Antfish is joined by Faullero & Masako as they discuss Final Fantasy VII Machinabridged, TooMany Games and Sunnycon, and the MARK REMARK!

  • ISwearImNotANerd

    Anyone know where I can find that tshirt Masako was talking about? I neeeeed to see it…

  • incrediblenoiseman

    I just watched the “Next Time On Death Battle” tag yesterday and my thought was: “What…………..wh…………No………………………………………just…no.”
    I love Dragonball Z incredibly more than the average guy. And don’t get me wrong I would love to see Goku win, but it really was laid to rest with the last one. I don’t see what God Goku will change about the fight. He’s “stronger” and his ki is otherworldy/exist in another realm, but it didn’t look like Superman had trouble or a need for “sensing” Goku to begin with.

    You can bet though I will still have anticipation to watch it. If it’s Dragonball related…yes, of course I will watch it.

    You guys are great, keep up the good work.

    • Deceiver9811

      Remember, Superman has virtually no defense against magic, and god ki might just pass as magical.

    • AdiKor007

      I actually had the same reaction and I’m also pretty sure that it will end the same way it did last time. Their line from the first Goku vs Superman fight was “he is as strong as he needs to be” -> therefore his power is limitless while Goku always had some kind of limitation…

    • supes has lost soooo many times to all sorts of lame villians and, i might add, WONDER WOMAN. batman even warns clark not to piss her off a couple times, and (as everyone should know) you don’t argue with bats. also, goku has proved a couple times that he doesn’t even bother fighting people that don’t seem to pose a challenge, as he quickly ends them without much thought. plus, goku being bulletproof? big deal. so was goku in the FIRST EPISODE. their worlds are just too different to tell who would win in an all out brawl, but for the people who have properly crunched the numbers, goku coulda won at SSJ2 if i remember right.