Join Antfish, Takahata101, and KaiserNeko as they talk about Patreon, Mad Max, their convention schedule, and Final Fantasy 7 Machinabridged! … and more!

  • jbraun

    Didn’t you guys get invited to anime expo for 2016? I swear I saw Kaiser tweet about that.

  • wwf

    haters are totally kaiser’s trigger

  • lukeyq

    I am loving your episodes, the fact that every episode is long and amazing quality is worth the wait. And I love all the gaming episodes. Sometimes it seems all the people who love the episodes are less shouty and loud about it than the ungrateful morons screaming for you to spend every second making episodes.

  • Princessfireshark

    I don’t mind waiting longer for longer episodes. You should take as long as you need Kaiser.

    • Princessfireshark

      Oh and also in Mad Max at the beginning when they are shaving maxex head and tattooing his back they are writing that he is a universal donor and is -O.

  • Domehammer

    The Hulk movie nailed the skin color, was a amazing green. Incredible Hulk just lacks the proper green color, never have liked the sickly swamp green of that hulk.

  • FrostBalrog

    Honestly, I prefer the longer episodes. I am going to have to wait for a long time for the episodes anyways and it feels kinda disappointing when Its just like a 5 – 7 minute long video when I have just been sitting waiting. Rather wait for a long video.

  • Land Mantis

    As a Californian, hearing Kaiser say that you guys would never be able to go to Anime Expo was just a little bit heartbreaking