster boy of misfortune even in canon. I just can’t help but pity him once the REAL shit hits the fan when Sephiroth/Jenova enters the scene and starts mindfucking him.

  • Len

    Great job, guys! This episode was purely hilarious. I cannot wait to see your version of the Don Corneo arc as I call it.

    Poor Cloud’s nightmares will finally come true.


  • Vlossy

    Sweet!! I’ve been sniffing around this page all day, waiting…

    • Vlossy

      Crap, I meant site. I’ve been sniffing around this SITE all day XD

  • bradmeg128

    Much better than the previous 3, not nearly as rape-joke-ey

  • Marcus of Terra

    The Yandere is strong in Aerith: I can FEEL IT.

    • Len

      Stuck between a violent bitch and possessive psycho…

      Yeah, I don’t envy Cloud’s position at all.

      • vgamer4

        When has anyone ever envied Cloud?

      • Marcus of Terra

        Oh and the cross dressing scene… that… that’s just gonna be SO special.

    • TehFlibjib


      • Marcus of Terra

        Sapper:IT’S NOT WORKING!?

        Tank: It’s the Ribbon! It makes her immune to status ailments!

    • Giorgakis96

      Aerith was my least favorite in the game,buuuuut….If that’s the case she might become my favorite in this series

  • Giorgakis96

    Cloud I think you lost control of your life from the first time you did a solid for tifa

  • TheGreatEscapist

    Really good episode here.
    I had been hearing speculation that Aerith in parody form would be some kind of Manic Pixie Dream Girl, but this… XD She’s a prime candidate for that Cracked sketch about the hospital for MPDGs. Well done.

    I look forward to seeing how a possible love rivalry between Tifa and Aerith might turn out.

    But I think my favorite part was Reno’s Falafel Monologue. Everybody give Taka a round of applause for that performance!! WHOOOOOO!!

  • SuperKamiGuru

    This episode was the best yet . Taka realy stole the show .

  • Crazrage

    This is the first episode that made me laugh and I like it. The other episodes are boring.

  • Meteorgun7

    This was hilarious,loved up! Keep it up!!

  • Moose

    Love it

  • DevilHunter1994

    Okay this was brilliant! I never really cared for Aerith in the game, (blasphemy, I know) but she is hilarious here!

  • omegaxis1

    Wow, this was pretty good episode. I really liked it. Nice one with Reno and the falafel or however it’s spelled. I feel like I heard that in Lab Rats vs Mighty Med from Adam.
    And somehow I get the feeling that the love rivalry between Aerith and Tifa, will be more fired up than usual. XD
    That is, if Tifa really does like Cloud. I don’t think I heard her in the base with the bet of Cloud dying or not.

    • Chen

      Maybe Tsundere vs Yandere? Lets see how things will go 😀

  • Super Human

    Yes! First post! Also, awesome vid guys! 😀