Hey everyone! Takahata101 here. Sorry I’ve been absent from a lot of the gaming shows lately, but I’ve been hard at work with a new division in TeamFourStar! There have been many changes here at TFS and I’ll clue you in on one of the bigger ones.

Last summer, I had an idea for a Final Fantasy VII Abridged, or “Machinabridged,” project. I had a few members in mind and we put together a quick teaser to gauge interest. The guys liked it, agreed to greenlight it, and the next thing I knew I was spearheading a new series! I’d love to give you guys a bit more info on just what that series entails!

I am the writer and producer for the majority of the project. I brought on Antfish as a co-writer and project manager. MasakoX is the main editor of the project, and TFS musical producer AinSophAur is remixing the original Uematsu tracks for the series.

As for the cast, we’ll reveal that later as we draw closer to the release date. As for the big reveal I promised on twitter, I am happy to announce that the entire first season has already been written! We have an entire ten episodes already completely scripted and we are shooting to release the series on a dedicated schedule in the fall of this year. This is the first time we have ever attempted to produce an entire batch of episodes before release!

I’d like to thank you all very much for your continued support and belief in us as a team as we continue to expand. Without you guys we couldn’t have gotten this off the ground, so thank you, and look forward to the show!!

[#TifaBestGirl? #AerithBestGirl?]
  • ricky hardy

    I am happy to hear the announce that the entire first season has already been written. Read- Grademiners reviews

  • amy lee

    the first Machinima made by Team Four Star (TFS), the renowned creators of Dragon Ball Z Abridged and Hellsing Ultimate Abridged. Unlike DBZA, the producers, directors and writers Antfish (Anthony Sardinha) and Takahata101 (Curtis Arnott) hire several guest voice actors and other YouTubers outside of TFS for most characters in FFVII Machinabridged, hence double casting is much rarer of a case(thesis). The footage is recorded and edited by Masako X (Lawrence Simpson) (best knowns as the voice of Son Goku and Son Gohan in DBZA) rather than KaiserNeko (Scott Frerichs), so this series can be produced parallel to DBZA without slowing down the latter series, especially since the script for each season has been written beforehand. The music producer is AinTunez (Cliff Weinstein) as in all TFS productions.

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  • dane86

    Soon!!! Cant wait

  • Robert Shepard

    I really hope season 2 happens at some point…

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  • Curt Warrington

    Man I would love to see the rest of the game done like this please don’t give up on this!!

  • quinzark

    Anyone know when / if there will be more ffvii Ab’ ?

  • Tilra

    I think you stated that you were going to do Season 2 at some point, but could you give us an estimate of time of when that is going to happen?

  • po_si_ti_vi_da_de_

    I’m looking forward for season 2. Will it happen?

  • Taylor D (warkiller3)

    I would really love a season 2 of FF7:MA. Any news about it even being in production? Did you nix it or…? It’s been a year (almost) since episode 10. Please Please Please give us an update.

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  • blakehurstrx7

    I just binge watched all the episodes everything you guys do is great, and I think cloud x tifa would cause more hilarity #TifaBestGirl

    • blakehurstrx7


  • Kyain 01

    I know Aerith is probably the fan favorite but with and end like that in episode 10, what great turn of events it would be if Tifa asks cloud to go on a date. Plus I always pic the underdog or childhood friend character.


    • Kyain 01

      Yeah, I just notice I used ‘and’ instead of ‘an’. It’s Sunday morning. I should still be asleep.

  • Mel998

    Love this show so much. Please hurry with season 2. The suspense is killing me😩😩😩😭😭😭

  • janeDoe001

    I would like to start out by saying congratulations on a very successful 1st season on FF7 Machinabridge. This was my first time watching an FF7 abridged series and now I’m not sure I want to see any other version… 😛

    I understand how much time and effort to create this series and greatly appreciate the hard work everyone one participating on this project has done, despite other engagements they may have. (of course if you’d like to post the behind the scenes of this project, I wouldn’t object. ;)) My sister and I always drop everything we do whenever we see a new episode air (along with every DBZ or Helsing Ultimate Albridges) then quote almost every line in the episode. :3

    I look forward to watching the second season when it airs. (but take your time of course)


  • ShadowsCall

    I’ve appreciated the release schedule as it has been so far. I didn’t realize how much I missed this game until the first episode played and brought back all those memories. Man, I can’t wait to see how the rescue mission is written.

    If you were to say… miss this project whenever you’ve finished the entire game, would you consider Chrono Cross? It’s ah… weird, but in a good way that would yield a lot of great material. I’m sure that’s way too far into the future to consider and that FF7A was done in light of the remake but I figured there was no harm in making a request.

  • Giant_Neckbeard


    Because let’s face it, the way Cloud’s life is going, becoming an accidental lolicon is inevitable for the poor bastard.

    That, and I can’t wait to see how Tifa the Alpha-Bitch and Aerith the Sweet Ditz interact when they meet and realize they both have the same guy on a short leash.

  • Maiz Brief

    What happened to the batch release? I was looking forward to watching it all in one go for this season.

  • Zenathos

    I am a hardcore FF7 nerd as well as DBZ, Zelda, Star Wars, etc. FF7 and Ocarina of time occupied the largest parts of my childhood and inspired me as a person an artist and a writer. Seeing what you guys did here is MOTHERFUCKING FANTASTIC and I know that it is still in the making and the fun will develop as it moves along 2 episodes in and I see huge potential here. Keep it up!

  • WonderSquid

    Please please please for the love of god let this not be another endless string of “hair/emo/gay/lol the sword is a compensation thing” jokes like every other VII parody on the internet ever. You guys wouldn’t reach for the low-hanging fruit… right?

  • Zenithes

    Exciting times, exciting times. Been wanting to do a play through of FF7 in preparation of the Remake (as suggested to me by a die-hard fan of FF7). So it’ll be an interesting endeavor on my part, and interesting to see what sorta twists and funnies you guys come up with.

  • ikiya

    Updates Pllleeeeaaaasssssseeeeeee

  • nice

  • Rawden

    Eeeh, imma op out on this one…

  • Super Human

    I cannot wait for Takka and the gang to tackle Yuffie’s Multi-Storied Pagoda of Whimsy! Watch everyone has FFVII’s resident kunochi defeats Asialand’s finest Russians one by one in order to reach truly epic levels of YUFFDOM!

  • SnowyDragoon

    c’mon, we all know #cloudbestgirl …. i feel dirty for using a hashtag.

  • LSKG

    can we get an update on this,,, i know it was only announced here in june but it was officially announced back in February and i still have no clue what the secret project you guys are working on for machinima is

  • Gardien

    Can’t friggin wait!

  • SpacePirateKhan


  • o0I Genozid I0o

    if you ever need a Crazy German voice or a normal german voice for one of the shows feel free to contact me 😀

    • Manostion

      Same! Also I’d love to do English voices but I can do German translations and/or voices for you guys if ever needed! =)

  • TeenageSasquatch

    If you need any thing, hit me up. I’ve been told I have a good voice.

  • drac0nisw0lf

    So Yes! ♥ This!

  • Ubersupersloth


  • supersayinswagger

    Love the game so this should be good would like to see follow ups aswell with 8,9 and 10

  • NCHaskew

    So, I’m completely clueless with the Final Fantasy series, but one thing I do know….isn’t it a video game series? Or is there an anime/cartoon series that’s called Final Fantasy VII?

    • Gardien

      I take it you’ve never encountered Machinima before. This will be called FFVII Machinabridged. Look up what Machinima is and you’ll understand.

    • mikewalker11

      yeah, it’s a game series. have you ever heard of machinima?

  • Portlandian

    am I the only one missing where the teaser is? this sounds amazing! can’t wait to see episodes but seriously where is the teaser… or is it the pic at the top?

    • lupemls

      It sounds like the teaser was for the other crew members.

  • Maiz Brief

    #tifabestgirl (for ff7) #terrabestgirl (ff6) #sabinbestguy (ff6) #lightningbestgirl (ff13)

    • Ubersupersloth

      To be fair, the only other non-villain females are 2 lesbians and someone who’s already engaged to someone/is a crystal, so, there isn’t much competition.

      • Kaliaila

        There are the ones from 4; I suppose you could say Rosa is engaged to Cecil, but you still have Rydia and Porom who are single over the course of the game; though Rydia could be assumed to be engaged or involved at the end. Then has Garnet, Freya and Eiko; as well as the great Beatrix. After 9 I didn’t really play any of the game through, though Lulu in X was amazing imo.

  • Zack Osbourne

    #yuffiebestgirl =P

    At first, I thought this might be purely text based like some other FF7 parodies I saw a while ago (I wonder what happened to Scorpicus…) but if it’s fully Voice Acted, then this just might be the perfect thing to distract everyone from waiting for the remake. Speaking of which, Taka, how did you react to the remake announcement, considering it came shortly after you announced this? It’s a rather glorious coincidence xD

  • alpomepro

    now now, let’s kid ourselves

    we all know it’s #barretbestgirl

    • alpomepro

      let’s *not XD

    • Zatala

      Thank you so much for this! I am trying to get the Barret date right now. XD

  • Majin Druu

    I couldn’t help but laugh after reading the opening text for this article as it’s displayed on the front page, which cut off part of Taka’s first sentence thusly:

    “Hey everyone! Takahata101 here. Sorry I’ve been absent from a lot of the gaming shows lately, but I’ve been hard”

    I bet you have!

    • Majin Druu

      Okay, third sentence. 😛 Still funny.

    • ChristophTSS

      Ooooooh myyyyyy.

      • CordialPlanet

        damn it takei

  • striderviper

    Hey, she’s awesome and another potential candidate for the date sequence, why not?

  • arocktheworld26


    • JetZV

      This. THIS. PLEASE.

      • Ubersupersloth

        Fuck off! NaotoxKanji, don’t interfere and go be with the eager young attractive pop idol who wants your D.

  • bustawolf

    I always imagined Barret done as DMX lol

  • carfighters

    Well, Tifa has attitude, emotion, and ….
    Ah, screw it! #TifaBestGirl

  • Kamui

    What? So she’s trying to destroy the world, who cares? At least she has goals.

  • ZeroMew08

    If possible since it also happens during the dating part of the game, #BarretBestGirl 😛

  • ShadowLDrago

    I think it’s obvious. #KairiBestGirl.

  • EvilFuzzy9

    #YuffieBestGirl, obviously. 😛

  • Ivan

    Please consider one piece abridged ! Huge universe and long story, lots of characters gives you room for creativity!
    Thank you.

    • NukeKrieg

      Please consider watching none piece abridged ! It is one of the best Abridges out there.
      Do it.

      • Sonofawhore

        Sadly None Piece hasn’t been updated in over 7 months. It’s almost save to say it’s as dead as YGOTAS. As much as people like to bitch and moan about the episodes taking long, TFS’s DBZA is actually about the only decend Abridged Series that gets relatively frequent updates and a steady progression.

  • Mr Western

    Okay, I’ll ask this: As someone who has watched Final Fantasy VII Abridged, I would like to know one thing: Would you every consider having Cloudstrife8 in the show, ie: as a cameo, or even better a recurring role. I know not many people would have seen it, but I’m sure it would be nice to see

  • ArcainusTheTremere

    I probably going to love how it turns out!

  • Gardien

    And just like that I created an account, subscribed for the first time ever to anything on Youtube, and will be following all series regularly. I AM THE HYPE….

  • NukeKrieg

    No one has said it yet…


  • Mr_stress

    I would love to see the show happen as planned but after the remake gets released, it gets spliced into this show. and cloud would be like “:Why is eveything not blocky anymore!?!? i might have mako poisoing and be high as a kite”

  • MalkavianRP

    #CloudBestGirl i look foward to the chaos that is that level in the remake

  • Hydralysk

    The internet should have come to terms with the fact that #ChieBestGirl, even when she’s not there.

    • Ubersupersloth

      Ah, nice Faulerro reference.

  • Tri-Blade


    after Lightning…..and after Terra……and after Celes.

    Also, doesn’t this seem a bit too well timed after a certain “remake reveal” that just happened

  • TheLelouch17

    Guessing this will be a once-a-year type thing like Hellsing Abridged. Cool I’m looking forward to it.

    • aaronbill3

      it will probably be closer to once a week/month if theyre producing all the episodes before releasing any of them. no sense keeping them behind bars for 9 years before they release the final episode. downside is we might be waiting a year or so to see any of the eps, cos making them all before hand will take a while

      • Kaliaila

        I got the impression that it was going to start this fall sometime, but the once a week or once a month plan sounds reasonable. A once a month timeline would give them extra time if the final episodes are not finished when their start date comes around also.

  • groof292

    Oh my God.

    Between this and the remake, I am in a state of complete video game bliss.

  • TrueWarriorJak


  • repalec

    The right answer is, and always will be, #BarretBestGirl. Ain’t no gettin’ offa THAT train!

  • Esarty


  • Darkos

    I’m so happy about this project! Looking forward to it!

    ( heeyy, Yuffie’s also a nice girl)

  • SheikTheGeek

    I was never a FF fan, but I am curious to see how this turns out. 🙂

  • DanteRage


  • Kainin

    Also, YAY!

    • Ubersupersloth

      You are the only one with that hashtag, I’m sorry… XP