Join Antfish, Faulerro, and Takahata101 as they share their feelings on Cartoon Network, Wrestling, Mad Max, and how Yamcha is actually British!

  • I’m so happy you guys still make time to record these. i know you guys feel the pressure sometimes to make a quality product, but the laid back approach is really cool. i feel like the real star of the show is the chemistry your guests share. it’s just really nice to hear all the extra stuff, parts of the process, etc. thanks again, teamfourstar. please, never rush yourselves. fans can be patient when you make them be ;D

  • Majin Druu

    Yamcha is a real swinger. He can hang with the best of them, but he can’t seem to cut loose. Is he still in Kame House? Is that the real reason why everyone’s in the sub?

    On another subject… you must do something with Dumplin’. He’s the hero we deserve. Kickstart a project to hire artists and make a movie! DBZA: The Dumplin’ Cometh!

  • Majin Druu

    I wish your MP3 player let us seek to a specified time. I reloaded the page to login, and now I have to listen through again to catch up. Not a problem, really. You guys are worth a couple listens. I suppose I could just download it.

    • VicariouslyMe

      Downloading the file usually works better for me (unless that’s what you were talking about, in which case I feel for you bro).

  • TheAmazingDurp

    is there an itune link or do i have to download it from here?

  • Wynn

    I’m really happy about the consistency of these podcast, it makes for a good work day when I can go around laughing to myself and getting strange looks from everyone else. Thanks TFS and especially Antfish for the great material

  • Princessfireshark

    Amazing podcast as always guys. Keep up the fantastic work.

  • Domehammer

    One plot hole with first Broly movie is how did they stab baby broly? He had a power level of 10,000 which is more then even King Vegeta I’d imagine. I hope that gets addressed.

    • AyElCee

      That’s a very good point! I wouldn’t think he’d be stronger than King Vegeta because Bardock’s power level is nearly 10,000 and he was said to pass King Vegeta in a short time so my guess would be King Vegeta’s power level was just over 10,000. So Broly is as strong as King Vegeta which was a stupid idea!

      • Domehammer

        Well Bardock was almost 10,000 around time of his death and was getting close to passing King Vegeta in power. That is really stupid that a infant is the 2nd strongest Saiyan at that time. So only one capable of going to stab baby Broly is King Vegeta. Looking back at the scene in movie the shadow of one who stabbed the infant Broly looks alot like King Vegeta.

      • Domehammer

        I wish I could delete my first reply… screwed up typeing and meant that agreed with the whole Bardock being that close to surpassing King Vegeta. The whole making a baby that strong is just confusingly stupid.

      • AyElCee

        Yeah I think the fact that Bardock nearly surpassed King Vegeta was a brilliant idea, sets the path for Goku being more powerful than Vegeta. I wish they ran with that story over a baby being the second strongest saiyan at that time and then growing up to be one of the most powerful things in the universe. I just don’t like the whole Broly thing, I think it’s just too stupid :L