When is the next episode?

Like a wizard, a new episode of DBZA or Hellsing is never late.  Nor is it early.  It is released precisely when it’s ready.

Can I be ____ / can I audition for ____?

Unfortunately, there are many factors which limit us heavily from open auditions. The process in which we cast, as well as the time management issue with the sheer amount of auditions we would have to sort through, and the necessity of quality control and consistency between the cast on a technical level. This is not meant as an insult to any of our fans; we know for a fact that plenty of you guys are massively talented. However, casting within groups that we are personally familiar with makes the process easier and cleaner. Apologies for any frustration caused by this and thank you for your understanding!

If DBZA is a non-profit parody why do I see ads on the videos?

Any time you see an advertisement on one of our DragonBallZ Abridged/Hellsing Ultimate Abridged videos, that is because it has a copyright claim on it. The copyright holder reserves the right to have advertisements run on our videos and profit from them.

Where is Attack on Titan Abridged?

Unfortunately we have had to put the project on an indefinite hiatus. For more information please check out the TFS News from May 2014.

Can you come to ____ Con?

A common misconception we find is that, some people believe that we pay for ourselves to visit these conventions. This is actually not the case!

Every convention we attend is at the behest and support of the convention itself. We are contacted via the convention, they put forward an invite, and we decide whether or not we can attend. If we accept, the convention pays for our travel, lodging, and food for the weekend, and we return with hosting material and interacting with our fans!

If you would like Team Four Star to make an appearance at your local con, request us via their forums! Many conventions have “Guest Suggestions” threads.

What are you going to do when ____ happens in the show?

Those are questions that we will never answer~! Firstly because we haven’t written it yet, or second: If we do have a plan for a certain event in the series, we don’t want to spoil them!

Do you have a forum?

Unfortunately, due to the time constraints of the major members of the team, it’s incredibly difficult to properly manage a forum at this time. However, if you’re looking to converse about the series, the team, and everything related to us, check out our official  sub reddit: reddit.com/r/teamfourstar