• Brian Rodriguez

    So this is how the modern TFS Podcast started huh?…Awesome.

  • SethTheBest12

    It’s War of the monster’s i think.

  • AlmostontopicDylan


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  • BaneofKings01

    Lani the game your thinking of I believe is called rampage

  • God-damn it Lani, I just wanted to listen to a Podcast while I worked. Now I have to go watch the freaking Lego Movie.

  • Talsnes

    There used to be a bi-weekly podcast three years ago with Lani, Taka and Kaiser which was really good, it lasted for about. Three episodes and then it vanished. I have it somewhere on my computer i just have to.. find it, it’s either on this one or my oldsmachine.

  • MrGeorgeFlorcus

    Lanipator sounds remarkably like Miles Luna from Rooster Teeth.

  • Firelilyrulez

    Love the podcast! Wasn’t thinking of watching the Lego movie until now. Thanks for all your hard work!

    P.S. I still play Guild Wars 2!

  • beep-kun

    stream still isn’t working. I am able to download though.

  • do you think you should make a minecraft server that has something to do with two sayien’s play

  • Willybear7575

    Broly. The most over rated character in the history of anything.

  • SeriousPan

    I can’t exactly go and see a movie that doesn’t come out until the 3rd of next month. (The Lego Movie) I’m looking forward to the movie so much I was like “They’re really not thinking some countries haven’t seen it yet?” It’s been delayed in Australia for god knows what retarded reason.

    Since I want the full experience I’m waiting to view it in the most legal way possible. XP So I was sad that was the first topic to be covered. :S

  • Karlimero

    first of i give respect to Lani for mentioning FF-IX
    Final Fantasy XII felt kinda like a good version of dragonage origins.

    • FFIX is baller. there’s a good reason it’s one of sakaguchi’s favorites.

  • Lanipator

    Sorry everyone should be fixed now!

  • Bulma

    Not working, and it won’t download for me.

  • theguyoverthere

    stream doesnt work. might just be me though. idk. didnt try downloading

    • Jonathan

      Same, I even tried downloading and it still doesn’t work

      • Howie Mandel

        same here