• Kinne

    Oh how I wish stuart snyder would’ve been successful at ruining rick&morty. For like 3-5 months, I couldn’t watch a SINGLE youtube video without someone parroting it like a broken record with an echo.

  • DrBigFish

    Stuart Snyder is responsible for the Cartoon Network equivalent of the dark ages. 7 years of trying to kill everything good about this network. I really wish I could blame Young Justice on him but that was just greed and stupidity

    • Kinne

      Jesus christ. I shouldn’t have looked that up

  • DrBigFish


  • spoodsk

    Because of one guy, all the good stuff was ruined from Cartoon Network? Wow

  • abomeisl

    That guy from cartoon network sounds like a total ass. Rick and Morty is amazing as is clone wars. Rick and Morty is great cause it’s both hilarious and deep. Clone Wars is freaking great. When I first heard about Maul being alive I thought it was kinda stupid, but man was that an awesome story arc. Then when Sidious (who is definitely not the Sith lord that the hundreds of Jedi can’t sense when they are literally right in front of him) shows up to fight him, probably my favorite scene in the whole series. If anyone needs to be convinced to watch that show just know this: they actually make Anakin into a likable and interesting character, the droid banter is hilarious (and they have way cooler models that aren’t the equivalent of robotic goombas), and they develop the clone soldiers into real people that you actually hope don’t die instead of meaningless pawns that walk in straight lines into lasers shot by their slightly less competent opponents. Clone Wars is actually much better than the prequel movies (3 was pretty good though). Also General Grievous continues to be a total badass evil sob and Count Dooku does as well. That and plenty of cool badass bounty hunters who mess shit up for $$ (including Boba Fett)


    My one qualm is that after the jedi find out where the clones came from why do they not do anything about it. I mean maybe follow up with the Kaminoins or the Chancllor or something. Seem like a pretty big deal that your sworn enemy bought you an army. Also it’s somewhat annoying that you know who can’t die and who can if you’ve watched the 3rd movie. Like Obi, Anakin, Dooku, and Grievous who are like constantly trying to kill each other are invincible. But whatever, that show is single-handedly responsible for Sidious’ rise to power being super awesome. Also I like how the clone troopers were like oh it’s gonna be one of those planets in the one episode where C3PO (who is a dick) and R2 stop the earthquakes. Funny way to make fun of ewok-like races.

  • JinxNova666

    One does not simple try and destroy Space Dandy! XD

  • David Creel

    Not sure if this was the right pod cast but attack on Titan is going to be on adult swim lol holy shit hahaha

  • I agree with Kaiser when it comes to Man Of Steel.

  • AJYogi92

    I have a couple questions about future Podcasts. I was wondering how often will these be occurring? Weekly, Bi-weekly, Whenever you all feel like dispatching information? I do not want my next question to be considered offensive, but will you always Podcasts with only you three? Would/Could you involve other members of Teamfourstar or other friends of yours? It is just a thought. My final question is, how is the new Taka working out? Thanks guys.

  • MrBuff08

    Not as short as Halo 4. 3.5 hours for £40

  • KaneRoinn

    I would like a list of other videos you guys have voiced/guest stared in other yourube videos/Abridged Series

  • KaneRoinn

    Love all your guys work and the website looks beautiful. (I would love to see Taka do another Let’s Pllay besides LOL — I Do exactly what you do taka and i almost can’t make it through games sometimes and end up watching the rest of the story of games through other youtube videos)

  • Karlimero

    DC needs to bring back Batman Beyond that serries was way too short