Kaiser was out dealing with Kaiser things so Lani and Taka shot the shit alone.

  • duokit

    Little did they know, HM Revan is pretty much the hardest boss in all of SWTOR. An expansion boss. That took 3 years on certain servers to beat.

  • dragonking

    Don’t know if you guys check these old videos, but have you guys ever heard of SWG:EMU? It’s a group of people redoing the original SWG. They have pretty much everything pre-Jump to Lightspeed done. They had the okay from EA to do it and are on thin ice from Disney because they have the prior okay, aren’t really aiming to make money.

  • dracosfire7

    Rip. Attack on Titan Abridged, you will be missed.

  • Draginhil

    I haven’t heard your podcasts before so i started to listen to them and I just want to throw in that the name Kristoffer (i think that was how Taka spelt it), is pronounced almost the same as Christopher. The Danish pronounciation is Kris-Stoph-pher and the english pronounciation is the same.

  • LovelessNHK

    >Johnny Blaze
    >Fantastic Four

    I think you mean Johnny Storm

  • Grim

    During that fight against Revan in TOR, you don’t actually finish him off. He still has some health left when he decides to leave lol

    Personally, I was more upset about having to kill HK-47. Twice.


    So when will you guys discuss Attack on Titan Abridged episode 2 production?

  • DarkRepulser

    Hey Guys I was wondering that maybe there would be a podcast for DBZ in the near future.

  • juan243

    Have guy ever seen sao abridged by swe

  • SheikTheGeek

    Just to be fair, all consoles are sold at a loss, in the hopes that they can sell enough units and software to turn a profit…or at the very least, offset the majority of the cost. Sony’s PS3 sold at nearly a double the loss the 360 did.

  • CyclopsPL

    Xbox as a whole doesn’t make any money for MS, it’s creating losses constantly guys. It’s estimated that the Xbox division of MS brought about $3 billion loss. Xbox one alone is responsible for $1 billion

  • vegeto247

    I’m rather surprised myself that they didn’t even mention Wrestlemania. Guess they, marked out, over on twitter enough before the podcast lol.

    • Opyt

      Would you say they … tapped out? 😀

  • You two crack me up something terrible. XD

    Star Wars… could either be brilliant or utter shit. Hoping for the former, but I reckon I’ll stay optimistic, but reserved until more information about it is confirmed.

    Also, don’t know how accurate this is (stumbled onto the picture a while back), but looks like some of the Kaijuu are still, technically, bigger than Godzilla. Go figure?


  • Masenko

    Great podcast, guys! I love the discussion about overall Star Wars. Looking forward to Ep. VII too.
    BTW, did you have seen the SW Phantom Menace review by Harry Plinkett? God, it’s so funny. He also made for episodes 2 & 3. If you haven’t checked out yet, totally recommendable.

  • EviLab

    these two should not be aloud to be alone they are so fucking funny almost killed me with laughter