This is our second podcast from a convention, with Antfish, Lanipator, and KaiserNeko! They discuss Phoenix Comic-Con and A-Kon, as well as EPISODE 48!

  • VicariouslyMe

    Kaiser (and anyone else interested), if you want that table-top feel without all the complex rules and numbers, definitely check out Munchkin! Be warned: it can ruin friendships.

  • Platinumgunx

    will the new ff7 ps4 remake put a clamp on copyright for the new show? i would hate to see it stopped the same way Attack on titan was 🙁

  • SuperKamiGuru

    I have been following you guys since the end of season 2 so not that long but it is a few years now … i loved everything you guys did. DBZA and Helsing are just incredibly funny. I dont know if i have seen a series or movie in recent years that i laughed as much as i laughed watching DBZA or Helsing. Antfish i actualy started watching JoJo after watchinf your abridged series. It was a little bit bizzare but fun. I still think your DIO is better then the japanese or english voice :D. I still remember the old site and the start of this one. I remember when you guys started playing as two sayains play and slowly expanded it. When Ganxingba anounced that he probably wont be in more lets plays i was sad because i cant tell you how many times i have seen the Halo reach plays or Left 4 dead plays. I love your passion for TFS and the fact that you worked your asses of to make it into what it is today. I love that you guys are expandning . I will watch or listen to anything you guys make. I listen to these podcasts , watch every anouncment or gaming video. I have stated on several ocasions that i love the gaming channel as much as DBZA. You guys are in my mind entertainers fisrt and everything else second. That is why i support you on patreon and will deffinately whach your Final Fantasy machinabridged , TFS table top or anything else you guys make. You take care of your fans . I once wrote to you on FB not expecting a reply. You can magine my surprise when i found an incoming message from Lani. I wanted to show my apretiation fr you guys and Lanis response made me literraly tear up. I thank you guys for all the entertainmetn you have given us. I thank you for staying awesome people through these years. Despite hearing stupid criticism from so called fans. I realy hope you guys will just have succes in your future. Thank you TFS !

  • lukeyq

    I know it’s probably unlikely/a big hassle but if you appeared in a con in england I’d definitely go, I have no idea how many of your fans there are in england tho, don’t feel like you’re ‘dissapointing your fans’ if theres no chance of it happening.

  • Kinan Eldari

    I will say this. Yes I’ll watch the FF7 Machinabridged thing. Not because I’m a fan of the game (I’m probably as far removed from being a fan of that game as possible), but because I trust your work. So I’m actually eager to see what you did with it.

  • incrediblenoiseman

    Lani, you should have asked that guy if you could draw a mustache on his Broly costume. Ha, glad I got to meet you guys and glad Antfish had a good time in Dallas. And if you all ever need another hand to play a table game let me know.

    Keep up the good work

  • mhmills1

    when they talk about fans checking on the site once a day and u realize u have a problem cause i have a teamfourstar tab open 24 hours a day and keep refreshing waiting for videogame videos haha

    • SuperSandwich

      You’re not the only one…

  • Hail To The King

    God, that McRib conversation you had 15 minutes in… amazing.

    Also, I’m using “Land of the Free, Home of the Whopper. Sometimes Home of the Free Whopper.”

  • quinnimon

    So, it sounds like you guys dropped the ball for that con, but hey, that’s all right! We all mistakes, but you’re doing great work still. I can’t believe those were the circumstances under which ya’ll released 48, but it was a good episode.
    BTW, I enjoy listening your podcast.