Episode 08: Deus Ex Anderson
EDITED BY: Stephan Krozecs and KaiserNeko

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  • Zyakhom

    I must say with the utmost sincerity that this is fucking gold

  • Yannick Wunderlin

    Amazing Alucard intro! One of the best re-entry scene I have seen. Complete with an amazing soundtrack might I add.

    There’s one thing I didn’t get tho… why is the devil’s character so… well… you know… effeminate and devout of what I’d call demonic?

  • LinuxWill Rise

    wait it says vidme shutting down shit

  • Feith

    I can’t get the video to play. I’m on iOS 9.3.3, because Jailbreak. It just says that the video is either corrupted, or uses things that my browser can’t use. Not sure why that would be.

  • Josh Richardson

    Wow… after two meh Hellsings in a row, I was a bit worried this series was going to end on a down note. Never have I been so happy to be so wrong. This is one of the best, if not the best episode you guys have ever done. Voice acting/scripting was just on fucking point, and holy shit Kaiser, you fucking KILLED IT on this one. I don’t even wanna know how many hours you spent on this, but just fucking wow. Kudos to everyone involved, this was a real treat. Thank you for brightening up my day.

  • Phillip Bordelon

    one question what is the song that play when alicord show up

  • Cody

    Team Four Star, I love you! This was the greatest thing ever!

  • Cameron Fry

    Amazing job guys! Holy fuck what a masterpiece! Killin me that i have to wait a year for the next

  • Richard Kingston

    Have you guys thought about releasing a soundboard for android and iOS?

  • Nicole Macias

    I’m fucking dieing… “Is it racist to say that sounds better in Arabic?” omfg

  • Nicole Macias

    Thank you for bringing the AWK songs full circle.

  • Lord-Zae

    Does anyone know what’s playing when Anderson brings out the nail?

  • Andrew Critchley

    It’s bugging me what is the song at the start like a couple mins in?

  • Shane Anson

    Remember when they said they would release 2 Hellsing Ultimate Abridged a year? Pepperidge farm remembers.

    But ya you guys killed it again. Curtis killed it in this one.

  • skywarriorad

    i need more ;-;
    i cant fuckin wait for this shit…

  • Merle

    This was worth the wait. SO worth the wait.

  • Omega

    People i am gonna need you to do me a solid on this one
    What is the soundtrack playing when dracula and anderson are talking before he switches back to alucard?

  • Damon Fyrian

    “Alucard… Go for a walk.”

    *starts a sadistic laugh even Alucard would be proud of* Oh, they’re all gonna die…

  • Giovanni Gonzalez Perez

    I can’t see it on YouTube…. I can’t see it on this website… I’m going to submit a proposal to the goverment to make a holiday dedicated to hate this date….

  • NightMare Of The End

    I can’t get the video the play 😢

  • Cinetik

    So, this is driving me crazy but I can’t seem to find the awesome track during release restraint level 0. Does it not have a name since it’s not in the credits?

    • Carwyn Andrews

      Andrew WK – Ready to Die

  • Saif Sami Qassim

    Yeah, i love the series n followed it since day one, buuut tht God scene was very uncomfortable. Also isnt the point of satan not to be in hell but have ppl stray to it?

    • WCC

      TFS is just being loyal to the source material. Hellsing has always had about as much grasp of Christian theology as Netflix’s The Flash has of physics. TV and movie writers have the moral sophistication of preschoolers; Thomas Aquinas they are not. You just have to decide that’s not a reason to watch or not to watch the show. Or any show.

    • Dave Harris


  • Mr. Random

    I like the new logo.
    You guys ARE a production house now.
    Don’t know why it took me so long to realize.
    You’re a small one, but the quality of the work you guys do is incredible.
    Keep on, you crazy geniuses.

  • Kwipper

    I really liked this episode, though I found the ending kinda disappointing. Instead of the God/Satan and Alucard conversation bit, I wish TeamFourStar would have shown more of the fight, and elaborated more on the real reason why Alucard was pissed off at Alexander for using the nail of Christ on himself. At least then it would have been a bit more faithful to the anime they were parodying.

  • Ryan

    Stellar job, TeamFourStar. Sad to see Anderson go, but great to see Alucard finally return. The music at his arrival was perfect.

    When hope is gone,
    Undo this lock,
    And send me forth,
    On a moonlit walk.

    Best. Walk. Ever.

  • observer 101

    That was an awesome episode! Fully worth the wait. But man, that cliffhanger…
    Keep up the great work team.

  • Rogal Dorn

    This… This epidode’s conclusion shook me up, well.
    Good job, TFS.
    Truly worth the wait.

  • Sebastian Follis

    that ending song. Sooo catchy

  • Tela Williams

    So nice i had to watch it twice on YouTube and here!

  • Selonianth

    RIP TFS Alexander Anderson.

    Edit: And can I just say *thank you* for addressing how he nearly instantly swapped from Dracula to Alucard to fight Anderson?

    • Captain Pipsqueak

      That asshole owed me twenty dollars. Fuck ‘im.

  • Wolf Zero

    Let us say our priers to the one and only Alexander Anderson

  • Reallyrandomcircle


    • a man in a hat


  • Lorenzo Cappai

    Am I the only one who thought about Kenpachi when “Ready to die” started?

    • Fortez

      Most assuredly not. Yay Bleach abridged!

  • Lazaros Peidis

    Alexander Anderson FTW best character ever

  • Daniel Brown

    So same time next year?

  • Ira Gee


  • Vishal Thakur


  • Marcos Mendoza

    This is probably the coolest episode yet and in the top 3 funniest. Thank you again, can’t wait for next episode on October 2018

  • Damien Francia


    I have no words to describe this greatness…..

  • android19

    THIS. Is good. I like this. And we even got it in less than a year.

  • Michael Roberts

    AMAZING! Now the long wait begins until next year

    • Muff

      Yep just gonna get to 15 years old waiting for this shit