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Happy New Year! … January is almost over, isn’t it? Well, still time to get the Breakdown up for Movie 7! … which premiered in November. … HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY

Stephan Krosecz Youtube


Piccolo Lays a Beating

Korin and Yajirobe – The Proposal

DragonBall is Owned by TOEI ANIMATION, Ltd. and Licensed by FUNimation Productions, Ltd.. All Rights Reserved. DragonBall, DragonBall Z, DragonBall GT and all logos, character names and distinctive likenesses thereof are trademarks of TOEI ANIMATION, Ltd. This is nothing more than a parody made for entertainment purposes only.

  • sonic10chaosverse

    kaiser i’m curious ¿how did they defeat the androids?

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  • Dragonball1

    Those visual edits are amazing! It’s funny though as soon as you said country covers of rock songs all I could think of was Hayseed Dixie.

  • Methrael

    Lol … 5:14 caught “fix that f***ing nose.png” love that brutal honesty

  • Buio

    72 hours remain

  • Streetguru

    I don’t think anyone’s going to mind the more teen gohan having a different voice, but if you ever get to Super or Battle of the Gods you should stick with the Future Gohan Voice.

  • SolidStateScouter

    Goes without saying but Hellsing Abridged counts for this month’s episode, right? Also, an episode a month isn’t truly necessary, at least not when side projects like Hellsing/FF7 are being made or when movies/specials have to be longer than normal or take more editing. Up to you guys, anyway. (And people had a problem with adult Gohan’s voice? *shrug* My problem is just that it’s not MasakoX as I’d expected for both him and Future)

    @Mr Remix/Weeklytube
    I want you to go way back to your dark history when you made Rapeman parodies. Thankfully, someone else saved and re-uploaded the episodes. ANYWAY, who did that “SHUT THE FUCK UP!” line and where did you get that scream at the end of Rapeman Returns?

  • Chaosticket

    Ive been waiting for this episode for a while. Is it late or is the talk about new years just confusing?

  • Yusagi

    Soon. Soon I will have more than a couple of dollars at the end of the month and I can go back to supporting patreon and getting to see the cool things there o9

    If Obito can have four voice actors, Gohan can have three. While it can be extra impressive for the same person to play both versions of future Gohan, their voices are likely going to sound so different – having dramatically different backgrounds and situations – that it does make sense to use two different people.

  • iamyoon

    Would you guys ever do the Dragon ball series? So sort of like an origin series of Goku I guess?

  • yaidome

    I’m so glad this is done!!!!! I’ve been waiting for this for weeks! Now you can finally finish up Hellsing Abridged!!! YAY

  • GofofGaming

    So I found one of the images… Not sure what it is yet.

  • JustSomeGuywithaMustache

    So it’s like when Dameon Clarke was Future Gohan, but then Kyle Hebert was main Adult Gohan?

  • ShadowLDrago

    “Goku’s Dragon Balls were made intert.” That is the greatest thing in the world.

  • Unfoldingspace8

    What about Gokus balls cracking

    • maswartz

      That was in the original

  • CrimsonRick117

    Amazing breakdown. I look forward to what you guys do with the Broly movie along with the Cell saga.

  • timberwolfbrother

    Whoever’s going to do scripting for the Brolly movie: Please don’t follow the original story in terms of WHY Brolly hates Goku. It was always so incredibly stupid that it wasn’t even funny. IMO it’d be funny to make Brolly’s hatred of Kakarot based more on daddy issues. Having Paragus going on and on about Bardock and his son, especially after Freeza’s loss on Namek. He could even make a comment on how Kakarot probably wouldn’t have made HIS father a cyclops.

    • timberwolfbrother

      You could even reference back to Vegeta on Namek by having Brolly saying at some point “By the way I only hit you because I have pent-up aggression against my father. Take that.”

  • Vlossy

    I love Justin Briner’s voice! I think he’s gonna make a fantastic Gohan! ^^

  • BrilliantBrill

    Tbh I like Gohan’s new voice. He sounds like Goku in a way. Also, it sounds a hell of a lot more like his child self, which would be accurate, considering he’d still have a similar voice as an adolescent.

  • super san97531

    i’ve always wondered why you use music from dbz kai

  • FDJustin

    The voice change does make sense, actually… Different environments means a chance for the voice to develop a little bit differently. A happier Gohan is probably going to spend more of his time talking in higher, friendlier tones- and his voice will be ‘used’ to that… Even if that’s the only difference, it would be enough.

  • JohanUser

    Damn, I saw 36 comments and thought Hellsing 6 was up.

  • KaiserNeko

    Why in the world do people keep thinking Vegeta’s count was off?

    Android 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 19, 20. That’s 8 Androids, just like Vegeta says. No, he’s not counting Cell, he’s not introduced himself in this timeline, nor are they counting him anyway.

    • Mexgar

      We all thought that Vegeta was counting the number of Androids that Trunks missed, which is the joke he originally made in the series. The last time he made this joke was “Do I hear 5?”, so a lot of us thought you miscounted. If you take out 17 and 18, the ones Trunks actually predicted, the Androids are 13, 14, 15, 16, 19, 20, and Cell (plus Android 8, but Vegeta doesn’t know about him). By that count, there are 7 Androids, so we all thought this was supposed to be “Do I hear 8?”, which caused the debate. Thanks for clearing this confusion up 🙂

  • Lizardguy

    Wait, you can turn pictures into sound? That’s crazy, and totally something I want to try.

  • NinjAxXxRecoN

    Not a single mention of how the Android count was wrong? Or are we counting the Cell fetus?

    • Scion Thanatos

      Yes? Piccolo DID call Cell an android when he was explaining about him, so in that case.
      13, 14, 15, 16, 19, 20, Cell, and Cell fetus makes 8.
      Or, if not, Vegeta could have heard Goku saying something about how the androids make him think of his friend Android 8, thus boosting it to 8 without counting fetus Cell.

      • bvf12

        Thank you!! People seem to all but forget that the timeline where events take place has TWO cells in it, bringing the total number of androids to 10, just like Vegeta said in the movie

  • SonicShenron

    07:41 Couldn’t help but noticed that you liked the History of Trunks movie, but didn’t like the Cooler 2 movie.
    Is that ’cause… well… “Fuck this movie”?

  • NCHaskew

    I thought Young Adult Gohan’s voice fit really well with his character, and I love his work as Cloud too. In addition to it reflecting a different character, I think that particular Gohan is a little bit younger than Future Gohan. At least….I think so. Time’s weird in Dragon Ball. But overall, way to go! Thank you so much to all the members of TeamFourStar for the incredible amount of hard work and love you so clearly put into the series. Happy New Year!

    • Scion Thanatos

      You’re completely right.
      Buu Saga Gohan is 17, while History of Trunks Gohan is 23.
      If it helps to make remembering easier, Trunks was only born ten years after Gohan.
      In History of Trunks, Trunks was 13, and in the Buu Saga, Trunks was seven.
      Do the math and you’ll find the formula to figuring out their ages.

      • Domehammer

        Too bad Dragonball Super fucks the ages of characters up. Cause Trunks hasn’t aged at all since Buu Saga… and Gohan has gotten shorter.

    • Lizardguy

      Yeah, Buu Saga Gohan is younger, because Android Saga Trunks is well into his teens, and Buu Saga Trunks is like 8.

  • TsukiNoTragedy

    lol You guys are great. Happy 2016, Team Four Star!

  • Joeclone

    I’m happy with your choice for Young Adult Gohan. He’s better than the History of Trunks voice in terms of character matching. Just my opinion.

  • Delphince

    You feel you need to defend the new choice for adult Gohan? Are you kidding me? No offence, but while the first voice actor PERFORMED amazingly, it wasn’t a good match. At all, really…I’ve never understood why that choice. But the new one—Justin, is it?—is flippin’ perfect. He sounds JUST LIKE a grown up version of the current voice for young Gohan. He has that same ring to it. He’s perfect, absolutely perfect.

  • AHappyNobody

    Since you bothered to mention it, what is your head cannon for the other movies, at least mention what it is in the breakdowns of the rest of the films please? If no one from TFS replies, what is the accepted head cannon of most fans for them?

  • Freeze235

    I really appreciated the breakdown of all the scheduling delays and issues in 2015. Team Four Star was busy as hell last year. I’m also glad to hear that you’ve found another editor for Hellsing. Nothing against Kaiser’s work, but editing, especially at the high quality level TFS has held to, seems to have always been the greatest time constraint in the episode making process. With Kaiser, Stephan, as well as Masako on FF7:MA, I’m looking forward to TFS cranking out more great content than ever before!

  • ran76

    Too be fair, History of Trunks-Gohan is in his mid to late 20s. Buu Saga-Gohan is still in his teens. So sounding different is perfectly reasonably

  • Coalbeeman

    Idea: Have it so that when Gohan goes SSj2 and he screams his voice cracks, and that makes his voice higher.

  • guitarguy08

    Love to hear the dedication to DBZ abridged after 2015’s release schedule

  • DudebladeX

    ‘Fix that fucking nose’

  • joel64

    Hey Kaiser, did you use the Orange Brick footage for the series shots in this special because they were in widescreen to match the rest of the movie? Just curious is all. Great job as always on the movie!

  • Reangus

    Like I am pretty sure they got it correct with only knowing 8 androids.
    They met 19 and 20.
    They met 16, 17, 18.
    They met 13, 14, 15.
    They probably didn’t know about cell at this stage.

  • Kcalb Noil

    I think kaiser should of brought up the mistake Vegeta made when count the number of androids Trunks didn’t account for. Vegeta said the number was 8 when really it was only 7

    1. Android 19
    2. Android 20 (Gero)
    3. Android 13
    4. Android 14
    5. Android 15
    6. Android 16
    7. Cell

    • DanteRage

      You forgot 17

      • DanteRage

        And 18… they did not know about cell yet

      • crusnic198

        no he didn’t. the android count is for how many androids trunks missed, not how many there are total. he predicted 17 and 18.

      • DanteRage

        crusnic, the running joke is that vegeta says the number that there are, and since “the boy” was wrong and there were more, vegeta then predicts sarcastically that there would be more

  • Kcalb Noil

    Are there any other sound cloud file from DBZA that we should now about?

  • wwf

    So is Hellsing 6 going to be the last Hellsing episode edited by you, Kaiser?

    • RoninOfDeath

      Kaiser isn’t actually editing six. He’s just over seeing it and giving tips.

  • Lonehoof

    I love how you threw in the “Balls are inert” joke. <3

  • TheLelouch17

    Could’ve sworn this breakdown was already up and covered. Anyway I’m kinda feeling Justin Briner as Gohan, I imagined some scenarios and lines that TFS could fit him in from the series and kinda chuckled a bit. Looking forward to more content. 😀

  • RasKillum87

    You need a setting for theses HD AD’s. I have 3.5mb dl speed and its slow. =,..=. Just saying

  • maswartz

    2:54 So that’s why that scene looked so odd.

    • NCHaskew

      I thought the same thing! Like, I didn’t think it was bad, but I immediately went “well that’s obviously an edit.”

  • deadpool9000


  • maswartz


  • Orangedragan

    This will have to tide me over until Hellsing *twitch*