This week, we’re joined by Megami33, her boyfriend Alex, and our own Lanipator!

WARNING: This podcast contains Daredevil Netflix Original Spoilers.

  • tehkendra

    I am with Lani. I also paid over $200 per ticket when I went to see Phantom of the Opera on Broadway. It was totally worth it!

  • tc781

    You guys bash Movie 43, but your Dragonball Abridged show honestly is no different when it comes to crude humor. You have sex jokes in almost every episode.

    • tc781

      I never saw Movie 43 though.

  • Argent

    Get Dragon*Con to book you! You could even build a float for the opening day Parade!

    Just imagine it. A paper mache Dumplin’!

  • NukeKrieg

    Haven’t watched daredevil yet been wanting to. Listened before that warning was added to the title. Some how managed to blackout at the daredevil part. Like I remember you guys mentioned daredevil but my brain just flat lined or something. Don’t remember any actual details at all. I don’t know.

  • VicariouslyMe

    I have a RedBox across the street from my house in Queens, and they always have newly released movies before Netflix does. Just had to throw that out there.

  • Domehammer

    I only replace tv if it breaks. Still got a giant box… that I played gamecube on. Never gonna buy a curved or 3D tv. Still holding out for cellphones to be a fad that dies out.

  • Mandalf The Beige

    Just curious, but are you guys looking into hiring and training someone else to help Kaiser edit DBZA? I know you guys are interested in making new content, but DBZA is ‘the’ teamfourstar project, and Kaiser is kind of the weakest link in that chain (not being insulting, just stating it as it is). That might only be possible if you get your own studio, but still, it would be a big improvement to TFS and Kaiser’s mental health.

    • Soldierkei

      How is he the weakest link? His the one who basically makes it happen. I don’t think the weakest link chain aspect works when he’s the one who forges the chain, essentially.

  • Trinocle

    Speaking of sub-reddits, I recommend /r/HFY for anyone interested in scifi. Basically people writing stories where humans are the “amazing superman-alien” to other galactic species.

  • RyanOpsw



  • RyanOpsw

    DAMN YOU TFS (I hope it has them at least mentioning DBS

  • PrinceofStars

    Uhm…I don’t see a player for the podcast. Am I doing something wrong?

    I’ve been refreshing all day waiting for this thing. :u

    • Jenkins

      It’s not just you.