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But more importantly…

GUYS! YOU GUYS! KIRRAN’S HERE YOU GUYS!!!! Hear Lani, Kaiser, Kirran and myself ooze about the mix tapes of our youth, our opinions on Dragonball Z/Super/Resurrection F, what you reeeeeeally should be doing in college, and– wait a second, LaniΒ  got Tazed!?!?!


  • vaultboy1300

    I absolutely love these free form discussions on the podcast. To be completely honest, the discussions on Dragon Ball as a whole and events in the series (I.E. Gohan’s character throughout the series and likes and dislikes of certain arcs) are my favorite part of any podcast. I hope to listen to more of it.

  • ugh, next time you guys mention spoilers, please be more accurate as far as timeframe. i’ve been waiting to watch DB: res F and so i skipped ahead 2 minutes to hear more spoilers. blah, well, i guess i’ll go watch it now. anyway, constructive feedback time: i prefer the free form, and also when you guys aren’t talking about WWE or cons, because i feel like you guys spend half the total podcast time on those 2 things. when you guys do full on freeform or wait ’til you have a couple drinks in ya, i feel like everything is laid out on the table and everyone listens to each other, and you guys get more involved, sounding less like regurgitation rhobits (as zoidburg would say). i feel like that’s when you guys get your better material and PARTLY what made the adventures of dumplin so great. anyway, i listen to these podcasts every night. i feel like maybe you guys could use these times in audioland to discuss DBZA lore or just anything you guys work on that you want comments for. i love your guys’ work, and i’ll continue to suggest you guys to all the influencials i meet. ah, also, the tom of myspace reference joke was the longest throwback, but it wasn’t nearly as well executed as the goku charging the spirit bomb for 5 minutes throwback. that’s still one of your funniest moments to date in my opinion. “… did you just hold a grudge?!” hahaha, so good. neverending peace be with you, teamfourstar.

  • voltar258

    i love this free form, it’s just a great way for them to speak their minds and put our info that they want to talk about

  • barrell23

    Oh man i know the building with baka on it ant mentioned.

  • LazuliCanSeeTheFuture

    WOAH! I can’t believe Mustache’s song is actually real xD

  • TheFabledFamilyGuy

    Fuck yeah!!! Kirran’s the man. I really wish you guys would video these podcasts along with the streaming and lets plays. I prefer freeform myself

  • AttoSama

    Huge, huge fan of free form! It let’s you guys be you, and gives each episode it’s own unique taste. WhaChow was great, but it got so structured in the end I kind of lost interest in it. It’s also fine to have structure, but not if it’s going to interrupt an already good conversation.

  • Kinan Eldari

    To chip in my 2 cents, I’m a fan of both the structure because it allows you to cover specific topics you want to inform us about, and the freeform is just you guys sounding like you’re just being yourselves and having fun with it. I wouldn’t discount either one.

    Oh and Kirran, welcome to the podcast. : )

  • Domehammer

    College was worst decision of my life and if given a time machine I would stop myself. My life would be so much better if I never went to college.

  • ChompXephr

    I like the free form podcast style, it makes for interesting content.

  • Princessfireshark

    I really like the flow of the free form.

  • IncinerateAnthem


    P.S. I like the free form podcasts

  • incrediblenoiseman

    Free form Podcasts are all good for me.

    Love you guys, keep up the good work.

  • I haven’t seen Resurrection F yet. And answering Kaiser’s question @31:05 (where do I live) – it’s simple. Somewhere where they don’t screen ANY anime in theaters, somewhere in the middle of Europe, in Poland.
    So f*ck you, you ungrateful sonofabitch, cuz you have a privilege to actually see it on the big screen. I have to wait for the dvd release to even hope of getting to see it… f*ckers… other than that I love you guys and your work xd
    Great podcast xd

    • Also #TAZELANI xd

    • TheFabledFamilyGuy

      preach brotha

  • livefast9986

    I really enjoy this free stream of conversations since they seem to cover some very interesting topics. However, this should not always be the case. Free stream of conversations can wildly vary and can be wholly uninteresting to the listeners. It might end up that if you do more of these you might need to edit out some of the nonsence before posting further podcasts. In addition, some of the great benefits to the free stream of conversation is that nothing really is off the table. Your discussion of lore was very interesting and i’m very to curious to know more about the dragonball Z lore that you guys spoke of. Where can I read up and/or find out more about this?


    Whatever happens, never stop doing Drunklstiltskin, the stream of legend.

  • TwistyxFlips

    please make rick and krillin plays XDD

  • SuperKamiGuru

    I honestly cant decide which i like better. The ones with structure or the ones that are more free like this one. The reason for that is that i just think Antfish is an amazing host. I loved this episodes chaotic topics and freely moving from one point to another . I would say that this is the best episode yet. But i have to say that i feel like antfish always has amazing presence and personality so these podcasts are always great . Since they restarted with him i have not missed a single one.
    If you are looking for ideas to improve than maybe you could ad a QandA section at the end of each episode and have fans ask questions ( i realize howewer that the question when Broly, Attack on titan and next episode would probably be frequent!. But there are many thing i would like an update on such as Lanis table top games – are they going to continue ? Will we see some more TFS-news ? Or more technical questions like are you guys considering or is it even possible to change the video player on your videos because this current one is causing a lot of problems.
    Overall loved this episode. I was laughing and smiling while going down the street. Probably seemed like a psycho to people πŸ˜€ so keep up the good work

  • gliscor101

    Is there as reason why don’t use cameras and record themselves for this kind of things? They should think about it, and for streams aswell

    • RoninOfDeath

      Most of these are recorded over Skype. They tend to mention in the beginning when ever they’re recording them Live I.E. all in the same room. Only three of their members live in the same town everyone else is spread out across three countries. If they were to record for the podcast each member would have to get their own camera then they need to edit them all into one screen.

      As for the gaming streams. They talked about doing during the last stream and said something about not being able to do it for some reason.

  • pbxellos

    which show were you guys talking about around 19min, when your talking about krillen not being in an episode with a char. named rick.

  • linkman0596

    Love the freeform, but you guys started a few too many stories and stuff that you just stopped partway through to jump to another topic.

  • ddeeffgg

    Honestly, I really enjoyed the freeform in this. For one, the A.D.D. is pretty entertaining (I have it real bad so I can relate..hard. Yes, relate hard). Jumping from one topic to another to another is actually quite nice as there’s much variety. (Side-ish note: I also liked how the description of this podcast didn’t include everything that was, the Rick & Morty discussion was a very nice surprise; if that makes sense to you at all). Above all though, it’s a nice feeling knowing you guys aren’t like..confined to a specific schedule of discussions or so (e.g. “Okay we have to talk about this, this and this – no lollygaggin'”). Even though technically I’m not part of the discussion, the freedom feels nice. I’d recommend freeform – just talk about whatever like in this episode (i.e. current/recent events in your lives, DBZA discussions about past/recent/future episodes/specials are nice as well of course). Also, I enjoyed having Kirran here. Would definitely love more of him in the future.